Coming to Eat [suggestive] (Dazzlings~Anon) - by Uh-hmmm

> Some blue chick dragged you off the street into Taco Bell > You sit at this table, and she has a box full of tacos > "You gotta try this!" > Eh, free food > She just hands you a taco > Is that all? "I've had tacos before." > She looks at you with crazy eyes > Gaze into the abyss and it hands you a taco > "Eat." > You shrug and eat the damn taco > She starts squirming, a weird smile on her face > The taco breaks a little and some meat falls onto the table > She bites her lip > No use wasting food > You scoop up the spilled meat and pop it into your mouth > Bluey grips the table hard, breathing shallowly > You take a couple more bites, there's maybe one more left in the taco > It's a little big for one bite, but that doesn't stop you from trying > You just cram that sucker in there, your cheeks bulging a little to get it all in > Huh, looks like the girl is tucking her shirt in > Vigorously > You chew, then swallow > She twitches for a bit, then shakily grabs some napkins "You alright there?" > She gives you a weak smile > "Never been better, I just uh, spilled some soda earlier." > Oh, okay "Well, thanks for the taco, it was good." > "It was good for me too." > Weird, but cute "I gotta go, but we should do this again sometime." > You hand her a business card > Really it's just your name and number, but it saves time > She stares at it in wonder > "You'll be my taco buddy?" "Yup. See you around." > It's always fun to eat out with girls > Next morning you get a call > Look at the time > 6 in the morning > You are all set to kill the person on the other end of the phone "This is Anon." > Then a voice of pure sex comes through the speaker > "Is this Sonata's taco buddy?" > What "Yes, that's me." > "How do you feel about breakfast?" > You find the apartment easily enough > Pretty snazzy, you have to say > Then the redhead opens the door, and you forget about everything else > "Come on in." > She's wearing a pink bathrobe, cinched tightly around her waist > She leads you to the kitchen, and you can't take your eyes off her hips > The woman points you to a chair at the table > As you sit, you watch her gather some dishes > You curse the island counter between you and her > She steps to the side to open a cabinet, and you can just see a long, yellow leg slip out of the robe > She approaches you with smoldering eyes and... "Breakfast cereal?" > "Yes." > Her voice is husky as she says the word, and your dick is standing at attention > She leans over, setting everything before you > The neck of the robe loosens, and you are granted a magnificent view of her cleavage > She pours the cereal into the bowl, then puts a hand to her cheek > "I forgot the milk!" > As she sashays over to the fridge, you bite your lip > Dat ass > She returns, and you are treated with another view of the valley of paradise > Best morning ever > As she pours the milk, she licks her lips > Guess someone likes cereal > Finally, she puts the milk away, and you actually look at what you'll be eating > Lucky Charms, you guess > Or whatever the local knockoff is for marshmallow bit cereal > Could be worse > The redhead watches you from behind the island counter, her arms braced against the edge > Might as well get to eating > Spoonful after spoonful, you eat > You pause "So what's your name?" > She blinks, then answers > "Adagio. Never mind that, just keep eating." "Alright." > Birds of a feather, you guess > As you eat, you notice Adagio leaning forward more and more > This be getting good > By the time you are down to the last couple of marshmallow bits, she's bent over on the island, flat on her stomach and her arms oddly pinned underneath her > Not that you are complaining, she's squishing the girls nicely, and you have a wonderful view > As you take a few spoonfuls to gather up the rest, she starts swaying her hips back and forth > Damn > You don't want to miss a thing, but you have a bowl of milk you really don't want to waste > Then you get an idea > You turn to the side and bring the bowl to your lips > You can just barely see what she's doing as you begin to drink > Adagio scoots back and forth on the countertop, her tongue beginning to stick out of her mouth > Is she on some diet where she can't have cereal? > Is she trying to enjoy it by proxy? > Eh, no use trying to understand women > You chug the rest of the milk, then set the bowl down > She whimpers, then slides to the floor behind the island > That diet must be killing her, poor thing "Want me to wash the dishes?" > "N-no, I'll take them. Have a nice day." > Well, don't want to outlast your welcome "Alright, you too Adagio." > As you close the door behind you, you catch a glimpse of her licking your bowl > Poor thing > You are just settling in for the evening after a nondescript day at work > Your cell rings, and you sigh "Hello." > "You the one that milked Adagio?" > Milked? "She invited me over for breakfast, if that's what you mean." > The voice on the line is is low and rough > "Right. I nee- want you to try some candy I'm making. You coming over or what?" > ... "Sure, just tell me you don't have a van." > "It's on my wish list." > The phone clicks, and you shake your head ruefully > This is probably a bad idea, but there are worse fates than being roofied in apartment of three hot women > She answers the door in sweatpants and an apron "Hi, I'm Anon. Nice to meet you." > She looks you up and down > "Aria. Now get in that chair." > She turns away, and you discover she is only wearing sweatpants and an apron > Dat bareback > You sit down, and she sets a tray in front of you > There's a handful of different hard candies, and what looks like homemade truffle > You pick up what looks like blue taffy as she sits across from you > You pop it into your mouth, and instantly pucker > It's what warheads wished they could be > You clamp it between your molars and give your tongue a break, panting somewhat > "You don't have to eat it all, just tell me what you think." > You gingerly pluck the piece from your mouth, and put the sticky thing back on the tray > There's some rustling, sounds like she's adjusting the waistband of her pants "That was... very sour." > You smack your lips a few times, trying to dilute the flavor somewhat > "Oh? Tell me more." "It might be a little too strong. If you want to sell it, you'll have to put a warning label on it. Damn, is there something I can drink?" > She stands up, one hand hidden behind the apron > "Oh, I'll give you something to drink." > She goes and fills up a tall glass of water, all with her free hand > Is the other one deformed? Maybe burned? > Molten sugar is no laughing matter, you suppose > You take the water without comment, and swish around a mouthful or two > All the while, Aria watches you like a hawk, admittedly a hawk with a twitch leg, but whatever > She's pretty serious about candy making > You decide to go for the orange one this time > Orange flavor, you were expecting > Orang chicken, not so much > You roll it around in your mouth, trying to decide on what you thought of it > Aww, she's nervous, all rubbing her face, adjusting the apron straps, and that other arm just keeps twitching > Finally you spit it out into your hand, and she moans "Don't worry, It's good. Seriously, this is some Willy Wonka stuff right here. I'm impressed." > You set it down next to the previous candy, and go for your water again > Aria nods slowly, rubbing her chin, then her lips > All that's left is a thick, bubblegum pink rod of hard candy, and the truffle > Might as well see what that's about > You pop the chocolate into your mouth, and break it open with your molars > Oh hell yes > So sweet, so creamy > You don't care how odd you sound, you have to let her know "Damn, Awia, I love yohw cweamy fiwing!" > She blushes at that > "W-what did you say?" > You push the ambrosia into the pouch of your cheek and try again "Fuck, I love your creamy filling. I could eat it for days." > Aria stares at you in shock, her gimp arm twitching like mad > "R-really?" "Aria, my tongue is having an orgasm, right now. All because of you and your damn filling." > She slumps in her chair, a goofy smile on her face > "It's not the only one." "There's more? Where do I sign up, I need a year's supply, stat." > She blinks a few times, then straightens up > You see her arm isn't twitching nearly as bad, which is nice, you were worried > "I wasn't really intending to sell these, but I can make more for you, if you eat them right here." "Deal. Let me just savor this taste before I move on." > You just sit there and moan as perfection melts on your tongue > Aria seems uncomfortable, she's starting to fidget > By the time you are done with the truffle, her arm is twitching again > Well, let's see what she's nervous about > You pick up the pink rod and give it a few licks around the tip > Then a little further down, and "Nice, different flavors at different places, I like the way you think." > She smiles at that, her free hand tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear > You do short little licks down the length, getting an idea of the spectrum of flavors > Hmmm "You might consider having different colors for different flavors." > She looks a little uncomfortable at that > "Well, you see..." > You take a second look at the long, pink rod you've been licking "Oh, I get it! It's a dick!" > Aria stares at you in surprise, and nods > You chuckle "No wonder you were nervous. But this is pretty funny, I have to say." > You take in a good portion of it's length, you cheek bulging > She lets out a weak laugh, her fingers covering her lips > You'll have to try harder > You pump it in and out of your mouth, your head bobbing slightly > Still no laughter, and her arm is twitching almost as much as before > You try popping it out of your mouth, and swirling your tongue around the tip > She reaches out a hand hesitantly > "Can I try? I haven't...had all the flavors like that." > You look at the sticky rod in your hand "You sure you want to? I've pretty much slobbered all over it." > "I-I don't mind. My immune system is strong." "Alright, here you go." > You hand her the rod, and she sniffs it experimentally > Her arm is twitching mightily, and her breathing is rather shallow > Aria must be serious about her candy, if she's getting this worked up about mixing the flavors > She slides the sticky rod into her mouth, and closes her lips around it > Not going to lie, the sight makes you hard > You start to wonder > She slowly pulls it out of her mouth, and you realize your saliva is mixing with hers right now > Then she swallows, and you have instant rock candy in your pants > It can't be normal, getting off to someone else eating things > She starts thrusting the hard candy in and out of her mouth, her other arm twitching in time > Damn, that's ho- > She's not stopping, is she- > She's definitely having a seizure > You rush around the table and pull the candy out of her mouth > She stares up at you with a glazes expression > "Anon, I'm c-, I, I'm c-" > Shit shit shit > What are you supposed to do here? > Her breathing is irregular, and her lower half is jerking around > Your panicked brain comes up with one answer: CPR > You press your lips to hers, and try to give her steadying, regular breaths > That would be a whole lot easier, if her tongue wasn't spasming around in your mouth and being distracting > Then, as sudden as it started, it stops, and you pull away > You gaze at her in concern "You alright?" > She smiles at you, and gives you a peck on the cheek > "And you were wonderful." > She's still recovering, you can tell "Do I need to call a doctor, or get you some medicine?" > Now she's grinning, and patting your face > "We can play doctor, anytime you like." > It's a little longer before she can talk sensibly > Once you're sure she can handle herself, > "I've been handling myself for a long time." > You bid her a polite goodbye, and resolve to check on her from time to time.