A Dazzling Pack III - by LaPsbin

>Routine was a very shrewd thing >If you did something for long enough, no matter what is was, eventually you'd find yourself doing it automatically >Whether you wanted it to or not >And that shit fucking sucks >REALLY sucks >When you were a younger your dear old dad would wake you up at five a.m. on Saturdays >Sometimes it was to drag your ass outside to do some yard work, other times he wanted you to go to the store because he was hungover and needed some orange juice, there were even times when he woke you up just because he felt like it >The old cockhead >You had HATED getting up that early >Hated it more than anything else in your young life >But, as the weeks turned into years, your body began to get used to getting up that early in the morning >Your mind didn't--whenever you opened your eyes that early you felt like shit-- but your body did >Soon, your body became more and more and more used to it until you'd find yourself waking up without the help of an alarm clock >Something that you had hated so much as a kid had, without you realizing it, turned into a routine >A routine--even after all of thee years--that you couldn't break >If given the chance, you could sleep the whole morning away without breaking a sweat >Friday? Easy >Sunday? No problem >Monday through Thursday? Easy as a dream >But Saturday? You were up >It didn't matter if you were sick or you hadn't gotten any sleep the day before, you just couldn't sleep in on that FUCKING DAY >And what made this a million times worse was that when you woke up you couldn't go BACK to sleep >... >Fucking dad >You hoped the gout finally got him... >Unfortunately for you, at that moment, it said four fifty-nine on the alarm clock that was sitting next to your nightstand >It wasn't set for any time--since it was the weekend and all--but that didn't matter >It never did >Seconds ticked by as you laid in your warm, comfortable bed, deep in sleep >The sun still hadn't risen >Outside your window, all was still >The houses and various shops were dim >No one was walking outside >Even the birds were still sleeping >Then, because the flow of time could not and would not be stopped, that clock turned to six a.m. >Eyes still closed, you let out a quiet, but frustrated, groan >...Fuck... >Your eyes slowly began to open >They were crusty from sleep, but still, they slowly but surely opened >For a few seconds, your gaze was blurry >You were disorientated >Why wasn't dad kicking your door open? >How come you couldn't hear him yelling for you? >Where were you PJs? >Why did your spooderman covers feel so weird? >You began to blink slowly, uncertainly >It began to come back to you >Who you are, what you're doing, where you're lying >Off in another room, you could hear the clock in the kitchen ticking as the pointer hickeys moved "...Fuck..." >Adagio, who was lying on top of you with her nose buried in the crook of your neck, let out a sleepy murmur >You could feel the soft rise and fall of her chest against your stomach with each breath she took >Her skin glided against yours, smooth and perfect and soft >To your left, Aria had an arm draped lightly over your neck, the other one resting on top of your head >Just like Sonata, who you could feel drooling on your arm, she was mashed up against your side >Your blanket had fallen down a bit, baring most of purple grump's body for the world to see >She was lying on her side, which allowed you to see her peaceful, sleeping face >A bit of drool was running down her chin, and with each breath she took you could almost catch a quiet snore coming from her mouth >The room was slightly chilly >Goosebumps ran down the length of her body >Aria was curled in on herself slightly, her knees poking your hip as she slept >Freeing your hand from underneath Adagio's comforting weight, you rested it on her lower back, an inch or two above her tailbone >Even here her hair was present, thick and curly but silky soft >With practiced ease, you slip your hand underneath that mass of hair until you feel her smooth skin against your hand >Dagi let out a sigh, her nails gently racking your sides as you began to rub her back in small, circular motions >Even with her hair, you could feel the chill on her skin >You would have checked to see if Sonata was cold too but you already knew that the blue girl probably had the entire blanket wrapped around her hourglass figure >...The fucking blanket hog >Yawning hugely, you turned your head back toward Aria >Your gaze wandered up and down her body >You took in her flat belly, her bare arms, the bottoms of her breasts >Looking upward, you noticed that her nipples were hard >Hard and AWFULLY close to your face >You leaned back as best as you could, taking a moment to appreciate the wonderful tits in your face >They were perfectly shaped >Not the biggest in the world, and the areolas were a bit bigger than they should be, but they were perfect all the same >You knew from first-hand experience how soft yet firm they were, how wonderful they tasted, the noises that Aria made as you touched and squeeze and pinched them >The hand that wasn't occupied with rubbing Adagio's back tapped against Sonata's belly as you licked your lips >Leaning back over, you popped one of those nipples onto your mouth >You didn't start to bite or tug or suck on them- just because you were awake didn't mean that you had to go ahead and wake everyone up >No, you were gentle, careful >You looked up at the sleeping grump's face as you ran your tongue around the sensitive nub of flesh >Yes... >This was just what daddy needed this early in the morning... >Your tongue slipped out of your mouth, licking the area around her nipple >You could taste the fruity, lavender-y soap that she used the night before, along with her natural, bare taste >It was harder to describe; oddly sweet, with this tart bitterness to it that ended with this odd aftertaste >... >Purple and... fish? >That was the closest thing that you could compare it too >She tasted like the color purple and a freshly caught salmon >... Or maybe a mackerel? >... >Whatever... >Though you were doing your best to be as gentle as possible, Aria nonetheless began to stir >Her face began to cutely concort >A nonsensical sound would escape her throat every once in awhile >You could feel her legs rubbing against your sides as she moved them, disturbing what little covers that she managed to keep >The hand on the top of your head began to open and close, tugging at your messy hair >Humming to yourself, you released the nipple >You eyed the other one, licking your lips clean of your "pack mate's" taste, before quietly shaking your head >No... >If you did anymore she'd wake up >Picking your head up, you looked over at your alarm clock >It read five twenty-five >The girls would wake up soon >You had just enough time to go and take a shower before you needed to start cooking breakfast... >You looked around on your soft, warm, comfortable bed and the beautiful, naked women lying next to you >Slowly, the hand that was rubbing Dagy's back slipped down to her pert little backside, giving it a squeeze >The blanket was barely on Aria at all, you noticed >You could see the bit of pubic hair that she meticulously maintained, only to be cut off from seeing the rest by your mickey mouse cover >Cockblocked by Disney... >Again >Adagio let out a mixture between a sigh and a growl as your hand roamed her left butt cheek >All you'd need to do was move that blanket an INCH and grump there would be completely bare >... >Nah... >You better not... >It took some doing, but you managed to slip out from underneath her royal poofness >Untangling Sonata from the blanket was a bit harder but you managed to do that was well >Fucking hell... >No matter how big of a blanket you got that blue she-demon would always hog the stupid thing >ALWAYS >Shaking your head, you draped the blankets over the girls so that each of them were as snug as a bug in a rug "I'll see you three in a little bit," you murmured, leaning down and kissing Sonata's cheek >Leaning over the bed, you kissed Adagio--who didn't look too happy about losing her human-sized bed--as well >Leaning a bit more, you managed to give grump a kiss as well, right on the lips >Though she looked sound asleep, you could have sworn that you felt her kiss back >You don't have time to think that over, however >Just like your girlfriends, you were in your birthday suit, and now that you were out of bed you noticed just how cold it was >Coldcoldcold! >Gottagofast! >Moving as quickly as you could without running, you made your way toward the bathroom >Quietly closing the door behind you, you flicked the lightswitch on, bathing your bathroom in artificial light >It was a pretty nice as far as bathrooms go >Really nice actually >The floor was made out of stone tiles, as was the sink >The shower was double the size of a regular one, with a big ass chrome showerhead that'd soak you down to the bone in two seconds flat >The shower itself didn't have glass or a shower curtain to block the water >It had this fancy ass irritation-like system that'd keep the water from spilling all over the place as long as you kept the showerhead in a certain direction >Shit was dope son >Weisstuntin'eresun.jpg >A million times better than the garbage that you had to deal with over the years "I swear to god I'm putting a lock on that thermometer," you muttered, rubbing your arms. "I don't know why those fucking girls want to live in a fucking igloo..." >Your feet pattered against the stone floor as you made your way over to the shower >With a flick of the stainless steel handles, a fountain of water rained over head, missing your head by a foot >Without looking up, you reached up and tested out the water >Hmm... >Too cold... >After a few more turns of the nobs and testing the water, you eventually had it at the perfect temperature >Standing up, you stretched and yawned so widely it felt like your jaw was going to snap >With a little wiggle--in which you moved and rolled every joint until you heard a pop-- you climbed into the shower >You sighed as the big, fat, warm droplets of water pattered against your skin, both refreshing you and waking you up >The warmth of the water loosened your muscles, further relaxing you >Smiling, you leaned into the water >Yep... >This was the shit... "Jesus Christ, does that feel nice..." >You closed your eyes, letting the water soak your face >Bowing your head a bit, you began to run your fingers through your hair, letting that water soak it down to the scalp while it also soaked your back >"YYYeeeeesssssshhhhh..." >The sound of the water hitting the stone floor was all you could hear as you just stood there letting yourself get soaked >It was a relaxing sound >The kind of sound that you could get lost in >A sound that would drown out most sounds with ease >Like the sound of someone quietly opening the bathroom door >And the pitter-patter of feet on a stone floor >"Nonny~" >So lost were you to the sounds and sensations of the water, you didn't notice that someone else was in the shower with you until their hands were wrapped around your shoulders >Your eyes snapped open >Ohgoditsjustlikeinthatmovieyou'regonnaDIE! >Before you could turn around though, the mystery invader pressed their weight down onto your shoulders, nearly causing you to fall flat on your ass >A chuckle filled the air >A very familiar chuckle "...Aria?" >"Somebody's a little jumpy," Mrs. Grump murmured into your ear as she pressed herself against you >Her body, still a bit cold, contrasted sharply with your wet, warm body >You quietly gasped as your pack mate tightened her grip on you >"Hmm... I was wondering here my hot water bottle went," Aria grumbled tiredly, pressing her face into your wet back >Taking a deep breath to try to slow your pounding heart, looked over your shoulder as best as you could "What the hell are you doing up this early?" you asked >Aria yawned again >She then leaned forward and began to gently bite your shoulder >You twitched at the sensation, but let her do what she will >It was another siren thing >Something about showing affection by cleaning scales >The fact that no one in this house HAD scales anymore didn't matter >It was the thought that counted >"What the hell are YOU doing up this early?" grump shot pack, unhooking an arm from around your shoulders and letting it wander down to your stomach >She pressed herself a little harder against you as she nipped your neck "I needed to get up so I could shower and cook us breakfast," you replied >Her nipples were still hard, you couldn't help but notice >She also seemed to be purposefully rubbing them in circles around the upper-middle of your back >"No one's going to be up for a few hours since it's the weekend, you dummy." >Her hand, small and soft like her sister's, ran up and down your wet belly >For some reason, it felt... nice >A little demeaning but nice >You leaned back against her a bit "Bullshit. You girls wake up way too damn early on the weekends and you know it." >She purred in response, lightly biting you again, this time on the other shoulder >"Says the guy that gets up five in the morning just to piss off his pack." >Her fingers drummed against your belly >"I'm surprised that Adagio hasn't thrashed you for it yet. I know I would if I was the alpha." >Aria continued to drum her fingers against your stomach >She loosened her grip on your shoulders and began making her way toward your front, making sure to rub as much of her body against yours as physically possible >Without looking, you knew that there was a sway in her step >A way that would accent certain... bits very nicely >She knew your weakness and delighted in abusing this knowledge every chance that she could get >But you were made of sterner stuff today it seemed >You didn't crane your neck to take a peek, or try to reach around to cope a feel >You looked forward until the Queen of Grumps was face-to-face with you, her lips drawn back into a toothy smile >Water cascaded around her body >She shivered at feeling, though her deep purple eyes didn't leave yours, nor did her smile waver >You smiled back "Oh, so you'd beat my ass huh?" >Both of Aria's arms hooked around your neck >For a few moments, the only sounds that could be heard were that of the water hitting the floor as she leaned up on her tippy-toes >While she might have been a good deal stronger than you--as were both of her sisters-- she was still a small girl >She really had to lean up to get to you >You helped of course, leaning down so that both of your foreheads were touching >The angle that you were at had the water crashing down on top of your head and your shoulders >It was soaking Aria's head and you could see it making its way down her arms and her breasts to her belly and thighs >It was no doubt also soaking her entire back, her legs, and her ass as well >But still neither of you looked away from one another >"I'd kick the shit out of you," Aria proclaimed proudly "Really?" >"Yep. Then you'd stay in bed like the good little man that you are and keep us all warm." "What? Aren't your sister's enough for you?" you teased >She frowned cutely >"Every single time that you mean me with them, Sonata ends up crawling over toward me and tries to strangle me to death." "She does not you big baby." >"Fuck you. YOU'RE the baby." >You chuckled, rubbing your nose against hers >She hugged you all the tighter "Do you wanna help wash me off so I can make breakfast?" you murmured >Grump shook her head >"No, I want to drag your fat ass back to the bed so I can get more to sleep." >You wrapped your arms around her, pressing her up against you >A low, tired growl escaped Aria's throat >Busting your balls or not, she did look tired >There were dark rings under her eyes, which looked about ready to close >You gave her back a little scratch "If you help me I'll go ahead and make eggs and steak for you guys," you offered >Aria perked up a bit >"Really?" >You nodded "Yep. I'll even make them real bloody like you like." >Aria's tongue slipped out of her mouth to lick her lips >Her eyes narrowed for a few moments to stare up at you suspiciously >You just stared back pleasantly, giving her a kiss on the nose >"...Fine," she grumbled with a stretch, yawning hugely. "But you gotta wash me too." >She then rocked back and forth on her heels, causing her breasts and hips to bounce >Instinctively, you looked down at her body before looking back up at her face, as quick as a flash >But not fast enough it seemed, if the look that grump was giving you was any indication >The little cocktease... >She bounced again, making sure to wiggle her ass back and forth >Shaking your head, you reached over and grabbed a loofah and a bottle of liquid soap from the little bin that you had in the shower "Fine, get your big butt over here." >Aria grinning, rocking on her heels a third time >"Why don't you make me?" >In the end, you didn't make her >You had barely managed to spurt soap onto the loofah before Mrs. Grump stepped out from the spray of water and snatched it from you >Unlike a lot of girls at school--who usually smelled like a mixture of B.O. and dirty socks--the girls always enjoyed cleaning both you and themselves >A siren was supposed to take pride in their physical appearance >How else would they attract and keep a mate if their scales, fins, and teeth weren't shiny, smooth, and they didn't gleam in the sunlight? >A pack that bathed together stayed together after all >As Aria scrubbed your body, making sure to move the loafa in small, circular motions to get you as clean as possible, you busied yourself with her hair >While it didn't particularly matter what body wash you used, each of the girls had a different shampoo and conditioner >This was HER shampoo and HER conditioner >No other siren could use it without a fist-fight breaking out >So, since you had learned your lesson the first time--Adagio threw Sonata THROUGH that fucking table...-- you were sure what you grabbed was Aria's >And then you made sure again >Giving the bottle a shake, you popped the top and poured a decent amount into your hands >Lathering the shampoo into your hands for a second or two, you then reached up and began applying it into your pack mate's hair >Immediately, Aria let out a pleased hum >"There's a good boy...~" >You made sure to take your time with her hair >It might not have been the fucking mess that Adagio's was, but it was still pretty unruly if you didn't see it it correctly >You lathered it all, untangling any knots that you found until you reached the scalp, which you began to scrub as well >From front to back you worked, getting her bangs, her sides, the top and the back of her head >Aria, running the loafa along your sides, began to hum a little tune as she worked >You couldn't name the song if your life depended on it, but it was beautiful all the same >A grump she might have been, but Aria had one of the most beautiful voices that you ever had the pleasure of hearing, as did the rest of her sisters >You dug your fingers a little deeper into her scalp, bobbing your head to the song as you both continued to clean each other >Finally, after her hair was as lathered as you'd be able to get it, you took a step away from her "Alright, get rinsed off and I'll get the conditioner in." >Aria, frowning, looked up at you >"Today's not the day that I do that though," she protested "Yes it is. I conditioned your hair on Wednesday and now it's Saturday." >Her nose scrunched up as you reached down with a soapy hand and gave it a flick "Now hurry up and wash that shit out." >Grumbling about ass-whoopings and alpha's, Aria nonetheless stepped into the water and began to rinse her hair out >As she did this, you reached over and grabbed her conditioner, making doubly sure that it was, in fact, hers that you were grabbing >It was some expensive ass stuff if you remembered correctly >They had it imported from Saddle Arabia or some shit like that >It was a hundred and twenty FUCKING BITS >1.2.0. F.U.C.K.I.N.G. B.I.T.S. >You shook your head before turning to look at grump >Her eyes were closed as the water flowed all around her >You could see the droplets sliding down her shoulders and her belly and her breasts >With each little movement, she sent droplets flying all around her, along with half-rinsed shampoo >Your eyes wandered down between her legs, down toward that little sliver of hair until you saw heaven >Her lower lips looked soft, smooth >Every time that she shifted or spread her legs a bit you were able to see a flash of pink >Aria arched her back, jutting her breasts out >As if she KNEW that you were looking, she turned around, presenting her backside >Oh lord... >Her ass was firm and round >Muscled enough to keep its phenomenal shape but with enough fat to give it a really nice bounce >There wasn't a blemish, bump, or boil in sight >It was big, it was beautiful, and it was not two feet from you >You squeezed the conditioner bottle, causing the top to pop off >You jumped at the sound that it made, snapping out of trance >Fnskjdnk! >You looked at the bottle just as Aria finished rinsing her hair >"Anon! Where the heck did I put that loaf--" >Aria stopped, her hair and body dripping with water, and smiled >It wasn't a very nice smile >"And what do we have here~?" she cooed with another little bounce >... >You looked down to see that lil' Anon was looking up at you >Goddammit... >With a flick of her hair--which sent water EVERYWHERE-- grump made her way over to you >You stood there like a masochistic deer in headlights, both concerned and oddly aroused by what was possibly about to happen >With a few more steps, Aria was standing uncomfortably close to you >Though she had to look up to look at you, you were the one feeling small >Small and aroused >"You really can't control yourself can you?" she purred, tracing your chest with a finger >As she did that, her other hand was making its way downward >"It's a shame that blasted wizard didn't send us to your world," grump continued, leaning upward. "All me and the girls would have had to do was shake our asses a bit and your men wouldn't know what to do~" >Her fingernails grazed your belly as she slowly, teasingly, made her way down >You stiffened, not moving a muscle or looking away from those pretty purple eyes of hers >They were darker than Sonata's; harder and more animalistic as well >A girl Aria's size wasn't supposed to have eyes like these... >NO person was supposed to have eyes like these... >Aria grinned, giving you a good view of her sharper and longer than average canines >You felt a hand grabbing the back of your head, forcing you to lean down >Your lips parted, as did hers >"It would have been wonderful. All the power we could never ask for. You, though, my little bedwarmer, lucked-- >Smiling, you lifted the bottle of conditioner over grump's head and gave it a squeeze >The bottle made this weird, sickening sound before conditioner began to rain all over her hair >Aria's eyes widened in surprise as the cold hair product hit her steaming head >The expression that her face morphed into when you did that was going to have you laughing for YEARS >"Fucker!" >Chuckling, you leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips >Even without brushing her teeth, they tasted sweet >You leaned into the kiss, enjoying the feeling of warmth and intimacy and contact, giving grump's big, beautiful butt a squeeze before pulling away "You know it. Now grab that loofah and and keep scrubbing me. The others are gonna be awake any minute and I gotta start breakfast." >Aria pouted, giving your cock a flick >"There's plenty of time for us to mess around," she said insistently, almost pleadingly >You planted another kiss on those lips of hers, then another, then another, then another >Grump, though she tried to look pissy, began to crumble with each kiss until eventually she had a small smile on her face "No we don't," you told her. "It's going to take a while for me to get those steaks ready. I don't have time to mess around with you in here." >Aria's gaze narrowed >"I should toss your big ass against the wall and fuck you until you can't walk," she said threateningly, though she leaned up in time as you leaned down and kissed her >Your lips connected as you continued to stare into each other's eyes "Are you sure that I'M the one who can't control himself?" you teased, reaching over and putting the conditioner back where it was supposed to go >With a "humph" she spun around and pressed her back against your chest >You exhaled sharply as lil' Anon found his way in between grump's crack >That almost did it >That almost made you give in >Get on your knees, lick that little patch of fur above her cunny before burying your face in between those lovely legs until you heard her screaming your name >... >Without saying a word, you wrapped your arms around grump's middle >"I'm going to bite the shit out of you next time we're in bed," she promised >You kissed her neck >"And next time we go to the store I'm going to buy that caramel candy that you like and eat it all on the drive home when you're not looking so you can't have any." >She leaned back against you, placing her hands over yours >"And don't even think about seeing a dry towel for the next few weeks. You're just doing to deal with drying yourself with wet ones, you fucking tease." >She looked over her shoulder at you, her animalistic eyes filled with emotion >For a few seconds, the only sounds that could be heard were the pitter-patter of water and the two of you breathing >"...You know, I felt what you were doing before you got out of bed." >You grinned, holding her a little closer "Can you blame me? It's not every day that a guy wakes up to a knockout like yourself." >She frowned back at you >"Don't you think that flattery is gonna get you out of this." >You kissed her again "Truly, there are very few creatures of the sea that compare to your beauty." >"It's not gonna work, dick." "You move through the mightiest of currents as if you were an arrow shot through the air." >"I'm not listening." "Your scales gleam as bright as the sun." >"Shut up." "Your hunting grounds are plentiful and reach out to the sun. Your prey are fierce and quick as lightning." >"Shut it," Aria murmured, leaning against you with a little more force >You simply gave her neck another kiss "You are no simple creature of the seas. You are a queen; the one who lays alone on the good, warm rock." >A shiver ran up grump's body >"..." "..." >"..." > Aria spun around and wrapped you into a hug, her face bright red all the way down to the neck >She buried that face into the nape of your neck >She bit your neck hard, making you hiss in surprise >...That one was gonna leave a mark >A mark that the other girls were gonna see >"When breakfast is over, I'm dragging you to the bed and doing stuff to you," she murmured. "Lots of stuff. Now scrub in this conditioner..." >She then said something under her breath that you couldn't quiet hear >It wasn't threats of beatings, or anything about being an alpha or you not knowing your place in the pack >Aria gently bit your collar bone, sighing in contentment >You nuzzled her cheek, running your hands along her back >You might not have heard what she said, but you didn't need to "Yes ma'am."