She's all eyes - by Elky

Elky provides She’s all eyes You knocked on the door to the Dazzling’s house, fidgeting as you waited for a response Why were you even here? That’s right, Sonata’s text message, you reminded yourself She’d been absent from CHS for a few days and had messaged you, begging you to come visit her today It had been good to hear from her, Adagio and Aria had been less than forthcoming when you’d asked them about her absence Both had warned you off and to just leave it alone, a far cry from how things had been for the last few months since you’d befriended them A shared dislike of Sunset Shimmer had given a solid foundation to build upon too You paused as you reached to knock on the door again, you were sure you could hear raised voices inside Maybe it would be better to just leave and come back another day But luck was never your strong suit, as the door unlocked and swung in, Aria’s sullen glare greeted you “Uh, hi Aria” “Anon, just so you know I’m completely against this, now get in” the purple girl growled letting you through Edging past and into the hall you looked about, the raised voices were gone “So, where’s Adagio and Sonata?” “Upstairs, Sonata’s room” Aria replied giving you a shove in the right direction Okay, so something was definitely up you decided ascending the stairs to the second floor The Dazzlings had a pretty good place, made sense if they’d been around as long as people rumoured You caught Adagio stepping out of the door labelled Sonata, likely the latter’s idea, painting names on doors “Morning, Adagio, how…” you could feel the words die in your mouth as Adagio scowled at you “I don’t care, Anon, but I’ve got my eye on you” she whispered at your shoulder “Are you and Aria having a contest to see who can terrify me or something?” you asked regaining your voice “No, just looking out for Sonata, don’t upset her” “Okay, sure” You waited until Adagio stalked out of sight before knocking on the door “Sonata, are you decent in there?” “Huh, yeah come in, Nonny” came the muffled reply You halted immediately on stepping through the door, Sonata was sat on her bed completely wrapped up in a bed sheet Okay… “So, what’s happening? Haven’t seen you in a while" “Oh, I’ve been sort of stuck at home, I had an accident” “Wait, an accident, what the fuck happened?” you asked concerned “We were trying to get our magic back with a spell, something went wrong and it backfired” “So that’s why Adagio and Aria have been so defensive about you and where you’ve been?” you asked leaning against the door “They blamed themselves, I just keep telling them that it’s not their fault, I was just unlucky” Sonata shrugged Walking over you took a seat at the end of the bed “So did you want to talk about it?” “Yeah” Sonata nodded “Alright, so are you going keep that sheet over your head the whole time I’m here?" Sonata wriggled about on the bed to face you “I’m scared you might run away if I take it off” “What, that’s ridiculous, I wouldn’t run from you” “You might though, and I don’t want you to go” “Sonata, stop being silly, you’re starting to make me worried” Disturbing images flashed through your mind, had she been burnt or scarred by the backfire? “Now stop hiding and please, tell me what’s wrong” "Well, umm... it's complicated, when the spell backfired and hit me, I blacked out, I woke up a few days ago…” "Okay, and?" you asked leaning forward Sonata shivered before you and whimpered "…And now I look like a monster!” "Sonata, you could never look like a monster" you assured, uncertain of your words "Really, Anon, and what about now!?" Sonata cried throwing the bed sheet down You froze, stunned as you looked at Sonata She was only wearing a singlet top and shorts, but the surface of every bare limb, and her face were dotted with eyes, blinking in the light You weren't quite sure what you'd expected, but it definitely wasn't this Sonata panted lightly as she brought her breathing back under control The fire died in her eyes and they turned uncertain, wavering as you stood silent "Anon... I... say something Nonny" she pleaded shying away "Uuuuhh..." you replied dumbly Smooth as ever Anon Sonata was tearing up before you, folding her arms in on herself and dropping to her knees, eyes blinking shut as she shook The sight helped bring your brain back to focus, you needed to fix this, and fast "Well, it’s not what I expected... I always thought you had pretty eyes, Sonata" You took to the floor beside her, gingerly reaching out to stroke her hair as she sniffled "Please don't cry, Sonata, I hate seeing you upset" Slowly an eye on her shoulder opened and looked at you, followed by another, and yet more "But I’m hideous now, Nonny, who would want to be around something like me?" "Well Adagio and Aria for starters and I still haven’t run away either" you comforted gently pulling the girl in for a hug "But why Anon? Don’t I look all weird now?" the girl sobbed letting her tears streak from multiple eyes "I’ve seen plenty of people weirder than you, Sonata, besides you're my friend, nothing will change that" you reassured "Really Nonny, you mean it" "Every word" Sonata smiled through her tears and carefully wrapped her arms up around your neck, eyes flickering shut before contact "Thank you" she whispered leaning into your neck and sobbing You sat and let her cry it all out, rocking gently as you felt tears staining through your shirt "There, there, it's okay" you soothed closing your eyes Apart from Sonata’s tears, you felt good You helped her back up to the mattress and smoothed her hair back as she sniffed the last of her tears back "Oh I’m sorry Anon, I got your shirt all wet" Sonata smiled weakly, looking at you with a dozen red puffy eyes "Don’t worry about it, doesn’t bother me" It was quiet as you sat alongside her She was fiddling with her hands a soft grin on her face as several of her eyes watched you "So how does that work, can you see with all of them?" you asked watching separate eyes blink and follow your movements "Yeah, I still get a little dizzy every now and then when I move to quickly" "I don't think I’ll ever be able to sneak up on you ever again now" you replied with a grin "Damn straight, I’ve got my eyes on you" Sonata giggled, an eye on her neck winking at you That was still going to take some getting used to You allowed yourself a small chuckle, waving a finger at the eye in question before falling back on the mattress A soft thump signalled Sonata joining you "So you’re going to come and visit me, right Nonny?" she asked carefully rubbing a few of her reddened eyes “Huh, what do you mean?” “Well I can’t really go back to the school looking like this, Adagio wants me to study online instead” “I guess that makes sense” “So you will?” "Sure, I could swing by regularly after all I’ve got to inflict myself on all three of you equally” “I’ll even bring the tacos” you added after a pause The pair of you shared a laugh at that, it felt good to see Sonata already looking happier, even with the change A chuckle from the door caught you're attention as you both looked up Adagio had her head round the edge of the doorframe, Aria hovering above her "I guess we don't have to find somewhere quiet to bury you now" Adagio smirked "Shame, had a nice spot picked out too" Aria added "Dagi! You weren't really going to bury him, where you?" Sonata whined clutching to you "Oh, we're just teasing you, we’ve just been listening in on you two" Adagio waved "Meanie" Sonata stated poking out her tongue "Alright, we'll leave you two alone then, Aria" Adagio smiled "oh, and no funny business, the walls have ears" Sonata had all her eyes fixed on the door, watching the other two girls leave "Uh, I think there gone now, Sonata" you whispered as she continued to glare at the doorway Her eyes flicked back to you, you had to admit it still surprised you Sonata blushed slightly as you gave her a crooked smile "So see something you like?" "Nonny! Don’t you tease me too!" the blue girl thumped you lightly on the shoulder "Sorry, eye couldn't help it" you sniggered at your own lame joke "Sometimes I think you're the worst, Nonny" Sonata rested her head against you again "And sometimes, you're the best too"