A Week After (The Dazzlings) - by Manners

>Be Aria >Opening the door to the apartment you realize just how much things have changed since the battle >Before all of this happened Sonata would have eagerly greeted you in a matter of seconds >But now She lay on the couch, watching television without giving you much thought "Where is Adagio?" >Sonata merely points to Adagio's room, eliciting little more than a groan >As you made your way to the door you couldn't help but wonder what she had to be watching to have that much of her attention >Adagio hadn't been herself since the battle around a week ago so you thought it was about time to look a bit more into the matter >But... >Opening the door your eyes befell a sight of which you never could have fathomed >Curled up in the corner >Quietly sobbing >Sat Adagio >You wanted to call out to her >You wanted to help >...But how? >Instead you simply closed the door >Trudged to the living room >And sat next to Sonata without uttering a word... >Be Sonata >You expected a reaction from Aria >Though what you expected, not even you were sure >Even if you had a list this wouldn't have been on it >Aria had just sat and began watching television alongside you >Guess there really is a first for everything >It wasn't that Aria particularly disliked you, in fact Aria and Adagio were like sisters to you >But Aria always preferred having her personal space >Nevertheless you rest your arm around her, still not sure of how to comfort her >She hadn't even eaten since she got home >So you pull her close and say the only thing you deem appropriate "Dinner is ready.. you'll never guess what were having." >You try to flash her a smile of reassurance >But you couldn't even do that much >Still, she didn't budge >... If only Aria knew how to ask for help... >Aria >You wanted nothing less than leaving Sonata's warm embrace >Although after a slow work day your stomach had other plans.. >And it refused to be ignored after around 10 minutes >Sonata couldn't help but smile and laughingly said "Well what are you waiting for? Go find out already!" >Walking into the kitchen you already had one guess to what you'd see >Bingo! you saw partially what you expected... >There were three prepared plates, >They were warm enough that you expected that they were ready moments before you walked in >Perhaps Adagio chose to wait until they cooled? >...Not likely >But Sonata? >She'd normally have finished hers at the very least before you even arrived >She is probably just as hungry as you are, just as unnerved as well >Grabbing two plates you head back to the living room >You were much more calm than you had been half an hour ago >Suppose you owed it to sonata for that >After you finished eating you'd have to attempt paying Adagio another visit >Adagio "It's not fair!" >It would be hard to put your frustration into words >How could you let them down like that? "Why do they have to suffer from my mistake?" >Only a week ago everything had been alright "Why was the one time I screw up the time that they suffer!?" >When was the last time you cried? >You honestly couldn't remember >Since the banishment you had always been the strong one >When Sonata couldn't maintain a smile you had gotten her a small bear, ithad an even smaller red bowtie >And although it didn't solve your problems it raised her spirits >Which in turned raised Aria's mood as well, even if she won't admit it >Sadly the bear disappeared nearly a month later, Sonata hadn't the chance to name it >But by then the three of you had been able to get an apartment >You and Aria worked jobs while Sonata watched over the place, Though that meant tuesdays were hardly a surprise >Everything had been generally going well with you making the plans for restoring power >Had been... >Then you screwed everything up at the battle "I had everything planned!" "Everything should have been accounted for and they escape!?" >It had been a week since the battle >Since you lost the amulets >And as those days passed your positive attitude and your esteem dropped >...It showed >Any normal day you would have heard your door open >Or the Footsteps that followed >And perhaps the feeling of someones arms surrounding you >Aria >You were still unable to speak >You were also new to this concept of comforting someone, though you had a few ideas >If it were Sonata perhaps tickling would work, it didn't take much to set her off before anyway >But... This was Adagio >You still felt you should say something and yet, you couldn't >Perhaps it was better this way? >You think back to Sonata >Her initially quiet hug was exactly you needed >Still.. This whole experience was new to you >What if it didn't work? >What if you weren't doing it right? >What if you were doing it wrong? >What if you were somehow making things worst? >All of these thoughts were not helping your sanity >You were just as nervous as she was upset >It was a miracle Adagio didn't feel your heartbeat >If she did she made no sign of it. >After a few minutes of crying into your shoulder, she finally made eye contact with you >Her eyes were bloodshot >Tears still streaming down her face >And she was still uncontrollably weeping >But even through her sobs she was able to choke out a single low but audible whisper "...Thanks" >Well Didn't you have the weirdest feeling of deja vu >It was funny in a way >You had spoken these exact words to Sonata before walking in >The quiet hug must have been effective >Without the slightest thought you say "Whats the matter?" >It was a dumb question, you had caught the last few things Adagio mumbled to herself after entering the room >The look on her face told just how reluctant she was to speak >Still this was something you felt you had to go over >So after gathering your thoughts and with a sigh you finally speak again "Look, Adagio you can't blame yourself for what happened." >Adagio's grip on your shoulder tightens "But it's my fault that we no longer have our amulets, I let you both dow-" >You didn't let her finish that sentence before interrupting "You didn't let anyone down Adagio" >It was slowly becoming clear what it was that had her upset "Ever since we were banished from Equestria you have done a great job leading us up to now" >That last part hadn't sounded the way you meant it to and Adagio was quick to hang her head "That doesn't mean you have to do everything by yourself,Sonata and I are and always will be here with you thick or thin just like you were with us" >This seemed to catch her attention as she finally returned her gaze to you accompanied by a small smile >There wasn't much else you could say and thinking back to not long ago you remember she hadn't eaten >Grabbing her hand you stood her up and began to lead her out of the room "Come on, lets get you someth-" >She didn't move "Adagio?" >She hugged you once again much tighter than before and from the feeling you had on your shoulder it was obvious that she was crying once again "N-not yet.." >Sonata >Minutes ago the show that had enraptured your attention finally ended and Aria still hadn't returned >You wondered if she had gotten stuck in the doorway again but that thought was immediately dismissed as you turned to look into Adagio's room >Leaning against the door frame you believe things are going to change, for the better >A chill sends shivers down your spine >You swear you feel someone watching you, but as you turn you only catch the weather changing >It had just began snowing >Looks like it'd be a white Christmas this year