Dazzling Oneshots - by Arizonanon

*Evil Sonata* >You and Sonata are chatting it up in your room. >To your surprise, you had woken up to find her sound asleep and cuddling you. >After she had woken up, you both decided to do some post cuddle pillow talk. "So... What you're telling me is that you three used to be... Sirens?" >"Yup. We'd sing and make people do whatever we wanted." "That doesn't make sense." >"Hm? What do you mean." "Well. Aria, try as she might, can't make me do shit. Why doesn't she just sing." >"Because our gems were destroyed, and we lost our singing abilities." >She points to her neck, presumably where the gems were placed. "Oh." >You swear you see a slight hint of a tan-line. >Thinking back, you recall one time, hearing Sonata sing the Scooby-Doo theme. >She was off key to say the least. "I'm thinking that when you lost your powers, you stopped being evil as well?" >Sonata takes on a questioning gaze. >"Huh. I... I don't know." >Suddenly Adagio walks in your room. >"Anon. I need the car keys." "Why." >"A certain purple-haired 'land whale' decided to eat the last of our cookies and chips. I need to get some more. On HER budget, of course." >She holds out her hand, which has a good amount of cash, then puts it in her pocket. "Sheesh. Her gut is a black hole." >"Heheh! Yes. It really is, isn't it. Hm, maybe I should get a bear trap as well." "Make it a raccoon trap, and we'll go halvsies" >She smiles and shakes her head. >You grab the keys from your dresser and toss them to her. >"Thanks, Anon." >"Hey, Adagio?" >"Yes?" >"Are we still evil?" >Adagio walks over to Sonata and puts a hand on her shoulder. >"Sonata, dear. Just do whatever your little heart desires." >She looks over to you, winks, and walks on out. >Sonata then looses herself in deep thought. >You say this because she completely zones out when she starts seriously contemplating... Anything really. >Suddenly she takes on an actual wicked smile. "Hey. Don't you look at me lik- OOF!" >She gives you a tight hug. >"Hah! I just gave you an un-consented hug. Score one for Evil Sonata! HAHAHA!" >Oh dear... >And that's how your morning started. ............... >It's about noon now. >The score? >Evil Sonata - 9 >You - 0 >To be fair, this isn't a game that you mind loosing. >It's just stupidly adorable. >"Hey, Anon." "Yes, Evil Sonata?" >"I made you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Here." >She hands you a paper plate with said sandwich on it. "... Thanks?" >Just flipping through channels, you scarf down the sandwich in no time at all. >Hopefully you didn't get crumbs on the couch. >That shit hurts when they get stale. >"So...?" "So?" >"Did you notice anything... Evil about it?" >Not unless you gained a taste for poison. "No." >She looks surprised. >"R-really? Nothing at all?" "Nope." >She starts looking really sad and kneels in front of you. >"There... There wasn't anything. Not even just a tiny bit evil?" "Uh. No. I don't think-" >She crawls her way up, and ends up straddling you. >In this position, you have a face-full of her breasts. >It's only when you look up do you see that she's giving you the sad puppy eyes. >Think back... "Um... I guess there wasn't a lot of peanut butter, as compared to the jelly." >"Yes! Another point for Evil Sonata!" >She hugs your head, further pressing your face into her chesticles. >Then she squirms around, adjusting herself. >It's when you hear her let out a drawn out sigh, you start to question what's going on. "What're you doing." >"You're really warm and comfortable, so I'm gonna take an evil nap." >With a quickness she dozes off. >Well, you have these two comfy pillows in your face. >You suppose you could take a quick nap too. ............. >You awaken sometime later. >Sonata is still sleeping. >Hopefully not for much longer. >It's not that you mind having her tits smushed in your face. >You just don't want to waste a day off. >Feeling an eerie presence, you look to your left. >You see Aria looking at you with a raised eyebrow, and a smirk on her face. "Mmmf mmf mmf..." >Right... >You raise your head up from Sonata's cleavage. "How long have you been there." >"Not long. I just got back from work." >You see she's still in her work uniform. >You swear, this is some McDowell's shit right here. >"At first I thought you two were actually 'getting busy' right here in the living room." "Maybe we will. When we get bored of our rooms." >"Pfft! I'd prefer if you just used HER room. I hate being woken up by the two of you." "Oh, come on. You know you love it." >She shoves your shoulder. >"Do not!" "Do too! Hell. I bet you rub yourself furiously, imagining that you're in on the action." >She averts your gaze. >"No..." "Mhmm. You probably save up your orgasm until I climax so it's like you're cumming with me." >"I..." >Crossing her arms, she begins to blush. "And you lap up the remnants of your fluids on your fingers as Sonata and I sloppily make out in a post coital bliss." >"You're the-" >You place your finger on her lips to shush her. "Shhhh. Don't ruin this beautiful moment." >She shoves you once more. >"You jerk! I'm gonna go take a shower. But we need to talk afterwards." "Fine." >She gets up and walks off. >Though she seems tense. >Hm. You can only wonder why. >Reveling in your victory brings you back to reality. >You figure nap time is over. "All right, sleeping beauty. Time to get up!" >You give her ass cheeks a good smack. >*WHAP!* >"AH! Anon? Why." "As much as I love cuddling with you. We can't be doing this all day. Look. We're still in our-" >"Sleepy clothes?" "Yes. Sleepy clothes." >"I guess you're right. How long was I out." >Looking at the clock on the wall... "Two hours. That's a good length for a nap." >She slowly gets off of you. >Damn. You feel cold now. >"Still though, that was kinda mean, Anon. Waking me up like that." >Evil Sonata - 11 >You - 1 "Oh, don't even act like you didn't enjoy it." >"Okay. Maybe I liked it a little." "There's the freaky Sonata I know and love." >She grins happily. >"Well. I'm gonna go and take another nap. I-I mean devise some sort of evil scheme. You know. Because I'm totally evil now. Grrr." >She gently 'claws' at you. "Yeah. You go and do that." >"Maybe I will." "That's fine. It WAS your idea after all." >"And It's a good idea." "I'm not saying that it wasn't." >"Then why are you trying to stop me." "I'm not." >"Maybe your just jealous of my evilness." "I can assure you, I-" >"Or maybe you're ready to beg for mercy." >You deadpan so hard at her. >"Well, Too bad. You can expect even more evil from here on out. Oh, and before I forget... Unexpected hug!" >Not even this hug can clear your deadpan state of mind. >She skips away to her room. "I expected that hug, by the way!" >She slowly comes back with a saddened demeanor. >You feel kind of bad now. "... Fine. I didn't expect it." >Just like that. She cheers up. >"Haha! Evilness!" >She proceeds to skip back to her room again. >Wow. You don't know how this beer got in your hand, but you fucking needed it. >"You're welcome." >You turn your head and find Adagio sitting right next to you. >Doing the proper thing, you raise your glass, and give her an approving nod. >She smiles as she clinks her glass with yours "You knew she'd be like this, didn't you." >She scoffs. >"In a way. Yes. Sonata is certainly... quirky. However, she's never been this hyper before." "Hm. Adagio? Was she ever good at being evil?" >She takes a swig of her drink. >"Mhmm. Only when it came to executing our plans. Singing, and the like. Otherwise... She was a headache." >She continues after taking a sip. >"But now, without our powers, she's just a harmless excitable little puppy." "That's actually a good analogy for her." >"When you've spent an untold amount of time with the two of those idiots..." >She shudders >"N-never mind. Let's get lost in some 'low quality entertainment'." >She smiles at you. >It looks like you're rubbing off on her. "I couldn't have said it better myself." >Once again, you clink your glasses together. >In order to get more comfortable, she's about to put her feet in your lap. >Then, you see it. "W-whoa! Hold up!" >You grab her legs to keep them elevated, as she stares at you with a shocked expression. "Your boots are still on." >You slip them off and place them on the floor. "Okay. Proceed." >She resumes by softly placing her feet down on your lap. >"Huh. I completely forgot I was wearing them. Sorry, Anon." "No worries. I'm just glad I caught that. Otherwise..." >She winces. >"Yeah." >You both share a sensible chuckle. >Her boots have spikes on the back of them. >You're not sure if they're sharp or not, but either way, you don't want any part of that. >Then you two proceed to watch dumb infomercials >It's just something you two do for some reason. >You drink while sharing commentary about useless products and the idiots selling them. >And all the while you never questioned nor bothered her about her drinking. >She always seemed wise beyond her years. >So you figured she's mature enough to make her own decisions. ..................................... >Roughly half an hour later, and you decide to lay down. >Sonata was right. Maybe another nap would be a good idea. >You fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow. >And you dream away. >An unknown amount of time passes, and a feeling of pressure on your lower torso to your legs causes you to awaken. >Opening up your eyes, you see a blurry blue form. >Rubbing the sleepiness out, you see it's Sonata who is on top of you. "Sonata?" >"Hey, Anon!" "I thought you were napping." >"I was. But then I got hungry. So I went to the kitchen and I found this bag of gummy worms in the pantry, And I thought we could share them." >She shows you said bag. >That's cute. "You know. This doesn't sound like an evil thing to do, Sonata." >She smiles. >"Oh, I already took care of that." >She shows you the front of the bag, and on it, she drew angry eyebrows and goatees on the cartoon worms. >And she crossed out the title 'Gummy Worms' and wrote 'Anon's bane'. >You look up at her, trying to deadpan, but you can't help but smile. "That's actually pretty clever. Stupid. But, clever." >She smiles. >"I knew you'd like it." "So how long do you intend on keeping up with this whole 'being evil' thing." >She looks up in thought. >"I dunno. Probably until you surrender." >Obligatory French joke? >Nah. Too easy. "Yeah. Not happening, Sweetness." >She stifles a laugh. >"Just give it time. You'll rue the day you crossed me! Mwahahaha!" >That was just about as over-dramatic as it gets. >You actually half expected lighting to strike outside. "Damn... What did I do to deserve this." >Crossing her arms, she looks at you playfully. >"I'm not sure, but It's probably all your fault." >Suddenly a sleepy idea comes to mind. "Hm. I wasn't quite done with my nap. I think I'll finish it up. And I'm taking you with me." >"What do you- AH!" >You grab her in a tight hug, and lay back down. >"Anon? What are you doing." "If you're gonna be evil, then I'll just be an aggressive cuddler. Goodnight." >"U-uh, jokes on you. I was also gonna finish my nap at this very moment." "No you weren't." >As she lets out a little whine, you let the sleepy feeling take you. >Not before feeling her adjust herself so she's in a more comfortable position. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- *The Punch Line* >It's about noon-ish. >You're just finishing up folding your laundry. >Work clothes don't wash themselves, ya know? >Or fold themselves, in this case. >Feeling a mighty thirst, you head to the kitchen. >From the counter, you see Sonata and Aria are watching some kind of a drama. >Criminal Minds or something like that. >You open the fridge and to your surprise, you see a container full of red stuff. >It wasn't there this morning. >You wonder what it could be. >Kool-aid, perhaps? >The possibilities are endless. >Even though you only thought of one thing. >Grabbing a cup, you pour yourself some mystery liquid. >You bring it to your nose. >Hm. Smells sweet. >You take a swig of it and... >Mystery solved! >It's the best fruit punch you've ever tasted! >So much so, you have to tell the world. >A.K.A. Your roommates. "Wow! Whoever made this, really knows about good fruit punch." >They both look at you and then quickly turn their attention back to the TV. >Thinking that was just a harmless shout out, you pour more punch and take it back to your room. >What you didn't see is the smug look on Aria's face. >And the scowl on Sonata's face. >You unknowingly decided the victor in a little bout between the two. -------- >As you finish cleaning your room, you can't help but feel like you're being watched. >Fact is, you are. >Unbeknownst to you, Sonata is standing at your doorway, giving you a death stare. >That is, until you turn around, and finally notice her. >It does give you quite a scare. "Whoa! Uh, Hey, Sonata. What's up." >She just glares at you. >You want to say something, but you know she's gonna start eventually. >"So. You really liked Aria's fruit punch, huh?" "Yeah it was amazing. Probably the best I've ever had." >"So that means you like it better than mine?! H-how can you... T-that's so mean of you, Anon. After all the times I've been so evil to you, this is how you repay me?" >Sonata logic. "Well, first off, I don't think that has anything to with judging how good punch is. But more importantly, I've actually never tried your fruit punch." >She goes from an angry to a shocked expression. >"*gasp* You're right! I-I'll be right back!" >She runs out of your room, probably heading towards the kitchen. >Out of instinct, you stay standing where you are. >You hear her rummaging through the cabinets, and the fridge. >"WAAAH! We don't have any fruit punch ingredients!" >By the pitter patter of her sock-clad feet, you hear Sonata quickly making her way back to your room. >"Anon?" "Yes, Sonata?" >"Caaaan we go shopping? Please~?" >This girl... ............ >On the way there, she crossed her arms, trying to stay mad at you, but then not even a block into the drive, and she sees somebody walking a puppy. >From then on, she would not stop talking about how cute it was, how you should buy a puppy, and then she goes through a long list of what she would name it. >You suppose it's better than undeserved over-dramatic awkward silence. >However once you got inside the store, her whole demeanor changed. >It was time to get down to business, you suppose. >"Alright, Anon. I'm gonna go grab the ingredients. You wait here. I'll be right back." >She had a pretty nice authoritative tone in her voice. >But, as soon as gets about halfway to the produce section, you go grab a cart and follow her anyways. >Your Sonata Sense is tingling. >When you finally turn the corner into produce, you see her struggling to carry a sizable selection of fruits along with her cell phone. >"A-Anon! H-help!" >With not a word, you push the cart right into position and the fruit lands sort of safely inside. >"Thanks. I was just about to text you to come over and help me." >You pat her on the head. "Oh, Sonata. I can just tell when you're about to get into some trouble. Call it a sixth sense." >"That's silly. I'm not a ghost, Anon." >... Really? "L-let's just get the rest of the ingredients, shall we?" >"Yeah! This is gonna be so great. It's gonna be so much better than mean ol' Aria's fruit punch." >You both walk to the juice aisle, and you stop short to grab some apple juice, because why the hell not. >When you look up at Sonata, she's standing in front of the grape juices >Not just standing, she's completely locked up. >Staring at the various purple, white, red containers. >Her mouth is moving like she's talking to herself. >It's kind of unsettling. "Hey, Sonata." >"H-huh?" "You all right?" >"O-oh. Yeah. I was just deciding which juice to use. I think I'll go with white grape juice." "Okay then. We good to go?" >She looks at the cart for a quick moment. >"Mmmhmm! This should just about do it." >You head to one of the checkout lanes and do the damn thing. .............. >Once you get back to your apartment, you set all of the ingredients on the kitchen counter. >"Thanks, Anon. Now shoo! I gotta work my magic." >She lightly pushes you out of the kitchen. "All right, all right. I'm just gonna watch a movie then." >"But, Anon. The living room is just right there." >True. It is just in front of the kitchen. >"You'll be able so see me making the punch. And then everything will be ruined." >She looks at you with her notorious sad puppy eyes. >Not sure how that'll ruin anything, but whatever. "... Fair enough. I'll be in my room then." >"Yay! Thanks!" >She gives you a tight hug. "U-uh. Sure thing." >You head to your room, unsure of how to kill time. >Or in that regard, how much time to kill. >Eh. You'll figure something out. ...... >You are Sonata. >And you're gonna make the betterest fruit punch ever! >You'll even patent that word with your recipe. >When they ask you as to what that means. It's simple. >It's 'BETTER' than Aria's punch. >And it'll be the 'bEST' punch! Like, in the whole two worlds that you're aware of. >This one and the pony one. >"You're so pathetic, Sonata. You should have just accepted defeat." >You turn around and find the purpletrator of the crime. >You think that's what's it's called. "I haven't lost anything yet. Anon hasn't even tried MY fruit punch yet. So there!" >You stick your tongue out to add salt to the fire. >Aria slowly walks to the counter and checks the ingredients. >"You should quit while you're ahead. Lest you wanna poison poor Anon." "Pfft! What do you know about good... Oh, Wait." >Aria just grins at you. "Well. You just wait. I'm gonna make betterest punch than you!" >"That's not even a word." "Not yet it isn't. Not until I patent my amazing punch. And then everyone will be... um... Amazed!" >"Yeah. Amazed at how quickly their stomach contents can be emptied." >That one hurt. "ADAGIO! I'm trying to make fruit punch, but Aria won't leave me alone!" >"Aria. Leave Sonata alone." She shouts from her room. >Once again you stick out your tongue at Aria. >It's kind of a fun thing to do. >"Psh. What a baby." "I'm gonna tell Adagio that you called me a baby." >"Fine. I'll leave you be. Actually, I don't even have to bother you, or sabotage your punch." >She grins in an evil way. >Like super real evil. >"No. I think you'll just mess it up yourself. And I'll be there to see you fall." >With an equally super evil chortle, she walks off. >"I'm not gonna mess it up... *sniff* I-I'll make the best punch ever. And Anon will be super impressed..." >You don't know who you're talking to anymore. >But it felt good to reassure yourself. >No time for this! >You're almost done. >You just have to add the finishing touches, And... Done! >You look at the glass pitcher, witch holds your wonderful creation. "This! This is so perfect!" >You're practically giddy Like a little school girl. >If that school girl was actually a little school siren. >With a cute little backpack. >Some cute little school books. >Ooh! And also some cute litt- Okay. You better go get Anon before you get lost in your thoughts again. "Anon! It's ready!" ....................... >You are Anon. >As you hear Sonata call your name, you take one last look at your loosing hand. >You've been playing Poker with Adagio. >You knew you could find something to pass the time. >There was just one tiny problem. >She's really good. >Which is really bad. >For you. >You're glad clothing wasn't involved. "That's time. Let's call this a draw, eh?" >"Hmph. Lucky, lucky Anon. Saved by the bell." >She counts all of the money she won from you. >You should be mad. >But, the way she checks every dollar, it's so sultry. >Just like damn near everything else she does. "Just don't spend that in one place, ya hear?" >"Awww. But that's no fun." >She playfully pouts. >You shake your head a bit, and make your way to the kitchen. >Not even two steps out of your room and you are hit with the aroma of so many sweet fruity smells. >This can mean only one thing. >The kitchen is a mess. >A kin to some kind of a science experiment gone wrong. >As you turn your attention from the messy counters and cabinets, you see Sonata wearing a lab coat. "Sonata?" >"I know. Sorry it took so long. But I put all of my care, attention and my, ~Love~, in this fruit punch." >She hands you the glass of said punch. >It does look good. >It's a dull red-orange color, filled with fruit bits and little bubbles from the blending process. >She even garnished it with a little umbrella with a little evil smiley face drawn on the top. >Her usual 'evil' touch. >Adorable. >Taking a deep breath, you bring the glass to your lips. >You can see Sonata in front of you, damn near having a panic attack. >She's sweating bullets, as she bites her lip, and grabs on to her ponytail. >Aria is watching you like a hawk. With probably the same murderous intent should she not like your choice. >You take a hearty swig and... >You go stiff. "... Holy shit!" >"AHA! I knew you were gonna poison him, Sonata!" >"B-but... *sniff* I-I did *sniff* everything right, this t-time... I just know I d-did." >"Looks like your best just isn't good enough." >Sonata dives at you and holds on to your waist. >"I'm *sniff* s-sorry A-Anon! I *hic* I didn't mean to poison you! I didn't *hic* mean *snif* A-*hic*-all of the evil things I was d-doing! I-I promise I'll *sniff* never do anything evil a-again!" >She's sobbing into your stomach, your shirt soaks up her tears. >Finally you break yourself out of your trance. >You look down to Sonata, whose face is still pressed into your torso. >"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sor-*gasp*" >With not a word, you place your hands on her tear stained cheeks, and tilt her face up to meet your gaze. "Sonata. I'm going to be completely honest." >She grips your sides tightly, waiting to be reprimanded. "Aria's punch was the best punch I've ever had." >Her saddened face almost breaks your heart. >"Ooh! Sorry, Sonata. Too bad so sad." "That was past tense, Aria. It WAS the best. Sonata's punch is the clear winner." >"What!?" >"B-but *sniff* I thought I poisoned you." "I was just shocked at how good it was. I mean, it tasted like Hawaiian Punch, Which I didn't even know was possible with natural ingredients." >"Hold on. Let me try that." >Aria grabs your glass and takes a sip. >"Hold on. This tastes just your regular crappy punch, but with alcohol." "Yeah, That bit of rum I tasted, It sure as hell made all the difference for me." >She wipes the remainder of her tears with her sleeve. >"Yeah. *sniff* I knew you'd enjoy a kick of liquor. Because we've spent so much time together that... *sniff* I... I know what you like." >Your heart! "That's... That's really sweet, Sonata." >You give her a hug. >She coos as she returns your hug with fervor. >"My god, you two. This is actually starting to make me physically ill. I'm outta here." >"Oh, You're just being a sore loser." >Sonata sticks her tongue out at Aria as she walks out of the kitchen and then gets back to hugging you. >Later that night you find yourself cuddling with Sonata, while watching TV. >Something was bugging you all day, and you couldn't place it. >Until it finally dawns on you. "Sonata?" >"Hmm?" "I know this is kinda late but, for the record, I don't want you to stop being evil to me." >"Good, because I wasn't gonna stop anyways. Because that's the evil thing to do." "I'm actually really glad to hear that." >"In fact. I was gonna poisonous gummy worm in your shoe tomorrow." "Really?" >"Yup. It's perfect! Because then you'd totally be inconvenienced by having to take time out of your day to deal with such a sinister creature." "That does sound pretty terrible. Where would you even acquire such a beast." >"The most evil store in the world, obviously." >Wal-Mart? "Well, I promise I won't be looking forward to it." >"Great! It's gonna be so awful that you're gonna bow down to me and be like 'oh, Sonata. My evil queen, I submit to you and your amazing evilness'." "Uh-huh. Whatever you say, Sweetness. Whatever you say." >You kiss her head, eliciting a giggle from her, as she snuggles further against you. *[Finally done with this damn one shot. If another story is done, it'll be non-Sonata focused. I promise. Maybe.]* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------