Dazzle Mommies ch3: Droplets - by HypeAholic

>Be Aria Blaze >Or "Mommy" Aria you suppose >And you were worried about your son, Anon >For the past couple of weeks he's been coming home from school with this sad look on his face >He's coming through the front door now in fact >He looks sad, Adagio was just behind him and can't see his face >He always perks up when he sees Sonata or when Adagio is looking though >You constantly feel like you should ask him if he wants to talk, but you also feel like it isn't really your place >Sonata or Adagio should handle it >He'll come to you if he needs to >You hope >Be Kid Anon >It's been a few months since you've started school >You liked it for the most part, you teacher was very nice, and she taught you cool stuff! >But you also had a problem with it >A boy named Butch has been a big meanie to you, especially recently >Today he spat in your lunch while you were eating by the playground >Mommy Sonata made you your favorite sandwich today too... >It's nice to be home though >You walk to your room as soon as you walk through the front door, like you do everyday >You were just quietly laying in your bed, thinking >You want to talk to one of your moms... But they might over react... >Mommy Sonata would flip, and Adagio would tell you to man up or something... >You need someone who won't freak out.... >But who? >Later that night >Be Motherly Figure Aria >You've just had dinner with everyone, and you've retired to your room to read >You were laying in your bed reading one of your favorite novels, Swords and Shields >It was a series written by some short explorer, it was an outrageously good romantic novel >But a knock at your door has taken your attention away from your book >"Mommy Aria..?" >Huh, it was Anon >You put your book down on your nightstand "Come in" >He cracks open the door and shuffles inside the room >He has his hands behind his back and looks down awkwardly >"Can I talk to you about something, Mommy?" >Well, this was a first >You sit up and pat the spot next to you for him to sit >Be Kid Anon >You decided to ask Mommy Aria for advice >She sat you down on her bed and asked you what was wrong >You were still a little embarrassed and scared to ask >You'll just have to flat out say it "Mommy Aria, theres a meanie bullying me... I don't know what to do..." >You suddenly feel an arm wrap around you, and you are pulled into a warm hug >You didn't expect a hug, but you return it gratefully >"Haha, is that it?" >You were a little confused by her response "Yes, thats it!" >She brings a hand to her mouth to contain a giggle >You felt a little frustrated and try to wiggle out of the hug, but she was holding you tight "Mom, can you help me please?" >Mommy Aria was humming in thought >"I don't know... I thought you were big and strong now? You don't need me..." >That's... No she has to help you! "Please Mommy Aria, help me!" >This causes another laugh from your mother >"Okay, Okay" >She releases her grip from you but holds onto your shoulders >"Who is bullying you, Anon?" "A kid named Butch..." >She brings a hand to her chin in thought >"Okay, I think I have a plan to help you, Anon. But you have to listen to what I say, ok?" >You want to trust her, she is the only one who may be able to help you "Okay, I'll listen I promise!" >Mommy Aria starts laughing again >The next week >You were playing on the playground before school, like you normally do >You were sitting on one of the swings >Then Butch walks up to you, also what usually happens >He pushes you off and takes it for himself, while laughing >All what usually happens >The bell rings >You go to class, along with the rest of the students >All usual here >As soon as you walk in though, it isn't so usual anymore >Instead of old Mrs. Cheerilee standing by the chalk board waiting for the class, it was someone else >Your Mommy Aria >The rest of the class looks surprised, but you just have a huge smile on your face as you find your seat >She looks at the class with the biggest, blankest look you have ever seen >She had a button up light green long-sleeve shirt on with the sleeves rolled up, complemented with a tie >And she had librarian glasses on >She was so funny looking! >She addresses the class >"Okay class, Mrs. Cheerilee is mysteriously out sick today, I'm going to be your substitute teacher today." >You do your best not to laugh out loud, but it's really hard >You just lay your head down >"Today we will go over *proper* classroom behavior" >The entire class looks forward, dead serious, while you were trying your best not to laugh your butt off >"Im going to need a volunteer..." >A noticeable lack of hands are raised >Instead of waiting, Mommy Aria just points to Butch >"You there! Come forward!" >Butch looks around confusedly but realizes she was pointing at him >He nervously stands and walks to the front of the class, standing next to Mommy Aria >As soon as he is within her reach, Aria puts her hand on his shoulder >Butch jumps as he feels the contact >She looks scary... >She gives a little laugh before speaking >"Butch... Have you ever heard of the golden rule?" >Butch looks like he's about to pee his pants >"N-no...?" >Your uncontrollable giggling has earned you a few glances from your classmates >Mommy Aria moves to the other side of Butch, running her hand between his shoulders >You can see him shiver >"It's a rule we should all know, right class?" >The rest of the class looks to the front nervously before whispering >"Treat others the way you want to be treated..." >They all said it in unison >Satisfied, Aria speaks to Butch again >"You follow that rule, right Butch?" >He tries to bluff >"Y-yeah..." >Mommy Aria seems satisfied with the answer >After making Butch sufficiently uncomfortable, Mommy Aria sends him back to his seat >She explains a whole bunch of other classroom rules and the rest of the day goes by pretty normally >Mommy Aria taught you all how to make paper airplanes and snowflakes! >Butch doesn't bother you at lunch, or out on the playground >Mommy must've scared him! >You were relieved, being bullied sucks! >School ends with a lot more comfort, and you meet up with Mommy Aria and head home with her >During the car ride, like a lot of your time spent with her, she doesn't say much >She just plays some music on the radio >But as you near your neighbor hood, she lowers the volume >She pulls onto your street before asking you something >"Did Butch bother you today?" >You smiled and responded happily "No, he didn't! You really scared him, I didn't know you could be so scary!" >This puts a smile on your mom's face, and she pulls into the driveway >"That's good...Little punk should know better than to mess with me." >You don't know what she means by that, but you smile and nod in agreement >As you get out of the car a thought crosses your mind "Hey Mommy Aria? What happened to Mrs. Cheerilee?" >She chuckles a little bit before walking to the door with you >"Well I wasn't lying, she WAS pretty sick." >... >Be Mrs. Cheerilee >And you were NOT feeling well... >Anon and his young mother had invited you out to dinner with them the other day >He was so sweet, of course you said yes >He and his mother had taken you to a nice restaurant, but you think something had been wrong with the food >You've felt sick ever since then, you've had to call in sick for multiple days >Right now you were keeled over your toilet >You've already thrown up twice today >Maybe you should go see a doctor... >*Phhhhhhherpt* >And you had extremely bad gas >It was horrible >... >Be kid Anon again >Mommy Aria had that smirk on her face again >She scares you sometimes but you love her just as much as your other mommies >You walk into your home and your Mommies Adagio and Sonata are there to greet you >... >They look mad >Mommy Adagio speaks up angrily >"We know where you were, Aria." >Uh oh >Mommy is in trouble >Later >Your mommies told you to go to your room while they talked about Mommy Aria's "Activities" >They don't sound like they're talking though... Theres a lot of yelling... >Was this your fault? You didn't want Mommy Aria to get in trouble! >Maybe you should go apologize... >You slowly creak open your door and poke your head outside >You can hear the yelling echoing through the hall >You slowly shuffle down the small corridor, towards the living room >They sounded angry... >"-mean by that!? What would have you done that would have been any better?!" >That sounded like Mommy Aria... >"Anon shouldn't be coddled like this by you two! He needs to learn how to fight his own battles!" >Thats Mommy Adagio... >Adagio and Aria were standing and looking at each other angrily >"I can't believe my baby was being bullied... Why didn't he tell me?" >And Mommy Sonata was there too... Sitting on the couch >She looked so sad... >Was this all happening because of you? >You have to make it stop! >You boldly walk into the room, ready to accept your punishment >You expected it to be very loud, but as soon as you went in the room it was silent... >Weren't they angry with you? "W-what's going on?" >All eyes were on you >It was so quiet... >"Anon what are you doing in here? You're supposed to be in your room." >Mommy Aria walked over and kneeled beside you >She had a very serious look on her face >It made you uncomfortable... >"You should go back okay? Everything is alright." >Aren't they supposed to be mad at you? "Am I in trouble...?" >Mommy Sonata was next to come down and over to you >She gets rid of her gloomy look >She hugs you tightly >"Of course not honey, it's just your mommies having a little disagreement, that's all." "Oh..." >Mommy Adagio sighs, but walks over to you with a smile on her face >"Yes, we were. And we're done now." >She puts a hand on your head and runs it through your hair >"How late is it? Let's make some dinner, how does macaroni and cheese sound?" >You were pretty hungry "Okay!" >Later that night >You just got into your pajamas and were snuggled into your bed >You were happy that your mommies weren't mad at you >But they get mad too often... >You hope they stop >You are startled a little bit when you hear your door creak open >"Hey, Anon... You awake?" >It was your mommy Aria "Y-yes!" >"Okay, good." >She walks over to you and sits on your bed >She looks at you and thinks for a minute >You don't recognize the look she's giving you, it's strange >"I just wanted you to know, that none of what happened today was your fault. Okay?" >Was it? You still weren't sure... >Was this all she wanted to tell you? "Okay...?" >"Don't be put off by how much we argue, or whatever happens between us. We've just known each other for a very long time" >This answer made you curious "How long?" >She looks into your eyes, she looks sad >"A very, very long time." >Well that didn't answer your question >Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it? >You don't like to talk about things sometimes too "Okay mommy" >She seems happier at least >"Come'er, you little brat..." >She pulls you into a tight hug, and you gladly return it >You still haven't thanked her for today >Maybe you should "Hey Mommy? Thank you for helping me today, even though Adagio and Sonata were mad at you..." >She pulls you tighter >"It's alright. I'd do it again." >She gives you a smirk and chuckles a little >The embrace lasts a few more moments, before she slowly leaves your grasp >"Goodnight, Anon" "Goodnight Mommy" >She was about to get up but she hesitates >She looks at you, before quickly giving you a peck on the forehead with her lips >She then calmly leaves the room >That was weird >Finally you snuggle back into your blankets >Think a little about the events that have happened today >The thoughts soon grow hazy as you drift away, into slumber