[DZG] Adagio Addles Anon - by Silver_Smoulder

>You are Anon. >And you have had it up to HERE. >You're going to march on in there, you're going to tell them that you're sick and tired of their shit, and that you want them to stop. >You nod firmly, set your jaw, and kick down the door to the music room. "Now listen here, you three- wait, where the hell is everyone?" >Nobody is here. >Ever since the Battle of the Bands, the school dynamic has... changed. >The Dazzlings didn't do anything provably illegal, so they were still in. >But they weren't accepted by the student body or anything. >They still hung out at the music room after school. >And here's where you come in. >Apparently way back when they mind-whammied you into being their audio-visual guy. >Set up the lights, the projectors, make sure the sound system was working, make sure the mics don't blow out, and so on. >You were cool with it though. >Apparently they paid you since they had way too much money back then. >Then it all went downhill from there. >But the thing is, people said their singing sucked ass. >Except not to you. >To you they still soun >"Heeeeeeeey Anon." "Oh no. Not this time you orange-haired bitch. Where the hell are Dumb and Dumber?" >"Anon, I'm shocked that you would speak of my sisters this way." >OrangePoof sidles up to you and folds her arms around your neck. >Normally this would get your blood racing and your lobster johnson hard- >Well, okay. >It still does. >BUT! >It's tempered by the fact that she's an evil magic witch from another dimension. >So you're doing your thinking with the big head. >You swat her hand away from your headphones. >They were the only thing protecting you. >She pouts and rubs her nose into your hair. >"Mmm. Well, that's actually what I wanted to talk about. The fact that my sisters aren't here." "What, did you murder them in a fit of weird fish horse rage?" >She gives a throaty chuckle that you feel with the back of your neck. >"Not quite. Though we did have a bit of an argument." >A twinge of sympathy passes through you. "Oh. That sucks. I mean, you'll make up, but still, it sucks when siblings fight." >"Mmm. Do you want to know what we fought about?" "Er, no? Isn't that a bit personal?" >The most inappropriate thoughts whirl through your mind. >The three of them, dressed down to lacy undergarments, having a pillow fight. >You give a small shudder. >"We were arguing about you, Anon." "Wat?" >She unhooks herself from you and turns to face you. >"Yes. You do understand why we controlled you? We actually like you. We eventually wanted to do things to you. Of course now..." >Her jaw clenches and her eyes practically flare with anger. >"Now I have EMOTIONS and I need to let them out." >She looks at you and her eyes soften. >"Such as with you, Anon." >You gape at her. >She smirks. "H-how do I know that you're not just gonna mind control me into being your footstool again or something?" >Odd way to show affection, that. >Still though, it's good to know that you're wanted by these three hot babe-liens. >"Mmm. Well, I'm just here by myself. And I obviously can't control you just by myself." >Yeah, that makes sense. >"And since I'm the eldest, I obviously get to have my way with you first." >Anon Jr. springs to attention. >Curse you wearing sweats to school today. >She grins and covers her mouth. "Oh goodness. How exciting." >She smirks and gives it a light grab. >You get harder. >She looks deep into your eyes and reach down to take your headphones. >You press forward to kiss her and close your eyes. >She laughs slightly and snaps her fingers. >Your lips don't meet hers OH GODDAMN IT >You see Sonata and Aria walk in confidently, humming a tune. >Ar: "You're such a dork Anon." >So: "And now we get to eat him!" >Ad: "You really should've known better." >You scramble for your headphones, but Adagio snatches them away from your hand as they begin singing. >All: "Now that you're under our spell~" >Goddamn it. >All you wanted was some ayy lmao nookie. >Now they'll drain your energy and make you do things. >But momentarily you don't even think that anymore.