Dazzling Gen: I Want to Be a Dazzling [Lewd] - by EqGWritefag

>Be Femanon >It was dumb, but ever since those new girls showed up, you'd been sorta obsessed >Even after their "spell" was broken >Everyone else seemed to move on from the Battle of the Bands, but... >You wanted to be one of them! >You weren't a loser, you were a fighter >God, those voices of theirs were just a part of you now >It was hard not to think about them >You adored them, really, though you didn't really know why >Every day you'd watch them at their lockers from yours at the end of school >Too afraid to talk to them >Not today >Today you'd persevere! >You walked towards the three girls >They were laughing at something Sonata had said >As you approach, Adagio brings her hands up and the others fall silent >"Can I help you?" she asks "Y-Yes. I, uh..." >You couldn't find the words >Why were you so vexed around them? >You look to the floor, flushed with embarrassment >A finger pushes your chin up >Adagio smirks as she eyes you >She turns to the two beside her >"I can still feel some of it on her," she says with a low laugh >"Whatever it is you want," Adagio says, turning back to you, "I think we can do." >You exhale lowly as Adagio rubs at your chin "I... I want to join you guys!" >The sirens laugh >The sound tickles your ears and you go red >"We've never had a new addition to the group before, but... I think we can make an exception here. The rules have changed." >Adagio bites her lower lip and her eyes dart from your lips to your eyes, back and forth >She pulls away her hand from your face >You cough, your breath fluttering >What a strange feeling... >"Oh, this is going to be awesome! We're going to have so much fun!" >Sonata pounces you, wrapping her arms tightly around your body >"Ugh, whatever. This is just going to mess up the way things are." >"Noooo, it's going to be awesome!" >Aria scowls >"I hope you like being the new fourth wheel, Sonata." >"YOU'RE gonna be the—" >Adagio raised her hands again, and the two sirens fell silent >"I think... What was your name, dear?" "F-Femanon." >"I think Femanon will be a splendid addition to our little troupe. If she's going to adore us, who are we to stop her? Bringing her in is a win-win. Don't you think Femanon." >Adagio smiles, smoldering eyes piercing yours "Y-Yeah. I want to be one of you. A Dazzling! Your music changed my life. I know that's silly to say, but it's true." >"Well, come along then," Adagio says. "I'm sure we'll have plenty of good times back at our place." >You nod >This was really happening! >It didn't very long to reach their apartment >Adagio pushed open the door, and you walked on through >She closed it behind you "So, what do you guys do, anyways? I've always wanted to sing, but never really got into choir or any of that stuff." >"We don't do that anymore," Aria said gruffly >"Yeah. Not since the gems broke! Now we sound like this!" >Sonata squawked out a hideous melody "Sheesh. I didn't know you guys couldn't sing anymore..." >The three girls all stood in front of the door, shoulder to shoulder >Almost like you wouldn't be able to leave, even if you wanted to >Adagio put her hands on your shoulder and you could feel yourself melting under her grasp >"Look, Femanon. I'll be frank with you. We've lost our power. But it doesn't seem to be totally lost on you. We're sirens. We need people like you, and you're the only you we have." >She titled her head and put on a devious grin >"From here on out, you're Dazzling property." >You pushed her hand off of you and stepped back "Hey, that's not what I signed up for. Look, I l-like you guys! I want to be like you. Not some slave or whatever." >"I'm afraid it's not your choice." >Aria and Sonata look to each other and giggle "I-I'm sorry, but no." >Adagio gives a low sigh, punctuating it with an even lower cackle >"Contemptuous girls need to be taught a lesson. That's one thing you'll learn very quickly around here." >Sonata giggles >"Oh, you're in for it now!" >Adagio grips your arm like a vice "H-Hey! Stop!" >Aria came up behind you, pressing herself against you >"You're not going to enjoy this," she whispers into your ear. "Not yet, at least... That's what's gonna make this fun." >Her hands ran down your sides, caressing your hips >You felt a warmth spread across your chest >You tried to pull away, run, but Adagio's grip only tightened >Her grip was almost unnaturally strong, the pain holding you to the spot "P-Please, stop." >"Guys, she said to stop! I think that means we gotta stop!" Sonata laughed >Aria pulled at your skirt, letting it fall to the floor >As Adagio began pulling off your top, Sonata jumped up and down pumping her fist >"Don't worry, it's not gonna be bad or anything. It's almost fun to get punished sometimes~" Sonata says >"Yeah, listen to the girl," Adagio adds >Aria's fingers begin to worm their way under the sides of your panties >"Hey, that's my job. Cut that out or you'll be next," Adagio bites >"S-Sorry." >You squirm as they undress you, eventually leaving you completely naked, a pile of clothes at your feet >Covering your breasts with your arms, you blush >You... Whatever was happening, you didn't want to do it... >"Kneel." >Adagio's voice was clinical and commanding "Kn-Kneel? Why?" >"Do it." >You do as she says >Adagio begins undoing her belt >The others watch you, their eyes exploring every inch of your body >Aria has a devilish smirk on, and Sonata that ever-constant gleeful grin >Adagio shimmies her hips back and forth as she slides out of her shorts and... "I-I... You can't be serious!" >You look up into Adagio's eyes as her hand is placed on the back of your head >"I'm very serious. If you're going to disobey me, there's going to be a punishment. Every time until you like it. Do you understand?" "B-But you can't! This isn't right! Just let me go home, please. I'm sorry!" >She chuckles >"I'd do what she says. You're getting off easy!" Sonata says >"Or don't. I'd like to watch what happens if you don't." Aria smirks >Your eyes slowly move down Adagio's slim frame to confirm that, yes, you weren't seeing things >She had a cock >There was no way you could fit that in your mouth >Anywhere! >There was no way! >For some reason, a part of you was begging you to try >Some niggling part of your brain that would do anything for Adagio >N-No, you had to fight it >"You're trying my patience, Femanon." >You gulp >"You have three seconds. Then I'm going to have to get rough with you. Very rough." >Oh God, but she isn't even hard and it's so... >"One." >You look around the room in distress >Nowhere to run >"Two." "Please! Please don't!" >"Two and a half. C'mon. I'm feeling nice today." >You look at her long, meaty cock >Fuck >It was, like, how long... >Like your fucking forearm or something >No >No, you couldn't >Wouldn't >You just wanted to sing with them >Be friends >Not this "I can't!" >Adagio frowned >"Did you hear girls? She can't." >Aria and Sonata laugh >"I guess I'll just have to let you go." "R-Really? You wi—" >You yelp as Adagio's hand grips your hair tightly >It was like she was trying to rip your fucking scalp off! >"Not really." >With her free hand, she pumped her cock >Just enough to get a little hard >It got even bigger, and you gulped >"Open up. I'm asking politely once." >That voice in your head was telling you yes >Do it! >That's all you were good for in life! >But you couldn't listen to that voice >No... It was their spell >You were still under her spell! >You had to fight it... Fight her >"Seriously, why won't you just do it!" Sonata yells. "It's awesome, I'm telling you! The feeling of Adagio's cock in your throat is great! Back me up here, Aria!" >Aria shrugged >"Just shut up." >"Both of you shut up!" >Adagio looked down on you with a scowl, pulling you closer to her >"Open." >She twisted her hand in your hair and you let out another yelp >In that moment, Adagio slid her cock into your mouth >Your jaw was being stretched to its limits >Her hot shaft pulsated in your mouth rhythmically >Almost in tune with your own heartbeat >Adagio pushed your head against herself, gently >You coughed as her tip pressed against the back of your throat >Breathing in her musk was making you dizzy... >Adagio pushed a little farther and you gagged >"Not even half way. I'm going to expect better by the end of the night." >Without warning, Adagio smashed your head against her crotch >You convulse and spasm on your knees >You couldn't breath >Fuck >You try to shout, say something, but you can't >Not with Adagio's cock lodged in your throat >Coughing, you try to pull yourself off of her, but she's too strong >Can't breath... >She pulls you off and you gasp >"Too much coughing. Try again." "Plmmf shto—" >Your throat is skewered once more on Adagio's cock >You gagged again >"Ngh~" >Adagio moaned as your throat constricted against her shaft >Heat emanated from your chest and your body shuddered >Shuddered in pleasure >You squeezed your thighs together as you felt yourself becoming wet >No no no no... >Adagio pulled you up for air again, barely giving you enough time to breath before shoving you back down onto her >Every time, you felt as if a little part of you was escaping >Or this feeling, this spell, was getting stronger >Her thick shaft took slid along the walls of your throat >The smell of sweat and sex filled your nostrils >It was making the dizziness worse >You gagged again "Mmf~" >You moan >"Mm, someone's enjoying themselves," Adagio says through a grunt >You shake your head >No, you weren't going to like this... >You couldn't! >Adagio's cock slid in and out of your throat >You found your tongue writhing against her girth >Running against every ridge, every vein >You fought against the ecstasy, trying to hold back >Adagio laughed >She could tell you were struggling >"You're making this an awful lot harder than it has to be." >Adagio pulled you off her cock completely >You gasp and panted and heaved >Your whole body burned from the lack of oxygen >You sat there on your knees, quivering in exhaustion and pleasure >Adagio and the others laughed at you >Your eyes fell onto her cock and your chest rose >Need filled your mind >Your lips trembled, and you found yourself leaning in to her >You could feel it, the urge to throw everything to the wind and take as much of her as you could >It was all you wanted >Everything you needed >You pull back and throw your head into your hands "Stop!" >Adagio chuckled >"You really do have a lot of will. I admire that." >She turned to Aria and Sonata >"How about a display on how to do things right, girls?" >Sonata giddily skipped to Adagio's side, kneeling down before her immediately >Aria shrugged, her face red, kneeling down next to Sonata >Sonata placed her hands on Adagio's hips and began running her tongue down along her shaft >Up and down, you watched her lathering Adagio's cock with glee >Aria looked on with hesitation, trembling >You could tell she was trying to put up a front, hold back like you were >Her whole body was shaking as she closed her eyes and leaned in, joining Sonata, her tongue dancing along Adagio's length >You squirmed, a heat building in your crotch as you watched >Aria and Sonata met lips at Adagio's head >Their moans filled the air as their tongues thrashed against one another >An impassioned and messy make out session, with Adagio's tip in the middle >You gasped and felt your chest clench as you watched their uninhibited display >"Thinking of joining in?" Adagio asked with a sultry tone >She was grinning malevolently at you >She could see >See that small tether that you still held on to >Clinged to for dear life >Sonata and Aria gasped and panted on her cock >You could see that they were absolutely dripping >And you shook as you knew that you were too >Kneeling, panting in your own juices >Slowly, you crawled forward >Your arms felt as if they would give way at any moment >Your heart was lodged in your throat, but you wanted something else lodged in there... "N-No..." >"You didn't know that you fell, did you? Still under our spell. You can't hold out forever." "No..." >Your voice was weak >A lie >You wanted this >Needed it >You scooted up between Sonata and Aria >They didn't notice you as they continued to lock lips with one another >Closing your eyes, you leaned in and pressed your lips against the very tip of Adagio's cock >Instantly, you felt your body go flush "A-Ah~" >You gyrated your hips in the air, twisting your head in a passioned fervor as you let your lips caress Adagio's head >You felt two arms wrapping around your supple rear >Sonata and Aria played with you, their lithe fingers running along your slit >You returned the favor, brushing your hands against their wet clothes >You did as much as you could through the cloth, panting and moaning as the three of your tongues ran along each other >The air was filled with nothing but the sounds of your moaning and the sweet scent of your sex >Aria and Sonata moved themselves further down along Adagio's shaft >Their tongues exploring every inch of cock to be had >You opened your mouth, taking Adagio into you >You shuddered >"Fuck~" >Adagio bit her lip, gyrating against you >Her cock was throbbing in your mouth, fast >The smell was driving you crazy >You bobbed your head along her, taking as much of her length as you could >Deep into your throat, you could feel her >You swallowed, letting the muscles of your throat massage her >As you bobbed, Aria and Sonata followed your mouth up and down "Ngh~" >Your lungs felt as if they could lift themselves straight out of your body >Hot juices streamed down your thighs >You let out a load moan as a droplet of pre-cum touches your tongue >The taste was sickly sweet >Agonizingly so >Adagio began to leak pre-cum, leaving her cock covered in it as you took her in and out of your mouth >Aria and Sonata gasped as well at the taste >You could feel their crotches burning against your hand as they began almost pouring out with wetness >Their hands sped up against your womanhood, their fingers penetrating you and stretching you >The three of you settled on letting your tongues dance against each other in a fight for more of Adagio's sweet juices >Adagio was shifting from side to side, her legs barely holding her up >"I-I'm almost there..." >Her words spurred you on >Wild and animalistic, you, Aria, and Sonata slavered over Adagio's cock >You couldn't think of anything else but gulping down her load >Every inch of your body tingled in anticipation >You'd never needed anything more in your life >"F-Fuck!" >You held your breath >The first blast hit you right across the face >You held your mouth open, trying to catch as much as you could >Sonata and Aria did the same >Adagio grunted, her body tensing in orgasm >Hot, sticky ropes covered the three of you >One shot went straight into your mouth, onto your tongue >The feeling was orgasmic, almost causing you to collapse >Adagio finished, her cock limp >You greedily took her flaccid shaft into your mouth, milking her for every last bead of cum >She shuddered and moaned, and you did as well >Aria and Sonata were busy making out on the floor, licking the white ropes from off of each other >You couldn't take it anymore >As you squeezed one last bead from Adagio, you felt ecstasy take hold >Your whole body tensed and you cried out >Shuddering and spasming on the floor, shivering in total pleasure >There on the floor, exhausted, you felt yourself coming back >Sonata pulled you in with her and Aria >You hesitated, but joined in >Together in a ball of sex, you kissed, letting your tongues explore each others mouths >Eventually, you all petered out, your backs on the floor >This was... Amazing >Or did it just feel that way because of the spell? >You couldn't just live like this, could you? >No... >You didn't want to lose yourself to this >You were still you >You had to be >What would you be if you weren't >You looked around the room >Sonata and Aria were totally devoid of energy >Adagio sat on the floor, leaning against a nearby sofa, tongue lolling out of her mouth >Maybe... >Maybe this was your chance to run! >With a burst of energy, you ran for the door >It didn't matter if you'd be roaming the streets naked >You needed to get out of here! >Your hand grabbed for the door and... "Locked?!" >Fuck! >You try to open it >Who the fuck builds doors that can lock from the inside >You hear Adagio laugh >"Settle down, please. I'm not sure I can handle doing this twice in one night." >You try to ignore her and jimmy the doorknob >It wouldn't work >"You're going to make this a lot more violent than it has to be, Femanon..." "Fuck..." >Defeated, you return back to the pile of Dazzlings >Spotting Adagio's cock, you once more feel that lust and need taking over, threatening to drive all else from your mind >Adagio puts her arm around you, and pulls you against her >You lean a head on her chest >You guess this is how things were going to be from now on >Maybe that wouldn't be so bad... THE END