Justifies the means - by Devil-in-the-Machine

>"Excuse me, sir, do you have some change?" >You sigh, fishing through your wallet. >You know what it's like; before you became a writer you didn't have anywhere to sleep either. >Digging up three hundreds, you hand them over to the poofy-haired girl. "So what's your story?" >She reaches to take the money but stops and looks at you funny. >"I...I'd rather not say mister." >She looks at you, you look at her. >You wave the hundreds in her face to get her attention. "Are you gonna take this?" >"But..." "Look, I've been where you are. I get it, each person has their own story, though some might not wanna share. Doesn't mean I'm going to deny you something to eat." >Poof hair smiles and takes the money. >"Thank you...mister...." "Just call me Anon. Do you guys want somewhere to crash for a while? New blankets?" >Poof shakes her head. "Okay then, best of luck." >You turn on your heel and walk away, checking in the forecast on your cell. >30°F is the high for 9:00, 50% chance of freezing rain. >The cell comes to your ear, and you hear a dial tone. >"Yeah boss?" "Do me a couple favors." >The van slows down, and you point out where the driver should park. >You and three others get out, keeping the back open and letting the driver set with a warm engine. >Quick check of the time tells you its eleven, thankfully the rain hasn't come through. "Alright, quick, clean, quiet, done." >You and the other three turn into the alley you saw those girls. >Sure enough, there is a lump of blankets in the same fashion poof was under. >The three men take their spots hovering of their respective targets. "Go." >You rip the blanket off the girls, your boys swooping down and grabbing them. >By now their awake and screaming murder, but you've gotten back to the van. >You toss them in and follow behind, slamming the van doors and bracing for the sudden change in acceleration. >After you bag their heads, you peel out of the masks. >An added bonus is that they aren't loud anymore, just growling and sniffling. >After an hour or so of riding, you jump out the back and tell your boys to show them their room. >It'll be a long day tomorrow, so you head straight for your bed within the lavish mansion and clock out. >The alarm wakes you up, so you stand and walk into the bathroom, cutting the shower on and getting in. As the water warms and wakes you, you remember what you got planned today. >It also gives you the chance to reflect. >Jeez, you've always been called a brash man, impulsive, but just how much so was never quite apparent to you until now. >Oh well, the die is cast, might as well go with it. >You finish, get dressed, and take the elevator down. >Your chef, as introverted as you are, made breakfast for four and ditched. >Fine by you, hes on call, he can do whatever he wants. >You collect the trays and head outside across the courtyard. >You get to the guest house and stop, taking the time to ring the doorbell. >There is a minute of just standing there awkwardly with four trays loaded with food, before the door pos open just a sliver. >A little eye pokes through, then you hear a high pitched yelling. >"Dagi! Its the man from yesterday!" >There's some stomping, and the door slams shut, leaving you with an arched eyebrow. >Some more yelling, muffled and different. >Silence.... >The door cracks again, then slowly opens to reveal poof. >She crosses her arms and glares. >"What the fuck man? You're response to seeing a vulnerable group of homeless girls is to kidnap them?!? Then leave them unbound and unguarded in a million dollar home? What the fuck?" >This severely agitates you, despite her general accuracy. "I brought breakfast, you gonna let me in? This is my house." >She takes a wide eyed look, and steps back, likely intimidated by your sudden change in tone. >Or your inflated ego would have you believe, it doesn't matter. >You walk in and place the trays at the dining table, then take a seat. >Poof sits across from you at the table. >In the lack of talk, eating, and the other two, your agitated state grows. >Instead of being a direct ass this time, you lace your fingers and return her glare. >Eventually poof speaks first. >"You're not going to leave until we eat huh?" >You shake your head. >"And you want all three of us at the table, huh?" >You nod. >Poof sighs, then shouts over her shoulder. >"Come to the table, its safe..." >She glances at you and whispers under her breath. >"I hope." The blue one and the purple one walk out from the bathroom, reluctantly taking the chairs to either side of you. >There's another awkward silence, all eyes on you, yours on theirs. >Eventually, the blue girls stomach let's loose an earthquacking rumble, and she can't take it any longer. >She goes to town right after, not giving a fuck about present company. >Admittedly, watching her discomfort, the greatest of the three, being so easily cast aside like that makes you simmer out too. >You are next to take a fork and spear some ham, then Purp. >Poof stares at you a little more, then avoids your gaze to eat when you look up at her. >You slow your pace, then stop altogether, dusting off with a napkin. >Cleaned off, you clap your hands. "Okay, first things first..." "I've taken time to consider myself. I have come to realize maybe snatching you up wasn't the best solution, that being said what's done is done and we can work it for the better. Introductions are at hand I suppose, you ladies may call me Anon, or Anonymous if you prefer." >With a mouthful of food, blue bouts out. >"Muh numm ih ho-ahh-hahh!" >Poof slaps her forehead. >"Shut up! Don't tell him your name!" >... >You'll let that go so as not to spoil your mood again. "And why would that be? I've introduced myself, shown that I have no ill intent for you, even had breakfast made." >Poof gets defensive, leaning back in her chair. >"Oh please, you give us a handout, then 'take pity' on us and kidnap us for what? So you can rehabilitate us out of the good will of your heart? And to top it off you give us your pen name? Not even your real one?" >You stop for a second, processing all this. >Making sure to filter out the more....distasteful bits. "Mmmmm, yup. That's about right." >Poof laughs a barking, mocking noise. >"Like I'd ever buy that. I know you, know who you are. Read your works. I'll bet this is another one of your sick fantasies, made real. Where do the sexual favors start? Or god forbid we're in one of your demented torture stories." >That... >Takes considerable effort to not snap at. >But you manage, barely. "I can see your logic, but my work always has a central theme to it, for each piece. I am not a serial killer or a frenzied rapist, as I might portray myself. I am simply Anonymous, I am a millionaire with a dark mind and a talent for storytelling. I'm asking a little trust." >"Bah! How do you expect us to trust you with our names when you won't tell us yours?" "I've told you you may call me-" >"By your pen name, yeah yeah. The name you use to dodge the media, to escape persecution for your fucked up head. But its not your name, you want ours, tell us yours." >Something inside you snaps, but the flame of rage burning within is cold, insidious. >It doesn't tell you to flip the table or rampage, like it might normally. >You stand up silently, calmly walking towards the door with a neutral face. >With the right keyword, the security alarm on the wall locks all doors and windows. >That done, you turn again and walk into the bathroom. >The flame heats up in a blast, and you ram your fist into the mirror so hard the medicine cabinet breaks open. >Just like that its gone, so, glass, plastic and pills everywhere, you take a bottle of alcohol and gauze, calmly retaking your seat at the table. >The alcohol burns with fury on your lacerated hand, and for safe measure you dab the gauze in it before taping it around the fist. >Face still neutral, you look back up, varying degrees of shock and fright staring back. >Your voice is oddly calm, if monotone. "I tried to be nice, take you in, maybe even give you a new life. I admitted maybe I could've gone about it better. I served breakfast and introduced myself. I've even tried remaining calm, and that's not something I do often." >You take a deep breath and sip some of the water in front of you. "But I'm met with hostility for a mistake I made plainly clear I would correct. After that, you insult me for my writing, which I've poured my heart and mind into. Needless to say I'm furious, but if a monster is what you expect of me I will be more than glad to oblige." >Poof gawks at you, blue shrinks in her chair. >Purp sits up in a rage. >"What the fuck does that mean?" >You stare her in the eye, the infernal frost flowing through you intensifying. "What that means," >You point out towards the left. "is that you three are going to go downstairs. How you get there is up to you, but I'd rather not drag you." >There is a moment of silence, and a moment of action after. >In that moment, many things happened all at once. >Blue shreiks at the top of her lungs and topples backwards out of her chair. >Poof screams your assailants name. >And Aria jumps the table to swing on you. >You take the punch almost willingly, and it knocks your jaw around pretty bad. >Fueled by the cold rage, you react by grabbing her behind the head and slamming her face into the table. >Poof yelps, then takes a leap at you. >You brush her punch to the side and clock her in the throat one good time. >She collapses, coughing and clutching her neck. >You stand up and look over at the blue girl, crying and crawling backwards, muttering something about necklaces. "Downstairs....please." >To be fair, blue hasn't done anything to you. >You can afford her a little leniency. >Aria moans into the table, a lack of blood being the first thing you notice. >Picking her up reveals a serious bruise on one side of her face. >Even a black eye. >At least you didn't break her nose. >Once she's secured over your shoulders you'd walk towards the basement, blue already downstairs. "You have thirty seconds Poof. Let's go." >You walk down, then into a lounge room, letting Aria flop down on a couch. >Blue stands next to her, looking at her feet quietly. >Just as you're about to go back up, Poof decides to join you. >Once more, you shut and lock the door, walking to the bar and digging up a cigar. >You light it, puffing on it a little. "Now, can we please be civil? I'll give it one more try." >Poof sits down, still rubbing her throat. >She swallows painfully and takes a breath. >"L-look, I'm sorry okay? I didn't know you'd flip like that...just please don't hurt us. Throw us back out to the street, just don't hurt us." >You inhale some of the fine tobacco. "No, I'd like to avoid it. But you're not going back to the street either. That's the whole point of bringing you to my place." >"Then what do you want?" >You draw up four glasses and set them out on the bar. "Come have a drink." >The two take a seat at the bar, Aria struggling to stand upright. >You help her out, gently steadying her and guiding her to the bar. "What's your poisions?" >"We don't normally drink..." >You absently shuffle through the drawers behind the bar until you find a penlight, then have Aria look at you. "Yeah, well you're going to have a drink, so am I. Hopefully it loosens us up enough not to freak out." >After checking Aria, mildly concussed, you look Poof in the eye. "Either of us." >She nods, and tries to smile. "Now, Aria is a little delusional, she's got her head in the game but for right now I don't think she'll be talking much." >She shakes her head imperceptibly, and recoils from the sting. "So, you'll want something smooth. I don't plan to hurt you if you don't know what you're doing." >"W-Well, I've drank alcohol before, but Sonata hasn't. And... I'm Adagio by the way..." >You smirk a little. "Thank you. Now then, tell me what your favorite is. You've got experience, you should know the difference. I'll let you pick out any of the bottles back here." >Adagio seems to pale a shade, but swallows it and scans the bar with a determination. >A curious realization comes to you; the situation seems to have 180'd suddenly... >Adagio points and picks out her bottle. >"That. And Sonata can drink something else." >You turn around, and lo and behold she's picked the meanest liquor you have bar a very select few. >That grin returns. "You sure?" >"Yes." >You chuckle, retrieving the bottle of habushu. >On your way back you grab a beer for Sonata, a cream stout. "Here." >You pop the cap off and hand it to her, then unstop the heavily wrapped bottle. >"Oh eugh... The smell!" "Don't bash on it, you wanted snake wine. You got snake wine." >"Snake...wine?" >The cloth cover fits over the neck, coming off and revealing a very mean looking snake pickled in alcohol. >Adagio stares, Sonata looks at it from glass length. >"oooh. That's cool." >Enough playing, you pour your glasses and pass Aria a well deserved rum and coke. >You immediately sip yours, getting back to the matters at hand. "Now, about why you're here..." "I think its pertinent to make you up. I've recently made the discovery that I hire people who are very much like my self, meaning I don't see them often." >Another sip, and it makes you wince. "Point is, I need house warmers, and I'm tired of doing shit for myself. It takes time away from the big picture. So, you get a new life, I get a few resident buttresses. Sound good?" >Adagio nods, then sips her drink in thought. >It touches her lips and she almost spits it out, but swallows it. >You chuckle at her and pocket your phone again. "Okay, now. I'm going to leave you a few robes and I expect you to be showered and ready to be sized by a tailor later. Eat whatever's stocked, if you need assistance there's a blue phone by the door, hotline numbers are on a sticky." >Adagio nods, Sonata burps. >You look over to Aria. "And uhh, Saint will be over shortly to check up on her. He's my general." >With that you stand and leave the room. >You unlock the doors to the guest house and cross the courtyard >A phone call later you're in your office, a major spark of inspiration setting off an inferno of creation. >Your hand hurts from moving across the paper so quickly... >Your phone rings, the cell phone. >Just gotta finish this little bit... >Got it. "Hello?" >"Anonymous darling? I'm here like you asked. In the den." "Thank you Rarity, I'll meet you in the guest house." >"Of course dear." >The call ends, you stand and rub your face, a minor headache setting in. >The walk out is uneventful, and you catch up to Rarity in the courtyard. >She walks with you to the house and you hold the door for her. >The girls chill out on the couch in their robes, but stand up when you enter. >Saint must've done the thing, Aria is looking and acting much better. >There's a moment of silence as Rarity looks at Adagio, and vice versa. "Well, you seem to have met each other before, and not to disrupt a reunion, but I need uniforms made." >Rarity double taked for a moment. >"Of course Anonymous. Please line up here, you first. Make a T pose for me, thank you. Now, while I'm measuring, what sort of uniforms do you want?" "They'll each need formal, business, and something a little more blue collar for house work. And if you'd be as generous as to make them custom fitting casual and night wear I'd much appreciate it. I'm sure your purse will too." >"Got it, three whole wardrobes darling, thank you for your time." >She finishes up with her notepad and measuring tape, tucking them into a messenger bag. >She looks up at you. >"Thank you for the work Anonymous, I'll have the work clothes done and delivered tomorrow, the rest by the end of the week." >You nod, walking her back out to the courtyard and into the main building. >In fact, you walk her all the way to her car, and before she gets in she addresses you. >"Anonymous... Be very careful whatever you're planning. And I know you are. Those girls aren't like normal people. Its been a few years, but they tried to enslave our whole school." >She takes a moment to brush a stray out of her face. >"And what's more, if your little 'experiments' fail again, don't call me to help you clean up... Ruined my good striped dress..." >You crack a smile at her half-humor. "Right, you did more complaining than anything else, so you're eliminated from that list anyway." >You hug her and let her get into her car, driving off your land and heading back towards town. >You walk back to the little house, checking on your fist. >Still cut to ribbons, probably should get stitches, but whatever. >Bleedings stopped, all you're worried about. >When you step into the house, the first thing you decide to do is clean up the first floor bathroom, a mess of glass blood and medication still littering the room. >Armed with a dust pan and a broom, you sweep up the concoction. >Its slow work, navigating around the smaller pieces so as not to track them around with your shoes. >Sonata, wearing a plain white robe, stands in the doorway watching. >Eventually, she must get bored, because she walks over to help. >And immediately yelps in pain, droplets of blood running from her foot. >The sight of the blood... >Must be ignored. "Dang it, stay there and I'll patch you up." >In the mess, you locate peroxide and some tweezers, so you grab that and make sure to get the gauze you left behind earlier. >"It hurts so baaaaaad!" "I know, hush or it'll hurt worse." >You pull the tweezers out of her foot for the eighth or ninth time, little glass shard in toe >More blood dribbles out, streaking crimson starkly contrasting with Sonatas blue skin. >It sends tingles up your neck and into your head, but you ignore the growing urge and pour some more peroxide on her foot. "Okay, this'll be the hardest part, find something to bite." >She looks around for a moment, before curling in and biting the thigh of your slacks. >"Mmmpheyy, emm weddeh." >You shake your head to clear it, and talk to her to distract her. "Okay, so three guys walk up a mountain right? They get to the top and figure out they're stuck. Well, they start looking for a way down and find a lamp. They rub the lamp, out comes a genie, genie sees they're stuck and says he'll help them down. He tells them that they need to jump off the face, and first thing they tell is what they turn into till they get down the mountain." >Sonata is wiggling in your lap awkwardly, and with her legs up, the bottom of the robe falls off to the side enough you have to look away. >She either doesn't know or she's fucking with you cause she won't pull it back. "Anyways, first guy jumps off and yells Eagle! Turns into an eagle and fly's off. Next guy jumps and yells mountain goat, turns into a goat and runs down." >You line up the tweezers as best you can with this angle, not trying to be a creep. "Last guy jumps off, gets scared of the fall and yells-" >You ram the tweezers into her foot to get the deepest, biggest piece. >"OH SHIT!!" >You pour more peroxide on, laughing. "Exactly." >"That wasn't funny!" "Was to me, now if you'll excuse me." >Time to go satisfy those damned needs plauging your existence. >You leave the house and set down in front of your desk, picking up the pen. "Now I can write..." >You set the pen down, going back over the six or so new pages with a sore writing hand. >Still not satisfied, you force yourself to stop. >Frustration will corrupt the end product, but you need catharsis, NOW. >You stand up and walk out to your outshed on the edge of the estate. >Inside is an arsenal of hunting weapons, some camping equipment, and some ATVs. >You scoop up the 8-guage, hefting a few massive shells into the bag of one of the 4 wheelers. >It kick starts right off, and you take off into the deep woods. >Rolling deeper in, you slow down some to annoy the scenery. >Gargantuan hardwoods as old as the colonies filter out most of the sunlight, leaving enough only for mildly thick undergrowth. >You're glad you built the estate near virgin forest, it adds that little touch of peace. >To further that sense, you cit the engine and hike through the woods on foot, loaded down with the shotgun. >Twenty minutes of setting atop a hill grant you sight of a few wild turkeys in a clearing. >You stalk down the hill,keeping careful watch on the wind, edging closer towards the clearing. >You can hear them now, which means you need to step it up or they'll hear you. >They aren't as sharp as humans, but a whole hella lot more paranoid, so you need to keep stealth at max. >Speaking of sharp... >You glance down at the shotgun, not too sure why you brought the monster. >No sport in that, so you lay it against a tree and unsheath a seven inch survival blade. >You creep up, the turkeys still oblivious. >At the edge of the clearing, behind a bush you wait for a gobbler to pass too close. >There's one now,it trots around, meandering but still heading in your direction. >Five feet. >Three feet. >Just a little closer, you can smell the fucker. >Just before you can strike, some rustling bushes spook the flock,sending them skyward. >A camouflaged, lithe figure emerges from the treeline. >She has herself completely covered from head to foot, masking her identity indefinitely. >once in the clearing, she produces a GPS, looking in your direction. >That would, by proxy, mean she's facing your home, which is to your back. >She steps off, and replaces the turkey from earlier, stopping in the exact spot it did before she scared it off. >Goddammit, just out of arms length. >The bush it too thick to pounce her, it'll slow you way down. >Raw impulse wages war with cold reasoning within you, desire intermingling with rationality. >The need to bury the knife into her and use her blood as ink is strong, but the rationale that she might have friends keeps you still. >All in all, you really fucking wish she'd do something so you don't have to make the first move. >Then it happens... >She steps towards the tree line, and straight into the jaws of a predator. >You spring, tackling her center mass. >Unsuspecting and smaller than you, she crumples under your weight. >Despite that, she is excellent at reacting and using leverage, easily slipping out of each grapple you implement. >You're getting tired of 'playing' with her, and a solid punch to the face pisses you off even more. >The pilot light within you flares again, so you leap off her. >In the time it takes you to stand up,she's already started running. >That's fine, you haul ass after her, the chase giving you time to think fun thoughts >She moves erratically, hoping to shake you over ditching you. >Predicting her next few moves, you split off and position yourself. >She was simply running, not checking for you so she should- >Your train of thought turns into action as you clothesline her, laying her out on her back. >You plant a knee on her chest, pinning an arm up above her head and teasing her pit with the bladetip. "Now, you even fidget, and you're not getting out of these woods." >The mystery girl remains silent, so you instruct her to take her helmet off. >She does so with her free hand, revealing a balclava underneath. >Two aqua eyes stare at you menacingly. >You remove the hand pinning hers, and throw one right into her jaw, making her head snap to the side. >She's out cold, you take the time to strip her of everything but her underwear. >You trail back to the 4 wheeler, considering what you found on her. >Bitch had detailed mapping of your estate and the surrounding lands, and a list of every person whose ever gone missing from canterlot in the last fifteen years. >Most of those faces are familiar, and it spooks you. >Its good you held your impulses at bay; if there are more like her you're determined to find out. >You throw the bucket of ice water at your friend, laughing a little at the fact you actually threw /it/ and not just the water. >It impacts her mostly bare, orange skin, shocking her awake with a start. >"BUUUUGH!!!" >You watch her chest heave, rapidly taking in air. >Her eyes dialate to the intense light in her face, fruitlessly trying to find you in the gloom beyond. >She's actually a pretty woman, with red hair streaked in orange. >It contrasts with those aqua eyes, drawing more attention to them. >You can see the fear start to settle in; her legs curl under her, being left unchained. >She's making herself as small as possible, confirming flight taking over fight. >Something curious though, her breathing is deep and semi-rythmic, implying some training in mental fortitude. >"Anonymous... I-I know its you who jumped me. C-come out of the shadow and quit being theatrical..." >Its cute how she trys acting like she's in control of herself... >You'll have to show her she gave control to you the moment she stepped into the clearing. "Theatrics are my business dear. Among other things. Why are you sneaking around on my property?" >"P-Please... I know you saw what I had on me. You know exactly what I'm doing." >Point... "True, but I'd rather have heard it come from you. Oh well. What's your name sneak?" >"Like I'd ever tell you, fucking psycho." >You cock an eyebrow. "Oh really? Is my presence bothering you that badly? I suppose I'll come back later then, when your hungry and cold, and you can't feel your arms. Toodles." >You turn and open a door, hearing her shout as you slide it closed. >"NO! WAIT! COME BA-" >Your stomach grumbles, so you press a button on an elevator, raising you up a floor. >The faux bookshelf opens to let you pass into the lounge room, and you walk upstairs. >On the way by the table you spot Adagio and Aria watching TV. "I'm hungry, you guys want sandwiches?" >Adagio nods, Aria looks at you funny. >"How the hell you get in? The door hasn't opened." >You grin comfortably. "Oh you know, this house has more than one way to get to where you need to be..." >You stand on your balcony, overlooking the garden. >A waterfall rages on either side of the stone walls. >Morning mist hangs enchantingly over the whole garden, even spilling over your shoes some, giving the air a warm, humid quality. >Some ivy whispers in the wind, draped across the overhang. >All in all the scene is absolute peace. >Which is why you're going to regret leaving the serenity, in a moment. >One more deep lungful of the gardens air and you turn to go inside. >There's a boring walk along the hall, until you encounter the metal door behind which is an elevator. >You step in, revealing and inserting a small blue key in to the navigation panel, and the board lights up. >The doors slide shut as your finger leaves the button second from bottom. >A clacking noise precedes a shift in weight downward. >You step out of the elevator in to a dimly lit hall. >The color of the hall is inapparent here, as the only sources come from tiny, individual dot lights lighting the floor. >The dark does little to hinder your navigation. >Eight dots on the right, between that and the ninth is the door you want. >The heavy door lacks a knob, replaced with a key hole. >You fiddle with the keychain in your hands, getting it into order. >First flip is the blue key. >Then the silver key. >It opens the door, unlocking it with a thunk. >You step in and quickly close the door, sweat hanging in the air. >The light is still on, aimed at your house guest. >She's looked up, but seems a little delerious. >Her eyes struggle to focus in the dark. >She speaks with a dry, cracked voice. >"P....Please... Water?" >Its been three days since you were last in this room. >Maybe she's a little chattier than last time. "You gonna tell me your name?" >She hangs limp from her chains, staring into the light. >You take a deep breath, obviously just leaving her wasn't the best idea but those three upstairs have needed breaking in. >Oh well... >You throw a switch on the wall, prompting the humming of fluorescent lights. >White glow illuminates the room, and your spotlight cuts off. >You step over to a little tap and fill a plastic cup with water, walking it to your friend. >Her pretty appearance has faded into a mess. >Your bring the cup to her lips and she drinks the whole thing as fast as you tip it into her mouth. >She gags and coughs as you pull the cup away. >That thirsty huh? "So maybe now you'll yell me your name." >She looks at you,eyes refocused somewhat. >"Sunset Shimmer." >Oh? >That name is familiar, why can't you place it? >You'll need to do homework. "Thank you miss Shimmer, was that all that difficult?" >She just stares. >You press a hand to one of her arms, which are cold as ice, and pale. >Unshackling them from the wall causes them to limply fall forward. >Sunset slumps over, her weight not being supported anymore. >You pick her up and walk her over to a cell with in the room, laying her down on the bedand sitting next to her. "Well, I hope you understand how this works. You answer my questions, I give you amenities. You don't, and I walk out that door again and leave you in here." >She nods once. "Good. Now, how many of you are there?" >"Just me." "Why are you in my woods?" >"To spy on you." "And why would you wanna spy on me?" >"You know why. All those missing people, every last one of them have one thing in common. They met you." "Indeed they did, and now they're in a better place." >"Oh you sick fuck." >You smile; its a wonder what one cup of water can do to a person. "Yes I am. I certainly won't tell you I didn't enjoy every moment of it. Just like I'll do with you." >"What's that supposed to mean?" "What that means my dearie, is that you'll be in a better place soon too, and I'll have sated my appetite. Win-Win wouldn't you say?" >She looks at you with widening eyes. >"Dear God you truly are a monster..." >You bend in, getting right into her face until you're millimeters apart. "Of the worst kind." >Her arm twitches, and picks itself up. >From the corner of your eye you see a fistflying for you, but grab it. >Its still clammy and slow, but she's regained control. >You slap her in the cheek so hard spittle fly's from her mouth. >The sound reverberates against the cell walls. "On that note I think we're done here." >You stand and slam the cell door shut, walking away. >The metal door opens, revealing the blacked-out hallway. >A short commute later and you find yourself behind your bedroom mirror looking in. >Your thumb hovers above the button that'll let you in, but your eyes are glued to your bed. >Or rather, the person /on/ your bed. >Adagio is alone in your room, unaware you're watching. >You can see her in her little maid outfit fluffing pillows and straightening the comforter. >Aria walks by the door, Adagio still continuing her 'cleaning'. >But Adagio stops her cleaning, curiously. >Instead she rummages around your room, through all the drawers, opening and closing all the boxes and small cubbies >You press the button while her back is turned, the glass sliding silently on its track. >You step through as it shuts itself and take measured strides towards her. "Adagio." >At the call of her name she leaps into the air and falls on her butt, looking up at you with a mortified expression. >"Uhhhhh... I was just..." "Digging through my stuff?" >She nods, just looking at you. "I'll let it go this time. But please don't." >"Thank you Anon." >A vacume turns on farther down the hall, and you decide to investigate. >Sonata and Aria are cleaning in the den. >You simply watch them do what you asked of them. >You're expecting company today. >Rarity, for one, should be delivering the rest of that order. >On top of that though is the local highschool, and you'll be expected to talk about literature and how writing is such a magical thing. >You gotta make sure the garden is ready to seat an entire class of juniors and seniors. "Hey girls, you can quit cleaning. We need to get the chairs and a stage set up." >Sonata giggles. >"That's right! I almost forgot canterlot high was going to visit!" >"Great. Brats." "I don't like it either Aria, but the kids are alright when they come here. Maybe a little stiff, which is odd, but the real deal with that will be handling staff." >Adagio waltzes in, hand on her hip. >"I'll handle that for you. We may not have the best reputation with them, but you're a goddam psychopath. No wonder the 'kids are so stiff.'" >... >Was she serious or just joking? >You honestly can't tell. "Yeah, I suppose that's not too far from true. Anyway, thank you, I gotta work on my speech. So Adagio, you are my spokesperson." >"Yup" >You walk back to your room, into your study, and sit on the leather couch. >A pen and pad accompany a bottle of whiskey. >You fill a small glass half full of whiskey and get to writing. "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my home. You may call me Anonymous..." "The different ways you each experience life influences your thoughts and writing, making your truest self completely individual, therefore each and every thought you pen is entirely priceless. A lot of people are afraid of being forgotten in this world, but if you've written anything like a journal or a love note then it's worth something. Thank you for you're time, to the seniors, it was good to see you again. To the juniors, we'll meet again next year." >You turn off of the podium, then walk down the stairs affixed to the stage. >You walk straight past the faculty, Sonata and Aria distracting them. >Even past Luna and Celestia, thanks to Adagio. >You'll have to repay those three; you can't fucking stand those brainless teachers and the moral Nazis appointed over them. >A check on the time says Rarity's about to pull up. >You shoot her a text and ask her to take the longer way, around the buses and into the workshop garage. >You're on your way over there now, checking and rechecking your opulent attire. >Its in great condition, unfortunately you aren't and forgot a wrist cuff. >No, wait, you had this set on all day... >When did you lose the cufflink? >Oh well, hopefully she doesn't notice either the cuff or your intoxication. >You meet her and lead her through the collection of kids and past the staff to- >What? >You pull the C2 out of your jacket and flip it open. >It makes you stop dead into the foyer. "Rarity I'll meet you in my room." >You spin and tear down the way you came. >You sprint around kids, breaking up groups of staff and bump into Sonata, blustering off into the library. >You slam the door and bar it shut, pressing a button on the C2. >A shelf is entirely swallowed by the floor, and you blitz into the hole, tiny black dots lining the floor. >You round a corner and hear Sunset spout profanity. >She's already slipped by you by the time your eyes have adjusted. "Fuck...fuck fuck fuck." >You keep muttering under your breath, turning and taking chase. >Shes gone, through the library. >You are still too drunk mother fucker. >Once you yourself are in the library, you reseal the bookcase. >The bar on the door is still there. >Good, that means she's still in the library. >Too bad its huge. >Your phone rings, and you answer it, making sure to lock and bar the other doors. >"Anonymous are you quite alright? I'm out here with Adagio, we can't get into the library. What happened?" "I'll explain when I resolve the situation shortly. If you'll excuse me its urgent." >"Ano-" >You put the phone back in your pocket and begin combing the aisles of shelves. >Row after row after row. >Something in your head clicks... >She had information about your estate, and by proxy about the entrance to the archives. >Nothing in there was truly worth saving to you, bar the little vault. >And you were the only one who knew that vault existed. >Right? >Yeah... >Aight. >You got this. >She's weak from hunger, just step in and swing. >A section of floor is missing, replaced by walls of bookshelves and stairs winding down. "That's the archive." >C2 vibrates, two alerts. >One is archive, obviously. >Other is the four girls walking towards the libraries alternate entrances. >Could someone beat you over the head already? >With a deep breath you lunge into the archive. "Ah, dammit. Are you happy you fucking harpy?" >Sunset flashes her loot, many very embarrassing photos on the table, and a small doll in her hand. >She's smug, but still disappointed. >"That's what you had in here?" "Yes, it was. You can obviously see why I'm trying to hide it." >"I can, but why the fuck do you have a toy horse locked in a triple lined safe, complete with a shrine and shit? "Fuck you that's why." >"Anonymous?" >"Anon?" >"NONNY!!!!" >Well shit why don't we all get naked and do laundry? >Would be just as embarrassing. >Add that now you need to explain Sunset, in her undies, AND the toy ponies, AND the archive. >You take a deep breath, bringing your fingers up to your temples. "Futher Muckin Bon odda Sitch dicks." >Rarity is the first one down, gawking at Sunset. >The other three stare as well, and you remember where you've heard the name Sunset Shimmer. >She was part of their class wasn't she? >How well do they know each other? "Okay, look..." >Sunset interrupts you. >"Hey Rares, long time no see." >"Uhhh... Likewise darling. Why are you-" >"I'm his sexpet. He keeps me chained up in the basements all the time, sometimes I get out to embarrass him. This time I hit the jackpot." "You certainly did." >Why the hell is she giving you a backdoor? >"Well I hope he's treating you well.' >"Oh its actually pretty good, he's got all kindsa rooms in the basement. Like a bowling alley, hell I even have my own apartment." >"So this is where you disappeared to after school?" >"Yup" >Rarity turns to you. >"And you never told me Anon? At least that she was here?" "I... Uh..." >"I asked him not to. Didn't want that kinda attention." >Adagio decides to enter the conversation. >"Anon, do you make a regular occurrence of picking women up and and keeping them here?" >"More than you'd like to know about." >Rarity and Sunset answer her question at the same time. >They just stare at each other. >"You knew?" >"Of course I know, I've helped him out on occasion." >Sunset cocks an eyebrow. >"Oh really?" >"Yes, what of it?" >You need to step in before this gets any farther out of hand. "Nothing of it. Sunset, now that you've had your fun I want you back downstairs. We'll have a 'talk' about exhibitionism. And Girls, please make sure the buses get out of the drive safely." >"Already done boss." "Thank you. Rarity, if we could maybe meet in the den?" >"Of course." >Okay good, the pack is dispersing again. >So many bullets being dodged its a wonder your last name isn't Smith. >You didn't even have to discuss the rather embarrassing situation with your waifu. >Speaking of imaginary relationships, you'll have to play your cards with Sunset very carefully from now on. >She had the perfect opportunity to blow you wide open, but chose not to. >She's a dangerous one... >But she is staying of her own volition, so you trust her to- >"I'll be in your room." >She wears a smug grin, relishing this victory. >"/Cum/ see me when you get lonely baby." >She walks back up the stairs, shaking her hips with each step. >You don't know her game but you really don't like it either. >... "Cunt." >Enough immaturity, you gotta go see Rarity again. >You don't bother sealing off the archive, but you make note to put your vault in another, safer location. "If I weren't already drunk I'd be on my way." >You and Rarity sit across from each other , enjoying glasses of warm tea courtesy of Adagio. >Up to this point the talk has been rather small, first about the clothes for the girls then about how her friends are doing. >She's pointedly avoided talking about Sunset, though. >"Anon darling, I have to ask. How much have you had to drink today? You absolutely reek of alcohol." "Yeah well with all that's been going on today I still don't think I've had enough." >"But how much exactly dear?" "Ohhh half a bottle? Give or take. Its been a while though." >"My lord Anon, I have quite the catching up to do then huh?" "What?" >Rarity stops Aria as she walks by. >"Would you be a dear and fetch us a bottle of serpents blood? And a few glasses please." >Aria nods, retrieving the fine wine and chalices. >"Do join us darling, it'd be nice to have extra company." >"I really shouldn't, I'm still on duty for Anon." >You check your watch dramatically. "Not anymore. In fact I'll be sure to let the other two know they can call out early. Sit and drink." >You shoot the girls a message, and they join your little group. >An hour rolls by, then two. >Between the five of you, four bottles of wine have been polished off. >Every person at the table is drunk as a skunk, yourself included. >"So, after that... We couldn't afford to keep living there. Slept on the street for awhile, that's when Anon swooped in and drug us off to his little cave." "Mmmmkay look, I'm a dick, but least Yuh ain't on the concrete no more." >You can't think straight, just blurting out your thoughts without considering the conversation. >Your speech is slurred and heavy, much like everyone else's. >Save Sonata maybe, but that's because she had two glasses and sorta passed out. >Aria pipes up. >"At first I thought you were insane, like going to rape us and kill us crazy.... but now I know why you haven't made any sexual advances. I wouldn't either if I had my own little pet to play with." >You feel a little unease about that, though you really shouldn't. >That's all anyone at the table thinks of Sunset as. >You wonder how much she knows, and glance at Rarity. >You wonder how much /she/ knows, considering she only helped you that one time. >"Anonymous? Is there something on my face?" >Oh... >You've been staring haven't you? "Nah, just wondering how you plan to get home." >"I'd just assumed I could sleep here. That won't bother you will it?" "Nah, you can take the room across from mine." >"Splendid! If you'll excuse me I'll be taking a shower and getting ready for bed." >She stands up, wobbling a bit. >Then turns and clips the wall as she tries to make it up the stairs. >"Well, I'll attempt to shower at any rate." >"I think we're done here too Anon, I'll clean up while Aria takes Sonata to the little house." "Thank you girls." >You stand up and make for your office, sitting down in the leather chair and writing more in your growing novel. >Writing drunk was always good for you, it let you be as creative as you wanted. >Though you'd have to come back and edit it the next day. >Finally you get tired of writing and stumble up the stairs yourself. >The bathroom door is open, warm wet air roiling out of it and mixing into the hall. >You fumble with the knob of your door until it catches, and waltz in. >Sunset is lying on your bed, shooting you bedroom eyes. "I forgot about you..." >She gets a real smug look on her face "What the hells so funny to you?" >"Oh darling~ you should've told me about this arrangement before, its one I can really get behind." >Raritys giggles send chills down your back, and she approaches the bed clad in an untied robe. >She drapes herself over the sheets next to Sunset, kissing her deeply. >They break away from each other, a strand of saliva connecting them. >"Sunset, its so good to see you again, we really need to... reconnect over some dinner sometime." >"How's about now then? No time like the present, and I just spotted a meal fit for two queens." >Both pairs of eyes find their way to you, making you sweat a little. >"Indeed... Hurry to bed Nonny, you wouldn't leave two cold ladies in a bed by themselves would you?" >She bats her eyes as Sunset snickers. >... >You've never had sex with something consentually before... "Fffffuuuucccckkkk I'm to drunk for this." "Ughhhhh" >Unfortunately, you don't get to see what that guy wanted to sell you, bclecause you wake up. >Was prolly some stupid shares or something anyway, you coul- "What the fuck?" >Your bleary eyes open, fuzzy masses of color contrasting with your memory of the sheets. >You reach a hand out to investigate, and it pokes something soft, smooth, and warm. >Rarity yawns, taking your prodding hand and laying it under her cheeks as she rests her head on it. >"Mmmmmm... You're awake now? That's nice." >Oh... How much did you drink last night? >Wait, if that's Rarity... >Sunset stretches, laying her arm over your chest and nuzzling your arm. >"Oooh. That was... something. Morning Rares." >"I thought it was cute. Good morning dear, care to freshen up?" >"Sure." >The girls stand up and walk towards your personal bathroom. >"Oh, should we wait for Anon?" >"Nah... He can chill there if he wants..." >The hell you will! >Yesterday is starting to really come back into focus, and you know you don't want those two alone together. >You fumble up and into the bathroom behind them. >" Well look who decided to join us~ I was afraid we wore you out dearie." >Sunset looks at you with a frown as you run the tap for the large bathtub. >Its jets kick in and get circulating water, and you step in and settle into one of the built in seats. >The girls are quick to imitate, vocalizing their pleasure with the jets. >"So... Can I just say something?" >"What's up Rarity?" >"I've wanted to do that for a long time." >Sunset snickers and you pick your head up. >Sunset keeps shooting you glares when she thinks either you or Rarity aren't looking. >You knew it was a good idea to come, she'd have ruined everything. >Within twenty feet of you too. >From your bedroom you hear the C2 make an alert. "C2, inform me of recent notifications." >A tile in the wall opens and a projector takes its place, emitting a hologram of a white and pale green lady. >The hologram talks with a serious voice, still somehow managing to be singsong. >"Reminder, the girls are in the building, they are currently non the clock." "Locate them please C2." >"Subject: Adagio, first floor, kitchen. Subject: Aria, first floor, living room. Subject: Sonata, second floor, master bedroom." >What? >All three of you turn to look at the door. >At that second, the door knocks. >"Mister Anon? Are you in there? I can't find Miss Rarity, but her car is still here." >"I'm in here sweety, was there something you needed?" >Sonata opens the door, peeking in and squeaking. >A blush finds her face when she sees you and the two girls together in the bathtub. >"A-Are you sta-staying for breakfast m-miss Rarity?" >"No darling, I'll be leaving shortly." >"O-okay. Sunset?" >"Yup. I'm absolutely starving." >She stares at you intensely as she says this. >... >You still don't get her game. >Yesterday she was your nemesis, last night she was your lover, and right now she's acting tsundere as fuck. >It wouldn't be quite as unsettling were it not for the fact that you knew she had it out for your neck. >She wants information from Rarity. >And she's fucking sly as a fox. >You're not done dancing with her, unfortunately the music's sped up. >The fire pops happily in its place, the fall chill beginning to creep into winter frost. >Cold enough that you had the girls ignite the fireplaces, at any rate. >Earlier, about five minutes ago, the dull sound of scratching made up the rest of the noise within the room. >Now though... >"What's the holdup? Thats the first break your pen has gotten all night. I'm starting to think maybe you're dead over there." >Sunset stretches, the couch she's laying on shifting with her weight. "Its not like you actually give a damn, but I've hit a wall." >"Seems to be quite a few of those lying around lately. At least for you." >You need some air, and staying in the same room as your own personal Lilith does nothing to stifle that. >Dropping the pen, you stand and walk into your room from the office. >A little ways away, you hear her rummaging through drawers and cabinets. >You left the novel open, but you're pretty sure she doesn't care about that. "There's nothing in there. I should know, I put it there. Kinda." >"Fuck off. I'm going to figure out where you hid the bodies." "Have you ever stopped to consider the alternative outcomes?" >You open he window door and step out onto the patio, overlooking most of the grounds. >"Psycho plus missing people minus bodies equals serial killer. Two and two equals four every time." >You soak in the sight, gardens to your left, courtyard before you, and main building stretching off to the right. "Not necessarily. Two and two equals five just as well as four." >"So you're insane /and/ psychopathic. This'll be good." >She struts out into the cold night wind, arms crossed and scowling >Then leans on the rail with her butt. >"Do enlighten me, I can't wait to hear this." >You smirk. "Two and two is twenty two, V is the twenty second letter, and the numeral for five. Therefore, to simplify, two and two is five." >Sunset's stare intensifies. >"You are an absolute jackass." "So I'm told. I don't really care though." >You dramatically bring a hand to your chin, acting to be in thought. "You know in hindsight, that might actually exacerbate the problem. Too bad I don't care about that either." >"Yeah well when I blow your ass apart you'll be giving all the damns from.death row." >That reminds you... "Speaking of, why did you cover for me in the archives?" >"I still don't have the evidence." >Oh. >You cock your head. "Something doesn't add up... You accuse me of being a serial killer-" >"And a rapist, kidnapper, sadist, and possibly child molester." "Eugh God no. Anyways, were I really all those things, why do you think it safe to constantly broadcast your movements?" >"Please, every person on the eastern sea board knows knows the safest place is within your field of vision. You'd never let something happen too close to you, unless there was no one else around to figure it out." >You look around. "I don't see anybody near... This is quite the risky dice game you're playing." >"Except its rigged. Your C2s files are being accessed by the police as we speak, they've been in your system since breakfast." >You know, fortunately C2 was smart enough to only show them the grounds. Nothing sensitive was lost. "So then that's why you had to use the phone." >"You didn't expect me to be just some pretty face like Rarity did you?" "No, in fact I didn't. See I've done my homework on you too, Flare." >She scowls even deeper at the mention of her alter ego >"How did you-" "It doesn't matter how I know. What does matter is the fact that two polar giants of the psychological world sit right next to each other." >You take a deep breath. "The world famous vigilante responsible for seventeen convicted serial killers, including the unmasking of the Zodiac Killer." >"And possibly the worlds most prolific serial killer, certainly the most dangerous." >You grin, the air finally taking its toll on Sunset, who rubs her arms to keep them warm. >"Aren't you cold? Shouldn't snakes try to keep as warm as possible?" "Indeed I am cold. To the point normal cold seems warm." >"What the fucks that mean?" "Nothing I'd expect you to understand. Why don't you go back inside?" >Shes shivering, her teeth chattering a little. >"L-like I said asshat, r-r-right next to you." >You peel out of your suit jacket and pass it to her. >She takes it,wrapping it around herself. >"See what I mean? Safest place in the world is by your side. Anywhere else is your little killzone." >You stop a second and marvel at that statement. >Most certainly, half of that sentence is true. >Though you feel humbled by that, rather than having it further inflate your self image. >... >Some clouds cover up the lunar satellite, and you feel a spark of inspiration crack the wall of writers block >Turning on your heel,you return to the study, Sunset right behind you. >You stare at the paper, and metaphorically the crack in the wall. >How can you turn this crack into a division? >You begin toying with plot devices, seeing how they fit with the current makeup of the novel >Eventually, you single out just a hand full, and force each of them to match your needs >Very careful consideration takes place in which you weigh every outcome possible with a single solution, and every outcome not possible to boot. >Settling on one, the crack becomes a fissure. "Just a little more..." >You bring the pen down to the page, finally blasting through the wall. >Suddenly, your C2 makes an alarming sound. >The hologram projector on your desk warms up, and the white and pale green lady appears next to your hand. >"Warning, multiple subjects detected within the interior halls. Locking mechanisms disabled due to protocol 342." >You double take, jumping up and knocking your chair over. >Papers and pens scatter about the floor as you rush to get to the little house. >At least this time you're sober. >Holy shit that's not a good thing, you're fucking hyperventilating. >The vault is one thing but everything you've ever worked towards is in the interior halls. >You have no clue who, or how they knew your real dirt was there, but they'll be bringing lots of guns and men most likely. >The girls need you! >They're exposed... >They're not ready yet. >You sprint as hard as you can, courtyard in sight. >Too late you remember there was glass there, and you slam into the thickened wall pane. >You feel it break your momentum, then collapse and shatter above you. >A swarm of razor sharp crystals rains hell upon you, brutalizing anything it touches. >You continue your sprint despite ruvlets of blood etching rivers across your hands and arms. >Your dress shirt is fucking ribbons. >Above you, from your patio, you hear mad laughter "Fucking Sunset..." >She has something to do with this, but when did she peg you? >The blood slicking your hands makes opening the door via knob impossible. >So you kick it in. "When she got out..." >Fuck you should've kept a closer eye on her. "Adagio! Sonata?! Aria!?!" >Oh no, they're already gone... >FUCK!! >Shitshitshit... >You stop, taking a deep breath and slowing yourself down. >Hard to do when your world is crashing down. >Think Anon. >Rescue mission? >If that's the case theres only two scenarios. >Either they've already been evacuated and its a lost cause... "Or they're in the halls with the invading unit..." >You run to the basement stairs, jumping two at a time. >In your frantic footwork you slip, busting your back and ass on the stairs and tumbling all the way down. >Its getting hard to breathe.... >Must be a rib, you got plenty more. "Hnnnng!" >You stand again and hobble towards the elevator. >The door is open, and the elevator itself is down in the hall. >Damn, you might really be too late to stop it. >As the elevator pulls itself up you wheeze your ass over to the bar, reaching up under it. >You cock and load the big iron underneath, taking a fist full of the 45. bullets to spare. >There's also a flashlight, you scoop it up in your left hand. >The elevator bings, opening to receive you. >Once you stumble in, you notice the blue key still in the slot. >That confirms this being an inside job, those keys belong to two sets and only two sets in the world, and you have the other. "Sunset.... I am going to do so many things to your corpse." >The big doors slides shut, and the panel in the lounge makes a ding. >The doors slide open, and you click he light on, bearing the gun to level. >Your limp is getting worse, causing your stride to be clumsy and loud. >Your breathing is hard, laboured, and wet. >The revolvers weight makes it wobble more than is comfortable. >Adrenaline courses through you, adding to the shakes. >You round a corner, startling the three girls before you. >The gun hangs mere inches from Sonatas stomach. "AGAINST THE WALLS!!!" >You spit blood with your exclamation. >The girls pin themselves to the wall, giving you an open lane of fire. >The massive six shooter erupts, belching fire and light, strobing the hall. >The recoil from the gun makes you shift weight, and something snaps. >You collapse backwards, unable to feel your foot from the ankle down. >The pistol barks off its last two rounds, flinging them upwards. >One sparks, either the ricochet or the shrapnel bucking you in the collar with enough force to break it. >You land in your back with a heavy thud, pain racking throughout your chest. >Its so intense... >Oh god... >Is this how you die? >Weren't you doing the right thing in the end? >Ple... >Please, just. >Let the girls "Let them be okay..." >The white in your vision grays, then blackens. >You... >Feel warm. >Its weird. >Suddenly, that is not your only sense anymore. >Your consciousness flashes, feeding you information. >With a literal flash of light, you open your eyes and hear the world. >You're in your own bed, there's a cast on your leg and chest, and tiny sutures all over you. >You hear talking outside your door, getting closer until it opens. >A large black creole man bounds over to you, talking with a fairly even accent if but he was loud. >"Anonymous, how you get so fuckin fucked up you little man?" "Fuck you that's how" >You hack and cough, your dry throat making speech scratchy. >"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" "I hope not, she's dead." >A female voice floats in. >"I still think you're Norman Bates material." >You chuckle a little, paining your chest. "Hello Saint, Aria. What happened? Where's the others?" >Why aren't you in jail or dead? >"Dagi and Nata are around the grounds. Sunsets in your room. According to her something happened and you went berzerk, smashing glass, kicking in doors, hurting yourself and even brandishing a gun." >Her tone becomes more and more agitated. >She steps forward, her hand shaking a little. "Just so you know, we found what was in that hallway. A corkboard." "No..." >"How many did you kill? And kidnap? And torture? Just for the sake of a book?" "Look-" >Aria cuts you off, tears building in her eyes. >"That was going to be us. You were going to lull us into security, then drag the carpet out from under us. You were going to kill us and worse, then put it all on paper and make money from it." >You're really tired all of a sudden, like her words drained you of all energy. "No. That's not wha-" >"BULLSHIT!!" >She slaps you so hard Saint pulls her back. >Sonata strides in, not hiding her freely falling tears. >She stops at your side, bending down. >Her face nuzzles into yours, smears of tears wetting your faceface, her hot breath tickling the moisture >She whispers into your ear. >"Its okay you wanted to hurt us, cause you didn't. Maybe, if Ary and Dagi let us, we can still be friends. >You maintain a neutral face, mouth twitching slightly. >She stands, walking Aria and Saint out. >Adagio, Sunset, and Rarity are the last to see you. >They stare, just standing there. "Come here." >Adagio walks up to you and spits on your cast, storming out. >Rarity stands there with her hands on her hips, and Sunset has a wide smile on her face. >You finally crack looking at the bitch. "Are you happy? You satisfied? You caught me, and don't even know what you caught." >Sunset takes a step towards you. >"What I caught was the biggest fish of the mellenium." "But you have no clue just how big. If I'm caught I might as well be caught good and hard." >Both girls take a confused look. >"Oh? You mean you did more than what you wrote about?" "Exactly. So before the police show up, you take the silver key from my desk and flip it in the elevator. Go all the way down." >Sunset considers you for a moment, before consenting. >You and Rarity hold a staring match, until she breaks the silence. >"I thought it was two or three. For the sake of literature it was worth it. But Anonymous.... Two hundred and eighty four that we know about. Ironically, bar the main character, that equals the number of every high priority characters in your works. Tell me how that lines up so neatly? And now you tell us there are more. Good God Anon, did you target me at any point?" "No Rares. I swear I never planned to hurt you." >She squints, pursing her lips. >Sunset returns holding a massive file, thunderstruck. >You knew she would be. >Her mouth hangs open, and she tosses the collection of paper and ink onto the bed. >Rarity gets a look at her face, becoming increasingly alarmed. >"Rarity.... The file.... Read it." >Rarity flits through the pages, her eyes widening. "That's why you'll never find any bodies." >Rarity looks up at you, total shock encapsulating her. >"Because there aren't any..." >Sunset cuts in. >"You kidnapped people, then sent them to other countries to live their lives quietly and wealthily. Then you faked their deaths, by writing about all the 'gory details' of your encounter." >"Anonymous.... Why? And why did you never tell me they were actually safe?" >You chuckle. "Theatrical effect is my business Rares. The more people believed I was insane,the more bought my books, the more people I could save from a life of poverty." >"But why homeless people of all the sorry suckers in this world?" "Simple... They're the ones who are easiest to make disappear. That, and I remember what it was like to be homeless." >Rarity scratches her chin. >"Well then... This changes the dynamic of everything now doesn't it?" >"Wait, why would you hide this separate from the corkboard connecting your 'victims'?" "If I were to be caught by the police, my C2 would destroy everything below the interior halls, solidifying my name in history as the world most infamous killer." >"Again though Darling, why? Why take the side of the bad guy in any event?" >You look her in the eye. "Those who see you as a predator fear you, fear is the building blocks of power in this world. Would I had broadcasted my actual activities, I'd have been ignored and trampled over by the community, squashing what I set out to accomplish before it could happen." >Sunset breaks out into manic laughter, rolling around on the floor. >"I spent five years! FIVE YEARS on trying to pin you into the dirt, and it turns out you duped me! Hahahahahaha!!! Oh my gut hurts... I lost sleep over your ass and for what? So it could all blow back up in my face." >She picks herself up and brushes off. >"I owe you a river of apologies Anon... And I'm going to get the Dazzlings, they need to give you a few of their own." >Sunset struts off, snickering to herself still. >Its just you and Rares again... >The girls are all gathered in your room. >At your request, you had the novel you've been building brought to you, and you address the crowd before you. "To reiterate, I wasn't detailing how I was going to torture you girls, I was taking our experiences together and twisting it into a demented alternate reality. Sonata, you remember when I had to pull glass out of your foot? Listen close." Its green, but Anon is still reading aloud. >Sonata sobs in a huddle between your legs, her feet raised into the air by chains >You slap her so hard a tooth knocks loose, and draw a scalpel, brandishing salt in your other hand. >Getting out from over her, you begin to lick her feet, making her squirm and shudder in disgust. >You trace little lines into the pad of her foot,taking extra care with the tows. >Finish off with a good helping of salt, and her screams play music to your ears. >Finally becoming bored, you slit her achillies tendons so she can't escape. epilogue >You sit on the porch of your tropic villa, a rainbowbird perched across from you. >"*squawk* Anon's a faggot." >You smirk, scratching him under his wing in his favorite spot >"Jus kiddin. Sunsets a whore." >You feed the little turd a cracker and turn back to your paper. >A massive banner heads the front page in Spanish. >"Murderous american writer claims final, devastating score before disappearing." >Ah! You've been waiting for this article. >"Famous horror novelist Anonymous' estate was found set ablazeearlier this week, within the ruins was evidence linking him to seven hundred and fourth two murders, some being primary characters in his literature. The famous bestseller is on the run, supposedly being exposed by the people the characters of his last three novels are based upon. Purportedly, Anonymous was in the midst of torturing five women of the Canterlot area when they escaped and sent an alert to the authorities. By the time the american national guard and FBI could respond, however, the long-suspected murderer had torched his residence and left the gory stories of his victims last moments." >You think that's enough, your ego can't possibly feel any better right now. >Rarity comes out of the house, picking up the paper you set down and petting the parrot. >"Sunsets a whore." >"Anon, that's childish." >You look over at her and shrug. "They put you in the paper today." >She looks through it. >Sunset joins you two on the deck, over looking a mountain side covered in coffee and palm trees. >Rarity speaks up, a giggle lacing her voice. >"Five long time friends of the victim Rarity Belle, along with sister Sweetie, host rally to remember their loss. Oh what a load of crap.... The girls are coming down next week to visit. That's okay with you right dear?" "So long as they lay low. Hell, we got the room, they might as well stay." >"Speaking of girls where are the Dazzlings?' >As if on Sunsets cue, the three girls spill outside, eating up the last of the chairs on the porch. >Adagio and Sonata sit together, Aria plops down into your lap. "Easy there killer, I'm still sore all over." >"That's not what you made me believe last night~ or maybe I'm why you're sore...." >She's a fucking freak. >"Aria can you keep your slob off his knob please, all you've been talking about is anon the entire morning." >"You're just jealous I got him to myself last night." >Adagio looks like she's been slapped, a thin trail of crimson under her eyes. >"A-Am not!" "Ladies, calm down man. You need a drink just ask Juan, he's in the kitchen." >Sonata scratches under the birds chin, kissing and doting on it. >"Aren't you adorable?" >"Sunsets a whore!" >Everyone stops, staring at you. >You tip your shadesdown your nose. "What? It wasn't me, swear." >You hold your hands up. >Sunset sighs. >"You can get me to but into that once Anon, and you've already spent it." >The girls on the deck giggle together, and you happily join them. >Life's pretty good... >Afterlife is even better.