The Babysitters Dick 2: Electric anal lube - by Dazzlinganon

Sequel to: >Be kidanon >Mom and dad have been going out a lot lately >And of course they never let me have the house to myself >It's alright though, Dagi's been pretty nice ever since that day I tasted her special pudding >In fact, she's let me have some everyday she was babysitting me >Unfortunately this was one of those rare days she was back to her big stupid poofy head ways >"Anon, I told you to take a shower! No more ifs, ands, or buts mister!" "Buuuuuuuuuuut Daaaaaaaagi!..." >"That was a but anon." "Big meanie." >"I heard that!" >I didn't have to take this, she wasn't my real mom! >I was the man of the house now! >...Then again, she was pretty big and scary, towering over me with furrowed brows and one finger pointing towards the bathroom >I wasn't going because she told me to >I wanted to take a shower anyway >"And don't just stand there with the water on, if I see a single spot on you I'm scrubbing you myself." >Sonata never makes me take showers... >The fear of the mighty poof was in me! >I tried to be brave, but in the end her threats of scrubbing me herself had gotten to me >A person as strict as that probably scrubs hard enough to take skin off! >It doesn't matter if the shower takes an hour and wastes all the warm water in the house, I had to make sure every little spot was spotless >Every single little... >I almost fell over when I heard a sudden banging on the door >"Anon! You've been in there for forty minutes! Are you alright?" >There was a time limit? >No one ever told me about a time limit! "Y-yeah Dagi, I'll be right out." >Time's up anon! >You must kick into maximum over scrub! >The blinding speed the scrubber moved at was a thing of beauty >Anything it touched was soon covered in thick suds and rug burns >At one point it looked like the skin started to smoke >A quick rinse and... "Oh god! It burns!" >This was a horrible idea! >Why did no one talk me out of this? >My perfect, brimming with childish youth skin looking like it had be scraped raw >...Well, at least I was clean, right? >I wanted to kick open the door >But the last time I tried that Dagi gave me a time out >So instead I slowly opened it and then strutted out, glowing like I was made of chrome >Check me out Dagi, not a single... >"You missed a spot anon" "What! No, that's impossible! Please Dagi!" >I got on my knees and grabbed hold of her leg, crying into her poofy short things >Was everything on her poofy? >Dagi laughed a bit >"I'm just joking anon." >That's not funny Dagi >You do not know my pain >"Come on anon, it's time for bed." >Wait, bed time already? >Dagi was strict but even she never made you go to bed this early "But Dagi, it's only 9." >"And?..." >...There was absolutely nothing I could say in this moment that would be a convincing argument >Off to bed it was then >What about the movie though? Dagi always watched a movie with me before bed >And her special pudding, was there to be no special pudding? >Oh well, guess I'll just have to head over to bed and deal with it >"Anon, where are you going?" "...Uhhh, bed." >"That bed is way too small anon, come on, we'll use your parents room." >Why? I never slept in their room before when Dagi was here, why sleep there now? >Oh well, I'm sure Dagi has a good reason >Dagi sat on the bed, testing its softness >And letting me realize I couldn't change into my pajama's in here >I began to walk back to the hallway >"Anon, where are you going?" "My pajama's are in my room..." >Dagi gave me an evil smirk and patted the bed beside her, watching me the whole time >When I sat on the big bed she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me tight against her >You know, for all the fun I make of her poofy head, it's really comfy >"Anon, have you ever tried sleeping naked?" >What? No, that was weird! "Who sleeps naked?" >"Lots of people anon, you shouldn't be so quick to judge until you try it." "Well... Alright, if you say so... Could you, uhhh, turn around..." >"Oh come on anon, I'm your babysitter, you shouldn't be embarrassed." >I guess >It felt really weird taking off my clothes in front of Dagi though >Especially since she was watching my every movement >At least I saw her pudding dispensing device twitch a bit in her shorts, maybe I was going to get some pudding before bed! >Still though, this was awkward, and the moment I took off the last bits of my clothes my hands moved fast to hide my peepee from her >"Still embarrassed anon?" >I just nodded, back hunched and face redder than a tomato >"Okay, I think I can solve that." >I was absolutely shocked by what I saw >Dagi was taking her clothes off! >I mean, I've already seen her weird girl nards and pudding dispensing device, but also seeing her big round butt and her small boobies... >My jaw was on the floor, my own nudity forgotten >Everything about this whole situation was unbelievable >What's next, one of the walls falling over to reveal my whole class laughing at me? >But nope, nothing happened to indicated this was some strange dream >Dagi giggled a bit and walked towards me, kneeling to my level and gently taking a hold of my waist >"Hey anon..." >My brain was spinning in circles, why was Dagi naked? Why was she pulling me against her body? Why was she whispering in my ear when there was no one else here? Why did my peepee feel funny? >"There's been... Something I've wanted to try for a while now." >Her hands slowly moved up my sides and to my chest as she looked at me with those same tired looking eyes she'd given me the first time I sucked her pudding dispensing device "W-what?" >"Well anon, I want to... Explore you." "What?" >"All you need to know is it will feel really good." >Dagi quickly scooped me up in her arms and lifted my small body with ease, walking over to the bed and sitting down, letting me sit on her lap with her pudding device poking my back >"Hey anon, reach down into my jacket and look for a plastic bottle" >Whatever you say Dagi >Lucky for me, the bottle wasn't really hard to find "Hey Dagi, what's anal lube?" >Dagi quickly took the bottle and opened it, though I couldn't really see what she was doing with it behind me >"You'll see anon, now lean back." >I did as she commanded, resting my back against her stomach as one of her arms reached around and held my chest, pressing me tightly against her >Her other hand came back into view, though it was all wet and reaching down real low "Dagi, what are you..." >I yelled the moment her finger poked my butt >She didn't lift it though, once it was pressed there she rubbed it along until it found my... "D-Dagi! You shouldn't be..." >"Anon, listen to me, this will feel amazing, but you have to relax your butt when I go in, don't squeeze or push or anything, just let it relax." >This was weird, but Dagi said it would feel good, and she never really lies about that sort of thing >But feeling her push her finger against my bum was weird, and that slimy stuff all over her hand was really cold >Dagi said relax, just relax anon, just- "Ahhh!" >After a little more pushing her finger slipped into my butt >This felt weird and it hurt a little, this wasn't fun at all! "Dagi! Pull it out, it hurts!" >"Anon, relax, just relax and wait a bit, you'll get used to it." >I tried to do as she said, stopping myself from trying to push her finger out or squeezing around it >She was right, it did stop hurting after a little bit >"There you go anon, just try to stay like that." >She slid her finger in a little deeper before slowly pulling it back out >But right when it was almost out she slowly began to slide it back in again >And out, and in, and out, and in >She just kept going like this >And eventually she started to go a bit faster "D-Dagi..." >Before I could say anything else, she decided to change it up a bit, and stuck another slimy finger in >Now I was really feeling it, nothing amazing, just stretching, a bit of pain, and a lot of heat >That was, until she pushed a little against something in there "Daaaaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiii!" >Wowie, when Dagi was right she was right! >Her fingers kept moving in and out, now pressing against whatever that feel good button in my butt was >My peepee started acting weird too, it started getting all hard and looking a bit like Dagi's pudding dispensing device >It was even leaking some of that clear pudding Dagi's did! >She quickly slipped a third finger into me, not even slowing down her movement "Shit!" >"Language anon!" >She giggled a bit and kept going >My peepee was leaking that clear stuff like crazy now >And judging by the slimy feeling on my back Dagi's pudding device wasn't exactly dry either >But all good things must come to an end apparently >Dagi's fingers came out of my butt with a wet pop >I don't know why but I felt really empty, like my butt was a big open hole now that needed something in it "Dagi, why do we have to stop?" >She didn't say anything >Instead I heard her open that bottle of anal lube stuff again >I got off her lap and turned to see what she was doing >She was rubbing the anal lube all over her pudding device >"Dammit anon, you ruined the surprise." "W-wait, are you going to put your..." >Before I could finish she stood up and lifted me up by my legs, spreading them out far as my back pressed against the wall >And in the next second her pudding device was pressed against my empty butt >"Ready for the real fun anon?" >She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips >Ewwww, I kissed a girl! >Didn't have much time to dwell on it though >With one quick thrust Dagi slide her entire slimy pudding device into my butt >"Aaaaaanon!" >Oh man, this was way different then her fingers >And she was thrusting into me so fast >It hurt a bit at first but I remembered what Dagi had told me and relaxed >That didn't stop me from yelping and yelling as I wrapped my arms around her neck and held onto her for dear life on this crazy ride >It was hot, it was wet, it was amazing! >I never wanted off! >Every single thrust made more of that clear goo almost shoot out of my peepee >It started to feel like I needed to pee "Dagi! I, ah! I think I neeeeeeeeeed, oh! T-to pee..." >Dagi didn't answer at all, instead she just leaned forward and kissed me again as she thrust into me harder and faster >Maybe it was the whole situation but it felt less gross this time, even though this time she was actually putting her tongue in my mouth >Oh god, I couldn't hold it any longer, would Dagi get mad at me if I peed on her? >Well, not like I could hold it back anymore >But what came wasn't pee at all >I started stiffening up, my butt clenching tightly around Dagi's pudding device as my own peepee jumped around, shooting the exact same pudding Dagi had been giving me all the time >My butt started getting filled up with hot goo, probably Dagi's pudding >Eventually we both stopped and just stood there panting >Dagi carried us over to the bed and fell on it with me on top of her >I could hardly move, I was so exhausted, and by the sound of it so was Dagi >I just lay there, breathing heavy as Dagi held me tightly against her heaving chest >Soon we both got enough breath back to talk >"So anon, how was that?" "That was amazing Dagi! Can we do it again?" >"Well aren't you full of energy? But not tonight anon." "Oh, okay..." >Dagi grabbed me a little tighter >"But there's gonna be plenty of other nights anon." >I'd like that >You know, I never realized just how soft and warm Dagi was until now >I curled up to her a little more and let my eyelids drop, man I was exhausted >It didn't take long at all for anon to fall asleep and just lay there clinging to you like a little angel >An angel you've conditioned very well "Oh anon, you'll be my perfect little cumslut soon enough..."