[EqG] Sonata Dusk: The Clutzy Reform (WiP) - by That_Happy_Guy

>"Anooooon!" "... Are you talking to me?" >"Yup! I need help." "Okay. What can I do for you ex evil girl number three?" >"Hey, I have a name!" "Yes you do. You also have a history of turning people against each other." >"That's not faaair!" "Neither was you making the new girl kiss Flash. Now what was it that you needed?" >"Hmph! I lost my panda panties." "..." >"I'm serious! I really really like that pair and I can't find them." "Okay, and you came to me... Why?" >"Well... You're shabadabadab..." "Excuse me?" >"You're... The shabadab me..." "One more time?" >"You're... The only... Person who'll still talk to me..." "... All right, let's go." >"Yay! Thank you Anon." "You're welcome ex evil girl number three." >"Is it in there?" "Ptew! Ptew! Ugh, no! Jesus, that was a waste of time." >"Yeah, all we got out of it is you smelling like a... Um..." "Dumpster?" >"Yeah..." "Imagine that. Ugh, know anywhere else they could be?" >"Hmm. The girl's locker room!" "... Fine, but if I get caught, they'll kill me." >"Wha-What? You're going to come with?" "Unless you don't want me to." >"No! No, it's not that. You just... Stink." "... We're stopping by the boy's locker room first. I need a shower and a change of clothes." >"O-Oh... Um, what'll I do if I get caught in there?" "You're waiting outside. Also, if you WERE to get caught, you'd get raped." >"What, why?!" "Cute girl with nice hips? I have no idea." >"You think I'm... Cute?" "No. The consensus thinks you're cute." >"Oh... But you do think I have nice hips." "... Let's just go." >"Want a better peek?" "LET'S JUST GO." "Did you find it yet?" >"Nuh uh. I'm on the last aisle and I can't find it." "Fuck. Regroup at your locker." >"Hmm... They're not here." "Did you let someone borrow them?" >"..." "It's an idea." >"No, I didn't... I really liked that pair." "Whoa- hey. It's all right Sonata, we'll find them. Don't cry. Uhhh, here." >"... Your arms feel nice." "Thanks. Your hair smells nice." >"Thanks." "..." >"..." "... Do you hear that?" >"Yeah, sounds like-" "Fuck! Someone's coming! Uh-uhh- your locker!" >"Huh?" "Get it open!" >"Oh, gotcha!" "All right now I'll just... Wait, what are you-" >"Shh!" "Dammit... It's cramped in here." >"I know. Is that Spitfire?" "Soccer practice. Shit. Wait, is she strip- yep..." >"..." "..." >"Oh!" "Shh!" >"Wow, heh, happy to see me?" "God dammit." >"Pervert~" "Ugh! Finally." >"Heheh, wow~ someone like's spitfire~ and Rainbow Dash. And Scootaloo!" "I was kind of forced to look! Here's a question, why did you get in with me?!" >"... I unno." "Dammit! Ugh... If Spitfire finds out I saw her bare butt... No, no. She won't find out, it was an accident." >"You sure? Your little friend says-" "Boners don't imply consent Sonata! They happen naturally to stimulation!" >"All right, sorry Anon..." "... Whatever. Wait, are those your panties?" >"Huh? They are! They are!" "In your locker this whole time..: son of a bitch." >"Thanks Anon!" "Yeah yeah, whatev-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" >"Well, I found them, might as well put em on." "In front of me?!" >"You saw Spitfire change." "That's- you know what? Leaving." >"Anon, wait!" "Nope, not going to stand here and be mocked. Glad you found your panties Dusk!" >"Wait... I'm sorry..." "... Dammit. I'm only forgiving you because I don't want to see you cry." >"Okay... But I really am sorry. Hug?" "Sure-Mmph!" >"Hmmm. Can we make this a regular thing?" "Depends on what." >"Hugs!" "Maybe. Anyway, I gotta go. Norman's probably waiting at my house to copy my homework." >"Can I come?" "Why?" >"I'm kinda struggling with my classes." "Which ones?" >"Um... All of them?" "Oy vey. Come on." >"Yay!" "... Hand." >"Oh, sorry. Figured it was okay." "It's not." >"Uuuuuughhhhh." "It's not that hard." >"But what's this thing?" "That's sine." >"What's this one then?" "Tangent." >"How do you tell them apart?" "Look, just... here's the table." >"It's this one?" "No, just... give me your hand." >"Okay." "THIS is sine. THIS is cosine. You put this one on top of this one and you get tangent." >"Uh huh..." "Are you paying attention?" >"Yeah, yeah..." "... I got Twilight pregnant." >"That's nice." "Dammit Sonata." >"Hey! Why'd you let go?" "We're going again. Pay attention then." >"Fine- wait, where's Norman?" "He left two hours ago. Like I said, he came to COPY my homework, not study." >"... Can I-" "No." >"Oh." >"Anooooon!" "Hey Sonat-OOPH!" >"I passed! I passed!" "Passed what?" >"The test! Norman failed, but I passed!" "Great. So you were paying attention then?" >"Uh huh! I did everything like you showed and I passed!" "You keep saying that, but what did you get?" >"B minus." "Huh, that's actually pretty good." >"Oh, I could kiss you!" "Please do- HEY! No. Bad Sonata." >"I sowwy." "It's okay." >"Cah ah hav muh wips back?" "Sure." >"Nn, thank you." "You're welcome. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to grab a drink before next period." >"I'll come with!" "Your next class is across campus, isn't it?" >"Uh huh, and?" "... Guess we're heading that way then." >"But won't you be late for your class?" "Yeah, but I can handle it. You on the other hand, need to be as punctual as possible." >"Ahhh, you're sweet~" "Not really-... Hand." >"Not letting go!" "Hand." >"Just for a minute?" "Hand." >"Hmph, fine. Fuddy duddy." >"Hmm hmm mm mm hmm mmmHMmm~" "I thought you came over to study?" >"I diiid~" "You're humming. You've been humming since you got here." >"Have I?" "Yes. Not sure why, your magic doesn't work any more." >"I can't just hum for fun?" "Well... I guess." >"Yay~ Hmm mm hmm mm mHmmm~" "Wait... Feel you on the... Sonata!" >"You guessed the song!" "Ugh... Get your mind out of the gutter. We need to work on your Spanish." >"Don't people who soeak Spanish greet each other with kisses?" "Some do, but- HEY! Nuh uh." >"Nnnnn." "Study time. We'll go over past participles then... Hand." >"Hmm~" "If I take my fingers off your lips you'll kiss me. If I don't you'll just hold my hand." >"Mhmmmmm." "... I could always try THIS! Hnn, hnn... Nope, can't shake it off." >"..." "Stop staring at me." >"..." "Stop it!" >"..." "Nn! Fi-" >"Mwah~" "GAH!" >"Heh, you're cute when you blush." "Out!" >"Come on, it was just a peck!" "Ouuuuut." >"I'm sorry!" "O. U. T." >"What if I give you a handy?" "Anal." >"O-Oh. D-Do you really want my-" "No! I- Jesus Sonata. Ugh, forget it..." >"... Study time?" "... Fine. Get your book." >"Anon?" "Yeah..." >"You haven't talked to me all week..." "I haven't?" >"Uh huh, are you still mad about the kiss thing?..." "Sonata, we're friends. That's all." >"Oh..." "I know I'm literally the only guy friend you have and I don't want to be the one you crush on by default." >"O-Okay..." "Sonata... Ugh, listen, we're still friends, I actually like hanging out with you... For some reason." >"Really?" "Yeah. Listen, how about we try and hook you up with some other guy, all right?" >"But-" "Sonata, it won't be me." >"... Fine. I guess we can try another guy." "All right." >"But I'll be thinking of you." "... I... Ugh, I can't stop you from doing that." >"Hmm~" "Okay, hugging. This is happening right now." >"Eeyup~" "And you've just given me an idea of who to ask first." "Sonata, how'd they g-OOPH!" >"Hmph! They went horrible!" "All of them?" >"Yush! Geez." "No way. Every single one?" >"Do you want me to list all the reasons?" "That would help." >"Big Mac was sooo quiet the whole time and made it awkward, his cousin is clearly gay, Flash was so bland, Soarin was a total dork, Blueblood..." "Sonata? Are you okay? You look like you're about to-" >"BLUE BLOOD WAS A TOTAL DOUCHEBAG ASSHOLE FUDRUCKER!" "Whoa! That's the first time you've ever cursed around me." >"He-He- He made me pay for dinner, wouldn't let me speak, made fun of my highlights..." "Sonata..." >"He called me dumb, laughed when I fell and ripped my skirt, and-and-and-" "Come here..." >"*Sniff* and after all that, he still tried to kiss me!" "What?" >"On the lips!" "Fuck..." >"He kept grabbing and I had to kick him... It was horrible!" "Sonata... I'm sorry." >"Just hold me..." "Yeah, all right." >"Your arms still feel nice." >"Ano-ANON!" "Snfff, hey Sonata." >"ANON! What happened?!" "Ow. Umm, had a little talk with Blueblood... Well, I was planning to talk, but we never got the chance." >"You fought him?!" "Self defence. Did a little research and turns out he did the same thing to other girls... Except some got it worse." >"What do you mean?" "You know Twist?" >"The frumpy looking red head?" "Don't call her frumpy. He touched her." >"B-But she's a freshman!" "Yeah, I know. Well, when I went to go confront him, there were a couple other guys." >"Like who?" "Norman found out he tried to get with Rarity, Big Mac got some cousins of his because he was creeping on Applejack and Applebloom. Uhh, oh! Flash was there-" >"The bland boy?" "Yeah. He found out from his ex that Blueblood took advantage of the break up." >"Oh my god..." "Mhmm, a practical lynching mob." >"What happened?" "Turns out Blueblood has a bunch of toadies. The lynching turned into a street brawl." >"I meant what happened to you!" "Huh? Oh, a couple guys jumped me when I was standing like a confused dipstick." >"Oh no!" "Ow. Anyway, the cops showed up, lot of us ran, but I saw Big Mac tackle the pedo. Think he might have busted his nose." >"Anoooon..." "Don't worry, everything'll be fine as soon as I get some rest." >"..." "You know, your hugs hurt right now." >"Nn!" "Ow ow ow! Tight!" >"Yoo hoo! Anooon~" "Nnnn..." >"C'mon, don't be a grump!" "I got suspended! I have reason to be a grump." >"Hey, at least you have a week vacation!" "No, got grounded too. I've been doing chores all day. My arms are killing me." >"Oh... Um, well, at least you don't have a police investigation on you!" "... There's that." >"See? Turn that frown upside down!" "Eugh." >"Close enough! Here you go." "What's this?" >"All your homework!" "..." >"Your teachers said if you get it done, they'll still give you credit for it." "Well... It's something." >"..." "..." >"..." "You're staring." >"Mhmm." "Did you bring your homework?" >"Mhmm!" "Do you want help?" >"Mhmmmm~" "Hand." >"Nn nn." "... Whatever. I can work with one hand." >"Yay!" "But you try and kiss me and I'm booting you out of here." "..." >"Psst, Anooon~" "Nn, Sonata? What're you doing in my house?" >"It's only seven, dumby!" "Nn..." >"Come ooon, it's your last day before you get to go back to school." "Sleepy..." >"But I never gave you a conjugal visit." "What?!" >"There we go!" "Touch me and I scream rape." >"Hee hee, I was joking! Unless... You want-" "I don't." >"Okay. So! I got an A~" "Really? What subject?" >"He recibido una A en mi examen de español." "Whoa." >"Mhmm~ I think I deserve a reward." "..." >"Don't look at me like that. One date, that's all." "No." >"Why not? Just tell me why." "It's not your business, besides, I like our friendship intact." >"That's cruel though... I like you, I keep making it clear and you never give me a reason why you keep rejecting me... Is it... Is it because I'm not that smart?" "No, Sonata-... Please don't cry." >"Then just tell me why." "Fine... I don't do the rebound thing." >"Huh?" "Yeah, I did it once and I just ended up getting hurt." >"I don't get it." "It's just... All right, let me paint a picture. Freshman year, you enter high school with your only friend and secret crush." >"Okay." "She gets pushed into dating a guy, but neither of them are happy so they break up. She finds comfort in you and you decide to ask her out." >"You did that?" "Yeah... Except it doesn't work out. You're just the replacement." >"Anon..." "I ended getting hurt and losing a friend. I don't want that to happen again. In case you haven't noticed, I don't have many of them." >"Okay... Who was it?" "Fluttershy... I loved her, but she didn't love me back. Wasn't even love..." >"... Hug?" "... Yeah." >"C'mere dumby. Theeere we go." "Thanks Sonata..." >"Any time. Really, any time~" >"Anon!" "Hey Sonata, we headin over to my-" >"No!" "... Okay, that's a-" >"Shush!" "Okay?" >"You are going to listen and listen well!" "Okaaay?" >"You aren't my rebound guy! You're my friend, the friend I like more than a friend." "We already-" >"Shut up! In fact, I would be your rebound girl." "What?" >"Yeah! I've been thinking about this all day and you would be dating me after Fluttershy broke up with you." "That was almost two-" >"Shoosh-shush! I'd be your rebound girl and I'm okay with that. You wouldn't be my rebound guy because every time I've asked you out was because I like you, not to get back at someone." "Sonata-" >"I'm not done! Anon... you're the only person whose been nice to me just to be nice to me. Aria and Adagio were always... they weren't my friends. You are, I like you for YOU. If you think you're my rebound guy then you really are a dumby!" "... You done?" >"... Uh huh." "You notice everyone staring?" >"Uhhh, n-now I do." "...All right." >"What?" "Your argument is sound, I can't deny that. One date. That's it." >"Really?!" "Yeah. Movies?" >"Yeah, sure!" "Okay. Now if you excuse me, Principal Celestia wanted to see me." >"Huh, what about?" "I was suspended, remember?" >"Oh." "Mhmm... see you at my house?" >"Yes!" "Oookay... hugging." "Ugh... Never should have agreed to this." >"Agreed to what?" "Agreed to- whoa..." >"What?" "Nothing, it's just, you look pretty." >"Hmm! And my hips?" "Still nice." >"Thank you~ So, any idea what you want to see?" "Eh, I'm good with anything. just lead the way." >"Mkay!" "Hand..." >"Not letting go." "All right, fair enough." >"So, still think this is a rebound thing?" "Nah, nah. Just worried we might screw our friendship up." >"Awww." "I know, shocking, I like hanging out with you." >"C'mere." "And people are staring..." >"Ignore them~" "Kind of hard." "Nn-NN!" >"Hee, you like the movie?" "It was all right, but Jesus, it was looong." >"Yeah, nice long time of me cuddling your arm." "That was you? I thought I was having a stroke." >"Anon!" "It's true! Zoned out a few times there." >"Heh, guess you aren't going to change just because we're on a date, huh?" "Nope. I'm me." >"Kinda glad... Know what I'm getting myself into." "Yeah... have a ride home?" >"I rode the bus here." "Well, I could get my dad to drop you off... but it might be a bit embarrassing." >"You think he would?" "Yeah." >"Hmm, how long would it take him to get here?" "Well, I texted him when we stepped out, so ten to five minutes. Why?" >"This is why." "Sonat-" >"Mmm." "..." >"..." "Mmm..." >"Mwah~" "Uhhh... wow." >"Been waiting since day one to do that." "You've wanted to kiss me since day one?" >"Yeah, but that was because I thought you were cute... this was for being you." "Sonata... tha-" >"Mmm~" "You wanted to see me dad?" >"Anon... close the door." "S-Sure..." >"Tell me, what is that girl to you?" "Who, Sonata?" >"Yes." "Well, she's a friend." >"You don't take JUST friends on a date Anon." "She asked for it! She-she got an A on her Spanish exam and-" >"Son, I'm not berating you over this." "Oh..." >"You sound almost ashamed to be seen with her. She's a very pretty girl." "I'm not! It's just- it's complicated." >"I see... Do you like her Anon?" "I do, but not like that." >"Son." "I'm serious! I barely know her, we've only been hanging out a couple months-" >"Anon, who are you trying to convince here?" "..." >"Are you still hurt about Fluttershy?" "..." >"Don't let the pain you had from then stop you from having something now." "... I... I won't dad." >"If you like her, admit it to yourself." "I do... I just..." >"It's fine if you aren't sure Anon. That's why people date. Come here." "Yes dad." >"Here, take this." "... condoms?" >"I'm not saying have sex with her, or anyone. You know I'd rather you not do anything stupid until you have your life settled, but we both know that's unlikely. If you DO have sex, make sure to protect yourself and her." "Okay..." >"Here. also take this." "... A hundred bucks?" >"You're planning on taking her out again, aren't you?" "I... I am. I actually am." >"Then you'll need a way to pay. Now go ahead and run off. I'm sure you don't need any more awkward conversations tonight." "Okay... Uhh, thanks dad." >"Hey Anon!" "Hey... Sonata." >"Whoa, you look weird... like you've seen a ghost." "Uh, no... no ghosts." >"Are you okay?" "I, uh, had a talk with my dad last night." >"What about?" "..." >"Anon?" "Sonata?" >"Anon." "No, I was saying your name to ask a question." >"Ohhh, what's the question?" "Would you... like to go out again?" >"..." "Right, stupid que-MMPh!" >"Mmmmwah!" "Kph, next time you want to do that, let me know ahead of time! Kph, kph" >"Sorry!" "Took the air right out of me!" >"Heh, sorry, and yeah! Duh, I've only been asking you out for months." "Kph, great. Maybe grab something after school? Just... you know, spend some time together that's not at my house." >"Mhmm!" "And hugging..." >"You're hugging back." "Yeah, but you're the one who is always in a huggy mood." >"Why wouldn't I be?" "So sine squared plus cosine squared equals one and if you divide the whole thing-mph" >"Mmm~" "..." >"Mwah~" "You can stop that. We're not going to stop studying just because you kiss me." >"But what if I want to kiss you just to kiss you?" "Then you should wait until we're done studying. You're constant lip barrage is interrupting." >"I can't help it! I just look at your lips and it's like they're saying 'kiss me! Kiss me!'. Hee hee, how can I deny them?" "Just remind yourself that my lips aren't-MPH!" >"Mmm~" "Hnnn." >"Mwah~ heheh, your annoyed growl is cute." "... Hey, you want to make a deal?" >"Ooh, what kind of deal?" "For every major test you pass, we go on a date." >"Well that-" "And the more you pass, the better the dates." >"... Like what?" "Well we did movies. How about I drive us up the mountaibs and we stargaze?" >"Y-You don't have your license." "Got my permit a few weeks ago. Just need to pass my test and I'm mobile." >"AHH! You HAVE to drive us to school! Ooh, it'll be so cute!" "If you get an A on the next trig test, sure." >"An A?! But trig is haaard!" "Fine, B." >"Yay!" "There we g-MPH! Hnnnn!" >"Last one, for now, I swear!" >"... Well?" "Ugh, I need to work on my turns." >"You failed?" "Oh, no, I passed. Just saying I need to-Oof!" >"Yay! You passed! You got your license!" "I know, I was there and WOW! You are way lighter than you look." >"Hee, it's like a reverse piggy back ride!" "Yeah. Huh." >"Carry me inside!" "Not happening. The last thing I want my dad to see is me carrying my best friend by her butt." >"O-Oh... Best friend?" "Yeah, you are my best friend, right?" >"I just... I thought... Well, I thought we were dating." "... Oh... Oh! Um, we are, it's just, well... I thought we never made it official." >"Your hands are grabbing my tush... If I didn't think you were my boyfriend, I'd probably slap you right now." "Right, stupid me... Um, then I'd rather not have my dad see me carrying my gurlfriend by her butt?" >"Hmph." "What?" >"Well now you're DEFINITELY carrying me inside like this." "What if I let go?" >"Then I'll just cling to you until you go inside." "... God dammit." >"Oh, quit your whining. A girl is happily letting you grab her butt~ Most guys your age would be bragging about that!" "Most guys would have fucked you in the locker room when they had the chance." >"I know. Now go~ you're dad's gotta be waiting." "Stupid freaking- GAH!" >"Anon?" "Oh, Sonata, I didn't hear you come in." >"You sound mad. Is everything all right?" "Yeah, not mad, just frustrated." >"Why's that?" "Well, just got this game and it's difficult as hell." >"Why'd you get a game if it's hard?" "There's something about ovetcoming a challenge that just feels right." >"Well, where is it?" "... Right here." >"That looks like a fat cell phone." "Wait, pony world. You guys never had video games?" >"None that look like that." "Holy hell. Hmm, come here." >"Okay?" "Right, this is tetris. One of the most beloved games of all time." >"Mhmm." "Just make blocks into whole lines and get points. Get as many as you can before the blocks reach the top." >"Okay, I can do that." "Like that..." >"..." "..." >"..." "So, any thoughts?" >"Yeah, just... Gimme a sec." "Heh, well, you're taking to it fast." >"..." "Sonata?" >"Uh huh?" "You uh, came over here to see me, right?" >"Uh huh." "Any particular reason?" >"Uh huh." "What is it?" >"Uhhh..." "..." >"..." "So, wanna make out?" >"What?!" "Ha! There we go. So, why'd you come over?" >"What was that about making out? Hey, wait- No! Awww! No!" "Lost?" >"Yeah, can I go again?" "Pfft, got my girlfriend addicted to something within the first year. I must be a terrible person." >"You're not, you're a sweetie!" "Thanks, and sure." >"Yay! We can make out after, okay?" "Yeah, I was joking about... And you're already into it." >"Mhmm!" "Heh, have fun." >"Eheeheeheeheeheehee!" "You've been giggling the entire drive up here, I'm starting to worry." >"My boyfriend is driving me up the mountains for some private cuddle slash star gazing time! How can I NOT be giggly?!" "Easy, by not being giggly." >"Mmm! Heeheeheeeee!" "Heh, settle down, the last thing I want is for you to over-hype it then be disappointed." >"What? You're being a dumby again. I could NEVER be disappointed spending time with you~" "So you would think. We're here." >"Whoa... You can see so much of the city. All those lights." "Yeah, come on, let's step out." >"Mkay." "Aaand look up." >"Wow! It's been a while since I saw that many stars, not since before I got banished here. I didn't think Earth had that many." "It's called light pollution. The closer you are to lights, the less stars you can see." >"I missed this... Heh, I didn't think I could ever say that about something so... small." "Sonata... are you okay?" >"*sniff* Yeah... I just miss being home... it kind of sucked, but this world was way worse." "Oh... do you still feel that way?" >"What? No! No, I mean..." "Yeah, I know you hated it here, I just thought maybe things had changed." >"They have! They have. I'm sorry. I'm ruining the mood with my dumb thoughts." "Sonata, it's okay. You never talk about your home. You know you can, right?" >"Really?" "If it helps, of course. Come on, hop up on the hood. The engines still warm so it'll be a nice- ahhhh~" >"Heh, all right. Ooh! Warm." "Come here. So, tell me about your home?" >"All right, well, I'm a pony. You know that." "Mhmm, like Shimmer." >"Did you know we had Dragons?" "Really now?" >"Yeah! For realzies." "Heh, cute." >"What?" "Nothing. Go on?" >"Okay, well, the Dragons were smart too, So were the cows... and the sheep. And-" "Is this going to go on for a while?" >"Kinda." "All right, come closer, it's freezing." >"..." "Sonata?" >"Hmm? Oh! Right, just... you're warm." "Really? I feel cold." >"Well you are... I like it." "I'm glad." "..." >"..." "..." >"... *Ring ring*" "..." >"*Ring ring*...*Ring ring*" "Nnn... Hello?" >"Just where are you?!" "M-Mom?!" >"It's past midnight! Where are you Anon Y. Mous?!" "Shit- sorry!" >"Watch your mouth! Now where. Are. You?" "Um, we're still up the mountains." >"What were you two doing?!" "Nothing! Sonata and I-" >"Were you two going at it?!" "No! No! We were star gazing and talking and we kinda fell asleep." >"Ohhh, you just fell asleep?" "Yes!" >"Do I look like an idiot?!" "What? No, mom-" >"Get your ass back here now! And don't think you'll be driving anywhere anytime soon. You're grounded!" "Mom, wait, will you just-" >"*Click*..." "Mom? Mom?... fuck... FUCK!" >"I'm so so so sorry!" "Sonata, don't be." >"But I got you in trouble!" "No, me not paying attention did." >"But it was because I-" "I was the one who suggested the mountain date, right?" >"... Well, yeah, but-!" "Then it's my fault. Simple as that." >"..." "..." >"I'm so so-" "Sonata, stop it. I don't blame you, it's not your fault." >"But it is..." "Please... just relax." >"*Sniff* I'm sorry..." "Sonata..." >"Why're you pulling ov-mph!" "..." >"..." "Mm, now, stop it." >"But-mph!" "Mm, stop." >"That's my thing..." "I know, and it's surprisingly effective." >"Anon..." "Hey, smile. It's not like we're guilty of anything." >"Yeah..." "So, turn here?" >"Mhmm." "... This is where you live?" >"It's all Aria, Adagio, and me could afford with our magic..." "..." >"Anon? You missed-" "Sorry, but I'm not letting you stay the night there." >"What?" "If I'm going to be grounded, might as well give her a reason." >"Anon, what're you doing?" "Well... I mean, we kind of already slept together once." >"... Perv." "I mean actual sleep." >"Thank you." "Sonata, kinda gonna need my arm to- OH SHIT!" >"AHH!" "... Well, um... Yeah, going to need my arm to avoid... that." >"Nnnn." "Please don't rip the seat." "Okay- Okay mom! I'm sorry- night! ... Eugh... Sonata, you here?" >"Mhmm." "Okay, just... up and over. Hmm, there we go." >"Are you sure this is safe?" "So long as we're quiet, yeah." >"What if you're parents come in." "They won't, I lock the door." >"They let you?" "I sleep in the nude." >"... So, am I gonna get to third base tonight?" "No. You get the bed, I'll get the floor." >"Nuh uh. I'm not taking your own bed." "Sonata-" >"Nope. Not doing it." "Ugh... fine, what is we both get it." >"Hmm!" "And my arm again." >"You're not driving." "All right, so, what're you going to do about-!" >"... What?" "..." >"Anon?" "... Bra and... panties." >"Did you expect me to sleep with my clothes on?" "Kinda?" >"Hmm, do I still have nice hips?~" "Y-Yeah." >"Hee, you're so cute!" "Nnn, okay, hugging, huuuugging." >"What? All that's missing is a layer of clothes~" "Stop teasing please." >"All right, I'll stop-... Mmm, someone's happy to see me." "Sonata..." >"Heh, all right, stopping for reals this time... Anon?" "Yeah?" >"I... I... thanks." "Sonata... What were you going to say?" >"Nothing, it's just, it's too soon and if I say it you might-" "I love you too." >"... Nnnn!" "Nn! H-Hugging." >"Ignore it. Mine..." "Morning mom, morning dad." >"Morning son." "... Mom?" >"She's very cross with you now. don't expect a word from her until she's ready." "Oh... You know that Sonata and I-" >"Anon." "Okay..." >"Hmm, you know, your laundry is done." "Um, yeah?" >"It would be off if you wore the same thing twice in a row." "Yeah, I know." >"I mean, even if you have to wear something a little different, at least you're clean." "I know?" >"Just pointing it out there. Everything is done and ready to put up. Even your baggy clothes." "... Dad?" >"Also, I'll be dropping you off at school today." "Uh-" >"You won't be driving, remember? Besides... I think we need to have a little talk on the way there." "About?" >"Well... some things. Like what happened last night." "But-" >"No. I mean what happened last night." "... O-Okay." >"Also, do you remember what I gave you?" "Um-" >"I will need to see it, and if you opened it or not." "Oh... OH! Oh..." >"Yes." "Oh god..." >"Bye sir!" "Bye dad..." >"Heh, your dad is great." "Yeah... You okay in those clothes?" >"A little hot, but the school is ACd, so it should balance out. Besides, my Nonnon wore these~" "Don't call me that, please." >"Hmm." "People are staring." >"So? It's no secret we're going out. What was a secret is that you had a box of condoms!" "Sonata! Loud!" >"Oop, sorry. Still, you had condons and didn't tell me?" "I was gonna! ... When we actually used them." >"We could have used them last night~" "Glad we didn't. My dad actually believed us because of that box." >"Yeah. You know, most guys would think you were gay for not having sex with a girl right away." "Well most guys don't know shit!" >"Whoa, anger. Something bothering you Anon?" "You're always pushing this stuff, sex and shit." >"Well, yeah. Don't most guys want it?" "They think they do, so did I, but..." >"Buuut?" "I'm not... Ready." >"... That's so cute!" "Nnn!" >"Sorry! Sorry, but I mean it." "Yeah, well, it may be cute for you, but it's embarrassing for me. What normal guy isn't ready for sex?" >"Anon..." "Look, just... Stop the teasing, all right? It just pushes the fact I'm not ready and makes me feel like some low shit." >"I'm sorry..." "Whatever... I... had a nice time sleeping next to you." >"Heh, me too. Still mad about the sex stuff or are you already over it?" "Remembering last night helps." >"I'll lay off." "Thanks." >"Anon?..." "Hey, you waited for me." >"Yeah... I... can I get a hug?" "You too huh? Come here." >"Too? Something happened with you?" "Yeah, I got pulled from Chemistry to Principal Celestia's office. Just... Fucking bull shit." >"What happened?" "Blueblood is trying to sue me." >"What?!" "Yeah, he's saying that the other guys who confronted him and me wrecked his dad's office. They showed some pictures of the aftermath and it looked like a fucking tornado ran through there." >"You didn't though, right?" "Sonata." >"I know you didn't, I just... I want to hear you say it." "No, I didn't." >"... I'm sorry." "It's fine. What about you? Did something big happen?" >"Not compared to your thing..." "What happened?" >"Well... it's just, Aria and Adagio confronted me about where I was last night and... they got really mad." "Oh... Well, it's not like they'[re your parents." >"No... *sniff*..." "Sonata, relax. They didn't hurt you, did they?" >"Not really... they just... can you hug me a bit tighter?" "Of course... Come on, we'll grab something to eat and talk all this over." >"Why don't we just-... Oh... I'm probably not allowed back at your home, aren't I?" "Not while my mom is having her bitch fit." >"Wow, I've never heard you call someone a bitch." "She's being one! She wouldn't even let me explain myself. Hell, if it weren't for my dad playing interference, I might end up feeling like a prisoner in my own home!" >"Sorry..." "Not your fault. Come on, my appetite's coming back." >"Heh... I could go for a nibbly." "You say the cutest things sometimes, you know that?" >"Hmm~" "Ugh..." >"Hmm?" "I thought grabbing a burger would help, but now I can't stop thinking about all the shit that's going on." >"Want a sip of my milkshake?" "No thanks." >"Want to talk about it?" "Not right now." >"... Want... a blowjob?" "Sure... Sonata?" >"Hmm?" "Wait, I was-!" >"*Zzzip* Shhh." "Nn! We're in public." >"Look around, the place is dead." "Still, I don't want our first thing to be... well, like this." >"You're the one who said yes~" "Yeah, in my usual snarky way! Sonata... please." >"... *Zzzip* All right... but the next time you say yes, I'm taking your shaft." "Duly noted, now come up." >"Mmph, you know I would have~" "I know..." >"For you." "... Thanks." >"Hmm. Mmm, sure you don't want a sip? It's sweet." "Heh, fine... you know, we haven't even made out and you were willing to suck me." >"Yeah?" "Just... doesn't that seem kind of wrong to you?" >"What do you mean?" "... You're joking." >"Anon, what do you mean?" "You don't just suck off guys before you've properly kissed them!" >"Sorry, I didn't know." "Are you serious?" >"Yeah, ponies do stuff like that all the time." "... Sonata... have you... you know?" >"A couple times... why?" "It's just... I... humans aren't like that." >"Anon, are you okay? You look even more down than before." "I'm... I just need some time to digest this. This is just... ugh." >"... I kind of don't want my milkshake anymore." "..." >"Anon?" "Huh?" >"You avoided me this morning..." "I did?" >"..." "Shit, I'm sorry! Just... Still out of it. So much is going on." >"Y-Yeah..." "Sonata... I'm sorry if it seemed like I was avoiding you. I didn't mean it." >"Okay... Okay, I believe you. How're things at home?" "Bad. Mom's making things uncomfortable, dad got informed about the case... He's getting his lawyer on it." >"Your dad has a lawyer?" "I guess, I don't... Ugh... Then there's the whole Equestria thing." >"What Equestria thing?!" "... The sex stuff." >"Anon, that's what Ponies did! I can't believe you're holding this against me." "I know, but it isn't normal for humans, at least people I know, and who says I'm holding it against you?!" >"You're certainly acting like it!" "Because it makes me uncomfortable!" >"..." "..." >"I just... I'm not going to say I regret what I did before I came here." "Fine, that's fine. Look, we'll talk about this later, okay? I have to go talk with Vice Principal Luna." >"... Fine." "... Bye." >"Anon, wait! ... Dammit." "..." >"Are you okay son? You haven't said anything the wntire drive." "Don't have anything to say." >"Oh, finding out the claim holds no weight and you're in the clear, and you have nothing to say?" "Dad, just... Don't. Please." >"... How are things with you and Sonata?" "... Been better." >"So a fight then." "What? No! No." >"Anon, you take more after your mother than you think. Poking and prodding for attention to a subject without pointing it out." "..." >"So, what happened?" "Just... Nothing." >"You're in a funk, doubt it is nothing." "We... Had a fight." >"Ah. What about?" "Just... She's... She did something before we met and it makes me uncomfortable." >"Drugs?" "No." >"Hmm, did I ever tell you about your mother and I?" "Oh god..." >"This is relevant. You can probably tell, but I'm the calmer one of the two of us." "Noooo, I hadn't noticed." >"Hey, I'm trying to help you. She has not changed in all the years we've been together." "Wow... That's... Great?" >"Heh, no. You know, I used to get so angry with your mother. She was so short tempered, so quick to judge... We seperated a couple times." "Wh-What?" >"We weren't married yet. Just a couple thick headed kids... If neither of us grew up, we might not have stayed together. One day, I realized something. I loved her." "Yeah... I kinda figured." >"No, Anon, I loved HER. Every fault, every detail, everything. People aren't perfect, they never will be. We are a horrible species, so judgmental and harsh." "Dad..." >"We need to learn to accept our differences. She was raised differently than I was, and her differences annoyed me... Until I learned I was wrong." "Are you serious? You actually hated mom?" >"Sometimes, when I was young and stupid. Now? No. I love her, I know her. This whole thing about you coming home late will blow over and she'll apologize in her way. Until then, just remember she loves you, son." "..." >"As for Sonata... I don't know anything about her aside from what I've seen. Heck, I can't even tell her race." "Dad." >"Just listen. This thing, whatever it is. Did her parents do it?" "I... don't know. Maybe?" >"Mhmm. And is it a big thing?" "To me..." >"Did it hurt you?" "Emotionally... Sorta." >"Do you hate her for it?" "I-No!" >"Do you want to make things work with her?" "Of course!" >"Then you'll learn to accept it. If you care enough, you will." "..." >"Besides... As horrible as this will sound, there is no 'one and only'. If this is something you absolutely can't learn to live with, you'll break up with her." "I... don't want to lose her though." >"But you want her to change for you?" "..." >"If you'd ask that of her, than maybe you should do it yourself too. You would be selfish if you didn't." "Dad... Where'd you get all this?" >"Life experience son. I learned it from my parents and from making my own mistakes. You will too." "... Thanks dad. I- you've given me some stuff to think about." >"Any time. Just remember, you're STILL a kid." "Yeah... dad?" >"Hmm?" "Fuck Blueblood." >"Mhmm. There we go." >"..." "Boo." >"Hello?" "Hey Sonata." >"Anon... Hey." "So... How are things?" >"... Fine." "Oh, that's... Eugh. Listen, I'm sorry, okay?" >"Huh?" "For being overly sensitive about the sex stuff." >"It wasn't sex, it was just blowjobs." "Right, still, I'm sorry." >"... You really hurt my feelings, you know." "I know! I-I know, which is why I'm apologizing." >"I mean, I don't judge you fir eating meat." "Sonata, can I just apologize and we not have a fight over it? I don't want us to be like that. Throwing everything else out the window because one of us said something that hurt the other." >"..." "... I love you. I don't want this to break- Ooph!" >"Stupid idiot! I don't want to fight either. I hate not having you to come too when something happens. I need my hugs!" "I know, I know. Can you soften up? Your grip is a little-" >"Sorry... and I'm sorry about the sex stuff too." "Don't be... I mean, you were different then. I thought about it a lot and you're a different girl now than you were at the battle of the bands." >"...*sniff*..." "Sonata, I love you. I just want to know you feel the same way." >"Well I do!" "I know, but hearing you sucked off other guys, it scared me. Like you were only with me for the physical stuff. The stuff you would give day one." >"It's how ponies show affection , dumby! We aren't as prudish as you humans. I mean, clothes? Really?" "Okay, I get it... Just, can you promise me that I'll be the only guy you'll show affection too?" >"..." "Ow!" >"DUH!" "Jeez, you have a good right hook. Think you bruised my arm." >"Oh-SORRY!" "It's fine... Are we... Okay?" >"Yeah... I think so." "Good, great... Can you come by my place today?" >"I thought I wasn't-" "I really don't care. I know we didn't do anything wrong, my dad does too. If my mom wants to think that, then fine... Besides, my dad trusts me to be responsible with that stuff. I will be." >"What do you mean?" "I still have the condoms." >"..." "Sonat-Mmph!" >"Hmm~" "I missed this." >"The bed?" "Nah, having you around." >"Yeah... It's been a long week." "But it's only been a few days." >"Really?!" "Yeah, this started on Monday." >"Oh.. Right." "... Sonata?" >"Hmm?" "Were you aerious about the affection stuff?" >"Yeah, I was... Why?" "... Please don't make me spell it out." >"Wha... Are you serious?" "My parents are out, it'll be quickish and... I'm... Well, a bit curious to how it would feel." >"Anon, say the words." "I love you." >"Not those words. I like to hear it, but not them." "Show me affection?" >"No." "... Suck me?" >"*Zzzip* there we go." "Sonata, the door?" >"On it!" "... So, this is really happening." >"Mhmm. It'll feel good, trust me." "I do." >Releasing a soft breath, you lean back, body tense. >Sonata flicks her tongue, but it does not feel how you thought it would. >Less pleasurable, more awkward. "Um... I..." >She furrows her brows, lifting her mouth off your exposed member and sighing. >Your girlfriend rubs your bare inner thighs, looking you in the eyes. >"Just relax. You aren't going to feel anything if you're worrying so much." >You try your best to do as she says, but it is kind of hard when you've never done this before. >Which is sad, since you are GETTING head. >How do you get head wrong? >Groaning, you sigh, quickly turning into a light gasp. >Looking down, you see Sonata sucking the head of your penis, and it actually feels good. >You can feel yourself loosening up, shoulders becoming less tense. >Sighing lightly, you just enjoy the sensation. >The suction, the light feel of her tongue under your tip. >She giggles, sending small waves of pleasure through your body. >"There we go... Just keep that up." >Sonata lowers her lips, the feeling much different than before. >Each stroke of her lip against your shaft feels wonderful, warm, and wet. >The description itself feels awkward to you, but the sensation is all but. >Letting off a soft moan, your girlfriend runs her tongue over your head, softly rubbing your sack with the underside of her fingers. >Soon, she begins bobbing her head lightly up and down. >You can feel sweat begin to form, as if you were jacking off in a closed room. >Gripping the bed, you squeeze it every now and again as your girlfriend hits a sensitive spot. >Letting off a light whimper, you can feel Sonata stroking your sack in a strange, yet soothing way. >Your cock head begins running against the inside of her cheek, the warmth of it making you let off a light yelp. "S-Sonata, that feels great." >She giggles again, running her tongue up your shaft as she sucks. >Looking down, you see a look of determination in her eyes. >Sonata pulls back, your shaft stroking against her cheek as she moves away. >She stops as only a couple inches remain in her mouth. >Sucking slower, she aligns your dick so it is moving between her teeth, trying her best not to graze your rod. >She pushes further, until you can feel yourself hitting the tight hole that is the back of her throat. >Gripping your bed tight, you worry you are going to rip the sheets. >Letting off labored breaths, you tear up, body finally knowing such an amazing pleasure. >As Sonata pulls her head away, she sucks. >The feeling is pulling you closer and closer to your finish. >You think of warning her, but she gives your cock a sudden push, her head touching the base of your shaft. >While she is there, she licks your sack, causing you to give a sudden, light scream. >Unable to hold back, you shoot your load just as Sonata has half your shaft inside. >Her cheeks expand, eyes widening. >Pausing, she looks to you, your cum sloshing against your shaft as she stays still. >She breathes through her nose, then begins to swallow. >With each gulp, you can feel your cock twitch, releasing a couple more dollops of cum as you do. >Once Sonata finishes her deed, she suckles your shaft as it begins to go flaccid, cleaning it with her tongue. >Letting your cock slip from her lips, she opens wide. >"Ahhhh~" >You're blushing, but whether from the heat of the moment or the sexual rush is up for debate. "Sonata..." >She giggles, standing up and walking to the door. >"Just so you know, you're the first guy I swallowed for." >Internally moaning, you choke on your words. "Ah-guh, where're you going?" >"Bathroom. be back in a sec, oh wonderful lover of mine~" >"Mmm, that was nice." "Y-Yeah." >"Heh, have to admit, your reactions were nicer." "What do you mean?" >"Well, in Equestria, the guys just sort of expect it." "... Uh, again, what do you mean?" >"Well... They just lift their hind leg, flash their thing, and a mare takes care of them... No shyness, no cute moaning, no love." "And you wanted that from me?" >"... I expected it." "Well you expected wrong. Most people here don't do that." >"I thought no one did." "I meant the 'expecting a blow' thing." >"Oh." "Yeah... Besides, care about you too much to treat you like a fleshlight." >"A what?" "It's a mastubatory toy. Male equivalent if a vibrator." >"A what?" "... Uhh, grab my laptop?" >"Wow..." "Yeah, it's a lot to take in." >"Tell me about it... So much..." "Are you all right?" >"Just... All that-that porn! And the toys, and all those positions... I thought humans were prudes!" "No, we just don't go advertising how sexual we are... Everything is done behind a closed door." >"We're behind a closed door..." "Sonata, I-" >"Please?" "I'm not-" >"Just touch me! Look!" "Whoa..." >"Learning all that... Seeing all those-those HOT videos. Pl-Please?" "... I... Did sorta do this to you." >"Mhmm!" "Okay. I'll just..." >"Anon, what're you, ohhh." "Just lay back. Fingering is good, right?" >"Yes... Just keep rubbing." "Let me get used to this and maybe I can do more than just rub." >"Oh Anon..." >Running two of your fingers up and down Sonata's panties, you feel her wrap her arms around your neck. >She giggles and squirms, pushing her cameltoe against your digits. >"Mmm, oh yeah. I never thought a small touch could feel better!" >Continuing your slight assault, you kiss her neck once, curious to what she means. "What do you mean? Aren't my fingers bigger?" >"Oh no, I meant fingers at all! Mmmm, ooh~ ooh~ I always just used mt whole hand." >She gasps, giving a high pitched moan. >You chuckle, her reactions more cute than sexual. "What? Why?" >"P-Pony, remember? Don't stop, please don't stop." >Right, she never had fingers before. >Meaning what you are about to do will be her first time. >Parting her panties to the side, you touch her bare lower lips. >Sonata squeals, body tightening for a moment. >"W-What are you doing?" >Running your middle finger up and down your slit, you try and search for her holes. >One sexual, the other... not for sexual. >You find one and roll your finger up, feeling another. >Sliding it back down, you prod your finger against Sonata's womanhood, avoiding her MUCH tighter hole. >And people say you learn nothing from porn. >She whimpers more, clinging to your neck. >"W-Wait, if you put it in, does this count as-" >You don't let her finish, pressing inwards, past her folds. >She gasps, chest rising as her back arches. >"Se-heee!" >Continuing to rub your finger against her wet inner walls, you whisper. "No, just foreplay." >Your girlfriend gasps once, panting for breath. >She reaches a hand up her shirt, moaning as she begins to grab her breast. >"Fucking shirt!" >Sonata tries to take it off, but you stop her, not wanting to get TOO into it. >You don't know when you're parents will get home and scrambling to get dressed isn't something you want to worry about. >Hastening your pace, she moans again, sweat running down her neck, small whimpers escaping her. >"Anon... I'm close." >Good, less chance of getting caught. >Rolling a second finger above your middle, you try to play with her clit. >Again, who says you learn nothing from porn? >Sonata bites her lips, her walls clenching against your finger. >You feel something hot and wet hit your middle finger. >Femcum... >You are pretty sure it is just femcum. >She didn't squirt, so you won't have to worry about washing your bed sheets. >Sonata's body stays tight for a few moments before it collapses, her back against your chest, walls releasing your finger. >Using your free hand, you reach for your nightstand, just barely making it. >Grasping, you pull out your emergency kleenex box. >Fresh. >Popping the top, you pull one out and place it under your finger. >Slowly pulling out, Sonata shivers, her juices hitting the thick, yet soft paper. >Once your are out, she cuddles up, eyes closing. >"So good... so sleepy..." >You know that look. >Satisfaction. >You did a very good job. >Looking to the kleenex, then your finger, curiosity grabs you. >Taking a quiet, sharp breath, you toss the tissue away and bring your middle finger to your lips. >With a bit of hesitation you put it in your mouth. >Furrowing your brow a bit, it tastes like a mix of something sour and salt. >Very light, almost like flavored water, but a bit thicker. >It isn't something you would DRINK, per se, but maybe after a few more times... >If you do this a few more times that is. >This was a risky move. >Sighing, you push her panties back into place and let her rest. >As soon as she wakes up, you'll need a shower. >Both of you. >"Hmm hmm hmm~" "Should you really be in here while you do that?" >"Why shouldn't I?" "You're in nothing but a towel." >"But I left my clothes in here." "..." >"Heh, come on, honest mistake!" "You just walked through my house naked, you know that right?" >"Mhmm!" "What if my dad, or worse, my mom caught you?" >"Pshaw. Not like they're even-" "They're here." >"What?" "I can see them pulling in. Look, you get dressed, I'll run interference." >"But you'll miss seeing me naked~" "Hmmm, sexy view or saving us another month or two of me being grounded...?" >"Fiiine. I'll be out in a sec." "Good... Sonata?" >"Hmm?-Mph!" "... I had fun." >"Mmm, one more?" "Fine." >Sitting at the table, you uncomfortably adjust yourself, the tension in the air thick enough that you could cut it with a knife. >Sonata either doesn't notice, or isn't bothered by it, since she is happily enjoying her meal. >"Mmm, thanks for the meal sir, ma'am." >You dad nods, taking a drink as he eats at a much slower pace, taking time to actually enjoy his food fully. >"It's no problem Sonata, we picked up too much. It would have just gotten thrown out in a couple days if no one touched it." >Your dad's comment causes a soft smile to form on your girlfriend's lips. >Turning to your mother, you see she is still staring daggers at Sonata. >You slink down in your seat, only half your plate gone. >"So, Sonata, how are things in school?" >Internally gritting your teeth, you were hoping she would be civil. >"They're good. I've been getting a lot more As and Bs now, all thanks to your wonderful son~" >Sonata smiles at you. >It is warm and filled with something you can only describe as unconditional admiration. >Your mother hums. >"That's good, but will it be enough?" >Again, you internally grit your teeth. >Sonata gives her a look of confusion. >"What do you mean?" >Your mom gives a sigh, giving a faux worried expression. >"Well, if you are just now getting As and Bs, isn't it possible that you won't pass your class?" >Before Sonata can answer, you interrupt. "Actually, all she has to do is pass her final exams. They are worth about thirty percent of our grades. Plus all of the work Sonata's been doing, she shouldn't have any trouble." >Your dad clears his throat, looking to both of you. >"You know, the table really isn't a place to talk about grades. It can be a very mood killing subject." >Slinking back down, you can't help but feel guilt. >You aren't sure why, you just know you messed up somehow. >Your mother sighs, brows furrowing again as she looks away. >"I suppose so. What about your future Sonata? Have you given any thought to that?" >Glaring a bit at your mom, you know she is just trying to hurt Sonata. >However, she seems to fail, as Sonata looks to her plate, a weak smile on her face. >"Actually, I haven't." >You look back to her, concerned. >"I mean, where I come from, your future is kind of decided for you. I never had the chance to learn what I wanted to do when I... er, moved." >Your parents still don't know about that whole Equestria thing. >Ponies and magic and ass tattoos. >Your dad rubs his chin, having finished his meal at some point. >"Hmm, well, you could always stop by a local community college and speak with a counselor." >You give him a confused look. "What?" >He nods. >"It's what I did when I was still debating what to do. They get paid to give advice to people like Sonata, who aren't sure what they want to do." >He wipes one hand with a paper towel before raising it, pulling a finger up as he lists off items. >"Career advice, possible classes to take to get an idea, even job shadowing." >Sonata gives a weak chuckle. >"That's okay Mr. Mous... I don't think they'd want to waste their time on someone who doesn't know what she's good at." >Your dad places his elbows on the table, putting his hands together and leaning in. >"I didn't know what I wanted to be until my third semester. That's almost a year and a half of me trying to figure out what to do with my life. Sonata, you're still young, you have time. I bet even Anon isn't entirely sure what he wants to do. Are you, son?" >Sitting up, you shake your head. "I mean... I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone." >Sonata perks up a bit. >"Heh. So, I should just go see a counselor and they'll help me find what I'm good at?" >Dear old dad smiles a bit. >"Well, they'll help you get an idea." >Your mother lets off a small groan, unable to stay out of the conversation. >"But has she even applied for universities yet?" >She is met with a quick rebuttal. >"Has Anon?" >You can feel you mom growing restless. "Um, I think it's getting a little late. Sonata, don't you have to get home?" >Your girlfriend looks to you, confused. >"I guess?" >Your dad sighs, pulling his seat back. >"Well, if that's the case, I can give her a ride. Do you know the directions to your home, Sonata?" >She nods, scooching out as well. >"Yup, it's not too far." >She quickly steps towards you, giving you a great big hug. >"Bye Anon, see you tomorrow!" >After a quick peck, she is following your dad out the door. >Rubbing your cheek, you smile. >It soon fades when you realize your mom is still here. >You turn to her, an accusatory look on your face. "What is your problem?" >Her expression grows mad, giving you that same look as the night you came home late. >"Excuse me?" "Probing Sonata like that, what was that about?" >She scoffs. >"It takes more than a pretty face to have a happy future." >You are about to rebut when you think on what your dad would say. >He would say that there is no way you can win against your mom, and that the best thing to do would be to drop the conversation before trouble came up. >Pushing your chair back, you are about to leave when your mother calls out. >"Don't forget your plate." >Clenching your fist a bit, you know that it is just your anger from the tense words form earlier, but you almost think that your mom is purposefully trying to be a bitch. >Grabbing the plate, you head into the kitchen and dump it into the sink. >The more distance you put between you and her, the better you feel. >Calming down, you think on what your dad said about college. >You haven't really applied anywhere and you only have a year left. >Maybe you should see a counselor or something yourself. "Thanks for the ride Mr. Mous." >"It's no trouble Sonata. I apologize if my wife made you feel uncomfortable." "Nah, it's okay. I'm used to it." >"That is... concerning. Do your parents talk to you like that?" "No... I haven't seen my parents in a looong time." >"What? Who have you been staying with?" "By myself." >"..." "Aaand my two roommates." >"I am... sorry to hear that. Are they well?" "I don't know..." >"Wow... are you well taken care of?" "Mhmm, Anon does that." >"What?" "Yeah, makes sure I do my homework and stuff." >"I meant food, health." "Oh. Yeah, I eat and have a bed." >"Hmm." "You all right, sir?" >"Yes yes. I hate to bring this up so soon after we just finished it, but do you have plans for after high school?" "..." >"Because there are options. Grants, scholarships, transfers. If there is something you want to be, there is a path available to you." "Really?" >"Really really." "Huh... well, I have always kind liked the human body." >"Oh? The study of it? Healthcare?" "Study." >"Hmm, well, biologists are well respected, at least in my experience." "You think I could be one?" >"I think the possibility exists." "Heh, oh! I'm up here." >"... Sonata?" "Huh?" >"We keep blankets in the trunk, please feel free to take one." "Oh, uh, you sure?" >"Yes, there are also some bottled waters back there. help yourself." "Uh, thanks Mr. Mous." >"Anytime. Also, feel free to come by anytime. You're a good influence on Anon. I haven't seen him show this much emotion since before his angst set in." "Angst?" >"You never had that stage?" "Nuh uh. What's angst?" >"Something that you are lucky not to know. Again, you're a good influence on him." "Heh, thanks Mr. Mous." >"Anon, are you busy?" "Huh? Oh, no dad, not doing anything." >"Mind if I come in?" "Sure, door's unlocked." >"So, talked with Sonata." "... About?" >"Just stuff and things. Listen, son, I heard you got into a fight with your mother after we left." "Is that what she's calling it? Because I only said two freaking sentences." >"Language." "Sorry..." >"Listen... you know my brother?" "Uncle Unon? Yeah, what about him?" >"You like him, right?" "I love him." >"I know. He's happy, content, nice. Your mother absolutely despises him." "Yeah, I know." >"Do you know why?" "Because she thinks he is a lazy jerk?" >"Right. You see, your mother has it in her head that if you don't have a successful career, you aren't good." "Fucking- nn!" >"Language. She's wrong of course, but that's only because she had to deal with a lot of stuff growing up." "So?! Uncle Unon is a great guy and it's not like he's begging you or her for some cash!" >"True, he is, and Sonata is a nice young lady." "..." >"Listen... if your mother treats her bad, or says something just to try and get at her... don't hate her for it, she just doesn't know any better." "That doesn't make it right..." >"Sonata'll grow on her, I can see that drive she has. She's happy, but she can and wants to do so much more, she just can't figure out how." "..." >"Trust me, you get an eye for this thing as you get older." "Yeah yeah..." >"Hey, do you still have the box?" "Yes." >"Mind if I see?" "Sure." >"Still unopened... you two haven't tried anything have you?" "No!" >"Just checking, want to make sure you use these if you do." "Geez..." >"Sorry, sorry. Listen, Anon?" "Yeah?" >"Sonata is a sweet girl, I like her." "... Thanks." >"Figured it would help to know at least one of your parents approves. Lord knows I wish one of mine did." "Grandma and grandpa didn't like mom?" >"Not at all. They do now, she gave them you." "..." >"Heh, I know that look. I'll get out of your hair. Good night Anon." "Night dad." "..." >"..." "... Nnn... Uh?" >"Heh, morning cutie." "Sonata? Nn... What time is it?" >"About eleven." "Eleve-what?" >"It's Saturday, you slept in." "Oh... What're you doing here?" >"Your dad let me in." "I said what..." >"Just watching you sleep." "Oh... Wait, I sleep naked!" >"I noticed. So, morning wood or are you just happy to see me?" "Out!" >"Come on." "No, out." >"Fine, fine. I saw yours, how about you see mine?" "What are you-... Oh." >"Mm, you like?" "Your nipples... Look so..." >"So what? Bad?..." "No, no... So smooth, so nice." >"Heh, good. No that's all your getting." "Huh?" >"Yup, I have to get out, remember?~" "... Tease." >"Only to you. I'll be in your living room sweetie, love you!" "Love you too... Fuck." >"Hmm hmm mm mmHmmm~" "Sonata?" >"About time you got out! You were in your room an awwwful long time." "..." >"Heh, was it to little ol me?" "And if it was?" >"You should have let me stay." "Yeah, with both my parents home? Nuh uh." >"Your loss~" "Sure. So, what's up?" >"What do you mean?" "You're here really early today, figured something was up." >"Nope! Just wanted to see you." "Hmm, so no plans?" >"Nuh uh." "Huh... uh, wanna watch a movie?" >"Sure! You buy the popcorn?" "I meant here." >"... Ohhhh." "Yeah. Huh... you know, you probably haven't seen a lot of good movies since you're... you know." >"A pony?" "Not from here." >"Oh." "Yeah... One sec, I think I just thought of something we can do." >"If you're going to go for a second round, I could always-" "Stop. No. Baaad Sonata." >"Heh, you know you love it." "Hmm. Is this bad?" >"Dear." "Ah, sweetie, when did you buy this yogurt?" >"Two weeks ago." "Ah." >"Now then, my turn for a question. Why is SHE here?" "Sonata? She came to see Anon." >"When did she get here?" "A few minutes after you went to get your personal items." >"And you just let her in?!" "Yes. She is harmless." >"She's a bad influence on our son." "Actually, I think she is a good one." >"Oh, mediocrity is good now?" "She is striving to be better, that's what Anon does for her. She is helping Anon finally break from his self-induced seclusion, that's what she does for him." >"Oh, so she's JUST trying to better herself. One look was all I needed. Possible drugs, definitely sexually active." "... They're watching a movie. In the living room. With the windows open. I doubt they would try anything sexual or illegal." >"You'd be surprised." "Ugh, it's just a movie, nothing more. Besides, I've been here the entire time, Anon hasn't been alone with her in private for more than four minutes." >"That's all it takes." "You're impossible sometimes." >"I care that our son doesn't fall in with the wrong crowd." "Then give her a chance. Has she shown any signs of being a criminal?" >"I just-" "Any concrete signs." >"..." "Like I said, give her a chance. Oh, and please do not ruin their little movie. They seem to really be into it." >"Ugh. I'm going out. Pick up lunch or something." "All right, just be back soon. I love you." >"And I love you too. Even if you are too trusting." "She hasn't given me reason not to trust her intentions." >"Giant, NO!" "It's okay Sonata." >"Why? Why did that stupid jerk get to live?!" "Let it out, I'm here for you." >"*Sniff* H-He was so sweet and innocent and lovable and-and-" "And the movie isn't over." >"H-Huh?" "Watch." >"... Giant!" "Mhmm." >"Yes! Yes! Yes!" "What can I say? I love happy endings." >"Haaa~ Earth movies are just... They're just great." "I like them." >"... Hey, Anon?" "Yeah?" >"You think that lesson is right?" "Which one?" >"You are who you choose to be..." "Yeah. We have free will after all. If we use it, we have 'limitless' potential." >"Why'd you do air quotes?" "We have to work with what's available. Can't make a car from dirt." >"Hmm... Okay." "Why'd you ask?" >"Cause... I wanna be the girl who makes you happy." "Huh?" >"I mean, I wanna choose to be her... Not the girl who got banished from her home." "Sonata... You've already changed a lot, you aren't the same girl who caused trouble at school." >"... I love you Anon." "And I love you." >"Mmm~" "Enjoying your cone?" >"Mhmm!" "Heh, glad." >"Mm, thank your dad for me?" "For the ice cream?" >"For giving you your keys back! We're mobile again!" "Pfft, glad me being able to drive is such a big part of this relationship." >"No! No. Now we don't have to ask your dad for a ride to prom!" "... Prom is months away." >"Yeah, but never too early to think ahead." "I mean, I would have DEFINITELY had the car back by then. Also, most people would say that about college... or, you know, preparing for a baby." >"... Want to-" "No." >"Okay, but since you mentioned it-" "We're not having a baby. Ever." >"I was talking about college!" "Really?" >"Yes!" "Because knowing you, and all the teasing..." >"... Okay, maybe-" "Knew it." >"MAYBE for a second, I imagined what a kid we'd have would look like." "Heh, caaalled it. Anyway, college?" >"Right! I was wondering if you started applying yet." "..." >"You... have started, right?" "I... a couple places." >"Oh... uh, why didn't you tell me?" "They're in different states." >"What?!" "That's why." >"I-why didn't you tell me?!" "Because I knew you'd freak out about it and forgive me for wanting my last few months with my girlfriend to be nice." >"... Why are you telling me now then?" "You asked." >"You could have lied..." "When have I ever lied to you?" >"..." "What about you?" >"I... did what your dad said and talked to some college counselors." "And?" >"Well, I never took the SATs and it's too late now... so they suggested I start off in a community college and then transfer, if I really wanted..." "I see." >"Yeah... So I'm stuck here while you go who knows where." "Don't say it like that." >"How else can I say it?" "... We still have a few months together." >"And then what? Do we just go our separate ways? Forget we even met?" "Long distance relationships can work you know." >"... Really?" "Yeah... subject change?" >"Sure..." "How're your classes doing." >"Ugh... Mi clase de matemáticas me está matando. Mi clase de español es nada." "Heh, and the others?" >"Inglés y la historia están bien." "Why're you still speaking Spanish?" >"Because it makes me feel smart..." "Sonata, come here." >"Nnn..." "You are smart." >"No I'm not." "Yes you are. You just don't have any help." >"I have you." "Heh, I'm not that much help." >"More than you know... and soon you're going to leave." "Hmm... how about this; if you get three As, not only will we go to prom, I'll do anything else you want." >"Anything?" "Anything. BUT, if you don't get three As, we just go to prom." >"Mkay." "And if you get less than three Cs, we don't go to prom." >"What?!" "Incentive to make sure you don't fail." >"That's BS though!" "That's my offer." >"And if I refuse?" "Well... I mean, I might lose my car again." >"... Are you..." "Little bit." >"Why?..." "Because, I don't want you focusing on us being separated, so I'm making you focus on passing your classes." >"That's a dirty trick." "So was you trying to strip in front of me when we first hung out." >"..." "There's that smile." >"Heh, fine... deal." "Good. Now, how about we go do something?" >"Like what?" "Well, we could go someplace else, or we could head back to my place and watch more movies." >"Movies!" "Heh, fine. Glad to see you found something to like about Earth." >"Two things." "Hand." >"Heh, you haven't done that in a long time." "You haven't just grabbed my hand in a long time." >"Not letting go... never letting go." "Well, that's going to make going to the bathroom awkward." >"Ew-hew!" "Ha, you let go." >"You're nasty!" "And you're cute." >Sweating, you look to Sonata, who is laying back, legs spread as she screams. >Your dad places his hand on your shoulder. >"I gave you condoms." >Sonata screams again, causing you to look back, the doctor reaching the tip of his hand up her vagina. >A smack on the back of your head has you turn back. >"And now you're going to have to get a job instead of going to college, LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE!" >Lips trembling, you look back to Sonata. >The doctor is leading the baby out by its leg. >Turning back to face your parents, they're gone. >A crying sound has you turn back, watching as Sonata cradles a blanket. >The doctor places his now gloveless hand on your shoulder. >"Congratulations, its a girl." >Walking up to Sonata, body feeling heavy and weak, she smiles. >"Look, here's your daddy." >Giving a very soft chuckle, Sonata pulls the blanket back. >Your expression quickly changes to one of fear. >There is a force head looking at you, crying. >Shaking your head, the small horse kicks free, showing it has human legs. >It continues crying as you fall to the ground, crawling back. >Once you hit the wall, the horse head jerks to look at you, crying stopped. >"Daddy." >Taking a sharp inhale, Sonata's hand falls form your side. >Body shaking, you cannot see anything. >Blinking, your eyes adjust. >You are in your room, at night. >It's almost three am. >Sonata grumbles, shifting as she turns away from you, still asleep. >It was just a dream. >A nightmare. >Laying back, you groan, sweat making you very uncomfortable. >After a few moments, you sit up and grab the box of condoms, speaking softly. "I am NEVER going to forget one of you." >Finally opening the bow, you take one and place it in your wallet. >... But what if that one breaks? >Taking a second one, paranoia hits you again, making you worry one might have a hole in it. >Three. >Three is a good number. >With three condoms in your wallet, you put the box away, and lay back. >Sighing, you close your eyes. >"Anon?" "Huh?" >"You're acting really weird. Are you all right?" "Um... Yeah, yeah... just, quick question." >"Mkay?" "What would have been the thing you asked for." >"Huh?" "If you got those As, what would be the thing?" >"... I dunno. Hadn't given it a lot of thought." "None?" >"Nope." "So it wouldn't be asking for unprotected sex?" >"I can ask for that?!" "Ah! Shhh! Parents, remember?" >"Oh, sorry. Um, I can ask for that?" "Well, I said anything, but I'd really prefer it if it WASN'T that." >"Why? ... Is it because I'm ugly?" "What? No! You're beautiful, Sonata." >"Hmm~" "I just had a bad dream last night." >"Where we had sex?" "No. We had a kid." >"And that's bad?" "We had a kid now. This year." >"Ohhh, that would be bad." "Right and... it had a horse head." >"What?" "Yeah, half human and half horse." >"... I had a horse head at one point, you know." "I know, but did you have a human bottom while you had the horse head?" >"Well, no, but-" "It isn't about the horse head. It's about the half human and half horse part... I was scared." >"... So, if our kid had half pony parts, would you be afraid of it?" "What kind of-... Oh." >"Yeah." "I mean..." >"Figures." "Sonata, I've never seen a pony like your kind before." >"Well I never saw a human when I came to Earth, but I got used to it." "Well, if, and this is a big if, our kid had pony parts... I mean, it'd be our kid." >"And?" "What kind of parent can hate their kid?" >"... Hehehe." "What's so funny?" >"I got you to talk about us having ba~by~" "Tsk-gah!" >"You were all 'nope nope nope' yesterday, but less than an hour in today, boom! Baby." "Ugh." >"Love you Anooon~" "I love you too. Like I said, no unprotected sex." >"Fine, I'll just have to think of a new thing then." "Well then, I look forward to seeing those As." >"You better mi novio!" "..." >"Hey loser." "Gah! Aria, what the fuck?!" >"Oh what? Do I scare you that much?" "No, but hiding behind someone's locker is creepy as shit." >"Oh, and taking advantage of the dumb girl isn't?" "You better not be talking about what I think you're talking about." >"You and Sonata, yeah." "Well you're one to talk then. Getting Ds where Sonata's been getting Bs." >"Like her cup size." "Bitch." >"Asshole. Now then, I didn't come here to make fun of your relationship." "Yeah, because we're the BEST of friends." >"Who knows, we might be, after you do this little thing for me." "Uh huh, and what'd that be?" >"Break up with Sonata." "... You're retarded." >"It's either that or Adagio and I 'accidentally' leak some nudes of Sonata." "What- WHAT?!" >"You heard me." "Sonata doesn't have nudes!" >"That can easily be fixed. After all, she can either make some or get kicked out." "What?!" >"Mhmm." "You bitch!" >"So you'll do it?" "No! Why does this matter to you so fucking much?! It's not like me and her being together is hurting you!" >"Yeah, you'd think... but I just can't have her being happy. I mean, why should the weak link get to smile while Adagio and I can't?" "Oh, so you're jealous." >"Oooh, yes. I'm so jealous of Sonata's sack of fat boyfriend." "Hey!" >"Hell, I bet you're packing a tic tac down there. That'd explain why you're with the airhead. Desperation." "Get. The fuck. away from me." >"Mmm, no. See, I'm not leaving you alone until I know you're breaking up with her." "Go to hell." >"Fine, if breaking up with her is so hard, you could always cheat on her." "You're fucking- Mph!" >"mm-hmmm~" "Gah, bitch!" >"Hehe, so easy." "You-I'll-" >"You'll what? Hit me?" "..." >"Oh, you want to, don't you? But what would happen? I mean, hitting a poor defenseless girl like me..." "I'll fucking... Nn!" >"So cute when you try to be tough." "You're a fucking psycho bitch." >"Again, cute. Now I'm going to make things REAL clear. You have four options. Break up with Sonata, cheat on her, she loses her home, or she becomes the schools next big slut." "Why the hell are- how can you-" >"Awww, you're cute when you struggle too!" "Gaffin... AGH!" >"Heh, I'll give you a day to think about it. I mean, when you have an offer like this dropped on you... you might screw up and make the wrong decision." "I... hate... you." >"Stop it, you're making me just want to smother you." "Leave." >"Fine... just make sure to get a good look." "Of wha- NN!" >"Mmm, there's more than just a flash waiting for you if you choose option B." "Fucking psycho bitch!" >"Byeee~" "Dammit... what do I- what CAN I-... dammit." "I don't know what to do, Norman." >"Cmon, there's got to be an easy fix to this. Have you tried narking?" "To Celestia? I do that, Sonata loses her home." >"Right... Uhh, Adagio! Have you-" "Yes. She said she didn't care so long as it shuts those, and I quote, 'two idiots' up. Hell, she even said she'd have one less to deal with." >"Damn... What if... Hmm, how desperate are you to stop this?" "Norman, what are you thinking?" >"Just trust me. How desperate are you?" "I would... I would do anything." >"Even murder?" "NO!" >"Then that's not everything. Now, how desperate are you." "... I don't care what happens to Aria or Adagio, I just... I want Sonata to be safe." >"All right, I have a few extreme ideas." "How extreme?" >"Let's just say this... it'll solve the problem." "Norman-" >"Just trust me." "I don't want any blood on my hands man." >"There won't be. Look, just meet me at the football field half an hour after the last bell goes off." "What? Why?" >"Anon, I have a way to handle this, you just need to be quiet about it, okay?" "... I have a really bad feeling about this." >"You probably should. Look, I have to get to my next class, I'll see you after school." "..." >"Anon!" "Sonata..." >"Hey, you didn't wait for me." "I-... Yeah." >"... Is everything all right?" "Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine. I just need to go see Norman for something." >"Oh, I'll come with." "No, you can't." >"Why not?" "It's a guy thing." >"... Anon." "Sonata, it's nothing big. Look, I'll be quick and we'll head to my place." >"Oh... Okay." "I love you Sonata... please, just trust me." >"I do, it's just, you've never acted like this before and it's a little... weird." "Heh, probably is. I'll be quick, okay?" >"Okay. When you get to your car, can we just drive around a bit?" "Oh, somewhere you want to go?" >"Nuh uh, just for funsies!" "God dammit... Adorable woman. Of course. Like I said, I'll be quick." >"Got it. Love you Anon, mwah~" "Love you too." >With a sigh, you wonder what Norman's plan is. >He seemed VERY eager about it, so it's probably something really dumb... >Or really dangerous. >Shaking it off, you put things in perspective. >Who are you kidding? >It's Norman! >He's not sadistic enough to put anyone in any real danger. >Sure, he has an unhealthy obsession with Rarity, but that's the extent of his danger. >... You hope. >As you approach the football field you see that Norman isn't alone. >Flash and Big Mac are with him. >Once you are close enough that you won't have to yell to have the three hear you, you speak. "What the hell is this?" >The three guys look to you, Norman is the only one smiling. >"Ah, Anon! Perfect timing, we were just discussing the plan." >Stepping between Big Mac and Flash, you sigh. "I thought we were only going to talk about the possibility, not actually doing it... and I thought this would be between you and me." >The two non-invited guests look away at this comment, awkwardly trying to seem nonchalant. >Norman sighs, looking you dead in the eye. >"Look, Aria only gave you a day, right? Meaning if we're going to do this, we have to do it tonight." >More than a little annoyed now, you give him a frustrated glare and throw your hand to your sides. "Do what?! You told me to trust you, but you won;t give me any details. Now you have two guys I barely know in on this?" >Turning to Flash, then Big Mac, you point to Norman. "Did he tell you anything about what is going on?" >The blue haired boy toy sighs, rubbing the back of his head as he looks to your feet. >"Yeah... apparently more than he's told you." >Big Mac just lets off one of his signature "Eeeyups" and turns to give a disapproving look to Norman. >Your so called friend raises his hands, chuckling softly. >"Okay, okay... I may have let some details slip, but we're all here now, and we can clear the air. Ahem, so... the plan is to plant drugs in Aria's locker." >You just stare at him for a moment before turning around and throwing your hands up. "I'm out." >Norman runs up to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. >"Whoa whoa, wait. Anon, this is a good plan." >Brushing his hand off, you face him. "Getting her thrown in jail is a good idea?!" >The beanie wearing boy blows a raspberry, waving it off. >"Relax, we're not going to go THAT far. Just a baggie of weed." >Groaning, you cross your arms. "Oh yeah? And where are we going to get weed from? We don't know anybody who sells it and people don't sell to strangers." >All three boys just stare at you. "... One of my cousins is a pothead." >After three quick "oh"s of understanding, Norman clears his throat. >"Well, not going to question just how much your cousin knows, but we do know someone who sells weed." >Raising an eyebrow, you look to Flash. >He shakes his head and points to Big Mac. >More than a little surprised, you look to the tall teen. >He rolls his. >"Mah cousin works a farm up in California. He sends us a lil plant every now n' again." >That could explain why Big Mac is so mellow all the time. "Okay then. You have the pot, how are you going to get it into her locker?" >Flash raises his hand. >"Twilight is head of the student council. One of the perks is she has a key that unlocks EVERY door in the school. Including the lockers. I asked if I could borrow it." >Opening your mouth to speak, you pause. >In the wrong hands, that could be a very bad thing, but you know Twilight. >... Sort of. >She's more straight and narrow than anyone. >Releasing a huff, you still don't agree with his plan. "This is stupid." >Turning to walk away, Norman once again grabs your shoulder. >"Anon, it's either this or you do one of Aria's options." >Falling silent, you are unsure. >Aria is NOT going to win. >You won't let her. >But do you want to do it like this? >Planting drugs on her? >What would your dad think if he found out? >He would be so disappointed in you.. >Gritting your teeth, you've made up your mind. "I'm not doing this." >Pushing Norman off this time, you walk towards the lot you parked in. >After a good couple minutes of walking, you hear footsteps running behind you. >You ready yourself to yell at Norman when you see Big Mac. >He sighs, running a hand through his hair. "I'm not going to agree with this." >He just nods. >"Figured." >After a moment of silence, you shrug. "So why are you still here then?" >Big Mac tries to speak, but seems unable to find the words. >Groaning, he calms down and composes himself. >"Ya dislike me Anon." >Furrowing your brow, you shake your head. "No I don't." >He just gives you that same, half focused stare he always had. >"Yeah, ya do. Ever since that whole situation with Fluttershy happened. Ah know we ain't ever been great friends, but ya seem ta go out of yer way ta avoid me." >You are about to refute this when you stop. >Before all this, before you met Sonata, you probably couldn't see it, but he's right. >You took that pain from losing your friend quite hard, and more than likely associated it with him. >It wasn't his fault. >... But try saying that to stupid, "crushing on Fluttershy", you. "I'm sorry." >Big Mac nods. >"Ah never really cared fer her like that. Just mah sister tryin' ta fix me up, ya know?" >You nod, not wanting to reopen old wounds. "It's fine... and again, I'm sorry." >He reaches his hand out. >"Ah appreciate tha help ya gave when that stuff with Blueblood came out. Wanted ta repay tha favor... but since ya don't want it this way... we good?" >You hesitate before taking the guy's large hand and receiving a firm handshake. "We're good. Listen, Sonata's waiting for me, and I still have to figure out what I'm going to do..." >Big Mac just nods. >"Ah understand. Best of luck ta ya, n' ah hope this works out." >Getting your hand back, you just give him a nod back and turn to walk to your car. >This is going to be a tough situation, but not impossible. "NORMAN!" >"Dude." "I told you NOT to do it!" >"Technically you said you were out." "It fucking matters! Why the fuck are the cops arresting Aria?!" >"W-What?" "Yeah! What happened to 'Oh, it's just a baggie, it won't hurt anyone'?!" >"We didn't go through with it!" "Bull fucking horse shit." >"I swear! I gave the baggie to Flash and told him to trash it." "Really now?!" >"Honest to god, ask Big Mac!" "... So you didn't plant any drugs on her." >"None." "... I have to talk to Flash, he fucked up." >"How?" "Let me put it to you this way. What'll happen when Aria can't bring in her rent?" >"... Dude." "It took me about an hour after getting home to figure it out. Now Sonata really will be homeless." >"I... Dude... I'm..." "I know... So am I." "Flash?" >"Anon, hey." "What did you do?" >"Uhhh-" "What... Did you do." >"Okay, look. You had a problem with us putting drugs on Aria, I can respect that. Buuut I decided to take a peek at her locker anyway, see if there was something you could use as leverage." "... And?" >"She already had drugs. A lot of them." "Oh my god..." >"Yeah. Lot of white powders and stuff. So I placed an anonymous tip to Celestia and, well, problem solved." "..." >"Uhh, you're not happy. Why aren't you happy?" "Sonata's losing her home." >"What?" "All three of them; Sonata, Aria, and Adagio live together. They all pay rent. Now, with Aria going to jail..." >"Oh geez, I had no idea!" "I know..." >"God... I'm sorry man. I mean- she did it to herself, you know?" "..." >"Aria! I'm talking about Aria." "I... Yeah... Listen, Sonata and I are going to take a day off. Please, don't tell anyone." >"You got it man, you got it." >"*Sniff*" "Let it out Sonata..." >"I-I just..." "I'm here." >"I don't wanna leave again... I was just... I was just getting happy here and now-eh-eh-eh..." "We'll think of something..." >"*Sniff* Thanks for driving me out here... I... Thank you." "I love you, it's the least I could do." >"... We;ll still be together, if I have to leave, right?" "What? Of course!" >"Good..." "Sonata... come here, sit up." >"Huh?" "Just... we both need to calm down. Look at the view with me?" >"Okay..." "Heh, it's a lot different in the day time, right? No stars or clouds." >"... Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come here." "Huh?" >"This is the place you got grounded at..." "Sonata..." >"Maybe we should just go ho-... Nnnn..." "... Close your eyes." >"Hmm?" "Just trust me." >"Okay... They're closed." "Good." >"... Mph... mmm." "Sonata..." >"Anon, I love you." "I love you too." >"Just hold me?" "Of course." >"... This place still has a few bad memories associated with it." "Yeah... So how about we make some good memories here?" >"Oh yeah? How do you think we can do-... is that what I think it is?" "I have two more." >"... Is now really the best time?" "Sonata, I don't want this place to be a bad one. We had one of our first dates here. Why not have our first time be here too?" >"Anon..." "Look, I'm not going to force it. Truth be told, I'm nervous as hell about actually doing... 'it', but if it's with you, if it's something we can do that will help you remember this little spot as a happy one... well, I'm pretty sure I can be ready." >"... Think we'll use all three?" "Only one way to find out." >"Okay. Ummm, mind moving the car to those trees over there?" "Sure. Oh, Sonata?" >"Yeah Anon?" "I just... I love you." >"I know." "No, listen carefully... I love you." >"... Nnn." "I'm not turning the car on until you let go. Remember the last time you hugged me while I was driving?" >Gulping, you finish unrolling the condom down your shaft, Sonata looking at you with a soft blush on her cheek. >You would look back at her, but it still feels... new. >Her bare, silver toned nipples, her glistening blue lower lips. >It excites you, but it also makes you nervous. >This is your girlfriend's body, in the barest of forms. >Sure, there is that hormonal part of you screaming that you should go lust fuck wild, but there is also that YOU part of you, telling you to do this right. >Steeling your fears, you look up, matching her gaze. >She bites her lips, smiling. >"So, this is really happening?" >You nod, crawling towards her across the somewhat limited space. "Unless you have any second thoughts." >She grabs your hand, laying back on the seat, pulling you towards her. >"No... I wanted this for a long time and now I can have it. Why would I change my mind?" >Nodding, you reach between her legs, stroking her womanhood. >She's a virgin, and unless you want to hurt her, you need Sonata to be wet as rain. >Kissing her neck, she gasps, holding you there, letting your fingers run up and down her slit. >Feeling her up, you can tell she isn't quite ready. >Pressing your middle finger past her folds, she whimpers, tensing up. >You two have messed around a couple times since your first bj, and you know she shouldn't be this tight on just your finger. >She must be as nervous as you are. >Taking slow, patient strokes, you can feel her relax, her hands on the back of your head. >"Oh Anon..." >Suckling her neck, leaving a love bite, you can feel her lips start to moisten. >Good, you're making progress. >Continuing your tender foreplay, she starts to give soft moans, pussy getting more wet as you go on. >Once you THINK she is wet enough, you slide your finger out and move your hand to the seat behind her head. >She looks up to you, doe eyed and lip softly parted. >You kiss her once, aligning your shaft with her waiting cunny. "I love you Sonata." >She takes a deep breath. >"And I love-" >Pushing forward, you've done it. >Sonata tenses up, her inner walls grasping your tip. >"Y-Y-Youuu, oooh." >Her hands find their way back around your head, pulling you close. >Pushing in further, she lets off a light yelp. "Does it hurt?" >She nods, but giggles. >"Kinda like a pinch, but more... inside." >At least she isn't crying out in pain. >The condom is doing more than protecting you two, you can feel it aiding your penetration. >The material is slick, allowing you to fit more of your shaft at a faster pace. >Nearly hilting, Sonata tears up. "Should I-" >She kisses you. >"Don't you dare." >Nodding, you lean in, chest against her breasts, rolling your hips forward, taking your thrusts at a pace she can enjoy more than you. >She's the one with something inside her after all. >She coos, moaning lightly, hands moving form your neck to your back. >"Like that. Just, yes. Maybe a little faster?" >Taking her cues, you keep your aim, but grind your shaft faster, deeper. >Sonata moans more, her legs wrapping around yours. >"Mm, that's it. It's feeling good Anon, better than good. A-Ahhh~" >Holy shit. >Did you actually pull it off? >Is Sonata actually enjoying this? >"More. I can take it." >Feeling confident, you move your hips in a rougher manner, your thrusts filling Sonata's once virgin pussy. >Not daring to look down at the fear the sight will kill the mood, you just look in her eyes, kissing her as you see fit. >Her moans fill the car, windows fogging up. >"Mmm, Anon. That feels so good! Don't stop, please don't stop!" >Feeling the pleasure running throughout your body as well, a soft moan escapes your lips. "A-Ahh~." >Panting softly, you can feel sweat forming on your body. >Sonata is in the same form, droplets of sweat forming on her breasts and face. >Kissing her with more passion, you moan into her mouth. >Like when you first had Sonata taste you, the feeling of nervous fear is subsiding. >The pure pleasure of sexual embrace taking you, making you inadvertently pump faster. >Sonata doesn't seem to mind, as she continues moaning, fingers touching your skin, but not scratching. >Feeling your pleasure welling up, you are getting close to finishing. >You try and hold it, wanting Sonata to cum first. >With each thrust, it becomes harder. >Wave after wave of warmth hitting your shaft, sending shocks of physical pleasure up your body. >Unable to hold back, your hips jerk, pushing deeper as you let off a low moan, filling the condom with your seed. >Sonata moans as the protective material expands, growing inside her walls. >Worried that the condom will leak, burst, or fall off as you become flaccid, you pull out. >Catching your breath, it only takes you a couple minutes to calm down, hand holding the base of the condom. >Looking first to Sonata, you notice the smile on her lips, how her hair is frazzled and wet, and how hard her nipples are. >Slightly dazed, you wipe off then look to the rear-view mirror, noticing your own hair is in a similar condition. >Falling on your ass, you feel sonata wrap her arms around you as she sits up. >As the afterglow fades, you feel the need to apologize. "I... I'm sorry I couldn't get you off." >She giggles, kissing you. >"You did... twice~" >About to question her, she presses her finger to your lips. >"Don't you know anything about a girls orgasm?" >You blush, slightly embarrassed. >Your girlfriend strokes you, slowly working a half chub from you. >"Besides... we still have two more, right?" >Finding your second wind and stiffness, you kiss Sonata. "I said I love you, right?" >She nods, nuzzling into your chest. >"You have, a lot." >Holding her, you pet her head. "Because I do." >Reaching for the second condom, your know that this time will be much more natural, more pleasurable. "*Sigh*..." >"Anon." "Wah! Dad, you scared me." >"Anon, we need to talk." "O-Okay?" >"In my den." "Okay..." >"Now then, I got a call from your Principal this afternoon." "..." >"You can guess what she told me." "I... How did she notice?" >"Apparently she wished to talk with you about a certain series of events that went down today, but neither you nor Sonata were in your classes." "..." >"You've never ditched before. Why now?" "I... Dad... Something happened." >"Go on." "Sonata, she... She's going to be homeless." >"..." "And it's kind of my fault." >"..." "I-I spent the day comforting her." >"... Anon." "Y-Yeah?" >"That doesn't mean you should skip your classes." "What the- Sonata is losing her home, dad!" >"Don't raise your voice. I understand that, but skipping classes helps neither you nor her." "I know, but-" >"But it made her feel better, right?" "..." >"Son, I understand that both of you must be hurting, but you can't just take time off because you don't have the morale." "... What?" >"That's not how things work. Do you remember when your grandfather passed?" "Yeah..." >"I didn't want to get up the days that followed, but I did. We don't get the luxury to nurse our wounds. We have to push on, hide the pain." "And that's how things work in the real world?" >"As sad as it may seem, yes." "But that's-that's not right!" >"Life isn't right at times. We don't make the rules, we can only follow them." "... Good to know that's what I have waiting for me." >"Son-" "No, I get it. Growing up is giving up and doing what you NEED to do no matter what. Thanks for the heads up." >"Anon." "I'm going to get started on my homework. Because I have to, right?" >"Anon! ... Dammit. *Sigh*..." "Honey?" >"Yes dear?" "How is Anon?" >"Last I checked, he was still doing his homework... Quite vigorously." "I see... Did he look upset, in any way?" >"Now that you mention it, he did look like he had a chip on his shoulder." "Ugh... I should have worded myself better." >"Why? What happened?" "He and I had a discussion." >"... Abouuut?" "Having to push through tough times. Thinking on it, I was a bit coarse with my explanation. I may have upset him." >"Huh, did something happen?" "Yes, Anon made an emotional decision." >"... And that's bad?" "If it becomes a habit. Do you know how much trouble we would have had if all our decisions were emotional?" >"He's a teenager, babe. His emotions are kind of riding high 24/7." "Right, right... Urgh. I shouldn't have been so direct." >"So, what was this 'emotional decision'?" "He skipped a day of school." >"... Well, it is one day. I mean, we used to play hooky." "I know, but I want better for him." >"Heh, sounds like you let your emotions get the better of you." "I did... Now, I think there is something else we should discuss." >" We're having a discussion now? Lay it on me sweetie." "Possibly taking in Sonata." >"... No." "She is losing her home." >"So? Let her family take her in." "From what I understand, her family is not in the picture." >"So she's an orphan then?" "I don't know the full story." >"Pretty sure it would be illegal for us to house her then." "Well, not necessarily." >"Ugh. You do know it will just make it easier for them to do the deed if they're just down the hall from each other." "I am aware." >"And you're okay with that?" "So long as he doesn't get her pregnant, yes." >"Because I'm so sure getting the pill is high on their priority list." "He has condoms." >"How did-!..." "He's old enough to make the decision to have sex or not. It's better we accept that and help him protect himself then try and deny and let him fend for himself." >"Or we can make sure he doesn't have it." "How do you propose we do that? Slap a chastity belt on him?" >"Well, it's better than giving him permission!" "I am not giving him permission, I'm giving him another choice." >"Well that's just-" "Don't you wish our parents helped us? Don't you wish we had the same accessibility to safe sex as Anon has?!" >"..." "I know it was tough for you... but it was the only choice we could make. We weren't ready for a kid then. I don't regret our first times, but I wish we had more choices than do or don't." >"Fine. You're right. Let him have the damn condoms." "Thank you. Now, Sonata." >"I don't want her in my damn house." "She's alone." >"Not our problem." "You would rather she stay on the streets?" >"..." "Come here." >"Don't try to play devil's advocate here." "I'm not. I'm trying to help a kind young woman not throw away a future she's just barely finding." >"Why do you even trust her?" "Because I trust our son. He's made a few mistakes, but he's also made a lot more right ones." >"..." "Anon's showed me her grades, her improvement. I think he's the only one whose ever given a damn about her schooling." >"He's a bleeding heart." "The world needs more bleeding hearts." >"..." "... Just to keep her off the streets." >"I'm not going to say yes- not yet. Just give me time. I mean, that's our baby." "No, that's our son." >"... If she does anything to get him in trouble-" "She won't, but if she does, we'll step in." >"Fine. But I'm not having her on the same floor as Anon." "We could clear out the basement. Move the boxes to storage." >"God, we're actually talking about this." "It's either that or hurt our son by letting his girlfriend suffer." >"Fucking... Gah." "I know this isn't easy for you." >"Hey, I'll do anything for my baby boy." "I know. I love you." >"And I love you... Just, promise me you aren't making a stupid decision." "If I am, I'll fix it. Besides, she's a sweet girl. She's good for him." >"We'll see." "Hnnngh!" >"Lift with your legs, not your back." "What does that even mean?" >"Look. Don't stretch your back like... that... Nnph, heavy. One second." "Eugh, why are we cleaning out the basement again?" >"We're adding a second guest bedroom." "Still don't see why. We only get one group of guests at a time, and their kids usually get my room." >"Exactly, now you won't have to get it up." "Oh... so wait, is uncle Unon visiting?" >"Something similar." "... Aunt Fem?" >"Closer." "So we're having a group of guests coming then... huh, when?" >"Well, near the end of the month." "No exact date?" >"It's all in the moment." "Ah." >"Anon?" "Yeah dad?" >"Still upset about the talk we had yesterday?" "Considering I basically found out I have to shut down if I want to succeed in life? Little bit." >"Noticed. You've been acting much more passive aggressive." "..." >"Son, listen. I was wrong in the way I explained it. You don't shut down, that's not healthy." "Yeah, I've been there. I didn't want to go back." >"You don't shut down, but you do steel yourself." "Huh?" >"You have to hide your pain or anger, not ignore it." "Okay, because this is VERY different advice from what you said." >"I know, but I meant what I said when I told you that you have to keep your responsibilities." "What?" >"School is your responsibility, my work is mine. If it had been anything else; family visit, doctor's appointment, or sleep, I wouldn't have been nearly as upset, but it was school. You need to do well there, to give yourself a head-start when your life outside of here starts." "Dad, you didn't say anything about responsibilities." >"Didn't I?" "No, you just got pissed I skipped a day." >"Ah, I apologize." "..." >"But I hope you understand, I'm not mad that you did it to help Sonata, I was worried it would become a habit." "Look, dad, I KNOW school is important. You've seen me push Sonata to do better, right?" >"I've seen." "I'm not an idiot. Last night, you made it seem like you thought I was." >"Anon... I know you aren't an idiot. I just care that you make the right decisions. After I got my head on straight, I realized you have been. It's why I'm clarifying now." "..." >"I love you son. I want you to have the world." "Dad..." >"Sadly, life doesn't work that way. You have to earn your way. So I want to help you earn yours. I just ended up giving you the wrong impression instead." "Look, I get it. I'm sorry I was an ass." >"Language, and so am I. Still, there will be tough days like yesterday, that's when you need to force a smile for the time, and deal with the problem when you are free." "... Dad, I don't regret what I did." >"I figured as much." "I was able to make Sonata feel better, keep her head from some dark places." >"... I'm proud of you Anon. I don't say it enough. Still, keep what I said in mind." "Thanks dad, and I will." >"Still upset?" ".... Nah, not as much. Just pissed off about the situation." >"It'll work out, I promise." "I hope you're right... I'm not the one who loses if it doesn't." >Sighing as you step out of your house, you walk up to your dad's side, both waiting for your guest or guests. >It's been a couple weeks, but the basement is now fit for a living condition. >Bed, rug, nightstand, all that good stuff. >Your mom went to go grab whoever is staying with you. >Probably your uncle Unon, she refused to crack a smile when she said she was leaving. >As you wait, you see her bright red four seater turning the corner. >Your dad puts his hand on your shoulder. >"Remember to offer to take their bags." >Nodding, you look back to the car. >You were going to offer anyway, it's the polite thing to do. >As your mom pulls in, you try to make out who is sitting behind her, but her window's tint is too thick. >As the door opens, you see a familiar blue with purple highlight ponytail tip. >Your brain momentarily pauses, making it hard for you to process the next few moments. >Sonata waves to you, a cheek to cheek smile on her face. >Your mother has a surly expression as she pops the trunk, your girlfriend running to grab her two cases. >It takes a cough and push form your dad before your brain catches up with reality. >"Her bags?" >Failing to form a complete sentence, you just run to Sonata's side, taking her bags just as she gets them out. >The blue haired beauty hugs you, a sincere smile on her face. >"Hey Anon~" >Confused, your tone comes out flat. "H-Hey. What are you-" >You are interrupted by a quick kiss before Sonata looks you in the eye. >"Your parent's are moving me in!" >Shocked, you look to your mom, who is searching through her car for something, then your dad, who just gives a soft nod. "Wha- When were you going to tell me? You cried just the other day when you said you still didn't have a plan!" >Sonata places the back of her hand on yours as she leads you to your house. >"They just came to talk to me about it last night. I wanted to tell you soooo bad, but they said not to!" >Slowly smiling, you just chuckle. "I... wow... they're actually letting you stay with us?" >She nods, looking to your dad, worry briefly appearing in her eyes. >"You are letting me stay here... Right?" >He nods once again, looking to you, then back to Sonata. >"Yes, but it won't be entirely free." >You look to your dad, worried on what he is implying. >"I figure fifty a month for room and board is well within your range. You were making more than that for your rent, right?" >Sonata's smile returns as she nods, running to hug your dad before coming back to you. >Your girlfriend is now dragging you inside. >"Come on, show me to my room!" >You aren't sure if this is actually happening right now, but you're too happy to care. >Giggling as Anon unpacks your clothes, you continue to bounce your butt on your new bed. >YOUR new bed! "I can't believe this!" >Anon chuckles, folding your lacey panties. >You're surprised he isn't being more shy about dealing with your underwear. >"Neither can I. So, it all just happened last night?" >You nod, unable to get over how soft and comfy this bed is. "Uh huh! Adagio was packing up, getting ready to head to her new place when they showed up. I was about to cry when I answered the door, because of the me leaving part, when they said I could stay with you! Then I actually did burst! I mean... AHHH!" >Throwing yourself to the side, you grab the big fluffy pillow and hug it. >You know you must be acting like a filly, but who cares? >Sighing, you cuddle the pillow. "I was so scared... then they come along and let me in. I mean, they didn't mention rent last night, so I thought it was for free, but fifty is super cheap!" >Your adorable boyfriend just listens, shutting the last drawer before turning and walking up to you. >He strokes your forehead. >"I... I'm glad you're safe." >After he gives you a small peck, you glomp him, wrapping your arms around his neck. "So am I... and that I can still stay near my sweetie pie!" >He chuckles, freeing himself before sitting next to you. >"That sounds like the power couple name for Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie." >Cooing, you place your head in his lap. "Hmmm~" >He pets your head a couple times before the door is creakily opened. >That's going to get scary at night. >Anon's mom comes down the stares, looking at you two. >You sit up, noticing how annoyed she looks. >"Anon, I want to talk with Sonata alone." >He is about to object when he pauses. >Your boyfriend sighs and stands. >"If I hear yelling, I'm getting dad to come down here." >He pecks your cheek before heading towards the stairs. >Once he is out of your new room, his mother crosses her arms and looks to you. >"Before you get too comfortable, we're going over the ground rules." >Blinking once, you listen. "Okay." >She sighs, counting with her fingers before talking. >"No leaving your room past ten." >You nod, remembering the rules. >"No walking around in anything less than a pair of shorts and a shirt. No sneaking into Anon's room in the morning or when no one is paying attention." >You continue to nod with each rule. >"You shower ALONE." >It would have been nice to shower with Anon, but you're pretty sure that would cause a lot of trouble. >"No credit cards, no bringing your friends down here, no pets." >Aww, you were thinking of getting a little bird. >"We can't exactly stop you two from finding a way from having sex, but if we do find you two, there'll be hell to pay." >Looks like you'll have to be extra sneaky. >Not that they've caught you the five different times you've done it. >"If you corrupt Anon in anyway or get pregnant, you're out of here." >Furrowing your brow a bit, you wonder if she really thinks you would corrupt Anon? >You did do some bad stuff before, but not super bad... >At least, not because you wanted to. "Yes ma'am." >"That's all. Oh, and if we find any drugs or other illegal items, we'll see to it the police department is involved." >That's just unfair. >You aren't Aria! >You didn't even know humans had drugs, especially not stuff bad enough to get you thrown in jail. >Holding in some tears, you nod. "Yes ma'am." >She is silent before turning to the stairs. >"This isn't some sort of hand out. We fully expect you to use this opportunity." >She doesn't need to tell you. >Her husband and your boyfriend have shown you that you CAN be someone. >Especially now that you're actually doing good in school. >You wouldn't throw that all away, not all the effort they put in you. >Which is more than you got form your own family... >Even now, with her making you feel this bad, she is still giving you more than they did. >Forcing yourself to calm down, you speak up. "I will. Thank you ma'am." >She stops for a moment. >"... Dinner is in an hour and... you're welcome." >As she leaves, the door gives a super soft clunk. >That's going to be scary at night too. >Sighing, you rub your eyes of a single tear before cuddling back with the pillow. >You have a good bed, people who care about you not screwing up, and a wonderful boyfriend. >If someone had asked you if your life would have gotten this "well" when you were busy magicking people in that diner... >Rubbing your head in the pillow, a few tears come out. >You're sad, but you're still happy. >Earth... doesn't feel so bad now. >As you sigh, nude from your waist down, hand on your softening member, your door abruptly opens. >Screaming, you see your mom step in. >"Okay, where is she?!" >Covering up, your cheeks burn with embarrassment. "GET OUT!" >Your mother ignores you. >"Where is Sonata?!" >You wrap your blanket around your waist, making sure to cover your skin. "What? I don't know!" >Your mother scowls, searching your room. >"She's not in her room. I know you two have been sneaking around." >You wait for her to finish, her search fruitless. "Just because we're dating doesn't mean we're going at it 24/7 like a couple of rabbits!" >She throws you a look that shows she doesn't believe that. >"It's been a couple weeks since she moved in. I know how teenage boys work, there's no way you've gone this long without doing anything." >You just toss a pillow form your bed, causing your mother to close the door. >After a few minutes, Sonata peeks in through your window. >"Heheh, she does know we go to school together, right?" >Sighing, you toss the blanket off, your freshly sucked member flaccid and still dribbling. "Fuck..." >Sonata pulls herself in, walking up with a smile on her face before she leans in and gives you a quick suck. >Your body freezes up, releasing a breath of pleasure. >Once she is done, she pecks you, gives you a hug, then taps your nose. >"Gonna go in through the front door. See you in a couple minutes cutie~" >With that, she climbs back out your window. >You just chuckle, laying back once more. >Once she's in, she'll come back and you two will start your studying. >Not that she needs it as of late. >She's pulling ahead in her classes, really holding her spot, showing she is committed. >With a smile on your face, your eyes shut. >You love that girl. >Running your tongue over Sonata's slit one last time, you can feel her grip on your head tighten. >Wrapping your lips over her sweet honeypot, she doesn't hold back any longer, cumming. >You swallow the small feminine juice and pull yourself up from underneath her blanket. >She looks to you, eyes soft, cheeks a purplish tint. >Your girlfriend kisses you once before sliding down, pushing on your hips for you to lay back. >Getting in position, you relax, feeling her soft fingers stroking your shaft with a tender firmness. >Cooing, you try to count the number of times you two have gone down on each other since she moved. >You reach past ten when you gasp, feeling her lips slurp your stiff head. >True, you two haven't had sex since then, but the oral game has been insane. >Feeling your hips involuntarily squirm and buck, you control yourself. >A giggle comes from underneath the blanket as Sonata lets your shaft out of her mouth, dragging the tip of her tongue up it before she prods your opening with it. >Giving a strange moan, you feel her directly licking up the pre you leak. >Whimpering, you clutch the bed, Sonata working your shaft with a pleasant roughness. >Taking longer breaths, you feel yourself approaching your finish. >Holding a moan in your throat, you buck your hips up, cumming inside of the blue beauty's mouth. >She slurps on your shaft as you shoot off, continuing to do so until the last drops leave you. >Satisfied, she swallows and crawls back up, cuddling with you. >You bask in the afterglow, momentarily forgetting you don't have all night. >Kissing her, she giggles. >"Same time tomorrow?" >You sigh, slipping your legs form her bed. "I don't know. I think my parents will be up late. Hmm, maybe the weekend." >She nods, covering up as you tuck her in. >The blue girl sighs contently. >You kiss her once, putting her to bed. >She'll have to wake up early to wash her mouth out. >Grabbing your boxers and sweat pants, you make your way upstairs. >Feeling a bit parched, you head towards the kitchen. >Grabbing a glass and some juice, your body freezes as the lights turn on. >Shakily turning, you see your dad. >He just walks past you, grabbing a cup for himself and filling it with water. >Once again walking past you, he stops at the light switch. >"You really should be in bed, you know." >Nodding, he returns the nod, shutting the light back off. >Sighing, you can feel the bullet you dodged. >Going to the sink, you wash your mouth out real quick before drinking your water. >Finished, you give a proud smirk. >Technically, what you've been doing with Sonata falls in your parents' rules. >She isn't leaving her room or sneaking out. >You are. >Making your way back to your room, you sigh, lower body feeling quite loose. >Sitting at the table as you wait for your mom to serve dinner, you can't help but be happy with how things are. >Sonata has improved a lot since she moved in. >Not just her studies, but her ability to comprehend. >Your dad has been good as well, teaching Sonata to drive. >He's kept her safe, made sure any accident she could have gotten into has been prevented. >Hand by the e-brake, ready to keep her from getting hurt. >Then there's the fact you've been making friends. >Turns out what you told Bog Mac was more than just a BS sentiment. >You two have actually been good. >He's pulled you and Sonata towards Sunset and Twilight's click. >You mended your broken relationship with Fluttershy to a degree. >It will never be the way it was before, you can't see yourself woth her anymore, but is that necessarily a bad thing when you have Sonata? >Aside from your several new female friends, you've actually found yourself getting along with Flash. >You thought he was just a tool, and you were right. >Kind of hard not to be when you've lived a sheltered life with parents who spoil you, but he's getting over it. >Very slowly, but it's something. >You haven't heard anything about Aria or Adagio, so that has you concerned. >Still, your life is feeling 5/7. >The only things holding it down are the fact you have no idea what happened to Sonata's roommates and... >"Dinner's done." >Your mom. >She drops a bowl filled with potato salad on the table before heading back into the kitchen. >Sighing, you look to Sonata, who is happily swinging her feet back and forth. >Your mom still treats Sonata badly. >She doesn't openly humiliate her or anything, but she is VERY passive aggressive. >You KNOW Sonata notices this, but she never takes offense. >You also know it isn't because she's an air head. >The last time someone insulted her intelligence, she all but tore them a new one. >It was surprisingly hot seeing Sonata being so dominant. >Still, she won't stand up to your mom. >Who has just come back with a fresh from the oven shepherds pie. >She is careful placing it down, the container being fragile. >"Dig in." >Your father is the first to respond, taking the large spoon and getting a nice helping of potato salad. >Then Sonata, your mother, and you make sure you are the last. >You want to know Sonata gets her fill. >As you all eat, you occasionally hear Sonata moan in bliss. >You almost don't want to know what she's been through that a home cooked meal STILL makes her happy after these past few months. >"Mmm, yum! Thank you for the meal Mrs. Mous." >Your mom has her eyes on her plate, giving a soft hum of acknowledgement. >Continuing to eat, you wonder if you are the only one feeling tension in the air. >Every meal was like this, but no one seems to say anything. >You've thought that maybe it's just you, but it should have stopped after the first few meals, right? >You cough, accidentally getting a chunk of potato stuck in your throat. >Continuing to cough, your dad stands, ready to move behind you. >"Everything all right son?" >You nod, the chunk forced back into your mouth. >Throat clear, you mash your teeth on the chunk, breathing clear. >Dear old dad retakes his seat, Sonata patting your back. >Your mother swallows her food, speaking up. >"You know, that actually makes it worse." >Looking up with a soft glare, you control your tone. "Sonata's just trying to help." >She continues eating, not looking up from your plate. >"I know, but slapping someone's back just digs the thing in deeper. Makes it harder to get out." >Exhaling stronger than usual through your nose, you are about to respond when a particularly loud *clank* catches your attention. >Looking to your dad, you see him wiping his lips off, shaking his head. >You give a soft sigh, taking the high road. >Your mom doesn't keep the aggression going, conversation dead. >Looking back to Sonata, she has a soft expression as she pecks your cheek. >Dinner as usual... >"Anon?" "Hmm?" >"You think your mom could teach me to cook?" "That came out of nowhere." >"Nuh uh. It came from your mom being able to cook really really good food!" "It's not THAT good." >"It is!" "Not really." >"Yes really." "Nope." >"Yep!" "It's normal." >"It's great." "I don't-Mmph!..." >"Mmm~" "Hmm-?NN!" >"Ahhh~ mmm, can taste it on your tongue~" "Tha-That was-" >"New?" "Y-Yeah. Your tongue was... Livelier than usual." >"I can't help it! Your tongue tasted sooo good." "Jesus..." >"Hey! Blushy!" "Shut up!" >"I haven't got you to blush in a long time." "Nngh!" >"So, you think she's teach me?" "I dunno! Maybe?" >"Yay!" "Eugh..." >"Wanna keep going?" "... Yes." >Taking the whisk, you try to spin it like Anon's mom did. >She lets off an annoyed sigh and grabs your wrist. >"No, you don't use your whole arm. Just the wrist." >She turns it, making it feel awkward and even more stiff. "I'm trying, I just..." >"Don't get it?" >You nod, feeling guilty on how hard you're making this. >It can't be that hard to twirl and flick your wrist, so why can't you? >Trying again, you feel your hand shake. "Um, is that... Normal?" >She sighs, shaking her head. >"No. Take a five minute break and eat a banana." >You let go of the whisk, doing as she says and going to grab a banana. >Peeling it, you take a bite. >Sighing, you watch as the mixture if cream and sugar sits, lumps forming. >Anon's mom said baking was one of the easiest things to do... >Finishing the banana, you get back to the spot you were in. >After some more whisking, you look over and see her giving you a judging look. >Not the "You're dating my son" look, you know that one. >Refocusing on the bowl, you accidentally tilt it, causing the bottom to lift onto on end and spin a bit. "No no no no!" >You try and grab it, failing. >Anon's mom gets it though, but the angle still has the mix spill on the floor. >Over half of it is gone... "... I-I'll get the mop." >As your dad pulls in to the driveway, you hop out and head for the backseats. >You've been worried ever since you and he left to grab some house repair stuff. >Sonata is all alone in the house with your mom... >That wasn't sitting well with you. >As you grab the bags, you rush for the door, your dad calling out for you. >Once inside, you can hear crying. >You let the bags down and run to the kitchen. >Sonata is rubbing her eyes, your mom just tapping her fingers against her arm. "What's going on in here?!" >Sonata turns to you, sniffling. >She tries to speak, but fails. >Seeing her struggle, your mom hands you a lumpy puck of a cookie. >Taking a bite, the texture is strange. >It is like a loose, thick bread. >The taste forces you to stop. >It is salty. >As in, a weak but VERY uncomfortable salty. >Trying to swallow, you fail. >It eventually gets to the point where you HAVE to spit it out or risk throwing up. >Hacking, Sonata just cries more. >"I tried so hard, and it just got salty, and I-I-I just.... W-waaahhah, I just suck!" >Wiping your mouth, you pull yourself to stand back up, moving to hug Sonata. "You don't suck." >She just whimpers, tears staining your shoulder. >Looking to your mom, she sighs. >"You don't suck." >Sonata gives a weak cry before answering. >"I do! I can do trig now, I can speak spanish, but I can't even make some stupid cookies?!" >Her whimpering stops, but her tears don't. >Your mom brings her fingers to the bridge of her nose. >"Cooking isn't a science, it's an art. You make mistakes. It's your first time working with an oven, you should be grateful you made something solid that didn't chip a tooth." >Sonata calms down a bit, still holding you. >After a couple moments your mom hands her a paper towel. >"Clean yourself up, we're going again." >She nods, letting go and wiping up her eyes. >Seeing them begin to go again, you feel a bit awkward. >You tap Sonata's shoulder and give her a hug. "I'll be around if you want to talk." >She nods, expression still weak and sorrowful. >Heading back to the bags, you notice them missing. >You look around to see if you misplaced them. >Unable to find them, you go to the garage and see your dad putting them up. >You approach him and look for a bag to help put things away. >"It's all put up." >Feeling bad, you look to the floor. "Sorry." >He chuckles. "Don't be. Sonata was crying and you put people first. That's how it should be at home. Anyway, heard some yelling and figured you needed a moment. Want to talk about what happened in there?" >You sigh. "Sonata... Made some bad cookies and started crying." >Your dad looks uncomfortable. >"That's it?" >You shrug, shaking your head. "I don't know... I mean, mom SEEMED calm... But no way Sonata would cry over screwing up some cookies." >Your dad hums. >"I'll talk with your mom, you talk with Sonata? See if we can't find out why it hit so hard." >That seems like a good idea. "Later, they're making another batch." >Your dad nods, pulling out a retractable lamp, extension cord, plumber's wrench, and plumbing tape. >"All right then. Let's see if we can't fix the pipes while we wait." >"Mmm... these cookies still suck." "Come on, they're not that bad." >"Anon, these are literal suck cookies." "You know the definition of literal, right?" >"Yes." "So these aren't literal suck cookies." >"Nnn..." "Come on, smile." >"..." "... You know, we could probably work a quickie in if we hurry." >"... Pffft." "There we go!" >"Cheater!" "You're the one who smiled when I mentioned sex." >"You're lucky I don't make you keep that promise." "Hey, if my mom and dad were out, I would." >"Ugh..." "Okay, what happened between you and my mom?" >"Huh?" "One minute you're happy and possibly getting turned on, the next you're sighing with sad eyes." >"What? No, no... I mean..." "Come on." >"... She's a REALLY tough teacher." "Huh?" >"Yeah, she was on my butt the entire time..." "And that upset you?" >"Mhmm..." "... Was she mean?" >"No, just pointed out every mistake I made... which was a lot." "Sonata, come on. It was your first time baking. I can't even bake." >"Bet you wouldn't make salt cookies." "Sonataaa." >"Sorry... I'm just upset." "..." >"Anon? What are you- Haa!" "Shh, you need to relax and I know one sure fire way." >"O-Okay. Mmm, let me-" "Nope. This is all for you." >"I love you... M-More, faster. Use two fingers." "Hey Sweetie." >"Hey..." "You look down. Is something on your mind?" >"Ugh... I made Sonata cry." "On purpose?" >"No, of course not... I mean, I think I wanted to, but... dammit." "What happened?" >"I was watching her try and make the dough for her cookies, and just watching how coarse and rough she was... Ugh, I forgot she was dating Anon a few times and just saw a kid messing up so bad." "Didn't you help her?" >"I tried, I really did, but I just... argh!" "Huh, how tough was that cookie?" >"Very, they were from the first batch. My fingers hurt a bit." "Shouldn't have snapped it then." >"Dammit..." "What?" >"I don't know if I should keep teaching her. Making her cry like that... I feel like a real bitch." "I thought you didn't care much for her." >"I do. I don't! I... ugh." "It's almost as if she is just a sweet girl." >"Don't... not right now. I'll listen to your little 'I was right' speech later. Right now... I don't want it." "I wouldn't say that I was right." >"I know... I just, I made a freaking kid cry." "Why not make it up to her?" >"How would I do that?" "Well, trusting her a bit more would help." >"..." "Maybe give her and Anon some time alone every now and again?" >"No." "All right, I assumed you would say that." >"... Maybe." "Er, what?" >"I mean, no! ... I just... my head isn't right right now." "Need some time alone?" >"Please..." "Hmm, I'll take Sonata grocery shopping, help her decide what she wants to learn to cook too." >"... Grab eggs. Ooh, and meat." "We're almost out?" >"No, but if I'm going to continue this, I need easy to cook stuff." "Eggs and meat, understood... Hey." >"Yeah?" "I still love you." >"... Shut up and go get the food." "I know you do. Bye." >"... Doof..." "And this, and this, some of these." >"Heh, have a craving Sonata?" "Nah, just want to make sure I get lots of stuff so even if I do screw up, I get a lot of extra chances." >"... That's less than encouraging to hear." "Sorry... I just, I REALLY messed up." >"Well, it only took you two tries to get baking cookies right." "Horrible cookies." >"Oh, come on.They weren't that bad." "They were salt cookies." >"You're being too hard on yourself." "Nuh uh." >"Yes, you are. You made edible cookies for the first time, you didn't panic behind the wheel today, and you're grabbing a lot of bananas. Why are you grabbing so many bananas?" "Oh! Uh, well, I kind of ate all of yours..." >"Ah, reason?" "Well, your wife said they were supposed to help with my arm stiffness." >"Potassium, understood." "Hmmm... does Anon like peanut butter or chocolate chip more?" >"Cookies?" "Y-Yeah, heheh." >"Well, chocolate chi[p, I would think." "Okay!" >"Heh, this is somewhat more than a usual trip." "Oh, sorry. I'll pay for the stuff I got." >"Are you sure? I can handle it Sonata." "I'd feel bad." >"Heh, all right. Will this hurt your budget?" "Nuh uh." >"Oh? Hmm, I assumed it would. I mean, you can't be working that much if you're balancing school and your job." "Oh, I get more than enough." >"... What, if you don't mind me asking, is your job?" "Oh, um... I, well, sing." >"A performer?" "Yeah! I sing really well and... people tip... a lot." >"Huh, I didn't think a part time job would pay well... but you did have to pay a third of a house before. I don't mean to be rude, but your job is legal, right?" "What? Pffft, yes! I mean, I'm not stupid or anything." >"Sorry, sorry. Just doesn't seem plausible someone your age would have a lucrative job." "Heheh, well, I'm different?" >"Hmm, so, no danger?" "N-No, I'm one hundred percent safe." >"All right, that's all I need to hear. Do we need anything else?" "I think we got everything." >"Very good. Let's go checkout." "Yeah..." "You've been singing?!" >"Anon! H-How did you-" "My dad just told me." >"Oh..." "Sonata." >"It's all I know!" "Bull! You know more than just how to sing your magic mind control songs." >"Nuh uh." "Yeah huh!" >"I don't!" "¡Tu sabe más que eso, niña tonta!" >"I'm not dumb!" "Ah! Spanish." >"..." "That's just one thing. You know math, you know English, you know more than you think." >"B-But-" "No, no buts. I don't want you being taken away." >"I won't be." "Magic singing that controls people? I'm sure someone will find out sooner or later and once it gets out... You don't understand how bad it can get." >"... What do I do?" "*Sigh*... You still need to make rent, so for now, keep singing." >"All ri-" "For now. We need to find you a better job, a legal one." >"... Okay." "Sonata, please, don't be sad... I just want you to be safe. I love you." >"I-I love you too." "Come here." >"Nnn..." "... So, how much do you make?" >"A lot." "What have you been doing with the extra?" >"Saving up for college." "Heh, I knew you were serious about that. Still, you do know there are grants and scholarships, right?" >"I know, but what if I can't apply for them?" "We'd find a way." >"... We?" "Mhmm. I was dumb enough to fall in love with you, my parents were dumb enough to take you in. You're our responsibility now." >"You're not dumb." "Sarcasm, sweetie." >"Oh." "Heh, still having trouble with it?" >"From time to time... but I'm getting better!" "I know you are. Now, come on, I think my mom wants to give you another lesson." >"Ohhh no..." >"Anon?" "What's up Sonata?" >"Um, I need some help." "What's wrong?" >"Well, I grabbed some applications after school, but when I tried filling them out... Well, here." "Huh, you just filled out your name and address." >"Yeah... I don't know that other stuff." "What?" >"I don't know what to put down for the other stuff." "Just get your-... Oh no." >"Yeah..." "You weren't born here." >"I know." "You're not a US. citizen!" >"I know!" "Jesus, but... we were... and college... Hooo, okay, calm down. Don't freak out." >"What do I do Anon?" "I don't know... Wait, how did you get enrolled into Canterlot High?" >"... M-Magic." "Of course... Wait, Sunset Shimmer!" >"Huh?" "She'll know what to do!" >"What do you mean?" "She was enrolled before you were and I KNOW she doesn't have magic. We can just ask what she did." >"Really?!" "Yeah, problem solved." >"Whoo hoo!" "Ahh, that was scary." >"Hnn~" "So, should we go see her now?" >"Nah, your mom wants to teach me some new recipes." "What?" >"Yeah! She says I'm making a lot of improvement." "Huh, really?" >"Mhmm. I think... I think she's being nicer to me too." "That... That's fantastic." >"Yeah. It feels... I'm glad she doesn't hate me." "Sonata, she never hated you." >"She kinda did." "No, she didn't." >"How do you know?" "Well, my dad told me. He knows her better than I do." >"True... Anon?" "Yeah?" >"Am I- I mean, do you still think I'm pretty?" "What? Of course. Where did this come from?" >"We haven't had sex or messed around in a while..." "It's only beem a week Sonata. A week we both have been very busy with." >"Only a week?" "Yeah. You thought it was longer?" >"Felt like it..." "Come here. I'll tell you what, once you're done with my mom, we'll do something nice." >"You mean it?" "Of course. Not necessarily sex, but not necessarily NOT sex either." >"You're a dork." "And you're a nympho." >"A nympho who loves you." "And who I love right back." >"Mmmwah~" "Pfft, haven't gotten a big kiss in a while." >Sighing, Sonata clings to your arm as you two walk around the school's property. >The moon is eerily missing from the night sky, more than likely hidden by the dense clouds above. >As you make your way to the gate surrounding the football field, you see a red car with yellow stripes pull up. >Sunset Shimmer steps out, holding a thick folder. >Standing your ground, she steps up. >"Sorry I'm late, had to wait up for my guy to finish the birth certificate." >You chuckle, placing your free hand on top of Sonata's, still clinging to you. "It's fine. We just got here anyways." >Sunset's smile fades as she opens the folder. >Inside are all the legal documents you have seen inside your dad's hidden briefcase. >Birth certificate, social security card, passport, medical records, etc. >Sunset makes sure you see each one before closing the folder and handing it to her. >Taking it, you hand her the pouch full of bills. >Sonata clenches against your arm, more than likely feeling the hit of having to give up a large bit of her savings to ensure she is safe. >"If you guys need anything else, just let me know." >You nod, not wanting to be here any longer than you have too. "We will, thanks for this." >Sunset fiddles with the pouch, turning back to her car. >You do the same, Sonata pawing at the folder in your hands. >Giving it to her, she opens it up and looks over a couple of the documents. >"... So, I'm a citizen now." "Yeah... Heh, or you could have married me and waited a year." >Your girlfriend pouts, making it more difficult for you to walk. >"That was an option?" >You chuckle, pecking her head. "No, you still would have needed documentation. Still, you're safe now... with me." >She smiles, finally letting go of your arm to hug you. >"So, this is everything?" >Nodding, your cheeks rub against hers. "If not, we can still contact Sunset." >Sonata whines. >"But I don;t wanna spend more money." >You just chuckle, holding the girl. >"Now mash the chunks." "Got it." >"Mix in the spices." "Mhmm." >"Throw in the greens." "That's all?" >"Yep, guacamole. Easy." "Whoo hoo!" >"Good job. Grab a banana." "Yes ma'am." >"So, I know it's none of my business, but I noticed some applications laying around your room when I was grabbing your dirty laundry." "O-Oh. Yeah, was thinking of quitting my job and finding one more... um..." >"Reputable?" "Yeah! Reputable." >"Hmm... Well, if you don't have a problem with a uniform, I think I may know someone who can help." "Really?" >"Yeah. It involves baking though, and not just simple stuff like cookies." "Oh..." >"... Relax, you have more talent with this than you give yourself credit for." "I do?" >"Well, I think so." "... Mrs. Mous?" >"Yes?" "Why are you helping me?" >"Huh?" "Yeah, I thought you... you know, disliked me for dating Anon." >"Well, I... uh, I did. I thought you were just another easy going airhead who would just use my baby to get what she wanted." "Fluttershy was like that?!" >"What? No! Wait, Anon dated Fluttershy?!" "You didn't know?" >"No! Good god, what else isn't that boy telling me?" "That's it, I think." >"Euhhh, no wonder she stopped coming over." "... So, um, disliking me?" >"Oh, right. Long story short, I... well, I'll admit. I was wrong." "Sooo, do you-" >"No, I don't dislike you anymore. I'm not going to say I LIKE you... but I am glad that you're the one dating Anon." "What do you mean?" >"Ugh... That, I would rather YOU be the one dating Anon then some girl who would have him do... bad... things." "Uh-" >"I couldn't think of the right thing to say. Just- You don't do drugs, you don't commit crimes, you aren't cheating on him... are you?" "What?! No!" >"See? You're... Not a bad girl." "... Wait, I'm lost." >"Ugh, let me put it simple. I... approve of you." "Nnn!" >"Ugh. So, that job offer, want me to talk to the guy?" "Please!" >"All right then. Come on, I should probably teach you to stuff pastries." >"Anon!" "Wah, Sonata! What's going on?" >"Lookie lookie!" "It's a dress." >"It's my new uniform!" "Huh, kind of short on the bottom..." >"Yeah, it's a maid outfit!" "... What?" >"Here, let me try it on." "Wait Sonata-!" >"Hmm hmm hmm~" "Uh... Hmm." >"And done~ So, what do you think?" "I think my girlfriend just got changed in front of me." >"Hee~ and the outfit?" "I like it. Very cute." >"Just cute?" "Sonata, what are you-..." >"Doesn't it have a little... appeal, to it?" "Miss Dusk, are you trying to seduce me?" >"Mhmmm~" "Too bad my parent's are home." >"... So, you WOULD dirty my uniform!" "Wait, what?" >"Getting it all covered in sweat and possibly your cum! How rude!" "Wait, I thought-" >"I do~ Just teasing." "Ugh... you look cute." >"You said." "So, what place has a maid outfit as your uniform?" >"It's a bakery that has this weird french name. La Bite... repairy?" "La Bite repairy? La Bite reperre... Wait, is it La bite repéré?" >"I think so. That sounds more like it." "That's the spotted dick." >"... EWWW!" "It's an English pastry." >"EWWW!" "My mom gets my birthday cakes form there." >"Eww... still eww..." "Heh, funny. Never knew their uniforms were so frilly. I should go there sometime." >"Hey! There is only one frilly dress you will be seeing and it's mine!" "Heh, okay, okay... So, were you serious about us... you know, with it on?" >"Lil bit. Why?" "..." >"Oh... Ohhhhh!" "Sh-Shut up." >"My boyfriend's a per~vert~" "My girlfriend's a nympho!" >"Your nympho~" "Ugh, why do you make it so easy to love you?" >"Because I want to stay with you for a long long long long LONG time." "God damn adorable girl." "Um, Mr. Mous?" >"Sonata, please, come in." "You wanted to see me?" >"Yes. My wife just told me that you were switching jobs." "Um, yeah... I wanted something more reputable than singer." >"I see. Well, I was planning to give this talk to Anon one day, but I think you need it now." "Mr. Mous?" >"Don't get blinded by the check." "Huh?" >"Just that. You'll be making an actual, consistent paycheck now, and I don't want you getting blinded by it." "What's that mean?" >"You'll be making money, on a regular basis. I know you had your tips from before, but those were just tips. Seeing a pattern, that same amount coming in again and again... you will get used to it." "Okay?" >"If you get used to it, you'll start taking your studies less seriously. I don't want you thinking just because you have a job now doesn't mean you should stop thinking about your career." "I never even thought about it like that." >"Oh?" "Yeah, I'm just taking it to pay my rent... and save for school." >"Good. Keep it that way. Education first, career after." "Okay. Um, why did you think Anon would need this talk?" >"Unlike you, he's never had payment. Outside of his allowance, I mean." "So?" >"Well, once he starts making money, he might start shirking his education." "Pfft, as if. Anon is super invested in school." >"Yes, for now. People change once they start making money." "..." >"It's a sad truth. They get ballsier, more frivolous." "Anon wouldn't do that... he's a good man." >"Heh, man? ... Maybe. I still see him as my little boy, but maybe he is starting to become a man. An actual man I mean." "What do you mean?" >"Agh, nothing, nothing. Was thinking out loud. Anyway, I am sorry if I made you feel childish by calling you into my den." "Heh, it's fine. You were just worried about me." >"That I was." "Thank you Mr. Mous!" >"Any time Sonata. Now, shouldn't you be studying? Finals are just around the corner." "Pffft, they're like, a month and a half away." >"You say that now." >Taking soft, labored breaths, you can only grip onto Sonata's bed. >Your girlfriend just hums away, grinding her panty covered bottom up and down your member. >You know she is just doing this to avoid studying fully, but your boner doesn't care. >”Anon, are you okay? You sound tired.” >She lokos back, giving a soft pout as she clenches her cheeks, grabbing your already sensitive shaft. >Clenching your teeth lightly, you fight the urge to cum right then and there. “N-No... I just... your big butt is making it too hard to not c-cum.” >Her brow furrows, a challenging smile forming on her lips. >”Oh? My butt is big, is it?” >She grinds faster, pushing back so your bare cock is burried deeper between her cheeks. >Letting of pleading moan after moan, Sonata continues to “punish” you. >She suddenly stops, the blue beauty biting her lips lightly as she reaches back. “W-What are you-!” >You stop mid sentence, moaning as your presoaked head touches Sonata's bare backdoor. >She lets go of her panties, having them lightly slap your shaft as she contiunes to slowly teast your tip, her brown ring just one good thrust from being penetrated. >”Mmmm, you told me long long ago you wanted to fuck my butt~” >You whimper, edging yourself closer and closer. “W-What-ohhhh, what are you talking about? Ha~” >Sonata lightly bounces, your cock about to burst as she keeps TEASING your dick with her other hole. >She giggles, her blue cheeks turning purple. >”Mmm, back when we first became friends. I offered you a bj, you asked for anal~” >You would respond, but you can't take it anymore. >Grabbing Sonata's breasts with your hands, you hold her as you thrust once, pushing the tip in. >You give a near silent scream, cock head throbbing roughly as it bursts inside her anus, filling her with your cum. >Gasping, you keep just the tip in, a second shot filling your girlfriend. >Sonata is quiet as your bloodflow returns to normal, realization of what you just did coming to you. >Struggling to speak, you finally find the courage to apologize when her anus relaxes, sliding down your shaft by just the slightest amount, but pushing a new found pleasure up your body. >Giving a high gasp, Sonata groans as your member begins to go flaccid, only the tip and a quarter of an inch inside her. >”Hnnngh, you're lucky I've been masturbating with my ass, or you'd be in big trouble!” >She's been what? >You would be gettng aroused again, but a familiar warmness washes over your upper body. >Sonata keeps trying to re-erect you, possibly wanting to finish what you started and quickly stopped. >”Boo... I was finally ready for it too! My booty is clean, relaxed, and we wouldn't even need a condom.” >Everything she said would normally arouse you, but the calling of the nap is too strong. >You kiss her neck, slowly falling back as you take slow, relaxed breaths. “I'm... sorry Sonata. I love you so... so... much...” >You think you feel a peck on your forehead and a coldness on your shaft, but you aren't conscious long enough to confirm. >”Sweetie?” “Yes dear?” >”Do you think it was wise to leave Anon and Sonata alone? I mean, they're sexually active and they haven't done it in months...” “Relax, they were studying the lat time we saw them. Besides, even if they do decide to let off some stress, they won't do anything stupid.” >”That's not what I-” “Trust me. Sex isn't a bad thing for them. Pregnancy is. They have condoms, they have their hands, and they have alternates. So long as they aren't making a baby, let them.” >”Nnn!” “Heh, besides, we're almost done here. Unless they're havnig a very long session, we won't find them in the middle of anything.” >”If I find any used condoms, I'm groudning your son for a month.” “My son?” >”Yes, your son. He certainly wouldn't have gotten that libido from me.” “So you say...” >”What was that?” “Heh, you heard me.” >”... I... you...!” “Oh come on now, I'm just teasing. When was the last time we teased each other?” >”...” “Exactly. Just because we're a little bit older doesn't mean I don't miss being intimate.” >”If you're saying what I think you're saying, then maybe you should take me out to dinner some time.” “A little wine and dine? Done.” >”I-Wait a minute, what?” “You were the one who offered.” >”...” “You should control yourself, your face is as red as a tomato." >Humming as you walk back to your room in nothing but a towel, you quietly shut the door. >Anon is still on your bed, covered, clothed. >He looks so cute, so sweet. >You quickly throw on some underwear and one of your boyfriend's longer shirts then cuddle up next to him. >It's too bad he couldn't stay up, in both ways. >You think you could have taken his entire length in one go. >... Or been very uncomfortable. >But, if it was for him, you would manage. >Sighing, you nuzzle your head on his chest, hearing him giving a soft mutter as she shifts. >He's made you so happy, his family has made you feel safe. >Anon's parents have helped you grow as a... a person. >They look out for you, both in their own way. >Frowning a bit, you wonder if you make Anon happy, in more than the sexual way. >You want this to work out, to be... to be yours. >Your lover, your family... your future. >Sighing, you remind yourself that you've been pushing that off. >The future. >You told Anon's dad that studying would be easy and it usually is, but now... it's different. >Studying has become hard, a challenge. >You can't read more than a few lines before distracting yourself. >Even everything you just did was an excuse to get out of studying. >Not that you didn't enjoy or want it, it's just... >There's so much pressure now! >If you fail... >This is all you have, you don't want it taken away. >Sniffing, you feel something wet run down your nose. >Looking, you see you're tearing up. >Shutting your eyes, you just lay with Anon. >You'll study hard, you'll pass your tests. >You just need to find a way to study without distractions. “Hello?” >”Ah, come in.” “You wanted to see me sir?” >”Yes, I wanted to talk about what happened this afternoon.” “O-Oh.” >”When my wife caught you two lieing in bed, she was quite... cross.” “I'm sorry.” >”Don't be. I'm just curious, we left you two studying, what happened?” “W-Well, Anon got tired and started napping. Once he was down, I started pushing everything off. I took a shower, lazed around for a little bit, then kinda... well, I just got in bed with Anon to relax and, well, next thing I know, you two are at the door.” >”Hmm, well, Anon has been tired lately. He was bound to crash sooner or later.” “Y-Yeah...” >”Sonata?” “Yes?” >”Is everything all right?” “Yes sir.” >”Hmm, you don't look all right... what's bothering you? Is it your new job?” “The bakery? No, I love it there. Well, aside from the guys always looking at me.” >”I beg your pardon?” “Ah! No! It's just- it's the uniform!” >”Have you tried talking with your manager?” “Mhmm, she said if they try to touch or say anything inappropriate, to call her and she'll handle it.” >”Has anyone touched you?” “Nuh uh. I think they're scared of her.” >”Good... so if it isn't the job, what is it?” “I-...I-... Can you keep a secret?” >”Of course.” “I haven't been studying... like, at all.” >”Hmm... that's troubling to hear.” “But I want to! I really really want to!” >”Then what is keeping you from doing it?” “I-I-...” >”Sonata... take a seat, calm down.” “*Sniff* I feel like if I fail my exams, that everyone is going to abandon me.” >”Nonsense.” “I do!” >”No, I meant nonsense that anyone would abandon you.” “B-But you all are only letting me stay here because I'm in high school. I-If I don't get in to-” >”Sonata, stop.” “B-Bu-” >”Shhh, just listen for a second.” “...” >”We won't just abandon you like a pet that grew too big. Anon won't. I won't. My wife won't.” “...” >”If you fail your exams, it is not the ende of the world. Would it be nice if you passed them? Yes, but that MAY not happen, and given how anxious it is making you...” “Nnn...” >”Sonata, there are always alternatives. If you fail your exams, you could always go for your GED.” “Wh-What's that?” >”It is the equivalent of a college degree, but it isn't as respected. As I said though, it IS the equivalent.” “Oh...” >”Sonata... if I may be honest with you?” “Honest about what?” >”You.” “Me?” >”Yes, when Anon first brought you here, I just assumed you were like any other normal girl out there. When I drove you home that night, my opinion had changed. I had pitied you, thinking you were someone suffering and unable to get out of that situation.” “Nnn...” >”I am sorry for that... I got to know you better, we brought you into our household. You've proven yourself to be a girl driven. You showed a will to improve that I had not seen in anyone. Not in my own family, not in my peers. Anon has a drive as well, but his is just to succeed. You though, you want to better yourself. You improved your grades, you've learned to cook, you even have a job just so you can be somewhere you know is safe.” “I... I just did what I thought I needed to do.” >”Perhaps you see it that way, so let me ask. Have you changed?” “Huh?” >”From the person you were before, have you changed?” “Y-Yeah, I think so.” >”The person you are now... I don't pity her, I don't think she is just some avergae girl. I respect her, I respect what she wants to do.” “Mr. Mouse... thank you.” >”If you fail your finals, don't be afraid. There is always another way and there will always be someone who wants to help you.” “Because of Anon... if he hadn't helped me I-” >”Don't focus on what could have been. You'll just depress yourself again.” “Okay... Mr. Mous?” >”Yes?” “I really do want to pass my exams though...” >”Of course. Tell me, can you study alone?” “No...” >”Can you study with Anon?” “N-No.” >”Hmm, have you tried studying in a group?” “No.” >”Well, in my experience, studying with a mid-sized group is the most beneficial. You have a safety net, people who can either teach you the material themselves or who will learn it with you.” “Huh... well, I think I know a few people I can ask.” >”Try it and let me know if it works.” “Okay, thank you Mr. Mous... and, I'm glad you told me that stuff.” >”Which stuff specifically?” “The pity stuff... Cause honestly? Looking back, I pitied myself too.” >”People change Sonata, especially young ones like yourself. Don't you ever let anyone tell you different.” “...” >”Whoa! Uh- heh. All right, come here.” “Thank you.” >”It's nothing.” “Thank you so so much.” >”I'm happy to help. I'm happy you and Anon met.” >Sighing, you look around as Sonata grasps your hand. >It feels awkward studying with such a large group. >Not unwelcome, but awkward. >Sunset and Twilight's group have your couches and a couple chairs taken up. >Big Mac is right next to his sister, more focused on the book than asking questions. >Flash is with Norman, tying to keep him awake as he talks about cells and alleles and homo-something. >Continuing to scan the room, you catch Fluttershy peeking out from her book every now and again. >It doesn't bother you so much as annoy you. >It's like she can;t meet you in the eye. >You've made up with Big Mac, that's buried and done with. >Fluttershy however... >The mere fact there is still some bad air between you two is making it hard to stay focused. >Not a lot, but just enough. >Sonata shakes your hand, causing you to look at her. “Huh?” >”You spaced out, I was asking for help.” >You frown, sighing and gripping her hand a little tighter. “Sorry, sorry... what did you need help with?” >She points to her book, a page full of questions on double-angle and half-angle trigonometric identities. >Groaning, you rub your eyes. “I-I don't-” >Big Mac steps in, placing his book between yours and Sonata's. >He flips it open to the page you two are on and clears his throat. >”Nn-kph. Now, ah know that these seem a bit threatenin' and scary, but once ya break em down, they're really easy ta get.” >You are about to speak when Big Mac goes on a long tangent, explaining how to get the identities and why they are the way they are. >The silent giant breaks each one down to basic algebra, making it so even Norman can understand. >As he finishes, you blink a few times, any fatigue you had washed away from the shock and intake of Big Mac's lesson. >Looking around, everyone is silent, the same shock you have in their eyes. “Uh... wow. Thanks man.” >His red cheeks get redder as he slink back to his spot, Applejack giving him a punch in the arm. >”Ah told ya we'd need ya.” >And damn if she isn't right. >Sonata has the biggest grin as she starts solving problems in less than half the time it would have taken her. >Big Mac's lesson seems to have really stuck with her. >Finding a smile, you are about to ask Twilight if she can pass you her calculator when you notice a certain pink haird girl hiding her face. >Sighing, you ignore it, refocusing on the ringleader. >Feeling all that pressure from last week fade, your huge study group has slowly gotten smaller as more and more subjects were put up and smacked down! >From math to social studies, from English to Spanish, you have your bases covered! >Now only six of you are left. >You and Anon, obviously. >Applejack and her brother. >Twilight and Fluttershy. >You think Applejack is just here because she is really worried about failing her exams, like you were. >And it looks like Twilight and Big Mac just enjoy studying. >Fluttershy though... >She hasn't said much during any of the lessons, just hanging back and being a passive observer. >Funnily enough, you think you've figured out what she's been observing. >As Anon yawns, stretching his back, Twilight soon follows his lead. >Applejack chuckles, cliosing her book. >”Ah think we've done enough fer tonight. Ah'm so tired ah think ah might just crash right here.” >Her brother sighs, grabbing her by the back of her shirt's collar and getting her to her feet. >”Nope.” >The blonde cowgirl blushes, probably embarrased at being man-handled by her brother. >She coughs, packing up her bags. >”A-Anyway, yeah. Ah'm gonna call it a night y'all.” >Anon nods, leaning against you lightly. >”Okay, see you both on Monday.” >As they siblings make for the door, Twilight coughs, letting off a nervous laugh. >”U-Uhh, I hate to be a bother, but do you two think you could drop me off at home? Flash usually picks me up and drops me off, but, well, since he stopped coming...” >You look to her, confused. “Wait, how have you been getting home then?” >She blushes, rubbing her arm. >”Bus, usually, but well, it's REALLY late now and... help?” >Late? >It's almost midnight! >Sure, it's a weekend, but she really should have planned this out better. >Big Mac rubs the back of his neck, clicking his tongue. >”Uh, well, we only got two seats.” >Twilights lets off an “oh” before letting off another nervous chuckle, kicking at the floor. >Your boyfriend sighs, grabbing his car keys. >”I'll drive you home.” >He looks back to you, leaning in and giving you a quick peck. >”Sonata, you'll be fine while I drop off Twilight, right?” >You nod, knowing he wouldn't try anything with someone else. >As the room empties out, it leaves just you and Fluttershy. >You can feel the tension setting in. >Anon's veritable ex. >The one who has been keeping an eye on him the past week. >... This might not end well. >”So, take a left up here.” “Got it.” >”Thanks a lot Anon, I REALLY appreciate this.” “Anytime Twi... but not really ANY time. A man has to sleep.” >”Heheh, yeah.” “So, why couldn't Flash pick you up?” >”Umm, he was kinda busy.” “Really? Seems a bit flaky, putting something over his girlfriend. >”Hey!” “Agh, sorry, sorry. Just still annoyed about your whole romance thing.” >”Excuse me?” “Just, well... uhhh, maybe I shouldn't say anything.” >”No no, PLEASE, go on.” “Ugh, all right, but you have to promise not to get mad.” >”I promise nothing!” “Well... a couple weeks before you moved here, there was... another girl, exactly like you.” >”Uh huuuuh.” “I mean it. Same hair, same fashion sense, same personality.” >”... That sounds creepy as hell Anon.” “Yeah, I guess it would. Anyway. She showed up for a few weeks, aaaand on her very first day, she ran into Flash.” >”Oh boy, here we go.” “I never said I liked the story, I'm just telling you it. Anyway, second day, she has this big huge song and dance thing that Flash... kinda helps out with?” >”So, second day here and she is already hanging out with Flash?” “Yeah, then the third day comes around and she is already hugely crushing on Flash and he feels the same way, but it's like one of those annoying book kind of romances.” >”You mean the ones where it's like 'Oh, I just met you, but I love you! Hey, me too baby, let's get married!'?” “Pfft, yeah.” >”So Romeo and Juliet.” “Yeah. Anyway, she moves away and Flash is super sad.” >”Mhmm...” “She came back for another visit and they kinda... well...” >”They kind of... what?” “Well, she just met him again, but they have their little ropey dopey romance going on still.” >”... And?” “Well, nothing came of it in the long run, but she left, leaving Flash... lonely.” >”... What happened next?” “You moved to town." >”... Oh.” “Yeah... I mean, don't get me wrong, you didn't pull the same stupid romance they did... not exactly, but, well, she was almost exactly like you.” >”I-I see... Anon?” “Yeah Twi?” >”Do you... do you think Flash is only dating me, because I remind him of-” “No. He's not dating you because you remind him of her.” >”...” “Look, I shouldn't have said anything. Flash is a great guy-” >”Be honest with me. What do you really think of Flash?” “... One hundred percent?” >”One hundred percent.” “God dammit. All right, he's an okay guy with parents that spoil the shit out of him. He is a living interpretation of the stereotypical high school dream boat, but without the Gary Stu personality to match. I don't hate him, but the way he tries to pull this stuff annoys the crap out of me.” >”...” “He's like an annoying cousin.” >”I... I still like him.” “I know you do. I'm not trying to change your opinion of him. Just, well, you remind me of the other girl too and for a moment there, I forgot you weren't her.” >”... So we're that mush alike, huh?” “Yeah.” >”Why did no one tell me this before?” “I think... they just wanted to spare your feelings.” >”Huh?” “Yeah. I just told you that you were like the other girl and now you feel sad. I think they just wanted to make sure that you knew they liked YOU and that you weren't- AREN'T replacing her.” >”Still, I wish someone had told me!” “I did.” >”... Thanks.” “Listen, if you want to talk about it, Sonata and I, or Sunset, Flash, anyone... just let us know you want to talk and we'll talk.” >”Good, because now I have a LOT of questions.” “Oh... joy.” >”Hey, you're the one who opened up the can of worms. Oh, I'm up here, make a left.” “Got it. Right on the corner?” >”Mhmm and let me just say, I don't care who this other girl was. I'm trusting Flash.” “Good, great! Eheh, just, well, don't tell anyone I'm the one who told you?” >”Fine, I won't tell them you're the one who spilled the beans.” “Thanks.” >”And thank you for the ride. Mwah~” “Agh! That felt weird.” >”What, getting a kiss on the cheek?” “YES! It was all wet and hard.” >”I was trying to give you a friend kiss...” “Please don't, or practice before you do.” >”Eheh... sorry.” “It's fine. Glad I got you home safe.” >”Glad I have a friend who wasn't going to keep a secret from me their whole life. Bye Anon!” “Twi-Twilight! … Ohhh, they're gonna kill me.” >Tapping the back of your book, you continue to stare at Fluttershy as she hides behind her book. >As she tries to peek out, she catches your gaze, eeps, and goes back to hiding. >She hasn't said a thing since Anon left! >Feeling somewhat annoyed and, as much as you hate to admit, worried, you stand and sit next to her. “Sooo, Fluttershy.” >She continues to look in her book. >”Y-Yes?” >You know Anon woudn't try anything and maybe you're being paranoid... >But you don't want anything to happen. “Why're you still here?” >She chuckles, lowering her book, looking up, and giving a forced grin. >”Who, me?” >You cross your arms. “Yeah, you could have gone home earlier and you don't say anything when we study. Why are you REALLY here?” >She blows a small raspberry, putting a finger on her book. >”Oh, I just REALLY need help studying. I- I mean, these problems are so hard.” >Looking down, she is pointing at a page full of answers. “...” >She catches herself and grins wider. >You wighm looking forward. “You know, I'm jealous of you.” >The pink haird hippie lets off a confused squeak. “Anon liked you... you didn't have to fight to get him to like you back like I did.” >Leaning in lower, you realize why you were worried. “First, I had to convince him to be my friend... then that I liked him. I had to fight with him at every possible turn because he was so... so scared to let me in.” >This girl had Anon's affection so easily, you're afraid she could get it back. “I once cried myself to sleep thinking he would never like me. I-I was weaker then, dumber too, but it'ss till me!” >Tearing up, you look to her, an anger in your eyes. >Not that you're afraid she'll steal your boyfriend, who you KNOW you love. >Anger that she hurt him. “You had what I wanted and you just threw it away because he wasn't what you wanted!” >She pulls herself inwards, trying to make herself smaller. “Now, you're still here, when everyone else who actually cared about just studying left, you're still here. Why? Tell me why!” >Fluttershy whimpers, pulling her book back up. “What?” >She whimpers again, this time, you can make out a few soft words. “... What?” >The pink haired girl sniffles, looking to you. >”Because I'm jealous of you.” >... You knew it and you thought hearing it would make you feel better. >Turns out, it doesn;t work that way. >”You got Anon. I don't mean you won him, I mean you got the REAL Anon.” >Looking to her, you're filled with confusion and a bit of sorrow. >”Yes, we dated... but he was doting on me, he wasn't the Anon I was friends with. Then, seeing him now, be himself... I wanted that. I wanted Anon to just be himself when we actually dated, but he never was.” >Thinking on it, you wonder if you acted the same way to Anon. >”I-I know it's wrong of me to say this... but I want Anon. Not the doting boy who was crushing on me, but the young man he is now.” >As you continue to think, all sorts of thoughts run through your head. >Maybe you should give her Anon... after all, you know she has a future in this world. >She's lived here, she's grown up here... >You tried to make Anon like you. >Not through doting, but you tried to seduce him. >Anon liked her first. >Besides, you're not even a real citizen here... >As all these bad, dirty things run through your mind, one voice suddenly runs through your head. >A reminder that people can change. >A reminder that you have changed. >Even if you were like Anon was, trying to force something, you changed. >You stopped trying to seduce him and just acted like you. >Open, honest, and weak. >And he accepted that, after some time had passed, but he still accepted it. >In fact, Anon has changed too, more than you have. >He was a doting boy, to a isolated one, to a wounded one, now he is... >He's wonderful. >Anon makes you feel happy, loved, safe, wanted, and hopeful. >You thought of giving that up? >To someone who wants him now?! >Just because he changed. >Looking to Fluttershy with the most serious look you can, you make your next words matter. “If you couldn't wait for Anon to change into who he is, you don't deserve him.” >She just nods, looking back to her book, a couple tears escaping her eyes. >”I know... it's why I said it was selfish.” >The pink haired girl cries for a few more minutes. >As the time passes, you slowly come down from your moral high horse, realizing what you siad and why you said it. >Guilt ridden, you sit closer, wrapping your arms around her. >Even if she just admitted to wanting your boyfriend, she wouldn't do anything about it. >Besides, can you really blame her for wanting what you have? >Anon has done so much for you, who wouldn't want that? >You won't forgive her like some idiot, but you won't hold it against her. >Sighing, you wait until she calms down before speaking. “You know, in a way, I kinda owe you for setting me and Anon up... so thanks.” >She just nods, unable to speak. “... I'm not mad about you wanting to be with him, but I'm not going to let you take him from me.” >Fluttershy nods, looking you in the eyes. >Her own are red, glossed over with fresh tears. >”I know. I-I won't try and take him from you, that would be... heartless.” >Sighing once more, you look at her book. “Do you really need help?” >She wipes her eyes, clearing her throat from the phlegm she's built up. >”Y-Yes.” “Here then... let me help.” >You want to be mad at her, but for some reason, you can't. >Maybe because you don't have a real reason. >She's jealous, but can you really hold someone being jealous of your against them? >Besides, you're the one Anon chose. >You're the one who has his love. >So long as she keeps to her word and doesn't try to take it form you, you have no reason to hate her. >”Nnn...” “Sleepy?” >”Mhmm...” “Me too. How was Fluttershy?” >”Okay...” “We talked on the drive to her place.” >”...” “She told me that you were jealous of her, and vice versa.” >”She had your love first.” “No, she had my attention first. You had my love.” >”Mmm.” “Listen, I know this is going to sound... bad, but do you mind trying to be her friend?” >”Nnnn.” “Just until graduation. Then you can choose if you want to stay her friend or not.” >”Fine...” “Heh, ready for Monday?” >”Sleep now... Monday later.” “All right. Sonata?” >”Hmmm?” “I love you. No one is going to take that.” >”Mine...” “Yours.” >”Sex... Tomorrow...” “Heh, you sure about that?” >”Mhmm...” “All right... but only if you remember.” >”Will...” “Okay, well, I better get-” >”No... stay...” “But, my parents-” >”Stay...” “... Fine, but if they ask, I'm blaming you.” >”Hmmm~” >Sighing as you undress, you briefly wonder how long your parents will be gone. >Your thoughts are interrupted when a pair of hands cover your eyes. >”Guess who~” >You chuckle, lowering them and turning around. >Sonata pounces you, kissing your as she drags you to your bed. >With a quick push, you are forced onto your back. >She is in nothing but a baby doll. >Your girlfriend undoes your pants, sliding them off and tossing them to the side. >You get your shirt off, watching as she mounts you. >Reaching for a condom, she swats your hand away. >”No~” >You are about to interject when she places a finger on your lips. >”Tonight is a special night... no condom~” >Sonata lowers herslef, sliding off the bed and onto her knees. >Her hands reach into your boxers and grasp your member. >Sliding it out, she strokes it, licking her lips as she does. >”Mmm, whose my big man?” >Before you can give a sarcastic response, she places your head into her mouth and sucks, tongue running over the slit. >Moaning softly, you lay back, hands grabbing the bed. >She makes short work of the tip, coating it in her saliva as she lowers herself, making sure your cock is layered with spit. >It's a new and somewhat awkward experience. “Uh, Sonat-” >Your girlfriend pulls off with a pop, licking her lips as she slowly strokes you, re-mounting you. >Blushing, you watch as she aligns you with her pussy. >As you are bout to interject, she presses the head agaisnt her flower and slowly slides it back, forcing you to moan as you reach her intended destination. >Once again, you are prodding your lover's backdoor. >This time however, she is impatient, pushing your head in almost immediatelly. >She whimpers, your saliva soaked dick sliding deep into her tighter hole. >You want to speak, to tell her to take her time, but you can't find the words. >Her ass clenches, gripping your shaft, making you let off a quick grunt as you fight for a breath. >As you shut your eyes, a pair of lips press against yours. >Opening them, you see Sonata, her body close with yours, a blanket thrown over you two. >Running your hands up to her back, you return the kiss, your member digging deeper into her near-virgin hole. >She is slow with her grinds, but the tighter hold more than makes up for it. >You wouldn't call yourself a premature ejaculator, but you are way too close to cumming when you two barely started! >Sonata seems to catch on this, increasing her pace. >”Cum... I want it, show me what a good girl I am.” >Her pleading isn't helping. >You want to get her off too, make her feel good. >However, your body and Sonata refuse to listen. >Withut your approval, you let off a quick burst of cum, giving Sonata an anal creampie. >Feeling embarrassed, your lover strokes your cheek. >”Don't worry, we're not done. Not even close~” >She cuddles up, stroking and kissing your neck. >Looks like you will have your chance to pleasure Sonata after all. >”Pfft, s-stop it!” “No, I haven't heard you laugh like that in a long time.” >”B-But it's horrible.” “Heh, you still say that. A hardened mother and I can still make you say things from when you were a girl.” >”Unfair... Haaa, this is nice.” “Yes, I'm glad we can finally have some time to ourselves.” >”Still, do you think we can trust those two, home alone?” “Of course we can. Now if you mean trust as in not expect them to get intimate... well, no.” >”Ugh... If there's a mess-” “Youuu will worry about it later. Tonight is our night. Not theirs.” >”Hmm, fine. Do you have any... you know?~” “Because I would buy some for our son, but not for us.” >”Sarcasm isn't sexy you know.” “Well, if anyone knows sexy, it's you.” >”Hmm, getting there.” “Good to know.” >”... Ugh, dammit all.” “What?” >”All this talk, I can't help but feel that prom is just going to be one big... fest for them.” “Ugh.” >”I mean it!” “I love you sweetie, but you think of our son having sex way too much.” >”I worry about him, that's our-” “-our baby. Who has grown up. He can handle things himself. Not everything, but most. Trust him.” >”... Fine. I will.” “And Sonata?” >”I-...” “Don't want to say it?” >”No... how can I? She's... She's-” “The young woman our son loves. If things work out between them, then she'll one day be the young woman he marries. Will you still hold your reservations then?” >”I... no.” “Trust her. She has a drive in her. Like a certain other woman I know.” >”... I'm not sure if you are trying to hit on me or compliment me.” “Can't it be both?” >Sweating, your hand shakes slightly, jaw tittering. >It was the first day of finals, the first day of a long long long series of tests. >You'd studied for them, and right now you had gotten at the very least a c on this on, but the last parts have you worried. >Tapping the pencil a couple times, you bite your lip, resting your head on your hand. >Looking to the clock, you still have twenty minutes. >You want to cry, to cry and cry and cry and why can't you stop thinking about crying?! >Taking a deep breath, you look back to the paper. >Three blank problems and a few that had some work shown. >Math... >Why did the first one have to be math? >Swallowing, you put your focus back on the paper in front of you. >You HAVE to get a good grade... >Anon promised to do anything for you, and you know exactly what you're going to ask >Sighing, you realize you're about to fall asleep for the umpteenth time. >You look back to the few paragraphs in Spanish you have written down. >Over half the class has already finished and left, leaving you and the other stragglers behind. >You just need a few more sentences. >Something, anything to get you closer to the minimum. >Taking your pencil back in hand, you stare at the text once more. >After a few minutes, you can feel your grip on your pencil faltering. >Blinking slower, your gaze becomes foggy, blurred. >Your head bobs down a couple times. >After a few more slow bobs back and forth, the bell goes off. >”Pencils down.” >Shit... >”Hey, man.” “Norman.” >”Whoa, what crawled up your butt?” “A little thing called caring about my exams.” >”Ouch.” “Sorry, sorry... didn't do so good just now.” >”Hey, come on, you couldn't have done THAT bad.” “Maybe... ugh, my eyes are still blurry.” >”Want a soda or something?” “I'm good. I have to go, going to try and get some cram studying in before the next one.” >”Okay man, later. Oh! Wait.” “What?” >”We're all getting together to talk about how we're going to get to prom and what to do on gradnight.” “I already know how I'm getting to prom and I'm not going to gradnight.” >”What?!” “It's a hundred and something dollars to hang out at an amusement park while I'm butt fuck tired! Who in their right mind is going to honestly enjoy that?!” >”Uhh, everyone.” “Hi, I'm no-one, have we met?” >”Geez, you haven't been this big of a dick since before Sonata started hanging with you.” “...” >”All right, have fun stressing yourself out. I'm going to grab some lunch.” “Later...” >”I did sooooo bad...” “No you didn't.” >”But-” “You said you put work down, right?” >”Uh huh...” “Partial credit is still credit.” >”Nnn, why did no one tell me finals were so hard?!” “Well, if you'd been in school before this year, you'd already know.” >”Gah...” “Hey, it's over for today, let's just relax...” >”...” “...” >”UGH!” “If you start beating yourself up again I'm going to-” >”But I did so- EEP!” “What about butt?” >”... P-Pull them out.” “Will you relax?” >”Y-Your parents are just upstairs.” “They won't see unless they look at your ass.” >”... I-I'll calm down.” “Promise?” >”Promise.” “All right. Freak out again and I'm putting three in next time.” >”O-Okay.” “Good. Now, what's your next subject?” >”Um, English.” “Heh, you'll do fine.” >As the giant stampede of overly eager seniors and younger students rush out the door, you can't help but think how many of them are overreacting. >Behind them are the more level-headed and/or tired students. >Leaning further into the wall, you wait for Sonata. >As you wait, you catch Twilight walking up to you. >You would think she is just heading for the gate, but it's clear she is heading for you. >As she closes in, you can see a worried expression on her face. >She takes the same leaning position you have and sighs. >After a few quiet, awkward moments, you speak up. “So, is everything okay?” >She shakes her head. >”No...” >The purple haired girl sniffles. >You get the feeling you are responsible for this. >Chuckling, you try to lighten the mood. “Come on, we're finally free! Finals are done, next week is nothing but coming to class and watching movies. It's easy time.” >She furrows her brow, looking to you. >Coughing, you look away. “Sorry.” >She just stands next to you, halls now empty. >After a couple moments, you feel her head slide against your shoulder. >Every fiber of your being and your knowledge of teen drama movies is telling you that something happened with her and Flash and you are now that guy. >The one the girl seeks out who she doesn't find attractive, but thinks can help. >... Wait, you're the nerd? >”Anon... no one is telling me anything.” >How can she treat you like the nerd?! >”I... I asked them about the other girl and they just said they didn't know what I was talking about. >You have a girlfriend after all! >Looking to Twilight, she is tearing up. >Has she been talking this entire time?! “Uh, well... I mean, I don't know what to tell you.” >She frowns, hard, leaning in. >”Tell me about the other girl!” >Leaning back, you nearly slide off the wall. “Er, well, it's not really my place.” >She takes a step forward, you take a step back. >”Please! Anon, it's eating me u. I thought it wasn't a big deal, but, if it wasn't, why is everyone hiding it?” >You want to tell her, you really do, but how do you tell someone an alternate, magical version of themselves was romancing their partner before they showed up? >It's madness! >The purple haired girl finally breaks, tears falling as her knees give, having her slide to her knees. >”Please... please please please... Flash won't tell me. Applejack won't tell me... You're the only one who said anything. P-Please Anon. You're my friend, right? Help me?” >As she finishes speaking, her head falls, tears staining her skirt. >Cursing under your breath, you debate what to do. >As you do, your mind wonders what would your dad do? >... He would tell her, even if it hurts her, he would let her know. >Finding your resolve, you sit next to Twilight, draping a hand over her shoulder, the others on grabbing your knee. “Twi... it's-” >As you are about to go on, a yell from across the hall catches you. >”ANON!” >Looking up, you see Sonata running towards you, Sunset Shimmer right behind her. >Standing, Sonata rushes you, jumping into your arms. >Sunset isn't as happy to see you. >She glares, placing her hands on her hips. >”What did you do to Twilight?” >You are about to explain when the purple haired girl gives a loud, nostril clearing sniffle. >She wipes her eyes and stands. >”He was being a good friend, that's all.” >Sunset looks confused, slowly realizing what Twilight means. >Sonata lets go of you, looking from Twilight to you. >”What's going on?” >You rub your nose with your first two fingers, looking to your girlfriend. “Twilight wants to know about... Twilight.” >Sonata still looks confused, but a teeth clenched yell from Sunset clues her in. >”Anonymous!” >Looking to the red-head, she looks more reminiscent of a bull about to rush. >Twilight steps between you, eyes on yours. >”What do you mean? I want to know about the other girl.” >Sighing, you wrap Sonata in a hug, getting ready to give a long, possibly painful explanation. >”Twilight looks...” “Empty?” >”Yeah...” “She needed to hear the truth.” >”Think Sunset will keep her from doing anything...” “Stupid? Yeah. By the way, why were you with her?” >”Oh, I stayed after the final bell to talk with Principal Celestia.” “About?” >”Um... graduation.” “Oh.” >”Yeah, she kind of... knew everything already.” “As in?” >”About my citizenship and all that. She promised to handle it.” “Okay, and Sunset?” >”She was there to do the same thing.” “Really.” >”Uh huh!” “Huh... did you see Adagio too?” >”No, I haven't seen her at all...” “Yeah, it's like she just stopped coming.” >”... I haven't seen Blueblood either.” “Pretty sure that fuckwad is in jail.” >”Anon!” “He is a fuckwad!” >”No, he is, but you don't curse that much.” “Fucker deserved it.” >”... So, what now?” “Well, we have the weekend to ourselves. Monday starts a week of non-classes.” >”Non-classes?” “Yeah. We come to class, bring movies or games or something, and just stay on campus.” >”Wait, what?!” “Mhmm.” >”That sounds awesome!” “It's all right. After that, we have grad-night, prom, then graduation practice.” >”Grad-night?” “It's this dumb thing the school does that's supposed to make students feel like they accomplished something.” >”What is it?” “Pay to go to an amusement park at night.” >”...” “Amusement park? You know, big rides, expensive food... weird animal mascots?” >”...” “You've never been to one.” >”No.” “... Well, I mean... if we ask my parents-” >”But wait, you were just complaining about them.” “No, I was complaining about grad-night. If you want to go, just the two of us, on a weekday, they're pretty nice.” >”Really?” “Yeah. No lines, everyone is working so it's empty.” >”Do you think I'd like it?” “Only one way to find out.” >”So, when should we go?” “Hmm... wanna make some people jealous?” >”Maaaaybe~” “Let's see if my parents will let us go on Monday.” >”But, doesn't your dad think-” “Finals are over, there aren't any more lessons, and it's just one day. I'm sure he'll be fine with it.” >”Heh, so, it'll be just the two of us?” “No one else.” >”I love you Anon.” “And I love you.” “Hnnngh.” >”Too tight?” “A-A little.” >”We'll have her widen the hips.” “Nph! Phew. Thanks for this Mrs. Mous.” >”It's no trouble Sonata. Prom is a big night for girls your age. Need to make sure you get the right dress.” “And that one is the right one?” >”You like it, right?” “A lot.” >”Then it's the right one. Not too flashy, easy to move in, and cute. Just need to widen the hips and you're set.” “Heh... I-I actually don't know what you're supposed to do at prom.” >”Really?” “Yeah. I just remember hearing everyone always brag about how great it is and how magical a night it'll be.” >”Oy vey... So you don't know what prom is?” “N-Not one hundred percent.” >”All right. It's a dance to celebrate graduating highschool, to make you feel like an adult.” “Oh?” >”Yeah. Anon's dad and I... well, I mean, we enjoyed ours, but looking back on it, it was a waste of time.” “Really?” >”Yeah. The food wasn't that great, the music was horrible, and it was basically a giant ego stroke.” “... Do you wish you didn't go?” >”... N-No. I don't.” “So you did like it?” >”At the time, but-” “Buuut you don't wish you didn't go.” >”Ugh, yes.” “So I will have a good time?” >”Maybe. Probably... Yes.” “Hmmm!” >”You do know how to slow dance though, right?” “Uhh, slow dance?” >”... Where exactly are you from, kid?” “Uhhh-” >”Agh! Sorry, that was rude.” “I-It's okay.” >”... I teach you how to slow dance along with getting you your dress, and you promise never to tell Anon what I just said.” “Wait, what?” >”Do we have a deal?” “W-What?” >”I'm not hearing a no.” “What is going on?” >”Easy, you're not going to tell my son anything we just said and I'm going to help you.” “... Okay?” >”Good... Also, I... ugh, just... when we're done here, we're going to head down to the pharmacy.” “Why?” “...” >”No... that looks far too tacky.” “I don't even know why I thought this looked good.” >”Most things are supposed to look good in blue.” “Yeah, funny that. Where's the one your grabbed?” >”Right here.” “All right, I'll be out in a sec.” >”Take your time.” “Sooo, dad.” >”Yes?” “Uhhh, I was wondering something.” >”Just come right out and say it.” “... Can Sonata and I skip on Monday to-” >”No.” “But, classes are over-” >”Absolutely not.” “Dammit...” >”So long as they are taking attendance, you can't skip.” “... Oh?” >”Yes. What I mean by that is, so long as your teachers care enough to make sure you are there, you are not allowed to miss.” “I see...” >”Also, if you were planning to do something at say, the beach, or the pier, I would like to remind you that your mother and I would worry if you were to show up after dark.” “What about an amusement park?” >”... That... is different.” “O-Oh?” >”... All right, I can;t keep up the coy ignorant act. If you do want to go to an amusement park on Monday, I would highly recommend not.” “But, Sonata has never been.” >”Anon.” “I know...” >”... They do have family discounts.” “... So, you and-” >”You mother and I would stick to ourselves. Besides, she and I have been going on quite a few stereotypical dates as of late.” “Wait, you and mom are dating again?!” >”Ignoring the fact that implies we stopped, yes. Thinking about it, an amusement park does sound like a good idea.” “Oh good god.” >”I feel like I should remind you that your mother and I are a couple.” “...” >”But I'm sure you are smart enough that I don;t need to say it.” “Sorry... Just, you're my mom and dad. Feels weird hearing that you two are going out again.” >”Think of it this way, because she and I are going out, you get to take Sonata to an amusement park.” “That is a very good point.” >”Glad you see it that way. Now, have you given any thoughts on the corsage?” “You're supposed to give thoughts on those things? I thought you just grabbed one.” >”Color, son. There is more than one type of color.” “... Help?” >”Of course.” “Ahhh, that was fun.” >”Mhmm! Where did your parents say to meet them at?” “Uhhh, parking lot c, row 3.” >”Mind if we walk there?” “I don't think I could run.” >”Ahhh, that was fun... bro~” “DON'T! Call me that.” >”Heh, you're so red!” “Eugh, how would you feel if you were making out with your brother?” >”But I'm not.” “But the sentence implies it.” >”Buuut you're not.” “Buuut it makes me uncomfortable.” >”Sorry, heh, sorry.” “It's fine, just don't-” >”So, wanna sneak in a quickie bro?” “GAH!” >”Pfffft, you're so easy to tease now!” “You're lucky I love you.” >”... It was nice.” “Teasing me?” >”No, feeling like a part of a family. Like, a really real family.” “Sonata...” >”I'm sorry if me calling you bro makes you feel bad, but... I don't know.” “... You do know I love you in a way that would be sick if I was your brother, right?” >”Heh, yeah, but it doesn't mean I don't want one.” “You didn't have one in Equestria?” >”No... no loving parents either. I think that's one thing I really love about Earth. Here... it's kinda like I do have a family.” “You have me... and my mom and dad.” >”I do... looks like getting banished was the greatest thing that could have happened to me.” “Greatest thing that could have happened for me too.” >”Anon... I... heh, no.” “What?” >”I'll tell you on prom night. AFTER I get my three As.” “Oookay?” >”... You forgot, didn't you?” “... Maaaybe?” >”Anon!” “I'm sorry!” >”You promised you would do anything I wanted if I got three As!” “Oh... Oh yeah.” >”You forgot that?” “I was more focused on making you happy.” >”Well thank you, but I still expect you to keep that promise!” “I will, I will. I'm sorry I forgot.” >”Good... now I don't have to give your mom back your surprise.” “I'm getting a surprise?” >”AGH!” “What's my surprise?” >”N-Nothing.” “Come oooon, tell me?” >“No!” “A hint?” >”No hint!” “Fine, fine. Hold onto your surprise.” >“I will.” ”Still love you.” >“And I love you too.” “Not even a little hint?” >”Nope.” >”Anon!” “Sonat-OOPH!” >”I passed! I passed!” “Krph, passed what?” >”All my finals! Look, look!” “What the- where did you get this?” >”I got nervous, so I went to see Principal Celestia and-and- NNN!” “Heh, I'm proud of you.” >”Hmmm~ So, I think I'll tell you what I want after I give you your surprise.” “What surprise?” >”...” “Ohhh! Right, the one you aren't telling me about.” >”Uh duh.” “Hey, don't you duh me.” >”Hmm.” “... You know, I really am proud of you.” >”I know. Mph! I feel like celebrating.” “Celebrating how?” >”...” “...” >”I have a little surprise for you~” “Is it the one you were talking about?” >”No different one. Meet me outside the girl's locker-room in fifteen minutes.” “Sonat-” >”Alone.” “Sonata! … Sh-She couldn't be... nah, no.” >Stepping just outside the girl's locker room, you wonder just how bad of an idea this is. >It's not the first time you've been here, but if Sonata is planning what you think she is... >It may be your last. >The door quickly opens, a slender blue hand grabbing you and pulling you in. >As you are about to speak, a cloth is shoved into your mouth. >It is warm, the taste familiar. >Reaching to pull it out, the same blue hand swats you. >”Ah ah ah, we need a gag.” >Realizing what it is, you can feel your pants tighten. >Sonata's soft giggle has you finally look to her, the tightness only growing. >She is wearing her uniform, the sleek black cloth grabbing her frame just right. >Once she sees your eyes are on her, she slowly lifts her skirt, revealing her bare pussy. >Choking on the cloth a second, you cough it free from your throat, the vagina flavored underwear pushed safely back into your mouth. >Your girlfriend kisses your cheek, then your neck, moving her lips to your own and holding a soft, loving embrace/ >After a few moments, she releases it, smiling. >”I figured since this is the last time we'll probably be here... we should do something special where we were first close.” >Her locker. >The two of you being stuffed in there is kind of like your first hug. >She leads you to one of the benches that run down the aisles of lockers. >With a gentle push, she has you on your back. >The blue beauty wastes no time, unzipping your fly and bringing your member out. >With a few well placed strokes, hitting the most sensitive parts of your under-shaft, she has you from a situation induced boner to a willing erection. >Sonata giggles, straddling your lap, rubbing her woman-hood along your shaft. >Letting off a muffled moan, you watch with soft eyes as she takes her time. >Once your member is all but coated with her juices, she sits back, letting it stand at attention. >She lifts herself, climbing up your body so she can comfortable line your tip with her anus. >For a girl who has just started anal sex, she is VERY eager for more. >She places her hands on your chest, kissing you again as she presses the tip into her pucker. >With each inch, she lets off a soft, joy filled gasp. >Once she has your full length inside of her, she begins grinding back and forth, biting her lip as she lets off a quiet moan. >”Oooh, Anon. Have I mentioned how much I like not having to use a condom?” >Shaking your head, she places her hand against your cheek. >Stroking it, she continues sliding you in and out of her backdoor. >”Mmm, well I do!” >Sonata leans in, kissing you roughly, her pace doubled. >What started off as a tender butt fucking has now become a lewd bump and grind. >She lets off a soft growl, wrapping her arm around your neck as she bounced on your shaft. >Her moans become frequent, yet still forcibly shushed. >Feeling your face burn, body unable to even squirm in the position Sonata has you in, you feel yourself edging closer to your finish. >Sonata whimpers, her movements suddenly stopped. >Her hips buckle, eyes tearing as she struggles to breath. >You worry for only a few moments, as she quickly recovers, a wet spot now on your crotch. >It's small, clear, and a sign that you may be denied a finish. >If Sonata was not a selfless lover. >She resumes her practical bouncing, getting you back to where you were. >A couple minutes of her big butts grip and feel is all it takes before you unload your seed inside her. >She coos, rubbing the back of your head. >”Good boy... let it all out inside.” >You oblige her, not that you have much choice. >Once your cum finally stops shooting off, Sonata just lays against you, the afterglow setting in. >A few more minutes of cuddling and she slides off you, very visibly clenching her ass. >She sticks her hand out near your mouth. >Spitting her panties out, she bites her lip, putting them back on right in front of you. >Your girlfriend visibly shivers at the feeling, cheeks turning purple. >”Mmmm, I should use my panties as a gag more often.” >Chuckling, you shift your jaw left and right, feeling a bit stiff. “Hehe, try not too. My jaw feels off.” >She leans in, stroking it, eyes gently locked with yours. >”Well, guess you just need more practice.” >After a quick peck, you pull her in, mimicking the same tender kiss she gave you. >She rests her head on your chest, nuzzling it. “Come on, we should get out of here before someone catches us.” >Leading your nympho girlfriend out of the locker room, you can;t believe how lucky you've been. >Twice you've entered the veritable oasis for teenage boys and twice you have gotten away with it. >You are a lucky mother fucker. >Holding your hand firmly against your lips, cheeks burning red, your legs shake. >Your other hand is placed firmly between your legs, holding against your panties so you don;t leave a mess. >Still unable to comprehend what you just saw, and much less what you just did, you push your locker open. >On your knees, you lean forward, eyes wide. >Sonata and Anon just... just did THAT in the locker room. >You heard Sonata come in, yell if anyone was still in, and you panicked. >Not wanting her to catch you half naked, or any girl for that matter, you hid in your locker room. >She went up and down the aisles a couple times then dragged Anon in. >You watched them... You watched him stick it in her butt! >She was so happy, moving so fast... >Rubbing yourself a bit more, you stop. >That was- you shouldn't have seen that! >... But you did. >Watching Anon's man part slide in and out of Sonata, it gave you such a rush! >Panting, eyes leaking a hot flow of thin tears, you wipe them. >Standing up, your legs are still shaking. >You need to get cleaned up. >... You need to forget what you just saw. >Sitting on the couch, you look over to the clock as Sonata continues to rock her head back and forth at the movie's soundtrack. >One ten. >You wonder if Norman and the others are enjoying themselves. >Where they decided to go with the crowd, you had a looong date with Sonata. >Movies, sweets, a couple of naughty times. >As Shrek finishes up, you feel Sonata rest her head against you. >You kiss it, standing up to put Shrek 2 on. >The amount of movies you two have watched has been insane, but she likes them. >Once it starts, you sit back down and your girlfriend retakes her position. >Looking back at the clock, it has only advanced a minute. >Furrowing your brow, something crosses your mind. >You haven't heard from Twilight since you told her about other Twilight. >Still, you also haven't heard anything bad either, so you doubt she's in any kind of trouble. >... You'll text her. >Reaching for your phone, you notice your pocket is empty. >Worried, you search the other one. >Now you're panicking. >You pause the movie and Sonata looks up to you. >”Is something wrong?” >You nod, rubbing the back of your neck. “Yeah, can you call my phone?” >She nods back, pulling her cell out and bringing it to her ear after a few button presses. >Silence... >She repeats herself. >Again, silence. >Groaning, you slap your head. “Fuck. I think I left it at school.” >Sonata whimpers, pulling you back to your position. >”Can we go get it?” >You sigh, shaking your head. “I'll check my classes at grad practice. Worst case scenario I'll have my dad shut it off... dammit!” >You give a soft punch to the pillow beside you and Sonata takes your hand. >”Don't be mad, it was just a little mistake. Besides, you know where it is, right?” >Sighing, you relax. “Yeah... still, I'm going to have to tell my parents to call your phone before we head out tomorrow.” >Sonata smiles, resting her head back on your chest. >”Fine fine. Now, movie time~” >Relaxing, you get back into the groove you had before. >... Still, you're worried something has happened. >Something you caused. >As Sonata excitedly bounces in her seat, you chuckle, keeping your focus on the road. >Your dad gave you directions to the prom's location. >Some high rise hotel in the city. >Apparently the school's been having their prom there for years and have earned quite the deal with the staff. >Or... something like that. >All you know is that it's a long drive. >Your parents have already called Sonata twice to see if you two were already there. >Luckily, you can see the building now, and it is biiig. >Letting off a whistle, Sonata gives a light squee. >”Ooh! So we're going to dance in there?” >Chuckling, you stop at the light and risk a quick look to the girl. “What?” >She nods, smile softening. >”Yeah, your mom said we get to dance at the prom.” >Letting off a joy filled sigh, you turn your eyes back to the road, nodding. “Yeah, that's where we'll be.” >Your girlfriend hugs herself, respecting your rule about hugs while driving. >Driving around the building, you notice that the designated parking is already full. >Worried, you see a guy in a vest waving you towards the back streets. >You follow his direction and notice that the streets are filled with cars as well. >Some of them are more than a little familiar, but most of them look much more expensive. >Parking where you can, you turn off the engine and sigh, looking to Sonata. “Have everything?” >She opens up the clam-shell purse she borrowed from your mother (Which looks gorgeous when paired with her dress), and rifles through it. >”Wallet... phone... surprise... ooh! And your dad gave me this.” >She pulls out a thick black box with two metal prongs. >... >It's a taser, you realize this now. >Sonata accidentally sparks it, letting off a light squeal of shock. >You gingerly take it from her, turn it off, and put it in your suit jacket's inner pocket. “How about I keep the weapon of shocking, hmm?” >She nods, looking at your jacket with wide eyes. >Sighing, you pat it. “Relax, I made sure it won't go off.” >Sonata seems satisfied with this answer, leaning in and pecking you on the cheek. >”Mwah~ Ready then?” >You nod, making sure you have your tickets, cash for photos, and wallet. >You made sure to separate the cash your dad gave you for pictures from your own. “Yeah, let's go.” >Opening the door, you and Sonata step out. >As you lock up, you notice that there are a lot of cars coming down the street, may of them filled with kids from your school. >Others, filled with... kids you aren't familiar with. >You don't get to think on it too long, as Sonata wraps her hand around yours, her clam shell purse hanging from her opposite arm. >Finding your smile, you lead your date to the building. >As you approach the entrance, you notice a lot of well dressed boys and girls. >As in, another class well dressed. >You don't recognize many faces either. >Sonata must notice your worry, as she holds your arm tighter, pulling herself closer. >Getting inside, you finally recognize some faces. >No one you know personally, but people you see around the school. >Like that magician girl, or the photography club's president. >Deeper in the crowd, more and more faces become familiar. >It isn't until you are right by the photographers that you notice some friendly faces. >Except, they don't look too friendly. >Norman, Big Mac, Sunset and her group, sans Twilight. >Your slacker buddy notices you,m tossing you a glare as he approaches you. >”What the fuck man?! Why haven't you been picking up my calls!” >You sigh, putting your free hand in your pocket. “I lost my phone yesterday. Better question, why didn't you try calling my house phone?” >His glare fades, replaced with a look that seeks an excuse. “Why didn't you call Sonata?” >The excuse seeking is now deer in the headlights. “You don't have either of them, do you?” >He gulps, shaking his head and returning to his glare. >”That's-That's not the point! Listen, you need to bail.” >Not sure where he is coming from nor that you want to know, you throw his glare right back at him. “Oh? Why's that?” >Sunset steps in, pushing Norman back. >”Anon, Blueblood's here.” >You sigh, believing them to overestimate how much the asslord can do. “So?” >Sonata nods, holding you close. >”Yeah, so? It's not like he would try anything here. Besides, the whole school knows what he did, no one would help him.” >Sunset rubs her nose, worry and fear in her eyes. >”Yeah, our school...” >Still unsure of what she means, you are about to speak when Norman butts in. >”The guy transferred schools! Bought his way out of those pedo charges since 'he's a minor', and made it VERY clear he's out for blood.” >Your heart sinks, slight fear finding its way into you. “When?” >Norman sighs, glare finally fading. >”Grad-night. He was there with a huge group of guys. I'm not gonna lie, I was afraid man.” >Big Mac pulls Norman back, stepping forward. >”We made it clear ya weren't there. The boy backed off, but... well, he made sure his message was sent. He also said he'd find ya here.” >Finally realizing why there are so many faces you didn't recognize, you also wonder how his school just happened to book the same location yours did. >An even better question would be why they would allow a dual booking and why he's only after your blood. >Wouldn't he be after Big Mac, the guy who actually tackled him? >As you think on everything, you feel a hard slap on your back, causing you to grit your teeth and try to grab the stinging sensation. >Sonata squeals, placing her soft hand against it. >”Anon!” >A chuckle and giggle cause you to look back, the sight before you more than a little shocking. >Blueblood is standing there, with his date, Adagio. >They both look quite dressed up. >The rich prick sporting a white suit with gold seams, fingers covered in rings. >His date is dressed up like a high class hooker, from the purple bolero dress, to the pearl earrings. >The afro sporting red head brings a hand to her cheek, faking an apologetic frown. >”Oh, I think you hit him too hard sweetie.” >The blonde haired faggot just adjusts his tie, lowering the hand he has around his date to her hips. >”Well, accidents happen.” >As the stinging continues, Norman and Sunset pull you and Sonata closer to the group. >Big Mac steps between you two. >”We don't want any trouble.” >Blueblood just raises his free hand, looking around. >”What? Why would you think we wanted trouble?” >You notice the doors behind you filling with bodies, all of them moving in, forcing the couple in front of you to move closer. >The sea of seniors doesn't stop, getting Blueblood ever closer, your group taking steps back. >”Why, we're just here to have a good time.” >You can feel hands on your back, trying to pull you behind them, but you don't let them. >You aren't going to be threatened by some pedophilic, upper class cunt. >As the prick is nearly toe to toe with you, he tries to keep those last inches there, pushing back against the crowd. >”A celebration of good fortune. A time to reflect on the past year... and say good bye to old friends.” >He gives you a sickly grin, Adagio placing a hand on his chest. >”Right. Like Aria, you remember her, don't you Anon? Sonata?” >And that's all it took. >Trying to step forward, to put any kind of distance from those two to Sonata, you feel a swift kick to your knee. >Falling on it, you feel Blueblood's hand on your head. >You know it's his, no one else would wear this many rings. >Forced to look at the ground, you hear the coward speak above you. >”In fact, I haven't seen you in so long Sunset Shimmer. How ARE you doing?” >Sunset mumbles something, but you can make it out very clear. >”Fuck you.” >After another chuckle, Blueblood roughly ruffles your hair before allowing you up. >”Oh that was so long ago. Can't we just let bygones be bygones?” >He leans in, whispering. >”Bye, Anon.” >Looking to him, you catch it, the one clue that just let you in on what was going on. >Blueblood's smokey green eyes. >This is all Adagio. >Before you can connect any more of the dots, a loud slam fills the room, followed by a voice. >”Doooors locked! You're all in here until midnight.” >Another dot connected. >You are now trapped like a rat. >Blueblood pats your face, smiling as he leads Adagio away. >”We'll see you later Anon. Have fun.” >It isn't until Sonata grabs your hand that you realize something. >You're shaking. >Sunset lean down her chair, had on her forehead. >”I still don't get it.” >You shake your head. “Me neither. She's obviously in control of her school-” >Pinkie Pie interrupts. >”Like last time.” “and she's got some sort of ulterior plot-” >”Like last time!” “... But then there's the big question.” >The pink haired girl stands this time. >”Like last-! Oh. I mean, what?” >Placing your head on your hand, Sonata pets it. >Looking to her, she has a smile. >”Come on, I'm sure whatever she has planned, she can't pull it off.” >Raising an eyebrow, your girlfriend smiles brighter. >”Think about it! Last time, she needed me and Aria just to pull off one high-school. Now she's all alone and she doesn't even have her gem!” >Blinking, you are starting to see what she is saying. >”Plus, worse case scenario, we still have our cells. One call and BOOM! No more plan.” >Smiling, you kiss her cheek. >Just as you are about to speak, Sunset groans. >You look to her, seeing her press her middle and index finger against her forehead. >”Those would be good points... except we know she has her new school under control. At the very least the staff.” >And your smile is dead. >Sighing, you nod. “Right... I know you can still sing without them, but is it strong enough to hold that many people for... what? Months?” >Sonata's bright smile fades, replaced with a deflated frown. >”N-No...” >So much for her plan being a bluff. >Taking a sharp breath, you look around. “... Where's Twilight?” >Sunset's weak expression suddenly turns harsh. >”My guess? Crying in the bathroom.” >Groaning, you know what she's going to say. “My fault?” >”What do you think?” >Going silent, Sonata, takes your hand. >You hear Big Mac scoff. >”It ain't Anon's fault Flash acted like a god damned baby. Besides, don;t ya think we got more pressin' issues than Twilight n' Flash's lil love quarrell?” >Blinking a few times, you think. >You can't guess the plan, but even if you can't, there has got to be a way for you to throw a monkey wrench in it anyways. >Looking around, you wonder what's at your disposal. >Security? >Probably compromised or wouldn't believe you. >Not that you blame them. >Who would believe an evil siren girl form a land of horses is controlling a high school? >Deus Ex Twilight like last time? >... If that ship happened again, you think you might rather Adagio win. >The Twilight form your world? >No, she is A Twilight, but she's as human as you or Big Mac. >Teachers? >Looking around, you can't see any of YOUR teachers. >No Principal Celestia, no gym teacher Bulk, not even the milf Cheerilee. >You assumed she would be here, if only for the chance to get in some barely legal pants. >As you begin to run out of options, you see Flash trying to walk angrily towards you. >No, it's not like you don't have more important things to deal with, send in the teenager whose love life consists of replacing the girl he's known for a total of one week with her actual human counterpart at you. >As he approaches, you stand. “Flash, I-” >He suddenly punches you. >Groaning, you grab you cheek. “Mother. FUCK!” >Big Mac and Sonata are out of their chairs faster than you can react. >Your girlfriend places her hand on your cheek, whimpering as she examines it. >The red giant grabs Flash and holds his arms over his head, like a child. >”What in the hell did ya do that for?!” >Flash struggles to free himself, but he is MUCH weaker than the farm boy. >”Nnngh, let me go Big Mac! Our so called friend here has my girlfriend crying in the bathroom!” >Is he really trying to put this shit on you right now? >Does he not realize that no less than two criminals are in the same room as him?! >Letting off a loud guffaw, you aren't sure if you've reached your limit with the bullshit, whether you just need get back at him for that punch, or perhaps you are just afraid and need an outlet, but you turn to the spiky haired idiot and wag your finger in front of him, smiling the entire time. “I did that? Me? Okay, let me explain to you why that's bull shit.” >Sonata places a hand on your shoulder, pulling you back with the slightest force. >”Anon, please.” >You shake your head, holding her hand for a second before taking it off. “No, he's going to hear this. I'm the one who has her crying? The only one who told her the real reason you're 'dating' her? And let me remind you, you have NEVER called her your girlfriend before this. Never. Yet she is more than happy to call you her boyfriend.” >Flash just stares at you, anger welling in his eyes. “But let's ignore that for a second. Let's go back to other Twilight, the one you 'love'. Let me tell you something, this Twilight and that one are NOT the same person!” >Stepping towards him, you see his anger slowly being pushed down. “But no, you love her still. A love born in two encounters that at BEST make up a week. Okay, there are crazier stories out there, right? Here's the thing, if you love her so much, and I mean THIS Twilight, not THAT Twilight, why the fuck did you lie to her?!” >Flash tries to open his mouth, but you shut him up. “No! Don't try to justify this. You lied to her, and what's worse, you got her 'friends' to lie to her too! And for what? So she could stay happy in your relationship?!” >Flash has so much anger towards you right now, like a child who won't listen to his parents. “You want her to be happy with you? Fine, that's a GOOD thing. You know what isn't good? Using her to replace a girl who fell head over heels for you. And you better trust me, I know that feling all too fucking well!” >You know there are people listening, you are practically shouting at this point. “Let me tell you something. It hurts. It hurts being used like a fucking towel to wipe up the leftovers. You wouldn't know that, would you?” >Big Mac let's Flash go, letting him shake with anger. “You aren't going to treat this Twilight, the Twilight who deserves better, that way.” >Turning to face the group sitting at the table, you notice mixed responses. >The most comforting are Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Applejack's. >They aren't mad, nor judging. >The rest seated however, they must think you are the biggest asshole right now. “And that goes for the rest of you too. Show the girl some god damned respect.” >Grabbing your seat, you pull it out and finally sit back down, feeling like you've said enough. “Oh, and if you punch me again, I will shove my foot so far up your ass, you'll be tasting my shoe for a week.” >Everything is quiet for a few tense moments before you hear footsteps receding. >Finally calming down, you notice the world wasn't as silent as you thought. >Turns out whoever is dj-ing tonight has a thing for ear piercing. >Given the shit you've been dealing with, the volume probably seemed quiet as a mouse. >This is a good sign then. >You finally have your senses back on you. >As you are about to apologize, you feel hand wrap themselves around your neck. >Not in a malicious way, no. >Sonata holds you, a couple tears running down your head. >Sighing, you touch the back of her hand. >Big Mac retakes his seat and sighs. >”Ah reckon someone should go talk with Twi.” >Applejack is the first to respond, not even saying goodbye as she goes to find the missing girl. >Looking back, you notice Blueblood looking over to you, laughing. >Grinding your teeth, you suddenly stop. >Turning to Sonata, you blink before locking eyes with her. “Sonata?” >Your girlfriend is slowly calming down. >”Y-*Snff*Yes?” “Your gems... what kind were they?” >She looks confused. >”Magic.” >You shake your head, taking her hand and pointing to Blueblood. “No, what KIND were they.” >She looks puzzled until she sees a few familiar colored rings. >In different shapes and sizes, but all the same type. >Your girlfriend stutters, trying to give you an answer. >Figuring she probably doesn't know, you stop her. “All right, hypothetically, could jewelry from this world be enchanted with magic from yours?” >”I-I guess? Maybe.” >Chuckling, you think you may have found your monkey wrench. >Before you can speak your mind, the music suddenly drops. >Turning to the booth, you notice the DJ stepping out, one of the rich looking kids stepping in. >A shiver runs down your spine. >You have a good idea as to what it is. >Soon, an all too familiar chant like song fills the room. >Cursing, you look to Blueblood. >He is just bobbing his head with the music. >The blonde haired boy notices you staring and jerks his head towards the stage. >Looking towards it, you notice an elderly looking man stepping forward with a microphone. >”I know this may seem a bit preemptive, but we would like to announce the prom kings and queens.” >... You aren't sure if this is a part of Adagio's plan, or just a stroke of her ego. >”Now then, from our own, prestigious institution, in a surprising landslide. We have our new transfer students; the young Prince Blueblood and Adagio Dazzle!” >The crowd erupts into a fit of cheers and applause as two bright lights shine over the pair. >Ego. >This has definitely got to be an ego thing. >As they step up, you see them peek towards your table. >Immediately after the old man speaks again. >”And from Canterlot High, Anon Y. Mous and Sonata Dusk!” >Or maybe not. >The same lights are now focused on you and Sonata. >Taking controlled breaths, you feel Sonata grab your hand. >You want to stay seated, to avoid whatever they have planned, but the crowds continuous cheer and calls are making it very hard. >Forcing yourself to calm, you remind yourself that there are two schools here. >One of which she can't mess with any longer. >Standing up, Sonata pull on your arm. >Looking back, to her worried expression, you try to think of something calming to say. >As you search for the words, something better comes to mind. >Something that will ensure you and Sonata leave here safe and sound. “Trust me... we'll be fine.” >She is hesitant, but nods. >Leading your date up the stage, you can't help but notice Adagio sporting one of her evil grins. >It always came off as more comedic to you, but to each their own. >As two teachers you have never met before place crowns on you and Sonata, they do the same for the 'power' couple next to you. >The elderly man passes the microphone to Adagio, who gladly takes it. >“Ohhh, I don't know what to say. Well, I know one thing I can.” >And now comes whatever she has planned. >Adagio starts singing along with the track, her date's rings leaking that same green gas from her old pendant. >You know that you're safe from the gas, but the sheer amount of people who aren't... >Sometimes numbers matter more than knowing someone's plan. >Readying yourself in case things get bad, you notice more gas coming from the other students. >Adagio loaded up her victims with gems this time, great. >Like an ever growing bomb of fog. >You try to wave it off, but it just keeps getting denser. >Soon, you can barely make out the crowd in front of you. >Looking to the side, you see your group panicking. >Big Mac grabs a chair, stepping back as the fog rolls over them. >Squinting, your eyes begin to sting. >You try to look for Sonata, but the gas makes it impossible. >Trying to pull her closer, all you hear is a scream and her hand pulled from yours. “Sonata!” >Reaching around, all you grab is fog. >A few echoing giggles is all you hear before something kicks the back of your knee. >Falling back to one knee, you feel three very sharp nails slowly slide across your cheek before placing them on your neck. >”You know, I really should thank you Anon. If you hadn't messed up my original plan, I never would have found a more successful back up! But, since you DID mess up my original plan... you have to pay.” >Feeling her nails, and nothing more, you need a better idea of where Adagio is at. “What plan? Why are you doing this? HOW are you doing this?” >The girl sighs, taking her nails away from your neck, giving you even less of an idea of where she is. >”Oh, I know you didn't do it on purpose, I know you tried to call it off... but when you got Aria arrested, well, I lost everything I was planning for.” >This girl just loves acting like she's in charge, somethings never change. “What plan?! I thought you reformed!” >She laughs, the back of her hand finding your cheek. >”Reformed? Please. Just because the bacon haired wimp and my weakest link decided to 'go good' doesn't mean I'm stupid enough too. As for the plan, well, same plan as before... make this world adore me, give em everything it has.” >Tearing up, the stinging from the gas is getting worse. “How were you going to do that? Your necklaces were destroyed.” >She sighs. >”Yes, a minor setback... but just a setback. If we had practiced hard enough, gotten strong enough, we COULD have made a comeback. Started small, worked our way up... but then you meddled where you didn't belong.” >Stepping forward, you nearly fall off the stage. “How? What did I do?” >A groan points you in the right direction. >You slowly slide your feet towards where you think she is. >”Sonata, you idiot. You made friends with her, put it in her stupid little head she could be whatever she wanted.” >You're just listening to her monologue to get you close enough, but hearing this will probably give you more reason to go through with it. “She approached me.” >”Yes yes, but you were nice to her. Don't you know how easy it is to manipulate her? Give her a compliment she listens. Put her down, she listens. Promise her a future?” >You don't respond. >”... wow, you're almost as dumb as her. She listens. Heh, she's damaged goods.” >Placing your hand on the front of your suit, you are going to enjoy this. “She isn't damaged goods. Besides, if she's so bad, why would you need her?” >”Because just that, I NEED her... well, needED her. I also needed Aria. You were taking away Sonata, from me, why do you think I told Aria to threaten you?” >Stopping, you try smacking some of the fog away. “You made Aria threaten me?!” >”Mhmmm.” “But you said-” >”That I didn't care one way or the other? Oh, gee, it's almost like I LIED. Just when I thought you would be smart, you end up taking away BOTH of them. You fucking miserable piece of garbage.” >Another scream fills the air, followed by footsteps running. >Your rational thoughts stop, having you rush for the steps. >As you run, you bump into someone. >Grabbing them, you see that it is Sonata. >The strap of her dress is ripped, tears running down her eyes. >Holding her close, you pet the back of her head. >After a few silent moments, you continue. “So you lost your plan, why didn't you just give up?” >”Oh, you see? That looked like a good idea to me too, until I just happened to run into a certain limp dick whose life, and I am projecting here, YOU ruined.” >Blueblood only picked you out because of Adagio. >Probably should have seen that coming. “So, you met Blueblood. How did that lead to you getting more magic?” >The siren giggles once more. >”Oh, now that part was easy. I decided to use Blueblood since you took away my home. A nice cooshy mansion, have his parents love me. All with a few songs every now and again. Want to know something funny? Rich people really like their rarities.” >A soft, almost nostalgic sigh fills your ear as you try and maneuver around with Sonata. >”Those pretty little gems... all shining, taking my song so easily. All it took was a curious question here and there before I had gotten aaall the info I needed. Turns out this world isn't that useless after all! Isn't that great?” >Hitting the back wall, you groan. >”Once I had my lovely gem back, it was all a matter of finding a way. Luckily for me, you gave that to me too.” >Holding Sonata's hand, you reach for your inner pocket. “How?” >”Blueblood. See, aside from his school, you also gave me a great opportunity.” >She is being vague as hell. “What?” >”Tell me, what happens when a building leaks smoke as heavy as this?” >Gripping Sonata's hand tighter, you can feel her gripping back. >”Come on... not that hard... ugh, so stupid. The police, the firefighters, the emergency response teams, all those wonderful and brave men and women... all waiting for me to sing.” >You chuckle. “Too bad you only have so big of a reach.” >Another slap strikes you, but you are too slow to follow it. >”You know, how many cars were parked out there?” >Going silent, Adagio laughs once more. >”Yeah, that's what I thought. Trust me Anon, I have thought this plan out much more thoroughly than the others. I'm golden. Hmm, as much fun as this has been, I think I'm done with you.” >A kick hits you right between the legs, causing you to let go of Sonata and fall to both your knees this time. >Your girlfriend wraps her arms around your neck once more. >Struggling to breathe, hands clutching your pants, you feel Adagio's hand slide under your chin. >”Any last words?” >Letting one hand slide into your inner pocket, you grab the concealed weapon, switch it on, and spit. “Y-Yeah, kph. How's your throat?” >She is about to respond when you slam the twin metal rods against it, causing her to silently scream, fog quickly fading, all eyes on you as Adagio falls to her back, clutching her throat. >Looking around, you see that the room has been barricaded by, now very confused, students. >The doors are being slammed against. >Any of the teens there quickly undo the barricades and many familiar faces rush in. >Your school's staff, Twilight, Applejack, and Flash. >Sighing, you feel warm drops hit your neck. >You can't say your prom was boring. >Sitting in the penthouse suite, bags of ice placed on any of your wounds, you sit across from Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, Sonata seated next to you >Apparently the Principal was lead to believe that the hotel staff would handle any and all problems as a way to make up for doublebooking. >They even set up a party for the adults. >The trashcan next to you is full of empty beer bottles. >Adagio thought of everything, except she really didn't. >All it took was one good attack to stop her. >True, the attack was with a jolt of electricity, but you're pretty sure a punch would have shut her up too. >Principal Celestia sighs, placing faux papers about Sonata's “extensive” time in Canterlot High in a stack. “So they'll work?” >She nods. >”Yes. If Adagio or Aria try to expose Sonata, she can deny everything. She'll be safe.” >Sighing, you relax a bit. >Looking out the window, you see more and more cops with flashlights searching the cars in the parking lot. >Once your Principal got involved, everything fell into place. >All the jewelry is stolen, Blueblood is a pedophile, Adagio is a thief, and the students from the other school are innocent victims. >After some dialogue between Celestia and the other Principal, the whole incident will be forgotten and buried. >Now, aside from your personal problems, everything is handled. >Sonata grabs your hand, fiddling with your fingers. >Giving a soft smile, it quickly fades as you turn back to Celestia. “So, can we go?” >She hands you the transcripts and nods. >”Have a safe night Mr. Mous. We'll see you tomorrow.” >Releasing a sigh, you stand, Sonata immediately grabbing your hand as you two make for the elevator. >The ride down is quiet, save for the music. >Once you reach the ground floor a pair of officers step into the elevator, more than likely heading up to talk to Principal Celestia. >Leading Sonata out of the building, you notice a few officers booking seemingly random students. >You say seemingly random since it only takes you a moment to notice bottles being dropped in baggies. >Shaking your head, you make for your car. >As you exit the building's parking lot, you everyone you know in a circle. >Nearing it, yells enter your ear. >You stop, briefly wondering if you should get involved. >Looking to Sonata, she just looks down, expression tired. >You are about to just walk off to your car when your conscience picks the worst time to act up. >Dear old dad's voice reminds you that you started this mess, you need to finish it. >Tossing your head left and right twice, you groan, handing Sonata your keys. “I'll be a moment.” >Your girlfriend nods, kissing your cheek before silently walking toward your car. >Approaching the circle, Twilight's voice rings clear. >”I don't care!” >She is definitely arguing with someone. >Getting behind Big Mac, you tap his shoulder. >He looks back to you before moving to the side, allowing you in. >Once you are apart of the circle, the yelling takes a pause. >It gives you a chance to really appreciate the situation. >Flash and Twilight are in the center, Applejack right behind Twilight, a hand on her friend's shoulder. >Norman is next to Rarity, trying to casually stay close to her. >Pinkie and Dash are standing right behind Flash, bodies facing each other as their eyes are on you. >They literally just had their lives threatened and they're already recovered enough to yell at each other. >You let off a chuckle, unable to believe this shit. >Looking around, you feel a forced grin, eyes heavy. “Hey, what's going on?” >Twilight looks to Flash, scowls, then faces you as she starts to approach. >”Anon, can you give me a ride home?” >Flash's eyes shoot wide, a rage filled scowl crossing his lips. >”What?!” >Soon after, Dash and Rarity begin to speak, immediately bet by resistance from Pinkie and Applejack. >Not going to deal with this shit, you just take Twilight's hand, leading her out of the circle. “Come on.” >As you walk, you hear footsteps rushing after you. >Flash grabs your shoulder, turning you to face him. >”Where do you think you're going with my girlfriend?” >Twilight lets go of your hand, pushing him back. >”Ex-girlfriend.” >Letting of a very loud groan, you use your closest hand to slide Twilight behind you. “It is late. I am fucking tired. Unlike you, I am not up to having an argument when my life was just threatened.” >Flash just scoffs, waving you off and walking away. >Rarity and Norman take off after him. >Those who remain look to you. >They probably expect you to justify what just happened. >You don't need to justify dropping a friend off at home. “Anyone else need a ride?” >You are met with silence until a shy yellow hand raises itself. “Okay then. Let's go.” >As you start to walk back to your car, Twilight and Fluttershy following, you stop. >Turning to the others, you try to speak, but can;t find the words. >Sighing, you shake your head. “I... I'll see you all tomorrow.” >You are met with a few quiet responses from the Apple siblings. >Making sure you at least said goodbye, you lead the two girls to your car. >Sonata looks to you from the passenger seat, confused. >Stepping into the driver's seat, you buckle up. “Fluttershy and Twilight need a ride home.” >She nods, leaning against your arm before you turn the ignition. >”Okay...” >A few moments after Twilight and Fluttershy are buckled in, Sonata sits up right. >With your arm free, you start the long ride home. >Once you hit the freeway, you decide to slow down, enjoy the open lanes. >Occasionally a car or two speeds right past you, but the road is dead otherwise. >After a couple miles, Sonata speaks up. >”Can we... get a hotel after we drop them off?” >Confused, you are about to ask why when Twilight speaks up. >”Actually, can we just get a hotel? I don't feel like heading home tonight...” >Fluttershy mumbles something out, but you can;t make it out. >Eyes on the road, you sigh and make sure your focus doesn't falter too much. “What?” >After a soft cough, Fluttershy repeats herself, this time in a tone you can actually hear. >”I- um... don't want to go home either.” >You are about to argue that you don't have the money to get a hotel room when you are reminded you never spent the cash your dad gave you for prom pictures. >Pondering for a moment, you realize that there is going to be a shit storm waiting for you at home once your parents find out what's happened, and they will find out. >You can face it now, or push it off until the morning. >... You're too tired, both emotionally and physically to properly handle that right now. >Turning on your blinker, you make for the exit lane. >Even if the lanes are dead, it helps to keep you in the proper mindset while driving. >As you enter the city streets, Twilight pulls her phone out. >A few moments driving along the main streets and the purple girl speaks up. >”There's a place about three blocks from here. Not too expensive.” >This is probably a dumb idea, but you just want to get some rest. “Which way?” >”Left, then straight until you hit Pine. It'll be on the left.” >Following the directions as best you can, you find the place. >It reminds you of the places you would stay on your family vacations. >Pulling into the parking lot, the four of you exit. >Sonata immediately clings to your arm and you pet her. >Walking into the building, it is as dead as the streets. >That might not be the case in a couple hours, when every normal High School students would be starting their after party. >Walking up, you get two rooms. >You aren't going to share a room with two girls you barely know. >Maybe if you were in a better mood, but not now. >Handing the girls their key, you all move through the halls, silent the entire time. >As you reach your rooms, Twilight speaks up. >”Anon... thanks.” >You just shrug, unsure exactly why she's thanking you. “You're welcome.” >Fluttershy walks up to you, giving both you and Sonata a hug. >”Thank you.” >She releases you and your girlfriend, entering her room for the night as Twilight opens the door. >Rubbing your eyes with your free hand, you drop the key. >Sonata picks it up, opening the door and leading you in. >Following her, you notice that the room connects with the girls'. >The nest thing you notice are the two comfy looking beds before you. >About to kick your shoes off, Sonata brings you in for a deep, passion filled kiss. >The shock brings you partially out of your exhausted state. “S-Sonata?” >Your girlfriend breaks down, crying. >”Why are you so good to me?” >Confused, you wrap your arms around her as she lays her head on your chest. “What?” >After a long sniffle, she speaks again. >”Everything that's happened, everything that Adagio mentioned, why?” >Sighing, you can't figure out what she means. “Again, what?” >Sonata looks to you with tear filled eyes. >”When we first met, you hated me like everyone else, but you forgave me. Y-You became my friend.” >Pulling yourself from your emotional exhaustion, you try your best to stay focused, to listen to Sonata. >”I gave up on myself, but you didn't... you pushed me to study and to succeed and... to not be that failure of a girl.” >Tears now stream down Sonata's eyes, her makeup running. >”When Blueblood was cruel to me, you tried to defend me. When Aria threatened you, you tried to keep me safe. When I lost my home... you and your parents took me in. Wh-When I tried to keep using my magic, you stopped me, because you were afraid to lose me. Why? Why are you so good to me?” >Finding your thoughts, able to keep yourself coherent, you state the simple reason. >Stroking the blue beauty's cheek softly, you smile. “Easy, because I love you.” >She places her hand atop yours, holding it on her cheek. >”And before that?” >You chuckle. “Because I was raised right... I, well, I saw you weren't trying to be bad. I gave you a second chance because you deserved it. Everyone can change, Sonata. Some for the better, some for the worse...” >Leaning in, you bring your lips to hers. >After a few moments of holding this tender embrace, you pull back. “You changed for the better.” >She sniffles, rubbing her eyes as she hugs you. >Petting the back of her head, she takes a deep breath. >Pushing you back, she reaches for her back, unzipping her dress. >Sighing, you are about to speak when she places a finger on your lip. >”Anon... do you want to know what your surprise is?” >Again, you are about to speak, but the girl sees you aren't in the mood for a fuck. >”It was... I'm on the pill.” >Blinking, you are at a loss for words. >”Your mom... she, after we got my dress, she took me to the pharmacy... She told me what they do and how....” >Sonata looks up to you, eyes soft, vulnerable, trusting. >”Anon, I want to be with you. Not in a perverted lust filled embrace... I want this one to be passionate, loving... f-full.” >She blushes at those last words, stroking your arm. >It takes you a moment to register everything. >Sonata wants to make love. >Not a butt fuck and not with a condom. >Just both of you, bare. >You entered this building, tired, annoyed, and wanting nothing more than to rest. >But after hearing your girlfriend's words, what she wants. >Well, you could use some love right now. >Kissing her once more, she lowers her dress, exposing her underwear. >She slides the clothing the rest of the way off, then works on her shoes and socks. >Joining her, you slowly remove your jacket and top. >Sonata undoes your belt, disrobing you. >As you both stand in nothing but your underwear, Sonata brings you in for a hug. >Wrapping your arms around her, she speaks softly. >”Take the last of it off for me... please?” >You think she is referring to your boxers, but when you try to reach for them, she shakes her head. >It takes you a moment to realize she wants you to finish undressing her. >Bringing your hands to her bra's clasp, you undo it, letting the brassiere drop. >She shivers, bringing her hands to the elastic of your boxers. >Placing your hands on her panties, the two of you slowly lower them both, exposing each other. >She looks you up and down. >Her expression isn't one of lust or excitement. >It is one of love. >Subtle, gentle, and waiting. >Stepping closer to her, you kiss her once more, placing your hands on her back and bare bottom. >She responds by running her hand through your hair, moaning as your lips travel south, embracing her neck. >Leaving little love bites, you lower her onto the nearest bed. >Sonata holds on to you, gasping and moaning with each shift of your lips. >”A-Anon. I love you, I love you so much.” >Nuzzling her neck, you slowly pull away. >Your girlfriend is on her back before you, face flushed, body waiting. >Taking your manhood, you rub it up and down her already wet womanhood. >She coos, letting off high moans with each tease up and down. >”Anon. A-Anon! Just take me you stupid-” >You don't let her complete her sentence, thrusting forward, filling her with your shaft. >Sonata gasps, taking a deep breath as she wraps her arms around your neck, pulling you in. >As she does this, she also uses her legs to pull your hips closer, making more of your member fill her. >This is the first time you have been inside of Sonata without a condom. >The feeling, along with the mood that's been set, is making you feel pleasure you had never thought possible. >It is both physical and emotional. >The act of making love, along with the knowledge of just how much Sonata loves you... you never want to lose this feeling. >Sliding your hips back, you make each thrust forward matter. >Tender, deep, you can feel heat rushing to your cheeks as well. >With each gasp she gives, each moan she elicits, you feel a warmth in your chest. >Not a physical burning one. >It is more a filling warmth, something that you know is right. >Nearing your climax, you are about to warn Sonata when she kisses you, holding your lips against her own, making sure you don't stop. >Right as you are about to burst, she lets go of your lips, speaking in a welcoming tone. >”Hee, you think I haven't done this enough that I can feel the signs? Cum. Please, my lover, cum inside me!” >She knew. >She knows your body. >She knows you. >Giving in to her wish, you let off the strangest orgasm you have experienced. >Not because it was ruined or wrong. >It was flowing, natural. >Unlike your other orgasms where it almost felt like you were shooting your cum from your body, this one seems to come in streams. >As you finish, you release your member, streaks of white connecting the tip of your penis to Sonata's cum filled pussy >She happily coos, pulling you close as your body gives in to its exhaustion. >”Anon, I love you.” >Sonata slides the blanket over you, pulling you close. “And I love you....” >As your lover wraps her arms around you, you welcome rest. >So long as Sonata is beside you in the morning. >Finishing off, you can feel your cheeks burn form the passion of what you just did, >Soon after, guilt sets in. >Both, to the fact you just did THAT next to Fluttershy as she did the same, and that you did it while listening to Anon and Sonata be intimate. >It sounded so... >Wonderful. >So passionate, so amazing, so beautiful. >As you wait for Fluttershy to fall asleep so you can go clean up, you hear her whimper. >”It... this wasn't the first time I did this.” >Embarrassed, you hope she doesn't acknowledge what just happened. >”In the locker room... a couple days ago. I saw Sonata and Anon having s-s... sex.” >Why is she telling you this?! >”It... they looked so happy, so loving. I wanted that... to have someone like that.” >You can relate, knowing the feeling of wanting love. >You thought you had found someone you could love like that... >But he was just using you. >”More than just what Sonata had... what Anon had too.” >Confused, you just listen. >”They're so happy together, I would never want to take that from either of them... but... I kind of wish I could be apart of it... even once.” >Is she saying what you think she is?! >”I know it may seem wrong... o-or perverted... I think it is too... but I want it.” >Yeah, it is perverted! >... It is. >”I mean... they're happy together, but... could they share that happiness with someone else?” >It's impossible. >Absolutely impossible. >Sighing, you let your mind wander, and quickly stop when you let it wander too far. >Your mind briefly raced with thoughts of Anon and Sonata being intimate with you. >Dominating you, but holding you tenderly during and after. >”I'd like to think they could... that they could stay together even if they got someone else involved with their love.” >Clenching your toes, you wait a few minutes. >Fluttershy gets up from the bed, heading towards the bathroom. >After the door closes, you struggle to not rub yourself again, but fail. >It's sick, it's wrong, but those thoughts... >To have someone, a couple like Sonata and Anon be that intimate with you too, something about it feels right. >You' know you're wrong, but for now, while your body wants it, you'll believe otherwise. >Just for now. >Sighing, you and Sonata look over the horizon, back at your all too familiar spot. >The spot you two star gazed from. >The spot you two first had sex. >A spot you want to fill with happy memories. >She smiles, holding your hand. >”So, how long until you have to leave?” >You run the math in your head. “About two months.” >She hums, still smiling. >”And how long till you're back?” >You hold her hand. “Four more.” >She is quiet, just letting the wind fill the air. >”I'll miss you...” “I'll be back for the winter.” >She giggles, kissing your cheek. >”I know, but I'll still miss you.” >You chuckle, petting her head. “You could always ask Fluttershy or Twilight to take my place for an hour or two.” >You still can't believe they each came up to you and suggested that. >Sonata didn't seem to hate the idea, but she made it very clear that you were hers and she was yours. >After a quick push, you look to the girl, seeing an annoyed smile on her lips. “It was just a suggestion.” >She sighs. >”So... this is it, huh? We're finally adults?” >You shrug, looking back to your car. >Your diploma is sitting in there, somewhere. >Safe inside it's container. “Nah, I think we're adults once we have full time jobs and aren't living off my parents.” >Sonata giggles before pausing, releasing a deep sigh. “What's wrong?” >She grabs a rock, rolling it before giving it a soft underhand toss. >”Nothing, it's just... you're mom taught me to dance and we never got to do it.” >You are confused until you remember prom night. >She seemed so happy at the thought of dancing with you. >Thinking for a moment, you stand up and head towards your car. >Sonata looks back to you, still sitting. >”Anon?” >Opening both doors, you look around. >Not a soul in sight. >Turning the key so that the radio gets power, you try and find a channel fitting. >It only takes a few attempts before you find a decent enough channel. >One of those easy listening stations that plays romance songs nine times out of ten. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocKVZkYfxVY >Just as the song starts, you walk to Sonata, getting her on her feet. >She smiles, still looking confused. “It's a little late... but, well, better late than never.” >Your girlfriend nods, placing her hand on yours. “Besides, we have a whole summer to fill. A dance seems like a good start.” >She leans in, pecking your lips before taking soft steps. >Once you two get in the right pace, you are having a small waltz. >As you watch Sonata's joy filled smile, you remind yourself of what she asked for. >She asked for you to come back for her, to let her keep one of the few things in this world she wants to hold dear. >You promised her you would. >You don't intend to break that promise, or this wonderful girl's heart. >You wouldn't be able to forgive yourself if you did. >Laying back on your bed, you look out your door and see Sonata and Fluttershy watching some TV. >While you were in class all day, your two visitors were goofing around in your room. >It kind of annoys you, mostly due to the fact that you and Sonata can't fool around while Fluttershy is around, and she is ALWAYS around. >You haven't gotten off once the entire week, your own room compromised since you are sneaking both girls in at night so they don't have to pay for a hotel. >Plus, all the teases Sonata has been giving you have been driving you mad. >You try to relax, only to have your girlfriend plop down next to you, walking two of her fingers up your chest. >”What're you doing?~” >Chuckling, you take her hand, stopping it right as it is about to reach your neck. “Relaxing. Had a long day and just trying to unwind before dinner.” >Sonata giggles, planting a kiss on your lips. >”My poor baby, working so hard...” >Sighing, you feel the mood slip away as Fluttershy takes the other side of your bed. >”Um... is there anything we can do to help?” >You look to her, trying to be polite since you know the girl doesn't deserve any of your annoyance. “Nah, I'm good.” >Sonata giggles again, freeing her hand to run her finger up and down your chest. >”You suuure? Nothing at all?” >Wondering what she is getting at since you know it can't be sex, you are shocked to feel Fluttershy grab either side of your head, turn it to face her, then give you a big, awkward kiss. >Shifting your eyes from Sonata to the girl smooching you, your girlfriend breaks out into a fit of laughter. >”Whoa! Settle down Fluttershy, I said to wait until I gave the signal.” >The pink haired young woman stops, lips still pressed against yours. >After a few awkward moments, she backs off. >”W-Wasn't the finger thing the signal?” >Sonata shakes her head, still laughing. >Confused, you look from Sonata to Fluttershy. “Am I missing something?” >Your friend looks away, cheeks blushing. >Turning back to your girlfriend, she gives you a proper kiss, followed by a hug. >”We wanted to surprise you with something for being a good, patient boy~” >Finally getting what she is implying, you raise a finger and give her the plainest look you can. “And you waited until now... why?” >Sonata takes an inhale through her teeth, turning her head away. >Left with no answer, Fluttershy speaks up. >”Um... we wanted to do it day one, but, uh... things happened... things that involving a monthly cycle.” >Letting off a silent “oh”, you don't question who was getting a visit form their aunt flow. >Sonata turns you to face Fluttershy, placing a hand flat against your chest. >”So, since it stopped a couple days ago, we thought it would be a good time to finally give you some fun... Aaand now is the signal.” >Preparing yourself for another awkward kiss, Sonata raises her free hand as Fluttershy tries to lean forward. >”Uhp! I'm going to be giving you lessons this time.” >The shy girl nods, lowering her head before raising her eyes to lock with yours. >She blushes once more, bringing her hands together under her chest. >Trying to turn to look at Sonata, she uses both her hands to make you look at Fluttershy. “Uh, are you sure this is okay? I mean, me kissing another girl.” >After a soft sigh and a peck to the back of your head, Sonata speaks in a soft, sweet tone. >”Anon, me and Fluttershy have been talking about this for a while. I said no at first... buuut that's just because I wasn't ready. I know you love me and that even if we do this, you'll still love me. Besides, I've always wanted to be on top in that way.” >Shocked, you try to look back again. “Wait, wha-!” >”Now.” >Fluttershy leans in, her lips against yours.. >”Mhmm, now relax... just lean into it, and do what feels good. >Still feeling awkward, you can feel Fluttershy calm down, her lips going soft, eyes closing. >The kiss soon becomes less forced, finding yourself accepting it. >”Good... try opening your lips a little, bu don't open your mouth.” >Fluttershy is confused, meekly trying to do as Sonata said. >Feeling a need to help the girl, you demonstrate what Sonata meant. >Your partner in this embrace seems to enjoy it, slowly following your example. >Finding your eyes soften, you soon close them as well. >A hand finds its way to your chest, shaking as it touches you. >”A-Anon...” >As the kiss becomes more familiar, you wrap a hand around Fluttershy, pulling her closer. >You feel her spine lean in, but her back stay where it is, as if she is trying to escape. >After a few moments, she leans in fully, her clothed form pressed against yours. >Fluttershy slowly gets more into it, letting off soft whimpers as both her hands are placed against your chest. >A soft moan from Sonata lets you know the girl is enjoying herself as well. >With your lips still against Fluttershy's, you try to speak. “Mmm, want in sweetie? Ohhh.” >Just as you are about to try something, you feel yourself pulled away, your back against the bed. >Sonata clambers over you, grabbing Fluttershy by her shoulders. >She manages a quick *eep* before Sonata has her lips against the shy one. >The two girls quickly adjust, as do your pants, but not to be more form fitting. >You were never one to enjoy lesbian kisses, or any kiss that didn't involve you really, but this is getting you quite turned on. >Fluttershy opens her eyes slightly, then they shoot open. >She looks to the ceiling before her eyelids flutter closed. >Turning to look at a different angle, you see that Sonata now has her tongue inside Fluttershy's mouth. >You know how good your girlfriend is at frenching, you've felt it in multiple ways. >The pink haired cutie must be feeling such pleasures right now. >After a few more moments, Sonata pulls away, biting her lip. >”Mmm, do you have the thing?” >Fluttershy nods, eyes weak, vulnerable. >”Y-Yeah.” >Sonata runs her hand under her chin, kissing her once before whispering. >”Go get it.” >The girl nods, hopping off the bed and running to her bag. >As she digs through it, Sonata pounces you, all but ripping our and her shirt off. >She brings a finger to her lips, pointing to your pants. >As she unclasps her bra, you see what she wants. >Freeing yourself of your restricting garments, you find yourself nude with Sonata as Fluttershy pulls out a strap-on. >It looks longer than your shaft, but not as thick. >Talk about length vs girth. >As she turns around, she *eeps* once more, dropping the toy as she looks at you and Sonata in the buff, her legs buckling together as her cheeks burn red. >Your girlfriend sits at the end of the bed, running her middle finger over her slit. >”Like what you see?” >Fluttershy slowly nods, legs buckling harder. >”Mmm, come here sweetie.” >With cautious steps, Fluttershy approaches Sonata. >Your dick seems to be enjoying what's going on, as you're already leaking pre. >Sonata kisses her, placing her hand on top of Fluttershy's head, lowering her so she is on her knees. >”Lick.” >The yellow girl nods, extending her tongue to take a cautious lick. >Sonata coos, stroking Fluttershy's head as she continues eating her sweet blue pussy out. >As Fluttershy closes her eyes, tenderly licking your girlfriend, Sonata looks to you, biting her lips. >”Mmm, can you do the same for Fluttershy sweetie? Please?” >Nodding, you hop off the bed, getting behind Fluttershy. >Grabbing her hips, she squeals. >You lift her so she is standing, still bent over, mouth pushed against Sonata's womanhood. >Placing your hands just under Fluttershy's skirt, you run them up her hips, causing the girl to moan, grab the edges of her panties, and lower them. >They seem to stick in the center, letting go with a wet *shlick*. >As they slide down Fluttershy's legs, you can see she is all but gushing, her panties sopping with her juices. >Getting on your knees, you throw her skirt up so it is bent over her surprisingly nice ass. >It is a bit round, but lacking in meat. >Leaning in, you slide your tongue up the girl's pink bush. >This causes her to squeal, making your girlfriend moan from the sensation. >Continuing, Fluttershy begins squirming, her ass shaking. >She must be very sensitive. >As this oral chain continues, Sonata eventually manages to gasp out a command. >”St-Stah-Stop!” >You and Fluttershy both stop. >Sonata is panting, pussy wet as can be. >”Th-The toy, give me the toy.” >Seeing as you are closer, you grab the fake dong and hand it to your lover. >As she puts it on, she looks to you two. >”Fluttershy, shouldn't you strip?” >Your friend blushes, nodding. >As she shakily reached for her shirt, you decide to help her. >Once your hands make contact, she gasps. >Pulling her shirt up, her shaking stops. >She lets you undress her, from her shirt, to her bra, getting her skirt off, and finally getting her boots and shoes off. >As your crush from so long ago finally stands naked in front of you, you can't help but appreciate her body. Not in the purely sexual way, but in the way that you once wished more than anything to be with her. >Things have changed since then, but you still feel something warm in your chest. >Fluttershy notices you staring, rubbing her legs together. >”Do you- do you not... like it?” >Looking to Sonata, she nods with a smile on her face, tightening the straps. >Looking Fluttershy dead in the eye, you kiss her, your hand on her ass. >She squeals in your mouth, your hand groping her bottom. >Her hands are once again on your chest, stroking it. >She coos and moans, bringing her bare pussy to stroke against your member. >Pulling away, you feel the need to ask. “Did either of you bring a cond-” >You are stopped by Sonata, pulling you away from Fluttershy and pushing you onto the bed. >”Don't worry, we're both good.” >She then spanks Fluttershy, pushing her towards you. >The yellow girl mounts you, her pussy right over your cock. >As she takes your member, she rubs it against her slit. >”O-Oh my... Um, just because there won't be any blood, doesn't mean I'm not a virgin.” >Confused, you don't get the chance to ask what she means. >She slides you inside her, gasping as she continues fitting more and more of your length inside her incredibly tight pussy. >Just as she hilts, Sonata prods her backdoor. >Fluttershy whimpers, grabbing her cheeks and spreading them. >Sonata is about to forcefully penetrate when you intervene. “Wait!” >Both girls look to you. “Lube?” >Sonata groans, biting her lip as she looks at the waiting hole. >She runs to the bags, searching for the pain reliever. >Fluttershy kisses you, eyes locked with yours. >”Thank you.” >She takes advantage of the time Sonata is taking to quickly hump up and down your shaft, working in a twosome before Sonata breaks her in. >As Sonata approaches behind Fluttershy, you see her line the toy with a sleek sheen. >Your girlfriend applies some to two of her fingers before prodding Fluttershy's anus, sliding them in and spreading the lube. >The girl on top of you squirms, eyes shut. >You mistake it for her being in pain, but a low, feminine moan proves you wrong. >Seeing Fluttershy finally ready, Sonata wastes no time, grabbing her hair and pulling her back as she drives the toy into the “virgin's” ass. >Both girls scream. >Sonata begins thrusting back and forth, moaning out as her tongue lols. >”O-Oh god, no wonder people like being on top. Mmm!” >Fluttershy leans closer to you, lips pressed against yours as Sonata's rough thrusts grind Fluttershy's pussy up and down your shaft. >The poor girl doesn't even last three minutes before you feel her hot feminine juices spray against your shaft. >She pulls her lips away, tearing up as her nipples scrape against your skin. >”Ah! I'm sorry! I'm-gah! S-Sorryyy! Oh god!” >Sonata is not gentle, pulling on Fluttershy's hair as she butt fucks her. >You are about to say something when Fluttershy cums again. >This time, the sensation forces you to cum inside your friend's tight pussy. >Sonata doesn't stop though, still fucking Fluttershy's backdoor as you and she cum. >After a few more rough thrusts, Sonata joins you two, moaning out as she presses her body against Fluttershy's. >With a few rough spasms, Sonata finally settles down, panting atop Fluttershy. >”O-Oh god. Oh damn... That... was fun.” >The pink haired girl lays against you, her head placed where Sonata's would usually be. >Stroking the back of Fluttershy's head with one hand and Sonata's with another, the two girls cuddle against you, Sonata being big spoon but you being BIGGEST spoon. “Oh fuck... that was amazing.” >Fluttershy nods, cooing as you stroke her. >”Hmmm. C-Can we do this more often? I-I... well, I mean, if you two want, can we make this a regular thing?” >Sonata growls, weakly humping Fluttershy's ass. >”Sure, sure... but just remember who's in love with who here.” >The pink girl giggles, looking in your eyes with a soft smile. >”I know, I know. Still, thank you for sharing it with me.” >She pecks you, wiggling her bottom against Sonata. >You aren't sure what you just agreed too, but so long as Sonata approves, you're pretty sure everyone will be happy. >Sighing as you watch your friend down her second mug, you lazily look over the now all too familiar bar. >Same seats, same pool table, same everything to the point you could tell the layout blindfolded! >Sonata sits on your other side, enjoying a light drink as your water sits in front of you. >Someone had to be the designated driver tonight and it sure as hell wasn't going to be Twilight. >The girl has gone through another breakup. >Seems like every time you come back home she's gone through another boy. >It is starting to seem like a cycle you are doomed to repeat. >You go away, Twilight meets boy, she likes boy, boy turns out to not be what Twilight wants or a jerk, Twilight breaks up just before or while you are home during the holidays, you and Sonata take her out drinking as her safety net to remind her how amazing she is, and she IS amazing. >Where it's taken you almost five years to get your degree, Twilight finished in two. >Considering you plan to move back once you finish your last semester, the cycle is more than likely going to feel like it's happening more often. >You are not looking forward to that. >It's not that you don't love Twilight, she's one of your closest friends, but she needs to get laid. >Big time. >Slamming the mug on the counter, she gasps, wiping her mouth. >”Pfft, every time.” “Yeah, just bad pickings, right?” >You turn to look at Sonata. “Right babe?” >She nods, leaning forward to look at Twilight. >”You just need to keep looking. There's a guy out there for you, I know it!” >Twilight lets off a sarcastic laugh. >”Yeah, I'm really doubting that. I mean, look at you two.” >She motions her hands to you and Sonata. >”You two found each during high school. High school! The time where people are so emotionally fueled that all they really want is sex! Yet here you two are, in love, after meeting up in high school.” >The purple haired girl rests her forehead on the counter.. >”And I'm busy looking for Mr. Right. Pfft, thought I found him right around the time you guys found each other... stupid me, right?” >Sighing, this is another thing you hate about these nights. >Twilight's dwindling self confidence. >She's a great girl, one of the best you know, but this relationship trouble is hitting her hard. >It always does. >She sighs, finger running over the rim of the mug. “So... what was wrong with this guy?” >Twilight turns so her cheek is where her forehead was. >”He was only dating me because I was cute and he kept staring at my ass... when I tried probing his mind and getting to know him, he hit full stop and backed out.” >He sorrow filled expression turns to one of annoyance. >”He was like a fucking teen who didn't grow up, only looking for some ass.” >Twilight pulls herself so she is sitting normally again, hand on the counter. >”And when I finally give it to him, he's the worst fucking lay I've ever had! Fucking four inch pencil dick-” >And she's getting mad. “Hey! Can we get another round over here?” >A mug slides down. >Twilight grabs it, downing a fifth of it in one gulp. >”Gah... I should give up on finding a long term thing, just find someone who can give me a good fuck.” >And she's calming down. >Crisis averted. >Leaning on your hand, you sigh, smiling as the clock hits midnight. >”Only problem is I don't know anyone who isn't an asshole who would fuck me.” >Chuckling, your minor exhausted state has you speak before you think. “Hell, I'd fuck you.” >Sonata smacks you, a smile on her face. >”Anon!” >You smile back, turning to Twilight. >She has one of the deadliest “are you serious?” faces on right now. >”Right in front of your girlfriend? Come on Anon, you aren't even drunk.” >You are momentarily confused until you realize that she doesn't know about Sonata and your polygamous encounters. >No one aside from Fluttershy and Big Mac do. >Meaning she thinks you were just acting like an unappreciative pig. >Groaning, you shake your head. “Sorry, sorry. It's the lack of sleep.” >She looks to the clock. >”It's only midnight.” >Thinking on your feet, you make an excuse. “I woke up early this morning.” >The purple haired girl buys it, looking away from you. >”Whatever...” >Crisis two; handled. >Twilight releases a sigh, looking around. >”So, think any of these guys here would be willing to take me home tonight?” >Now a third reason to dislike these encounters. >You have to play vagina goalie and keep Twilight from making a bad choice. “Twilight-” >Sonata speaks up, a hand raised. >”Come on Twily, you know you can do better than a one night stand with some drunky.” >Your friend sighs, looking solemn as she stares into her mug. >”Yeah... probably.” >Fuck, this is going to be a long night. >As Twilight leans on your shoulder, Sonata gets the door for you. >”Tahke me hcc-home.” >Twilight has had a few too many and you were worried she might try something if you left her alone for the night. “No way Sparkle. You're staying with us tonight.” >Leading her in to your empty home, you thank god that your parents are on their second honeymoon right now. >Leading Twilight to the stairs, Sonata follows behind. >The purple haired girl pulls herself free, shambling until she is bent over on the back of your couch. “Ugh, come on.” >Twilight pulls herself up, her hands pushing against the back of your couch, legs slightly spread. >”Dja mean it?” >Stepping closer, Twilight yells. >”Didja mean it Anyon?!” >Taking a step back, you rub your neck. “Mean what?” >She hics before wiping her mouth. >”Thatdja fuck me...” >Sighing, you nod, not that Twilight can see. “Yes, I meant it.” >She nods, legs holding their stance. >”Then do it.” >Blinking, silence feels the air. “... What?” >Your drunk friend undoes her pants, dropping them to reveal her ass grabbing white panties. >”Fuck me!” >She is clearly not thinking straight. >You're glad you brought her home now, she would have definitely done something to hurt herself if you didn't. “Twilight, I'm not gonna fuck you.” >She growls, getting mad. >”Why not? Ya said it n front of her at tha bar? Fuck me! Do it, come ohn.” >She tries to sway her ass seductively, but only causes herself to momentarily lose her footing. >While you are embarrassed, Sonata giggles. >”Go ahead Anon, I wouldn't mind.” >Twilight giggles, looking to your girlfriend. >”Ye-gh-Yeah! Sonata don't mind. Come on baby, gimme tha dick. Ah wanna feel ya on the inside.” >She bends further over the couch. >Looking to Sonata, you point a single finger at her. “Don't encourage her.” >Then you shift it so it is pointing to the lusty girl. “And don't make decisions while drunk. Do you REALLY want me to fuck you?” >She tries to pull herself back up, failing. >After a few more failed attempts, she gives up. >You hear her sniffle. >”U-U-Uh huh...” >Sighing, you walk next to the girl. “What?” >She looks to you, tears in her eyes. >”Ah wanna... A-I still member when you an' Sonata had it on prom night... how hot it sounded and how good it made me feel when ah was touchin' myself.” >Blinking once more, you are shocked to hear this. “... What?” >Twilight sniffles again. >”Fluttershy and I heard the whole thing. Th-Then we tried ta talk ta ya about it, if we could join you. Fluttershy was really serious, but-but I was just horny at the time. Now, but now, I know I meant it. I wanted ta feel that love two, with you two.” >Twilight's eyes lock with yours, showing that even though she is drunk as hell, she is speaking from the heart. >”You were my only real friend... ya didn't lie to me and you wanted me to know what was going on... A-Anon, I want you.” >She tries to crawl over to you, but nearly falls. >You catch her, and she looks back up to you. >Sighing, you are about to walk her to the stairs when she leans in and gives you a very alcoholic kiss. >You are disgusted by the taste, but don't immediately pull away. >After a moment, you slowly pull her off, looking her in the eyes. >”D-Do you want to fuck me?” >You shake your head. “Your drunk, Twi. I'm not going to take advantage of you.” >Her tears return in full force. >”B-But you wouldn't!” >You place you hands on her shoulders. “You're drunk.” >”B-But I'm giving you permission! I want it, I want it! I want it! You can have it!” >Pulling her in for a hug, you rub the back of her head as she continues to sob. >After a few long moments, she begins to peter out, body going limp against yours. >”Can hab it... can hab it...” >Eventually, she knocks out, tears still flowing. >You sigh, picking her up so you can carry her to your parents' room. “Dammit...” >Sonata looks to you, then her. >”Wow... drunk people really do speak nothing but the truth.” >You just shake your head. “She doesn't mean it.” >As you walk up, Sonata follows. >”She does. I could see it even back then. Anon, you're her best friend.” >You scoff. “We hardly see each other.” >Your girlfriend pulls Twilight's pants the rest of the way off, folding them so they don't just dangle off the unconscious girl's body. >”So? You're honest with her. She can trust you.” >You're quiet, knowing you can't argue those points unless you want to say you're a bad friend to Twilight. >You don't want to be. >Why would you want to be bad for Twilight? >”See? Just because she doesn't want to, and I'm joking here, drive a stake through our relationship, doesn't mean she doesn't think about you that way.” >Walking down the hall, Twilight grabs your arm, holding it protectively. “You said 'doesn't' a lot...” >Sonata sighs, quiet as you get Twilight onto the bed. >As she lays there, pants-less, you can't help but wonder how much of what Sonata has said is true. >True, you've always tried to be good to Twilight, but you've never done anything to warrant more tan platonic friendship from her. >... Or... have you? >As you make a small list of what you've done, you compare it to the things you did for Sonata when you two were young. >You've tried to keep her safe, tried to help her. >You've always tried to be honest with her, even if it was something neither of you wanted to hear. >Make her smile, make sure she has at least someone she can depend on. >The only real differences are that Sonata had no one and she came on to you. >... Which kind of tie in to what just happened tonight. >Stroking Twilight's cheek, you sigh. >Sonata touches the back of your shoulder. >”You know, we've already kind of got Fluttershy as our... er, girlfriend. I wouldn't mind letting Twilight have the same treatment.” >You shake your head. “She deserve better than that. Fluttershy chose to be where she is... Twilight's trying to find Mr. Right.” >Sonata sighs. >”Yeah... but, and I am not saying I want you to leave me and definitely not to hurt Fluttershy... but maybe you can be her Mr. Right? At least for a while.” >You look back, walking to Sonata and kissing her. “No. Not unless you are Mrs. Right.” >The blue haired beauty lightly slaps your chest. >”You ever get tired of me trying to pawn you off on other girls?” >Chuckling, you shake your head. “You've never done that. Share me like I'm a stud, yeah, but you would never give me up.” >Looking her in the eye, you kiss her. “You'd miss me too much.” >She places her hands on your back, running them up to lock right behind your neck. >”Mmm~ How about we take this back to your room?” >Looking back to Twilight, you raise a finger. >Walking up to the girl, you strip her down to her underwear. >Putting her clothes to the side, you cover her up. >Looking at her, she looks so cute. >Like if you had just tucked in a little girl. >Planting a peck on her forehead, she coos and adjusts herself under the blankets. “Night Twilight.” >Heading back to your girlfriend, you pick her up, causing her to squeal as you carry her to your room, about to have a fun night. >Grunting, you stretch, resettling into your couch as you look to the window. >The view from the fifth floor was a lot better than you originally thought it would be. >As Sonata reads her book, head placed on your lap, you can't help but enjoy where you're at. >It's been a fairly steady decade for you. >A few drama bombs here and there, a few fights, but nothing that has broken you. >Emotionally, physically, or your relationship. >Laying your head back so your neck rests on your arms, the cold sting from your wedding band causes you to cringe. >You quickly adapt to it, the heat form your body warming it up. >Enjoying the calm of the mid morning, a breeze blows into your apartment. >Your wife flips the page, a soft, unintentional smile on her lips. >Petting her head, you look over to your tv, the many photos adorning its sides bringing back many memories. >You've done so much over these years. >Formed very deep, very meaningful friendships with a few of your high school friends while letting others just fall into obscurity. >Three very prominent ones would have to be the ones you... experimented with. >Twilight and Fluttershy eventually got their wish, but the one that really came out of left field would have to be the red giant himself. >True; you, Sonata, and he were drunk, but the things you did... >Well, although some things are better left unsaid, you honestly wouldn't mind. >Thinking on it, it's funny to you how everyone you've stuck your member in has become precious to you. >Fluttershy has all but become a shared partner for you and Sonata. >Twilight has become more of an actual family member, with all the platonic love that implies. >She's had a few more relationships since she graduated, but nothing seems to stick. >Maybe she is scared of letting someone get that close again? >You never asked her, just making sure she knows she has you and your wife should she ever need someone. >As for Big Mac, there isn't anyone you would trust more. >His family is yours and vice versa. >Sonata pokes your leg, pulling your gaze to hers. >She gives you a smile, book closed. >”Anon?” “Yeah sweetie?” >”I kind want some cheesecake.” >Chuckling, you rub over her stomach, kissing her cheek. “You got it. Anything else we need?” >She thinks, bringing a finger to her chin. >”Hmm. Milk, bread, and ketchup.” >Nodding, you stroke her cheek before sitting up, letting your wife lay her head on the pillow that was behind you. >Grabbing your keys, wallet, and cell phone, you flip it open to see if you have any messages. >A couple from your dad and one from Twilight. >Your dad has been sending you quite a few pics of your new sister. >In all honesty, you're surprised he and your mom were even still capable of having kids. >Opening Twilight's message up, she is wondering if she can come down and visit you and Sonata for the weekend. >As you head out the door, you remind her that she is welcome over any time she wants. >Pocketing your phone, you sigh. >Heading down the stairs, you briefly remind yourself of your high school days. >You were a selfish prick back then. >Not a big one, but enough that you wish you could have been better. >You wonder if everyone feels that way or if it's just you. >Heading towards your car, you open up the trunk and see the still packaged baby seat. >You really need to set that up sometime. >Pushing it to the side, you make room for the groceries you are about to get. >As you do, your phone goes off. >Pulling it back out, Twilight has sent you a reply. >She meant in THAT way. >Sending her another reply, reminding her once again she is welcome over any time she wants. >Some people would judge you harshly for being a swinger of sorts, but you aren't cheating on Sonata. >She knows of every partner you've had, she's been involved with them. >You love her, more than anything else in this world. >Just because you two are adventurous sexually doesn't mean you don't love her. >After all, she is the only one you have vowed to be with. >She is the only one you trust, you love enough to commit that far. >You know that, she knows that. >It's why you've lasted this long and why you'll last a lot longer.