Yandere Adagio - by Gritsaw

>I was walking home late at night with a bag of groceries. >The wind and ominous silence of the night led me to walk quickly. It had always been a childlike fear of mine to walk home alone at night. >Adagio would be waiting. Would she react to me being a little later than usual? Sure was a cold blustery night tonight. >Come to think of it, I was pretty hungry too. A cup of office coffee was hardly enough to keep me going for this long. >I slogged my way the rest of the way home carrying the heavy bag of groceries. >The light on in the house was a welcome sight to see from afar. >I made my way toward the house unlocking the door and opening it. >I caught a glimpse of Adagio tapping her fingers on the table looking bored before turning up to look at me. >"Anon." "Hello Adagio." >She didn't say anything after that but came toward me. I shut the door behind me. Adagio made her way to me stopping to stand in front of me. >Her head was down, her eyes peering up at me. Her hand rubbed her other arm out in front of her. She looked as though she were a child about to be scolded. "W-what's up?" >She looked into my eyes for a moment and then quickly glanced away. "A-adagio, is, everything alright?" >She spoke out suddenly, though it came as more of a whisper than as loud as she probably wanted it to be. >"Your dinner is cold." >I glanced over at the table. A plate of steak and mashed potatoes sat alone at the head of it. "Oh, geez, I'm sorry Adagio. I didn't mean to make you wait like that. I just stopped to get us some groceries on the way back from work." >"It's alright.. I just wanted to surprise you with a nice homecooked meal when you got home from work." >Her gaze fell to the floor, she looked sad. >I placed the bag on the counter going over to her and wrapping my arms around her. Her face buried into my chest. "I am surprised. You did good Adagio." I said stroking her back gently. >"Really?" >Her eyes lit up a little as she poked her head up at me, my arms still wrapped around her. "Yeah. Come on, I'll still eat it, I'm starving." >I slipped my arm around her shoulder guiding her back toward the table as I sat myself at the head. >I picked up my fork and grabbed a bite of the mashed potatoes shoving it into my mouth hastily. "Mmm, these are real mashed potatoes?" >"Yep, I mashed them myself. I made everything here for you Anon." "Aww, thanks, that's so sweet." >I grabbed the knife preparing to cut the steak. >Her hands flew to mine. >"Won't you let me cut your meat for you?" >I gave her a skeptical eye. I did feel kinda bad that she made me all of this only for me to show up late. The last thing I wanted was more effort on her part. But she really looked like she wanted to do it, so I relented. "Alright, you can cut it for me." >She smiled as I handed her the fork and knife. She sliced into the tender meat. She was delicate and precise. >Adagio hummed at me, >"Anooon~" >Her tone became sharp with the note of seriousness. >"From now on, I'll do all the grocery shopping." >Something about the way she said that made me a little uneasy. >I glanced at her, she was staring directly at me in an unsettling manner. "A-ada-" >She put her finger up against my lips. >"Shhh, I love you Anon, and I don't want anything to come between us." >I looked down. The steak was cut up into small cubes. >Adagio smiled placing the fork and knife back down at my plate. "I was only about a half hour, really, it's no big deal-" >Her gaze fell to me, she gave me an icy stare with a blank expression. >"It's not up for discussion Anon." >I quickly dropped the subject, this was clearly something she was adamant about. "Alright dear, you can do the shopping from now on ok?" >"That's better. I'm only doing it so we can spend more time together when you get home. And I won't let anything in the world come between us." >I took a bite of my steak, it tasted good. >She was acting pretty weird. Oh well, I didn't mind too much. All she wants to do is spend a little more time with me, how could that be bad? >The next day I didn't have work, so I had the day to spend with Adagio. >Adagio snuggled up next to me resting on my chest. Her light breaths as her body inflated and deflated slightly resting there. >She seemed so peaceful. I slid my hand along the back of her poofy hair, it was a little messy due to sleeping on it, but it was still soft. >I smiled and decided to let her sleep. >I didn't check the clock, but it must've been another hour or so before we finally woke up. >"Oh, its 10 o clock, d-did I sleep in?" >Adagio pushed herself up to a sitting position rubbing the sleepies from her eyes. Light was coming in from the window behind her highlighting the beauty of her hair in the morning light. "It's alright, you seemed so peaceful there, I didn't want to wake you." >She smiled wrapping her arms around me. >"Oh, Anon, you're so sweet, I really do love you a whole lot." >Her embrace tightened slightly. "I love you too Adagio, come on, we have a big day ahead of us." >"Ok." >I followed Adgio into the shower. >She disrobed, I stripped down too. >She sat in the middle of the tub. I climbed in behind her grabbing the shampoo. >I began to lather up her hair. >I massaged her head feeling her hair take in the soap and foam up under pressure. >"So, where are we going today Anon?" >"I thought we could head to the mall and see a movie. Maybe pick up some cinnamon rolls or Orange Julius? >"Sure Anon. I'm happy doing whatever as long as I'm with you." >Adagio leaned herself back against me. >Her soapy hair fell along my chest. "So, you're saying it doesn't matter where we go then?" >Adagio nodded her head. >"Out of all the things there are in this world, you're the one that matters the most to me." >I gave her a quick peck on the lips. "In that case, would you rather just stay in here and watch movies instead?" >"We don't haaave to~" "But you'd rather it be here wouldn't you?" >"Did you want to stay indoors?" "I offered to go out because I thought you'd like a chance to get away from the house." >"So you'd rather stay in too right?" "Yeah. I got us some popcorn from the store last night." >"I don't like the smell of burnt popcorn." "Thats fine, because it's one of those big tins, with the popcorn already made inside." >I stood her up and faced her toward the faucet to rinse the soap from us. "It's got sweet popcorn, cheddar, and caramel." >"I've had one of those before, it sounds yummy." >I aimed the faucet over her drenching her and watching the suds fall from her body to the drain. "You'll like it." >I turned off the faucet. I pulled a towel off the rack and placed it over Adagio drying her big wadded mess of hair with it. >I helped her comb out her hair so it fell strait back. I helped her put the curlers in her hair as she dried off the rest of her body with another towel. >"What kind of movie did you wanna watch today?" "How does the Breakfast Club sound to you?" >Adagio puffed out giving me a flat look through the mirror. >"Kinda cheesy." "Nah come on, it's a classic!" >Adagio sighed. >"Alright. Thanks for helping with my hair again. It's always kind of a pain to get it the way I like it." "You'll return the favor like you always do right?" >"By making you breakfast? Yeah." >We came out of the bathroom, I sat down and watched the news while Adagio got started cooking some bacon and putting on a pot of coffee. >After a few minutes of her cooking the house filled up with the scent of Breakfast. >She served me a plate of bacon and eggs with toast and coffee, she herself having a plate consisting of the same. We sat and watched the news for a few minutes. >I ate her eggs bacon and toast, it tasted good. Normally I can be finicky about how I like my eggs but Adagio was proving more and more to be an exemplary cook. >I caught Adagio smiling at me before she shoved a bit of toast in her mouth. >I gave her a peck on the cheek, her eyes widened a bit with the toast in her mouth. I got up and decided to put the Dvd in the Dvd player. >Within a few short minutes the Breakfast Club was playing in our living room. >We snuggled up together watching the flick play out. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she laid into my chest. >She seemed content as she gazed almost wistfully at the screen. >Molly Ringwald still looked good on screen. Movies make the characters immortal. >I watched her wondering what was it I found so alluring about her. >I suppose I did have a bit of a think for Reds. >I glanced over to Adagio, I reeled back in terror as Adagio was giving me an icy cold stare her face had only been inches away, how had I not noticed? >Her face looked absolutely terrifying, I was speechless. >"How was it Anon?" >Her voice cold and detached. "W-what? What are you-" >"DON'T LIE TO ME!" >She lunged wrapping her hands around my neck, her grip was so strong. I tried prying her hands away but she pressed in hard almost crushing my windpipe. >"I'm gonna give you one chance Anon. Tell me, why were you looking at her?" >I had to think fast, time to think of a lie! >"I was picturing her as you! I love you so much I was picturing her as you! L-look see, here's the scene where Bender get's between her legs!" >Her grip loosened >Her grip broke, she stared at me confused. >This was it, this had to work. "Yeah, I was just thinking about how I always wanted to do this with you." >I got up and then got down at her knees just as Bender was doing on screen. Thank God I'd remembered this scene so well. >I pulled down her pants and panties exposing her muff. >Adagio looked intrigued, watching me undress her like this. >I decided to go a step further. I pushed her legs apart slightly, she opened them up a bit as I did. "I'm gonna make you feel good." >I put my lips over the top of her vagina where the clit was applying light suction. >The rough stubble of a recently shaved mound met the upper portion of my lips. >She tasted well enough having recently bathed. I was of course more concerned with appeasing her enough to keep her from having whatever sort of psychotic meltdown she was having earlier. >Adagio closed her eyes now, her hands at her sides leaning into it as I slipped my tongue inside her slit vigorously wiggling it around. >Something wet came across my face as it was coated with her femcum. I pulled away, strands of femcum trailing from my mouth as I did. "D-do you like it?" >"Mmm, yes. Please, keep going." >There was a note of desperation in there. I continued to tonguefuck her slit, my face becoming wetter with her femcum. >I pulled my mouth away again this time sticking my finger inside vigorously moving it in and out. >My dick at this point fully erect and stimulated I undid the button and zipper on my trousers revealing my raging steel hardon. >Adagio put her hands in front of her mouth seemingly in awe as she stared at it. Her legs wide open like a frog on a dissection table. >I placed my hands fimly on her hips. "Are you ready?" >Adagio nodded quickly. I thrusted my dick into her slit. It slipped in with little resistance. >Adagio wrapped her arms around my neck hanging off me. I thrusted my dick inside her soft wet folds. I could fell her wetness leaking onto me dripping down my legs. Adagios eyes were rolled back in her head as I thrusted more and more inside her. >With each thrust she let out a small pleasured moan. >"Anon!" "What is it baby?" >"I love you." "I love you too sweetheart." >I said panting through it thrusting harder and faster inside. Each of us biting our lower lips bracing for each pleasured impact. As we thrusted faster and faster, our hot exhales and sweaty bodies mashing against each other. >We came in one hot blast collapsing on top of each other. >We pulled off of each other and haggardly made our way to the shower. >We disrobed the clothes we had on and stepped into the shower turning on the faucet. >It was awkwardly silent between us. The sound of running water the only noise. "So, uh- >"That was good Anon." >The way her voice sounded there, I wasn't able to get a read on how she might be feeling. "Um, Thanks." >Adagio smiled at me. I breathed out a sigh of relief. Adagio walked over to me giving me a warm hug. >"But Anon," >Her voice made a sudden shift there. >"If you ever look at another woman like that again, you will regret it." >I pulled away slightly looking into her eyes. >They were those same cold, near lifeless eyes I'd seen before she'd tryed to strangle me. >Even though the shower was warm, I felt my body shiver with an icy twinge of fear. >My heart was racing there unsure of what I should do. Her gaze was not directed at me, but facing the bathroom wall behind me in something of a thousand yard stare. "I-I love you Adagio.." >Her gaze focused toward me suddenly. "Oh Anon, I love you too." >Her hand reached out toward me, I flinched slightly as she ran her hand softly along my chin and jawline. >I was so utterly confused at this point, I stood there unable to say anything. >"Oh no." >She said suddenly moving her hands toward my neck. I felt myself tense up bracing myself for what might come. >"I really did go too far when I lost my temper back there didn't I? There are these horrible ring marks around your neck.." >I could see tears suddenly welling up in her eyes. >"I didn't mean to do this.." >She turned away from me in the shower, her hands covering her face. "H-hey, Adagio!" >I suddenly ran over and hugged her. Finding myself with a surprising amount of sympathy for a girl who nearly choked me to death. "Hey, it's ok Adagio, I'm not mad. You just lost your temper a little bit." >"I didn't mean to-" "Hey, relax, I'm fine. If it makes you feel any better, I promise I won't look at any more women like that on the screen, from now on, the only woman I'll ever look at is you." >She turned herself around sobbing into me. >"I love you.. I love you so much.." >Her hands dug into me tightly. I felt her tears run down my chest mixing with the shower water. "Shhhh, everything will be alright now." >I hugged her as she cried into me. >"You still love me, right Anon?" "Shhh, of course I do." >I gently rubbed my hands along her bare back. I rested my head on the top of hers just holding her like that for a while. >We got out a while later, both of us putting on some light Pjs for the day. >Outside it was pouring down raining. >The sky was dark with clouds as the thunder rolled. >This rain, pittering on the screen door. These dark clouds, I remember.. I remember it all so clearly. >The sky was white, I was walking home from school. I heard shouting from an alleyway. >"So, you think you can just control us like that huh bitch?" >I glanced down the alleyway seeing Adgaio get shoved against the wall. >"Yeah, we're gonna teach you a lesson." >Another guy socked her hard in the stomach. >She weezed at the impact. She didn't move. She seemed so, defeated, lifeless. >Her eyes faded, dull and disconnected from what was going on around her. >"Hey, what're you lookin at pal?" >They seemed to have noticed me standing there. >"Ha, relax, it's just Anon. I think Adagio used to pick on him or something." >"Oh yeah, I remember that, he probably just came to watch." "Guys." >"Oh, you want in on this too?" "That's enough, come on, look at her." >"Are you kidding me?! Didn't she used to mess with you? Use her crystal to manipulate you into doing what she wanted?" "Just stop, she doesn't have the crystal anymore, you're just abusing an innocent girl-" >"Innocent?!" >"Chhh! Whatever, come on guys, let's go." >They left her, passing me by in the alleyway. >Adagio slumped down sitting on the cold hard concrete. >I walked over to her. "Hey, are you alright?" >She looked up at me, she had bruises and scrapes all over her. >"I didn't need you to save me." "Adagio-" >"JUST GO, I DON'T NEED YOUR PITY!" >Her scream came through her choked back tears. "I'm not here to pity you.. Where are your two other friends, you know, the other girls with gems?" >"None of your business! Now, just get of here.. GO!" >She squinted hard trying to hold back her tears. I didn't know what to do. So, I decided rather than just watch her like that, I'd leave her there. >It wasn't any of my concern. It wasn't like we were friends. >The next day I found myself swamped in homework. I stayed after for a little bit just to try and get some of it done. >It was impossible not to get distracted when I was at home. Better to just get it done there. >My house wasn't far from the school. >After a few hours the teacher made me leave. It had gotten dark surprisingly fast. >The rain was coming down hard today, I could hear the distant roll of thunder. >In the dark I'd passed the same alleyway. I didn't see anything when I looked down it. I wanted to get home and forget it. But something about the alley had me stopping to give it another look.. >As I stepped into it, that's where I saw it. >Face down on the wet ground, Adagio. >Her clothing had been torn, her shirt and pants gone, her backside entirely exposed to me. >I rushed over to her, picking her up in my arms I gently turned her over. Her chest exposed I tried not to look. >There were gashes of torn flesh where it looked like she'd been scraped along the wall, and bruises that looked like she'd taken a beating. >She opened her eyes weakly, gazing at me. "Adagio, speak to me, are you ok?" >She didn't say anything. >My first instinct was to call 911, but my phone was dead. My house wasn't far from here. >I decided to move her there. >I covered her in my coat picking her up in my arms. >As picked her up, a sticky white substance covered my arm. Cum drooled it's way out of her croctch as I carried her battered body in my arms. >I walked several blocks with her near nude body, luckily no one was around. >I unlocked the door and took her inside. I sat her gently on the couch. >I spent the next few minutes disinfecting her wounds with peroxide from my cabinet, she flinched as it burned into her wounds. >"Anon, my ankle, it hurts." >She tried to get up from the couch suddenly and nearly fell but I caught her. "Easy, just relax, everything's gonna be ok." >She looked at herself. >"I feel gross. C-can.." "What?" >"Can, you help me bathe please? I wouldn't even consider asking normally, but, my arms feel weak, and, I can't stand." >"Of course Adagio." >Tears welled up her eyes. I wiped them away. I moved closer to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I'll take care of you ok?" >Adagio closed her eyes nodding quickly. >I carried her to the bathroom. I removed my coat from her and the torn and shredded scraps of clothes that barely covered her body. >"Ew, throw those away ok?" >I complied picking up the tattered dirty scraps of cloth putting them in the garbage. >I helped her into the shower, she held onto me. She smelled really bad. I turned on the faucet watched as the water mixed with the blood and dirt washing it down the drain. >I poured shampoo over her messy wad of curly hair scrubbing it down and quickly rinsing it under the faucet. >I took the bar of soap as she held onto me. I gently scrubbed the dirty areas.. I washed her shoulders, her breasts, her hips and ass. She even allowed me to touch her crotch to help douche out the cum from her vagina. >After she was all clean I helped her out of the shower drying her off with a nice clean dry towel. >After that I went and picked out some nice dry clothes for her to wear. They were a little big, but she didn't seem to mind. >I helped her get back to the couch again. >"Anon, thanks for helping me.. Would it.. Be too much to ask.. If, you would come sit with me for a while?" "Sure, I'll do that." >I sat next to her. She was wearing one of my shirts. She hugged me. >"Thank you so much Anon." >Her words were so kind and sincere. >I pulled her back in front of me. She had a small smile on her face. >Her lips, were so soft and pretty looking. Holding her in my arms like this, I couldn't resist. I leaned in slow to see how she would react. She didn't seem to mind, she even puckered her lips a little before our lips made contact. >Small little pecks with our lips pressing against each other, breaking away and then another press against the lips. The wet sound of our lips pressing against each other and breaking. >I'd forgotten how pretty she was. And seeing her smile, and having her like this, was well worth the effort of bringing her here. >"Anon." "What is it?" >"Do you love me?" >It was so sudden. I hadn't really thought about if I loved her or not. I just brought her here to take care of her, and, now this. But, with all the stuff she's been through, and that look in her eyes right now.. I couldn't possibly say I didn't. "Yeah, I love you Adagio." >And it came just like that. >After that, and for the months to come, we spent all of our time together. Adagio had clung to me and I didn't mind having her around. She was mostly very sweet, and she even made me breakfast so long as I helped her do her hair in the mornings. >It hurt to think that something so tragic started our strange relationship. Maybe, I didn't want to remember, I know I hadn't thought about it in a while. >But seeing the rain come down like this, like it'd come down some time ago, I couldn't help but be reminded. >The weekend had gone by so fast. I groaned as a laid my head on my pillow that night knowing I'd have to leave here super early and return to my office job. >Morning came, the alarm went off. But before I could hit the button it turned off on its own. Adagio was standing over it. She wasn't wearing anything but an apron and a smile with a plate in her hands. >"Morning sweetheart, I got up early today and made breakfast for you." "But.. Your hair." >Adagio put the plate down near me on the bed touching her soft curls for a moment. >"Oh, I did it myself." "B-but why?" >She sighed. >"Because I love you, and I would do anything in the world for you. You should eat Anon, I made it just for you." >A plate of waffles layered with butter and syrup was on the plate. And on top of all that was whipped cream drawn in the shape of a happy face. "Aww, thanks honey, you're the best." >I beconed her to come over, as she leaned over I gave her a peck on the forehead. >She smiled warmly. >I bit into the waffles. "Mmm, so yummy." >Adagio came and snuggled next to me as I ate my waffles. The room was white and dull in color, with it being dim due to it being cloudy and still early morning time. >The walls reminded me I'd soon be sitting in my cubicle with much the same of this color. >Those dull floresant lights, I cringed however lightly at the thought, Adagio took notice. >"You're upset about work again aren't you?" "Oh no sweetie, you did great, I'm so happy with you. It's just, I'm really not looking forward to my job." >"Y-you.. Could always just call in sick.." "No, no, my boss wouldn't like that. With all that you do around here Adagio it's my job to bring home the bacon." >Adagio looked down with a rather sad expression. "Hey, don't worry, as soon as I get home, we'll spend all night together, I promise." >After breakfast I got up and put on my business suit and picked up my briefcase. >Adagio came to me with a sandwich in a zipblock bag and a diet coke. I took both placing them under her arm and giving her a long kiss on the lips before heading out to the car. >My car was a black SUV. It was actually only a few blocks to my job, most of the time I just walked to save on gas and to avoid the hassle of looking for a parking spot. >But today felt especially cold, and with how I was feeling this morning, I was in no mood to walk. >I got in the car. I saw Adagio in the window watching me get in the car with that same sad expression on her face. >I felt terrible leaving her to go to my job. I pulled out of the driveway. >She waved to me as I exited the driveway, I waved back as I drove further and further away. >I felt like crap, I really would have rather slept in and stayed home with her. >But now wasn't the time for this. It was time to man up and go to work. >I flipped on the radio for the short drive over, I had to get my mind off the stress. >"Everybody's working for the weekend, >Everybody wants a new romance, >Everybody's going off the deep end-" >I sure was going off the deep end. Oh well, luckily I found a parking spot quickly. >I went inside taking the elevator up to the cubicle area where I normally worked. I got to my desk and got settled in. >I set my stuff up on my desk and got to filing out the stack of papers on my desk. >All of a sudden, dead silence, the buzz of the office had sudden been shot to whispers. I got a sense of foreboding as I felt something behind me. >"You're late again Anon." >I felt my heart beat quickly. The boss with his buzz cut and mustache stood directly behind me. "S-sir! I uh,-" >"Anon, you've got a half hour to finish this paperwork, and you'll have it on my desk in that time." "B-but sir! There's so much, there's no way-" >"And stop calling me sir, it's Mr. Hartman you hear me?" "Mr. Hartman, it takes Ted at least 4 hours to do even this much, and he's been at this job for 2 years!" >"I don't wanna hear any complaining. You'll do this much in the time I allowed or you'll be working overtime again with no pay." "But that's not fair!" >"Fairs are for tourists kid. Now I-" >Hartman stopped. His gaze fixated on my desk. >"Anon, what is that?" "W-what?" >"Is that, a roast beef sandwich on your desk?" "Mr. Hartman I am so sor-" >"You should know that-" "Mr. Hartman really I'll-" >"That I LOVE roast beef sandwiches! >I sat dumbfounded, my heart still pounding. "Y-yeah, my girlfriend made it for me." >He picked up the sandwich. >"What's it got on it?" "Um, well, pickles, and mayonnaise." >"Your girlfriend has excellent taste in food son. Tell ya what, I'll take this sandwich, and give you another 3 hours to do this paperwork. Sound good rookie?" "U-uh, well, I mean, that's my lunch.." >"Good, I'm so glad. Now, I want it done in 3 hours no less, on my desk, or it's overtime with no pay, comprende?" "Yes Mr. Hartman." >I sat there as Hartman walked off to his office. Great. No lunch, and I gotta finish these papers in record time or I'll have to stay late and miss time with my girlfriend. >I grumbly sat and filled out the boring paperwork. >What a nightmare. The hours crawled by on the clock. Wracking my brain with all the useless information floating around in my head. Trying to focus on this paperwork. >After 3 and a half grueling hours I had the stack done. I haggardly made my way to Hartmans office fixing myself up only slightly before walking into his office. >"You're late Anonymous." >I sighed deeply. "I know Mr. Hartman." >"You remember our deal right?" "I'm staying after work aren't I?" >"You got that right, deadlines are important, and I want to make sure you're serious about this job Anon." "Yes Mr. Hartman." >"Good, now, take a break, it's almost lunchtime anyhow." >I would've told him I didn't have lunch, but I had a feeling he knew that considering he took the only sandwich I had. >I walked out of his office. >I rustled through my pockets, rescripts, keys, pocket lint, an empty wallet. As I rustled some more I felt something else, two distinct round coins. Two quarters, that's not even enough to get something at the vending machine. >I sighed again heading to the breakroom grabbing my diet coke on the way. "Fuck my life." >I muttered under my breath. >Seconds later I bumped into someone, literally we both fell over. Papers flew everywhere. I'd knocked everything out of some poor bastards hands. "Oh, geez, I'm so sorry about this!" >I hurriedly picked up the papers. >I hadn't even noticed who I'd bumped into till I was staring them in the face. >A girl with black hair and a cute face sat confused as she picked up some of the papers herself. "No, it's my fault, I wasn't looking where I was going." >I handed her the papers I'd picked up as we got to our feet. >"I'm Susan by the way." "I'm Anon, pleased to meet you." >"Same, uh, Anon right? You must be that new intern we hired on not to long ago right?" "Yep, that's me." >"I hear you're pretty efficient at what you do down here." "Oh, well, I'm just doing my job I guess." >"Anon, um.." >She looked nervous, fidgeting there a bit with her papers. She was wearing a white dress shirt, black tie, and black slacks. >"I don't normally do this, but, would you wanna hang out with me in the breakroom? I just gotta hand these papers into Hartman, I'll just be a few minutes ok?" "Gee, um, sure I guess!" >I smiled nervously. She smiled back as she quickly walked toward his office. >She seemed really nice. I walked with a goofy smile on my face toward the breakroom. I waited by the fridge slouching up against a corner. >I saw my coworkers eating their food. >I sighed and rolled my eyes cracking open my Diet coke and drinking it like it was a shot of vodka at the bar. >Susan came into the breakroom moments later. >"Oh, there you are Anon. I just handed in what I had to him." >I was hardly in the mood for chatter at this point. Having not eaten put me in a less than favorable mood. "I uh, yeah.." >"Oh, Anon, are you ok?" "I, I dunno I guess." >She chuckled a bit. >She opened the fridge pulling out a bag and a thermos. >She pulled half a sandwich out of the bag handing it to me. >"Poor thing, you must be starved after Hartman took your lunch." "Y-you saw that?" >"Well, I saw it, and then-" >She put the bag and thermos on the ground. Sitting in the corner, she patted the ground inviting me to do the same. >I sat down with my lunch sitting across from her. >The guys across the room gave us some funny looks but they didn't do anything. >"And then I heard about it, from like everyone." "Nothing's a secret around here eh?" >Susan leaned in close, she whispered, >"Hartman is infamous for being really hard on the interns. I think it's despicable." "Heh, well, thanks for the sandwich." >"No problem." >I opened up the wrapping. Red sauce and white cheese oozed from it. >"That's a meatball sub. I got it this morning." "Oh man, I haven't had one of these in forever." >She leaned over and whispered again. >"I know it probably won't be as good as the one your girlfriend made you, but, at least it's something. I felt really bad when Hartman took away your lunch like that." "Hey, don't worry about it. I really appreciate this." >She smiled. >"I'm glad I could help. Keep up the good work, maybe we'll see each other more around the office ok?" "Yeah, I mean, sure you know, we're bound to see each other at least a few times here and there right?" >She laughed nervously. >"Yeah, yeah we probably will." >Before I knew it, lunchbreak was over, and It was back to work for me with another fresh stack of papers. I sighed at the mountain of paperwork before me. >Hours crawled by but not quite as slow as they had before. >I stayed after like Hartman requested just doing menial tasks for him like filing and organizing paperwork. >After an hour past the time of release I clocked out. >I slagged over to the car. I'd never been so happy to leave from work before. >I unlocked my car and got inside. >I started up the car, >"Highway run into the midnight sun >Wheels go 'round and 'round, you're on my mind" >A good song, it was nice to listen to as I drove out of the parking lot and made my way home. >I had finally made it home. The sun just coming down over the horizon. >I noticed that inside the house there weren't any lights on like there normally were at this time. Maybe Adagio had gone to bed early? >I parked the car in the driveway. I got out of the car and locked it. I walked to the door and unlocked it. >Inside it was dark. I made my way inside closing the door. Even darker than I thought. I felt around for the light switch. >I felt something warm instead, my heart pounded for an instant. >"Let me get that for you sweetie." >Click. >Adagio had a small grin on her face. Her eyes looked kind of empty. The way she looked at me, it was like she was looking through me. "Hey, Adagio, I know I said I'd be back, but, now I am see! My boss, he held me late for work, I tried to get home as fast as I could, really!" >"There's no need to worry now Anon, I'm right here Anon, come give me a hug." >Her smile was warm and inviting, but something felt off about it. >I walked over and hugged her. Her soft warmth putting my mind at ease. >We walked over and sat on the couch. >Adagio went to the fridge and pulled out the meal she'd made, Teriyaki Chicken and rice, it was in a Tupperware container, and it was cold. >She gave the Tupperware to me, and I began to eat what was inside. >"Anoon, how was your day at work?" >Her tone of voice was singsongy yet felt empty of any real feeling. "I-it was fine. Uh, I had great workday!" >She sat silent next to me, her face near expressionless, unchanging, a smile like it were painted was still on her face. >I sighed. "It, wasn't good.. Honestly I hated it." >"What did you hate about it Anon?" "Well, I mean, my boss is kind of a jerk." >"You don't like him very much, do you Anon?" "No, you're right, I don't." >"Do you think things would be better if he were to disappear?" "Yeah, I mean, my job is ok otherwise, he's always forcing these harsh deadlines on me, I can't help but think things would be better if Mr. Hartman wasn't there anymore." >Adagio's eyes changed, she got on top of me straddling me. >She rubbed her hands along my shoulders. >"Oh, Anon, my handsome working man." >Her expression seemed to be lustful. >"You've been hard at work all day, you must be so tired." >She grinded her pelvis against mine. My jeans began to tighten. "Uh, I dunno if I'm in the mo-" >She put her finger to my lips. >"Shhhh, I'm gonna make my man feel good." >She walked her finger down my chest. Slowly undoing the buttons. She kissed into me as her hands undid the buttons removing my shirt. >She laid her head against my chest for a bit. >"You sound pretty excited." "Yeah." >Her expression was blissful with a wistful gaze, just for a moment. >Adagio slipped her hand down my pants. She wrapped her hand around my cock. >"This is what you really want me to focus on, isn't it?" >She had a bit of a devious grin. >Her hand felt good there, I spoke but it came out as almost a low moan, "Yeah." >Adagio gently slipped her way down between my knees. She undid the belt and zipper pulling off my pants. >She looked up at me for a moment as if expecting something, but I didn't know what it was. >She returned to her task taking down my boxers unsheathing my painfully erect dick in front of her. >"Such a, healthy, strong dick." >Her hot breath against the shaft, it stiffened as she held it there. >She took out her tongue and ran it along the shaft from the bottom of the front to the top. She closed her eyes kissing it a few times before slipping the head of it into her mouth. I could feel bits of precum coming out which she immediately swallowed up. >She picked up the pace vigorously massaging the head of my dick with her mouth. >I put my hand over her head, her soft orange curls felt nice. >She looked up at me as she took more of my cock into her mouth. >I breathed out a hot a pleasured moan feeling her wet mouth apply hard suction to my throbbing cock. >I let her hear my pleasured moans so she'd know to continue. Adagio bobbed her head up and down on my cock. She was really going at it now. I felt her deepthroat my cock taking the entire length of my dick. I bit my bottom lip, this was getting intense. she took me in more and more, the full length bobbing up and down, harder and faster suction. The feeling of her lips around the base of my shaft with the full length inside of her. >I couldn't take it anymore, I blasted my load in her mouth. She swallowed all that I gave her. She even squeezed up my dick like a tube of toothpaste getting the stuff that didn't come out all the way swallowing that too. She had a pleased smile on her face. >"D-did my man enjoy that?" >I pulled her up to me giving her a hug. "I did, you did great baby, thanks." >"Aren't you happy you have such a nice girlfriend to come home to?" "O-oh, yeah, of course baby, don't be silly." >Her expression looked relaxed as she laid against me. "Yeah, It's all Hartmans fault anyway that I wasn't able to come home sooner." >Adagio didn't seem to react to what I said. "So, Anon, other than Hartman, do you think you're.. Happy, at work?" >Her gaze rested toward nothing. "Yeah, I guess, I mean, everyone else is pretty ok." >"Do you have any friends there?" >"Yeah I mean, I see Ted, and Bill, and Susan-" >Oh shit, what had I done? >Her gaze shifted up at me. >"Anon, you haven't told me about Susan." >I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Shit, shit, shit shit. I tried not to stare at her, but I dared not look away. >Her voice rang innocently enough. >"Anon, who is Susan?" "S-she's just a friend! Really!" >She laid back down on my chest with a look of near disinterest. >"Oh, that's nice. I'm so happy you're making friends at work." >She was taking this surprisingly well. >The house was so quiet, she just laid there, resting on my chest. >"Anon, do you, still love me?" "What are you talking about Adagio, of course I still love you." >Adagio smiled. >"That's good, I love you too Anon. And, I'm going to do, whatever it takes to keep you happy." >I was still nervous. Her silence had done nothing to quell my fears. "Adagio, um.." >Her gaze shifted up to me once again. >"Y-you're not gonna do anything crazy, like, try and kill me in my sleep are you?" >She didn't answer, her gaze shifted off into nothing. "A-adagio! Answer me!" >"Anon, why can't you understand that I love you? I only want us to be happy. I don't want to hurt you, not now, not ever." >Her voice seemed calm and sincere enough. I breathed out a sigh of relief. "Haha, for a second there, I thought you were gonna do something." >She shifted herself up, her hands limp at her sides. She pulled herself upward like a marionette being pulled up by a string. >Her smile became weirdly big. >"Like what Anon?" >I gazed wide eyed, unsettled by what I was seeing. "N-nothing! I'm just, so, uh, darn happy I can be with you right now." >Her gaze didn't leave me, she just kept staring at me with that smile. >"Anon, I want to ask you something." "Sure, uh, go ahead Adagio." >Hopefully she wasn't going to get all crazy, maybe I could steer the topic away from the more delicate subjects. >"I wanted to ask you, do you have Grandparents?" "Well, I mean everyone does." >"How old are they?" "Uh, I dunno about my Grandma but think my Grandpa is like, 70 something? Pretty old I guess." >"Pretty old huh?" "Oh, right, I forgot you're-" >"I wonder how they're feeling, getting on in their years?" "Well, since they're human, I imagine, they're feeling pretty old, and tired.." >"I'm sure your Grandparents spend a lot of time together don't they?" "I hardly ever see one without the other, so I guess." >"It's hard growing old without anyone to love." >I hadn't noticed but her smile had faded, replaced with a slight frown, and tears gently running down her face. >It'd hit me like a lead weight. The reason why Adagio was so clingy. A thousand or so years? Without any of her friends with her, without anyone she'd knew aside from them probably even alive. A thousand years of loneliness, a thousand years of insanity. "Adagio, sweetie.." >"A-anon, you're not going to leave me all alone too, are you?" >Her voice sounded so sad and broken. >I hugged her close, I felt her fall against me like a sack of potatoes. >"I-i don't want to be alone.." "Adagio, baby, relax, please. I'm not going anywhere, I'm right here ok? I'm gonna be with you like this for as long as I can ok?" >Her voice came like a whimper. >"Do I make you happy Anon?" "Shh, of course you do.. You're a nice girl Adagio, you and I are really close friends. No ones gonna come between us ok?" >"I, I love you Anon." "Adagio, I love you too." >There it was again, the infernal L word. It hurt so bad to see her like this, I'd gone and said it again, but why? I cursed myself for my lack of self control. -------- >"Another cloudy day hmm?" >You peer out the back window watching the rain come down. >The house empty and silent. >You wonder how Anon is getting along at work with his cruel boss and that.. >Susan.. >Quick knocks hit the door. >The door? >Maybe its Anon! Maybe he decided to call in sick today! >You hurriedly rush over opening it. >Your expression dies immediately. >"Oh, it's you two." >Sonata absentmindedly pigeontoes in place. >Aria arms folded speaks up, >"Yeah, so happy to see you too Adagio." >She says with all the dull witless candor you'd come to expect from her. "Get lost, I don't want to see you two!" >"Come on Dagi, It'll be fun, just like the old days!" >"Yeah, remember, sucking humans dry and feeding on all their negative emotions?" "Forget it, you two never should have come here!" >You try to close the door but they push it open with surprising force meandering their way past you inside. >"Wow, this place is so big, and clean!" >"Yeah, imagine if you'd put this kinda effort back when we were slumming it at those roach motels." >Aria says plopping on the couch. >Sonata begins digging through your fridge. >"All these foods look really expensive!" >"Yeah, whats the deeeal Adagio?" "Will you girls just stop?!" >You stamp your foot on the ground but they pay you no mind. "I'm in a relationship!" >"With who Dagi?" "His name is Anon, and we've been dating for a while now." >"Who caares Adagio, come on, just ditch this guy and help us figure out how we can repair our gems." >You stomp over to Aria grabbing her by the shirt. "Don't you EVER talk that way about him!" >Aria looks scared for a brief moment. >"Jeez whats the big deal, it's just a human. He's gonna die in like 80 years or so anyway!" "You idiot! Without our gems we'll die too!" >"All the more reason to find them Adagio!" >"Aha, I bet thats what all this expensive food is for, he's trying to feed him the best diet so he can live longer!" >Your grip loosens on Aria stunned that Sonata said something on point for once. >"Just leave him! We're you're family remember?" >Aria said. "Yeah, a family that ditched me as soon as our canterlot high experiment bit the dust.." >"It was just a small break! It's not like we were just gonna leave you forever or anything, we always get back together!" >Sonata walks over with a bunch of grapes in her hand eating them. >"Yeah Dagi, come on, let's just-" >Her hand touches yours. >You shake it away and shout, "NO! Anon is my family too! He's as important to me as you two EVER will be! And if you can't accept that.. T-then, just get out!!" >Aria gets up pushing you aside as she heads for the door. >She grabs Sonata on her way. >"Come on Sonata, lets give her some time to cool down from her boy troubles.." >Sonata raspberries you as she begins to follow Aria out on her own. >"Boys are stupid anyway." >She remarks. >"You're one to talk." >Aria bickers back. >And just like that.. >Gone. "T-those idiots.." >You collapse to your knees. >This intense feeling making you tear up. >Rain coming down now you can hear well through the door that was left open. "They'll... >You get up walking toward it. >You grab the picture with you and Anon in it. >His tender expression gently holding you. "Never understand.." ---- >I step into the office and walk to my cubicle. >"Late again huh?" >Boss leaning over smugly grinning. >"Wheres your sandwich newbie? The last one your girlfriend made was great." "Uh.." >Like the school bully stealing my lunch again. >I sigh handing over my chicken blt sandwich my girlfriend lovingly made for me. >"Ooh, looks good. You may be a rookie, but your girlfriend is one heck of a cook." >"3 hours, the paperwork better be on my desk, and hey, just be grateful your food has got me in such a good mood or I'd only give ya two like the rest of the newbies." >In retrospect, it'd have been wise to ask her for two sandwiches so that this sort of thing doesn't happen again.. >Why is Hartman such a prick? >Oh well.. >Each minute an eternity like waiting for the longest class to get out. >Hours pass though as slowly as they can they eventually do. >Warm hands hang themselves over me from behind. >"I heard what happened again." >A playful female voice. "Hey Susan." >"HOO, you sound streeeesed!" "Just.. Kill me.." >"Hahaha, how about you and me.. Go out and, get some coffee?" "Uhh, you realize I have a girlfriend right?" >"Oh, ha, totally, I mean, I'd never try to get between the two of you. I just want us to be friends cause you seem like a nice guy." "Well.." >My stomach growls. "Just as friends.. I mean.." >"Yeah, come on!" >She grabs me by the hand and leads me out. >It's downtown to the coffee shop. >Warm air blasts contrasting wonderfully from the cold rainy bluster outside. "Would this be a bad time to mention I'm flat broke again?" >"Hehe, oh stop. This is my treat, order whatever you want!" "I-i'll just take a Mocha and a muffin." >She giggles. >She's gotta be coming onto me right? >Susan orders the stuff getting herself a strawberry frap. >Once we get the food we find a table and sit down together. >I sit down together soaking up an earful of that soft jazz playing through the speakers. >It always did put my mind at ease. >I take a sip of the mocha, Susan across sipping hers as our eyes meet. >Goddammit this isn't fair, she's totally cute. >I slouch back into my seat looking away. >"Whats the matter Anon?" "Its nothing.." >"Oh come on, you're so easy to read! It's Hartman isn't it, totally getting into your head isn't he?" "Ehhh, well, I can't say he isn't bothering me but.." >"Is it the coffee then? I know a nice Chinese place that probably would've been better for lunch." "Uh, well, it isn't that either, I kind of like this actually.. It's just, I really.." >"What?" "This, this isn't a date right?" >"No! It's just, a little lunch, get together with a friend!" >I look around as if checking to see if she's anywhere around. "She's just, I mean, shes really protective and.." >"Oh is she the jealous type?" >I just smile almost biting my tongue. "You have, no idea.." >She chuckles uncomfortably. >"Well, you know, some girls can get like that.." "B-but she's really nice!" >"Yeah, I mean, she makes you lunch everyday, she sounds sweet." "She is! Uh, I don't know if I should be telling you I mean.." >"Oh don't worry, I'm not the type to spread office rumors." "She can just be a handful sometimes, and I feel like she's way too possessive, and she comes on too strong." >"Have you thought about taking a break from her?" "Oh god no, I can't.." >"What?" "We're really involved." >"Oh so you guys have been dating for a while then." "Yeah, and I mean, I can't just up and leave her.." >"I understand, it sounds like you really love her then." >There it is.. "Yeah.. I really do." >It's a quiet drive home. >All I can think about is preventing her from ever finding out about our lunch date. >I mean, a less obsessive girlfriend probably wouldn't care. >But this is Adagio we're talking about. >I'm DOA if she finds out I even TALKED to Susan, much less spent lunch with her. >Luckily I took some time to throw away the garbage from lunch so hopefully the way I am now isn't enough to give me away for any reason. >I pull into the drive, get out, and close the door behind me. >I walk toward the door. >It's dark and the porch is wet. >I unlock the door. >The warm scent of food is like heaven. >Adagio is sitting on the couch watching t.v. >"Welcome home Anon." >Her face lights up in the most adorable way. >She rushes toward me and wraps me in a hug. >"Dinner is in the oven being kept warm." >She anticipated I'd be late so she kept it warm. >Her thoughtfulness is heartwarming to say the least. >She grabs it with an oven mitt taking two plates to the table. >A yummy looking steak and some mashed potatoes and gravy. >I sit down at the table and she gives me a kiss on the forehead. >She sits down next to me. >"So, how was your day at work?" >Oh god, how does one answer this? "Uh.." >Her eyes staring into my fucking soul. >I don't want to lie to her.. "It.. It wasn't.. Good.." >"It was that bastard Hartman again wasn't it? What did he do?" "Ok, well, I'm gonna be honest, and.. I don't want you to freak out." >Adagio is giving me that intense stare again. >My eyes widen and my arms begin to sort of shake on their own. >I steel myself and try to press on. "Last time.. He took my sandwich that you made me, and-" >"What?" "And he did the same thing again today." >Adagio seems to be in disbelief as she stares off into nothing with an unsettling look on her face. "I-i'm sorry, I meant to tell you sooner I.." >Silence. >So quiet I heard the slight noise of wind through the trees outside. >She gets up and walks over to me. >I brace myself for whatever sort of horrible thing she might do. >Suddenly an embrace. "I-" >"Shhh, I'm not angry with you.." >She strokes my head like a cat. "Ok.." >"Enjoy your meal, I.. I'm glad you were honest with me." >I sigh a breath of relief as I can tell the reasonable Adagio is coming back through that voice. "Thanks for this meal, I really appreciate it." >"You must be totally starved after he took your food from you aren't you?" "I'm doing ok.." >"Baby, you don't need to hide your feelings from me. I know this whole thing has been very hard on you." >She says as she sits back down. >It isn't so bad considering the muffin and mocha from the lunch date but I'd rather have the sandwich for sure.