Public Affection (Sonata) (Short+clop) - by HypeAholic

>"Come on, keep up with me Anon~" "Don't worry, Im coming" >Be Anonymous, boyfriend of Sonata Dusk >You were currently being practically dragged along by your girlfriend, Sonata >She always has you ditch class to come hang out with her when you can >Today she was extra certain to have you come along with her, you weren't sure why >She seemed frisky today >She quickly rounds a corner ahead of you >You can see her hand reach out and hold the edge of the corner as she pokes half of her head out to check on you >"Hurrry up....~" >You give a happy sigh, and increase your pace to catch up with your hyper girlfriend >She always pulls you into the end of school with no class rooms, it's always practically deserted during class period >She likes it when it's just you and her, no people, no distractions >She darts around another corner, you have to jog to try and catch up to her >When you round the corner she ambushes you and grabs you by your shirt, giggling madly "Wha-mph!!!" >She quickly silences you by shoving her tongue through your lips and down your throat >You were now in an unexpected battle for dominance in your own mouth as Sonata begins pushing you backwards, towards the wall >You were stopped when you bump into a door >A janitor's closet, it was right between two sets of lockers >You let her claim victory for the battle in your mouth for a moment so you can speak "Huh...What are we going to do in there?" >You were being sarcastically curious, you already had a faint idea of what she had in store for you >"We aren't doin anything in there... Im gonna fuck you out here." >... >Well, at least she's direct about what she wants... >But wait... "Uh... Out here?" >You look around, the halls were deserted sure, but you didn't want to take the chance of fucking in a public place >Especially at school >"Yes, for realzies! You are going to fuck me like a man out in the open silly! And Im going to show you how we're going to do it!" >She quickly slaps a hand into your groin, and begins massaging your junk through your pants >You'd recoil a little from the impact, but you already had your back against the wall, literally "Ahhh..." >Sonata continues to giggle mischievously while she listens to your cute little moans and groans of pleasure >Slowly, but surely, your erections starts to grow in your pants >And Sonata definitely feels it >She grabs your zipper, pulling it down >She licks her lips as she reaches through the newly opened hole in your pants >She slips her hands in-between the fabric of your underpants and pulls out your shaft >She then practically swallows it whole as her lips envelop it >"Mpphhh~" >Her voice as she moans echoes around your shaft, adding to the pleasure as it causes vibrations to travel along it "Ahhhhh, fuuuuck..." >After a moment she releases you from her mouth, but continues to pump your cock in her hands >She looks up at you with lustful eyes >After a moment she stands, and turns her back to you >You were a little confused, and upset about getting blue-balled, but that was put to rest when she started to back up into you >She flung up her small skirt, revealing her ass and panties to you >She backs up, pressing you against the door, as well as her against you >She began rubbing your cock firmly in-between her cheeks, teasing you and giggling about it >You couldn't help but thrust a little, trying to penetrate the pussy that was being kept from you >She giggles a little more at your frustration >Finally she begins to slowly peel her panties off of her body >They stick to her slightly, but seem to come off with little effort >All of her sacred area was now exposed to you >Her womanhood already seemed moist with anticipation >She gives you another lusty look >"Eat me." >Two simple words, but you understood >You immediately comply, and get on your knees >You grab Sonata by the hips and pull her closer to you >Your legs brushed up against the cold floor while your hands traveled Sonata's warm body >She shivers slightly as your hands brush against her thighs >And she shudders when your tongue slips in between her folds >"Eyaaaa....~" >Her nectar is sweet, you make sure to drink what you could lap up as your wrestle for dominance, this time in another pair of lips >You dexterously swirl your tongue inside her, making sure to gather what woman juice you could >It was her turn to give cute little moans as you pleasure her >It suddenly felt like you were striking oil as she orgasms, your mouth was filled with her exotic juice, which you swallow eagerly >"Gaaaaah...!" >You swallow all of your delicious prize before pulling back from the juice refinery to catch your breath >She doesn't give you a second of rest though, she quickly turns around and grabs you by the shirt, before slamming you back into the door, and slamming her mouth back to yours >Her tongue searched eagerly through your mouth, trying to find the left over residue of her juices >You don't even attempt to fight her, she always gets what she wants >You can taste yourself on her tongue, she deposited some of your taste in your mouth while she searched for hers >Finally she seems satisfied, she releases her hold on you as you both part lips >You finally have a moment to breathe, which you take gladly >"Don't relax... Im not done with you yet." >She suddenly grips your hard-on, it has been painfully throbbing this whole time >You jump a little at the contact, her grip was tight >She once again turns around, exposing her posterior to you >She backs up, with your shaft in hand she binds the two of your bodies together >Your tip glides in with ease, and the rest of your shaft soon follows >You nearly keel over, all of this contact after getting blue-balled was incredibly uncomfortable, you just wanted release >She doesn't seem to want to give you that though, she keeps you pinned against the door >She blithely grinds in your lap, playfully massaging your dick inside of her >You wanted to move, to grab her, or do something at least, but you couldn't >Finally after what seems like an eternity, she lets you hold her hips once again >She sways her hips and rotates them into your groin, your dick was being blended in friction inside of her >Finally you can't handle it anymore >You cum, Sonata keeps her pressure on you "Uhhhhhggggg...." >She sighs in happiness as your seed fills her womb, her and your juices mixing and mingling together into a soup >She slowly pulls your softening member out of her cave, and quickly pulls up her panties, so none of your baby dough can escape from her womb >After she makes sure that there was no leftover evidence, she flips her skirt back down >You were surprised >It looked as if almost nothing had happened, there was no mess to clean up >"Seeee? I told you this would be cool!" >You laugh a little "Yeah I guess you-" >"Hello?Who's there?! Nobody is supposed to be out here during class!" >You both freeze >Someone was coming, you look around, you didn't see anyone yet >You quickly look to Sonata, ready to run, it sounded like whoever was speaking was coming close >But she doesn't seem worried for whatever reason >She had a strange aura of confidence >She flings open the door you were leaning on, and she doesn't even need to push you as you surprisedly fall backwards into the janitors closet >You take a hard landing, and hit the back of your head on the floor >Sonata quickly enters after you and shuts the door, enclosing both of you in the darkness of the closet >You rub the back of your head in pain but you don't get up, you didn't want to draw attention from the outside by creating any noise >Soon you can feel some hands on your chest as a warm mass lays on top of you, you can only guess that it's Sonata >You listen carefully, trying to listen for any noise from the outside >For a few moments the only sound you can hear is the soft sound of Sonata's breathing >But soon you hear footsteps, they are faint at first >The pick up pace as they travel down the hall, then they stop in front of the door >You see a small shadow in the light emitting from underneath the door >Your heart slows down a little, you can feel the mass on top of you tense up a little >You can hear the knob turn a little, but it stops halfway through >"Locked." >You can hear a voice on the other side of the door, you stay dead silent >After a moment the shadow disappears from underneath the door, and the footsteps continue down the hall >You breath a sigh of relief as you get up from underneath of Sonata >You walk over to the door, and try the knob >It makes a small click as you open the door and peek outside >No one was in the hall anymore "*Phew* Okay Sonata we're goo-" >"Where do you think you're going~?" >You turn back around, the light from the hall illuminated the interior of the closet >You can see Sonata standing naked in the center, she seductively beckoned to you while holding one of her breasts in her hand >Her earlier attempts to contain your fluids failed, you can see your semen begin to leak out of her cave >She pulls you back into the closet, the door was slammed behind you and locked again >All you can hear is the sound of Sonata's mad giggles >And the rest of the day you spent >Fucking Flutt- errrr... >Fucking Sonata >In a janitors closet