Seeing Red [clop] (Aria~Anon) - by Uh-hmmm

> The moment you open the door to the apartment, a hand covers your mouth and you are dragged inside > Sonata puts a finger to her lips, then lets go of your face > You crawl after her, keeping behind cover > A low growl echoes from the bedroom of Oscar's hot cousin > You sprint the rest of the way into Sonata's room > Ponytail follows soon after, pausing only to throw a box of chocolates outside her door > The locks click into place, and you both sigh in relief > You whisper, "That time of the month?" > Sonata just nods > You hear the sound of footsteps and freeze > Blueball is shaking > The footsteps stop at the door > You hold your breath > All you can hear is the rustling of paper > The moaning begins > It shames you as a boyfriend that you have not been able to coax those sounds out of Aria > You resume breathing, nothing can be heard over the boner-inducing noises from behind the door > Sonata is blushing and fidgeting with the hem of her skirt > As suddenly as they began, the noises stop > "Mmmm, that was good, Sonata. Why don't you let me in, so I can thank you?" > The girl is panic stricken > "N-no thanks, it's, ah, it's fine. How about you r-return the favor when it's m-my time of the month?" > The door thumps, and Sonata squeaks in fear > "Oh, but I want to thank you now, my dearest, most thoughtful friend. I want to thank you so. Bad." > "Um, no thanks? Please?" > "Of course, you're right." > Sonata relaxes a little > Aria continues > "There is no need to thank you FOR HIDING MY BOYFRIEND FROM ME!" > The door is rocked by a barrage of punches, and the growling intensifies > Sonata looks at you with tears in her eyes > "Forgive me." "Wha- No!" > Blue Raspberry unlocks the door and pulls it open, hiding in its shadow > A frazzled, flushed, and furious Aria gazes down at you > You give a weak wave "Hi." > "Don't you 'hi' me! Do you have any idea what kind of day it's been?" > You look up into her beautiful death glare "Please tell me." > Aria tilts her head to the side, calming somewhat > Then she reaches behind the door and throws Sonata out of the room > "I'll be using your bed, Dusk." > "G-go ahead, I'll just go... get some more chocolate!" > And she's gone > Your girlfriend grabs you by the armpits and bodily heaves you onto the cotton candy themed bed > You hold your peace as she strips out of her pants and panties with brutal efficiency > Aria climbs up onto the bed, straddling your tragically clothed crotch > "My day has been unbelievably shitty. You know why?" > You open your mouth > She puts her hand over it, and hisses > "You don't get to speak, your uterus isn't staging a bloody revolution!" > You remain silent, even as she starts grinding her lower lips against your bound erection > "That's right, Anon, today I am having my bloody fucking period. I already got the bloody part, and this period just keeps on going." > She reaches down and unbuttons your pants > "I guess that just leaves the fucking." > Aria rises up, leaning on the hand over your mouth as she unzips your trousers > The pressure on your head is almost painful > Her hand digs your cock out of your boxers, and she gives a low cry of victory when it surfaces > That breath of freedom lasts all of one second before she spears herself on it > The two of you groan in unison > Aria collapses onto your chest, her hips frantically humping you > You cautiously snake your arms around for a hug, but she isn't having it > Aria surges upward and seizes your wrists in her hands > "Anon, you fucker. The only thing you can do for me right now is let me rape you." > She pins them over your head, her low cut top giving you an excellent view of the girls "Ah! Stop, please stop!" > Aria looks down at you with an evil grin > "Yell all you want, little girl, no one will come to save you." > So you're a girl now? "Please stop, I feel so dirty inside~!" > She brings her face down and slowly, achingly, licks your cheek > You turn your head and clench your eyes shut "S-stop, I h-have a boyfriend!" > At that, she does stop, her sheath pulsing in orgasm, a thousand silken sheets grasping at your manhood > You hold on by the skin of your teeth, and slowly the surging in your loins dies down > Aria releases one of your wrists, and cups your chin > "Such a faithful little girl. I'm sure you've never kissed anyone else." > You look up into her cruel face "No, don't-" > Her lips crash down on yours, her tongue plundering your mouth > You moan, and you can feel her smile > Her hips slowly rock back and forth > At last, she breaks the kiss, her chest heaving > "Don't think I didn't notice you almost came." > Aria leans down and whispers into your ear > "I know you want it. You want my dick." > You shudder, and feel yourself building up again > She gives a low, throaty laugh > "You can deny it all you want, but your pussy is worshiping my cock." > You don't know how much more you can take > "I think I'll leave you a present, to remember me by." > She strokes your face, almost lovingly > "Name it after me." > With that, you release what feels like a river of cum deep inside the siren > With your free hand, you cup the back of her head and kiss her soundly as you fill her to overflowing > She falls to your chest, holding you close as her hips buck against yours > At last, the waves of orgasm die down, and you are left with a content girl laying on your chest > Then Aria slaps you "Hey!" > She rests her chin on your breastbone > "You broke character, it's your fault." > You sigh "Fair enough. Feeling better?" > Aria frowns > "A bit. But to be sure, let's go have sex on Adagio's bed." "...Found a new fetish, huh?" > She draws herself up, still pleasantly speared on your dick > "It's not rape if it's your bed. Now remember, I'm still furious, and you just got raped." "You sure that will work?" > She nods her head > "If I have learned anything in my life, it's that if you are angry enough, you can do anything." > Aria hops off the bed and stomps out > You meekly follow behind > The Purple Menace pounds on Adagio's door > "I KNOW YOU WERE IN ON IT TOO!" > You can hear a faint whimpering from behind the door > "OPEN THE FUCK UP, OR ELSE I'LL BE OPENING YOU THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR DAMN CUNT FUCKING DOOR!" > The door opens a crack, revealing a fearful Adagio > "I see you found Anon?" > Her eyes flicker in the direction of Aria's dripping crotch > Your girlfriend pushes the door the rest of the way open > "Thoroughly." > Her voice is as cold as the Siberian winter > "Now get on the bed, Adagio." > "M-me?" > "DON'T MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF, BITCH!" > Adagio scrambles onto her bed, laying rigidly on her back > Aria seizes you by the arm and manhandles you onto the bed, laying face up on top of the redhead > You can feel her squirming under your weight, her breasts mashed against your shoulder blades > The Incredible Punk can see it too, and she chuckles > "Go ahead and call me a bitch." > Once again she straddles your legs > "Because this is payback." > You have never been more in love with her before