Anon World Order part 1 [kinda sexy] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> Be Anon, one of the waking few > This evening, a pair of hypnotized minions firmly guide you to the throne room > What you have come to think of as "the dazzled" bring you before the room's only occupant > You were expecting them to force you to kneel, but instead they are dismissed > Adagio Dazzle looks down on you from her raised throne > She is distinctly nonplussed > Out of self preservation, you begin to kneel, only to stop as her frown deepens > You end up standing straight and resigning yourself to waiting > As the silence stretches on, and on, your eyes begin to wander > Not for the first time, you note that at least your new overlords (over ladies?) are pretty > Adagio uncrosses and crosses her legs > Dammit, boner, this is not the time > "I see you 'noticed' me." > Her voice startles you after the prolonged silence "Ah! Uh, sorry about that. Won't happen again." > She rises from her throne and approaches you, hips swaying > "Don't misunderstand, Anon. I have been waiting for you to notice me." > ... > Wat "Glad I could help?" > Adagio bites her lip > "You must be wondering why I summoned you." "Yes?" > "I was thinking, we could get to know each other better." > ... "You want to be friends? After taking over the world?" > She scowls at you > "You never noticed me before! Not at lunch, not in the halls, you didn't even show up at the battle of the bands!" > Oh yeah, the time you missed the end of the world because you were playing vidya "Are you saying that you took over the world, just so that I would notice you?" > It occurs to you that you are a senior, and therefore, her senpai > Oh dear > "It's not like I like you or anything! I just... wanted to get to know you. You are an interesting guy, Anon." > And she's tsundere for you "I...see. Well, now what? > She plucks at her half-gloves nervously > "Now you live in the palace. Until we prepare a room for you, you can sleep in my, ah, my r-room." > O-kay. "That sounds good, I am pretty tired." > That's something of a lie, but you need time to think > She walks to one of many doors > Adagio glances over her shoulder > "Coming?" > You try to ignore all the 'witty' responses your oversexed brain composes "Yes, right inside you. I mean, behind you." > Dammit, brain > She blushes as your Freudian slip, and gives you time to catch up > "See that you do. My room is this way." > As you follow her swaying hips, you resign yourself to that fact that your boner will be doing more of the thinking for the foreseeable future > Adagio's room is large, with a canopied four post bed occupying a fair portion of it > The siren roots around in her dresser for a bit, then tosses a wad of clothing at you > "You can change into those out in the hall. Be grateful, not many people get to wear my clothes." > Upon closer examination, you seem to have a set of purple pajamas "Right. Thanks." > You step outside the door and close it > The hallway seems to be deserted, so you shrug and start taking off your clothes > You hear the door creak behind you, and you pause, shirt halfway off > You casually shuck your shirt, turning slightly > Out of your peripheral vision, you see the door cracked open > Alright > You bend over slowly as you inch your pants down your legs > You kick them to the side, then pick up the pajama bottom > You were planning on doing some seductive ass-cupping with the waistband, but as you pull it up you run into legitimate difficulties > After a few minutes of yanking and squeezing, you finally get into Adagio's pants > You are pretty sure, one wrong move and you will get such a wedgie > For that matter, the front is kinda tight too > No hiding that bulge > Not going to even try putting the shirt on > You reach back, and yank open the door, turning as you do > Adagio falls on her butt, her legs splayed > That wouldn't be too exciting, except she is wearing a thigh-length nightgown and apparently orange and white striped panties "I see two can play at the seduction game." > "What?" > You nod at her display > She looks down and immediately closes her legs, tugging her nightgown over her lap > "P-pervert!" > Really? "Really? You were the one watching me take off my clothes." > Adagio gets to her feet, smoothing out her gown to regain her composure > "I was just...making sure you didn't try to escape. Enough of this. We should really get some sleep, tomorrow you start on your duties." > She turns and walks to the bed, her back ramrod straight > You go to the other side "My duties? I thought you just wanted to get to know me." > The siren wriggles under the covers > "Oh, I'll be doing that too, but I have decided we really need an intelligent servant around here." > You slip under the covers as well > Damn, this is a large bed > There's at least two feet between the two of you "A servant you have sleeping in your bed." > A pillow hits your face > "B-be grateful! And no funny business!" "Alright, alright." > She flips a switch and the lights go out > As you lay there in the dark, you become all the more aware of the little sounds > Her shallow breathing, the rustle of cloth as she shifts positions > It's a long night > You wake up slowly, the morning sun warming your cheek > A slender arm across your chest, and something soft pressed up against your arm > Nice > You open your eyes and turn to look to the side > Blue? > The slight movement of your body rouses Sonata > She props herself up on her elbow, and you are somewhat saddened to feel the softness leave you > Bluey stares at you blankly for a moment, then grins > "Good morning, servant boy!" "Uh, good mo-" > She snuggles up against your chest, her face in the crook of your neck > You are very fine with this > She sighs happily > Then you hear rustling from the far side of the bed > "Mmmmgghphh, honestly, Sonata, you have your own be-" > Adagio looks down at the two of you > You notice that bluey is only wearing a bra and panties > You give orange creamsicle a wave with your free arm "Good morning." > Sonata looks up, and is faced with the increasingly wrathful face of the ruler of the world > She grins weakly > "Would you like a turn?" > Adagio hisses > "He's mine. Now get out!" > Bluey scampers off the bed > She only pauses at the door to give you a wink and to blow you a kiss > You give her a short little wave > You turn towards Adagio, who is gazing into the depths of her wardrobe "Anything I can help you with?" > She plucks out a few pieces that look... just like her normal outfit > Adagio lays them on the bed, and finally looks at you, her face carefully expressionless > "Help me get dressed." > You raise your eyebrows "Last night, you were embarrassed for me to see your panties. Now you want-" > "I know what I want!" > Ah, some anger > She turns away from you > "Don't question my orders, servant." > You approach, muttering out a "Yes, mistress." > She still has her back to you, so you lift up her gown from behind > dat ass > Adagio shifts her weight impatiently, and you bite your lip > You pull the gown up, and she shivers when one of your fingers grazes her side > She raises her arms accommodatingly, and you remove the gown completely > She stands there in her underwear, her white bra contrasting deliciously with her yellow skin > You look to the clothes she set out "Shall I get some underwear from the dresser?" > She whirls to face you > "That won't be necessary! I c-can do that later." > Then she turns her back on you once again, and you shrug > Tights first, you suppose > You crouch down to get her feet in, and are treated to a nice view of the undercarriage > The lavender fabric clings to her legs in a way that would make you jealous, if you weren't the one putting it on her scantily clad body > You pull it up and over her hips, your thumbs brushing against that tender flesh > The shorts come next, and fit her easily enough > That is, until it is time to button them. > You stand behind her, your arms circling around her and pressing quite firmly against her waist > You peer over her shoulder and you force the button ever closer towards the hole, savoring the view of her pillowy slopes > At last, the button is fastened, and both of you are breathing heavily > "Taking your time, Anon?" > You place your hand on her hip to steady you as you lean to scoop up her tube-top-thing "Can you blame me?" > You pull it down her chest slowly, mesmerized by how it drags across her breasts > "You are my servant, I can blame you for anything I want." > You step back to admire your work > Hmmm, seems you will have to tuck the top in "Ah, but do you want to?" > Your hand presses up against her stomach and slides in under the tight band of the shorts > "A-anon! What do you think you are doing?" "Just tucking in your shirt, that's all." > You repeat the process, your hand delving into her shorts with a slow, firm purpose > Once you are done, she snatches up her jacket and belt and retreats > "I-I can do the rest myself! Just- just stand over there!" > You bow, and stand in the appointed spot "And what shall I wear today?" > She glances at you, still flustered > "You shall remain as you are. Perhaps then you will learn to treat me with more deference." > Personally, you think she just likes you shirtless and in tight pants > As she collects the rest of her accessories, your stomach growls > She glances at you again, this time with regained composure > "Follow me to the dining room."