Froyo Dazzles - by Anonymous

>”Adaaaaaaagio I’m full.” >Adagio stares up from her phone to see a plate half full of spaghetti pushed towards the center of the table. >”I can’t eat another bite.” >Sonata leans back in her chair and groans. >Aria doesn’t even look up from her plate as she takes another huge bite of pasta, letting the noodles slurp up into her mouth >“Aria stop that. I’ve told you before that’s gross.” >Aria grunts in response and bites the noodles off, letting a half-eaten strands slide back onto her plate >”Keep that up and I’m going to cut it up for you.” >Adagio turns to Sonata, who’s >“Sonata I made this because you wanted me too, and now you’re not going to finish it?” >Sonata shifts in her seat awkwardly. >”I went out on a lunch date today. He bought me a lot of food.” >”You could have said no. That your sister was making you dinner back home.” >Aria mumbles through chewed food. “Dude’s just trying to get into your pants anyway.” >Sonata childishly pounds the table and pouts at Aria. >”No he’s not! He loves to take me out to eat! He says he likes to watch me eat and and-” >You ever here of the feeding fetish, dumbass?” >Adagio points towards Aria, grabbing the grumps attention. >”Aria don’t talk with your mouth full. I’ve told you before-” >The finger turns towards Sonata. >”-And if you’re not going to finish your food, pack it in a tupperware. I’m not going to let you leave it here to go bad.” >The two exchange glances before turning away. >”Sonata. Tupperware. Now.” >... >After the table was cleared and the dishes were cleaned, the three girls settled onto their plush couch to relax. >Adagio thumbs through a fashion magazine, looking up every once in a while at the cooking show Sonata is glued to. >Aria is splayed out on the opposite end of the couch, scrolling through her phone. >A rare moment for the three where there isn’t some kind of argument going on between them. >... >... >”Adagio?” >Adagio Hmms in response, currently fixated on a magazine article about increasing bust size without surgery. >”Dagi….I’m hungry.” >”You know where your dinner is. Go get it.” >”...I’m not hungry for food food. I want dessert food.” >”Do we have to go over the rule again?” >Countless meals have taught Adagio how to navigate her sister’s table manners and eating habits. >She had lost count how many times Sonata wouldn’t finish her dinner, then turn around and try to weasel her way into some sweets. It had become predictable at this point. >“Daaaaaaaggiiiiiii~” >”Nope I don’t want to hear it. You should have finished your dinner.” >Sonata kicks her feet against the couch. >”But DaaaaaaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiI~” >”Don’t kick the couch, sperg.” >”Hush, Aria. Sonata you need to finish your dinner.” >Sonata crosses her arms and pouts. >”I want froyo.” >”You don’t need frozen yogurt, we just got some the other day.” >First the anger. >”Ya, but that’s not today! When I want it, like, now!” >”You have food in the fridge.” >Sonata’s voice wavers as she whines. “I don’t want spaghetti! I want froyo!” >Aria groans as she fishes headphones out of her pocket and plugs her ears. >”Sonata, stop it. You’re being ridiculous. Either finish your dinner or don’t have anything tonight. That’s that.” >The blue girl puffs her cheeks in anger before letting out a soft grunt in defeat. >Adagio turns her attention back to her magazine, satisfied in victory. >The room turns quiet again, save for the sound of the TV and the muffled sound coming from Aria’s headphones. >”Dagi?” >Adagio suppresses the urge to yell and mutters through gritted teeth “Yes?” >”If I eat half of my pasta, can we go get froyo after?” >Now comes the bargaining. >To the other two, this was a phase that was far more annoying than the whining. >It always ended with Sonata seeing how much she could get away with. >Always the spoiled child. >Adagio wrings her hands on her magazine and collects herself with a deep breath. >”Sonata, just finish your dinner okay? I don’t want to fight with you over eating food.” >”I promise I’ll finish it! Can we pleeeeeease get froyo after? I’ll wash all the dishes for the next week and >”Ugh, You’re already supposed to be doing those to begin with! Besides, I’m tired and I’m sure Aria does not want to drive.” >”Not a part of this.” Aria stands up from her spot and saunters over into the kitchen, removing herself from the conversation. >”Either way, the answer is no. Finish your dinner or don’t, Sonata.” >”But-” >SONATA. NO.” >Sonata’s lip quivers for a moment before she bolts out and turns the corner to the hallway, and Adagio sighs as she hears a sharp slam of a door echo out. >Sonata leaps onto her bed face first and pulls the pillow over her head, letting loose the tears she was previously holding in. >Aria peeks her head out from the kitchen. >”Is it over?” >Adagio turns and glares daggers at her sister. >”You’re no help at all, you know that.” >Aria shrugs “ You’re always telling me to not butt in. So I didn’t.” >”I know that but-ugh nevermind. Just let her pout it out.” >Aria returns to her spot on the couch, and Adagio spots a can of beer in her hand. >”You better not drink tha-” >A sharp hiss interrupts Adagio and before she can say anything else, Aria takes a large gulp while maintaining eye contact. >”You say something?” >Adagio scowls. “You know you shouldn’t be drinking when you have work tomorrow.” >Aria rolls her eyes as she takes another swig. ”Ok, Mommy.” >”I’m serious! You can’t lose that job or it’s going to be harder to get out of this dump!” >”Would you just chill? Is it illegal to have a beer when I want?” >Adagio furrows her brows. ”No, but you never have just one Aria. You KNOW that.” >”Yeah well-” She pauses to take another drink, letting a belch roll out before finishing “-sue me.” >”UGH! You two are impossible! It’s like dealing with ACTUAL children!” >”Might as well take us out to get ice cream then.” >Adagio grabs a pillow from between the two and tosses it towards Aria. >”Hey!” Aria extends her beer out of danger as the pillow careens past her head. “Watch it!” >Another pillow finds its mark as it smacks Aria >”I don’t NEED this infantile shit from you as well! I’m already having to act like I’m Sonata’s mother and I don’t need you mouthing off to me.” >”Oh yeah??” Aria chugs down the rest of her beer before crumpling the can and throwing it down to the floor. “Who needed you to be our mother? HUH?? I don’t remember asking YOU to nag me the moment I set foot home!” >Adagio jumps up from her seat. “You didn’t ask me to, but I have to anyway, because neither you-” She jabs a finger at Aria “-or Sonata can seem to grasp the simple concept of acting like functioning adults!” >”OH Give me a break, damnit! I work 10 hour days at a video game store, having to act all nice and friendly to disgusting and sweaty cretins who hit on me!” >”Ooooh poor you.” Adagio snidely remarks. “I get to come back home from MY job and work my second job of having to look after you two AND this place! It’s been like this EVER since we got exiled from Equestria, having to baby you two!” >Aria waves Adagio off as she starts to walk off towards the kitchen. >”Like I said, no one ever asked you to do it.” >Adagio grabs Aria by the arm and wrenches her back, staring her down. >”I DO it because if I don’t, then this place will become a dump, you two will eat out every single day and leave us with empty pockets!” >Aria returns the glare as she jerks her arm from Adagios grasp. “There you go treating us like children again.” >”UUUGGGH Because you ACT like children the second you come home!” >Aria steps in closer to Adagio, getting right into her face while raising her voice. >”Because when I’m home, I don’t have to think about how shit everything is! I should get to come home, enjoy a beer and dinner with you two, and not have to worry about how shit everything is!” >”WH-Don’t I get to do that too?!?!? No!! Because neither of you help me around here, and all I want is to have one thing go right in this hellscape of disgusting creatures!” >Aria softens her demeanor as she starts to notice Adagios mascara run heavily down her face. >”This place is t-the only place I feel like I matter, and it fucking SUCKS because it comes with having to DO EVERYTHING around here! We’re supposed to be SISTERS a-an-an-” >”Adagio Adagio, calm down okay?” >”NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! You two NEVER understood how hard it’s been for me, having to sort out the shit YOU two create, when I want us to be a TEAM! To be SISTERS! And all I get i-is attitude an-” >”-Dagi?” >Aria and Adagio turn to see Sonata peeking out from the corner of the hallway. >She’s draped her heavy blanket around her shoulders, using it to her cheeks streaked with tears. >Sonata wipes her nose and hiccups. “I-I’m sorry...I wanna finish my dinner now, if I-I still can.” >The three sisters remain silent for a moment, staring at each other in an uncomfortable silence. >Finally, Adagio breaks the silence with a sniffle, before gesturing for a hug. >”I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten mad. It just gets overwhelming sometimes.” >Sonata is the first to join the embrace, nuzzling into the bright orange poof of Adagios hair. >”I’m really sorry for being so, like...I” >Aria stares at the floor in guilt as she shuffles over into the other open arm, grumbling “Guess I’m sorry for not doing enough here, or something.” >”All we have now is each other, and if we want to survive now, we can’t let anything separate us.” >Adagio squeezes the two closer, relishing the feeling of the embrace being returned in kind. >”Go finish your dinner and we’ll go Sonata.” >”FOR RE-” >”Yes. Now go eat.” >... >”I’m gonna get one with strawberry and and mango and chocolate and lots of coconut sprinkles and those little peanut butter cups!” >”Sonata you’re not getting a large like the last times. You don’t sleep at all and complain about your stomach hurting all night.” >”I just can’t help myself! I see all the flavors and toppings and, like, they just make me wanna try ‘em all!” >”Again, that usually doesn’t end well for you. Most of your yogurts are super wierd anyway.” >”They do not!” >”C’mon, remember raspberry cheesecake and pistachio, with mochi, oats and gummy worms?” >”Don’t forget Oatmeal cookie and pineapple with every single topping.” >Aria fakes a retch as Sonata crosses her arms. >”Well fine then! But I’m still having it how I want it!” >”Fine, then I don’t want to hear you complaining till 4 in the morning.” >”Fine!” >”And brush your teeth longer! I don’t want to pay for ANOTHER cavity, Sonata. >Sonata utters a long drawn out moan as Adagio turns the car into the lot of a strip mall. >At this time of night, most of the business here has closed for the day, save for starbucks at one end and a bar at the other. >The destination, called Brain Freeze, sat in the middle of it. Several groups of people occupied the tables outside, and a small line visible from the large glass front. >Once inside, Sonata makes a hasty beeline for the shelf of various cups that will be used to contain her horrid concoction. >”What’re you guys getting?” >”Tired.” Aria yawns. “Give me the small one.” >”Me too, please.” >”You guys are no fun.” Sonata puts as she hands her sisters the smaller cups, saving a larger one for herself. >”I’m going to watch you brush your teeth tonight, Sonata.” >Sonata blows a raspberry as she skips over to the various yogurt machines with a handful of small sample cups. >One by one, Sonata fills up the small cups and delicately tastes from each one, as if she was tasting a wine from some esteemed vineyard. >She sips from the small paper cup, rolling the flavor around on her tongue before swallowing. >After what seemed to be a very long consideration, Sonata finally decided to pile her cup high with strawberry and mango yogurt and sets it aside. >”Alright girls, gimme your cups. I know EXACTLY what to get ya!” >The two sisters exchange worried glances before handing the third their empty paper cups. >Sonata skips back over to the machines and stands in front of the title cards over eac machine so the two can’t tell what she’s getting them. >She comes back and hands Aria a cup of peanut butter chocolate and cheesecake, Adagio a swirl of mango and pineapple. >”That’s...not a bad choice.” >”Yeah, I didn’t even know I wanted this flavor. Thanks, I guess?” >Sonata bounces gleefully in response. “I knew you guys would like it! You just gotta trust me more!” >Before they can respond, Sonata bounds away towards the toppings bar, while Adagio and Aria follow. >While Adagio and Aria spend little to no time selecting their toppings, Sonata seems to immerse herself in the colorful confectionery before her. >She holds up her monumental pile of yogurt next to each treat, judging how well it will look >Sonata had tried to do taste testing before, but an angry manager and threats of police stopped that quickly. >Aria leans over to Adagio and whispers “She puts more thought into her food than she does her entire day.” >Her comment manages to elicit a smirk and eyeroll from Adagio. >”Go wait by the cashier.” Adagio walks through the small crowd towards Sonata, who appears to be choosing between strawberries and blueberries. >Several people are shuffling past Sonata, grumbling and staring at her while others decide to wait a little longer. >Sonata is completely absorbed in her little world of colorful treats and toppings, her eyes darting back and forth between the two bins of berries. >”Sonata.” Adagio rests her hand on the blue girl. “Make a choice.” >”It’s super hard though! Do I go for the really sweet and colorful strawberries or the kinda sour blueberries? I can’t choose!” >”Sonata. Make a choice. You’re making other people impatient.” >She looks to her right to see a line of about 10 people, anxiously waiting for her to come to a decision. >Sonata bashfully waves at the group, before she quickly takes a scoop of blueberries and sets her cup on the scale with the others. >The cashier stares lazily at the register before pressing a couple of buttons, and tilting the screen towards Adagio. >”That’ll be 21.37, please.” >Adagio recoils as if the bored cashier just sprouted tentacles. “That’s-wh-how??” >As the words leave her mouth, she stares down at the scale and at the cause of the simply outrageous price. >Sonata’s cup seems to sit in a precarious balance of yogurt, fruit and candy that looks like it could collapse at the slightest unnecessary movement. >The tip of the frozen dairy treat seems to stick up several inches from the brim of the cup, every inch covered with some form of topping. >And a cherry on top. >Sonata giggles sheepishly before stepping in. “I maybe got a lil teensy weensy carried away, Dagi. Heh heh. Sorry..” >Adagio groans as she pulls out her wallet.