Meeting Her Friends [suggestive] (Dazzlings~Mr. C. Horace) - by Uh-hmmm

> Be Bluedad C. Horace > It had to happen sometime > Your precious daughter has joined a chorus > You wish her mother was here to see her, but she took some bait > It was pretty obvious, but you were always the brains of the relationship > You hear a thump at the porthole > "Ow!" > She takes after her mother so much "That's glass, sweety. Come in through the cargo hatch." > "Okay!" > You here some muffled voices > Crap, she's bringing her friends > You dart around the sunken cargo hold, trying to arrange the bones more neatly > Looks better, you gue- > Sonata barrels into you, clasping her hooves sweetly around you > "Daddy!" > You hug her right back "Welcome home, darling. How was the school?" > A pair of sirens float hesitantly by the hatch > Too bad, this is your precious time with your daughter > "It was great! We ate sooooo much fish, and I didn't put on like, any blubber!" > You pat her on the back "Good, I'm glad you guys had fun. Speaking of which, why don't you introduce me to your friends?" > "Oh yeah, come in you two!" > You have to admit, they have nice scales > Sonata rubs her cheek up against the orange one > "This is Adagio, she's super smart and responsible." > Adagio's head dips briefly in greeting, but her eyes are roving over your body > "Charmed, Mr. Horace." > You nod back, a little flattered and somewhat conflicted "Likewise, young miss." > Sonata darts over to the purple one, but hangs back a little > "Aaaannnd this is Aria. She's a meanie." > Aria frowns > "Whatever. Nice place you got here, Mr. H." "Thank you, Aria. Not everyone can appreciate the more obscure trade routes." > Meanwhile, Adagio has not stopped looking at you > There's a hunger in her eyes > Sonata hooks a hoof around the leg of Aria > "Come on, I gotta show you the skeleton I'm working on!" > The purple one glances at Adagio, who makes a subtle shooing motion > Aria rolls her eyes, but follows your daughter out > You eye the young siren leader "Can I help you?" > She smiles at that > "Perhaps it is you who needs the help." > She swims a slow circle around you, flexing her tail seductively > "I can tell you work hard, providing for Sonata." > You try to be discreet, but > Dat belly "I get by." > She comes to a stop before you, gazing deeply into your eyes > "Even so, this place needs a feminine touch. In fact, " > She swims up closer, her snout almost touching yours > "I think you need a feminine touch, Mr. Horace." > You hold your breath as she trails a hoof down your chest > She pauses just a little higher than you want > "But I really must see that skeleton. Another time, perhaps?" > She flashes you a roguish grin and swims away > Your eyes are glued to her undulating figure, a vague guilt building with a lust you haven't felt for years > As her tailfin vanishes, you let out the breath you had been holding > Damn > Just then Aria pokes her head out from behind the bulkhead > "Just so you know, I want to fuck you too." > ... "Duly noted." > She nods and disappears as well > You are going to a special hell > They left with some polite good byes and sultry expressions > Sonata, bless her heart, seems to be totally oblivious "Those are some...interesting friends you got there." > "I know, right? Who knew they were so interested in skeletons?" "They are?" > Truth be told, skeletal reconstruction is more of an old seahorse's hobby > "Yeah, they kept on talking about getting boned. I said that you are an old hoof at that, so they should ask you about it." > Oh Sonata, so much like her mother > "Will you do it? Bone my friends?" > ... "Yes, honey, since it means so much to you." > She claps her hooves in excitement > "Then we can all bone together!" > You are going to a very special hell