Momata's Milk (Sonata Dusk + Teen anon) - by Anonymous

>Be anon, 16 >Attending Canterlot high >Unfortunately a time that was often filled with rejoice for others was filled with dread for me >End of the school day >There I stood, behind the large glass doors leading to the front of the school, watching all the massive groups of students walking off or standing around with friends waiting for the buses >And there it stood, a purple car with a blue skinned milf at the wheel contently patting her thighs to the sound of fucking terrible rap music >My mother, Sonata Dusk >I can't go out there man, not while there's that many students within eye shot and ear shot >Thankful she seems more than content to listen to M.C. Snips and D.Z. Snazzy Snails, the music industry really has hit rock bottom >But then she stops and looks around a bit >Shitshitshit >She pulls out her cell phone >Shitshitshitshit >Punching in the number >Pls god, no >And finally my own cell phone starts to ring "Hello" >"Nonny, where are you? I'm waiting outside of the school." >Fuck you god, ya cunt "I... Had to ask my teacher something, I'll be right out." >Wait, what? No! Why did I say that. >"Okay Nonny" >Shit, now I had to go >There's so many students within sight >The buses must be running late >My heart sinks with ever step that brings me closer to the car and the woman sitting inside it >Well, there was the car and there was the door handle, nothing left to do but get it over with as fast as I could >I pulled on the handle >Suddenly an earsplitting eruption of horrible free form rap forced the car door open with so much force the thing was almost torn right off >Every student in the area turned to see me struggling against the catastrophically loud music like it was a fucking hurricane >By some miracle I managed to sit myself down and slam the door shut, quickly turning the music down >"Hey! I was listening to that Nonny!" >Mom pretends to be mad, only for her face to almost instantly soften up >Here we go, in 3... 2... 1... >Like fucking clockwork mom quickly leans over and gives me an uncomfortably long kiss on the cheek >The awkwardness turning to full spaghetti dropping embarrassment as what felt like thousands of students all watched the scene, snickering and whispering to each other >Finally she stops pretending she's a remora and lets go of my face with a wet pop >Thankful the second she was done she began to drive instead of hang around, the sooner I could be out of sight of those students, the better >"So, how was school?" "Fine" >"What do you want for dinner" "Doesn't matter" >"...Nonny, are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong." "How about sucking my face in front of the whole school! Why can't I just take the bus like a normal person?" >"No way Nonny! I didn't spend sixteen years raising you just to give you up to those sleazy bus drivers, do you know how dangerous buses are?" "What danger?! There's gotta like fifty students on each bus and there's a bus stop like two minutes from our house!" >Mom rolled her eyes during the explanation, turning to face me when I was finished >"Sounds like someone is a little grumpy, you know what you need?..." >No, oh god not again! "M-mom, please, we're on the road..." >"A hug!" >Mom quickly stretched from her seat towards me, grabbing me so tightly I could actually hear my back pop >Of course this meant she had no hands on the wheel and wasn't even watching the road >Reaching past her to grab the wheel was the only way I could have stopped us from slamming right into a truck >With every swerve of the car my tears intensified >Finally mom pulled away and went back to steering >"Feel better Nonny?" "I think I just had two consecutive heart attacks!" >Well, home sweet home >"Go wash up Nonny, I'll get your dinner ready." >I walked upstairs to the bathroom and began to run the shower >Damn thing always takes way too long to heat up >I just want to clean up and go eat already >I was starving, that Midnight Guard asshole robbed me of my lunch money again >Well, that was past me, shower finally warmed up >The warm water felt damn good, funny thing is despite how much I wanted to get it over with before I got in I was more then content to stand around doing fuck all when I was actually in >Though a noise emitting stomach is always enough to catch ones attention no matter how comfortable they are >I quickly finished up and spent another ten minutes standing around doing fuck all, this time with a towel wrapped around my shoulders >Finally I dried off and put my clothes back on >I walked down to the kitchen looking for mom, no sign of her anywhere down here "Mom?" >"Upstairs Nonny!" >Why was she upstairs? I thought she was getting dinner ready >I walked over to her room and knocked on the door >"Come in, the door's unlocked." >Opening the door revealed mom sitting up in her bed, headphones on and probably listening to more of that bad rap music >She also happened to be wearing nothing from the waist up >"Oh, there you are Nonny, sure took your sweet time." >She patted her stomach, indicating I should climb on >Her big blue nipples already leaking a few drips of milk "You know, it be nice to eat an actual dinner like a normal person right after school" >She raised her eyebrow >"For realisies? Well I guess if you don't want any..." >She began reaching for her shirt "Wait!" >God fucking dammit, I wanted to be a normal person >But those beautiful milky nips and big full tits just begged to be sucked >Why the fuck couldn't she have just weaned me when I was a baby? >Oh right, because 'no son of mine is going to drink that yucky cow milk' >God dammit >I climbed onto the bed and crawled over to her >I tried to keep my own body relatively far from hers to keep it as impersonal as sucking your mothers tit could possibly be >But of course mom wasn't going to have any of that, the second I was in arms reach her hands shot forward and pulled me tightly against her warm, soft body, my face pressing right into her breast >My body lightly rising and falling as it lay against her stomach and she took in slow breaths, headphones and music off >No distractions, she liked to keep this as intimate as she could >"Well, what are you waiting for Nonny?" >No matter how hard I wanted to fight it the first lick always set me off >The tiny amount of sweet milk mixing with the light salty taste of her skin was just heavenly >Without anymore hesitation I wrapped my lips around her beautiful nipple >No suck at first, I just wanted a little bit of time to admire the feeling of it >It's as if the thing was built for sucking... Well technically it was I guess. >About an inch in length and just under and inch in diameter, a bit big for an infant but perfect for a teenage boy >Once again my stomach reminded me that it hadn't eaten since breakfast >I began sucking away at the dark blue flesh >And was instantly awarded with tiny jets of the sweetest cream you'd ever taste hitting my tongue >"There you go Nonny..." >with every rhythmic suck more and more of it filled my mouth >My only regret was that I occasionally had to stop to swallow the build up >But those were short pauses and soon my mouth filled up once again >My other hand messaging her other breast and getting it nice and relaxed for its turn, not so hard though that any milk might accidentally be force out, I didn't want to waste a single drop >"That's right, drink all of mommies milk" >Mom was also working her hands, her small delicate fingers running through my hair and across my back, massaging out every kink >The whole time softly whispering encouragements >It was way too easy to drift off like this, or for things to sneak up on you... >By the time I'd realized my penis getting erect it was too late to do anything about it >The thing was pressing into moms leg pretty hard, no way in hell she didn't notice it >"Feels like someone got a little excited" >Yep, she noticed >"You know the rule Nonny, no playtime until after dinner." >Well at least her current breast was pretty much done >With one last big suck I lift my head until the breast finally let go with a wet pop, rewarding me with a nice little moan from mom >God damn my mouth felt empty now >Without a single moment of hesitation I quickly latched onto her dry unused nipple and went right back to my rhythmic suckling >"Weren't you being a grump about sucking earlier? What happened Nonny?" >Her hands began to reach further down my back and down to my sides >Eventually they found their way to my stomach, finally stopping right at my belt buckle >Shit, I couldn't take this much longer, her cream was delicious but my crotch was begging for her >He thick motherly hips and breasts, her flat smooth stomach >The second my belt came undone I swallowed whatever I had in my mouth and got off her, quickly getting to work to take off my clothes >"Nonny, what did I say about 'no play time until you've finished your dinmuhfhua-'!" >She never got time to finish her sentence, the moment my shirt was off I was on top of her, shoving my tongue into her mouth and letting her taste the delicious residue she'd left behind >I was only in the dominating position for so long though, the moment she got her wits about her she grabbed me and roll on top of me >She stood up on her knee's, giving a wonderful view of her perfect body >A wet spot had already developed on her crotch and quickly she pulled off her skirt and panties, revealing the dark blue folds beneath >She crawled back and brought her face right down to my crotch, hands pulling down my pants painfully slow >"Nonny, you're so impatient! Maybe mommy shouldn't let you have playtime after all." "Mom, please" >I could feel my dick on the band, one more little tug and it would come springing out >"What was that Nonny?" "M-mom please, I need to get off." >Her hands weren't moving at all, she just stared up at me with a mischievous smile >"Off? Off of what? Stop being silly Nonny" >Fine, she wanted me to play her game, then I'll play "I want to play with mommy" >"But you didn't finish your dinner, but I guess..." >She move the pants down just one more inch >My penis came spring out, forcing a strand of pre-cum to slap mom- mommy right in the face >She didn't seem to mind much, dragging her finger across the sticky substance and putting it in her mouth >"What's this Nonny? Are you hiding candy from mommy?" >"What did I tell you about always sharing with mommy! Well if you're gonna be so selfish then I'm gonna take it and have it all to myself!" >Her lips went down and gave the head a few quick licks like it was a lollypop it before engulfing the whole bulb >Just that sensation alone could send me over the top if I didn't brace myself >Those soft lips >That warm tongue worming its way around the head and adding her saliva to the pre-cum >Even the feeling of her teeth lightly contacting the tender flesh every now and again >It didn't last long though, she knew I couldn't hold out very long to this kind of "play" >She let go of the head, a strand of saliva and pre-cum mix between my cock and her tongue >Staring up at me with those amethyst eyes she crawled forward, making sure as much of her body as she could manage contacted mine as she came up to face me >She gave me a quick peck on the lips before raising herself on her knees again and lining up my tip with her folds, the feeling of the tender meat rubbing against my own tensing my whole body up >"So Nonny, ready to play with mommy?" >All I could do was weakly nod >Her hips slowly came down, letting me enjoy every single inch of her >It took every ounce of willpower I had to not blow my load into her right then and there >With ease she managed to get herself all the way down >She raised herself up, climbing almost the entire shaft up to the tip before coming down again a bit faster >Her rhythm gained in speed and force every time >Before long she was truly 'riding' me, slamming her hips up and down as fast as her thick, strong thighs would allow >Tongue out, eyes back, and tits bouncing >Those glorious milk giving tits >I quickly leaned myself up and brought my face right into her tit, missing a few times but eventually getting her nipple firmly in my mouth >The milk began to flow again and I was thankful I never finished it off before >The pleasure of her tight hot entrance, the taste of her sweet milk >There is nothing in the world more heavenly then fucking your own mother >It was too much, I could feel the pressure building up, my balls tightening and my body tensing up >Finally, I reached my limit >I shot rope after rope of cum deep inside of her, her fingers digging into my back as she slammed herself down hard and began trembling on my rod, releasing femcum all over the shaft as her muscle milked every shot of cum they could squeeze out >The climax ended and we both fell into each others grips, exhausted >We just lay there for a few minutes >Nothing but the sound of our heavy breathing as we held each other tightly >Eventually a bit of our strength returned >"So Nonny, still want to be a 'normal person'?" >I wanted to say something witty, but I'm not a clever man >Instead I just tried to look away from her (not easy to do when you're face to face cuddling) >Mom just gave a giggle and gave me an Eskimo kiss before shoving my face below her chin and gripped me even tighter >"I love you Nonny" "I love you too mom" >She was right, being normal would be shit >This was absolutely bliss >"Oh, Nonny, I forgot to tell you, you're staying with Aria tomorrow" >Wait, what?! "No! Not auntie Aria! Last time she chained me up in her basement and spat in my mouth!" >"She just has a weird way of showing her love Nonny, you know your auntie loves you." "Love doesn't involve dripping hot wax on your nephews back while telling him that you're his property! Shouldn't you be against this?" >"Nope, sisters share everything Nonny" >She gave me a quick peck on the lips and went right back to cuddling Fin