Sonata's Sick - by Anonymous

>"Nooonnnyyy!" >A familiar, yet nasally voice echoed throughout the apartment >You turn your head to the direction of the voice "What's up, Sonata?" >A small sniffle can be heard from the other room "Can you come feel my forehead please?" >You narrow your eyes in confusion, but you get up from the chair at your computer to go check on her "What do you need me to fee-" >You stop at her doorway >She looked like an absolute mess >Disheveled hair, used tissues littering her bed and the floor next to it >She sniffles once more >"I think I might be sick, Nonny." >It sure seemed like it >You sigh, walking over to her bed >You bring a hand to her forehead >"Mmm..." >Sonata's eyes shut on the contact >Sure enough, she's pretty warm "Welp, looks like you're gonna be stuck here for the day. You've got a fever." >Sonata opens her eyes, visibly disappointed >"Aww, but I promised Pinkie that I'd go hang out with her! I can't let her down, Nonny..." >You shake your head in protestation "Not today. The last thing you need is a day with Pinkie Pie." >Her cheeks puff up and she turns her head away >"No fair..." >You sigh, understanding her plight "I know you wanna go hang out with her, but the sooner you get better, the... uh... better." >She sighs, her eyes shifting down to her lap >"Yeah, I know..." >She sniffles again >You hated seeing her like this >Not just bedridden, but so down on herself >You wish there were some way to make her feel at least the slightest bit better... >Hmm... maybe there was... >Adagio and Aria weren't going to be back until later on in the evening, so it was just you two for the day "I'll be right back." >She cocks her head, curious as to what you're doing >You leave the room and head to the kitchen >Opening one of the cupboards, you see a can of chicken noodle soup >Perfect >You fish a small pot out of another cupboard and get to work >A few minutes pass and your job is done >After toiling over a hot stove, you have a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup with a spoon sticking out >You make your way back to Sonata's room, taking care as to not spill it >As you enter, you swear there were at least double the tissues around the room than there were before >Sonata finishes blowing into another one, tossing it aside >Her eyes move to you and the bowl of soup in your hands >She gasps excitedly, her face lighting up as she did so >"Soup?! Aww Nonny, you're the best!" >You smile at her exuberance returning to her "Haha, sorry I couldn't make you something better." >You bring the soup over to her >She uses her blanket as something of pot holders and takes the soup from you >She sets it down on her lap and sniffs the soup; or at least tries to "It's still a little hot, so be care..." >She disregards your warning, taking a spoonful of the soup and shoving it in her mouth "...ful." >You expect a pained look on her face, but she actually looks okay >"Wow, I can't even taste it! How'd you make tasteless soup, Nonny?" >You chuckle to yourself, shaking your head as you do so "Secret family recipe, can't tell you." >I guess she didn't know that you can't really taste things when your nose is stuffed >A couple minutes later, and the bowl once full of soup is now completely dry >Sonata, a satisfied look on her face, reclines back onto her pillow, a sigh escaping her as her back hits the bed >"Ahhh, that was soooo good Nonny." >You smile, taking the bowl from her lap >As you turn to leave, Sonata stops you >"Nonny." >You turn back towards her, cocking an eyebrow >"What's up?" >She brings her head up to face you and starts her sentence with a small sniffle >"Can you hang out with me for a bit? I don't really wanna be by myself like this..." >You smile once more >Sure, that didn't seem like a problem "Yeah, of course I will." >A wide smile you thought to be impossible formed on her lips >"Yay! Oh, oh, oh, we can watch a movie!" >She looks over to the small television set on top of the dresser in front of her bed "Which one do you wanna watch?" >"Uh... can we watch the one with the zombies and then they go to a bar?" >You give her a quizzical look "Shaun of the Dead?" >All you get in response is a violent nod of her head >"Oh oh, and then can we watch the one with the same guys in it, and then we can-" >You sigh, turning away from her as she continued on >As soon as you found a break in her seemingly endless string of words, you excused yourself "Alrighty, just let me put this away." >You can hear her excitedly tapping her feet on her bed >"Yayyy~! Nonny and I are gonna have a movie day!" >You put the bowl and spoon in the sink and go fish out a vast number of movies from your shelf >You go back to Sonata's room, her smile still as strong as when you left >You pop the first movie into the DVD player next to her TV >As the previews start, you see Sonata has already brushed off the large number of tissues on her bed in order for you to sit next to her >You climb onto the bed, nestling yourself comfortably under the covers next to her >Sonata rests her head on your shoulder, getting equally comfortable, and you start the movie >Several hours later and the last movie's almost over >You start becoming drowsy, even yawning to reinforce the feeling >You turn your head to look at Sonata >She's almost completely snuggled up to you, and has fallen asleep >You look past her and see the time >7:46 >It was pretty early in the evening, but she still managed to drift to sleep >You smile at the thought, reaching for the remote >You turn off the television and the DVD player >A small amount of light peeks through the blinds, but other than that, mostly darkness encompassed the room >You slink your way down a little further under the covers >Sonata shifts slightly and lets out a small moan, but doesn't awaken >You move your arms around to bring Sonata just a little closer to you >Before long, you had her in your arms >This was so perfect, being like this with Sonata >It felt so wonderful >You wish you could do this more often... >You plant a small kiss on Sonata's forehead >She's certainly still very warm, but you don't care >As long as you had her, you couldn't care about anything else >And eventually, sleep takes you >Morning comes, and your eyes manage to pry themselves open >You look around, observing the room >It's yours >You narrow your eyes, wondering how you managed to get here when you were with... >Sonata >You lick your dried lips >Funny, a salty taste >You don't remember eating anything salty last night... >You end up settling on the theory that you just got up in the middle of the night and carried yourself back >But still... >You look at the clock on your nightstand >6:30 >School was gonna be starting in about an hour and a half >Time to get up and- >A sudden, uncomfortable feeling wells up in your throat >Soon enough, you're throwing a coughing fit >Now that you think about it, your nose is pretty stuffy too... >You try sniffing to see >Yep, can't even get air through >You've caught Sonata's sickness >You groan, throwing your head back onto your pillow in dismay "Sonataaaaa!"