Dazzle mommies: ch2: Rain on my day - by HypeAholic

>Be Adagio Dazzle >It's been almost a month since you and the girls found the baby >The day has finally come >It took a lot of disagreement but you finally were able to convince the other girls to just let an orphanage have the baby >You had to tell Sonata she would do a terrible job as a mother, and tell Aria that the orphanage could take care of finding suitable parents >Obviously Sonata was very upset by this, but she finally saw that you were right >Aria took much less convincing fortunately and you only had to have a small talk with her >You and the girls were driving to the orphanage you picked out to be the most suitable >Aria sat in shotgun silently looking out the window, she hasn't said much during the car ride >Sonata was sitting in the back holding the baby and saying her final goodbyes >She looked and sounded very sad, almost on the verge of tears >"Now y-you just have to go and live b-by yourself for a little bit okay? Momma will come back for you, s-she..." >She just couldn't hold it in anymore and just started bawling, with the baby tightly cradled in her arms >Aria finally spoke up >"Look Sonata, you aren't his mother. We can't take care of him, least of all you. You need to move on." >Her tone was harsh, but she was right, Sonata just wasn't suited to be a mom >Sonata didn't say anything more, but just sobbed quietly >Finally you see the orphanage come into view and find a decent place to park nearby >You grip the steering wheel tightly and sigh, before turning around >Sonata knew what was about to happen and she couldn't look at you >"Sonata can you give me the baby?" >She hesitates, but without looking up Sonata releases the baby from her arms, and into yours >The child seemed very calm, you couldn't tell if that was normal or not >You step out of the car >"I'll be back in a couple of minutes" >You shut the car door, and walk across the street to the front door of the orphanage >As you are climbing the steps, the baby reaches out and plays with your hair, like he normally does when you hold him >You chuckle, he most likely doesn't know what is going on, how innocence is bliss >Before you open the door, you take one, last, long look at the creature you've been tending to for a month >He looks up to you innocently, and laughs his little baby laugh while playing with a couple of strands of your hair >His eyes still had that shine >Every time you looked there you would see it >It was like looking into the stars and seeing heaven itself >You try opening the door several times, but each time you stop yourself to look at him for just a second more >"...Ah hell..." >Against your better judgement, you slowly back away from the door, and retreat back down the steps, walking back towards the car >Sonata still looked down at the floor in sadness, but when she saw you return with the baby in your arms, her expression did a complete flip >She had the biggest smile you think you had ever seen >Aria looked at you with confusion as you stepped back in the car >"What's going on? Didn't you want to get rid of it? What are we doing?" >You responded flatly >"We're going home, Aria. What does it look like?" >Sonata was very excited >"Oh, oh! Does this mean we get to name him?!" >You look down to the happy looking child in your arms >"Yeah, I guess so" >Sonata starts coming up with all sorts of random names >"Maybe...Mark! No Tim! Maybe Alan?" >At this you look back down to the baby in your arms >"Maybe...Anon?" >At this the baby starts to laugh again >Aria speaks up >"That's an alright name, I suppose" >Sonata snatches the baby from your grasp >"Oh, do you like your new name little guy? I know you do!" >And with that, you turn the car back on, and begin the ride home >This certainly was going to be interesting >Five years later... >Be Kid Anon >The day has finally come! >Today was your first day of school! >You were so excited! >You woke up in bed this morning with a smile and quickly got dressed in whatever you could find >Right now you were eating breakfast with your three mommies, Aria, Dagi, and Sonata >Aria and Adagio were glad you finally were going to start school but mommy Sonata was really upset >"He doesn't HAVE to go to school right? Why can't we just keep him here?" >Mommy Aria responded with a little bit of annoyance >"Yes, he has to go to school. So stop asking Sonata." >Mommy Sonata laid her head in her arms on the table >She looked sad >She said she didn't want to lose her "baby boy" >You weren't a baby though! >You were 6 years old! >You were happily munching on some french toast waiting for Mommy Adagio to be finished eating so you could leave >Finally she gets up to put her plate in the sink >While she is washing her dish she calls out to you >"Anon, go get your backpack. I'll go start the car" >Upon hearing this you jump up from your seat excitedly and run to your room >You grab your pack and make sure you have everything >Paper, crayons, pencils, and... >Huh, Mommy sonata left you a letter in here >You were about to open it when you hear mommy Adagio call you >"Come one, Anon! We'll be late!" >You quickly stuff the letter back in your backpack "Coming!" >The car ride shouldn't be that long, just a couple of minutes >Mommy Sonata insisted she came with you and say goodbye to you >Mommy Adagio didn't really want to argue >Instead of sitting up front with Adagio, Mommy Sonata sat in back with you, coddling and cuddling you >"You just tell those teachers to call your momma if those kids give you any trouble ok? Momma won't let those mean kids hurt you!" >You couldn't handle this much longer "Mom I'll be fine, Im a big and strong boy now!" >You felt a little hurt by how little she trusted in your abilities to handle yourself >Mommy Sonata sighed and gave a light giggle >"Yes, I know Anon. You're right...But tell me if anyone bugs you okay? For momma?" >You can't really say no to her "Okaaay..." >Finally you arrive at your destination >[Insert some stupid ass name] Elementary >Cool! >It was a mainly outdoor campus with some scattered round buildings and with a playground in the middle of the school >You can see the front parking lot where cars are collecting to drop off the other kids >Mommy Adagio pulls into the lot and finds a good place to stop and drop you off >You say your goodbyes before reaching for the door handle >But before you can, your blue haired mother pulls you in for one last hug, crushing you >Adagio says one last thing >"Make sure to be on your best behavior, okay Anon?" >Although still in Sonata's tight embrace you manage a nod "Yes, Mommy Adagio" >Adagio gives a slight smile and looks to Sonata >"Sonata let him go.Ok, goodbye Anon, have a good day" >So with renewed courage, you break away from your mother's hold and step outside the car >You didn't have that much trouble finding your class >The school mailed your house a piece of paper with your room number on it and your teacher's name >After a little bit of a search you find the correctly labeled room >You feel a little last minute nervousness as you reach for the door handle >What if the other kids don't like you? Or call you mean names? >Your thoughts are interrupted as another boy pushes past you to get inside the classroom >"Out of the way weirdo, go find your class already!" >Angrily you respond "This *is* my cla-" >He ignores you as he heads inside the classroom and the door shuts behind him >Bejesus that guy was a jerk >Getting that out of the way, you grab the door handle again and make your way inside >It's a small room with a whole bunch of wooden planks attached to chairs, weird >Up front is a chalk board, there are a whole bunch of pictures and colorings on the walls and there was some sort of shelf thing in the back with a bunch of holes in it, there were other backpacks in it >All of the other kids are sitting in the chairs, so you find an empty one near the back and do the same >The other kids are being loud and talking to each other >You see that mean kid leading a conversation and remember what Mommy Dagi said >You just decide to not get involved >After a minute or so more you can hear a ringing noise and an old woman walks in the door >She's very old and wrinkly and she has purplish-pinkish hair >She stops in front of the chalkboard and writes something done before facing the class, you have to lean a bit out of your chair to see >"Hello class! My name is Mrs. Cheerilee, I'll be your teacher for this year." >She says this with a big smile and the wrinkles on her face shift awkwardly >"Hello, Mrs.Cheerilee!" >Everyone says this at once and you don't catch on quick enough >You just stare forward awkwardly >Mrs. Cheerilee starts chalking up a whole bunch of things, talking about how she became a teacher and how you will have a bunch of fun learning here with her >"Oh and I almost forgot! I have to take role! Okay everyone, when I call your name, raise your hand alright?" >She grabs a piece of paper off of her desk and starts call to off names one by one >People raise their hands as names are called, Mrs. Cheerilee was slowly calling out everyone >You wonder when your name will come up >"Butch Melturn" >That kid that pushed you earlier raises his hand >"Anon E. Mous" >You raise your hand awkwardly >That butch kid gives you a look before turning away >All of a sudden you weren't so excited about school anymore... >The rest of the day goes by fairly fun, you and the rest of the class played some fun games with Mrs. Cheerilee >You get a chance to have lunch and soon after the ringing noise happens again and everyone starts to leave >Confused, you walk up to Mrs. Cheerilee, who is writing at her desk "Mrs. Cheerilee? Where is everyone going?" >She looks up to you, surprised but she does that wrinkly smile again >"That bell means school is over, Anon. You can go home" >Oh, that's what the ringing noise was "Ok, thanks Mrs. Cheerilee!" >"Goodbye Anon! See you tomorrow!" >Waving goodbye through the door you head to the parking lot and Search for your mommies' car >The car ride home was nice, Mommy Sonata wasn't there with you this time so you sat up front with your mommy Adagio >After a fairly silent couple of minutes in the car, your mother asks you a question >"So...How was school Anon?" >You wait a moment to make sure she wasn't going to say anything else "It was fun mom, and weird too. It wasn't like I thought it was going to be..." >She spends a second in thought >"New things rarely are, Anon. It'll be fine, I promise." >Instead of responding you just sit quietly for the rest of the car ride >You pull up to the house and park in the driveway, both you and your mom stepping out of the car >Her hair springs out of the car as soon as the door opens >How does she even fit it in there?! >She walks up to the front door, unlocking it before stepping in, with you trailing behind >As soon as you walk in however you are scooped off your feet and into the arms of a blue haired woman, who peppers your face in small kisses >"Oh my baby is finally back! I was so worried!" >She spins you around while Mommy Adagio just watches in the backround, Mommy Aria soon hears the commotion and walks in to watch as well >"How was it?! Was the teacher nice? DidIpackyouagoodlunch?OhMommymissedyousomuch!" >You try to push her face away from yours but she awkwardly plants a huge smooch across the whole of your face >Aria stifles a small chuckle as Adagio speaks up >"His day was fine, Sonata. You can put him down." >Mommy Sonata frowns and replies >"Maybe he told *you* that, but he hasn't told his Mommy Sonata anything!" >And with that she carries you into the living room for a big mommy-son talk >Help >Be later that night >Be Kid Anon still, except a very very tired Kid Anon >Mommy Sonata knew how to talk >She made this big question session about how your day was, and about all the people you met >You wanted to tell her about the mean kid...But you were afraid she wouldn't let you go back to school if you did >You were so relieved when she finally let you go to bed >You laid your pack down on the bed and made sure you had everything ready for tomorrow >As you are looking, you pull out that letter from your Mommy Sonata >You forgot to open it this morning >Curious, you run your nail through the top of the envelope and take the letter inside "Hey sweetie, I just wanted to wish you a good day. And that no matter what, I'll be here if you need my help. Just remember, Momma loves you sososo much! Have a great day. I love you." ~Mommy Sonata~ >Huh... >You can't help but pull off a smile as you read >You love your mommies >And they love you >Now you were still very tired, so you snuggled into your bed and under your covers, ready to face tomorrow.