Aria's Meal Ticket - by Kajio

>be Aria Blaze >easily the hottest and smartest of the Dazzlings >well, former Dazzlings >those idiots Sonata and Adagio fucked all of that up >now, thanks to them, you're out on your own >you mentally recap how you got to this point >things used to be fine >you were hungry, sure >now you're starved >Adagio had to go and try something big and stupid >now your soul gems were destroyed >without them you can't feed, you can't even beguile anyone >which explains why you were evicted >used to have a decent apartment, and for free, save for the monthly song come rent time >stupid cunt, Sonata >ugly bitch, Adagio >teach you to partner with anyone >ugh >you try to put it out of your mind >fuck you're starving >fuck this place is cold >where were you walking? >you know this neighborhood >that loser Anon lives here >he'd tell you that every time you passed by here when you made him drive you home >Anon... >you used to walk all over that dork >without even needing to sing... >grin >... >which house was Anon's again? >double ugh >third house >this had better be the right fucking- >that front door opens, revealing none other than Anon >you take a minute to size him up >your typical loser high schooler >he's just looking at you >ha, he looks a bit scared >you realize you haven't said anything "Hey, Anon." >he practically jumps >"Uh, h-, *cough* hey, A-Aria..." >wow, what a dork >you strike an unimpressed expression >only way this will work is if you reestablish dominance >you've got some ground to make up after that concert incident >Anon is still just shifting uneasily "Well?" >you sound indigent as possible >Anon just stumbles over his words >heavy sigh "Are you going to invite me in or not?" >throw him a line, he's in over his head already >"Oh, uh, yeah! Um, of course, come in." >hook, line, and sinker >push past him, being sure to brush against him >steal a glance back at him >sure enough, he's practically paralyzed >this is going to be easier than you thought >be Anon >be confused >be a little scared >it's been about a week since you last saw Aria Blaze at the CH concert >you still don't quite understand what happened >all you know is that the Dazzlings ended up getting expelled... or something >now one of them is in your house >you are awkward to begin with >you have no idea how to handle this >Aria was always the most difficult of the Dazzlings to deal with >such a bitch >but so fucking hot >she might have been mean, but she was the only girl who paid any attention to you whatsoever >you gave her rides home sometimes when she needed them >you want to think it's just because you're a nice guy >or even that it's because you're afraid of her >but really it's because you always hoped she throw you a pity fuck >just thinking about that makes you feel pathetic >"Hey, loser," >and that doesn't exactly help >turn to face her >she's standing in your living room, hip cocked >her face a cute scowl, like always... unf >"You home alone?" >the reality of the situation sets in >you have a super hot girl, one who's talking to you right now, in your house >alone >loud sweating "Y-yeah?" >she scoffs and walks away >...wait "Where are you going?" >from the kitchen >"Lookin' around." >okay then "For what?" >She peeks her head back around the doorway >"I want to see what sort of place you've got. Is that a problem?" >Her eyes stab at you "Um, n-erm..." >She rolls her eyes and continues >walk into kitchen >Aria is helping herself to your refrigerator >you guess that's okay >she's bent over rummaging around >her hips sway from side to side >oh lawd >"Here we go." >you hear a crack and some fizzing >Aria stand up straight and turns to reveal a can of your dad's beer >that's less okay "Um... Aria?" >She cocks an eyebrow >"What?" >such venom "Nothing... it's just that, well, those are... my dad will notice if those are missing, and-" >Aria's finger on your lips surprises and silences you >with your eyes cast down, you didn't notice Aria had been slowly walking over to you >"I'm sure it's fine, Anon." >her finger feels nice against your lips >you try to relish the sensation even after she removes it >she smiles devilishly and takes a loud sip >you're sure it's fine... you can think of something later >right now you might just get laid! >...or something... >you watch in silence as Aria takes a few more gulps of the beer >after a bit you muster up a question "So why did you come here?" >she turns away and clears her throat >when she turns back to you, her lip is stuck out and her eyes are wide and pleading in a puppy dog face. >"Can't I pay my favorite classmate a visit? I thought we could hang out... get to know each other..." >you can tell she's trying to manipulate you >but it doesn't matter >it's working >"Maybe we could be better friends..." >she gets close enough to you for you to smell the beer on her breath >"or... something more..." >f-fuck >you don't know how to handle this >she can't be for real >can she? "Oh, well, um, A-Aria..." >shitshitshit, what do you do? >Aria swoons exaggeratedly and leans against you >"Oh, I think this beer is making me dizzy..." >her body feels nice >you want to touch her more... but you don't want her to get angry either >either way, you're body is frozen >"Hmm, maybe I should go lie down..." >Aria nuzzles her head against you "O-okay." >when Aria doesn't move you don't know what to do >fuck you wish you were better with girls >after a moment Aria heaves a sigh >"So are you going to show me your room or...?" >she seems annoyed "Oh! Yeah, um, it's this way." >lead her to your room >thank god it's clean >Aria walks in and plops down onto your mattress >look awkwardly from the doorway "Well, um... I guess I should let you rest?" >Aria cocks an eyebrow at you >"Gosh, you're hopeless." >she pats next to her on the bed >"Come over here." >she lies back and closes her eyes >your heart is beating a mile a minute >tentatively you walk over to the bed and take a seat >crap, what now? >she seems into you, but anything you do just seems to annoy her "So, um, what's up?" >smooth >Aria seems to ignore you, which is probably for the better >you just sit and look at her as she rests >a minute or so passes >Aria's stomach growls loudly >"Ugh." >this is good, you know how to handle this "Want some food? I can go make you something." >you move to stand but Aria grabs you by the wrist >oh crap >"I'm not hungry, you idiot." "But, I thought I just heard..." >another growl, unmistakably loud >her eyes narrow >"Shut up." >message received >you don't say a word until she sighs exasperatedly >"Look, what do you normally do to kill time?" >play video games and/or masturbate "I-I guess I like to listen to music?" >she looks unimpressed >"You guess?" "I mean, yeah." >she stands on her knees on your bed >in this position she practically towers over you >maybe she's only a little above you, but her glare makes you shrink >"Don't lie to me, Anon." >oh god what >she scoffs and gestures over to your desk >your stomach turns as you notice the bottle of lotion and tissue box next to your laptop "W-well-wh-w-, why I've got dry hands, so, and the-" >"Shut it, loser!" >Aria sneers >you swallow hard >you have no idea what to expect now >"Well, if jacking off is what you like to do, go ahead." >Aria's mouth forms a half-smile >you chuckle nervously, but stop when she grimaces at you >"What?" >her tone is more demanding than anything >was she not joking? "I-I'm not sure-" >"Sure about what?" >your heart is pounding in your chest >your head is "W-what do you want me to do?" >another sigh >"Jeesh, you really do need every little thing spelled out for you, don't you?" >another sting >"I want you to jack yourself off." >she points to the bulge forming in your pants >"Pull out your pencil-dick, and stroke it until you cum. Simple enough for you?" >you can't believe what you're hearing >your blood is flowing rapidly away from your brain and to your lower extremities >"Look, you're already hard." >sure enough, you are rock solid "A-are you sure?" >"No, I changed my mind." >she mocks with a faux nasally voice >Aria lies back onto her side and looks bored >she's serious >Aria Blaze wants you to masturbate >in front of her "I g-guess I should, um..." >you slowly bring your hand to your zipper >Aria looks onward impatiently >your hand is shaking as you pull down >"This is taking all day." >Aria lunges towards you, making you pull away >however, she grabs your pants by the waist and pulls you back >in a second she's undone your pants and yanked them halfway down >"There." >Aria smirks and leans back >you're taken aback by the sudden motions >and having only your boxers between your penis and the open >even your moments pause is enough to annoy Aria again >"Ugh, and I guess I'll need to handle this for you too." >she stretches her arm over and pulls your boxers down >you breathe in sharply >the motion of the fabric over your erection is amazing >technically the first action you've ever gotten >"Well? Hurry up and touch yourself." >you've never been more nervous and excited in your life >you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and grip your penis >you stifle a moan and a bead of precum leaks from your tip >opening your eyes, you look to Aria for assurance >she's checking her nails >did you do something wrong? "U-um, Aria?" >she glances sideways at you >"Ughk, what?" >even with you standing and her lying down, she lords over you "I-I, well, it's just-" >"Forget how to do it, retard?" >ouch "No..." >"Then what's your problem?" >she leans forward and spits through gritted teeth >"Start jacking off. Now." >your heart is racing with a mixture of arousal and fear >you begin to pump your member in your hand >seemly satisfied, Aria returns to a relaxed position >this time she watches through slitted eyes >you can't help but imagine what Aria's hand would feel like on you >the thought illicits a moan >Aria rolls her eyes and starts checking her nails again >regardless you continue stroking yourself >it feels good, but it's difficult to do without lotion and while standing up >you rub some of your precum over your length to help lubricate things >doing so increases the pleasure and finally causes your knees to give "Ah~n!" >as your knees buckle, you put your free hand forward to brace yourself >you catch yourself on your bed, but in doing so, disturb Aria >"Having trouble, nerd?" >She pushes you off the bed and back onto your weak knees >"Really, how hard is it for a guy to jack off?" >you try to swallow the lump in your throat "It's, well, I've never done it standing..." >she groans and sits up >"Fine." >once again she pats your bed >"Sit." >you do as you're told, though your pants make movement awkward >as you struggle to mount the bed, Aria laughs >"Just take your pants off, you idiot." "Oh, okay..." >fully remove your jeans and boxers >climb onto bed >sit against headrest >legs are spread, penis in one hand >Aria sits towards the foot of your bed >you resume stroking >"There. Now are you about done?" >not even close >you're afraid she wants you to stop "Well, I mean-" >"You're worthless." >she turns her body and positions herself on her hands and knees >she glares intensely at you >"Come on, I bet you've jacked off to the thought of me tons of times already, haven't you?" >she's right >practically every day since you first gave her a ride home, you've imagined her inviting you in and having sex >or maybe just some hand stuff during the drive >fuck you wanted that >you have a folder of her facebook pictures saved that you look through nightly >to start to realize how pathetic that really is when Aria interjects >"Huh?" >you blink, pulling yourself out of your thoughts "W-what?" >"Tell me, pervert. How many times have you touched your pathetic dick to me before?" >oh god "I-I don't know, I-" >Aria scoffs >"Really? So many times you've lost count, hmm?" >you can make out the smallest hint of a smirk behind her scowl >"So what do you think then? Once a week? Twice?" >your silence tells her all she needs to know >"Ha! Don't tell me. Every day?" >your eyes cast down >Aria starts laughing harder >"Well, this ought to be a dream come true for you, eh, loser?" >you look up to her and catch her smirking >you continue stroking, but aren't really getting anywhere >"Hey!" >her outburst makes you jump and halt your action >"I said, this is a dream come true for you, isn't it?" >she leans closer and hisses >"So, answer me." >her gaze is too strong, you have to break eye contact "Y-yeah..." >you barely mumble, but Aria lets out a contented grunt >"Keep going." >you obey >"And hurry up!" >that's more difficult >your eyes move back upward >on the way, they land on Aria's cleavage >with her bent over like this her meager bust looks amazing >and it's so close >you can't help but stare >"See something you like, faggot?" >your eyes snap away and you cough "Um, well-" >"Don't you fucking lie to me, Anon." >you look back at her >she's sitting up with her hands on her breasts, pushing them together through her top >"You like my tits." >it was more a statement than a question but you answer anyway "Y-yeah..." >"Hmph." >Aria pauses for a second >she brings her hands to the lip of her top >"I'll let you see them," >you can't believe it, your head is spinning >"if you hurry up and cum." >you can't promise that, fuck "I-I can try-" >"Not good enough, Anon." >she'll know if you try to lie "A-all I can do is try... Please, just... it'll help, I promise, I'll try, please." >"Pathetic." >you wish you could disagree >"Here." >her perky breasts jostle out as she yanks her top down >braless >you take a deep breath and continue >"Pick up the pace. And don't even think about stopping." >now this is amazing >actual breasts >Aria's no less >she might just be sitting there, but looking at the real thing beats imagination by a mile >your penis is now slick with precum, making it easy to masturbate as fast as you can >it feels so good >you just wish you could feel Aria >her breasts >they're the first you've ever seen in the flesh >you have to touch them >you can't >Aria heaves a sigh, making her chest rise and fall >you can't >you can't hold back >your free hand cups one of Aria's breasts for precious milliseconds before she jerks away >"Don't touch me, you piece of shit!" >there is a blur of motion and a sharp pain on your cheek >Aria's face is tinged with red >you've never seen her so angry >you move your hand to your reddening cheek >you can feel the side of your face heating up >worth it >"Hey!" >another blur and a sting on your other cheek "Ouch! What was that for?" >Aria points to your still erect penis >"I told you not to stop." >quickly you return to your task >Aria glares harder and harder, slowly inching closer to your face >"Hurry. The fuck. Up." "I'm trying, I-" >"Shut up and cum!" >you can feel yourself getting closer >still, it's difficult when you're under so much pressure "I'm sorry..." >Aria groans >"Just my luck. I get stuck with some loser who can't cum and all he can say is 'sorry'" >she says the last word in her mocking nasal voice >you redouble your efforts and try to make yourself finish quicker >unfortunately it seems to have the opposite effect >the added effort only serves to exhaust you >you take a moment to slow down as you pant heavily in an attempt to catch your second wind >just then Aria's stomach makes a thunderous growl >"For the love of- are you close yet, dammit?" >you feel your orgasm rising, but it's still a ways off "I-I think... I think I've still got a ways to go..." >another loud gurgle >Aria snarls >"Dammit, Anon! I'm starving!" >She opens her mouth and points to her tongue >"So hurry the fuck up and give me that load." >waves of pleasure ripple through your body >the image of unloading yourself onto her tongue is almost too much >wait >does she plan to actually swallow your cum? >there's no way >but why is she acting this way >it's impossible to think about >your thighs are flexing from the sensation, as you furiously masturbate >growl >Aria's face contorts >"Any. Fucking. Day now. Anon." "I'm trying to as fast as I can, I swear!" >another loud growl >Aria screws up her brow and grits her teeth >"Fucking dammit! Here!" >Aria pulls your wrist, moving your hand away from your member >it throbs in protest, you need sensation >you can barely process what's happening as Aria swiftly lowers her scrunched face >your eyes roll into the back of your head and you moan loudly as you feel a hot warmth envelop the head of your penis >it's like nothing you've ever felt before >hot, wet, and firm >you can feel the swirl of her tongue >her breathing is shallow and rapid through her nose >you feel little puffs of breath teasing the top of your shaft >your mind is blank >you can only feel your seed bubbling towards the point of no return >you compose yourself just enough to look down >the top of Aria's head is all your can make out, bobbing up and down "A-A-Aria!" >driven by pure lust and instinct, you grab the back of her head and thrust your hips forward >Aria's cry of shock is stifled by your intrusion >any vocal attempt at protest only comes out as vibrations across your shaft >you release a guttural moan >Aria tries to pull her head back, but you hold her still >each of your thrusts forces another inch into her mouth >she's digging her nails into your thighs, but you can barely tell, your mind is filled only with pleasure "I'm going to-" >the first spurt of your load jets into the back of Aria's mouth >the suction on your pulsing member only seems to increase each second >she's swallowing with each burst of semen >the pleasure is indescribable, and your overtaken by your primal groan >your orgasm feels like it's lasting forever >every spurt is followed by another less than a second later >after a few seconds you lose the strength to continue holding Aria's head >she instantly pulls off and coughs to clear her throat >it's everything to do to keep yourself conscious at this point >you continue to pant heavily as the last few drops of cum leak down your softening penis >Aria finishes coughing and takes a deep breath >"Asshole." >you don't care, you can't >you're bathing in bliss right now >time seems frozen >then you feel something uncomfortable >Aria is lapping up every last drop of cum oozing from your penis >you've never felt something like this >it was like agony, but tantalizing at the same time "Ah! A-Aria! Cut it out!" >she seems to ignore you >Aria squeezes your penis from the base to the tip, milking one last drop from you >a quick slurp and the last pearl disappears >"Ahhh~" >Aria looks satisfied >part of you wants her to continue, but you know you're spent >"So much energy... that hit the spot." >you're glad she's satisfied... even if you're a little confused about what she was saying "That felt great, Aria..." >through half-lidded eyes you see her return to her glare >"You think I'm going to let you off the hook for that shit?" >uh oh >"How do you like this, dickwad?" >Aria latches onto your semi-flaccid member with a death grip >using the left over precum and saliva, Aria slides her hand up and down your length >your body writhes as the bittersweet torture rocks your loins "Please, s-stop!" >Aria's grin is the scariest thing you've ever seen >"Aw, poor Anon... You were so good at begging a few minutes ago..." >she picks up the pace as more blood is forced back into your shaft >the pain overtakes your pleasure, you can't take it >you grab Aria's arm and try to break her grip on you >she refuses to yield >"Maybe next time this'll teach you to cum when I fucking tell you to." >as you try your best not to weep, two words ring out in your mind >next time >she can't intend to do this again >can she? >where you once felt unparalleled pleasure is now a flame >the torturous pangs of stimulation make you ache from within >as she finally begins to let up on her assault, she leans in closely >her voice is just beyond a whisper >"Listen here, Anon." >though she's finally stopped pumping, your hypersensitive member is still firmly in her grasp >"You're going to be my personal cumbank, okay?" >you can only muster a wince >she squeezes >you gasp >"That means when I need cum, you give it to me. I won't put up with this again." >she traces her finger around your glans >"Got it?" >you bite your lip and nod >another squeeze >"Got. It?" "Yes! Yes, please..." >you thank the stars, she has let you go >"Good." >she stand up from the bed and readjusts her top >"If you behave, and I'm feeling nice, you might get a look at these again sometime." >you proceed to put your clothes back on as well "So, um... should I expect to see you again soon?" >She smirks >"Actually..." >she moves close to you, leaning against your chest like she did in the kitchen not so long ago >"I need a place to stay... and your bed is comfy..." >what "Oh no..." >"Won't this be fun, Anon?" THE END