Sonata's Date (Complete, short romance) - by Fife-Niner-Seven

>Squinting upwards, you blocked the sun from your eyes for a moment as you gazed into the sky. >It was sunny, not a sign of a cloud for miles in the sky. >The day was almost entirely still, which was also a rather pleasant surprise. >You were fine with a light breeze, but anything more would make a day like today less enjoyable if ever so slightly. >Blinking, you returned to the concrete walkway before you. >Walking forwards, you collected yourself. >Right up to the door and... >Lightly knocking, you waited for an answer. >A few seconds passed, before the door swung open and you were greeted by a flash of brilliantly orange hair. >Attached to said hair was a pale young woman, he complexion flawless save for the scowl that creased her features. “Good afternoon, Miss Dazzle.” you stated plainly, greeting the oldest of your girlfriend's sisters. >She didn't deign to respond, instead slamming the door in your face. >Sighing, you felt the tension wash away. >That was a good sign at any rate. >Stepping back, your watch beeped at you. >12:30. >From your side of the door, you could still hear the clacking of shoes on tile that notified you of the incoming contact. >You felt a smile begin to cross your lips as the door was pulled open, a much taller girl filling your vision as opposed to the previous one. >Her raspberry colored eyes met yours in an instant, the obvious joy plain to see behind her gaze. >You didn't even have a moment to look away before she leaped forward and pulled you into a rib-cracking hug. >Returning the death-grip with your own imitation, you couldn't help but smile widely. >”Hey sweetie.” she whispered into your ear, a chill running down your spine. >You couldn't really respond, but that was alright. >She knew you weren't the most talkative. >Holding her a little longer, the sound of a door being slammed shut brought you back to reality. “Let's go.” you murmured, letting your grip slacken on her. >As you pulled away, you looked her over. >She was still smiling broadly, radiating a certain light that you just couldn't explain. >What really got you though, was the simple baby-blue dress she had on. >You didn't even realize that she was leading you along by your hand until you were back at your car. >Stopping at the passenger side though, she turned and pulled you into a light embrace. >”So where are you taking me today?” she asked, looking up at you. >Smiling at her, you shook your head. “You'll see.” you stated, before pulling back from her. >Removing your keys from your pocket, you opened the door for her before moving around to your own side. >You weren't actually going too far away, but you knew she wouldn't recognize the area. >You'd been planning this one for a long time. >In fact, before you ever knew Sonata, you'd been planning this. >Starting up your car, you quickly sped off towards the outskirts of town. >The lovely girl next to you was content to hum along with the light music you had playing on your stereo, her left hand light stroking your arm. >Passing by familiar landscape, you thought about what it would be like to finally go there with someone. >Ever since you were a kid you knew you would take someone special to this place. >Smiling, you blinked a few times as you glanced at your passenger. >She was looking out the window to her right, but her reflection was enough to get your heart racing. >You may have not been a big believer in God, but you felt blessed to have met her. >Even with all of this running through your mind though, you still had a feeling of doubt eating away somewhere deep inside. >Would she really understand what this place meant to you? >...maybe. >For her you were willing to take the risk. >Focusing on the road, you let everything else take the backseat in your head. >You were too far in to start having doubts now. >Taking in a deep breath, you continued to absentmindedly listen to the light melodies that the speakers around you put out alongside Sonata's lovely harmonizing voice. >Taking in the surroundings, you couldn't help but let a grin come back to keep you company. >The sight of the warm spring thriving around you was an eyeful. >Cool air flowed through your air conditioner, adding to the atmosphere. >You could do this. No problem. >In fact, the internal pep talk you were giving yourself managed to get you almost all the way to your destination. >”I've never been out this way before.” Sonata murmured from her vantage point. “I know.” you replied airily, your emotions beginning to boil up again. >You were driving up the side of a hill, the city itself off to your left. >The road you were taking was an old one that led to your previous childhood home, but it was one you knew well. >As you neared the top though, you pulled closer to the hillside itself until you were off the main road itself. >Putting on the parking brake, you turned the car off and looked expectantly towards your passenger. >She smiled at you, before taking that as her cue to get out of the car. >Getting out yourself, you stretched a little before retrieving the basket and blanket from the backseat. >A glance at your watch read “12:52.” >Plenty of time. “C'mon.” you called to her, leading the way in front of the car and directly up the hill from there. >It wasn't very steep, but you made sure to hold her hand all the way up. >Not that you were scared or anything. >The trek was short, but you could feel your grip tighten on her hand as you made your way along to your secret spot. >Winding through some green trees, you came out on top of the hill itself by a huge oak that stood alone in a clearing. >As you reached the tree, you laid your things down before pulling your girlfriend into a hug from behind. >Resting your chin on top of her head, you looked down at the city from the most sacred view you held in your heart. >Her quiet breathing was in contrast to your erratic heartbeat, but you felt her melt into your embrace. >”It's beautiful.” she breathed. >Staying there for a moment longer, you reluctantly relinquished your grip. >Taking up your blanket, you quickly laid it out on the grass and backed yourself up against the age-old oak. >From there, you watched as Sonata continued to stand and look with wonder at the view below. >Maybe she was the right one to bring here. >Taking up the basket in your hands, you pulled the top off to reveal the food you'd been preparing for the last day. “C'mere.” you called out to her, bringing her attention back to the here and now. >The smile in her eyes was not lost on you as she turned around. >Busying yourself with removing the contents of the basket, you couldn't help but let your eyes stray to her legs as she sat down of the soft blanket across from you. >Shaking your head though, you focused back on setting out the food. >Sandwiches, a salad, and even a small pumpkin pie. >It wasn't really the season, but it was her favorite as you'd learned. >Plus, you made it work. You wanted today to go as perfectly as possible. >”Looks amazing.” she stated, a lilt in her voice. “Thanks. I wanted to make sure all of it was okay, so dig in whenever you want.” you replied, handing her a plate with a helping of food. >”I was talking about you.” she responded, suddenly leaning in to kiss you on the cheek. >You had no response, save for freezing up a little. >You were still getting used to that. >A light giggle followed as you felt your cheeks heat up a little, but by no means were you unhappy because of it. >No, you just deigned to stay quiet following that. >Tucking into your own meal, you listened to the sounds around you and relaxed in the shade of the tree. >A squirrel or two ran through the clearing nearby, and the chirping of birds looking for mates helped create a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of Canterlot. >What truly made this though, was the fact that you were here with her. >Each passing moment brought you a little closer, even if she didn't realize just yet. >Finishing your last bite though, you didn't quite realize how tired you were until you were leaning against the trunk of the great oak once more. >Blinking a few times, you glanced at your watch once more. >2:49 >Huh. Where'd the time go? >Yawning, you considered standing up, until you felt a weight lowering itself onto you. >Cracking your eyes open, you caught face-full of soft blue hair. >You hummed your inquiry, but received no verbal response. >She didn't stop though, as she nuzzled up against you, resting her back to your chest. >Cradling her in your arms, you clasped a hand over one of hers and took in a deep breath with your nose. >Her hair smelled like vanilla, and you didn't even resist the urge to kiss to top of her head. >As you did this though, she leaned her head back and looked up at you. >The glimmer in her eyes spoke volumes. “You're beautiful.” >The statement itself was more of an observation than a compliment, but that didn't stop either of you from hovering slightly closer to each other's lips. >”I lov-” she made to respond, but you cut her off with a kiss. >Holding there, you felt her move against you before melting into your lips, her fingers squeezing your hand tightly. “You.” >You breathed your response without thinking as your mouths parted. >A giggle escaped her lungs yet again, but you didn't mind. >You understood the meaning behind it. >She really was the right one to bring here. >Running your free hand over her stomach, you pulled her closer. >Another squeeze from her hand, and you found yourself leaning over here again, her lips pursed. >Unable to deny her request, you found yourself giving her another upside-down kiss. >Today... >Today was perfect. >That was, until you realized it would have to end. >Then again, was that really so bad? >Pulling your mouth from hers, you leaned back. >Licking your lips a little, you noted that they still tasted faintly of the pie. >Pushing the thought aside, you smiled to yourself, smug in your achievement. >She followed suit in leaning back soon afterwards, and you quickly found yourself dozing off in her hair. >You could tell her. >Before you fell asleep with her in your arms, you'd tell her. "Hey." >"Hmm?" "This place is special." you stated rather simply, the effect of your words probably lost for the lack of context. >Regardless, her response still surprised you. >"I can tell. It's beautiful." she murmured in response, nuzzling herself under your chin. "It's a place that I really love." you informed her. >"Something wrong?" she inquired after a time, her tone betraying her slight confusion at your statement. >Shaking your head, you began to wonder if she understood what you were trying to say. >It was hard to be clear, but then again you just weren't the best with words. >Was she really...? >"You're funny." she stated, breaking your train of thought. >You didn't have any response waiting for that. >Pulling your head back, she shifted her weight and turned around to face you, her arms wrapping around your neck. >"You don't have to say it. I love you too." she said plainly, before kissing your forehead. >Guilt washed over you. >Yes. She was. >Why would you ever think she wasn't? >You had to tell her. "Sonata." >Her eyes focused in on yours. "I love you." >Her soft lips were on yours again, but this time there was passion behind it. >Fever hot, she pulled you into her embrace again, pulling away before layering more kisses onto you. >Parting for just a moment, she leaned into the crook of your neck. >"You know I just wanted to hear you say it, right?" she giggled, giving you a playful bite. >Gritting your teeth, you began to think of a response, before she brought her lips back to yours. >Kissing her back, you knew you couldn't stay mad at this girl. >Breaking apart once more, you realized just how heavily your breath was coming to you. >As you leaned in to kiss her again though, she pulled you over onto your side. >Yelping, you did your best to steady yourself, but instead found her underneath you. >Looking down at her, you couldn't help but notice how perfect the image was. >Her hair splayed out, a soft smile on her lips and a smoldering look in her eyes. >"Show me how much you love me."