Dazzling Family(Nsfw) - by MactheTexican

>Be Anonymous, yet again. >Right now you were on your way to your next date destination. >This time, you were hand in hand with your beautiful date, Adagio Dazzle. >She decided to wear something a bit more formal today as the next spot wasn't much compared to your previous dates. >But, she had picked the spot this time, so you were ok with it. >The festival was only open every so often and Adagio hasn't had much time to enjoy the attractions at it before. >The warm air and the sun setting, the bright orange hitting halfway down the horizon. >"Thanks for agreeing to go here, Anon. Sorry it's not all that fancy." "Ah, it's fine.Going places like this is fun every now and then too." >"I'm glad the girls were ok with us going here without them." >Yeah, sure. >"Okay" sure as hell isn't the word you'd use for how they reacted when you told them about this. >But they understood you both needed times to yourselves. >After your first date, you thought it would be fun to have some time with all three of the girls. >So you brought them to an aquarium. >And man was it effective. >Aria and Sonata loved fish just as much as their mom. >Sonata jumped up and down from tank to tank, on the other hand, the sugary snack she had before probably didn't help. >"LookatthatonemomIbetitswimsreallyfastandit'ssobluelikemyhairwooooo" >You never ask, on the other hand, >Ariawas sort of just sitting a round, looking specifically at one fish tank. >Walking beside her, you caught a glimpse of the fish she had her eyes on and the name of it. >Parrot fish. >The underbelly and sides had an aquamarine color like Aria's hair and slight bits of purple in it. >Getting a clear view of Aria's face let you see a rare genuine smile on her face in content. >Well, until she realized you looked her way and brought back her grumpy face. >You chuckled and ruffled her hair, sitting next to her and watching the fish. Soon Adagio and Sonata joined you both until you all left. >That was a nice day. >After that, you and Adagio decided to have a night to yourselves at a jazz club. >The kids definitely didn't feel left out on that one, so you were able to leave them with Sunset again and spend the night with Dagi. >You remember her telling you how she found jazz relaxing, so you found and took her to a club that played good music. >The beginning part was just you two sitting together peacefully, taking a few sips of the drinks you ordered. >Thanks to the liquid courage coursing through you after some time, you took Adagio by the hand and got on the floor to dance. >Poof mom, who was tipsy herself, just giggled and leaned into you and closed her eyes. >The smooth jazz sounds surrounding the building swirled around the both of you as your steps stayed in rhythm with each other. >You both somehow kept your distance from the others who were enjoying and dancing to the music as well. >You could feel the cold stare from some of the guys, some who gave a way different look towards Adagio. >Yeah, be jealous assholes. >Perfect 10 right here. >The walk back to her home was almost as fun, the sounds of Adagio's beautiful voice as she sang and danced her way back with you. >All you could do was chuckle and admire the woman you brought with you. >She was a perfect stranger sometime ago. >Now you're here with her at her front porch,the smile she gives you each time as she's about to leave more than enough for you right now. >Of course the sudden hug and quick nip at your ear before she hurries inside with a sultry smile wasn't unwelcome. >Not one bit. >The time you've been spending with Adagio really made time go by. >It was around the beginning of summer now and the days were scorching. >Luckily you both agreed to come to the festival at sunset to get more time here together. >When you got there,some of the lights started coming up around the place, showing off the stalls and rides everywhere. >It was clearly a marvel to Adagio, as her hand cupped yours tightly and she showed you the brightest smile you've ever seen. >Now that's a smile you want to protect. "Well,what do you want to do first?" >"How about some of the games at the stalls?" "Sure,you can't go wrong with those." >Turns out you can very much go wrong with those. >You'd heard these flim flam brothers like to fuck people over on things,but holy hell. >The pellets for the gun games didn't pop out of the gun at times. >The rings were definetly not right sized for the bottles. >Don't even get started on the old 'knocking milk bottles down with a ball' shtick. >Every minute on these things was agony for you. >But despite the constant losing,Adagio was right next to you still in high spirit. >You'd think she'd go ballistic on these guys for these tricks, but all she would say was a quick 'aww' and a giggle. >This lady is gonna be the death of you from cuteness. >Still,you'd rather take a brake from all of that stuff for a little bit. >Although, high strike is certainly catching your interest. >Seems like Dagi had the same idea. >"Oh!Anon you should give it a try!" >She had a twinkle in her eyes hoping you'd be on board. >Normally,you'd find this to be a pain. >But you were a sucker for games using strength. >You gave her a smirk and nod as you headed for the game, followed by your date who let out a 'squee'. >You sized up the contraption,the same old concept as any other high strike;a bell at a certain distance in the sky and a puck by the ground. >Suddenly your field of view was blocked by a man with a mustache and wavy hair with streaks in it. >Flam,half of the two man schemers.Him and his brother Flim were pretty good at scamming people,but they somehow got away with it pretty well. >Not like you ever got scammed,or plan to buy anything from them,so it's not like you give a rats ass. >You stepped back a bit as the barbershop quartet cosplayer gave you a smirk and smacked the bell tower with a cane. >"Hello there my friend!Come up to try your hand at the strongman game,eh?Well,just step right up and present your tickets and you can give it a shot!" >You gave him a hum in response and gave him the necessary ticket price before bringing the hammer up to your chest. >No doubt this snake did something to the machine,but if it's necessary you'll need to strike twice before coming up with a conclusion. >You could see Adagio on the side smiling wide and giving you a thumbs up in support. >Bringing the object up past your should gave you a decent place to put your idea to the test. >The hammer came down on the lever in front of you, which in turn smacked into the puck and made it go up the machine. >You felt pretty optimistic about it going far,but in the end it only made it to a little past 3/4 of the way up. >The small object came back down and slammed into the ground with a very solid thud. >Hmph,well that was close. >"Oooh,tough luck young man!Tell ya what,I'll give you another shot since I like your moxie!" >How charitable. >Well,guess there's no use looking a gift horse in the mouth. >This time you'll give 'er all ya got captain. >You went for hefting the hammer over your head this time. >You could hear a whistle come from the side and see Adagio looking at you with different eyes. >Hungry eyes. >Fuck >Trying your best to keep your concentration, you brought the hammer down once again and kept your eyes on the puck as it soared into the sky. >And with that, the bell was rung and the puck came back down to the ground. >"You did mighty well sir!And for that, you get a prize!" >You gave Flam a skeptical look as you choose one of the stuffed animals from the prizes. >Last time you tried this it took you about 5 or so times and a threat to get them to not fix the machine. >Guess they wanted to give you a bit of a break today. >The stuffed animal was a medium sized horse of some sort. >The bottom half reminded you of those siren toys you got the kids last christmas. >Weird. >You brought the stuffed toy over to Adagio and put it in her hands. "That was pretty fun." >A second later the stuffed animal was pushed inbetween both your bodies as she leaned up to give you a kiss. >Surpising as it was,you recovered quick enough to push back into the kiss for a few seconds before Adagio pulled away with a smirk on her face. >"The things I am going to do to you later." >Yup >Still fucking got it. >Adagio was really enjoying herself with the rest of the attractions. >Eating some of the carnival food. >Going on the double shot >Barfing after said ride. >Going back on that same ride. >She went through everything with the most beautiful laugh and smile. >And you got to be the lucky guy to she shared that smile with. >A couple of hours passed by from the fun and it was getting close to you both leaving. >Of course Adagio wanted to try EVERY ride,so your last stop was the ferris wheel. >She was giggling every second as you both got on and it started up. >As it slowly made it way around though she got quiet. >You turned towards your date to see her looking out with a small smile. >"It looks so nice out there from where we are." "Yeah,it sure does." >"Even when I was younger,I've never been able to go on here.Too busy chasing bad boys and beating up assholes." "Mine was mostly just me doing all I could to get the kind of job I have today." "And every so often training my body to stand up to my shitty siblings." >She giggled in response,falling silent soon enough again for a couple of minutes as your cab in the ferris wheel got to the top. "We'll probably be here for a bit of time.How about we share a bit more about ourselves?" >Adagio looked at you, confused and intrigued. >"Oh?Like what?" "Well,anything you'd want I guess.It's only us two here and of course I'd promise not to say anything outside of this room you tell me if you want. >She looked up for a few seconds in thought before nodding. >"Ok.I guess I got something I'd like to say by now.Not really a big deal,but I figure it would be good to give you more of my story." >She breathed it and out softlty before looking down at her hands. >"You already know I got pregnant with the girls while young and how their father was early on." >"He was happy,and when I faced him so was I." >"But,when I had learned about it and anytime he wasn't looking,I was afraid." >"What kind of mother could I be to a kid?I didn't have the best of education at that point and definetly not the best of jobs." >"I never let him see me when I was alone and crying.I couldn't." >"As the girls got older that knot in my stomach loosened. I saw them smiling all the time and having their sibling rivalries.It was great." >"Then their father just...changed." She let out a sigh before continuing,"After all that,I took the girls and we left." >"He never came after us.I'm not too sure why, maybe some sense came back to him after we were gone." >She put on a small smile and a few tears rolled down her eyes. >"Being on our own definetly wasn't much better.While I still had my job,the girls weren't as joyful as they use to be." >"Coming and going from school left with a "See you later,mom" and "We're back".I realized he was the one keeping me and the girls connected." >"One night I just cried and cried on my bed,until the girls pushed themselves into my room." >"They sat next to me and held me on both sides." >"I guess that was their way of telling me something." "What was that something." >"We're broken,but we can be fixed." >That certainly was something to take in. >This was the first time she told you about that part of herself. >But it was comforting. >And from the way she was looking, it was good to get that off her chest with someone. >You wrapped your arm around her and pulled her closer to you. >She gave a bit of a startled expression before calming and laying herself into you. >"So,you gonna share too or are you gonna leave me hanging?" >Chuckling, you shuffled yourself a bit to get comfortable "Sorry.Yeah I got something myself I guess." "I told you I had an ex I guess, but I never really wanted to get into her." >She shook her head and you let out a sigh. "She certainly was beautiful.I had gotten together with her a couple of years back. "I ran into her coming out of a store and we laughed it off a bit." >"Sory of like how we met, huh?" >You gave a pause when the realization hit you and she laughed at your expression. "Heh, yeah I guess so.Anyways, I helped her pick up some bags she dropped from that and we talked for a bit." "She gave me her number and that was the start of the whole thing." "I took her places and we would laugh and cheer the whole time." "She even met my family after some time.Somehow those pricks warmed up to her real quick, but seeing recent events I can see why now." "I never had such a good time back then.What with my family just fucking with me my entire life, I finally find someone who made me happy." "But of course even that wasn't right." "After many months of the love we shared I had come over to her house one particular day to surprise her with an invitation to a nice restaurant for the night." "And the classic scenario soon played out." "Strange car in the front, the door unlocked, and boom!I discover her having a romp with a complete stranger." "Needless to say I lost my shit." "Said a lot of things to her, the guy she was with, and some other things that may or may not have been followed with me knocking the guys lights out." >Adagio was silent through it all, only moving slightly occasionaly while still leaning her head against you. >"Well you seem pretty ok with it all." "Well despite the fact that I've seen her walking off with a different guy every few weeks, along with hearing her with my brothers during Christmas, yeah I'd say I'm alright." >You gave her a weak chuckle.You didn't want to aknowledge it, but you were shaking slightly.Adagio could obviously feel it, but said nothing. "I was going to propose to her ya know?I loved her and all this time, she was just using me." >Adagio whispered something just then which you could only catch "wouldn't do that..." and "love you" >You guess those weren't really meant for your ears so you just stayed quiet for a bit as you stuck closer to her while the ride continued on moving. >You both came off the ride soon enough with smiles on your faces. >That conversation was still just left to the two of you in that small spot and you decided to leave it that way. >So, as if that never happened, Adagio clung to your arm once more in excitement. >"So, what next?" "Welll, next would be home." >She gave you an "awww" and pouty lips. >God that's too damn adorable. >You gave her a chuckle in response while making your way to the exit. "It's getting pretty late.And I'm sure a couple of girls are waiting for you to get back as well." >Realization seem to have struck her and she gave you an emberassed smile before nodding in understanding. >You both struck up some random topics of conversation on the way back, also listening to the crowd around you as most of them are leaving as well. >Along with some pink haired girl sticking her head into the cotton candy machine while her friends try to pry her away. >Teenagers sheesh. >You felt a nudge from Adagio who was giving you a smirk. >"Sooo, would you maybe like to stay over for some coffee?" >You've been invited to coffee plenty of times to know what this means. >And it certainly won't mean there's any coffe that's anyone is gonna drink. "Won't the girls still be awake?" >"Maybe, but even if they are still up right now I'm sure it won't take long for them to knock out." >Well you guess tonight's the night you get busy with Adagio then. >"Just you me and some smooth sweet Ja-" >Her sentence and footsteps stopped suddenly, causing you to get tugged back a bit. >You looked at your date to find the face of someone who's seen a ghost. >You turned your head to the direction she was looking and in that moment you had almost mirrored her expression. >Not all that far away at a food vendor was a couple eating and laughing together. >The man has his arm wrapped around his date's waist and the woman playfully patted his arm, giving him a playful smile here and there. >A smile you've seen so much from that person. >You're ex. >Seems she changed her appearance from when you last saw her. >Her outfit looks less slutty and more casual. >She had pink lipstick on her beautiful lips, along with her long curly brown hair and brilliant blue eyes matching how she looked the first time you met. >The smile she wore with that man was different from the fake smile she had given to all those other guys. >Her smile looks even more genuine than when she smiled towards you. >Ouch. >Guess she ditched your brother sometime after christmas. >You didn't want to look at this anymore, but there was the other matter at hand. >Like why Adagio was looking her way. >You never gave much specifics to how your ex looked to Adagio. >Looking between the couple and her gaze a bit better, you saw that her eyes were on the man your ex-girlfriend was with. >He had a hat on and you couldn't see his hair from this direction so you guess it's short, but his eyes were some shade of mulberry. >They almost remind you of Aria's eyes... >Oh. >It finally clicked in your mind. >Well shit. >How the hell did those two even meet?! >As they continued to get close you could see the hurt in Adagio's eyes. >She told you the things about him and how he never went after their family. >But what if his reason was the same as your old girlfriends? >Maybe he was cheating around and after getting the freedom decided to back off. >It must have been some sort of bitter memory of hers and she decided to just not talk about it. >It makes you sick. >Those two cheating pieces of shit laughing it up together in their own little world. >You wanted to go over there and kick that guys ass and tell that bitch something things you never got off your chest about all of this. >You wanted to, but... >You won't. >You let out a sigh and turn back over to Adagio, wrapping your hand around hers and holding just tight enough. >She shook herself out of the gaze and turned her attention back to you. "They deserve each other." >If anything, either one will give the other a taste of their own medicine, or both. >Or somehow, MAYBE, they'll actually get along and form their own family. >A family of despicable assholes. >huh >Sounds familiar. >You both walked back to Adagio's home in complete silence. >There was nothing there between you and those cheaters, but... >You still felt defeated somehow. >Finally get to her home and opening the door lead you both to seeing an odd sight. >There was a passed out sunset on the couch. >No booze or anything laying around so she probably didn't get drunk. >Meanwhile there was a Sonata bouncing off the walls and Aria sitting on a chair reading. "...Do we even want to know what happened here?" >"AriagaveSunsetsomejuicebutitwasreallyZzzquilandsunsetwenttonapthatwas4hoursagoandIateallofoursnacksand-" >And just as sudden as that came by, the small bundle of energy was out like a light. >We turned out attention to Aria for a better explanation. >She just looked back with a shrug. >"I wanted some time to myself." >What is even up with this girl. >You both sigh as Adagio goes to wake up Sunset. >"Up ya go Sunny, wakey wakey." >The kid sitter groaned out a "five more minutes mom" before letting out a yawn and wiping her eyes. >"What's going on?...OH MY GOD THE KIDS!" >She shot up like a cannon before we could explain anything to her as she looked around only to find Aria and a passed out Sonata. >Coming to understand the situation, Sunset groaned and fell back on the couch. >"Sorry about that guys.Never expected to get roofied by a child." >Aria coughed out "It wasn't a roofie, it was Zzzquil" before returning back to her book. >Adagio rolled her eyes with a smile before helping Sunset up and by the door. >"It's alright Sunset, just try to be a bit more careful next time around anything the girls offer you." >Sunset just let out a grunt and nod in agreement before heading on back home. >She looked back to her daughters and took the book Aria was reading. >"Hey I was reading that!" >"You can read more of that tomorrow, Aria.Sleep time for you." >Aria grunted before pointing to Sonata. >"Oh yeah?And what about her?" >Adagio gave her a raised eyebrow in response,"Sonata is already asleep." >A loud snore could be heard from Sonata, leaving Aria to laugh sheepishly and blush in embarrassment. >Leading the girls to their beds, Adagio put them in their respective beds and read to Aria a bit before the small bundle of purple terror fell asleep. >She came back out soon enough with a sigh of relief. >"Well, certainly wasn't expecting that on our return." "You can say that again." >Neither of you really knew what to do next. >Before the incident at the end, you both had a plan on what you were going to do tonight. >But now it somehow didn't feel right. "I uh, guess I should go home tonight." >Before you could turn to grab the doorknob,Adagio grabbed your wrist quickly. >"Please don't go." >She gulped and looked into your eyes. >"I did love him, but now I can see how he felt after all this time." >"I don't want to feel like this anymore." >"Please help me forget about him." >She looked like she was about ready to burst. >Just like you, she was hurting. >After all this time neither of you were really over your former lovers. >But together you can heal and love and move on. >You turned back to Adagio and kissed her passionately. >Her lipstick gave her the taste of raspberry as you pressed your lips against hers. >Now is a really inappropriate time to want some raspberries. >Both your mouths fought for dominance as you made your way to her room. >Trying your best to close the door in your situation, you both laid yourselves on her bed. >Adagio's room was neat and tidy with what you'd regularly find in most rooms. >Her bed creaked at the weight of you both as you hung your body over hers. >You both pulled away from the kiss to breathe and look at each other. >There were no words to be right now. >You smiled at her and got a lovely one in return. >Is there anytime she isn't beautiful >The shirts from you both were removed and showed off your bodies. >Adagio looked over your physique and well-built muscles. >She placed her hands on your stomach to feel them up. >Guess she really liked them. >You definitely couldn't think any less of her own body. >She had nice curves in the best of places. >The way her black laced bra pressed against her breast. >Unf >The soft feeling of her skin with your hands on her waist. >"Pretty good looking there handsome." "You're pretty damn hot yourself." >She giggled and pressed her face against your chest. >Despite it not having been all that hot outside when you guys got to the carnival, you still worked up a sweat on a bunch of things to get her some prizes. >You wanted to tell her, but it looks like she didn't care for that. >From the way she sniffed had a sort of drunken look on her face, you'd guess she really welcomes the smell. >Well she'd definitely be the first. >You felt her tongue slide up your chest, leaving you with a feeling you've never really experienced. >This is also definitely a first. >All you could hear her whisper was "perfect taste" before she went back to it. >Deciding you didn't want her to have the upper hand in starting up the little show, you moved your head down and bit on her ear. >Adagio let out a yelp that sounded of pain and pleasure. >You licked the spot soon after, only to repeat the steps repeatedly. >The feeling of your teeth against the skin of her ear sent shivers down Adagio's body, as well as her facial expression constantly changing. >While it wasn't as much as on you, your partner had moved around quite a lot today if the sweat sliding down hear body and face was any indication. >You lapped at some of it that slid down her ear, earning a 'mew' from the poofy woman. >It had a sweet taste to it. >Good think you loved sweet. >You decided to move around to her neck and collarbone as well. >The room had been silent for some time, save the sounds of you lapping at her beautiful skin and the light panting coming from your love. >Did you love this woman? >Well at this point it's very hard to deny it. >You did. >And at this point you'll do anything to keep her happy. >You'll cherish her. >You'll cherish the girls as if they were you own. >Everything is going to be better for all of you. >As your tongue slide around her slightly sweaty body, your hands moved behind her body to unlatch her bra. >With that done, she slid it off and pressed herself against you once more. >You looked into her eyes and saw the lust that she had pent up. >She wanted you and just you. >And all you could think about was making love to her. >Without a second thought about it, you moved on to where the pillows were laid with Adagio underneath you. >The taste of her sweat on her collarbone definitely was not unwelcome and was sort of intoxicating on your brain. >All that you could think of was tasting more of this gorgeous woman. >Letting the passion of the moment move you had your face in front of her chest. >Not wanting to stall any longer, you brought you mouth to hover above her right tit. >You bit down on it lightly in an instant. >You could feel Adagio shudder from the sudden feeling. >Glad to see she enjoying this. >You bit down once more before licking around the area your teeth marked. >Adagio squeaked out an "oh man" and "Mmm" as your mouth moved around both her breast. >You gave attention to the tit you didn't have your mouth around by massaging it with one of your hands. >Squeezing and molding the mounds and tweaking the nipple to get out a moan from your love was definitely something you missed. >The Feeling of a female companion never gets old. >The reactions you got out of her as you played with her breast just made it better. >You definitely were giving enough love towards her twin peaks, but you had almost forgotten about another part of her. >Said part being between the two legs she was rubbing together. >Naughty girl. >You put on a sly smile before one of your free hands had found its way down to her skirt. >Adagio let out a gasp from the sensation of fingers that snaked underneath her remaining bit of dress. >You'd describe the nice sensation of the feeling of her panties against your fingers felt. >If she was wearing panties. >Instead there was that 'shlick' that cut through the silence as your fingers rubbed against her pussy. >You looked down to where your fingers were back to adagio and gave her a smirk. "Look like someone thought ahead for the night." >"Hey, you had me waiting some time to get you into this bed.Aside from what happened earlier, I was definitely going to find some "persuasion" to get you to fuck me." >You gave a chuckle and gave her a kiss on the lips. "Well you don't have to find a reason anymore.I'll be here for you anytime you need me." >"Thanks.And if that's the case, I'd sure as hell like it if you could continue working that those magic fingers of yours." >Although it was absentmindedly, you were still gliding your fingers across her soaking nethers.Her juices secreting on to your hand. "Oh, well sure. But I think I got something a bit better." >Your body moved lower and lower, having you place your kisses on her stomach, waist line, and finally, a few on her inner thighs before you moved on to the main course. >Since it was still in the way, you helped her remove her skirt and last bit of defense from your lust filled hunger. >Huh >Brazilian wax. >You moved Adagio's legs over your shoulders before releasing your tongue and digging into the honey pot. >"Ooooh yessss!" >Guess it really has been some time for Adagio too. >Your tongue moved along her slit slowly, tasting her entirely. >Her juices had a sweet taste to it as you lapped it up. >Deciding to keep it up, you move one of your hands to spread apart her outer lips. >You moved your tongue a bit deeper inside her, moving it around her insides. >The feeling of her walls moving along with your tongue left you in a daze. >Nothing filled your mind except for slurping up the delicious juice coming from Adagio and eating her out. >The only sound coming from the room being from the shlicking and moaning with the occasional 'fuck' coming from Adagio. >You pulled your tongue away and stopped movement for a pause. >Adagio started to pout and was going to voice her complaint before she felt what you were up to. >Her head throwing back as your tongue found it's way onto her clit, with your right-hand fingers replacing your tongues previous position. >Circling her sensitive organ, sucking on it, and probing your fingers around deep into her walls definitely had an effect on Adagio. >Your heavy advance on her body was met with howls of pleasure coming from Adagio, almost incoherent. >Well glad to see you're doing your job. >Move your hand back and forth and circling around inside her after some time, you felt her walls contracting. >As much as you wanted to keep this going, Adagio deserved the release. >Adagio let out a scream and your fingers were almost crushed by the force of her orgasm. >You kept up your movements, keeping her orgasm going. >Mid way through you opened your mouth to catch some of her fluid. >Who would have thought she was a squirter. >As her peak finally went down, you slowed yourself and moved away from her pussy. >Swallowing what you caught, the sweet feminine spray went down your throat. >You could definitely get used to that. >You moved yourself up, laying next to Adagio as she laid on the bed catching her breath. >"Fuck me man." >You gave a chuckle in response, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "As exciting as that was, I think that was loud enough to wake your neighbors." >"If it was, Sunset sure never complained before." "Uh-huh.And the kids?" >"Sonata was pretty out of it with that sugar rush and Aria is a pretty heavy sleeper." >You let out a hum of content before feeling your being turned, your back now fully on the bed. >"Enough about that for now." >How the hell did she get down between your legs so fast >"Before we get to the main event, I definitely wanted to return the favor a bit." >She unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down along with the front of your underway. >Sonny enough happy, and not so little, anon popped up and smacked into Adagio's cheek. >She gave a startled yelp and rubbed her cheek slightly before looking over your cock. >Adagio audibly gulped and kept her eyes fixated on it. >"Oh yeah.Momma likes a lot." >Giving you a sultry smile, Adagio moved her slender soft fingers around your dick. >Her hand slowly started to pump up and down on your full mast. >From the way she bit her lip, her eyes keeping themselves on your towering phallus. >If your blood was anywhere but your wood before, it certainly is now. >You could feel Adagio breathing on to your dick, heavily at that. >The look in her eyes showed she's somehow restraining herself. >Guess that she's repaying what you've done for her, or she'd have jumped your bone by now. >She started off by kissing your shaft in separate spots, giving it long and slow licks. >It's been a long time since you've had this done to you from any previous companion. >Her soft lips pressing against you and tongue sliding itself across your shaft was really doing a number on you. >Adagio giggled at your reaction to her seduction and moved her tongue to the tip of your cock. >Her tongue moving along your lower head in a hypnotizing fashion. >One of her hands wrapping itself around your balls, fondling them in coordinated movement with the attack from her mouth. >S-shit she was good. >The tip of your cock had disappeared into her mouth every few seconds. >Her tongue working it's magic in there, sliding against your glans and sending a large shiver down your spine. >Her assault kept going, Adagio sometimes slurping at the opening of your urethra. "F-fuck Me." >She moved her mouth away with a smirk and a,"Not just yet", before deciding to take your cock down her throat. >Which was a pretty damn impressive amount. >Adagio was bobbing her head up and down, using one of her hands to stroke the remaining amount she couldn't get. >The warmth of her mouth and throat around your cock was the best feeling you've ever had. >Sounds of 'glrk' 'glrk' 'glrk' coming from Adagio and her facial expression as she gagged on your meat shaft was definitely sending you into cloud 9. >She kept this up for quite some time. >Giving the work she was putting into this, a spurt of pre-cum leaked out of your head soon enough. >Removing her mouth from your dick with a satisfying 'pop', Adagio rubbed it all around the head, along with the shaft. >A 'squelch' could be heard each time her hand moved up and down. >Feeling you were slick enough, she brought her mouth back around your cock. >The pleasure she was giving before had increased with the extra lubricant. >The feeling of her mouth around your manhood smoothly was complete bliss. >You don't think you could go with any other woman other than her after this. >Looking at Adagios mouth as at slurped up any more pre-cum that was coming out, Adagio gave you a smile with the meat still in her mouth. >You couldn't really hold yourself back much more and moved your hands to the back of her head, seeing her stunned expression and you face fucked her. >With you pushing down on her head with your hands with all of that, you were hitting the finish line a bit faster than you expected. "A-adagio, I'm gonna cum!" >In that second, she moved your hands away from her head so she could come off of your dick with another 'pop'. >And like that, the pleasure was gone. >Still breathing very heavily, you looked back towards the woman between your legs who had a smirk on her face. >"Sorry Anon, but if that first load I've been waiting for is going anywhere, it's going into where it belongs." >With that, Adagio moved up and pressed her lips against yours. >Despite the romantic gesture, you were starting to losing the excitement in your third leg. >Before your erection was completely gone you felt something press into it. >"That should be enough time.You ready big boy?" >Feeling the slicked lips pressing against your shaft was more than enough to get you at full mast once again in no time. >Ready doesn't even begin to describe it. >Adagio gave you a smirk as your hard dick pressed against her."I'll take that as a yes." >Adagio then started to move her body down, your dick soon probing her entrance. >Looks like she wanted to be on top. >Pssh, yeah right. >Momanon didn't raise no bitch. >Adagio let out a yelp as you switched your positions, although Adagio was laying her her stomach. >You looked down at your lover who was breathing heavily underneath you. >In her eyes was a look of anger, which soon changed to that of anticipation and want. >Even though you took authority over her in this situation, she was hoping you would. >You pressed your face into the nape of her neck, inhaling her scent. >The perfume she had on before was still slightly there, a smell of flowers. >Mixed in was the new smell of her sweat and arousal. >Licking her neck brought a small gasp. "I am going to fuck the daylights out of you." >You could hear a small "please" come from her mouth before you moved into position. >Your towering shaft still pressing against her pussy. >Both your sexes were well lubricated from the foreplay so your shaft pushed into Adagio with ease. >Adagio started to bite on one of the pillows underneath her to suppress the moaning. >You kissed behind her ear as each inch of your dick entered her. >With a satisfied sigh, you pushed the last bit of it that could fit into her as you bottomed out. >You gave Adagio, and yourself, a second to get used to the sensation. "You...ready?" >Adagio couldn't have nodded her head any faster in response, the look she gave was one of a person intoxicated off of lust. >You gave her a nod back and pulled yourself out half way, leaving Adagio to whimper, before thrusting it back in. >"Fuck yes!Give it to me Anon!" >Not wanting to beat around the bush, you repeated the thrust in and out at a fast pace. >The smack of your bodies colliding and Adagio's loud moans filled the room. >You sort of wonder if the kids are even still asleep from that. >But none of that mattered right now. >What mattered was the amazing pleasure building up. >Her pussy was squeezing around you like a vice. >Pulling you in and you thrust and trying to hold your cock inside as you pulled out as if it didn't want you to go. >Your hands were free so you put them to use by grabbing on to Adagio's breast. >The moaning sort of cut off as you could see Adagio trying her best to suppress it with a pillow again. >Looks like she had a bit of consciousness left to think keeping quiet. >But you've already heard how sexy her moaning sounded. >And you'll be damned if that's muffled. >With a smirk you lift Adagio up, Her upper torso now in the air as you were still thrusting into her. >She let out a yelp of surprise and gave you a glare. >"W-what are you doing?!T-the kids will h-" >You quickly shut off her resistance by pushing your lips against hers. >With your hands roughly handling her breast, the non-stop pounding to her pussy, and the mouth and tongue action you were giving her >Well it took a little time to break through her defenses. >Soon enough Adagio was a babbling mess, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and eyes looking to the ceiling. >"D-don't you dare stop!Fuck me harder!" >Not wanting to disappoint, you put more force into the thrust you were giving her. >Clearly not giving a shit anymore, Adagio's voice howled through the night.Constant profanity being thrown out left and right with each smack of skin against one another. >All that was in your mind at this point was filling this woman up with your baby batter. >And god were you going to fill her up. >As the build up from early slowly made it's way back up, you grunted and moved one of your hands against the wall behind the bed, pushing Adagio forward slightly. >The feeling of coming soon to come had you give it to her with all you had.Starting to pull her hair back in the process. >"Fuck yes!Pull my hair harder and make me yours!" "I'm going to cum!" >"Fill me up!Give me another babyyy!" >And like that, the damn exploded. >Grunting, you pushed the head of your cock in as deep as you could, your cum flooding inside Adagio. >Adagio let out a loud "Fuck", her walls contracting around you to coaxing out all of what you got. >The feeling of more of her feminine juices ran down your cock, more of it starting to coat the bed as you thrust a few more times to finish up. >In the end, you both fell flat on the bed, slightly exhausted. >Your dick grew softer after the last drop you could spare was shot into Adagio's womb. >The cum from both of you starting to pour out of her and onto the bed slightly lower from where Adagio laid. >"Shit, I'm gonna have to clean that tomorrow." >You gave a chuckle and nuzzled against her poofy hair. >... >Then it donned on you how it all ended. >And how you forgot the condom. >Well shit. "Say, Adagio." >"Hm?" "About the whole "give me a baby" thing you said earlier." >Though you couldn't really see her face, her body reaction was a twitch and a few seconds of silence. >"Y-yeah?" "Did you mean what you said?" >"...I don't know.It was in the heat of the moment." >"And although the two girls I already have are already a hassle, If it's with you..." >"I wouldn't mind another." >Welp >You certainly weren't expecting tonight to end like this. >Your thoughts on the subject were jumbled up. >After all, the only kids you've hung around for most of your time was your nieces and nephews, who definitely didn't leave a good impression on having a kid. >But then you met Sonata and Aria. >Sonata was always so cheerful and bubbly, simple things catching her attention and making her smile. >Aria on the other hand >Well, she was a pretty big pain in the butt. >But there was no mistake she loved her mom and Sonata. >It's what's kept them all so close. >Becoming part of a family like that. >You could definitely do it. "Well, I can already handle two of the little rascals already here.One more in the future wouldn't hurt." >You put up the blanket to cover up both you and Adagio, wrapping your arms around her waist afterward. >"Do you want to go again?" >Despite facing her back, you could feel the hope emitting from her. >"Well I can keep going, and I'm definitely sure you can." >You let out a quick "ah-ah-ah" and held her in place on the bed before she could turn over to get frisky. >"Goodnight, Anon." >You moved your face closer to hers for a quick smooch on her cheek before returning next to her hair. "Goodnight, Dagi." >And with that, Adagio fell asleep with a smile she hasn't been able to put on her face for quite a few years. >You, on the other hand, had a bit of a problem. >Adagio's hair was pretty puffy. >While you don't mind being the big spoon, this might prove a challenge. >...Well, you'll get it down eventually. >Waking up in the morning wasn't much of a task. >The sun beamed down you from the window. >Stupid sun. >For some reason you thought you could hear a very angry neigh in the distance. >Whatever. >Getting up was a bit more of a challenge. >Two smaller hands had wrapped themselves around you. >Guess Adagio moved around in her sleep last night. >You moved a strand of her hair out of her sleeping face and she grumbled lightly before tossing back over. >With a quiet chuckle you got up from the bed quietly and got to searching for your clothes. >Making food would be good. >And last thing you want to do is scar the girls if they're awake. >boxers: check >Pants: check >Shirt: No fucking clue >Well these two out of three ain't bad. >Alright!Good to go. >Stretching a bit, you made your way out of the room and down the hallway. >On the way to the kitchen you passed by a small room with a blue figure in it. >Pausing to process what that might have been, you backstep a couple of feet. >Stopping in front of the door brought you to Sonata brushing her teeth. >Her clothes have some goop on them. >Looked sort of like cinnamon and syrup on her shirt. >Pretty early for that. >When she finally notices your presence she turns to you and smiles, toothbrush and all. >"garble garble garble" >Was all you could hear from the mid teeth cleaning Sonata. "Maybe you should finish that up before talking Sona." >She gave you a puzzled look before realizing what you were talking about and giggled with a salute, along with something that sounded like "Yes sir!". >This girl is way too ditzy. >You heard another distant scream >This one sounding like the mail woman. >Sure are getting a lot of that today. >Your thoughts returned back to Sonata. >Her teeth shining as her smile faced you. >Damn thing almost blinded you. "Yup, those are some pearly whites." >She gave you a giggle before hopping into your arms. >Well more like she jumped off a stool towards you and you instinctively caught her. >"Whoo hoo! Nice catch!" >You let out a sigh before resigning yourself to your fate. "Yeah yeah.Anyways, isn't it a bit early to brush up?I was going to make something for you girls in a bit." >"Nope!Aria and I made ourselves some things in the kitchen.I had already finished, but Aria should still be there." >.... >They what? >Oh, this is probably a good joke. >Well if it one, Sonata isn't laughing and saying "Just kidding" >Oh god. >You made your way to the kitchen, Sonata still in your hands. >And in there was the biggest disaster you've seen. >It's as if a horse came into here and was fucking pissed. >Cereal box on the floor >A couple of bowls filled with some things that SOMEHOW turned into something that looked edible. >Flour on the ground. >And in the middle of it all, sitting down by the table, Aria and a bowl of Cereal(?) in her hands. >You stared at her blankly, still trying to process what exactly you were seeing. >Mid-spoon dip, Aria noticed you standing by the door way, and only really acknowledged you after she put it in her mouth to taste the food she made. >She gulped and held up two fingers in your direction. >"Yo." "Uh, hey." "Soooo, you and Sonata made all of this?" >"Mhm." "And, why could either of you have bothered to wake me up to make something?" >And in that moment you feel a bit of a shiver down your spine. >Not all the way, but ever so slightly, the corner of Aria's mouth contorted upwards. >Almost like a smile. >Or more frighteningly a smirk. >"Welll, I would have.But, I was already up pretty early and thought "Hey, I should give those two a break today.I'll wake Sonata up and make something with her." >Sweat started to drip down your face slightly. "Why would you say we needed a break?" >"Oh well all that screaming and hollering last night, I assumed you both were in some sort of pain.I wasn't sure what caused it, but I sure as heck wasn't going to let you up and about while you were in pain." >She had an innocent look on her face. >But you fucking knew. >This child fucking knows what happened last night. >You put Sonata down and stared at Aria. "Why don't you go get yourself a bit more cleaned up and a change of clothes Sonata? >With an "Okay!" Sonata ran off. >Man that girl was fast. >You coughed into your hand and returned your attention to Aria. "How much of it did you hear." >"Almost all of it.You do know those walls are pretty thing right?" >Well know you did. >Fucking perfect. "Sonata didn't happen to hear any of it did she?" >The twin tailed evil gave a huff and shake of the head in response. >"Please.The only thing to get her out of her sugar induced coma is to mention food." >"If just general food doesn't do it, you gotta mention the "T" word." "What's that word? Ta-" >"SSSHHHHH!Don't say that right now idiot!" >Jeez that sure riled her up. >Looking back down the hall you could see the bathroom door closed and Sonata humming. >You don't think she'd be able to hear you, but you don't really want to get on Aria's bad side right now. "So how can We just, forget last night happened?" >"You forget any of this ever happened." >You stared down each other for a solid minute before you sighed in defeat. "Alright, you win." >She gave you a smirk and triumphant "hmph" before returning to her food. >If that wasn't bad enough, now the door bell was ringing. "Shit, I better go get that.Listen, if you can clean most of this up by the time I get back, I'll make you something ACTUALLY good ok?" >"No promises." >This girl is going to be the death of you. >The door bell rang a few more times before you screams "I'M COMING!" and opened it to reveal a smirking Sunset Shimmer. >"I bet that's what she said." >You gave her a deadpan stare as she laughed and smacked your stomach. >It's too early for this shit. >A small silence set in between you too all of a sudden. >You looked up to Sunny and saw her blushing and biting her lip. >"W-well Adagio sure knows how to pick 'em I can say that, heh." >...Well, you guess this isn't so bad. "As much as I appreciate the compliment, can I ask why you're here?" >She returned her attention back to your face and gave an "Oh!" look, as if she just remembered what it was. >"Some of the others next door asked if you could keep it down at night." >"I mean, none of us really mind if you get it on at night.We'd just like it if you lowered the screaming." >Hello palm >Meet face >Thanks, but we're pretty close friends by now. "How far could people hear us." >"Just me and the guy living next to me.Oh!And the two neighbors on the other side.You do know the wall-" "YES I KNOW THE WALLS ARE THIN!" >She yelped and backed off a bit in surprise. >"Oh, heh right." >"Well, for what it's worth...I'm glad she met you." >"It's been a long time since I've seen her as happy as she is now." >"And it's definitely been awhile since I've heard her howl like that." "Alright, thanks and goodbye Sunny." >You slammed the door with a muffled laughter on the other side. >Damn that woman. >With that out of the way, you returned to the kitchen in hopes of finding it a bit cleaner. >And surprise surprise... >It kind of was. >Huh >Certainly weren't expecting that. >You looked around and saw Aria throwing away some of the filth that was left behind. >She gave you a deadpan look and pointed her head towards the stove. >"You said you'd make something nice right?" >That attitude of hers was more on the demanding side so you were kind of hitting your peak of annoyance for the morning. >"...You can give mom the bigger portions." >And there go- >Oh wait >You looked at Aria's face, which was almost blocked off by the way she was turned. >But you saw a slight pink tint her cheeks. >With a smirk you rubbed her head, getting an annoyed "hey!" and a swat of the hand from an angry pack of purple fury. "No problem kiddo." >The time spent cooking was in silence, save for the sound of Aria reading through a book you assume was from the previous night. >The papers being turned and the sizzle of the food on the pan. >Certainly wasn't a bad way to start a morning. >The smell of actual fucking good must have roused up the hyper active blue hair child and the passed out mother. >You felt a pat on your butt and turned around to a quick peck on the lips from Adagio. >"What's cookin good lookin?" "Just a couple of things; pancakes, eggs, bacon, the works." >"I can certainly smell that."She took a whiff of the air and made a confused expression,"Along with something else..." >You coughed and thought of a way to derail her questioning of the abominations Aria and Sonata made. "Ahaha!J-just some mix up with a few ingredients early on.Yup!" >"Hmmm" >The way her eyes narrowed towards you sure wasn't making you think she was buying it. >She closed the distance between the two of you with another "hmmm". >SWEATING INTENSIFIES. >"...Well okay!" >With an accepting nod and smile, Adagio moved to the fridge to get herself and the kids something to drink. >Crisis averted. >With a sigh, you returned to making breakfast for four. >Eating at the table with the three of these girls was peaceful. >Adagio and Aria say quietly munching on their pancakes while Sonata hummed a little breakfast song while chowing down. >This sort of reminds you of the first night with these girls. >Except things were different today. >The looks of three girls who depended on each other for a tiny bit of happiness was replaced. >Two child who's happiness was solely on making keeping their mother happy were know smiling for themselves and the happiness they deserved for themselves. >And the woman across from you who depended on her child to keep her sane when she was all alone eating with confidence. >Even the small smile dawning on her face warmed your heart. >And then there was you. >A man who had nothing left except for ungrateful family and a negative disposition on most of the world. >Somehow this family brought you out of that and you came out a better man than ever before. >A man who will protect these smiles until his last breath. >In the future you would pop the question to Adagio in front of the kids at a restaurant. >You would hold her close after she said yes, tears going down her face. >And you would stand at the altar, saying "I do" and commit yourself to being with this woman, til death do you part. >But that was yet to come. >And you'll have all the time in the world with this family. >You're dazzling family. Gonna give some love to a german writefag friend who helped me with the ideas and how to improve on a lot of things with this story. http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads