Sonata's Diary - by HomelessFaggot

>Hi Diary! Nice to meet you. >My name is Sonata Dusk. What's yours? >Diary? Can you hear me? >Ahh I guess you're one of those strong silent types huh? >It's OK diary, I'm already your best friend! :D >Can you guess what today is? It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm so happy :D:D:D:D:D >Everybody's here to celebrate! Aria, Adagio, everyone! >I even saw Aria smile once! At least I think I did... >Scratch that, I just asked Aria. She says she never smiles :( >Anyway, I got a super special gift just for me! Can you guess who it is? >It's you silly! :D I got you didn't I? >Adagio said I can write about anything I want. >Even about secret stuff! >Did you know I'm 1000 years old? I know right? >Oops ttyl! My birthday meal arrived. It's a superstar breakfast! :D >Hi again Diary! Did ya miss me? :D >Aria and Adagio are already asleep, and I have a whole bed all to myself! >Usually we all share one bed in this hotel we're crashing at, but this time we got two beds! >Now it's just you, me, and my cute little bear Snuggles :D >Snuggles doesn't talk much either, but he makes up for it by being so cute and cuddly! >Don't let his small size fool you though. He's super strong and watches over us while we sleep! >I've got so much to tell you. Where do I begin? >Hmmm well first I should tell you I'm a siren. All three of us are! >I guess that makes us sisters. It's so hard to remember these days you know? >I know it sound crazy but we're from a whole different younaverse! We looked waaay different back then. >I can't remember alot except all the ponies we fed off of. >Oh yeah you don't know what a siren is do you? >Don't feel bad <:) It's a big secret. >When we sing together we get people to do what we want! Isn't that neat? >Everything was going fine until we came to this horse town to find equestrian magic. >Then these meanie pony people beat us up and broke out necklaces! :'( I hate ponies! >It was horrible! I cried for hours!!! Adagio didn't boss us around or nothing for almost a week! I still hurts to think about it :( >While we were all like super depressed Aria remembered that our necklace gems came from a big rock that traveled with us! >There's still hope! We're going from town to town back to where we left it and make more necklaces! >I just want to be able to sing again, you know? Without my necklace my voice sounds aweful! >One day you'll get to see us in action! Just you wait! >:) >Anyway I'll write later. I need sleep :P Bye! >Good morning diary! Sorry I haven't written to you for a couple days. >I'm kinda bored right now :( Me and Aria are waiting for Adagio to come back with some money, and Aria's silent as usual. >I hate it when Aria ignores me! She has to be as bored as I am right now. She's been checking her watch ever since Adagio left. >Passing notes didn't work either! All she told me was "Write in your diary sonata." How rude! >I hope I wasn't hurting you earlier though, I needed your paper :) >It must be nice to be a diary. You don't get bored or hungry, and you get to listen to me all day long! >I just wish you would talk back :'( >At least you don't make faces and call me names like SOMEBODY I KNOW >:( >Hey Aria wrote me a note! >Awww now she's leaving! Now I'm in this coffee shop all alone! >It's bad enough when one of them makes money, now I have to stay here all holed up while they have all the fun! >I'll write to you in a minute diary. I'm gonna go pick up those scones someone left behind! Snuggles will keep you safe I promise :) >I'm back diary! Just finished changing the sheets - again! >I know we're in a cheap hotel but this is ridiculous! The bed wasn't even made up! And someone spilled smelly water all over it! >Why do I have to be the one who does all the dirty work? Making money can't be that hard! Yet they wont let me do it! >:( >And why can't we stay in the same room? Every night we move from hotel to hotel and we haven't even left the city! >I thought we were SUPPOSED to find that stone thingy and make more necklaces, but we've been here for three weeks! >And worst of all those scones were NASTY! Who puts mayonnaise on scones? Terrible people that's who! >Adagio would've liked them. She loves mayo. She even eats it straight from the jar and makes that disgusting smacking sound! X-/ >One time I accidentally poured sweet tea into her glass she was eating tuna out of. I thought she was gonna yell at me, but nope! >She mixed more mayonnaise in it and ate it! How did she do that? >I have to go now, Aria's threatening to take you away if I don't shower. See ya in a jiffy! >Diary! I missed you sooo much! >I'm so sorry I couldn't save you! Can you ever forgive me? >Did Adagio hurt you? How could she lock you away from me for an entire week! That heartless meanie! >Don't worry anymore little diary, momma Sonata's gonna make sure you're safe and sound! >I guess I should call you something else other than diary. Do you have a name? >It's ok, take your time little guy :) >Nothing? You've never been named before? >Well that means I have to name you myself! Hope you like it XD >Let's see, Dia? Brook? Juna? >I suck at names. :( >I know! How about little Dee? And I can be Big Dee! Do you like it? >Feel free to speak up anytime little Dee :) >I'll still love you no matter what :D >Oh yeah I bet your wondering why Adag kidnapped you :'( >What happened was she was punishing me for leaving our safe spot. >But I was so bored you know? I wanna walk around and have fun not be cooped up in a coffee shop all day :( >So I left Snuggles to guard our backpacks while I walked around outside. But I kinda got lost... >Hey it wasn't my fault! I follow those two everywhere, I've never been out by myself before! >Anyway, I was walking and I smelled something meaty :) >I followed the smell and found a barbequ stand! :D:D:D >That smell was so good! I couldn't wait to get some, but Adag never gives me money ;_; >Just when I was about to leave this boy called out to me and said he'd buy me some! I was so happy XD >I got two big barbequ sandwiches and sat with him at a picnic table. >He was suuper nice and told me his name was Anonymous! He was cute too! :D >We talked for almost half an hour! He even knew Adagio and Aria! Can you believe it? >And to think they've been hogging him all to themselves! I want free food too! Why does no one think about me? >But this is the best part. Before he left he reached inside his pocket and gave me a whole 20 dollar bill! More sandwiches for me :D >When he left though, I realized I didn't know where I was. I had to ask for directions back to the coffee shop! How embarrassing *;_;* >Adagio and Aria were already there when I got back! I was gonna run but they held snuggles hostage! :0 >Aria even held him by the throat and said "Don't run or the bear gets it!" They were really mad. >I tried to explain but they wouldn't listen to me! It was horrible little Dee, just horrible! >They yelled at me for leaving their stuff behind. They yelled at me for leaving the safe zone. They yelled at me for everything! :'( >I held Snuggles extra tight that night. I wanted to cry. >I'm okay now that I have you back! >Aria's still giving me the silent treatment though. Since last week she's babysitting me from now on so I don't run off again. >It was still fun though! I hope I get to meet Anonymous again. >Well it's almost bedtime now. My hand is a little crampt from writing so much :( See you in the morning! >Hi little Dee! I got some good news! >My sisters got alot of money from all their hard work and now we're staying in a motel for one solid week! :D >Now I can stay in a cozy room instead of that coffee shop all day. Plus we got all kinds of cool stuff! >We got a TV, fringe to store all kinds of yummy foods, a microwave, even my very own coffee machine! I JUST LOVE COFFEE! :) >Oh and Adagio and Aria aren't mad at me anymore! >We just finished playing a card game called Rummy. Ever heard of it? It's super fun :) >I think Aria kept letting me win though. She was too nice... >Hey guess what we're having for dinner? TACO BELL! :D:D:D >The enchilada supreme is my favorite <3 >Oh and I even got to see anon today! :) >We didn't get a chance to talk but he waved at me while talking to Adag! He's so nice. >Maybe one day all of us can get together and do something fun! >Oops foods here! I still love you Dee but mommas gotta eat :P Bye! >Hey little Dee hows it going? I haven't forgot about you I swear! :P >Me and Snuggles have been watching a LOT of TV. Aria said TV rots your brain, but she always says mean things >:( >I still miss them though! They've been gone now more than ever! >Being bored is no fun but being lonely is even worse! :'( >Don't give me that look little Dee! I love you so much and Snuggles too. >But Aria and Adagio - we've been together for as long as I can remember! >Huh its weird now that I think about it. We've been unseperable for hundreds of years. >You'd think we'd do everything to get away from each other! >And even weirder is that no matter how mean they are to me I feel so lonely when we're apart. >Do you think they feel lonely without me too little Dee? >I just don't know sometimes! They just seem so cold and distant! >And between you and me, I think they gave you to me just so I'd stop talking so much! >Why? Half the time I wanna talk to them they just ignore me or tell me to write to you. >Sometimes I do things to annoy Aria just to get attention. Nothing super bad! And Aria's kinda fun to annoy anyway ;) >And Adagio? No way! Have you seen her angry? She flies off the handle way too easy! >Her face at the coffee shop last time is the stuff of nightmares! <:0 >Just yesterday I heard her yell for the first time in a hundred years! >She was outside the room when she was arguing with someone, and shouted something about off limits. >When she came inside she was all kinds of mad! She looked dead at me and I thought I was in trouble! >I panicked and grabbed Snuggles. I told her I was good, but she didn't even speak, just stared! I was so scared <:'( >Once Aria came in everything was okay again. I don't know what it was about and I'm NOT asking! I have to pee now, I'll be back later little Dee. >Little Dee somethings not right. It's almost midnight and they aren't home yet. >You don't think somethings happened to them do you? I'm starting to get worried :S >I mean Adagio has been gone for two, maybe three days at most, but she always tells us before! >I just don't know little Dee! What if they never come back? I don't wanna be all alone! >Someone's knocking! It must be them! Maybe they forgot their keys and spent all that time looking for them. Be back soon! >Adagio's been beaten up! :0 >Her and Aria came in all bruised and bleeding and both went straight to the bathroom! >They've been in there for 15 minutes now. I knew it had to be bad! >I heard whispering to each other but I couldn't make out anything they said. >I tried sneaking up to the bathroom door to hear them, but Aria banged on the door and told me to stop spying on them. >Now the sinks running and I can't hear anything! What happened to them? I need to know! :( ...... >I knew they hated me! I knew it! ;_; >I was only trying to help her and she hurt Snuggles! Why? ...... >I'm okay. Snuggles is okay too... >I'm sorry little Dee. I don't feel like writing right now. >Sorry little Dee I've kept you waiting long enough. Here's what happened. >Adagio and Aria came out of the bathroom after they cleaned themselves. I was going to ask what happened but Adagio stuck her hand out. >It hurt to see them like this little Dee. Adagios unbeatable! No one messes with her! >We all argued about it for awhile, but she wouldn't budge. Her or Aria. They both yelled at me to drop it but I had to help! I had to! :( >Then I thought if I let her hold snuggles she'd feel safe. But when I held him out to her, she attacked Snuggles! >I couldn't take it any more! I tried to save Snuggles but Adagio pushed me back into a wall! I grabbed you and locked myself in the bathroom. >I cried for a long time! ;_; I don't understand why this is happening to us! I thought things were finally going right! >Eventually Adagio unlocked the door. I had nowhere to run. I was so scared! ;! >She hugged me. She held me tight whispering she was sorry. >I hugged her back. I felt relieved. The worst part of it was over. >She started to cry while hugging me. I saw Aria come in with Snuggles and we group hugged. >After we broke apart we sat on the bed and they told me I have to stay with Anon for awhile. >They told me that those pony who took our powers away were following us and beat them up. >They felt that if I stayed with Anon I will be safe and happy and not have to be scared or hungry anymore. >I told them I wasn't going anywhere without them! Anons nice but we're family! No matter what happens we stick together! >I tried arguing they wouldn’t budge! >Adagio said he'll will be here today to pick me up. >She promised that she would come back once they found that rock thing. >Then we can beat those lousy girls once and for all! >So that's what's happening little Dee. Me, you and Snuggles are going to stay with anon until they come back. >I know, I'll miss them too and I definitely don't want it to happen but I don't have a choice. :( >I'll write later little Dee, I want to spend as much time with them as I can! ;_;