[DZG] Sonata's Siren Shenanigans - by Silver_Smoulder

>"Heeeeeey Nonny." "NO! Fuck off- oh godammn it, here come the waterworks." >"Wh-why-why are you so mean to mee-hee-hee?!" >Wow. >That certainly escalated quickly. >Still though, you're not about to feel guilty for it. "Sonata, I would like to point out that just yesterday you sang to me." >"Don't- don't you like our singing, Anon?" "I do and that's the crux of your problem. Your bullshit magic somehow still works on me and me alone." >She perks up and looks at you, all tears gone from her eyes. >Almost in a flash she's pressed up against you, looking up. >"Nope! You're not the only one! So now you don't have to feel bad!" >Seriously. >If you didn't loathe anime smileys, this would be the face you'd be making. >-_-< >Except the mere thought of it makes you cringe in revulsion. >"Aw, what's wrong, Nonny? You like our singing and you're not the only one who's affected by us! So you don't need your headphones." >Your hand immediately shoots to your sweet, expensive, noise-cancelling headphones, and make sure they're still firmly over your ears. "Not what I was upset about. You really don't get it, do you?" >She scoots a bit away from you and starts rocking on her heels. >"Get what, Anon?" "Why I'm upset." >"You're upset?! Aww, let Sonaynay sing you a nice calming song." >You jump away from her. >Luckily you managed to restrain the girlish shriek. >This time. "Nah, you know what, I'm good. Besides, you can't control me just by yourself." >"Duhh. But I was gonna lure you away from everyone else so that Dagi and Aria could sing to you as well. Then you could come home and give us massages again!" >She darts forward to you and grabs you by the [spoiler]hand[/spoiler]. >L-lewd. >"Your fingers are sooooo strong!" >You pull your hand out and glare at her. "See, that! I have a problem with that! I don't like it when you do things against my will! Like, maybe if you just ASKED me, I would be okay with helping you out!" >Man, your voice is getting really high-pitched. >Chill. >You clear your throat and continue. "Yeah." >Smooth, jackass. >Meanwhile, Sonata has been listening to you raptly. >When you finish speaking, she nods firmly, and looks very serious. >"Anon? I would like to ask you, would you mind if we sang to you so you could do these awesome things that you do for us?" >In an involuntary reflexes your palm smacks your face like a hammer. >Son of a bitch! >"Hey Anon, wow, that looked like it hurt? Are you okay? Do you want me to sing at it until it's better?" >Your eyes bulge and you almost - ALMOST - scream. >But you don't, because you're tired of these bitches constantly try to steal your masculinity away. "Sonata, please. I'm really tired and I have a ton of homework. Could you not bother me right now?" >She pouts and sits down next to you. >"Okay Anon. I'll be quiet, I promise." "No- you know what? Fine." >You grab your homework out of the pack and demonstratively place it between yourself and Sonata. >Opening the book, you flip to you calculus assignment - oh what the fuck, COME ON. >You throw a withering glare at Sonata. >"Whaat? I'm just looking." >You keep glaring at her. >She keeps pawing through your stuff. >You press down on your pencil so hard with your thumb that it snaps. >Son of a bitch that hurts too. >Sonata gives you a look again. >"Wow, Anon. You sure like hurting yourself. Are you SURE you're all right?" >Okay. >Remember, murder is NOT an acceptable solution. >You kinda like them for one, and there would be all these inconvenient questions, and then you'd go to prison, and you just don't want to deal with any of it. "Sonata, I want you to focus on the words that I am saying." >She puts your bookbag down, folds her hands on her lap, and looks at you. "What can I do to make you go away?" >She claps excitedly and grabs you by the arm. "Hey, wha- wait, my stuff!" >Holy shit, the girl has a grip like a vice. >She pulls on your arm, but you don't budge. >She pulls again. >And again. >She lets go, and just looks at her. >Fucking hell. >Her lip was quivering and her eyes were filling up with tears. >You sigh and start shuffling after her. >"Yay!" >She grabs you by the hand and starts pulling you towards the cafeteria. >You don't even resist. >Eventually, Sonata pulls you in front of the Taco Stand. >You glare at her, but she instead points to the "Buy 1, get 1 Free: Limit One per Student" sign. >Sighing, you grab your wallet and buy two tacos. >You don't really like Mexican food- >Correction, you don't like what the school calls Mexican food- >And so back in the true mind-control days, Sonata would pig out on tacos. >Now you just let her have hers. >You hand the plate over to her. >She smiles. >And that makes it pretty worth it. >NOT like you like her or anything. >You quirk an eyebrow at her. "Now will you leave me alone?" >"Help me carry this over to the music room?" >She looks around and catches some of the stares people give her. >A lot of them are unfriendly. "...Yeah, okay." >She beams at you again. >Stupid sexy evil fish girl thing and her love for tacos and her stupid singing pretty voice and her stupid sisters... >Grumbling all the way, you make your way to the music room. >She runs ahead and grabs the door for you. >You walk in, carrying the tray, when all of a sudden a foot trips you up. >Falling forward you curse as Sonata darts ahead and pulls the tray out of your hands. >A rougher, more purple hand yanks the headphones off your head. >Ar: "Sup loser. You walked right into our trap." >You push yourself off the floor and look at Sonata. >Tears begin to form in your eyes. >Holy shit, man the fuck up! >Sonata reaches over and ruffles your hair. >S: "It's okay Anon! You'll be happy in a moment! ~Aaaaaah-aaaaaah-aaaaah~" "No goddamn it, fuck off!" >"~Ahhhhh-aaaaaaah-aaaahhh~" "I hate you so much Sonata!" >Adagio and Aria step out into your field of vision as they continue singing. >You hear Sonata crunch into a taco. >Your last coherent thought is a question of how the hell can Sonata sing through a mouth full of taco. >But before you can make the obvious dirty joke or maybe yell at them some more, you lose yourself in their song.