A Morning Ride [humor] (Adagio~Anon) - by Uh-hmmm

>>20850157 > Seriously specific fetishes >>20850254 > Pays for sex > Be Anon, waiting at the bus stop > See Adagio struting down the sidewalk > actnatural.exe > She stops about a foot away, looks you up and down > This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down > "How much?" "The bus fare?" > "No, To ride you. I want some private transportation." > Sweatman.png > Don't want to seem easy "Twenty dollars." > Dammit > She raises her eyebrows > "Interesting price. Alright, here's your twenty. Now bend over." > You automatically pocket the bill "Now? In public?" > Adagio's getting impatient > "What, I should walk somewhere private, then mount you? That would defeat the purpose." > What > You glance around > It is currently nope o'clock in the morning, and you are pretty much the only ones here "Alright." > You bend over, trying to figure out whether to clench or relax your anus > Then a weight falls on your lower back, and the siren wraps her legs around your waist > She sets her hands on your shoulders and shifts a little > "Alright, now go up this street and take a left on main." > Oh > Piggyback rides > You shrug and trundle along the course she sets > By the time you reach the apartment door, you have earned your twenty dollars > She slides off your back and gives you a pat on the head > "You'd make a good horse, Anon." "Thanks? Though, I have to admit, at first I thought you were paying me to have sex with you." > Adagio gapes at you "Kinda funny, that. Well, see you around." > You take a step back, and she scrambles for her wallet > Before you take another step, she presses another bill into your hand "Wha-" > The siren grabs you by the wrist and hauls you into the building and up several flights of stairs > You try to keep up as best you can, but she is nearly sprinting > You collapse next to her door as she pauses to open it > Adagio just drags you inside, ignoring her roommates' inquiries > You weakly wave as you go by > Finally she heaves you onto her bed > It's a nice room, although you get the feeling it was decorated by Daphne Blake > The closet shrine to the character definitely hints at something similar > Then Adagio enters your field of vision, holding a rubber chicken > "Kiss it." "What?" > You can see an aching need mixed with pent up frustration in her expression > "I paid you twenty dollars. Now kiss the rubber chicken."