Dazzle Mommies: Easter Bunnies - by HypeAholic

>Be Mommy Sonata >It was Easter! >You set your alarm clock to go off earlier this morning so you could prepare >You were dressed in a bunny suit and had a basket full of eggs prepared >It was still early in the morning so you didn't want to wake Anon or the other girls... >You carefully walk around the house, spotting good places to hide your little beauties >You painted every single one individually, you were quite proud of yourself >Even if they weren't that good >You have some fun, and bounce around the house looking for the best places for Anon to search >Some in the kitchen... >Some in the bedrooms... >One or two in the hallway... >Finally you run out of eggs >You were a little sad, but you were glad you found enough hiding places for Anon to look for >You happily giggle and get ready for Anon and the girls to awake >You wait for them in the kitchen, where you guys all normally gather for breakfast >Soon enough, you can hear yawns and soon after, the the shuffling of feet >You were so excited! >The Adagio was the first to come to the kitchen, she gets up earliest >She gives you a strange look when she notices your get up "Good Morning!" >You make sure to say that with a smile >"Good morning, I guess?" >She still looks confused >"What's with the get up? Are you looking to become a whore or something?" >What?!? >How dare she?!? "No! It's Easter!" >"Oh, okay then." >She starts making breakfast >She opens the fridge >"Sonata, where are all of the eggs?" >You explain "I boiled them all!" >She looks a little angry >"What? Why?" >Does she know nothing of Easter? "Because it's Easter, silly!" >She groans and facepalms >"Okay, but how am I supposed to cook breakfast now?" >Oh yeah >Right "Ummm..." >"It's fine. I'll just go pick something up to eat or something." >She leaves the kitchen >She must be upset >She shouldn't be, it's Easter! >She should be happy! >Finally you hear a small pair of footsteps nearing the kitchen >This is what you've been waiting for! >Be unsuspecting kid Anon >You just woke up in your bed >You want to sleep in, but you can hear some people talking in the kitchen >Your mommies must be up too! >Your stomach rumbles slightly >Guess it's good that they're already up, you were getting hungry! >You walk down the hall to the kitchen >You peak your head inside >What you see surprises you >Your mommy Sonata is dressed as a bunny >She looks funny! >"HAPPY EASTER, ANON!" >You jump a little as she yells >What'd she say? >Happy what? >Your mother runs over to you, and wraps you in a warm bunny hug "Happy what, mommy?" >She releases you for a moment >"Easter!" >You're still confused "What's that?" >She gasps >"You don't know about.... EASTER?!?" >Uh oh "N-no..." >Mommy Sonata looks like she's about to explode >"Easter is sooooo awesome!" >You were kinda curious now >You've never heard of easter before "What happens on Easter?" >She has a huge smile on her face >"Welllll...." >She walks over to a nearby cupboard and opens it >After a minute of rooting around in it and her bunny tail swishing around in the air, she pulls out a colorful egg >"You look for these!" >An egg? >Why would you look for that? >She releases the colorful object from her bunny paws and into your hands >You were still confused "Why do I look for these, mommy?" >She giggles a little bit >"Because if you find them all I'll give you... a *surprise*..." >You don't like how she put an emphasis on *surprise* "What kind of surprise?" >She giggles >"A surprising one!" >You felt a little uneasy about the idea >But you didn't really have anything else to do today >You were about to ask Mommy Sonata another question about egg searching, but your thoughts were interrupted by your stomach rumbling >Mommy Sonata notices as well >"Don't worry, Adagio will be back with some food soon!" >You can hear a door open and a pair of footsteps coming down the hall towards the kitchen >Mommy Sonata looks excited again >She crouches behind the corner that connects the kitchen and hallway >She looks like an animal ready to pounce >Well... More Like a bunny ready to hop >She looks funny! >As soon as Mommy Aria turns the corner, Mommy Sonata jumps out in front of Aria >Aria shrieks >"HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!" >Mommy Aria nearly falls over in shock >Mommy Sonata catches her and pulls her into another bunny hug >Mommy Aria must not like it, because she pushes Mommy Sonata off of her as soon as her shock is gone >"What the hell is wrong with you?!" >She looks mad... >"Uhhg... Where's Adagio?" >Sonata doesn't seem bothered by Mommy Aria's mood >She replies with a smile >"She went out to pick up breakfast!" >Mommy Aria grumpily starts to walk back to her room >"Well, tell me when she gets back. Idiot." >You can hear a door slam >Mommy Sonata turns back to you >"Don't mind her, little Nonny, she's just a little grumpy that Adagio took her special box!" >You shudder >You still had nightmares of the jello from that thing >After all of that, Mommy Sonata explains the rules of egg searching >You aren't allowed to ask where they are, but you can ask for hintsies >You have to collect them in a basket she gave you >It's pink and frilly >And you have to find them all by the end of today "What happens when I win?" >She laughs >"It's a surprise, silly!" >Okay then >Without any further hesitation, you begin your search >You started in the kitchen, because you know Mommy Sonata probably hid some more eggs in here >Mommy Sonata was eagerly following you around in her bunny costume, with a big smile covering her face >You found one in the oven, and another in the vegetable drawer in the fridge >Mommy Sonata was really surprised you were able to find that one! >Soon after, you find another egg hidden on a chair at the table >You only found it because you sat on it >Mommy Sonata was so excited >"Okay! Thats all of them in the kitchen!" >Hahaha this was kinda fun "Okay!" >When you begin to walk out of the kitchen to search elsewhere, you can hear a car pull up in your driveway >That's probably Mommy Adagio! >Sonata heads to the front door with you to see who it is >You both peek through a nearby window >Sure enough, you can see Mommy Adagio getting out of the car with a large paper bag in her hands >She starts heading toward the front door >"Yay! Food!" "Yay!" >Be Mommy Adagio >You've just gotten back to the house with some breakfast burritos >You grab the greasy paper bag from the passenger seat and get out of the car >You hope Sonata isn't still dressed in that stupid bunny suit >You start walking to the front door, with the bag in hand >Be Kid Anon, bunny lord! >Mommy Sonata and you were eagerly waiting behind the front door >You tried to look through the little peeping hole but you weren't tall enough >Mommy Sonata could though and now you were being smushed between her and the door >You were both waiting in ambush >You can hear Adagio's keys being turned in the lock >She slowly opens the door >Mommy Sonata carries you with her as she backs up with the door >Mommy Adagio walks in with the food, completely unaware of your presence >Mommy Sonata holds onto you, ready to pounce.... >Mommy Adagio turns around to close the door... >"HAPPY EASTER!!!!" "HAPPY EASTER!!!" >Mommy Adagio screams and drops the paper bag "AAAAAAAYYYYHHHH!" >Mommy Sonata and you were laughing your butts off >Mommy Adagio looks upset, so you stop laughing >Mommy Sonata keeps laughing hysterically though >Mommy Adagio picks up the bag before angrily looking at Mommy Sonata >"What the heck Sonata?!?" >She looks angrily at you too >"And you, Anon!" >You hide behind Sonata in shame, Adagio always knows how to make you feel bad >She gives a heavy sigh and rubs her eyes with two fingers >You think she's calmed down >"I thought you would be a little more mature than this." >She gives another big sigh >"Come on I guess, lets eat." >You look to Mommy Sonata >She seems sad now... >But it's Easter! >She shouldn't be! "Come on Mommy! We can keep looking after!" >She giggles a little >She seems a little bit better! >"Okay, come on Nonny." >She holds your hand, and pulls you with her to the kitchen >You were trailing right behind her >Her bunny tail was brushing against your face >It tickles! >Mommy Sonata and you enter the kitchen, Adagio has already set out the burritos on plates and was already eating hers >She looks at Mommy Sonata in her bunny costume, then looks to you >"Anon, can you go get Aria?" >Mommy Aria did say to get her when Adagio got here >She's probably still mad though.... "Okay..." >You reluctantly leave Mommy Sonata's hold, and walk down the hall towards Mommy Aria's bedroom >You reach the door and wait a second >You don't like bugging Mommy Aria... >*Knock-knock* >... >*Knock-knock* >... >Nothing >You kinda want to just leave her alone, but you know Mommy Adagio would just send you back >So... You open the door >You can hear snoring >Loud snoring >It's coming from Mommy Aria's bed >You walk around the bed to see Mommy Aria's head sticking out of her blankets >The hole in her face was the cause of the noise >It was kinda annoying >So you poke it >... >You poke it again >Mommy Aria stirs from her sleep slightly >You make a small barrage of playful pokes to your mother's face >Finally she wakes >"Uhhhhhhhggggg..." >Why won't she get up? "Mommy? Mommy Aria!" >"Mmmmmphhh..." >She has protected her face from your pokes by shoving it into her pillow >Still determined, you move downward and continue your poke assault on her tummy >You move the blanket, and expose her belly, which you begin tormenting with your little pokes >Her groans are muffled into her pillow >Finally she lifts her head and groggily looks at you >"Waaaaat..." "Time to eat!" >"Five more minutes..." >Okay! >Finally with your job done, you run off, back to the kitchen >Mommy Aria will probably get up >Probably >When you get to the kitchen, you can see Mommy Adagio is already gone >She must have finished already >Mommy Sonata was still there though, and she smiles at your approach >"Hay Nmmy!" >She still speaks with her mouth full >Mommy Aria and Adagio always get so mad at you for that >It's not fair! "Hey momma" >You pull up a seat next to your blue haired mother and grab a burrito from the paper bag >You unwrap the Mexican dish from the foil keeping the warmth inside >The steam lifts off from it's beauty >Your stomach growls viciously to remind you of your hunger, and you tear into the burrito like an animal >Your mother does the same >Except more like a bunny >The burrito was filled with a variety of things, like eggs, cheese, beans, ham, and other breakfasty things >In just a minute or so you've already scarfed down half of it, and you finish it in the next >You were hungry >Your mother finishes soon after you do >You eagerly ask if you can continue your hunt "Mommy, can we keep egg searching now?!" >She laughs at your excitement >"Yes! Bunnies must egg hunt together!" >You run down the hall in search for more eggs, with your blue-haired bunny mother hopping behind you >After a few minutes of searching and a few subtle hints from your mother, you find a few eggs in the hall >Your mother is just as excited as ever >She hops around excitedly as you continue to find more rainbow colored eggs >At this rate you'll get the surprise for sure! >Your mother continues to cheer you on as you move from room to room, collecting the small colorful treasures >Mommy Aria, at one point, exits her room to eat her now cold burrito >You've searched the kitchen, the hallways, the living room, heck even the bathroom >After you find enough eggs in one room, Mommy Sonata tells you that you've found them all >It seems like only minutes have gone by, but it's actually been a few hours >You're relieved when lunch time rolls around >Mommy Sonata stops you while you are searching >"Hey Nonny, you getting hungry?" >You were a little... "Kinda..." >She giggles a little bit >"Okay! It is Tuesday, I can make us some [spoiler]sandwiches!"[/spoiler] >She happily hops off to the kitchen and you follow her >You didn't really want to stop hunting though... >You enter the kitchen once again today and take a seat at the table >Mommy Sonata had already pulled out a variety of sandwich making supplies >All sorts of deli meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other condiments lined the counter >She pulls you over and you two begin the art of sandwich making together >She helps you put together your favorite sandwich and you make jokes and recommend what she should put on hers >You get creative and tell her to make her sandwich two layers >She laughs and plays along >By the time you both are done, you have your sandwich >And next to it, a massive overlord sandwich of multiple layers and ingredients >You are a master chef! >Both you and your Rabbit dressed mother take your respective sandwiches and sit at the table >You immediately dig into your sandwich, but Mommy Sonata doesn't start right away like you >Your Bluehared mother seems to be having some trouble with her sandwich >It's way too big to fit in her tiny mouth! >She attempts to bite into the sandwich overlord >As soon as she does, a giant mess of meat and sauce splurges out of the sandwich and onto her >She was covered in mustard and mayonnaise >Some ham was hanging off of her big floppy ear >She stays silent for minute, taking in what just happened >You then start to giggle >You can't hold it in anymore, and start laughing uncontrollably >A smile starts to grow on your mother's face and she starts to laugh along too >You both proceed to laugh your butts off about her predicament >After Mommy Sonata made sure she didn't have anymore mayonnaise in her fur, you both continue eating >You finish your sandwich, and she finishes what she can of the Giant Sandwich Overlord >But in the end it proves too mighty for your mother to handle and she just saves the rest for later >Now you both can continue the hunt! >You walk down the hall, thinking of what room to search next >But where else is there to look though? >You abruptly stop in the middle of the hall as this thought pops into your mind >Mommy Sonata bumps into your back >She still can't stop hopping >"What's the matter, Nonny?" >Where else would she put eggs "Mommy Sonata? Where did you put the other eggs?" >She gives you a slight disapproving look >"I can't tell you, that'd be cheating silly!" "No, I mean where else could they be? We searched everywhere!" >She stops hopping >"Oh, you didn't check the bedrooms yet!" >Oh! >Oh. >Oh no... "Mommy... You didn't hide eggs in ALL the bedrooms, did you?" >She looks very pleased with herself >"Of course I did! Didn't miss a single room!" "Even Mommy Aria's room...?" >"Yep!" >Crud >Mommy Aria didn't like it when people went in her room >The only reason you got away with it this morning was because she was asleepies >How are you search it now?!? "Aaaaaaaaghhh...." >You faceplant on the floor >How are you gonna get your surprise now? >Your mother peels your sad, limp body, off the floor, and holds you in a hug >"Don't worry, Nonny. I'm sure we can still get them, somehow." >Mommy Sonata was being pretty optimistic >Mommy Adagio's room, Sonata's, and your room should be easy enough to search >But Mommy Aria is going to kill you if you mess with any of her stuff >She has some weird stuff in there too! >What were you going to do? >"Nonny? Are you okay, sweetie?" "Yeah... Let's go search our rooms first I guess..." >The search goes fairly well in the other bedrooms >You search yours and Mommy Sonata's rooms first >Your room only had one egg and it was under your pillow, and Mommy Sonata's had 2 eggs hidden in her drawers >She didn't let you go through one of her drawers though >"Girly stuff" was in there apparently >You didn't really mind >Finally you and your bunny mother go to search your other mothers' rooms >Mommy Adagio was on her bed, reading, and gives you a strange look as you and Sonata come in and start looking through her things, but luckily doesn't complain and just goes back to reading >You found an egg under the bed and one in her dirty laundry >Mommy Sonata started laughing when you searched in there for some reason >Mommy Adagio got really embarrassed too! >Now, there was just one last place to look >Finally, you were outside of Mommy Aria's room >You just stare at the doorknob for a minute, thinking >"What are you waiting for, Sweetums?" >Your mom gently pushes you towards the door >You reach for the doorknob and turn it >You crack the door open slowly before peaking your head in >Huh... She wasn't in here... >That's good I guess! >Maybe your mom can keep a lookout for Aria! >"Hey mommy? Can you guard the door in case Mommy Aria comes back?" >She giggles a little bit before nodding >"Yeah, okay. Have fun! Oh and there are two eggs in her room!" >As she says that, you enter the room, shutting the door behind you >You search through her sheets, and look on her shelves and even look in her drawers >So far you only found one egg under her pillow >You wanted to look under her bed, but it was messy under there! >And really small! >You could barely fit in there! >You were looking in her dirty laundry next, when you hear voices at the door >"Hey Sonata, what are you doing in front of my room?" >"Oh, Im keeping watch!" >You put your hand over your face, like you've seen Adagio do before, Mommy Sonata wasn't very good at this >Oh wait... >You need to hide! >Where though?!? >You desperately look around for a place to hide >"Keeping watch for what?" >There was silence for a moment >"Oh... Uh, Im looking for... Anon! Have you seen him?" >You can hear Mommy Aria tiredly respond >"No, I haven't seen him since this morning. Go ask Adagio or something. Can you let me in my room now?" >You spot her bed, and quickly dive under it, with your egg basket tightly held in your arms >Just in time, as the door to the room opens shortly afterward, followed by a pair of purple legs >You can see Mommy Sonata standing outside with a worried look on her face, before Mommy Aria shuts the door behind her >You were now stuck under Mommy Aria's bed >Crud. >Mommy Aria walked over to her dresser to get something, before she plops down on her bed, right above you >The mattress bends a little to accommodate the new weight, and the mattress pushes down right above you, pinning you to the floor >Double crud! >You need to find a way to escape from here >Maybe if you look around under her bed... >She had a fairly large bed, it was pretty dark under here >There was a whole bunch of stuff, old food wrappers, magazines, clothes, you even found... >The egg! >Sure enough, amidst the garbage, clothes, and strange magazines, you see a single glittery, rainbow colored egg >You try to reach for it, but it was on the opposite side of the bed, and you were still smushed against the floor... >If you struggle too hard, mommy Aria will notice... >What are you gonna do? >You're stuck under the bed like that for a couple of minutes >The only sounds you could hear was Mommy Aria's soft breathing >Once in a while, she would shift a little bit to get more comfortable, when she did that you took the opportunity to try and wiggle out without being noticed >You managed to scoot forward a few inches, and you try to reach for the egg again >You throw your hand out in front of you and stretch your arm as far as you can, your fingertips were just barely brushing the side of the egg >You were so close, it was just out of your reach! >Finally, after another couple of minutes Aria shifts again >You quickly shuffle forward and grab the egg >You think you did it too fast though, because you bump into the mattress a bit too hard >You think Mommy Aria notices >"Hmm? What was that?" >Triple crud! >Aria starts to move, and you see a pair of purple legs dangle off the side of the bed >You quickly throw the egg into your basket and get ready to crawl out as soon as she gets up >Sure enough, Mommy Aria stands up, and you slowly try to crawl out, hoping she doesn't notice you >Unfortunately, she can tell something was under her bed, and she kneels down to check >Her eyes meet yours and you freeze >... >She looks very angry >Uh oh >"Anon!?! What the HELL are you doing under m-" "AHHHHHH!!!" >You quickly throw yourself through the garbage and clothing to get out from under the bed, and you quickly run for the door, your basket of little colorful wonders in hand >Mommy Aria was a bit confused still, but she quickly runs after you >"Anon!!!" >You throw the door open, and slam it shut behind you before running down the hall >You had a little head-start and that gives you enough time to hide around a corner as Aria emerges out of her room after you >She looks around, wondering what direction you could've gone >"Where did he...? Agh... Whatever." >She seems to have given up, and returns to her room, closing her door behind her >Mission Accomplished! >You did it!!!! >As you do a little celebratory fist pump, you feel something nudging you from behind >You turn around, to see it was Mommy Sonata, still dressed in her bunny costume >You happily exclaim your exploits "Mommy! I found the eggs!" >She does a happy little bunny dance with you before she replies >"See?! I knew you could do it!" >She happily wraps you in another bunny hug, and you return it excitedly >But now, it's time to get serious >You were promised a surprise! "Mommy Sonata! You said I would get a surprise!" >She giggles a little bit before happily nodding >"Don't worry, I didn't forget Anon.' >She kneels down to your height, and gives you a very cheery smile >She pulls you in for a warm hug, which again you return >Finally she gives you a small kiss on your forehead >"Happy Easter, Anon. I love you." >... >Was that the surprise? >Awwwww... >You did so much hunting today... >You did have a lot of fun though >And you liked spending a lot of time with Mommy Sonata today >You guess it was worth it >You give your mother a small peck on the cheek "I love you too, Mommy. Thanks for everything!" >She laughs before giving you another kiss on the nose >"Come on, It's almost dinner time." "Okay!" >It's been a long day, but it's been one of the most fun you've ever had >You wouldn't trade it for anything >The End, Happy Easter