Given the Old Razzle Dazzle - by TheStoryMan

You sit on a warm stone seat and flip through a book. Typically, you stay inside to read, but it’s quiet today and nice so you figure why not enjoy it. A leaf blowing into your face reminds you why, and you remove it with a sigh. Cracking your neck, you push your earbuds back in to return the music to it’s overpowering volume. Not that the music is loud or brass-heavy, just that they’re damn good headphones for noise cancelling. It’s because of this quality, that you fail to notice the three girls in front of you for some time. Eventually though, one of them moves and you lift your head. Looking them up and down, you can tell right away they’re not from your school, in fact, they look very odd for any school. One has a large poof of orange hair which took up a massive amount of space. Another has equally massive pig-tails that look like they should be weighing down her whole head. The final girl had a reasonable hairstyle compared to the others, though it is still fairly long. Though the girls had some minor differences in bust, they do all have nice curves. It’s almost like they’re bodies are the result of some alluring magic, giving them an unnaturally attractive physique to them. Blushing at the tone of your current thoughts, you push your nose into the book again to distract yourself from them. After all, these girls are clearly discussing something amongst themselves, so you shouldn’t bother them. Braving a few peaks upward, you notice them stalk about where you’re sitting for sometimes, discussing something in exaggerated whispers. Taking the opportunity to help, and totally not just eavesdrop on them, you take out an earbud and listen. Not able to make out anything good, you focus harder and are able to discern that they’re discussing ways to get into the school, or maybe just learn about it. You smile to yourself before taking a breath of confidence and stand up, making sure your bra is straight and that your sweatshirt isn’t making you look too big. Approaching them with a smile, you wave for their attention, which then respond by huddling together and whispering. Occasionally, one of them pokes their heads out to look back at you before returning to the group and adding something. After a minute or so of this, they break apart and all smile with their hands behind their backs. “Uh, hello there,” you say, adjusting the book tucked under your arm. “Hello there. Tell us, do you go here?” the one with orange hair asks, gesturing to your school behind her. “To Canterlot High? Yeah, I’m a senior there. You looking for someone?” you ask, taking a step closer. They look amongst each other with grins before returning to you. “You could say that, though we don’t really know who yet,” the orange haired girl says. “My name is Adagio, this is Aria, and this is Sonata,” she says, gesturing to herself, then the girl with pigtails and finally the girl with long hair. They both wave at you, though Aria seems far less enthused than Sonata about it. You introduce yourself and take another step forward so you’re now the at the same distance they are to each other. This close, you can’t help but admire their curvaceous forms even more. Things that can’t be discerned from a distance, like their slender fingers or bright eye colors, add to their enticing appearance. Remembering not to stare, you look down as you shift the book in your arms from one to the other. “Sorry, you said you were looking for someone?” you ask, raising a hand to the back of your head. “Yes, but we’re a little absent of information. Could you please tell us... has anything, say, magical happened lately?” Adagio asks with a flutter of her eyes. “Yeah, like a giant rainbow in the sky shooting from the ground?” Sonata asks excitedly. Both of the other girls shoot her venomous stares before Aria punches her in the arm. Sonata clenches the hit arm and winces before sticking her tongue out at Aria, who rolls her eyes. You turn back to Adagio as she clears her throat to draw your attention again. “Right, what she meant to say was has there been anything that seemed extraordinary recently?” she asks, stepping in front of the other two girls. “Oh yeah, we had this whole deal recently where one student tried to make us all into zombie slaves or something. It was pretty weird. Wait, you’re not here to meet her are you?” you ask, fearing they might be like Sunset, or here to help her. “No, no, we’re just here to get info on the school before we enroll!” she says with a smile before wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You look down and notice her pale skin and note how flawless it is. “But I thought we were here to get--” Sonata starts to say before Aria elbows her in the side, making Sonata flinch again and glare at Aria. “Ow! What was that for?” she asks with a pout, to which Aria just rolls her eyes. “Wait, I thought you guys were looking for someone, if it’s not her, then who?” you say, turning towards Adagio, who has a concerned look pass over her face. “Well, uh, we didn’t know who we were looking for right? That’s because...” she says, turning to Aria, who only shrugs. Adagio glares before her face lights up again and her arm squeezes on you gently. “Because the person we’re looking for, is you!” she says with a smile. “Huh?” you reply, bewildered as she moves in front of you and grabs the other two girls. “You see, we want to get some information on the school before we enroll, so we’re looking for someone to show us around, and since you’re a senior, we thought you might be able to help us out,” she says before smiling innocently at you. “Oh, that makes sense. So do you want a tour of the school or...?” you ask as they look at you with those static smiles. “No, no, we’re alright there, but we’ll need more... information,” Adagio says with an ominous tone. “Yeah, information on that mag--” Sonata starts to say before Aria elbows her in the side again, cutting off her interjection. “Stop that!” she whines, clutches the struck area. Aria puts her hand over her face and slowly shakes her head in disbelief before looking at Adagio and jerking her head to Sonata a few times. Adagio nods and clears her throat again, making Sonata raise her head. “Sonata, we’re going to go have a talk with this girl here, why don’t you...” Adagio says before looking around the area. Her eyes eventually stop on paper bag someone someone carelessly left on the ground by a trash can. “...go find out what the lunch options are. For the... month?” she says questioningly, looking at Aria. Aria shakes her head before jerking her thumb upwards a few times. “For the year. And don’t talk to anyone about anything else, do you understand?” Adagio says, wagging a finger at her. “Oh boy, I hope they have good stuff to eat here, I’m starving!” she replies before nodding her head and heading off in the direction of the main entrance to the school. “So, uh, what is it you want to know?” you say, starting to wonder what these girls’ intentions really are. As pretty as they may be, something is clearly going on in the sub-text here. As long as they’re not here to stir up more trouble like Sunset did, you can stand them being a little strange however. Adagio grins and nods once to Aria before she starts speaking. As she does, Aria starts to hum an oddly pleasant song that makes you feel warm all over your body. “We just want to get to know you better before we go to this school, and maybe know a little more about this Sunset girl,” Adagio says in a sly tone. Adagio starts to guide you in a certain direction and you don’t resist her. Aria moves in front of both of you, singing softly know, making you want to follow her for some reason you don’t fully understand. “So tell us, what exactly happened at this school?” she asks, pressing her body against yours. You can feel her breasts press against your arm as she leans in towards your face, tickling your neck with her breath. As you follow Aria, you start to tell them all about the events from about a month ago. How Sunset used to rule the school and keep everyone divided, how the new girl came here and beat her using some kind of magic. They sound particularly fascinated by the story of the new girl and ask you to tell all you know about her, which you readily do. Oddly, you think to yourself as you find all three of you in some kind of apartment, you never once wonder why they want you to tell them this. “Come in, relax, take a seat,” Adagio says, guiding you towards a chair. The room seems to have decent furnishings inside it, albeit several of them being very old in appearance. Once you sit down, you rub your head, feeling yourself come back to your sense. Still a little disoriented, you look around and slowly question how you found yourself here. Adagio gets on her knees beside you and leans against the arm of the chair. Aria moves over to a refrigerator and start to look through it for something. “This place is pretty nice. Wait, why did you--” you start to ask before adagio cuts you off with a laugh and pats your shoulder a few times. “Oh thank you for the compliment, we just want to make sure you feel comfortable as you tell us about the school is all,” she tells you with a smile. “Well I already told you most of what I know about the school, is there something more you want to know?” you ask again, watching as Aria turns around, a drink in her hand. “Yeah Adagio, why did we even bring her here anyway? Not like we needed her here to listen to more stuff we could’ve just picked up when we go there,” she says disgruntledly as she takes a drink. “Well there’s some things that you have to learn first hand, Aria,” Adagio says with a hiss before smiling back at you. You look between the two of them for a moment before speaking up again. “Am I missing something here?” you ask, the strangeness of the situation setting in. They both go quiet for a moment while they glare between each other for a moment, occasionally raising or lowering their eyebrows. After a while Aria rolls her eyes and turns to walk into another room. Adagio curses under her breath before smiling at you. “Excuse us for a moment,” she says cheerily before dropping her smile as she stands up and storms after Aria. You sit and wait for them until their voices start to rise and you hear your name come from behind the door. Realizing that these strange girls have so far brought you into a building you don’t know the way back from, you decide it’s a good idea to see what they’re angrily discussing about you. Creeping up to it as quiet as you can, you start to discern some words about magic. Upon getting to the door, you can now completely make out what they’re saying, just as Adagio is finishing a sentence. “...which is why I said we should bring her back here,” she says, clearly trying to keep her voice down now. “Well it doesn’t matter what she knows, we could’ve just hypnotised the first person we saw and get them to spill the beans. Why waste time doing something this stupid?” Aria asks dismissively. “Because,” Adagio says, straining to keep her voice calm. “We couldn’t risk the girl being one of the ones with magic. We mess that up and they split back to Equestria, then we’re out of luck, aren’t we?” she finishes. Aria goes quiet for a moment before you hear her groan. “Ugh, fine. But what’re we supposed to do with her now? She’s gonna tell everyone at that place about us now that she’s seen what our magic does,” she asks. You lift your ear off the door. While it does seem magical how they got you here, you believe it has more to do with the fact it’s two attractive women who lead you to their apartment. Not to say that your life is a fiction, but all those signs are point to a good time. Stepping back from the door, you find the door and start moving as quickly and quietly as you can towards it. If these girls have magic like Sunset does, then this doesn’t mean well for your school. Right as your hand touches the doorknob however, the girls both come back, making you freeze in place. “Sorry for that, we--” Adagio starts to apologise in that same calming voice. You turn around to see both Aria and Adagio staring at you with knowingly disappointed looks. “See? Knew she’d try and escape. What’re we gonna do now?” Aria says, folding her arms and moving to lean against the door while you stood frozen. “Uh, let me go?” you suggest, putting on a fake smile. If just one girl can turn into a she-demon and control the school, you don’t want to find out what a whole group can do. Adagio laughs, placing her hand onto your shoulder again, keeping you in place. In truth, you might run if you thought you can actually escape something that you don’t know it can do. Fear is coursing through your body slowly, still distracted by the attractiveness of the girls. “No, no, we can’t have you telling everyone about us. Have to keep a low profile, you understand,” she says with a small shrug. You pause for a moment before dashing back into the apartment and reaching for a weapon. Your hands grip onto a large book and you wield it towards the girls menacingly. They stare at you blankly with wide eyes while you think of something to say. “I’m not going back to being a zombie, so stay back!” you say, wishing you thought of something clever. “A zombie?” Aria asks, looking to Adagio. “Yeah, that’s what you do... right?” you ask, looking back and forth. You know that can’t really be trusted, but you secretly want them to be normal girls that are just attracted to you. “What? No, we just--” Adagio starts to say before she catches herself. “Listen, it’s not important what we do. Why don’t you set down the... book... and listen to us?” she says, holding out her hand. You start to lower the book when you notice the odd ruby colored jewelry around both of the girls’ necks. At first they seem like normal jewelry, but it now strikes you that Sunset needed a tiara to do her magic, so they might be a similar source. You remember that every time you’re under their spell, Adagio is touching you. Making a mental note not to let her touch you, you step back and keep an eye on her chest. While doing so, you try to focus on the necklace, but her breasts are more than a little distracting. Adagio sees you notice them and a smile comes to her face. She steps back and whispers something to Aria that you can’t hear. You start to look for alternate means of escape when Adagio steps forward again. “Hey, you seem stressed. Why don’t you let us sing something to help you relax?” she says with a soft smile. You squint at her, worrying this might be a trick. After all, there’s a chance you can be wrong that they do their magic by touch. You tense up, ready to see if they start glowing or flying. “Alright, just don’t get too close or anything,” you warn, waving the book around a bit. They start humming that same song again and you feel yourself relax almost instantly. Lowering the book, you feel intoxicated by the song. You want to resist, but the song picks you up in it’s sway and you feel yourself fall into a seat. The girls stop singing for a moment and you drift for a moment in relaxed contentedness. “What’s the end goal here Adagio? We can’t wipe her memory or something, and there’s no way we’re dragging her around the whole time,” Aria says in frustration. “Just let me think for a moment...” Adagio replies, pacing in front of you. You blink faster as you start to come back to your senses. Something comes to you, but you can’t really make out what it is. Squeezing your eyes shut, you try to think of what it can be that you’re forgetting. “Got it! We’ll bribe her,” Adagio says. “With what? Don’t tell me we’re gonna try and scrounge up some money from someone,” Aria replies in a doubtful tone. “Just follow my lead and stop complaining for once already,” she angrily replies before you open your eyes. Suddenly, the realization that they did their magic through song hits you and you jump out of your seat. The girls move in front of you, blocking your only exit as you search for the book again. “Listen, we have a preposition for you,” Adagio says, stepping towards you with her hands clasped in front of her. “You can’t pay me off so easily you know,” you warn, backing up a bit. “Well that might be because you haven’t heard our offer. You know, I’ve noticed you seem very interested in us,” she says with a wicked grin. “In you? What do you mean?” you ask, getting suspicious of her new approach. “She means you’ve been ogling us. Like, a lot,” Aria adds, moving next to Adagio and leaning against her. “W-what? I, uh, haven’t been doing that...” you say, looking from side to side as a blush grows on your face. you brush the hair out of your face and look back at them staring at you doubtfully. “I’m serious! I mean, you’re very attractive and all, but I’m not... I mean, I do go for girls, but that doesn’t...” you reply, feeling more and more flustered. “What’s wrong with liking us?” Adagio asks, innocently, taking a step towards you. “What? Nothing! Wait, yes there is something wrong, you’re evil! Right?” you ask, feeling yourself being backed into a corner. “Now that’s rude, and here we were ready to have some fun with you,” Adagio says before shrugging and tilting her head towards Aria. Aria does the same to Adagio and they both stare at you. “Fun? Wait, forget it, t-this is probably just a trick,” you say before raising your arms into a defensive pose. “Now, now, why don’t we show you?” Adagio says, straightening her posture before removing her jacket, leaving her in a pure white t-shirt. “O-oh,” you say, brushing the hair out of your face and lowering the book. You look off to the side, but can’t help but watch as Aria does the same thing with her vest. “Why don’t you join us?” Adagio asks in a smooth voice. You feel sweat start to build up on your forehead as you focus intently on her face, trying not to glance down. You know it’s wrong, that’s a given. These girls are more magical menaces that plan on taking advantage of your school for some nefarious plot. If you don’t tell someone about them, you can’t imagine what evil they can do. Both of them remove their shirts, exposing their bra-clad breasts as they pull the other close by the hip and grin at you. “Well, I mean, if you’re offering,” you say pausing occasionally. “Swear this isn’t a trick or something? Cause that would seriously suck, I’m telling you that right now,” you say, waving the book once more at them. "It's not," they both say in unison. “Well, I mean, not going to reject something when it’s--” you start to say before something hits you. “--But no singing, understand?” you demand, eyeing the both of them carefully. Aria and Adagio look at each other with confused looks. “Obviously,” Aria says with a roll of her eyes. “Not like the song would do much here anyhow,” Adagio adds with a shrug. You drop the book onto the ground and the girls move towards you. Once by your side, each of them grabs on of your arms and holds themselves close to you. They guide you towards the room where they went to discuss you earlier. Once in the doorway, you notice it to be a large bedroom, with a series of beds close together to form a single, massive one. The walls are covered in thin drapes and small areas separated by small changes. You can tell which one belongs to which girl from the small piles of clothes they have in each. The bed itself is covered in a large blanket that is a deep red color, the same as their jewelry. Pillows of various sizes are arranged in groups of three and differ in color from size to size. “We like to sleep in the same bed,” Adagio says softly into your ear. “It’s easier to go to sleep that way,” she finishes. You twitch as her breath flows across your ear. The warm feeling makes you blush as you feel the girls rubbing against you, making you bite your lip. Adagio’s is wearing an orange bra and presses it tightly against you. Aria’s purple bra is strangely absent, choosing instead to have your arm rest against her stomach. They move you again towards the bed, where you flop down in an unceremonious heap. Turning around so you’re on your back, you push yourself up on your elbows. The girls pull each other close again as they smile down at you. “So, what did you want to do first?” Adagio asks. You look down, embarrassed by the forward question. “Well, I guess I should take my top off too,” you say, reaching for the hem of your shirt. The girls watch closely as you pull your shirt over your head. Feeling your hair fall against your almost bare back, you look back up to see them still grinning down at you. You let out an uncomfortable laugh as they look over your body. Suddenly, the girls step aside and start to undo their bras. After undoing the hooks, they quickly cup them to their chests and turn around. You look at their bare backs before they turn back to look at you. They release their hold in an almost practiced synchronous move and turn back around, a hand on each of their hips. Looking finally at their exposed breasts, you can make out their true sizes. Adagio is the biggest, with her breasts being a little larger than average. Aria on the other hand is smaller than you, but not by much. You start to undo your bra, but Adagio moves to your side to stop you. “Here, let us get that for you,” Adagio says, her fingers moving down your back. The light touch sends shivers down your spine. They eventually stop when they move back up and touch the clasp of your bra. She moves her other hand in and unhooks them from behind you, but doesn’t let go. Aria moves in front of you and places her hands delicately on your shoulders. She pushes her thumbs under the straps and slowly pulls them down while her eyes shift from your eyes to your breasts. She eventually works them to your elbows when Adagio lets go of the hooks. Aria lifts your arms up and takes your bra off completely. Your arms fall down again as you feel Adagio hug you from behind and grab your chest. Adagio’s breasts press against your back making you fully aware of their soft feel. “Just relax, we’ll take good care of you...” she whispers softly into your ear. The sensation of her breath on your ear once again makes you blush. You nod as Aria stands up in front of you and slowly unzips her jeans. She undoes the button before hooking her thumbs into the sides and bending over slightly as she pulls them over her rear. She turns around to show you her half-exposed, purple panties before pulling them down further. The pants slide slowly down her slender legs and you watch with rapt attention for every inch of their descent. After removing her pants, she tosses them off to the side and sits down next to you. She picks one of her legs up to show you her sock. They’re a light blue color with stars on them. Without thinking, your hand reaches out and feels her foot. Aria lets out a small giggle at the touch before returning to her cool, controlling demeanour. Adagio stands up and starts to remove her shorts while you play with Aria’s foot. Eventually, you move up to her ankle and peel away Aria’s sock to reveal her well manicured foot. Gripping the ankle with your free hand, you start to run your other hand over the smooth skin of her foot. Her toes flex slightly as you move over the heel towards them. You look up as Adagio peels the shorts off of her body and flings them off to her side of the room. She cocks her hips before stalking towards you. Your hands freeze on Aria’s feet and you stare into Adagio’s eyes. She gets down on her knees in front of you and maintains her hold on your attention while she reaches a hand forward. You feel the hand slide up your thigh towards your groin. Even through the fabric, you can feel her hand’s firm grip. Eventually, it reaches the zipper to your jeans and Adagio looks down. You follow her eyes and watch breathlessly while she unzips your pants, exposing your panties. Adagio places one finger just above your slit and swirls it slowly in a circle. “Mmm, we’ll save this for later,” she says before pulling her finger away. She places a hand on your cheek and pushes it up towards your ear. Staring deeply into her eyes, you marvel at the oddly beautiful shade of green they are. Your hands grip tighter on Aria’s feet, feeling her soft toes squeeze together. Adagio bites her lower lip before pulling your head into a kiss. At first, the surprise of it keeps your eyes open, but when the sensation registers in your brain, you close them quickly. Your entire body relaxes as a wave of pleasure goes through it. She presses her tongue into your mouth, and you helplessly let it in before doing the same to her. The hand holding Aria’s ankle slips off and goes to the side of Adagio’s face. Your chest starts to move up and down as you take small breaths through your nose to make the kiss last as long as possible. Your fingers get tangled in Adagio’s thick hair for a moment. You let it rest and feel it’s soft plushness before gently pulling it away. Free from the hair, your hand curls into a fist and clutches against your chest tightly. Adagio pulls away with a small smile, a strand of your saliva still on her lips. It takes you a moment to recover and open your eyes. Once you do, you cough and giggle at the slight moment of bliss. “You’re a pretty good kisser,” Adagio says with a wink. You look down and blush. Aria flexes her foot and you look up to see her looking at you impatiently. After a small cough your hand returns to her foot and begins massaging it while also exploring it’s soft surface. While one hand squeezes and plays with the base of the foot, you take your other hand and gently squeeze each of her toes. Eventually Aria kicks up her other foot and waves it a little. Taking one hand, you peel the sock off of this one as well. “Aria, there’s no need to be selfish. Come down here and help me out with our guest here,” Adagio says, lifting up one of your feet while running a finger down the top of it. Once again, her finger tracing makes you shiver with pleasure. Aria gets down on her knees in front of you and removes one of your socks while Adagio does the same. Both of them start working on your bare feet, making you giggle and fall back onto the bed. One of your hands goes to your open fly and you bite the finger of the other. They continue to massage your feet and occasionally kiss it for a few minutes. They work up from toes towards your ankles and back down. Both of their hands seem to match up in an odd rhythm and make your breathing quicken. Adagio stops and you push yourself up to see why. She’s standing up, thumbs under the elastic of her stockings. Sliding them down, she reveals that she’s not wearing any panties. The deep color having hidden them, you can’t help but stare at her neatly trimmed crotch. She places two fingers on either side of her slit and drags them up her naked body until they reach her chin. You follow them with your eyes and once there, your eyes continue up to hers. She holds you in another stare as she stalks towards you again. Aria lets go of your foot and stands up as well, pulling down her panties and rubbing her pubes as well, making you glance down at them. They grab each other by the hips again and stare down at you with wicked grins. Slowly, their eyes fall towards your opened jeans before going back up to your eyes. You get the message and stand up as they move back and split apart. Just as you work your thumbs under the band to pull down, you feel Aria hug you from behind, placing one hand on your stomach and the other on your left breast. Adagio moves back in front of you and slips her hand down the front of your pants. “W-what’re you--” you try to ask. “Just let us handle this,” Adagio says, placing a finger on your lips. Pushing her hand a little further in, she leans forward and gives you another kiss. You feel Aria’s hand move from your breast to your butt and give it a squeeze, making you push up on your toes slightly. You moan from Adagio’s fingers brushing over your clit as she continues to thrust them in and out of your open fly. Eventually, she pulls it out and hooks her thumbs onto the side and pulls your pants down. As she pulls them down, she gets down on her knees as well, with Aria drifting below as well. Once your pants hit your ankles, you step out of them and they pull them off to the side. Adagio moves close to your crotch and rests her head against your inner right thigh. Aria moves to the exposed part of your butt and gives both cheeks some kisses. One of your hands goes towards your mouth while the other drifts above your panty line. You feel your fingers start to dig under the band to pull them down, eager to finish the tease. Adagio places a kiss between your legs and you moan in response. She then works her fingers under the band and pulls your panties down. Unlike with your pants, they go down in a very fast pace. Once down, you kick them off of your ankles in the direction of your pants. Adagio kisses right above your slit as Aria stands up moves to the front as well. You shake and feel your arms wrap around your chest as you fall back into a sitting position on the bed. Once there, one of your hands goes over your slit and starts to slowly rub, unable to resist the temptation any longer. Adagio and Aria stand up in front of you and hug each other close, looking sideways at you. They give you a wink before starting to make-out in front of you. You stare at the sight and continue to rub your pussy, slowly gaining speed. After a while, Adagio and Aria separate and place a hand each on your shoulders. “Now the real fun can begin,” Adagio says as both she and Aria let out a small chuckle. They press you down onto the bed in one swift motion. As you bounce, you feel Adagio go down to your thighs and start to caress them as she kisses along either side of them. Aria moves up your body towards your breasts and flicks your nipples with her tongue. You writhe beneath their combined touch, lost in your own ecstasy. Aria starts to suckle on your left breast while Adagio moves onto your actual slit. Her tongue dances across your clit first before moving down in a zigzagging pattern. Aria goes from light kisses to heavy sucking on each of your nipples, switching every few seconds. Your left hand moves down to your groin where you spread your lips apart to help Adagio’s tongue get more access. The right hand goes to Aria’s head, where you hold her close to your chest. You let out an increasingly high series of moans and start breathing heavily. Eventually your moans quicken until you hold your breath while your first orgasm rocks your body. A small patter of your juices hits Adagio’s face, which she licks off from your thighs. She laps at your pussy until most of the juices are gone before pulling up to where Aria is. Your grip slackens and your hands fall to your side, letting Aria lift her head up. Both girls lay down beside you, resting their hands on your body. “Tired already?” Aria asks, running a single finger around your belly button. “Oh come now Aria, lightweights are such fun to play with, don’t you agree?” Adagio says, cupping one of your breasts. “Just... need a... breath...” you say between pants. Normally, an orgasm doesn’t leave you so drained, but the girls combined efforts made this one more intense than most. Your whole body relaxes and twitches at the same time from the powerful sense of bliss going through it. “I guess, but it’s more fun when they can last a while. Still, it’s always fun to make them squeal...” Aria says, moving her hands down to your pussy. You let out a small noise as she slides one finger in with a quick jolt. You feel your toes curl up as you start to whine from pleasure again. The room around you starts to slow down and your head tosses from side to side before Adagio stops you. “She is pretty cute. They’re always so adorable when they’re helpless...” she says with a soft smile before going to kiss you. You want to reject her statement, but your limp body proves she’s right. You feel your hands move mindlessly to the back of Adagio’s head again, holding her in the kiss for a while longer. Her tongue goes into your mouth again and you moan into hers. Aria slides another finger in almost without breaking her fast pace. The change makes your breath halt while Adagio pulls away from you to breathe. A strand of saliva binds you to her for a second before it snaps. She runs a hand over your cheek and gazes lovingly into your eyes while she guides one of your hands towards her crotch. Your fingers brush over her bush before you feel the slight wetness of her pussy. Instinctively, you start to finger her with your index finger. Adagio makes a small gasp as you enter her before settling down and bringing her hand back up to your cheek. She looks up past your eyes and brushes some hair out of your forehead with a slow sweep. “You know, you have very beautiful eyes,” she says, looking back at them. You try to reply with a thank you, but your voice gets caught in your throat from Aria increasing her speed. You feel another orgasm coming on you quickly. “T-t-thank y-you...!” you manage to moan out as the climax takes hold again and your legs shake and squeeze over Aria’s fingers. Your finger goes deep inside of Adagio and freezes in place, making her blush and bend her head for a moment. After a few seconds of tensing up, your body relaxes and your finger slides out of her. Adagio sighs and lifts your chin up as you start to pant again. “Aw, poor thing can barely last a few minutes,” she says with a fake pout. “Well, I want some satisfaction. Here, move away from her for a bit,” Aria says, lifting herself up as Adagio leans away from you. Aria slides over your resting body with a grin. You lift a hand up and feel her curves as she passes. Your hand comes to a stop on her calf as she pauses with her pussy over your face. She lowers her hips down and presses onto your lips. “Go on, be a good girl and lick,” Aria says with a cool tone. You obey and let your tongue flop out as she lowers more. Her pussy presses against your face and she moves her hips over you as she settles in. You start licking her as you close your eyes, letting yourself become absorbed in the scent and taste of her slit. Adagio moves off from your side and you soon feel her straddling you as well, over your chest. Her ass presses softly against your breasts, exciting your nipples as you gently move them back and forth over her smooth skin. “How good is she?” Adagio asks, hugging Aria from behind. “She, ah, a bit shaky, but alright. Ah, you going to join in?” she says, letting little moans escape her lips. The taste of Aria’s pussy and the idea of Adagio joining in again makes you squirm beneath them as you feel yourself getting excited again. Your hands grip Aria’s thighs and hold her onto your face while you start breathing quickly through your nose. Adagio slides herself up and down your torso, making sure that you feel her growing wet on top of you. Aria starts to laugh in between her moans before she leans over and grips your hair. Her fingers dig in, but the pain is lost to the feeling of Adagio and Aria’s pussies pressing against you. Pushing herself off of you, Adagio moves back again before lifting your legs into the air. Moving from the bed to the floor, she gives your slit a few quick licks before running her fingers over it in small, delicate motions. The soft touch drives you wild, making you gasp and have your eyes roll back for a moment. “F-fuck,” Aria moans as she cums on your face. Her fingers dig into your scalp, reminding you of their presence for a moment before she releases them and goes to her own pussy, rubbing along with your tongue as you try to lap up her juices. “D-don’t stop, keep going!” she says excitedly. You happily comply with her request as Adagio pulls away from your pussy. She spreads your legs wide and runs her hands up and down your thighs. Normally you’d be embarrassed by the vulgar pose, but the shame is lost to the heat of the moment. Adagio climbs back onto the bed with one of your legs between hers. She continues down until your pussy and hers meet. You can feel her skin brush against yours as a soft coo can be heard from her between Aria’s small laugh and panting. She slides her crotch over yours before picking it back up again and moving over it again and again. Her fingers dig roughly into the leg she’s not straddling as she grinds against it in slow, rhythmic motions. You can feel your and her juices mixing together as they mash together. Your head goes dizzy as another orgasm comes even faster than before, making you shake against Adagio’s grip. You can feel her pause as well as she shares one with you. Noticing your tongue stopping, Aria doesn’t miss a beat and starts gyrating her hips over your face at a fast pace. A low series of curse comes out of her mouth before she finally let’s out a shaking moan and falls forward. After Aria falls off of you, you start trying to wipe the cum from her climax into your mouth, trying to savour the erotic taste. Adagio continues to grind against you as sweat builds into beads across your naked body. “You’re... you’re gonna wear her out if you don’t... don’t stop,” Aria says with heavy breathing and an occasional chuckle. Adagio gives one last thrust against you to which she lets out a high-pitched laugh before starting to run her hands up and down your leg. “Fine, you’re right,” she says before quickly laying down next to you on the bed and looking at you with almost glazed eyes. “Sorry, I just get carried away sometimes,” she says with a quick sigh. You try to respond, but no words can come out of your mouth. The world is still blurry to some degree and a gentle hum of bliss fills your ears. All you can manage to get out is a few pants a breathless laugh. “Heh, look, you’ve fucked her silly,” Aria says with a small laugh as she sits up. “Oh don’t be ridiculous. She’s just exhausted is all, aren’t you?” Adagio asks, brushing some hair behind your ear. You nod slowly in response as you find yourself blinking far more than usual. Trying to push yourself up, you manage to only roll onto your side. Adagio runs a hand over your shoulder, sending a small shiver down your back. How you’re still so sensitive to them is beyond your bliss addled brain. “Well how long do we have to wait before we can go again? I’ve barely cum at all compared to the lightweight over there,” Aria says over you, sitting up and leaning against the headboard. “Just... a minute,” you finally muster up the oxygen to say. “See? She’s a trooper, this one. Always nice to find one that doesn’t break from a little rough playing,” Adagio says, rubbing your head affectionately. You try to counter the demeaning comment, but find it’s too difficult to reply. Lifting your head, you see Aria calmly rubbing her pussy with her legs spread wide open. Aria looks down at you with a bored, yet warming look on her face. The hand not between her legs hangs limply on one of her pulled up knees. A blush rushes to your cheeks as you glance down at her crotch and let your eyes linger for a few seconds. “Ready now?” she asks with light-hearted impatience. Nodding your head, you watch as Aria moves over to you again. She holds your head up with one hand just enough to where her groin is in your face while her other hand spreads her pussy apart. “Wait Aria,” Adagio says, moving over you and towards the side of Aria’s head. She whispers something into Aria’s ear. Once she pulls away, both girls look at you before giggling to themselves and sliding to lay down next to you. Their hands trace over your body in the same ghost like touch, making you quiver. Both of them press their bodies against you and try to line up with your head. “How about we have one last go with all of us. Think you can last?” Adagio asks, giving your ass a few squeezes. “I-I’m not sure..” you reply wearily. “Come on, we’ll make sure you feel good too. Just do as we say, and you’ll be happy, trust me,” Aria whispers into your ear before giving your neck a few kisses. Your eyes flutter from their kisses and groping. Feeling your heart start to pump faster, you know that you really want to do as they say. On the other hand, your body is straining to stay awake at this point. Despite the struggle in your head, you feel yourself nodding. Your body almost acts by itself as you help the girls roll you onto your side. Your arms lay in front of you for a moment while the girls get into new positions. Though you feel drained, you can’t help but feel an eagerness grow in you. Watching the girls feeling each other’s curves and move their lithe forms about is almost enchanting. The way the step or bend, exposing or hiding things that only serves to entice you more. Before you know it, you’re panting again and a hand is sliding it’s way between your legs. Your pussy still has the juices from your previous orgasms as well as Adagio’s from her scissoring. Even just remembering them gets you excited again and you body clicks to life as your fingers work their way over your clit. “Looks like you’re eager,” Aria says, placing a hand on your cheek. You blush from being discovered and start to pull your hand away when Aria stops you. “Now, now, I didn’t tell you to stop. If I’m going to be going down there, I want you to be nice and ready for my grand entrance,” she finishes by sticking her tongue between two spread fingers on her other hand. You look down at the bed from the embarrassing gesture, but lift your eyes again to watch as Aria lowers her head towards your slit. Watching her descent gets you excited again and your fingers get moving once more. Adagio lifts your chin up just as Aria gets into position and starts licking below your fingers. She looks down at you with a grin as she lifts one leg up and spreads her pussy open. “Time for you to return the favor, if you don’t mind,” she says before lowering her hips over your face. She lifts her ass away slightly so that you have some room to breathe, which makes little difference as you smother yourself between her legs. The warmth of her legs and the taste of her pussy blurs your mind and dulls your other senses. For a few moments, there’s nothing but the feeling of those two senses. Soon, you start hearing them moan as well, small bursts of joy coming from Aria’s going into your slit. Your free hand grips Adagio’s thigh before moving up to her ass squeezing it a few times. The moans of the other girls finally register in your head, and you become aware that they’re eating each other out as well. The image of all of your bodies connecting between your legs makes your thoughts pause for a moment to savor it. Soon after, you have another orgasm, letting the pleasure of it be felt in Adagio’s slit. Her legs squeeze against you, letting you know she is having a similar experience. Soon after, Aria lets out her high-pitched laugh between your legs, letting you know she’s cumming as well. After taking a moment to pant and recover your breath, you go back to Adagio’s pussy and begin licking it quickly. You start with a flat, wide tongue trying to get as much coverage as possible while you spread it with your fingers. After a few of those, you go to a stiff tongue and start swirling it around, taking extra time to press and rub her clit. Before you know it, Adagio is cumming again before you. As you lean back, Aria slides in two fingers to help her work with your pussy. She presses them in deeply before try to separate them, making you squeeze against the pleasure. Not long after, another orgasm rocks your body. Unexpectedly, Aria doesn’t let up and continues to assault your clit with fast tongue flicks. Your panting gets fast and faster while your brain reels. You try to focus on something other than the sea of pleasure but it’s a losing battle. Another orgasm comes faster than the last and you start to whine from the overdose of sexual pleasure. You weakly tap against Adagio’s ass, making her move to see you struggling to stay sane. “Aria, ease up, you’ll drive the poor girl mad,” Adagio says with a small laugh. She doesn’t respond for a moment until you feel one last orgasm rack you. Your legs have can’t even twitch the same, too strained from the repetitive orgasms at this point. Every part of your body relaxes, leaving you temporarily paralyzed. “There, I’m good,” Aria says, a slight exhaustion evident under her smug tone. “Jeez, and you said I’d fucked her silly. Look at that face, she can hardly move,” Adagio says, moving your head from side to side. You feel your lips move, but can’t articulate any real words. Your senses speed up and you feel a rush as the room returns to normal. Rather than going back to normal however, you rest in a drift of bliss. “Well, she does look cute when she’s all splayed out like that, doesn’t she?” Aria says moving up before flopping down next to you. She places a hand over your heart and you suddenly notice the fast beating of your heart. Your eyes close and you try to calm it down as Aria removes her hand. “Yes, she does. But... what should we do now? I don’t think she’ll last another round,” Adagio says over your head. Your heartbeat does slow a minute amount, but the world becomes duller as it does. It becomes clear that you’re falling asleep, not dying, and you relax a little. Still, your mind fights to stay awake despite the obvious need for rest. “You’re the one with the ideas, you come up with one,” Aria says over you. “Fine, once again I’ll bail us out. What to do...” Adagio drifts off in thought. A few seconds afterward, the sounds of the room become drowned out by the pulse pounding steadily in your ears. Everything around you melts aways as you drift into a deep sleep. Sometime later, you roll onto your side and groggily return to consciousness. You pull at the blankets covering you while you rub one of your eyes with a free hand. Opening your eyes, you find yourself in the same room you fell asleep in. You sit up and loom around the room for the girls. Blinking the blurriness out of your eyes, you find that the apartment is empty. Lifting the blanket away from your chest, you remember that you’re naked. Another quick look finds your clothes oddly folded on a dresser in one corner of the room. Double checking to see no one else is here, you get up and quickly head over to the pile. You put on your clothes starting with your panties when you notice an odd stack of papers under the clothes. After you finish dressing yourself, you lift it up and your eyes go wide. The pictures are of you and the girls you met in a variety of lewd poses. Most of the pictures did very little to cover your vagina or breasts, almost focusing on them in several shots. A blush comes to your face as you flip over the last one and find a note from Adagio that reads “we have copies, try to stay quiet about our abilities and we’ll stay quiet in return.” “Dammit, really should have seen this coming,” you mutter to yourself. Looking back through the pictures, you find several ones with Adagio and Aria posing with you and can’t help but stare. Looking guiltily from side to side, you hug the pictures to your chest. “I’m just keeping them in case they’re bluffing,” you defend yourself to a stuffed animal on another dresser. You quickly head out of the room and start trying to find your way to the school. After a few hours, you manage to get back to a familiar area and eventually back to your house. With no one else home, you dash up to your room and hide the pictures. After that, you go to your bathroom and start up a shower to fix your terrible bed head. Stepping into the hot water, you close your eyes and try to remember what happened. The entire night comes back to you in flashes, but clears up remarkably for the sex. A small smile comes to your face against your will as you remember Adagio’s compliments. Even though you know there’s a good chance she was just lying about them, the way she said them makes you smile just from the memories. Without even realizing it, your hand was already between your legs. You pull it away immediately before lowering it again and sitting down in the tub. You shrug and start rubbing your clit to the memories of last night. “You can keep me from telling, but not remembering,” you say with a grin. For some odd reason, you count this as a win.