The Incest Necrophilia Story - by Anonymous

> Be Adagio Dazzling Shimmer > Your mom makes educational videos, used in many schools > Sometimes she gets a sad look in her eye and murmurs something about Bill > Growing up, you learned all sorts of things > How volcanoes work, why the sky is blue, and how people come in all shapes and colors > Mom always said you had a very special shape > It's why you aren't allowed to take baths with her anymore > Even though you are both women > Well, for the most part > As you got older, you started understanding more things > Not to mention the embarrassing ordeal of seeing one of your mom's videos in a sex ed class > They way her skillful fingers slipped the condom onto the banana > It didn't help as she described the very feelings you were having about her in the video > From then on, you couldn't help but notice whenever mom would bend over > Or how she licked her fingers while frosting cookies > When the two of you would swim at the local pool, you found yourself glaring at all the guys staring at her > She is your mom, and no one else can have her > When you got home from school today, you could sense something was off > All the filming equipment was set up in the kitchen, but she wasn't there "Mom?" > Silence > Upon closer inspection, you find a bowl of what used to be marinade spilled all over the floor, with some blank spots > Maybe she was still in the shower, washing up? > But you don't hear any running water > Even so, your heart starts beating faster as you approach the bathroom > As you open the door, your blood runs cold > There she is, laying facedown and naked by the tub > You whisper, "Mom?" > You see some blood on the bathroom closet doorknob, and a pinkish puddle around her head "No nonononononono" > You crouch down and jostle her shoulder "Come on, this isn't funny!" > She's limp under your hand > Her skin is soft, but lukewarm > It's hard to breathe > With shaking hands, you turn her over > She stares up at the ceiling with glassy eyes > Your dead > You curl up in a corner and sob, your eyes never leaving her too still body > You pray that she's just faking, that she'll wake up any moment now > Sunset Shimmer is dead > You don't know how long you cried > It's maybe two or three hours by the time you shakily drink from the sink faucet to soothe your aching throat > You feel shattered inside, sharp edges and numbness > And she just lays there, naked and dead and ignoring you > You drop down onto your hands and knees and crawl to her side > You don't know how long it's been since you've seen her like this > Her sizable breasts on display, no attempt at modesty > Before you realize what you are doing, you place a hand on her stomach > Part of you wants to recoil at the fading warmth in her flesh, but a stronger part marvels at how smooth her skin is > Once you touched her, there was no turning back > Too many shameful dreams, too many lingering embraces masked as affection > You find yourself watching her face as you bring your hand to cup her bosom > Somehow, her stillness drives you onward, bringing both hands to stroke and squeeze her breasts, exulting in their softness, in their delightful heft > She is all yours, now "Can't stop me now, can you? I can do whatever I want..." > The corpse does not reply > You can feel your pants tightening > You glance at her face again, relieved to see her blank expression > It's like permission, almost > You undo your pants, sliding your hardening cock out from behind your pink panties > You stay like that for a long moment, staring at her boobs with your dick in your hand > But you can go further now > You take off your clothes quickly, your eyes traveling up and down her naked form > You hover over your mother's body, your dangling cock brushing against her thighs, your hardening nipples almost touching hers > You stare down at her dull expression, her mouth slightly open > Your vision focuses on her soft lips > Your first kiss is with your dead mother, and it couldn't be more perfect > Her lips yield against yours, and your tongue slips between, exploring her slightly parched mouth > You pull back "Now, we can't have that." > You work up some saliva in your mouth and let it drop past her lips > The sight sets your hips to rocking, your dick dragging back and forth along her inner thigh > Once again, you plunge your tongue into her mouth, pleasantly moist and unresisting > Your right hand squeezes her breast a few times, then drifts down her side, stroking her hip > You raise yourself, before sliding your hands across her childbearing hips and under, to knead her choice ass "Damn, mom. Why'd you keep this from me?" > You know she can't hear you > That you're talking to a dead body > But you have never felt closer to her than you are now "You said I should save my virginity for someone I love..." > You eye her womanhood, the subject of so many fantasies "I love you, mom." > You position yourself at her entrance, your hands shaking in excitement > When you try to push into her, her folds part grudgingly > You can almost hear her voice, from that awkward class > "...You might be nervous, or it may be that your body just doesn't produce enough on your own. Don't worry, there are all kinds of products that..." > You doubt she had this situation in mind when she made that video > You grab a bottle of body wash and squeeze the lotion onto your hand > It feels good on your dick, as you make it slippery with a few strokes > It's strange, sticking your soapy fingers into your mom's vagina, but that doesn't bother you much right now > The first thrust is heavenly > She's so slippery and tight around your cock, just like you always imagined > It doesn't matter that she's dead, that you have to press her hands to your developing boobs yourself > You are finally fucking Sunset Shimmer, and she can't stop you > You love how her breasts jiggle as you pound her pussy > Your moans of pleasure echo in the bathroom > You bring her hand to your mouth, nipping at her cold fingers > You suckle on her pointer finger, warming it up in your mouth > You pause in your thrusting, sliding her hand over your butt cheek and burying her warm, slick finger in your asshole > At the sensation your pelvis thrusts automatically > After a few delectable moments of pushing her finger knuckle by knuckle inside of you, you resume violating your mother's body > Each time you thrust into her, your cheeks clench around her hand, your anus tightening around her trapped finger > With every roll of your hips, you get a moment of heaven for which you are assuredly going to hell > Your rhythm becomes frantic as a heat builds up inside of you > You collapse on top of her, your fingers snarling in her hair, your lips a bare inch from hers as you stare into her cold, dead eyes "TAKE IT MOM! TAKE MY LOVE!" > With that, you fire off deep inside her, your sperm shooting into the womb from which you came > You lay limp across her body, your hips twitching as you cum again and again > At last, you are almost as still as she is > You can feel her growing cold beneath you, her breasts mashed up against your own > She may be gone, but you left her some of yourself, perhaps to remember you by > It's a long time before you get up again > It's even longer before you report her death > After all, you still have yet to come in your mom's mouth or ass > Then you have to clean up after yourself, or face some awkward questions > But before all that, you kiss her one last time on the lips "Thanks, mom."