Nightmare Night Dazzles - by Anonymous

>Be Adagio >It's Nightmare Night and you're stuck at home handing out candy to kids >Not like you had anything better to do anyways... >Aria's in the other room and refuses to answer the door for anyone >"I'd rather just kick 'em in their teeth before the shitton of candy they eat does it for me." >Harsh, though difficult to counterargue >You begin to think about how Sonata's doing >You remember that she told you that she would be out getting candy with the other kids >Once a kid always a kid >You smile at the thought >She hasn't changed since the day you met her >Neither of them have, really >It's been so long that you had almost forgotten about your first encounter with the two of them >Of course, recent events certainly had you remembering the proverbial 'good 'ol days' >It had been almost a year since the Battle of the Bands >You were on top of the world there, having everyone wrapped around your finger >The moments of that time raced through your head >How you felt the immense magic course through your gem >How your rise to power had almost come full-circle >How over a thousand years of work had almost paid off >Almost... >You sigh deeply and look down to your lap >You begin playing with the bits of candy lying in a large, weighty glass bowl >As you twirled the contents of the bowl around, you became somewhat mesmerized by the abundance of colors swirling about >The spell it had you under was eventually broken by a knock on the door >You stand up, leaving the comfort of the couch, and tuck the bowl carefully under your arm >You essentially drag yourself to the door and plant your face onto the it, peering through the peephole >Three kids, two of which are dressed like fairies, and one like a popular superhero >The adult they are being corralled by is donning what appears to be a princess costume, as if to accompany the fairies >Ridiculous >You breathe deeply, assembling your composure and your best smile >You open the door with your free hand and almost instantly regret it >"Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!" >The bellowing voices of the children almost knocks you off of your feet >But again, you put on your best face "Oh goodness, what cute little creatures!" >Fake "Two little fairies and a... uh..." >Honestly, you didn't know who he was supposed to be >He had on a silver mask and blue clothes with planted-on muscles and that's all that identified him >The kid then pointed a high tech-looking axe towards you >"I'm Captain Diamond Dust, ma'am! Protector of the five galaxies!" >Yeah, whatever kid "Oh, right right, forgive me Captain!" >You bow in apology, taking the opportunity to scowl whilst your face was hidden in the bowl >You rise with the same fabricated smile as before >You begin taking bits of candy from the weighty bowl and placing them in the almost overflowing buckets of the kids "There you go, have fun and be safe!" >You even flash a smile at the woman overseeing the children who returns the gesture >She looks down to the runts before her >"What do you say, kids?" >They all look up to you in unison >"Thank you!" >Their departure was almost louder than when they greeted you >You begin to wave goodbye to them as they turn away >As soon as they disappear from view, you completely drop the act, grunt of displeasure and all >You slam the door and throw yourself face-first onto the couch, using the bowl as leverage >Another displeased grunt escapes you and is absorbed by the couch cushion >"Keep it down, Adagio. I'm trying to watch something here." >Fuck off Aria, not in the mood >You bring your face up from the soft seat "Oh, bite me, Blaze. You come here and deal with these little idiots." >"Pfff. Not happening. You could always just not answer the door." "You know that's not going to stop them. Remember what I asked earlier?" >"Would it stop Sonata? Yeah, good point." >You bury your face back into the cushion >'Would it stop Sonata' indeed >Is she having fun? >Of course she is, free candy and she gets to dress up in whatever the hell she wants >In a small way, you sort of envy her... >You were sick of handing out candy to these unbearable brats >You wanted to have fun too >But to get candy from adults and dress up for it? >No, absolutely not >However... >You bring you face back up in almost a, literally, breakneck speed >An evil smile crosses your face "Aria, get dressed in something dark. We're going out." >Be Sonata >You're having soooo much fun getting candy! >You've even got not one, but two pillowcases full of candy >TWO! >Even Pinkie Pie's got a whole bunch of candy! >You didn't like her too much, but damned if she didn't make for a great candy hoarder >Even if she did wear something as ridiculous as a chicken costume >Hah, like you'd ever wear something so stupid! >Jeez, it's hard to see through this sheet... >"Isn't this the bestiest best BEST Sonata?!" >You could only nod as you stopped to stuff your face with another handful of sweets >Pinkie brought her hand up to yours >"Whoa whoa whoa, we gotta wait until the end to count it all. We gotta see who the better candy hoarder is!" >You swallowed the assortment of chocolate and gummies and continued walking "No no, I know, I just can't help it. Adagio doesn't really let me have candy." >At this, Pinkie began to laugh >Was she making fun of you? >"Ohh, what a party-pooper. You can have as much candy as you WANT after tonight!" >As she said this, you saw her reach into her own bag and pull out a few stray gummy worms and shovel them into her mouth "Hey! I thought we were gonna count at the end!" >As she was chewing, she shrugged her shoulders >You sigh, deciding to let it be >You begin thinking of ways to beat Pinkie... >Ohhh, there's an idea... "Hey hey, let's go see Adagio! She'll give us both A BUNCH of candy!" >Nah, just you, but Pinkie won't know that until after you get there >Her face lights up under her beak >"Oooooh, good idea! Let's go let's go let's gooooo!" >You both take off full-speed to your house >It's kinda hard though, since you've got like a zillion pounds of candy >You both get there about a few minutes later, too excited to be exhausted "Okay, ready?" >"Ready!" >Both of you open your pillowcases to receive the waterfall of candy that'll be coming soon >You knock on the door a few times, loudly enough to make sure Adagio hears >Your eyes are glued on the door as you both wait with bated breath >About ten seconds pass and no answer >You're still waiting anxiously for her to answer to door >Twenty seconds pass >Your eyes move towards the window, just to make sure nothing inside has moved >Here it comes... >Thirty... >Maybe she's getting more candy? >A minute passes and nothing >Before you could move an inch, Pinkie takes matters into her own hands >She begins pounding on the door with an immense amount of force >"ADAGIO! OPEN THE DOOR! WE WANT CANDY! NIGHTMARE NIGHT NIGHTMARE NIGHT NIGHTMARE NIGHT-" >She kept repeating those words >Adagio wasn't coming... >Oh well, you could always swipe more candy from other kids' bags "Come on Pinkie, let's just ge-" >Before you could end your sentence, the light outside of your house goes out >You jump a bit in surprise, but Pinkie screams loud enough to wake the dead >Wait a minute, she could probably do that on this night... >Just the thought makes you a little scared... >And if that didn't do it, a bunch of creepy moans came from somewhere... "Pi-Pinkie, maybe we should go..." >You wanted to leave as much as Pinkie did, as you began shaking nervously >"Y-yeah, good-" >And then through the creepy moans came a voice >"Oh god, no! NO! PLEASE NO!" >W-wait... >That sounded like... >Like... "A-d-d-d-agio? Is th-th-that you?" >The voice came from the side of the house >"AHHHHHH!" >Oh no >Without thinking, you abandon your bags of candy and run over to where you heard the noise >"S-Sonata, wait!" >Your feet crush the grass under your feet, almost making you slip from how wet it was >You stop dead in your tracks at the edge of the wall >It's then that you begin to slowly creep deeper into the darkness >You extend a hand to help you move through "Um... Dagi? Are you okay?" >After a few yards, your hand touches something warm and soft... >And wet... >Wet? >You attempt to make out what was just a foot in front of your face >Just as you think you manage a glimpse though, a blinding light fills your vision >You bring your hand up to your face to block the light and your sight returns to you >Before you could see what you had touched though, you heard a scream louder than death itself >"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" >Pinkie's shrill voice filled your ears, but it was then that you could see what she was so scared about >It was... >A pillow with a knife in it? >And... it's bleeding? "What's this supposed to-" >You then felt a hand on your shoulder >Your body went cold as soon as it registered >You look over to Pinkie and see a hand on her shoulder as well >Both of you turn your heads to the source >A grim expression crossed your face at the source >A figure with large, spiked purple and teal hair dressed in a black robe >The scariest part was its mouth was bleeding... >"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CREATION?!" >You and Pinkie both can't help but scream again, darting past the monster >You cry out for the first person you can think of "ADAGIOOOOO!" >You reach the end of the wall >Home free! >Just as you feel your body starting to return to normal, another figure appears from behind the wall >It's... Adagio? >But something's off about her >Wait, is that normal? >She's... >Covered in blood! >"Sonaaataa, help me..." >You hesitate, but ultimately extend your hand out to her >"Sonata, no! She's changed now!" >Pinkie shouts from behind you, trying to keep the monster at bay >No... >You knew Adagio, she still loves you >...right? >You touch her shoulder, shrugging her seemingly lifeless body "D-Dagi? It's me, Sonata, re-remember?" >Her expressionless face remained, though it looked you in the eyes >You had a bad feeling about this... >As if on cue, Monsterdagio donned a menacing face and practically lunged at you, fangs and all >You screamed as far as your lungs could reach and took off as fast as your legs could manage >"Sonata, waiiiit!" >You could hear Pinkie taking off after you at full-speed, trying to escape the monsters with you >You even completely forgot about the bags of candy >Be Adagio >You're back on the couch, digging through one of the four bags of candy that rest between you and Aria >You fish out a piece of taffy, eying the multiple colors >You unwrap it and pop the sweet into your mouth >The chewing was almost bliss >"Okay, now THAT was good." >An indirect compliment well-deserved >The piece of taffy finally unlatched from your teeth and made its way down your throat >Delicious "See? Aren't my plans brilliant?" >You fish a lollipop from the bag and fling it at your accomplice >She responds with a scoff and a roll of her eyes >Typicial Aria >"Yeah, whatever." >She picks up the sucker and twirls it around in her fingers >"The look on those losers' faces was pretty great though. I guess I'll give you that one." >She unwraps the candy and settles it on her tongue >A genuine smile makes its way onto your face >You did hope that Sonata would come home, despite what happened >You'll get a crying Sonata, but it was all in good fun >She'll understand, you think Fin.