The Pregnant Trap - by Anonymous

>Be Anon >In the CHS cafeteria with some of your friends >"So Anon, you gotta tell us." >"Yeah man, how was she?" >You think back to last night >The Dazzlings were having a party at their apartment and pretty much the entire school was invited, yourself included >Everyone hated them for what they did at the musical showcase, but you figured that the party was to try and fix that >You remember drinking a bit >Okay that was a lie, you remember drinking a lot >Anything between when you picked up the first cup to when you woke up the next morning in someone else's bed was complete blur >But her... >You wanted to remember that more than anything else >"Come on dude, tell us. You ain't gotta hold back." >You look up from your food to the two guys prodding at you to spill your guts >You begin to speak with a mouth half-full of mashed potatoes "Guys, I don't even remember who I did it with." >You poke your tray a little more, still playing with the blur in your head "Not even you guys know?" >Both of them shook their heads >"Nah, we just know it was one of them." >"Yeah, we saw one of them pretty much dragging you into their room." "Not even hair color or anything like that?" >They shake their heads again >You sigh, dropping your fork in disappointment >You scanned your eyes across the cafeteria >A few eyes were on you, most of them with a shit-eating grin and a nod of approval >As much as you wanted to go around and ask them who you fucked last night, you didn't really want it going around the school >After a bit, your eyes stopped on one of the tables furthest from yours >The Dazzlings >The one with the large orange hair had her eyes locked on yours, complemented by a somewhat sinister smile >Shit, what was her name again? >Honestly, you couldn't recall any of their names, the only thing you cared about was the alcohol they had the night before >You could see her two friends whispering to her >Both of them looked to you, laughing shortly after they did >You rose an eyebrow in confusion >The bell signalling the end of lunch rings through the school >Most of the students stand up and walk in different directions >Your friends get up as well >"Alright, we'll see you later, man. If you remember later, tell us!" >You nod, essentially automatically, your gaze still fixed on where the girls are >With the other students passing by, it was getting harder and harder to see them >After a few seconds, you manage a clear view >But they were already gone >You sigh deeply, standing up to go toss your tray >Maybe you'll be able to talk to one of them later >A few minutes pass and you're at your locker >You still have about ten minutes before you need to be at class >You're digging through your mind to at least try and remember something from last night that didn't involve you drinking' >The only thing that managed to fill your head was that orange-haired Dazzling >Shit, it couldn't have been her, right? >But you still can't remember >You shake your head at your failed attempt and shut your locker >You begin your journey to your class >You see only a few students lingering in the hallways, most of the others in their classes already >"Hey, you." >You hear a voice behind you >You turn to see who called you >Her >The orange-haired girl from earlier >Her body was hanging outside of one of the abandoned classrooms >A confused look washed over your face "Yeah, what's up?" >That same smile you saw her have forms on her lips >"Come here, I wanna show you something." >Her voice was entrancing >She even flourished it by gesturing you to come with her finger >You looked around >The people in the hallway weren't paying any attention >But did you really want to go into an abandoned classroom with the girl that you may or may not have fucked last night? >... >Eh, fuck it >You end up following her inside "Alright, so what do you want, uh...?" >She shot you a gaze that made your blood run cold >"How do you not know-!" >She sighs, her seductive smile returning to her >"Adagio, Adagio Dazzle." >Adagio >You have to remember that name, at least now you do >She closes the door behind her, a click sound finishing it off >"Mmm~, don't want anyone bothering us, now do we?" >She makes her way over to you, swaying her hips as she did so >Fuck, this was hot >She stops just inches short of you and brings a hand softly to your cheek >"Everyone's talking about last night, you know." >You rose an eyebrow "Wait, the party? Oh, y-yeah, it was pretty sweet. Thanks for the invite." >She laughed gently to herself >"My pleasure. Thank you for giving me what I wanted last night." >This confused you even more >Was she the one? "Wh-what do you mean?" >It felt stupid to ask, but you wanted to make sure >She laughed again to herself >She brought her hand down from your cheek and into one of the pockets of her shorts in one fluid motion >And what she pulled out... >Oh fuck >A pregnancy test >And it was positive >That taunting pink line >You back up in shock >You felt yourself freeze up completely shortly after "Oh shit, I-I didn't mean to-" >She began to laugh, even louder than the other two times >"Awww, don't get so down. I had fun last night, playing with you like I did." >Playing with you >You didn't know whether to feel proud or just used >"I even told you to cum inside, looks like I can still get people to do what I want." >You narrow your eyes at her "I was drunk, I didn't know what the fuck I was doing!" >Your protest didn't faze her at all >"Ahahahaha! Like it matters what you 'knew what you were doing' now." >You bring your hand up to your head in disbelief, your gaze fixing to the ground >What the fuck were you going to do? >"Looks like you're going to have to take responsibility, aren't you?" >You look back to her >Responsibility? >What else could you do? >Deny it >Who the hell was going to believe a Dazzling after the shit they pulled at the musical showcase? >You smiled "What if I deny the whole thing? Who's gonna believe you?" >Adagio began to laugh again >More of a cackle than anything >"Oh really? There were more people than just you and your friends at that party, you know. And besides..." >She reaches into her other pocket and pulls out her phone >"I have more than enough to prove it." >You're petrified at what you see >She brings up her photos >Several pictures of you and her >Her grabbing your hand and leading you into her room >You and her in bed together >You felt all energy leave you as you saw these >But you used the last bit you had to snatch her phone from her >You began to delete the photos, your thumbs frantically pressing the screen >Adagio just stood there, that smile still plastered on her face >"You really think it's just me that has those photos? Please." >Your thumbs stopped moving >Her friends >Goddamn it, they had them too? >She took her phone back and hid it away back in her pocket >"Now listen..." >She began to move closer to you >But with each step forward she took, you took one backward >"I am going to have your kid, and you are going to be there, whether you want to or not." >You back fell flat against the wall >You were frozen >Her face was a mere inch from yours >"You ARE going to take responsibility..." >She brought her head over your shoulder, placing her lips just next to your ear >You weren't prepared for this >You could never prepare yourself for this >Your life was over >"...And you ARE going to be my bitch."