Shadowy Love (feels+Sonata) - by HypeAholic

>You were sitting on the park bench >It was only a couple of minutes until the finale of the music contest, you and the girls will finally have enough power to rule this world! >You didn't really care about that right now though >You just hope he shows up... >After a few more minutes you grow a little worried, you can't be late >But he'll show up, you know he will >He has to >Finally you can see him, he was making his way into the park, looking for something >You call out to him and wave >He hears you and turns his head towards you, he smiles wide when he sees you >He quickly jogs over to your bench "You came! I was worried you wouldn't make it!" >He sits down next to you >"And miss you? Not a chance" >He pulls you into an embrace, you two sharing a kiss >Unfortunately he pulls away after just a moment >You pout when he does >"Im sorry I couldn't make it to your show, I don't know why my parents wouldn't let me go..." >You didn't care about that >You engage the kiss this time "Im just soso glad I can see you now..." >He responds with a smile >"Me too" >You look to your phone >It was almost time for the show >You had to go... "I... I have to go, can you wait here for me until after?" >He looks to his phone too >"Of course I can, don't take too long. Okay?" >You two embrace one final time >You look up into those beautiful eyes of his "I love you, Anon..." >He eyes briefly shine a light green >"I love you too, Sonata." >You kiss one final time before you must go >Half an hour later.... >Oh no >Ohnonononono! >NO! >After Adagio's, Aria's, and finally your siren form projections were defeated by those stupid Rainbooms, all three of your siren amulets shattered >The pieces laid upon the floor in front of you >You know what this means >You and the other girls pick them back up and desperately attempt to sing, but to no avail >The crowd has regained their senses, and were now throwing things at you >But you don't care about that >You and the other girls run off-stage >But instead of running away with them, you left them and headed to the park >You ran as fast as you possibly could >You hope he's still there... >As you enter the park, you see him still sitting on the bench >He was holding his head in his hands >You approach him >"Ahg my head..." >No... "A-anon?" >You attempt to speak to him >He looks up to you, when he sees you he looks confused >" I know you?" >No... >This can't be happening.... "Anon, it's me! Sonata!" >You get closer to him, stepping closer to the bench >"Um... Im sorry I don't think we've met..." >He attempts to get up to walk away from you, he looks a little concerned >No! >He has to remember you! >He has to! >While his back is turned to you, you grab him from behind, pulling him into an awkward hug "No! Anon, it's me! Please remember! We went on dates together! We go to school together! We love each other! Please... Don't leave me!!!!" >He tries desperately to wiggle out of your grasp >"Let go of me!" >He is able to break your hold, before throwing you off of him >You land in the dirt, and he makes a break for the parking lot >You quickly get up, un-acknowledging the scrapes you just got on your arms and legs >You chase after him >When you finally reach him, he was already in his car >He was fumbling his keys for the ignition >As you reach the car door, he starts the engine "ANON! IT'S ME, SONATA! DON'T YOU REMEMBER?!" >You desperately pound on the window, attempting to get inside >He quickly backs out of his spot, attempting to leave the parking lot, he backs away from you as far as he can "ANON, PLEASE!" >There was only one entrance to the parking lot, he was on the opposite side while you were in the middle >You run for the entrance, trying to stop him from leaving >He knows what you are trying to do, and speeds for the entrance as well >You're almost there... >He was getting faster >Your legs were throbbing, but you were almost there >He was speeding, his engine was roaring >As soon as you get in front of the off ramp you thought you had him trapped >But that thought leaves you as you feel something slam into you >You are sent flying into the street >His car speeds off down the road >You have scrapes and bruises all over your body >You didn't know how many broken bones you had >But you didn't care about that right now >The most painful thing, was in your heart right now >You manage to cough out a few words "A...anon..." >You wanted him to know "I... I love you... So much..." >The asphalt was cold, dirt started to gather in your open wounds and cuts "P-please... Don't leave me..." >You can feel the blood oozing out of you, it collected in a puddle underneath you "I was under your spell..." >Everything seems so dark "P-please... D-don't... Leave.." >It's pitch black "Me..." >The darkness swallows you whole