Teach a Boy to Be a Man - by BG9

>Be Anon >You're just starting your Sophomore year of high school >Things are going peachy >You're getting good grades, the teachers like you >You're even catching the eyes of a few girls >Turns out some girls liked your autism >You go home one day and tell your mother, Adagio about it "And she started talking to me and before you know it, we're going to go the movies this weekend!" >You look towards your mom and she seems increasingly uneasy >You thought she'd be more excited >Her sperglord son was actually going to get some "Mom? Is everything alright?" >She snaps out of it >"Yeah, yeah whatever." >She storms off to her room >What was that about? >Maybe it was just a bad day at work or something >You walk up to your room and start texting your new love interest >She was just outright adorable >You keep texting her but get a strange feeling >No, not in your pants. Get your head out of the gutter perv >You turn behind you and see a eye peaking through the crack in your door >Adagio's! "Mom?" >You hear some hurried footsteps away from your room >She was acting so strange right now >You open your door and follow her down to her room >She was clearly trying to act like she was busy doing something "Mom? Why were you spying on me?" >"S-spying? I have no idea what you're talking about. I was just in here um... uh... reading this book!" >You look at her skeptically "Everything you ever wanted to know about boating part 1?" >"Y-yep!" >Sweatingfishnoises.png >"And if you'd be so kind, I'd like to get back to it." "Fine, whatever." >You walk back to your room and make sure to lock the door >You didn't know what was up with your mom, but hopefully it would be over by tomorrow >You get a text back from your qt 3.14 >"Well I'm going to bed. Everything ok?" >You text back "Yeah, my mom is just acting a little weird is all." >"That's just a thing moms do. They get nervous when their son's start talking to girls." >You gut butterflies in your stomach from hearing that >So steamy >You put down the phone and go to sleep, getting plenty of rest for your next day >The next day went about as normal as to be expected, your little girly friend getting even closer than before >And it was almost the weekend too >Your mom had be anxiously wondering around the house when you got home >You had enough >You had to figure out what was going on with her "Mom?" >She just keeps pacing "Mom." >More pacing "Mom!" >She snaps out of it >"O-oh sweetie. You're home." >Strange >She hadn't called you sweetie since you were a little guy >4u "What's going on? Why are you acting so weird?" >"W-weird? Whatever do you mean?" "Weird. You're spying on me in my room, you're pacing the house like there's an impending apocalypse, you're stuttering all the time like you're nervous, what's going on?" >she sighs >"Come upstairs sweetie. We need to have a little talk." >Oh god >It was the dreaded talk >The talk feared by every prepubescent boy around the world >The birds and the bees >No wonder she was so anxious >You follow her up to her room and both sit on the bed >Adagio gets right up next to you and lays her arm on you, pausing for a moment >The suspense was killing you >"Ok sweetie. You see... when a boy and a girl love each other very much..." >She pauses again but gets visibly calmer "Mom are you al-" >You are interrupted by Adagio planting a firm kiss on your lips >You break "M-mom! What the hell are you doing?" >"Sweetie, this is a very hard concept to understand. That's why I feel you should have see it first hand. Why do it with some weird girl whom you've never met and is a complete amateur? It's better taught with someone you trust." >You feel your heart drop into your stomach >She was implying she was going to fuck you "M-mom. This is a joke right? C-come on. Stop fooling around." >She gets a smile full of lust and pins you to the bed, licking her lips as if she was an animal about to eat her captured prey >"Oh we're going to be doing plenty of fooling around sweet pea." "T-this is illegal. I'm only 15." >She puts her lips next to your ears and whispers very softly >"Sweetie I'm your mother. I'm entitled to your virginity, it's mine. And it's my responsibility to teach you how to be a good lover. That way when you meet the girl of your dreams, you will now exactly what to press and how to touch. Don't worry. I'll be gentle." >You felt fear coursing through your body, but at the same time you wanted her >"Now the first lesson is foreplay. Watch closely." >Adagio locks lips with you once again and begins to make out, using plenty of tongue >You tongue tried to fight her advances but it was not match for hers >She runs one of her hands down your chest, making circles before making it down to your waistband >She playfully teases you, snapping the rim of your boxers every so often >You didn't want it, but you were getting a massive hard on from it >She breaks from the kiss, breathing heavily >"Now it's your turn. I want to see how you would foreplay a girl." >Would you do it? >Could you do it? >Her chest was just begging to be squeezed tenderly and her hips beckoned you >You couldn't resist >You kiss her neck, the same way you watched it being done in porn >"Mmmm~ that's a good boy. A little further back on my neck." >She runs her hand through your hair, smiling warmly at you >You try and pinch her nipple >"Ouch! Not so hard. I'm sensitive right there." >You do it a little lighter this time and it works like a charm >After a while of this she pushes you back down >"Alright, now for the second lesson. The main course." >She starts to take down your pants and underwear >Just as your iron rod is about to show, your pull up on your underwear, preventing your shame from being exposed >Adagio has a pouty face >"D'aww. What's a matter pumpkin? You getting a little shy? It's alright. It's nothing I haven't seen before. In fact I've seen your penis plenty of times. I did raise you since you were a baby you know." >You face goes bright red at that comment >She just said it so casually, as she were telling the time of day >"You were always such a big boy for your age. I can't wait to see how much you've grown since then." >After a little bit you let go of your boxers and let Adagio see her hard earned prize >"Oh my. You're a big boy aren't you?" >Your face was so red it was practically lighting up the room >You look away nervously >"Now it's time for me to claim my reward for being such a good mama. But first~" >She unzips her jack and takes of her shirt, her breasts sitting beautifully in her green lace bra >"I need a little help undoing my bra. Do you mind?" >You sit up, your pants sitting just below your waist and your schlong bouncing about >You hug her and start to fiddle with her bra >How the heck do girls work these stupid things? >"Just be patient and undo the latches." >You fiddle a little more and finally get it undone >Her breasts were magnificent >Not too big, not too small, very perk for someone her age and softer than pillows >"You like what you see?" >You just nod >"Good. Now I want you to masturbate for me. I might was well see if you have the proper form for that too." >You sit back, your mind and reason completely taken over by lust and start rubbing >She sighs >"I can't believe I raised a boy so negligent. Do you want to get a rash? Here." >She pulls some lotion out of the drawer and slathers it all over your dick and balls >Her hand was so gentle, so warm >Truly a mother's touch >"Do you want to chafe? Because that's how you chafe. Now you can keep going." >You do as instructed, pumping your cock to your mother's tits >She smiles, loving the attention >You fap and fap but just couldn't get to that climax >Maybe it was nervousness, maybe it was the fact that this was still your mom >"What's the matter sweetie? Need some help?" >You nod shyly >She gets behind you, your butt on her lap and her arms draped over your shoulders >You could feel her hot, nervous breath on your neck >"Now the key to masturbation is good form and technique." >She grabs your shaft in her hand >"Make sure your grip is firm, but not too tight." >She starts to move her hand up and down slowly >"Start slowly at first. You want to savor every minute of it." >She keeps going, slowly gaining speed >"Now when you're at mid speed, you can also sometimes grip your balls like so." >She grabs your sack in her hand, gently fondling it >"You want to be extra gentle with these. They're very fragile. But they need love just the same." >You starts moving her hand faster, a satisfying schlick with each motion >But even she couldn't milk your balls >"Poor guy. You have some serious stage fright. Not to worry. Mommy has some remedies for that." >She gently pushes you on your stomach and your shock, sticks her finger up your butt "H-hey! That's an exit only!" >"Oh just you wait babe. You're about to get the best orgasm of your life." >She wiggles her finger around in your butt for a while >It felt so weird, like a little worm trying to find it's way >You just hoped you were empty and she didn't come across any other "house guests" >Finally she finds it >The holy gland >The prostate >Just one touch and you were already getting jitters of pleasure >She giggles >"ohhh~ I've got a sensitive boy don't I?" >She reaches around and starts to rub your shaft again >You didn't even last a minute >You came with the force of ten thousand suns >Your entire body shook like an earth quake and you released enough semen to fill a small pool >Adagio had gotten your baby batter all over her hands >She smiles and starts licking it up >"Mmmm~ tastes delicious." >You fall to on the bed, completely spent >"What's the matter baby? Are you spent? Well this just won't do. It's rude to leave a girl out like this. Here. I've got something that will help." >She puts a pill in your mouth and makes you swallow >It was amazing >In mere minutes you got completely recharged and hornier than ever >"Now it's time for mommy to get some enjoyment." >She lays down on the bed, her legs spread out wide >"Now show me how you please a woman." >You smile like a child in a candy story and start to gently massage her breasts >Her hand drifts down to her pants, now soaking wet, and she starts to rub herself >"You're such a good boy you know that?" >You move down her belly and undo her belt buckle >This was the first time you'd ever be seeing a vagina in person >You pull her pants down and gaze upon her cute pink panties covered in red hearts >Your mom always had a tacky sense of style >Her panties were completely soaked >It was a like a stream of girlcum >You press your face into her wet undies and take a big wiff >She giggles >"My, my, my. I never thought my son was such a pervert." >Finally you are ready to see the holy grail >You pull back her panties and look at her mound, covered in juice >It was beautiful >No wonder so many boys wanted this >You give her lips a big kiss, drinking her juice along with it >It tasted so sweet >With enough juice in your mouth your come back up and kiss her, flooding her mouth with her own girlcum >She smiles and drinks it like a champ >"You are quite the perv you know that? But that's just the way I like it." >You don't waste anymore time and get back to work >You start to lick her insides, feeling every movement of her walls as they release and contract >She begins to moan with pleasure >Your tongue just barely brushes against her clit, sending her into a frenzy