Sonata is Sick - by HorseFellow

>"Anon" >You read the message on your computer screen >The message from... Sonata >Sonata? >Sonata from school? >Sonata the... Weird one who hung out with those two girls? >Who isn't the sharpest tool in the shed? >That Sonata >The blue one >What did she want with you? >And more important, how did she get your contact details on MSN? >The latter remains the mystery of your generation >Like how socks always manage to go missing >No one knows why it happens >But it just doe- >"I'm sick" >A second message >":)" >Followed by a smile? >":(" >Oh, right >Well, that made slightly more sense >Well shit >She was sick >So what? >You were on the other side of town >You didn't even... Know her all that well >What did she want from you? >Words of encouragement >Sympathy? >'Oh no, get well soon ):' >No, that wasn't you >You didn't really care >Not to be cruel. but she was just "sick" >She wasn't dying >She didn't have bird flu >She was just "sick" >Still... She didn't exactly deserve you yelling at her right now >Reminding her that you couldn't care less >You don't have to show sympathy >Just maybe... Offer a hand? "Anything I can do?" >You said >Not sure what else you were meant to say >Not sure what you could do >You just said it, really >Because all she could say was "nothing" and you knew you'd do not- >"Can you come over?" >She quickly responded >Too quickly >Almost immediately >But that wasn't important >She was... Excitable? >Yeah, maybe >She could type quickly? >Yeah >Whatever >You'll let it slide >You were missing the important part; she wanted you to come over >It was 8pm >Why the fuck were you going to come over? >Especially when she was ill >What could you do? >Make her well again? >No >You would just... Catch what she had >And then you'd both be in this situation >And that wasn't better for you at all >And didn't help her, at all "No way am I coming over, get some sleep and you'll be fine tomorrow." >You hit send, clicking back to your browser >It wasn't long before the icon in the corner of your screen blinked orange >And again >And a very familiar "ding" sound played each time >"Please Anon :(" >The first message said >"I really need your help :(((((" >Woah, four fucking mouths >Shit must be serious >Maybe she's right >She is ill >But you're not sure it can be cured "What about your friends?" >Yeah, what about them? >... >Maybe you should rephrase that >'What about your friends' almost sounds like you don't count in that group >Which you don't >Technically >But you wouldn't really want to point that out "The other girls" >Yeah... That's what you meant >Who were they? >Adagio and... Ar... Ara... Something >Those two >Those were the one's you meant >"They're here" >Oh, well what did it matter if- >"They're sick too" >Oh fuck right off >Really? >All three of them are sick? >"They need your help too Anon :((((((((" >And they all need your help? >What kind of game were they trying to pull? >What the fuck kind of trickery were they getting you into? >It's too late for this shi- >"Please!!!" "No." >You minimised the window again, going back to where you were >Browsing the internet >Wow, who ever thought this'd be a good ide- >A bell >Like a bell sound >And again >Coming from the chat >Oh for fuck sake >And again >That same god damn bell, over and over again "Stop nudging me" >You try to type, with the screen shaking around you >The chat shakes >And the bell rings >And the icon flashes orange over and over again "Fuck sake Sonata" >And again "If you think spamming me with nudges is going to make me come over you've got another thing coming!" >But she kept going >Continuing to spam you with nudges >Until there was silence >...But even taking off your headphones didn't help >You could still see it >And the noise was stuck in your head >Until there was a moment of peace >No shaking >No flashing >And you couldn't even hear it in your head anymore >"Please Anon, just for an hour at most I promise :(" >And somehow, three quarters of an hour later, you found yourself outside Sonata's house >At least... You thought it was right >You didn't want to make that drive for nothing >Cautiously, you made your way up to the front door of the house >It was... Well, quite nice actually >Not too big >Not too small >But pretty darn good none the less >Better than your house, if only a bit >You knocked on the front door and stood outside, waiting >God it was cold >Fuck, this better be worth while >What was she going on about anyway? >They need you? >'They' need you? >'You'? >Specifically you >No one else >A short wait, and Sonata opened the front door >She looked awful >Really awful >Like... Holy shit, did she skip out on food? >For a week? >How did this happen? >Last you saw her, she looked fine >She almost looked like she was on death's door here >He blue skin was pale >She was shivering, a towel wrapped around her shoulders and covering her chest >"O-o-oh... Y-y-you made it!" >She stuttered, trying to get the words out >Almost reaching out for a hug before you step back "I don't want what you've got." >She shook her head >"Y-y-you won't... P-p-promise." >She said, as she stepped aside gesturing you to walk in >You hoped that was true >You hoped she knew what she was talking abou- >Were you really just about to put your health in the hands of Sonata? >Of all people? >Her? >Whatever it was that compelled you to come over here - it better have been fucking worth it >You walked into house >The nice, warm house >This was brilliant! >You know, suddenly the idea of going home any time soon seemed... Out of the question >You'd have to walk outside in the cold >And then fumble around with your keys at the car >And then the car has been sat in the cold too >You'd be sat in an ice box on the way home >When you could be here >Nice and warm >Potentially catching... Ebola or some shit >Except that'd be ridiculous of course >What'd a West African virus be doing in America? >Sonata walked through to the lounge, where sat on what was quite a large sofa were Adagio and... >The other one >Names >Who gives a shit >The two of them are sat, towels wrapped around their shoulders too >It's like they just got drenched or something >That's... Probably not going to help whatever it is they have >Unless they are soaking wet underneath >In which case- >"Th-h-hanks for coming over Anon" >The one without a name said, reluctantly >Wow >What a bitch >You were a bit of an arsehole, but at least you came over >Even Adagio - who was almost like a super bitch - seemed to be glad to see you >"We're so glad to see you Anonymous" >See >"When we found out we had this..." >She paused, giving quick glances to the other two girls who shrugged their shoulders >"Thing... We called you over immediately. You're the only one who can help us." >She said in the sweetest, most innocent voice >The sweetest... Most... Distracting voice >Was it normally like that? >The three girls dropped their towels, and you were almost immediately blinded by a bright red light >A flash >A sudden shock >And another flash >Only to succumb to the sweet harmonies of the three girls just... >They were singing? >It sounded like singing, at least >They got closer and closer and closer towards you >And with every second >And every step they took >You began to grow tired >You yawned >And took a seat >Right on the ground... >Just... There, that's perfect >You began to slowly close your eyes as you looked up at the three girls around you >Well, at least they all looked... Better >A strike across your cheek >"Hey!" >A voice yelled >Your eyes shot open >In front of you was... The purple one >You know, whilst you're here you should really get to learning her name >You reached for the floor to lift yourself up a- >Wait... >No, your arms weren't cooperating with you >They tried their best >But they just couldn't do it >Would that have anything to do with the chains >...Around your arms >...And your feet >And the collar around your neck >Oh shit >This wasn't good >You couldn't even rub your sore cheek >On a related note; fuck! >That girl can slap real fucking hard! >But, more importantly, where are you? >You can see the three girls >All of whom... Look alright? >It's a bit dark >You can't really tell >But the light from their necklaces is enough to brighten their faces >They're not shivering any more >They've ditched their towels for good by the looks of things >And they all have these... Shit eating grins on their faces >That's kind of creepy >But also, a little bit hot too >Sonata bent down and walked up to you >"I'm so glad you came over Anon!" >She said, elated >She was so... Excited >She sat down on your legs outstretched legs, leaning forward so her face was almost touching your own >You know... You kind of liked where this was going >Held in a dark room by chains? >Surrounded by three girls? >You couldn't complain >At least it was warm >At least you didn't have ebola >Sonata looked you in the eyes >Directly... In... The... Eyes >Her eyelids half open >A saucy look in her shimmering, green eyes >"You're a dick Anon." >She whispered to you >You're a- >What? >Uhh... You... Suppose >A bit >Maybe >You didn't care much really >"Why do you always have to be just so angry, Anon? Why do you always have to be horrible to people?" >Was this Sonata's attempt at being sexy? >It's like someone said "call him a bad boy" and she took the chance to air her grievances "I... Uh... I guee-" >She put a finger on your lips, shaking her head >"No talking. Save it. You're going to love what comes next." >She continued, still whispering >She backed away from you, a grin growing on her face >What comes next? >You weren't sure >But all this teasing was kind of- >A smack >Another smack >On the same cheek >Fuck! >You didn't show it on the outside, but fuck that stings >You wanted to reach to your face but- >Right, chains >Restrained down here >Nothing you can do >"How does that make you feel, Anon?" >Sonata asked, looking over your bright red cheek >How does it... What? >You hurt >You feel fucking pissed off is how you feel >She just slapped you >How are you going to feel? >What's the point in this? >Revenge? >You hadn't particularly been a dick to them >Just... In general, you suppose >Unless everyone at school was in on it "What?" >Another smack >The other cheek this time >Fuck! >Wrong answer? >"How do you feel now, Anon?" >Again with how you feel? >What does she want you to say? >Another smack, alternating cheeks >Come on! >She didn't even give you a chance that time >Your face was bright read now >Almost as red as their necklaces that- >Were they... Brighter than before? >"How about now Anon, anything you want to say?" >Yeah >A couple questions >But first... "Can you just stop slapping me?!" >You yelled in defence >Sonata stopped >She listened to you >Oh, well, if you knew that's it it'd take to get her to fucking stop slapping you- >You're distracted by Sonata >Still on top of you >But with her body movements, it's like she's riding you >Riding your legs >She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath in >Her chest slowly rising as she held the breath for longer and longer >The small crystal at the heart of her pendant glowing a brilliant red >She smiles >Her hips slowly swinging back and forth >Side to side >All around your waste and your legs >You feel it >The flesh of her buttocks against your crotch >The pole in your pants pushing forward >And with each movement of her rear, your slowly hardening member moves unwillingly along with it >She doesn't even seem to notice >Doesn't twig >Or... Flinch >Or even open her eyes >But she's got you right where she wants you... >Uhh... You think >You can never tell what Sonata wants >She's a tough book to read >Probably because she doesn't even know what she wants or where she's going >She grasps your shoulder with her left hand >Holding onto it for support against her own slow body movements >And just when you thought the reason why you were here was getting started!- >She stops >Like the tease she is >Fuck >Well, you suppose it wasn't meant to be >She goes almost completely still as she savours this final moment >A smile of pleasure as she bites her bottom lip >The glowing stops, and she releases the breath she's been holding in >A quiet, subtle moan escapes from her lips >What the fuck was that all about? >Did she just... Get off because you told her to stop slapping her? >Part of you was confused >Fucking... Weird girl >The other part of you- >Which was now... Most of you >Wanted to see it happen again >You'd be lying if you didn't say you enjoyed that >The way she was swinging back and forth >The way she tried ever so hard to hold her breath >The way she struggled to keep in that one last moan >But that almost wasn't enough damn it! >She was such a fucking tease! >"Oh wow!" >She yelled at the top of her voice, almost ruining the moment >So much for... Silent... >The illusion that, for a moment, she wasn't all that stupid >She didn't scream >She didn't yell >But all of that was gone in an instant >When you realised, that some retarded girl just got off on your lap >And then... She actually got off your lap >Standing up, taking the moment to breath she turned to the other girls stood at the back of the room >"You've got to try him, girls!" >She said, smiling with glee >Was... That it? >She just rides you for a bit and passes you onto purple face for round 2? >Ding ding ding! >Anon's ready for round 2! >Can he make it to round 3? >Will he finally receive the prize of someone actually fucking him tonight? >Or will he just sit in this basement for the rest of the evening? >"He's just so... Mad!" >Sonata continued, jumping up and down on the spot in front of you >The other girls just looked over at one another >Arms crossed, giving a disproving glare to the blue haired, blue ski- >The blue one >"Alright, you've had your fun..." >Adagio began, shaking her head >Well, maybe your evening would be cut short >"But we're all hungry. you can't just have him for yourself." >The pur- >You know, you should ask her name >Right now would be the best tim- >"Sonata..." >Adagio grabbed hold of her friend, pulling her in >The two whispered to one another >Looking over at you every so often >All you could catch of their conversation was... >"But we're not ACTUALLY hurting him, right?" >"Don't worry Sonata, when we're through with him he won't feel a thing." >That sounded... G-great >You think >You don't know what to think >These girls haven't made an ounce of sense since you'd arrived >First they're sick >Then they're not >Then they want to fuck you >Then they don't >And then they just insult you >You're not... Mad >Well, this whole evening was beginning to put that into question >You wondered over to a girls house >A girl you hardly spoke to >Only to be trapped in her basement and teased to death >And part of you kind of wanted to fuck her >Who said you weren't mad? >"Oh thank goodness for that!" >Defiantly retarded >In almost a moment, she resumed her previous position >Looking you directly in the eyes >Here it comes >Round 2 >First, a couple of slaps >Then, yelling at her >Then some kind of- >A slap >Fuck! >You were literally mid thought >She could at least have the common decency to not be such a fucking bitch >And why always the slap? >What's the fucking point? >"You're right, I can feel it!" >Adagio said as she knelt down next to you >She took a sudden, sharp sniff >"I can almost smell it!" >Okay, maybe she was mad >Unless you were sweating? >Did they get off the smell of sweat? >Was that what Sonata's shit was about before? >"He really is just so... Angry!" >Angry? >You're not angry >No- Not any more angry than normal >Y-y-yeah? >The purple one mimicked her orange friend >"He's mad alright. He's real mad!" >Now you were surrounded by the three girls >Three- >Well, there was no other way to put it >Three insane girls >Sonata raised her arm in the air, slowly, opening her hand >"What if we-" >Her sentence was interrupted by a smack >One on either cheek >But it wasn't Sonata... >They were all in on it now >Shit >When did this end?