Carnnibal - by Anonymous

>You are anon, Sonata's devotee >Sonata is your light. She warms you and gives you joy >But lately warmth and joy have been absent from your life >You don't know why, but you have angered her >She left you in the dark, bound and isolated >But Sonata is benevolent and forgiving >"I'll be back later" she promised >Later...later... >Time passes peculiarly here in the dark >How long have you been here? >You are starving One day Sonata will return. One day...Sonata will...S-Sonata... >A few days later >Aria opens the basement door and sees a corpse handcuffed to the boiler >"Oh, god damn it. Adagio!" >"What?" >"Com'ere." >Adagio joins Aria by the basement door >"What? Oh, god damn it. Sonata!" >"What?" >Com'ere." >Sonata joins Adagio and Aria >"What." >"You did it again. You brought a pet home and forgot to feed it. Now it's dead." Aria scolds her >"Oh...welllll. That's not mine..." says Sonata and makes a cute face >"Not yours? He has a fucking brand!" protests Aria >"So? Lots of people do nowadays." >"He has your dumbass cutie mark as a tattoo!" >"Me too. So what." >"It says "Property of Sonata Dusk" all over his chest!" >"You wrote my name on your trash to pin the blame on me." >Aria is livid >"Look here, you shit! There are 18+ photos of you and the guy next to the fucking corpse!" >"...These are shooped." >"Are you shitting me?!" >"Dammit, as if we didn't have enough crap to do today." complains Adagio >As part of their "redemption" thing, the girls have offered to throw a little party in the CHS gymnasium, with singing and home-made goods >Adagio orders Aria to take the corpse back and burn it >"Aria, take the corpse back and burn it." >"Why." >"Well it stinks. We can't eat that." >"But why me? It's Sonata's pet." >"Because you like burning shit." >Aria sighs >"True. It's a gift and a curse. C'mon stinky." >Aria hauls the green corpse outside ........ >Little Timmy, the neighbour's child returns home >Not from school, but from the psychiatrist >His parents had to send him after he started saying the weirdest things about the girls next door >He'd swear he has seen them transform into monsters and flying off into the night, chanting and dancing around a circle with a slain goat in it, and he is certain they had something to do with every pet and child who has appeared in a Have You Seen Me poster recently >"Hi mom." >"Hey Timmy. How was your day?" asks Timmy's mom with mild disinterest >The TV commands most of her attention. Oprah is on, giving advice on how to raise happy children >"Doctor Richenstein said I'm suffering from some sort of emotional trauma and making up stories to cope with it. He gave me these pills and said to take one whenever I think I'm seeing things." says Timmy while holding up a neat little cylindrical box of pills >"That's nice dear. Why don't you go play outside?" >"Okay." >Timmy's mother sighs as she looks at her child leaving the room >What are they going to do with him she wonders >Timmy is playing in the back yard when the neighbour's door opens and Aria comes out >She is singing to herself >"I'm the fayastarta. Twisted fayastarta starta starta starta." >Timmy watches as Aria shoves a naked dead guy in a metal basin, marinates him with gasoline and sets him on fire >She notices the little boy and breaks her singing briefly to blow him a kiss >Timmy runs back inside and starts eating pills like Tic Tacs >Anon's corpse burns up conveniently fast and Aria takes the ashes and bones back inside >Meanwhile Adagio has been directing Sonata to prepare stuff for the thing >Aria takes the bones out of the ashes and stores them to dispose of them later. Maybe feed them to the strays that are menacing the homeless downtown >Sonata comes into the room looking for the flour >Between her not caring and being stupid, she mistakes the ashes for flour >"Here's the flour. Okay, I found the flour. Now what?" >"Pour it into the mix and mix it." replies Adagio from another room >She is busy warring with her hair atm >By the time she bullies Aria into helping Sonata, the blue girl has already prepared enough dough to feed a battalion or an american family >The two girls prepare all sorts of goodies with the dough >Pastries, cupcakes, cookies... >They start baking the batches and stare at them through the oven window as they bake >"Hey Sonata, what's the difference between a pizza and a jew?" >"Dunno." >"The pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven!" >"Ha ha haaa...What's a jew?" >Aria shrugs >Some time later >"*Sniff sniff* This stuff smells wrong." >"Yeah. We're not eating it though so who cares." >"We're not? We should had put laxatives in it." >More time later >All three girls are singing "We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn. Burn, motherfucker." in unison >Yet more time later >"Finally, we're done. Okay sluts, pack your stuff." orders Adagio >"Chief slut." mumbles Aria as she leaves the room >The Dazzlings load the boxed goods in a cart and connect it to their ride >A motorcycle with a sidecar on each side >Adagio is riding the motorcycle of course >She won't admit it but the sidecars are doubling as training wheels for her >The girls exit in time to see a couple EMTs rushing Little Timmy to an ambulance >Adagio snorts in disapproval >"This boy will be the death of his parents." >The Dazzlings drive off to CHS >Sonata is having fun feeling her ponytail waving behind her >Aria is bored >She looks around and sees people >An idea pops into her mind >"Sing for us, Adagio." >"What?" asks the Poof, caught off guard >"Sing some. You've developed such a nice voice and I'm bored." >Sonata is confused >"A nice voice? Her?" >"Shut up, Sonata!" snaps Adagio >"Yeah Sonata, shut up. Sing, Adagio." >Angered by Sonata's insolence, Adagio complies >She opens her mouth and lets out a voice that makes babies cry >The Siren Show Intro Theme starts playing >"From the land of seas >To the house of thee >Sirens are coming >No use in running >Taking stuff, taking lives >Using force, using lies." >"But not your virginity!" sniggers Sonata >"Adagio the Leader, with a poof like a tsunami." >Aria says "bitch" as Adagio says "Leader" >"Aria the Brawn, with a pussy sealed like a clam. >Sonata the Hard Candy, with as much brain as plankton." >"Oh, you mean the guy from Spongebob?" >"No. Okay, we're here." >The short version of the intro theme ends >Adagio drives into the fuculty lot and parks >Sunset Shimmer approaches the three girls >"Adagio." she says in a cold voice >"Sunset." replies Adagio in a somewhat upbeat and mocking tone of voice to show that thwarting her plans for world domination and breaking her gem totally didn't get to her even though she has been trying to curse Baconhair with a voodoo doll for a while now >Aria turns to Sonata >"Shepard." >"Wrex." she replies, getting the joke >"Aria." Adagio scolds Aria >"Adagio." says Sunset to draw the poof's attention to whatever she wanted to tell her >"Sunset!" says Sonata and giggles >Adagio grumbles >Pinkie approaches with her phone against her ear >"Kay, I found her. Hey Sunset!" >"Hey Pinkie." >"Hey, are those the Dazzlings? Adagio, Aria and Sonata?" >"Pinkie!" says Sonata who is on niceish terms with her >"Sonata!" says Pinkie >"Wallflower Blush." Wallflower introduces herself but nobody pays her any mind >She walks away, dragging her feet and scribbling a few more names down on a small notebook >Pinkie turns to Aria >"Ummm..." >"Aria." >"Aria!" >"Dammit everyone, shut up SHUT UP!" yells Adagio >Her voice echoes around >The scene changes to a branch where a bird is standing >*Chirp chirp!* >"SHUT UP!" >The bird stops >The scene changes to a man on his knees, proposing to his sweetheart >"Bethany?" >"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" says the girl on the verge of tears of happiness >Will you-" >"SHUT UP!" >The scene changes to Martin Luther King giving his famous speech >"I have a dream!" >"SHUT UP!"