Aria: After-School Tutor - by Anonymous

>Be young Anon >Start of a new school year >You didn't do too well last year >Mom hired a tutor for you >Apparently she comes highly recommended by other parents >Great probably gonna be some boring turbo nerd >The doorbell rings >That's probably her >You can already smell the sour cream and onion >You hear two sets of footsteps coming to your room >You think about just being a butt and ignore her or try and drive her off, but mom made it pretty clear if you don't start shaping up in your grades, she's gonna tan your hide >She's a professional tanner, so you take that threat more seriously than other kids would >The door opens and your mom and some purple girl comes in >Well, she's pretty and doesn't smell, so that's a start >"Anon, this will be your tutor, Aria." >Your mom gives you a look >Its more like a glare >Oh shit, manners! You wave, "H-hi Aria, I'm Anon." >The grape girl smiles and waves back, Hello Anon, its a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure we're going to get along well." >Damn, she's really cute. >"Well I'm glad you two are getting along already. Aria, if you have any problems with Anon, just let me know, I'll be sure to deal with him." >You mother makes sure you look her in the eyes, conveying the ass whooping she's going to give you if you act up. >"I'm sure that won't be necessary, he seems like a nice boy." >You think you're falling in love with this girl. >Glad you grew out of your 'girls are gross' phase. >You mom doesn't seem to share Aria's opinion though. >"I wish that were true. Anyways, I'll leave it to you, I need to run some errands. I left some money for a pizza so call when you get hungry. Have fun, and BEHAVE." >A shiver runs down your spine, you know who that last word was meant for. >And what it meant >As you sit there look at Aria, you hear your mother's car drive off. >And in the blink of an eye everything changes. >The pretty, smiling Aria disappears, and in her place is some grape grump. >"Alright kid, here's how it goes. You're gonna do you work, and you're gonna do it right. You give me any problems, and I'll tell your mom how you were rude and disrespectful." >You swallow a lump in your throat. >You'd rather die than have your mom get mad at you. >CAUSE YOU WOULD DIE >"Don't look like that kid, there's a silver lining here. Your mom's got me paid up for two weeks. If you do ok with your work during that time, I'll let you see me in my bra. If you do well, I'll let you see my tits. And if you finish the year with an A..." >She leans in real close to your ear. >You can feel her breath. >You can feel yourself slowly starting to harden >"... I'll let you suck on them." >And we have liftoff! >"Here's a little incentive to get you going." >She presses her lips against your cheek and lingers for a couple of seconds. >But it feels like forever >All too soon she breaks it off, and looks you right in the eyes. >You can't look away as she gives you s smile >Not a heartwarming smile >But the smile of a predator that knows its caught its prey >And you can only nod >"Good. Now, I'm going to go order some pizza, I hope you like pineapple. >You didn't, but you do know. >"Let's see, if you can get 50% of your math homework correct, I'll let you have a slice. Get it all right, and I might share a slice with you." >She walks out of the room with some sway to her step, not even bothering to look back. >She knows you're staring. >You've never been good at math >But by God your gonna be. >It's been 30 minutes. >And you know one thing for sure. >You're going to bed hungry. >Apparently wishing to be good at something doesn't magically make it so. >It's some sick Catch 22. >If you you were smart enough to answer these questions right, you wouldn't need a tutor. >But having a tutor means you aren't smart enough to answer them. >So much for that indirect kissu. >Why is math so hard? >Aria comes back in, pizza box in one hand, a glass of ice water in the other. >Smells good. >"So runt, how's it going?" >Aria leans over your shoulder, examining your work. >Smells real good... >The pizza! >The pizza smells real good! >Yeah, that's what you meant. >You're not smelling her, that'd be wierd. >Though she certainly does smell good. >"Are you retarded or something?" >And we're back to the living world. >"Your mom said you were dumb, but holy shit kid. Trust me, I know retarded when I see it, I live with one." >Your smile and optimism: gone. >She looks at one of your answers, clearly disgusted. >"X+3=9. You answered..." "Five?" >She inhales deeply through her teeth. >It seems like a familiar act to her. >"Even if you don't know the formula, basic common sense should tell you what the answer is, kid." >She reaches in front of you for a sheet of paper, her smooth arm lightly grazing your face. >You detect a bit of muscle, given the firmness. >A thought that is proven as her upper arm lightly hits you in the face. >An annoyed expression on her face, >"Don't get cheeky kid..." >Turns into a familiar predatory grin. >"You haven't earned it..." >Did it just get hotter in here? >She leans in closer, the bare tip of her tongue sliding across her lip. >"Yet." >It takes more willpower than you thought you had to keep from biting your lower lip off. >You're pretty sure you're sweating. >"My my Anon, you look hot. Maybe you should cool down?" >Aria opens her mouth and extends her tongue as she places an ice cub on it, and slowly, so very slowly, pulls her tongue back in. >If her plan is to cool you off by killing you via overheating, its working. >She removes the cube from her mouth, appraising it like a diamond. >Right now, to you, it was the most valuable piece of ice in existence. >Your attention so strewn, you don't notice when she places it against your forhead, sliding it back and forth. >You can't honestly say if it was cooling you off, or just heating you up more. >Before anything else happens, the atmosphere suddenly changes as Aria pops the cube back into her mouth, stands up and brings a chair over. >"Ok kid, enough fun, let's get to work. Clearly we have a lot to go over. I know now why your mom paid so much more than the other parents." >Ouch. >Add pride and dignity to the things you've lost tonight. >Time goes by as she helps you with your math. >You don't think you did as well as was expected, considering she pulled out her emergency bottle of maximum strength migraine medicine. >Three times. >She just calls them Sonata pills, whatever that means. >She does let you have a slice of pizza. >The smallest one. >And how that girl puts away nearly an entire pizza... >No, literally the way she does. >Each bite slow and deliberate. >The way she leans her head back, always making sure you're watching out of the corner of her eye, and swallows. >Sadly, she only eats that way when you get a question right. >Which isn't often, but it spurs you on to do better. >You eventually do well enough near the end she almost eats a whole slice that way. >Eventually your mom comes back, time having completely slipping by you. >"Well, it seems like that's it for tonight. You've made some progress, kid, you're almost not as dumb as Sonata." >You don't know who this Sonata is, but you're pretty sure that was an insult. >She stands and stretches her long, slender arms above her head. >You can see her armpits. >Wow, when did you become such a perv, finding armpits attractive? >Who cares? >Eventually your mom makes her way to your room and just lets herself in. >You don't tell her to knock anymore, not after last time. >When you told her to knock, she knocked alright. >On the back of your head. >"Anon, I'm back. I hope you weren't a problem for Miss Blaze while I was gone." >That wasn't a question. >Aria comes to your rescue. >"No ma'am, he was perfectly well behaved. We had a wonderful time, well, as wonderful as doing schoolwork can be anways, right Anon?" >She gives a light hearted giggle at the second half of her statement. >How can she go from being rough, to seductive, to cute so quickly and easliy? >Girls might not be gross anymore, but they're still weird. "Y-yeah, we had a good time." >You mom looks at you like you grew a second, third, and fourth head. >Her son? Having a good time doing homework? She smells something, probably thinking Aria is just really nice and not selling you out. >But she let's it slide. >"Well good, first time for everything. Hopefully he can keep this up. Anywho, how's he coming with his work?" >And the shoe drops. >You can honestly admit you're still sucking at math. >"Well, Mrs. Mous, he still needs some practice, but if he didn't he wouldn't need a tutor, would he?" >She laughs that adorable little laugh again. >God that's cute. >"But from what he knew when we first started to where he is now, he's certainly making good progress. He just needs someone to help him along, like an excersice partner. It's always easier and more enjoyable when you work together with others, right Anon?" "Y-yeah. It was a lot more fun learning with Aria than by myself or from the boring teacher." >You need to work on that stutter. >Pretty sure chicks don't dig that. >"I suppose that makes sense. I go out jogging a few times a week, sometimes alone, sometimes with some of the neighborhood moms, and I can atest to what a chore it is to go alone. But its good to hear he's finally putting something into that brain of his." >Aria and your mom chat a little longer before she offers Aria a ride home. >"No thanks ma'am, I'll just catch the bus. It was nice meeting you, and nice meeting you as well, Anon. I'm sure we'll get along just as well tomorrow as we did today." >She waves her fingers as she follows you mom out of your room. >But not before looking back at you, making sure she has your attention, as she sways those hips till she's out of sight. > You reach for one of the napkins Aria brought with the pizza, and wipe your brow. >A cold shower sounds real nice right about now. >It's the end of a fun filled day at Canterlot Middle School. >And your head hurts. >You actually paid attention in math class today and took notes! >You even went so far as to ask for help! >You might be dumb, but you aren't stupid. >You learned real fast last night that Aria rewards you for being smart, and punsishes you for being dumb. >Kinda like how your mom trained the dog. >Treats for good behavior. >Hitting him in the head for bad behavior. >Your mom sure has a thing about hitting things in the head. >You wouldn't be surprised if she brained your damage. >...Wait, that's not right. >But who cares about that now? >You need to get home and study your ass off some more. >You're gonna knock the socks off your math homework! >Maybe you can knock Aria's socks off? >Knock the socks right off those beautiful feet. >Those feet you just want to kiss, those toes you wanna suck. >Imagining Aria sitting above you as she presses her soft feet into your face, that dominating grin of hers, as she slowly grinds them all over your face, and occasionally slipping a toe into your lips. >Taking deept breathes as she runs them over your nose. >You shake your head clear of those thoughts, remembering you're still in public before you get a raging hardon and embarass yourself. >When did you get a foot fetish? >First armpits, now feet? >And you think there was definitely some submissive in there. >Maybe its less of individual fetishes, and just an Aria fetish? >Yeah, let's go with that. >Makes you sound less like a pervert and more like a stalker. >...That doesn't sound right. >Whatever! >Gonna make something happen tonight! >Time flies by as you finally get home. >It'll be a little while before Aria gets here, but you want to be ready. >Guess you'll skip the daily ritual of watching classic Toonami >Goku will surely forgive you. >You spend the next few hours studying and going over your homework. >It's still hard, but you think you're getting more answers right today than you did yesterday. >You might not get the 'grand' prize, but you'll settle for anything. >Time slips by you again when you hear the dorbell ring. >That must be Aria. >Your mother is kind enough to verify this for you as she shouts from the doorway. >"ANON! YOUR TUTOR'S HERE!" >S-she didn't have to say it like that. >You're pretty sure the neighbors heard that. >You almost wish you were dead. >But then you'd miss Aria. >Ok Anon, act cool, you can do this. >Just sit here, and try not to act like you've been waiting for her all day. >You got this man. >The sound of footsteps approach. >The door opens and in walks Aria and your mom. >"Hello again, Anon." >You don't know which smile you like better, this cute one or her predator grin. >Oh, right, gotta be cool and respond. "H-HI!" >Your voice cracks. >Now you truly wish you were dead. >Aria just gigles. >And your mom? >She is literally facepalming as hard as she can. >Probably hard enough for the both of you. >"Anyways, I'll just leave you two to it. Maybe I can actually get through my book without having to worry about Anon breaking something." >Thanks for the love, mom. >She turns and leaves, closingthe door behind her. >"Ok Anon, let's get to work, shall we?" >She keeps up her 'good' face. >"Now get out your History book, let's see where you are." >She pulls her chair up and sits beside you. >History?! "History? I thought we were doing math?" >"Is math the only subject you're doing poorly on?" "N-no." >Seriously bro, that stutter. >"Then we're going to go over all the subjects, and today is History." >Ffffffffffffff, you practically ignored all your other classes today just to study your math. >Turns out you're dumb and stupid afterall. >"Now let's see, according to your notes, what little you have," >She eyes you, shaking her head in disappoinment. >"Your class is discussing the events of June 6th, 1944. Ah, that was a good year. Good times, good times." >She looks ahead, eyes moistening up like she was remembering an old friend. >Blinking aways the moitsure, she looks back to you. >"So Anon, what can you tell me about what makes this date important?" >Awww shiet nigga, you don't know. >You never could remember dates. "I don't know, the Mayflower landed?" >She looks at you, her expression screaming 'Are you fucking kidding me?' >But it changes right back to that charming smile of hers. >Except it seems creepy now. >And a little scary. >She holds her right hand a bit away from your face. >"Anon, do you see my hand?" "Well, yeah, its right in front of me. How could I not see it?" >"Good, cause you won't see this coming." >You feel a hand smack the back of your head, driving your forehead into Aria's open palm. >Mom, is that you? >"Damn kid, I don't know which is worse, that you don't know when the Mayflower landed, or you don't know what D-Day was." >There's the Aria that scares you in some terrifingly good way. >"Might as well get an early start." >She reaches into her bag and pulls out her Sonata pills and just throws five of them down. >She doesn't bother putting the bottle back. >Looks like she anticipates needing them very soon. >Time ticks by, and before the hour is up, she's already downed half the bottle. >You're pretty sure that's not safe, but the pills either aren't that effective or she's built up a resistance to them. >Given that she gave them a nickname, probably the latter. >"Ok kid, let's switch gears. This is frustrating the hell out of me. Its probably doing the same to you, but who cares?" >Ouch >"So kid, what electives do you have?" "Computer Maintenece and Art." >"That's too bad." >She draws her finger lightly up your neck up to your chin, and holds it just slightly tilted back. >Her face moves closer to yours, never breaking eye contact, stoping just short of your own. >You can feel her breath on your lips. >She's so close you can smell her. >Suprisingly she smells like pomegranate. >You would've thought grape. >Pomegranates are better than grapes any day of the week. >"I could teach you quite a lot about Health Education." >It was s soft and low you barely heard what she said. >But you felt it in all the right parts. >The naughty parts that is. >Speaking of... "IGOTTAGOTOTHEBATHROOM!" >As you make a break for the bathroom as fast as you can with your boner in the way, you can hear laughing behind you the whole time. >After 'relieving' yourself, you head back to your room, head hung low in shame. >She barely did anything and look how you reacted. >You're gonna be alone forever. >Might as well buy a wand and practice for your Wizard status. >Coming back to your room, you notice the lights are out. >Did she leave? >Were you so pathetic that she decided to go home? >You don't blame her. >Turning the light causes your mind to freeze up. >For laying across your bed is Aria. >pic related >"So you take Art, kid? Then draw me like one of your French girls." >She takes slow, exaggerated motions as she stretches out across the bed, and lowers herself down close to the mattress, resting her head on her arm. >"There's a pad and pencil on the table, show me what you got boyo, and if you do a good job..." >Her voice drops to a whisper. >She places a finger on her blouse, and pulls it down just a hair. >"...I'll show you what I got." >The words cut through you like a knife between the ribs. >Oh God you should've taken Photography. >You can't draw for shit. >But you're gonna try, and hope it doesn't affend her. >Maybe if its bad enough you can say its 'modern art' or something. >Modern art is complete trash, and people still eat it up. >You go the the table and pick the pad and pencil up, dragging the chair closer to the bed. >You look at her, trying to figure out where to start. >Well, maybe more like stare. >That's not creepy at all. >There's just so much to work with. >"Hmmm, maybe a position change would be better?" >She lays on her stomach along the width of the bed, looking right at you. >Aria rests her chin on the back of her interlaced fingers, her back arched so her chest is off the bed. >Speaking off, her shirt starts to droop, exposing her cleavage >It's... it's beautiful. >You can't help but gaze long into the abyss. >But you eventually force yourself to. >Not by your own volition. >But because of the pillow Aria just threw in your face. >Hard. >You didn't know being hit by a pillow could hurt. >But you do now. >Aria returns to her position after hitting you. >She raises her feet are in the air, crossing them at the ankles. >You were so focused on the upper half of her body you didn't notice her feet were bare. >Those wonderfully declicious feet. >You bet they were soft and smooth, and even after wearing those boots all day they still smelled fantastic. >Damn dude, you got issues. >She snaps her fingers, again bringing you out of your reverie. > A mixture of annoyance that she has to keep bringing you back, and smug sense of victory that she can captivate you so deeply on her face. >"Go ahead boyo, immortalize me!" >What's the worst that could happen? ... ... ... >This is the worst. >You can't tell if this drawing is supposed to even be remotely human. >You can only look at the drawing in disgust. >"Let me see." >Aria snatches the pad from your hands. >You get out of the chair and try to grab it back before she can look at it, but you're too slow. >She's already pulled it close to to her and starts looking at it. >You can only look with a sense of foreboding dispair. >Slow, dumb, and untalented. >Your future prospects look bleak. >Aria examines your sketch. >Her face quickly changes from bemused curiosity to mild disgust. >You know that feel. >She tears the image several times before throwing it in the trash. >"We'll never speak of this again. And you should start thinking of new electives, the school year just started so you still have time to swap out, because clearly you suck at drawing." >And another blow to your confidence. >At least it would be if you had any left. >"I recommend Health Ed." >She walks twoard you, placing you between her and the bed. >She places her right hand on your cheek, and begins to slowly trace her way down to your chest, stopping when her hand is over your heart. >No doubt she can feel your heart beat. >Your heart is beating so fast that its more like a hum. >Her left hand goes to your other cheek, as she moves her face close to yours. >So very close that its almost touching. >No wait, it is touching! >Her forehead meets yours, her nose a few scant centimeters from your yours. >And her eyes, its like gazing into space. >You're lost in them. >"I think you could really learn a lot from a..." >She slides her face across yours, her skin touching your as she leans to whisper in your ear. >"...Hands on approach." >You feel pressure on your chest as she pushes you on the bed. >You fall on your back, as Aria looks down on you. >You kinda like this. >She has a mischevious grin that only gets bigger as her eyes travel down your body and stops. >Her grin is so wide its a wonder how it fits on her face. >You follow her gaze to see what's so funny when you see it. >You're pitching a tent. >Your face turns blood red as more shame and embrarassment than you've ever felt fills your mind. >You quickly raise up to try and cover your self. >Aria giggles at your reaction. >A villainous and cruel giggle, that derives its strength from your suffering. >Its takes a minute, but she finally settles down. >"I think that's enough for tonight Anon. You'll need to read and reread your history book to try and memorize dates and events. Tomorrow we'll be going over your English, so be prepared for it." >You can only nod, too ashamed to speak. >You can barely look at her, your face heating up each time just remembering it. >But her movement catches your attention. >She turns around and leans over to pick her boots up. >And right in front of you, is that ass. >DAT ASS >Your lip retracts into your mouth on natural instinct. >She sways side to side ever so slowly, while occassionally shifting her weight from one leg to the other. >The way it looks, the way it moves... >So hypnotic... >You don't notice till its too late. >Unconsciously you've moved your face towards its and buried your in her perfect ass. >And you come to your senses. >You fucked up. >You can feel Aria tense up through her ass as she jolts up and turns to look at you. >Correction. >GLARE MURDEROUS INTENT AT YOU >You're fucked. >Even if she doesn't beat you to within an inch of your life, which is the best cause scenario... >She'll probably tell your mom, which is the absolute worst case scenario. >"Anon..." >She says through gritted teeth. >A horrifingly fake smile on her face. >You're dead. >It was a good life. >Not really, but you put your face against that perfect butt, so it kinda was. >"Could you follow me?" >Its not a question. >She puts her boots on and you follow her to your door. >"Closer." >You move up closer when *BAM* >The door opens hard and fast hits you right in the face. >"Oh Anon! Are you alright?! I'm so sorry!" >You to the floor, clutching your head in pain. >Did anyone catch the number of that door? >"WHAT'S GOING ON UP THERE?" >Even in the throes of pain you recognize your mother's voice. >At least it didn't hit you in the nose. >Mom would kill you if you stained the carpets. >"It's Anon! I was leaving and opened the door. He must've been too close and got hit by it! I am so sorry Mrs. mous!" >"That's ok dear, it was an accident. You just gon on home and don't worry about it, I'll take care of it. Boy's got a hard head, he'll be fine." >And your mom just believes that. >She instantly buys a story where you're dumb enough to just walk into a door. >Well, you kinda did. >What's that say about you? >"Well ok, if you're sure. Again, I'm verry sorry. Take care Anon, try to remember what you learned today." >You get the feeling she doesn't mean History. >English Class >The only class you actually do decent in. >Truth be told, you'd probably have good grades if you actually did the work. >You just don't understand how someone can be bad at their native language. >Though to be fair, you don't do too well with the literature portion. >Books are boring. >Well, some books. >Your mom let you read some of her books when you were grounded for doing poorly last year for not reading the assigned books. >And by 'let', you mean forced. >You gotta admit, Frankenstein was a great read. >Not as many pitchforks, torches, and windmills as you were expecting though. >No matter. >The current assigned book is A Seperate Peace. >That kid has some issues. >You have issues yourself, but you never knocked your best friend out of a tree >No, you pretty much just worship the ground Aria Blaze walks on. >And her ass. >That perfectly round, soft, full ass... >Down boner. >'You're not the boss of me now.' >'You had your reign before puberty.' >'Thinking girls were gross.' >'That time has gone!' >'The era of the boner shall reign till the end!' >Boner, please. >'I'm sorry, Anon. I'm afraid I can't do that.' >If you don't, I'll start thinking about grandma. >'You wouldn't...' >I will, don't test me on this. >'Ok. Fine. You win. ' >'For now.' >'But you're gonna pull that card too many times, and one day you're gonna think of grandma...' >'And I won't go away.' >'See you soon.' >You shudder violently and repress the urge to vomit. >'Best use those granny cards when you need them most, you won't get many.' >Your erection begins to subside. >Don't need to be seen in class with a hard-on. >People might think you got a thing for Ms. Harshwhinny. >She's in her 40s for crying out loud! >Way too old. >Her piercing blue eyes. >That tan skin. >Those breasts that just seem to want to burst from her top. >The aura of professionalism that readiates off of her. >Her full body, the way it curves just right in the right places. >Her no-nonsense personility. >The skirt that hugs her hips. >With those long, strong, nylon covered legs you just can't look away from. >The way her heels clack as she makes her way towards you... >Wait... >SHIT! >"Anon, since you don't seem to feel the need to pay attention, perhaps you'd like to stand and read the next chapter?" >Standing above you is Ms Harshwhinny, glaring down on you. >Crap, you don't know where you are in the book. >But worst of all, >'I told you I'd be back.' >"Well Anon? Stand." >If only she knew you were standing at attention already. >Good thing she doesn't. "I, uh, wasn't paying attention." >Best to be honest, take the scolding, and be done with it before she does see it. >"I noticed. Maybe next time you'll pay attention to the lesson so you can rise when I call on you instead of getting a rise from looking at my legs?" >'I'll just catch ya later, man.' >Dear God, if you could just blow up the Sun right now, that'd be swell. >Or drop a toilet on me from space, I'd gladly accept that as well. >The class is devoid of laughter and mockery. >Not surprising, Ms. Harshwhinny has a no fun allowed policy. >They'd suffer a terrible fate if anyone said or did anything. >But you're sure they'll remember this later. >School eventually lets out as you begin the walk back home. >And sure enough, they remembered. >For better or worse it happened in Ms. Harshwhinny's class, and most people kept a tight lip about her, so it didn't really spread. >The class didn't do much more than just giggle or laugh at you when they passed. >Understandable. >Most students, and some teachers, hesitate to just say her name, let alone speak of her or her class. >Like just mentioning her would summon her to you, and she'd started drilling into you relentlessly for this thing or that. >Though you wouldn't mind drilling into her. >Or Aria. >'Sup, bro.' >In a minute. >You're so sick of this. >Everyone's always looking down on you. >You mom is always ridiculing you. >Students and teachers make fun of you. >And Aria. >The way she plays with you. >Toys with you. >Torments you. >You've had enough. >You're gonna show her tonight. >You arrive at home. >You got a plan. >Actually, you're just stealing an idea you got from your Chinese cartoons. >>You dig around your room looking for your camcorder. >You really need to organize, its a mess in here. >After about thirty minutes of searching, you find it in your sock drawer. >Why and how it got in there of all places is beyond you. >The plan is simple: >Place the recorder somewhere she can't see it. >Wait till she does some l-lewd things. >Blackmail her. >Then get her to do more lewd things. >What could go wrong? >You'll finally be the one in charge. >You turn it on and place it on a shelf between some books for cover, giving a good view of the room. >Soon she'll be yours. >You decide to get to work studying. >Still need to do well to get her to do the lewd things. >As you get to work the clock ticks on. >You're having a pretty easy time with this. >This day's gonna be perfect. >Well, excluding everything that happened before right now. >That was totally not good. >It's about an hour and a half of studying and getting a headstart on your homework later you hear a knock downstairs. >She's a bit late tonight, but no matter. >It begins. >You can hear her coming down the hall to your room. >Time to man up. >The door opens, and the siren who captured your heart, and your penis, walks in. >"Sorry I'm late tonight, Anon. My stupid roommate messed up the laundry and I had to put on one of her skirts. Anyways, I hope you prepared for tonight." >Oh, you're prepared. >"By the way, I heard an interesting story today." >She pulls her chair up, but places it further from the desk than normal. >"You had an... interesting time in Ms Harshwhinny's class." >Oh God, she heard about that. >Keep cool man, don't lose it. >She plops down in her seat, and props her feet on the in your lap. >You never got a good look at her legs before since she's only worn pants so far. >But now that you have, you just want to run your tongue up and down the full length of them. >Those long, smooth legs. >They look pretty strong too, she most work out or do sports. >You remember your lesson from last night and resist the urge to touch them >She'd probably stomp your hand into the floor and say you got it caught in a drawer. >But they're so close, you have a hard time focusing on Aria and not just her legs. >What you wouldn't give for her to wrap them around you and lock behind your back. >Those strong legs not letting you escape even if you wanted to. >"Anon!" "Who-do-what-now?" >"Anon, is something distracting you?" "No, I'm fine. Everything's cool." >Awww yeah, no stutter. >"Good, then you won't mind taking my boots off. I've been walking around in them all day and my feet are killing me." >This must be why you've suffered all your life. >Paying Karma in advance. >No time for thoughts, gotta get this boots off. >You pull on the first boot, ready to release her foot from its prison, when... >Nothing. >It barely moves. >Is there a lace or something you missed? >You pull again while looking the boot over for anything that might be holding it tight. >You don't see anything. >Why isn't it coming off?! >"Well kid? You gonna do it or what?" >You do. You most certainly do, but you can't. >It refuse to remove itself from her foot. >You don't blame it, you wouldn't want to either if you were in its place. "I-is there something holding it? I can't get it off." >"I bet that's not the last time you say that to a girl." >Right in the manhood. >S-sticks and stone may break my bones, >But words cut deeper than any knife. >"Nevermind kid." >She takes her feet from you lap and removes the boots with no problem. >Can't even take a boot off, might be time to go looking for a cloak to go with your wand. >"I was gonna ask for a foot massage, but after that little display I'm afraid you might pinch a nerve." >No dreams, only tears now. >"Since you seem so intent on not having any fun, let's get to work." >You had actually already finished your English work, she's just going over it with you finding what's right and wrong. >Most of the answers are right, you just missed of colons and semicolons. >Fuck both colons. >"I'm pleasantly surprised kid, you actually did something mostly right. You might save me a few bucks tonight since I won't need to buy a new bottle of pills after this session." >Was teaching you really that painful? >"Next up: Let's see what you know and understand about your assigned reading book. What are you reading by the way?" "A Seperate Peace." >"That one, huh? Not too bad. Are you actually reading it?" "Yeah, it's not really my kind of book, but it's not bad." >"Let me guess, you're more of an X-Men nerd, no, you look more like Bleach faggot." >Is your powerlever that obvious? >"You could at least get some good taste kid, read something good like Mx0 ;_; . Oh well, at least it's not Naruto." >Say nothing. >She must never know. >"Either way, I think you deserve a reward for actually showing progress. So here's the offer. While we go over the book, I can sit on your lap, or you can sit on mine. Your call." >It's happening! >But which to choose! >Her sitting in your lap sound like the best choice. >To be under and behind her. >Her full wieght on your smaller body. >The smell of her hair, her scent. >Wrapping your arms around her. >And most of all, her butt planted firmly on your crotch. >Which is unfortunately the main reason not to choose this option. >You know she'd feel your inevitable boner. >And you thought it was humiliating when someone just saw it, it will be a thousand times worse if someone FELT it on their ass. >Then there's option two. >The feel of her breasts on your back. >Her breating and speaking in your ear. >Her arms wrapping around you. >You wish you were wearing shorts so you could feel her legs against your. >The downside however is it'd make you feel small. >Aria's a pretty big girl. >Even in her lap she'd probably come up to the same height as you, or still be higher. >A very emasculating feeling. >You'd feel like a kid in his mother's lap. >And you're already fucked up enough as it is without imagining Aria as your mom. >*shudder* >But you're not passing this chance up, you earned this. >You said you were gonna man up, so there's only one obvious option. "In your lap." >Well, at least you didn't stutter. >Journey of a thousand miles. >"Good answer. It'd have been awkward if you chose the other way, what with your dick poking my ass." >It was a trick! >And you chose wisely! >Suck it knight! >Of course now the reality of the situation sinks in. >You're about to sit on her lap. >Your heart is racing like you just ate a whole can of coffee. >That's right, ate it. >Aria scootches closer to the desk and pats her lap. >Time to make dreams come true. >You take a deep breath and stand. >Your legs feel as stiff as a board and weak as jelly at the same time as you slowly lower yourself into her lap. >Too slowly it would seem . >"Come on kid, we don't have all night." >She grabs your waist and pulls you down. >"See, I'm not gonna bite." >You can't see it, but somehow you can feel her devious grin. > "That comes later." >"Now that you've wasted enough time, let's get to work." >She runs her hands under your arms as she reaches for the work material. >Aria pushes herself against your back as leans forward. >You can feel her breasts press against you, and you can faintly feel her heart beating. >It's calm. >Which is the exact opposite of yours. >It's like a gorilla beating on some drums. >Her chin rests on your shoulder. >You can feel and hear her breathing in your ear as she goes over the book with you. >Every once in a while she blows right into your ear, sending shivers up and down your spine. >When pointing out specific lines in the book, she runs her hand down your arm and directs your hand to the passage. >It's so soft and smooth. >You want to hold her hand. >You don't care how depraved or lewd it is. >Everything is going fine. >You're making progress, getting the work done right, and hopefully scoring points with Aria. >Nothing could ruin this moment. >*prrrrrt* ... ... ... >Time stops. >And the clouds opened up and God said: 'I hate you, Anon.' >After what seems like forever, time trickles forward again. >You hear what sounds like two rocks grinding together. >You can physically feel Aria's anger. >It's a lot colder than one would imagine. >Like she has to suck in all the warmth around her to fuel her rage, leaving the air around her to feel like a night in the artic. >"Anon... please tell me you didn't just do what I think you did..." >You wanna lie, but it'll probably only make it worse. >Time to face the music. >You turn to look at her as best you can from your position. "I'm sor-" >You don't get to finish as Aria suddenly stands straight up, causing you to lurch forward and slam the side of your face into your desk. >It doesn't hurt as much as one would expect. >You've developed a fairly high pain tolerance. >"You... disgusting..." >Aria grabs your should and spins you around before grabbing your collar and lifting you off your feet single handedly. >Holy shit. >"Did you really just fart on me?! The fuck is wrong with you?!" >She's whisper screaming at you. >An unecessary effort since your mom is watching her shows, and it'd take a foghorn to grab her attention. "I-I don't handle milk very well..." >Shouldn't have eaten that bowl of Lucky Charms earlier. >Aria closes her eyes and takes several deep breathes in an attempt to stop herself from killing you. >Less for your benefit, more for her own. >After a tense few minutes, and much stretching of your shirt later, she drops you flat on your ass. >Now you're butthurt. >Figuratively and literally. >You were hoping to get lewds on the camera, but this works too. "G-gotcha." >Aria looks down on you, disgust still on her face. >"What are you talking about?" "I got int all on camera, t-the way you picked me up and dropped me, and everything else tonught. Now you gotta do what I tell you!" >Victory is yours? >"Oh, and where is this camera? How do I know you even have it?" >If you were a smarter man, or just a smart man in general, you wouldn't do what you're about to do. "I'll show you!" >You get up and get the camera to show her. >You pull it from the shelf and bring it over to her. "See! Right here!" >You smille triumphantly. >"It's not on. The battery is dead." >Her tone is flat, devoid of any emotion. >...What? "That can't be! It was fully charged when I placed it there!" >"How long ago was that?" "About an hour and a half before you showed up." >She places her face in her hand. >"I feel embarassed for you. Do you even know how long the battery life is on these things are?" >You never really thought about it. >You didn't use it much, and the few times you have wasn't for very long. "N-no." >"It looks cheap and a little old. If you're lucky, maybe an hour or so if you got low settings on it." >An hour? >Then the battery died before she even got here! >Oh God, you fucked up. >Again. >"Not like it really matters." >Huh? >"Nothing happened tonight that I'd need to be afraid of getting out. Worst case is I get fired, but your mom paid in advance so whatever." "B-but you hurt me..." >You sound so pathetic. >And feel it. >Your Chinese cartoons have failed you! >"And? Kids fight all the time, they're not gonna cart me off to jail for that." "And the other stuff?" >"What other stuff? Asking you to take off my boots? Sitting on my lap? Maybe if I were an adult, but we're both minors, so nothing there either." >You wanna cry. >Or die. >Maybe both. >"But hey kid, you got some big balls to at least try and take some control, I'll give you that." >She gently cups your head in her hands as she locks eyes with you. >The most beautiful and genuine smile you've seen so far on her face. >"Next time, try and think it through a little better before you try to catch someone in your grasp." >She releases your head, and begins to muss your hair. >"But..." >You entire body goes into lockdown as a vice-like grip begins crushing your balls. >Aria never loses her genuine smile. >"If you ever try that on me again, I'll be taking these." >She grips harder for emphasis. >"Understood?" >You can only let out the faintest whimper of pain. >"I'll take that as a yes." >She pets your face a few times before releasing you. >You only have enough strength to ease yourself to the floor. >"Well, I think we've made wonderful progress tonight." >Aria lightly pushes you forward. >You don't have the strength to resist gravity as your face falls on her feet. >And you kiss them. >You can't help yourself from savoring the feel, the tast, the smell of her feet. >Your only regret is she's still wearing socks. >"It's important to learn where one belongs early, and I think you're getting there." >Her feet leave your face as she moves about. >You can't really see where she went, but it sounds like she's picking her boots up. >Then you feel it. >A weight places itself firmly on your back. >Aria sits on your back as she puts her boots on. >"It's been a heck of a night Anon, but I gotta go. Take care now." >She speaks nonchalantly, like nothing has happened. >Like you didn't fart on her or threaten to blackmail her, nor that she nearly crushed the family jewels. >She makes her way out the door, ass swaying the whole way. >You hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave. >You eventually get the strength to crawl into bed. >The last thought in your mind before passing out, "It's a good pain."