Hunter Adagio - by Sal Monela

>You are anon >Adagio flirts with you and you flirt back >She invites you to go have some outdoors fun outside the city >She gives you instructions on how to find the place you are supposed to meet >"No GPS, city boy. You'll be using azimuth. Think of it as a test." she says with a wink >You follow Adagio's instructions and find seven other guys in a clearing "Fucking..." >You wanted to camp with Adagio, not a sausage squad >Hell, Adagio isn't even here >You talk with eachother and compare stories >You were all invited by Adagio in the same manner >"We've been had!" says one of the guys and leaves even though it's starting to get dark >A car arrives some minutes later >Adagio comes out and does a head count >"Someone is missing." >"There was a guy but he left because you stood us up." says one of the guys >"Hmph. I'll find him later. The rest of you. Would you like to have sex with me?" >The guys voice their eagerness and you can almost hear their blood rushing to their dicks >"Good. Take off your clothes." >You all undress for the upcoming gangbang, though most are awkward about getting naked around other men >"Good boys." says Adagio as she inspects your naked bodies >So far she hasn't left her car's side >She reaches inside and pulls out a hunting rifle >"The rules are simple. Survive until morning or overpower me and you will get to have sex with me. If you do anything else, I'll shoot you." >Adagio puts a cigarette in her mouth and lights it up >"You have a cigarette's worth of head start." >"Oh yeah? Why not rush you now?" says a brazen lad >Adagio shoots him square in the chest without a word >*Pow* >The lad falls dead >"Jesus!" >"You killed him!" >"The bitch is crazy!" >"You are two packmates down, which means I'll have more time for the rest of you." says Adagio with feigned indifference >She is annoyed the pack is so dim-witted this time >You all run away >"Finally." >The sticks and rocks littering the wilderness hurt your feet >You follow another guy at first, probably driven by the instict of safety in numbers, then scatter after you think about it rationally >One of the guys trips on a tree root, destroying his toes and landing on his knee >He howls in pain and then begs for help >"No! Wait! Please don't leave me! She is going to kill me!" >You try hard to ignore his pleas. He is dead already and you had nothing to do with it >You do nothing. Instead you run and run for dear life on your hurting feet >A gunshot sounds throughout the wildreness like the toiling of an ominous bell a few minutes later >You did nothing. There's nothing you could had done, or so you keep telling yourself >Adagio sets her sights on her next potential mate >A pale skinnyfat man >She chases him through the woods >The flora scrapes his skin as he runs. Branches hit him in the face >He has no time to be stop. No time to be careful >Adagio is right behind him, taunting him and laughing as she pursues him towards the highway so as to get a good shot >"Run! Run, filthy animal! I can see your pale hide in the dark!" >The man exits through the bushes and into the highway >*Beeeeeep!* >He freezes in front of a car's headlights, wide-eyed and blinded >The car hits him and sends him flying >Adagio stays back among the bushes, lingering enough to make sure the pale guy is dead >A college couple comes out of the car and freaks out >"Oh my god, you killed him!" >"Shutup shutup shutup!" >"Still counts as mine." Adagio thinks to herself as she sneaks away >...... >You stop to rest and listen to your surroundings for the fifth time >Your feet are burning, and not just from the running >You wince as you rub them to clear the debris off >The wetness in your hands means that your feet are bleeding >You curse aloud >You curse the wilderness, you curse, Adagio, you curse yourself >You wish you were gay right now, because none of this would had happened to you "Dammit, dammit, dammit! Oh crap, oh shit!" >Your breakdown is interrupted by a rustling in the bushes >You freeze and the colour of life leaves your face "She has found me!..." you whisper to yourself >You are almost stupified when a non-human head pokes out >It's a mountain lion! >The lion growls at you and emerges fully from the bushes as you take a few steps back >It lowers it's body in preparation for a pounce >This is it. Your life ends here, at the jaws of a carnivore who will gut and maul you to death >*click!* >A bullet seems almost preferable now >Adagio jumps out of the bushes, screaming >She brings the gunstock down on the startled mountain lion's face and then kicks it in the ribs >"Mine! My prey!" she screams at the feline >You dart away with everything you've got while she's busy >Adagio sends the lion packing, but not before it tears the sleeve off of her jacket >"Son of a bitch!" she curses as she clears her jammed rifle >Her jacket is ruined and her prey got away >She tries to sense the area around her and spots a dim campfire >It's a safe bet that if her prey has noticed it, he has gone that way >A few minutes later she is proven right, only instead of you she finds the other guy left >He is frantically trying to explain his situation to a family of campers who are too bewildered to make sense of the naked man's gibbering >"I'm going to get shot! Help! Help me!" >"Get the hell away from them!" commands Adagio as she steps into the clearing >She shoulders her rifle and aims at him >The man yelps and starts to run away >As soon as he gives her a clear shot, she takes it >*Pow!* >The man falls dead >The family's daughter screams and starts crying >"Is everyone okay? Did he hurt you?" asks Adagio with fake concern >She checks the girl for wounds real quick and "explains" the situation to the family >"I'm from the nearby asylum. This man was a dangerous rapist and murderer who escaped during bis admition. He killed a nurse." >She takes the corpse and leaves, pleading with the family to not tell anyone >"Only one man left now." >Adagio follows the trail of bloody footprints as if she can smell it >It leads her to a tree >She looks up and squints >Then she shoulders her rifle and squeezes the trigger one last time >*Bang!* >Nothing drops >With a roar, you jump out from behind the tree and slam into her >Adagio puts a leg back and manages to keep her balance >You grab the rifle with both hands with no coherent thought other than to keep it pointed away from you >Panic and anger cloud your mind. Bewilderment is clear in your wide-open eyes >You try to bend it, you try to push it against Adagio, you try to push it against her throat >She grunts and mostly holds her ground. She is stronger than she looks >Coherent thought catches up with you >You need to push her against something to choke her, genius. Maybe a tree! >You risk a quick glance to your side and see the tree you were hiding behind "Ffffuck youuu!" you hiss with effort as you spin around and smash Adagio against the tree's side >With a sharp yelp of pain, Adagio lets go of the rifle and falls down >That wasn't what you had in mind. It's better >You look at the rifle "How the hell do I reload this thing." you wonder when you see Adagio rising to her feet >She is not happy >You raise the rifle above your head with both hands on the barrel and the pointy part of the stock ready to come down >With a saliva-spraying angry yell, you swing at her >She steps back, each swing missing her narrowly >Now it's her turn to feel fear >She trips and falls down again >Her poof cushioned her fall, but it won't save her from the savage blow from the front >You raise the rifle again "Fuck you! You psycho! You cunt!" >You pant for a couple of seconds and then add "Take off your clothes! Give me your fucking shoes!" >As Adagio undresses, your mind has enough time to conclude that she isn't your size "Put them down. Now back off. Back off! I swear I'll kill you!" >Adagio complies >The pants won't fit you even for a joke, but you take everything and run away >Adagio protests behind you "Shut up! Fuck! Shut up!" >You stop once you've lost her >You wish you knew where she had parked her car, partially to trash it >You force your feet into her boots and wrap her shirt and jacked around your waist like a skirt >Hopefully it'll take her a while to reach you barefoot or reach civilization naked >Crap, the murder weapon has your fingerprints all over it "Fucking thing!" >You smash it against a tree a few times and then dig a hole with your bare hands, even though it hurts your fingers >You bury the gun hoping nobody will find it. Then you walk away in search of civilization >.......... >Days later, Adagio approaches you again >And again and again >Some times she tells you you forgot to collect your prize. Other times she invites you for another "date" >Always smiling in her predatory way that puts you on edge >She moves with a mean grace, like a wolf among clueless sheep >The other guys are always encouraging you to get together with her. What do they know. You can't tell anyone what happened >But Adagio; she scares you. She is walking around freely and continues to do her thing >She is still hunting you, you just know it >It's not safe. It will never be safe and the hunt will continue until one of you is dead The End