Adagio's Birthday (Completed) - by BG9

>You walk down the street in a state of depression >The day had gone terrible, everyone at school still hated you and Sonata, Aria and Anon were no where to be found nor would they answer their phone >When you went home the door was locked and as luck would have it, you didn't have the key >You walk around the town aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do >That's when a couple of boys showed up >Like everyone else, they hated your guts "Hey poof brain!" >You hated when they called you that >You just look at them silently "We're talking to you, you orange haired freak!" >One of them threw a pebble at you >Just stay calm >Stay calm >They start to make their way towards you and you stand your ground >One of them grabbed your collar "Hey. We're talking to you, you freak." >The boy pushed you down on the hard floor "Answer use when we talk to you." >You finally relented "What do you want?" >You feel a foot connect with your windpipe with force >You cough and spit from the pain "That wasn't very polite now was it? Why don't you talk to us with some respect. Like hello? or how are you?" >You manage to breath long enough to say "Fuck... you." >The two boys start to rain kicks into you "Oh poor mistress Adagio. Too bad she doesn't have her necklace or we could be controlled." >They laughed wildly as you got hurt "Don't even show up at school again you freak" >They both make their exit, leaving you bloodied and bruised >You just lay there for a while, too sore to get up >After of what must have been an hour you get up and start to make your way home >You fiddle with the nob again and to your relief the door was unlocked >When you walk inside you see all the lights off "Anon? Aria? Sonata?" >Fuck it hurt to speak >The kick to your windpipe really hurt "Surprise!" >All of a sudden all the lights turn on and the whole gang is here with a big cake >You had almost forgotten it was your birthday >Quickly their smiles fade when they see you covered in bruises >Sonata looks scared "A-Adagio? Are you ok?" >You notice Sonata has not one, but two house keys on her hip >Your house key >You feel anger rise up within you >Without a word, you storm off and go upstairs to your room, slamming the door >It may have been for good intention, but because they locked you out some kids beat you up >You feel angry tears rise in your eyes >You know you fucked up >You know you made a mistake >But you changed >You were different >Why did everyone hold a grudge for so long? >You hear a knock on the door "U-um. Adagio? It's Anon. Are you alright?" >You wanted to scream and spit fire "Do I look alright to you!? Because or your stupid party throwing I got my ass kicked!" >Tears stream down your face >Anon creaks open the door with Aria and Sonata both next to them >Sonata's eyes widen as she gets a good look at you "S-sister.." >You can see the guilt in her eyes as she clutches your house key "Get! Out!" >You shoo them out and shut the door, locking it >You were so not in the mood for this >You didn't care if it was for your birthday or to crown you as God Emperor of the Universe, they shouldn't have stolen your key >You look out your window and wrap a blanket around yourself >You may have changed, but nobody forgot the old you >All of a sudden your door opens >Anon had picked the lock "What do you want?" >You sniff "I thought I told you to get out" >Anon silently walks and sits next to you handing you a package >You hit it away "I don't want it." >He still doesn't say a word and puts it pack to you "Didn't you hear what I said? I don't want it!" >On pure instinct you ram your hand against him with a loud slap >You have a look of shock "A-Anon... I'm sorry" >He wraps his arm around you "Tell me what happened" >your lip quivers "A-Anon... am I still a monster?" "No." "Then... then.." >hot tears fill your eyes again "Then why does everyone hate me so much!?" >You put your head into him and cry "Why!? Why did they beat me up! Can't they see I've changed!?" >Anon cuddles you "Just let it out." >You bury your head into his chest "I'm sorry for ruining this entire day. I'm such an idiot. You were just trying to make me happy." >Anon rubs your back "I'm sorry. How often has this been happening." >You look up at him with defeated eyes "Every day." >You break down in tears again >Anon sighs "I see... well. I'll take care of it." "Y-you will?" "Yes." "But... that doesn't change the fact that everyone hates me." "Well clearly they don't see you for who you really are. You're a good person Adagio." >You are overcome with the reality of the situation "I haven't changed! I'm still the same monster that I was!" >You cry hard, feeling as a knife has been driven through your heart >Once a monster, always a monster "Adagio calm down. You are not a monster. You're beautiful and kind. There is no excuse to beat you up." "Then why do they still hate me so much? Every hall I walk down, every street I cross I get glares." >Anon stops it abruptly "Come on. Let's get you patched up." >You walk with him to the bathroom to hear more crying >It's Sonata >Anon puts his hand on your shoulder and shuffles you in the bathroom >He then starts to patch you up "Ow! Ouch! Anon quit doing it so-" >You stop as you see his eyes are full of tears "I'm sorry Adagio. I can't believe I thought this was a good idea." >You hug him "It's ok. How about we start this over. Can we have a proper birthday?" >He wipes his face as he finishes bandaging you "Sure Adagio. I'll give you a proper birthday. Wait in your room and we'll make it amazing." >You both hug and walk outside "Good luck Anon. I'll be here." "I will too. If you need anything just call ok?" >You smile softly "I will." >You patiently wait in your room as you hear various sounds of scampering and muttering >You see the present Anon left you still on your bed and decide to open it up >You pull off the wrapping paper and open the container to find a beautiful silver ring with a blue stone in the middle of it >When you moved it back and forth it began to sparkle >You slip it on your finger and instantly knew you were in love with it >You felt awful for getting so mad at them, they were only trying to help >It wasn't as if they could have foreseen you getting beat up >Sonata must feel terrible for having taken your keys >After a while Anon comes and knocks on your door "The party is ready." >You smile and walk downstairs >The house is dark once again and you can only make out vague shapes >The lights flip on and Aria and Sonata both yell surprise out of sync "I told you to do it three you taco eating dork!" "I thought it was after three!" >Aria slaps her face "You're the worst Sonata." "No! You are!" >The was is a large cake and 3 more presents >Hanging on the wall was a banner that read in big red letters 'Happy Birthday Adagio!" >You could tell Sonata had done it as Adagio was spelled wrong >Anon comes up behind you and slips a pointed birthday cap on you "Thanks guys. Sorry for flipping out on you back there." >There was still some tension in the air >They wanted to apologize, but didn't want to kill the mood >Anon breaks the awkward silence "Let's not worry about that now. For now we celebrate. Sonata even wrote a poem for you. Do it Sonata!" >Sonata gets excited and takes out a piece of paper with a big goofy grin on her face "This is for the best big sister in the entire world: Adagio Dazzle!" >There was still some tension in the air >They wanted to apologize, but didn't want to kill the mood >Anon breaks the awkward silence "Let's not worry about that now. For now we celebrate. Sonata even wrote a poem for you. Do it Sonata!" >Sonata gets excited and takes out a piece of paper with a big goofy grin on her face "This is for the best big sister in the entire world: Adagio Dazzle!" >You sit down and watch your sister "I love my sister. She is the best sister in the entire world. She gives me lots of hugs and sometimes cookies when Anon isn't looking." >You giggle "She is really sweet and nice and-" >She blushes really red "That is why I love my big sister. The end." >It was poorly written for sure, but it was the thought that counts >You clap "Thank you Sonata. That was very sweet of you to do that for me." >Sonata jumps in the air "Yay! Let's open your presents!" >Aria sneaks next to you and hands you a wrapped box "Here you go. I chose it special for you." >Her head is down and she's fidgeting >She was so weird about doing nice things for people >You pull the string and open it to reveal a new hair band >This one was rainbow colored with the words #1 sister on it "Awww. Thanks Aria. That was really sweet. I love you." >You made sure to make your voice sound as lovey dovey as possible to see her reaction >And oh was it worth it >She put her head down, her face now completely read with embarrassment >She whispers something inaudible "What was that Aria." "I lo..." >She trailed off again "Sorry?" "I love you too" >You giggle >She was so funny >Sonata was jumping in front of your face "Mine next, mine next!" "Ok, ok. Calm down." >She gives you a bigger box and you open it up >Inside there's a new red dress, covered with sparkles "Do you like it!? Do you, do you!?" >You give her a big hug "Of course I do Sonata. Thank you so much." >Anon looks at the ring on your finger and smiles "I see you opened your gift from me." >You smile back "Yes I did. I love it." "That's a star sapphire. It's supposed to offer protection and awareness as well as always lead the wearer back to her home. Here." >You hug Anon, a few tears in your eyes "Thank you, you big oaf. As if I'd ever forget." >Sonata interrupts the moment with her usual silliness "Can we have cake yet!?" >Both you and Anon look at her "Of course we can Sonata. Lets go. I assume you will be doing the honors Adagio?" "The honors?" "Yes. Of cutting the first slice of cake and blowing out the candles." >You nod and all of you walk to the table >Anon brings out a big white cake with your name etched on it in blue frosting >On top of the cake were four number shaped candles that read 1,092 (is that right? I know Luna was around when they were banished so they all have be at least 1,000. Maybe?) >Sonata nudges you "Make a wish! Make a wish!" >You nod a blow out the candles, trying to make a wish >Tears fill your eyes "A-Adagio? What's wrong?" "N-nothing you goof. It's just I couldn't make a wish." >She looks at you curiously "Why not?" >You reach and hug Sonata "Because everything I could ever want is right here." >Anon joins in on and the hug and Aria hesitantly follows suit "I love you, all of you. Too my amazing family." >You blow out the candles and spend the rest of the night laughing with your family >The ones who were there for you no matter what >The dazzlings and now Anon >Your life couldn't be more perfect FiN