The Clop Werk Files: Aria is best Big sister - by jchallo83

So I was lurking /mlp/ at 1 something in the morning, and I ran across this.... File: aria_blaze_by_ezidze-d86l4qw.png (209 KB, 698x968) 209 KB Anonymous 02/23/15(Mon)18:42:00 No.21951774â–¶ "Hey little bro, want me to jerk you off?" [smut intensifies] === >"Hey little bro, want me to jerk you off?" >The silence hangs in the air while Aria's hands land on your shoulders. >Cutting your eyes away from the TV, you exhale through your nose. >Just once, you'd like to be able to be a couch potato in peace at midnight. >What good is having the house to yourself when Aria is seemingly non-stop with the sexual advances? >Leaning your head back to face up to Aria, you give her a stern glare. >Your eyes scan her face, detecting a sly smirk emerging. >Her face comes closer to yours as she puckers up. >You block her face with a hand while you slide forward on the couch. "Whoa, yeah no, not gonna happen." >Grabbing your hand with hers, she spreads out your fingers, then wraps her lips around your middle finger. >With her eyes locked onto yours, she quirks her eyebrow then hums in her throat. >The warm slick insides of her mouth flings an image you'd rather not have settling in your mind. >You snatch your hand away, completely grossed out to the point where you decide it's best to just chill in your room for now. >You grimace at the thought of Aria, your sister, giving you head. >Before you can get up from the couch, she's already hopped over it and now sitting next to you. >Her hand already on your chest to stop you from getting up. >"Where you going little bro?" "At an undisclosed location, bye." >You push her hand off you as you get up from the couch, only to have her tugging at your right wrist. >"What's your deal? Come on, bond with your big sister~" >You shudder. "Aria, in case you didn't notice, we're related by blood." >She tilts her head, making a half-assed laugh. >"I can't jerk off my little bro? What's wrong with that?" >You pinch the bridge of your nose as you groan. "Are you stupid or do you actually have to try hard to act stupid?" >She puts a hand on her chest, giving you her bullshit sad eyes she likes to do. >"Anon! I'm hurt, why would you be so mean to me?" She asks in a tone you're all too familiar with. "Oh for fuck's sake, don't start that shit." >You snatch your hand away from her, and set a course for your bedroom. "Don't have time for this shit, I'm going to bed." >"Want me to-" "No, I don't need company." >"Ah, forgot about your fap folders." >How in the fuck could she- >Wait, she's probably trying to fish for some information. >You turn back to face her. "Nice try, I don't have one." >"Homework, English class, Week 4 assignments, Hamlet story review." >You eyes widen at the realization that she's found your fap folder on your laptop. >Her smug smirk gets under your skin. >"How's the V-card?" >You whip back around and stomp to your bedroom while she cackles in the background. >Slam your bedroom door in a blind rage. >How the fuck did she know?! >She's cheating, got to be. >You dive into bed and grab your laptop from your night stand. >Boot it up and wait while you steam and let your anger vent. >Christ, spring break is gonna be Hell. >Stuck in this house for the week, while you and Aria's parents are off doing God knows what. >You log into your computer. >Equip headphones. >Go to your homework folder with your left hand and reach for the lotion on your night stand with your right. >Time for the nightly ritual before you crash for the night. >Setting the laptop on the otherside of the bed, you click on your favorite video, and you already feel your lance getting stiff. >Plus the nice addition of lotion, well, you're in for a good time. >While you watch some red head chick stroke off some dude's dick and occasionally giving it a suckle, a thought crept into your mind... >"I wonder how soft Aria's hands are." >You immediately paused the video, take your headphones off, and reflect on that thought with only one conclusion. "Why the fuck was that a thought?" >At this particular time no less. >"Little bro?" You hear as your bedroom door creeks open. >You quickly cover your boner with your sheets, and slam the laptop shut in a swift motion. >Aria flips the light switch by your bedroom door. "Damn it Aria! What?!" >She steps into the room, wearing only purple panties and a baby blue tank top. "What the hell is wrong with you? Get out." >The silence becomes tangible was she walks over to the other side of your bed. >As she slithers under the covers beside you, you feel her warm hands grasp at your boner. "GET THE FUCK O-" >"Just once, let me have this, please," she says. >Her begging eyes were hard to fight, but it was already too late. >She's got you. Soon enough you two become face to face. >Planting a kiss from her soft lips on yours, she tightens her grasp around your cock. >Start off with slow strokes, she pushes her tongue in your mouth, tasting of some grape flavored Capri Sun. >She teases the crown of your shaft by dragging her index finger back and forth with the utmost delicacy. >Her tongue pushes further into your mouth, putting you into a lip lock with her. >Your eyes close, feeling her tits press against your left arm, pinning it from push her off. >Before long she pulls away, a string of saliva that connects you two snaps. >Her eyelids half-lidded, and a smile on her face. >"Relax, Anon," she tells you, giving a peck on your cheek. >She leers down to her panties, then back up at you. >"Still want that V-card?" She asks while hooking her panties with a finger, and pulling them away. >You're not exactly in a position to answer "yes" here... "Are you serious?" >She straddles you, grinding her wet slit on the underside of your hose. >"I'm dead serious." >Another playful hump before she cocks her eyebrow. "So, how 'bout it?" >She lifts her hips, reaches for your pecker. "Fuck it." >Aria descends her honeypot down onto you, and places a hand on your chest, her head flies back while she moans. >"Hnnn, I'm gonna start off slow with you okay? Let's just take our time." >With a slow rise and fall, Aria makes sure you don't go overboard with the physical stimulus. >To feel her tight, slick crevice, and your tip feeling every bit of the friction is life changing. >You're lost for words, your eyes nearly popping out of your head from it, your thigh muscles tense up. >While the mind wants you to rush right in and blow your load, you have to make a conscious effort to keep at a slow pace to appreciate the pleasure. >That was the plan until Aria sped up, getting really into it. >Observe her face change to mindless lust, her eyes fixed on you as she slams on you as if she's unleashing this pent up fantasy. >Your hand grabs her hips to help you get deeper. >"Aaaah~!" "Sweet fuck of--" >"Little bro~" >She stops fucking you for a second. >Lifting up, your pole comes out, leaking with pre-cum. >She takes a swap of it with a finger, your dick twitched just from feeling her rubbing a fingertip on your crown. >Aria samples it, and has a pleased grin shortly after tasting it. >She brings her mouth to an ear. >"Wanna try anal?" She whispers. >She pecks your lips again. >"Hmm?" >She turns around and gets on all fours, then smacks her ass before looking back at you. >"C'mon already," she says, "don't worry about being gentle~" >You stand on your knees, having your lance in hand and prod her other fuckhole. >Even for a tight fit, you manage to squeeze, little at first. >Aria plants her face into the bed, while your proceed to rail her as as brutally as you can. >With each thrust, you get closer while you two break a sweat, the air in the room gets thicker, and funkier. >"Ooooh that's it!" >Her mouth agape while she takes you to the hilt, over and over again. >You grunt even louder, enjoying the tighter hole with every inch you've been blessed with. >"Ahhh! Pull my hair~!" >This crazy bitch... >You couldn't agree more. >You grab a fist full of hair and pull with all your might while you pound her ass. >The look painful look on her face is gold, see her wince even though she's loving this as much as you are. >Before long, you find you're getting close. >You're about to blow any moment. "Haaaaa, Aria, I'm about to--" >"Fuuuuck!" >By a few seconds, you pull out despite the fact your mind was clouded with getting off right now. >Your staff twitches violently, it's taking everything in you to not fire off. >Aria whips around, crawling to your crotch, her hands slowly reaching for your tool. >She looks up to you, a grin paints across your face. >"Hey little bro, want me to jerk you off?" "Oh for the love of God, YES!" >What the hell kinda stupid question is that?! >"Say please." "Oh you cruel bitch." >She snickers, "Haha, good enough." >Taking her time, she barely touches the tip, then wraps her hand around your cock. >Dives her face toward your balls, and proceeds to suck on one while jerking you off. >Your jaw drops as your body damn near shuts down from having an intense orgasm. >In a crazy spasm, spunk shoots out in pearly white strings, landing on Aria's face, some in her hair. >Before you're done cumming, she's already got your wood in her mouth, draining you of every drop, and swallowing everything that floods in. >You feel the vibration in her throat as she hums. >Gazing upon you, with a messy smile, she tilts her head, "gonna be a fun spring break don'tcha think?" >And indeed, it was. "And so, you see, Mom," you start, holding Aria's hand while she sits next to you. >Your parents are on the other side of the table, shaking their heads in shame. "That's how Aria, got pregnant. All it took was a little pre-cum." >They both shudder from you saying that sentence. >"Where did you learn such filthy language?" Your mom asks. >"And did you -have- to go into that much detail?" Your dad asks, still blinking in disbelief. >"You know you two are in deep shit don't you?" "Worth it."