Anon's Dazzling Slumber Party - by EngineerFag

>Be Anon >you’re getting ready for another boring-ass Wednesday at school >You’re a junior at Canterlot High >you’ve gone there since seventh grade and saw Sunset Shimmer try and take it over as well as the dazzlings trying to rule the world for vanity’s sake >You are a cross country runner, track runner, and involved school choral groups >life was peachy for you >it somehow got better for you after the Dazzlings came along >They came in the first semester of your sophomore year and tried to take over but were subdued by Sunset Shimmer and her band of weird but well-meaning friends >you didn’t much care for Shimmer and her friends >after that, they disappeared for the rest of that semester >they suddenly and unexpectedly returned and re-enrolled at the beginning of the second semester of your sophomore year. >strangely enough you ended up having a large chunk of your classes with them. >mainly your choir classes. >You’re surprised Ms. Shores let them into the class considering what they tried to do last time they could sing >so far nothing strange has happened >so far >though because you see them so often you got to know them quite well >they even became a quite reliable study group >In particular Sonata Dusk, of whom took great interest in you. >she ended up getting into the canterlot madrigal this year >the top choral group at CHS >you’ve been in it since your freshman year >the first guy in the group’s history to make it in as a freshman >she even did track with you later that semester >Who knew sirens could make good hurdlers? >She was conference runner-up and fourth at district finals >Her first year doing it >some girls go four years without accomplishing that >you pull yourself from your thoughts and finish eating your breakfast. >you get to the garage and notice your car is all that’s in there. >your sister must’ve left already >you hurry to your car, start it, and look at the clock >7:20 am >Hell yeah >school didn’t start for another hour. >you get your phone hook up to the aux cord and hit shuffle >hell to the yeah >you pull out of your garage and drive the scenic route to school >thank the lord you have no morning rehearsals today >after 20 minutes of driving and blasting Mark Tremonti you arrive at CHS >you drive to the front of the parking lot closest to the entrance and park your car >you hit shuffle again and wait for the Dazzlings to show up >Sweet >you slouch back in your car seat and open up 4chan on your phone “wonder what /b/’s up to today” >you mutter to yourself >A good half hour passes of looking at cuck and roll threads >it’s pretty shitty today >All the sudden you hear a knock on your window >you shoot up thinking Sonata got here >nope >it’s just one of your friends and bandmates >Caramel >you’ve known him since 7th grade >you, him, and two others; Norman and Sunburst, have all been close since 7th grade >you all really got to know each other when you all got together and jammed >you could play drums and sing, Norman was a good guitarist, Sunburst can drum and play guitar, and Caramel sings and plays guitar. >at the beginning of your freshman you all decided to start trying to write some pieces >your sophomore years, you all decided to enter the battle of the bands. >you guys breezed through the first round against Lily, Daisy, and Rose >a Capella? In the BATTLE OF THE BANDS? Seriously? >you then faced off against the Rainbooms in the second round >and lost >fucking weirdos >you digress >you grab your backpack and exit your car “Sup shithead” >”Not much dickface” >you both smirk jokingly as you exchange greetings and walk towards the school entrance >“So how’ve you been, Anon?” “Sore as shit. Coach Soarin made us do long distance and speed workouts back to back Monday and Tuesday. >”That’s why you don’t do sports, genius” >you raise your eyebrow at his mockery “weeeeell I don’t want to be a fatass and I need something fun to do” >”fun for you” >you make it to the soundproof practice room you and your three friends rehearse at. >you both enter and find Sunburst and Norman are already there with the instruments out >”What took you two so long?” >”We wanted to piss you two off. The fuck you think we were doing?” >Norman and Caramel continue to sass each other while everyone tunes there instrument quick >You and Sunburst laugh with each jeer “So what do you guys want to play?” >”I got this” >he then tells the rest of you what he wants to play >You all put you studio headphones on and Sunburst hooks his phone up to the 4-channel headphone amplifier >he starts the song with Caramel singing, him, Norman, and Caramel also on guitars, and you drumming. >you all start playing and having fun. >blasting each cord and beat >this is why you love hanging out with these three guys. >you all sway around enjoying the song until the last line comes >”You’re not invincible, no matter what you believe” >that’s Sunburst’s favorite song by 3 Pill Morning. >all because of that line >you check the time on your phone >8:07 >classes started in less than 15 minutes ”Welp, we better to choir, Caramel.” >He checks his phone >“Alright, let’s go.” >you four put away your headphones and instruments and head your separate ways. You and Caramel to choir, Norman to Trig, and Sunburst to an Accounting class. >”Seeya at lunch” >Norman and Sunburst wave goodbye and head off. >you walk down with Caramel to the choir room >you’re just about to walk into the room when you hear: >”ANOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!” >coming from a very familiar voice down the hall. >”HIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!” >before you can even turn around return salutations. >you get body slammed by a warm, perfume laced cerulean body knocking you dangerously off your balance and almost on your ass >it was giving you a tight bear hug ”How’s it going, Sonata? >”Gooood”~ >she purred finally letting you out of the vice gripped nicked-name a hug >you look back and see Aria and Adagio strutting toward you both “Hey guys.” >your relationship with all three of them was the strongest of anyone at the school. >right away when they came back second semester of you sophomore year, Sonata started bonding with you through the 7 classes you had together. >you thought she was the prettiest of the trio, but you were drawn to her personality the most >you loved hanging out with her >she was genuinely kind, fervently loving, and cutesy >she wasn’t stupid, just not very street smart >which is why you both gelled so well >you were very street smart. >when you first started seeing her, you both were met with some resistance and bullshit from Aria and Adagio regarding your relationship >mostly Aria ---- FLASHBACK ---- >you are now Sonata >”I can’t believe you actually want to date this loser!” >you’re in an argument with your bitchy sister, Aria >she’s always so mean to you “He is not a loser!! You haven’t even met him yet!” >”So? Look how small he is. Prototypical manlet.” >you almost gut punch her at that comment “He is not!!! He’s super strong and nice and cute and stuff!!!!” >”Will you two please shut the flying fuck up!?!?!” >Your other sister is in the next room to the one you and Aria are arguing inside “Aria is talking smack about my boyfriend!!” >”I don’t care.” >you feel the anger inside you rising “At least let me introduce him to you guys. Then you’ll see he’s different.” >”It’s not that we don’t think he’s cute or not. We’ve seen him before and- >”You show us selfie you took with this guy all the goddamn time” >Adagio initially shots Aria a look of annoyance at the interruption but then gestures in agreement >”Right, I just don’t think he’s good enough for you.” >”I gotta agree with Adagio on this one. He doesn’t seem very pleasing.” >that was the straw that broke the camel’s back “He doesn’t need to please you two fucking cunts. I like him and he likes me. That’s all I ask of him to do and he does.” >that got Aria’s attention >she turns to you and gives you the look of death >”What did you call me” >her face was deep purple from all the anger rising “Hah. Wow. The girl who got cheated on by Thunderlane last fall and then got denied by a freshman is pissed that I called her a cunt? For realizes? That’s a laugh.” >you giggle smugly “I’m pretty sure you just don’t want to see me in a loving, stable relationship with someone while you are sitting here single as hell.” >and with that you see your sister snap. >she lunges towards you with the rage of 1000 demons >you attempt to hold her back and keep yourself upright but you both fall on the carpet >your arms extended gripping tightly at her cream colored t-shirt >she starts throwing side arms towards your face and you release one of your arms from her shirt and curl it next to your face to protect it. >”Die!!! You useless sack off shit!!” >all the sudden, Aria’s body is yanked off yours and thrown into the couch adjacent to where you were >Adagio grabs her before she can prepare to lunge back on you >Aria shouts obscenities at you before she’s swiftly backhanded by her leader >that stops her >she begins to preach at her for lunging at you >all the while you pick yourself up and straighten your signature pink mini skirt and top >”I don’t care what she calls you!!! Don’t do that to her!!! Do you know how much belly-aching she’ll do if you hurt her like that!?!?” >you frown at the jeer, but are thankful Adagio saved you from injury. >after she’s done she goes back into the room she was working in prior to you and Aria fighting >you follow to the kitchen and make yourself some food. >tacos with black beans and teriyaki flavored fried rice >So good >you’re half-way done browning the ground beef when you get swiftly knocked off balance by a shoulder. >you look up >Aria walks by giving you a nasty look >you turn back to the stovetop and finish cooking your food >let salty bitches be salty >you finish cooking the ingredients and make the tacos >you made three of them >and gave one to Adagio as compensation for getting Aria away from you >while you eat your delicious food, you text your lover >trying to figure out the best way for your sister to meet ---- FLASHBACK END ---- >be anon again >you were kinda surprised she told you ALL of that >you soon after went to with her to meet her sisters for shakes at TCBY >where Sonata worked >when you first started hanging out with all three of them, they didn’t treat you very nice >such as when Aria dumped a bunch of peanut brittle on your shake >you hated peanut butter >and then tried to blame it on Sonata >even though she was still working inside the kitchen making the yogurt. >or when April fool’s day came around when Adagio decided to “””””prank””””” you >she duct taped BLACK POSTER BOARDS over ALL the windows of your Jeep >took you three and a half hours to get it all off >slowly but surely though they warmed up to you >you walk in the choir room with the Dazzlings and grab your music folders >you look at the practice schedule on the white board >Ave Maria by Biebl >If Music be the Food of Love by Heveningham and Dickau >He Never Failed Me Yet by Ray >Sonata squees excitedly >”We’re singing Heveningham!!” >you grunt and cringe internally at having to sing the Heveningham piece >you hated that song >more than that stupid song in the musical “Rent” “Sweet, I can’t wait.” >you walk to your chair and Sonata sits on your left and Caramel on your right >Ms. Shores starts warming everyone up and you go through your songs for practice >the rest of the day went through like always >mind numbingly boring >you finally get to your lunch period right after your lifting class >nothing like greasy vegetables, crispy mystery meat (chicken) sandwiches, and canned fruit. >you forgo the dessert as always while in season >you suddenly feel a backwards pat on the shoulder >it’s Sonata >strange. She usually sits with her sisters during lunch “Hey, love. What do you need?” >she figgits, tightly holding her hands behind her back, and blushes at the nickname >”Oh nothing, just wanted to ask if you were still coming to our house this weekend.” >Oh shit. That’s right. ---- FLASHBACK AGAIN TO LAST THURSDAY---- >”Hey Anon!!!” >you grunt expecting it to be Bon Bon asking about Anatomy and Physiology homework >for the FOURTH GODDAMN time >you just wanted to get to Pre-calc, your last class of the day before cross country practice >you look up to be proven wrong and see your lover ”Hey, Girl.” >she gives you a hug and walk together to pre-Calc >”Soooooooo, you doing anything next weekend?” >She asks you with a sizeable amount of promiscuity that makes you wonder what she’s planning >you then remember next week end is Labor Day weekend ”I got practice Saturday morning. Other than that not much. Whatchu got planning?” >”Us three are inviting some people over for a sleepover and I wanted you to come!!” >you freeze for a moment in surprise >you. With Sonata. At her house. >INCOMING FUN >”Well?” >shit, you’re just walking there gaping about the offer “Oh uh I uh….. Who all else is coming?” >”Dunno. Dagi and Aria haven’t asked anybody yet.” “What kind of entertainment will be there?” >”I know Aria will try and get some people to play that Call of War Modern Battle monsters thingy.” >monsters thing?? >DA FAQ “Oh, Zombies?” >”Yeah, whatever. Will you go?” >you ponder a bit >you assume its Friday night into Saturday >you don’t want to stay up late prior to that Saturday morning practice >shit was tough as is >coach Soarin usually did speed that morning and report time was 6:30 AM and stretching was at 6:45 “Will this be on that Friday night?” >”No. Saturday. Aria has softball games on that Friday afternoon and evening.” >Hellyeah >”So will you go?~” >she asks in a needy and whiny voice “Yeah sure. I’ll go.” >her face lights up and you see sparkles in her eyes >”FOR REALZIES!?!” >you smile and nod “Yup” >she squees and gives you the tightest hug you’ve ever received >you think ribs might have been broken >all the while she’s constantly repeating the phrase “Thank You” >after a while she lets go of your chest >she leans back and grabs your hands >she then gets really close >your foreheads touch and your visions filled with her half lidded magenta eyes >she bites her lip >you feel the tightness of your jeans push against the warmth between her legs >this is getting a real steamy >and you’re both still in the middle of the now mostly empty hall >she’s about to say something when you hear >”No one wants to see you two losers making out!” >you both turn around to see Aria entering the classroom next to yours >”You two are the least attractive couple in this whole school!” >“At least this stuff actually happens to us!” >Aria flips her sister the bird and continues into her class. >Sonata turns back to you and gives you a quick peck on the lips and leaves you for her class >”I can’t wait!” >she shouts as she sashays sensually to her last class. >TOP UNF >you turn around and head to your Pre-Calc class with a sly smirk on your face ---- FLACHBACK END ---- >you feel your sweatpants form a tent between your legs as you reminisce >you break your flashback and answer her “Yeah, nothing has changed. Why do you ask?” >she shrugs >”I just wanted to make sure. Adagio’s bringing “stuff” you know. And we need to know how much to get.” >what? >Oh yeah >Adagio got a fake ID from the flim flam brothers over the summer >kinda surprised its worked so well “Oh, I won’t have too much. I’m still in season.” >Sonata gives you a look that says “really nigga?” >you shrug >she rolls her eyes >“Okay, Alice. seeya later.” >you frown at the nickname but wave goodbye >you curse yourself for explaining to her what that meant in your family >you finish your disgusting lunch and head to your rehearsal room. >thank the lord you and your friends got that open period after lunch >more time to practice and write music >you’re halfway down the hall and you hear the bell signifying the end of the hour and 45 minute lunch period >you meet up with your 3 band mates >”Hey Guys.” >Caramel greets you as he tries to stuff 2 notebooks stuffed with printed out algebra and economics notes into his backpack >the three of you laugh at his struggles >he shoots a look of death at you guys for your mockery >”How’s everyone’s day going?” >he asks after he zips his backpack up >Norman grunts annoyingly >”Harshwhinny’s STILL a massive cunt.” >the rest of you all giggle >you all had a contemptuous relationship with her >your “group” back in March performed for the math department’s pi day celebration >free pie and a talent show >AW YEH >despite the math department head and organizer of the event itself being Ms. Harshwhinny, Ms. Cherrilee handled the talent show entries >and somehow the song you guys picked to troll the shit out of Ms. Harshwhinny was approved >she disapproved so hard >she even lobbied suspension for the four of you >but her proposition was shot down because she can’t take a fucking joke and the song was approved by the rest of the staff >she’s had it out for you guys ever since “What did she do?” >”She took my phone” >you a smirk and giggle but Caramel laughs >”That’s the third time she’s taken your phone! What the fuck are you doing with it?” >”I was pacing my self during a quiz.” “They have clocks in every room, you dumbass. Why not use those?” >”Last time I did that she thought I was trying to cheat. Cause I’d totally try and cheat off of FUCKING DERPY!! >you all laugh raucously >everyone eventually calms down and you make it to your rehearsal room >as you all reach your destination, you here a faint sound of a song playing “The hell is that?” >you asked yourself >your friends enter and start unpacking their instruments >you look over to the practice room adjacent to yours >it’s the Rainbooms rehearsing >a spiteful look covers your face as you remember them kicking your ass last year in the battle of the bands >that wasn’t happening again >you guys were really improving your performances and writing >you could wait to face off against them again >you all were coming back with a vengeance >you reenter your dojo and start putting together your drums “So what does everyone want to play?” >Norman chimes in >”Lets do these two” >you all rock out to the song duo >you LOVED playing drums to Army of Anyone’s music >Ray Luzier was an absolute monster >the final chord rings out and you all pause to catch your breath >”I fucked up the outro to “Goodbye” fellas, my apologies.” >honestly you had no idea Norman messed that up >Caramel announces >”I got next song.” >he reaches for his phone and rifles through his music library >a couple minutes later he gathers the rest of you around to show the song >damn that one was gonna be tough >you guys don’t play songs recorded with 5 members. “You sure you want to do that one? Sevendust has five members, dude. We don’t do that very often.” >”Yeah, but we play with one guy on guitar and singing at the same time a lot. It won’t be that different.” >fair enough >you put on your studio headphones and continue playing >it went surprisingly well >Caramel’s solo was spot on >”Let’s do one more and then start working on our own material.” >you all agree to Sunburst’s proposition “I got this last one.” >you open your phone up and find the song on youtube and show it to your friends >”You wanna sing and play lead on this one?” “Hell yeah!!” >you and Sunburst switch instruments with Norman and Caramel staying on their parts >the downbeat starts and you all start jamming >this was your favorite song to play with these guys >you LOVED performing this song >if only you could convince them to play it at the qualifying rounds for the battle of bands >3 minutes of unbridled fun go by then the song ends >you all casually head to the table in the corner of the room and begin discussing ideas for songs, with the occasional play through using your instruments. >a half an hour passes and the period ends >”See you guys” >Sunburst exits the room with the rest of you following suit. >the rest of your day went by quite smoothly >thankfully Soarin’ took it easy on you today >4 short simple miles >you’re now sitting in your house playing Demonstar on your family PC >sweet memories >you wish your sister could play it with you more often like you used to >shit was fun >your gameplay is interrupted by a skype call >it’s Sonata >you pause your game and answer the call >you see your lover slouching in her office chair with her legs crossed resting on the desk in her PJs >which consisted of a too tight polyester t-shirt you both got in track last season, and baggy basketball shorts >it’s just as skimpy as it sounds >due to the pertness of nipples anytime you saw her in this outfit, you were like 87% sure she didn’t wear a bra either. >it REALLY turned you on >her hair was also down implying she was just about to hit the sack >”Hi Anon~” “Hey girl. What’re you doing?” >”Nothing. I was working on an essay for English but then I got bored so I decided to call you!” >reason number 5741 you loved her so much >she called you on skype just because she loved you that much “Awww Thanks.” >”Also, wanted make sure you know the details of the slumber party! Sunset and Trixie are both coming at 6:30, so try and be there right around then.” >wait >SUNSET AND TRIXIE!?!? “Sunset and Trixie are coming too!?” >”YEAH! Dagi invited Sunset and Ari invited Trixie!! It’s gonna be great! For realzies!!” >you were now a bit nervous >one of the girls you’ve NEVER talked to before, and the other one you felt a sizable amount of contempt for. >at least you get to hang out with Sonata “Yeeeeaaaah. Great. Anyways, has Adagio got the alcohol yet?” >her face lights up >”Hell yeah!!” >she sprints out of camera view and opens a refrigerator door and comes back with five or six bottles of whiskey and a case of Blue Moon. >Adagio bought Vodka, Southern Comfort, Serpent’s Bite, Moonshine, Everclear, and Fireball. >”Trix and Sunny are bringing mixes as well and you should bring some!!” >you’s getting shitfaced that night >as she was putting all the alcohol away, you check the PC clock >10:19 “Whell, I better get to sleep.” >with that she breathes >”Yeah” >and sits upright in the chair >she drags her hands up her flat stomach to her boobs >she gropes herself quickly before putting a finger on one hand in her mouth and the other hand down her pants with her arms squeezing her bust ever so softly >she sucks on her finger in her mouth and the hand in her pants starts making circular motions no doubt over her clit. >the whole time you’re gaping and blushing profusely at the spectacle. >she does this for a second before saying >”Sweet dreams, Anon.~” >and ending the call >god fucking DAYUMN what a tease >>right as you thought about getting your cock out she ended the call >sucks getting cock blocked like that >Ah well >the rest of the week went by like it usually does >slow and steady >though Sonata was a lot more suggestive around you than normal >making random sex jokes you never heard her say around you and being quite touchy >you didn’t talk to her about the skype bit though >you kinda wanted to keep that private and you figured she wanted to as well. >you just finished your Friday workout and are in the locker room cleaning up >7 miles in upper 80s temperatures was brutal >and you still had a workout tomorrow morning >feelsbadman.png >you dry yourself off from your shower and see you got a text >from Sonata >interesting >you read the message >’hey bby’ >you text back ’What’s up?’ >you put your towel back in your locker and sit down on the concrete step below the lockers >you look at your phone to see another message from Sonata >’nothing, just wanted 2 make sure 1 last time that everythings still good 4 2morow. ‘6;30 right?’ >you then stand back up and comb your hair some >getting the flip just right >you then put a quick layer of deodorant on >you find another message from Sonata >’yuppers! excited for you 2 cum 2 my house bby ;) ;) Seeya!!’ >you stare blankly at the message >cum >you’ve never heard her use that lingo before >your imagination runs rampant but you’re ripped from your thoughts when you feel and see yourself at a half chub >SHIT >SHIT >SHITTY >SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT >you drop your phone in your backpack and quickly throw on your spare pair of briefs you kept in you locker after working out >you fly into the rest of your clothes grabbing you’re backpack and your gym bag a swiftly walk out >you realize your fly is still undone and you don’t have any of the stuff in your gym bag that you wanted to bring home >you close your fly and reverse course to get the equipment you need >finally you get to your car to drive home >you hook your phone up and look to the shuffle gods for your jam home >Perfect >you arrive at your house soon after and enter >you find your sister making stroganoff and rice for supper >she turns to you and shouts excitedly >”GUESS WHAT NONNY!?!?!?!?!?” >it throws you off and bring a hand over your ear to block some of the sound “Thrill me.” >you set your backpack and gym bag at the landing and go help her set the table for dinner >”MOM’S COMING BACK!!!” >fuck dude >you almost drop the plates in your hand at that statement >you both haven’t seen your mom since Christmas >she worked for the Union Pacific railroad as a mechanic traveling with different crews throughout the country >last you heard she was working in the Chicago/Peoria area for the summer months “When’s she coming back!?” >“Sunday afternoon! She finally got to switch crews and is headed to New Mexico for the winter months but the crew she’s working with won’t be ready for her for another week and will pass through here when they need her! So she’s coming back here while she waits for that crew to get here” >your smile widens as she explains everything >you loved seeing your parents and it sucks that they spent so much time away from you both >your dad is a former pornstar turned pornography director and spent most of his time bouncing around studios and interviewing people for his shots >last time he was around, you had JUST STARTED dating Sonata >and he spent his whole visit teaching you about sex >stuff like stamina increasing tips, the best ways to pleasure women, and amazing sex positions >he didn't do any hands on demonstrations, thank god, but did show you some pictures and explain some stuff >because birds >And bees >And stuff >completely inappropriate stuff you should be telling a fifteen year old >you didn’t mind though >you got to spend time with your dad and he gave you lots of good info >he even offered you a growth supplement he took back when he first starting doing porno shoots >you declined because your mom would eventually find out and castrate both of you >put a traveling father with a mom who works for the railroad and you get a lot of alone time >at most you see them 2 or 3 times a year. >it was even rarer that you’d see them together at home >though they always made an effort to meet up while on the road and set up conference calls with you and your sister as often as they could >its always been funny to you how two people like your parents ended up in love enough to marry and have two kids, yet still keep and enjoy doing what they love >despite doing what they love keeping them so apart far apart and with all the chances for disloyalty to arise >but it worked >somehow >your parents have known each other since high school but went in different directions in college >your mom became a mechanic for Union Pacific >your dad started as a photographer for Hustler and Skin Magazines for a while >he eventually got deals to appear in porn shots gradually rising from insignificant background character to main star >your dad ended up growing tired of what he called the “hollow and indifferent” attitudes of his co-stars during scene filming >so he stopped staring, started directing and got together with your mom >while contemplating you help you sister finish making the stroganoff and setting the table >you both sit down and begin tearing into the food >she must have had a tough day at volleyball practice as well >you both finish off the food and you help her do the dishes >you finish and lounge with your sister watching Bad Boys 2 and the South Park Movie on Netflix for the rest of the night >you remember she still doesn’t know about the sleepover “Oh, hey Alli.” >”Wha?” “I’m going to a friend’s house for a night tomorrow.” >she looks at you with a cocked eye brow >”To do…?” >you frown “To put in a toilet. The fuck do you think I’m gonna do!?!?” >she puts on a shit eating grin >”I dunno” >she wants to hear more about your sleepover >nosey little fuck “I’m going to the Dazzlings’ for the night to hang out with Sonata and some other people.” >”ooooOOOOOOooooooh” >she said that with a lot of promiscuity >you give her a mildly annoyed look >”I didn’t think you’d ever have a chance to actually use that stuff dad taught you.” >Goddamn it >you take a pillow on the couch you two are lounging in and slam it into her >”Aw c’mon. It was a compliment.” “Yeah. My ass it was.” >you continue through your movies in silence just enjoying each other’s company >9:30 comes around and you retire to you room to try and get a little sleep >your sister stays out to up Pitch Perfect >you found it difficult to sleep >the excitement of tomorrow keeps you up for another hour and a half >you finally fall a sleep >only to be shocked awake by your alarm on your phone >you grunt and turn off you phone alarm and check the time >5:30 >you sulk over to your bathroom and put your workout clothes on >shorts, a cut-off, and an under armour spandex headband >you walk upstairs, grab one of your 8 water bottles, and fill it up >you grab your keys and head out to your car >you start your car and music and head for school >perfect song to get you going on a morning workout >hell yeah >you stay in your car to finish the song before heading in >you had time ---- 6 TRACK THOUSANDS LATER ---- >that was your least favorite workout your team does regularly >you hate running in circles on the track >so mind numbing >you were cleaning up in the locker room >your teammates were talking about the cross country meet coming up on Thursday >first of the season on the hilliest course >and it was almost always UNGODLY HOT >you liked it that way >you trained in crazy, adverse conditions like that during the summer >you’ve taught yourself how to handle it >you couldn’t wait >you finish getting your stuff together and head home >you get home to find your sister making cinnamon French toast with Texas toast used for the bread >Aw HEYEL YEH >your favorite breakfast food >”Morning Anon.” “Hey” >she gives you a plate with four pieces of French toast “Thanks Alli” >you walk to the simmering sauce pot full of homemade maple syrup and dump a ladle-full on your toast >you implore “Why did ya make French toast this morning?” >”I felt like it. I didn’t have anything else to do and we had eggs and Texas toast that were gonna go bad soon. So, I just felt like doing it.” >good enough for you “Shweet” >you tell her with a mouthful of French toast >you finish eating your breakfast and go get cleaned up for the day >all the while you try to decide what food you want to bring >some popcorn >oven pizzas >naw, they’ll order pizzas from somewhere >you don’t even think you need anything for the get together >then it hits you >ice cream and root beer >root beer floats are your weakness >the Dazzlings seemed to enjoy them >fuck if you knew what Trixie and Shimmer like to eat at this kind of event >you finish up and check the time >you finish up and check the time >10:54 am >fuck yeah >your eyelids were a little heavy when you were brushing your teeth >you decide it’s time for a cat nap >you lounge in your bed in sweatpants and a green bro tank with “Guinness” written on it >you breathe out and let calm, blissful, blackness overtake you >you needed this ---- TWO AND A HALF PEACEFUL HOURS LATER ---- >you wake up peacefully from your slumber and stretch out. >you machine gun pop you neck and back >feelsgoodman.jpeg >you check your phone for notifications >a few emails, facebook and youtube updates >you see the time >1:37 pm >great >you didn’t sleep past the deadline >you weren’t going through the same bullshit tonight you did when you woke up 10 minutes past report time for a choir concert your freshman year >Ms. Shores chewed you out for 15 minutes after the concert >you went outside to do some chores and found your sister sweeping her half of the garage out >might as well >you grab your Jeep keys and back it out of your stall >you sister greets you as you exit your car and enter the garage >”I was about to wake you up and make you do your half” “Glad you didn’t.” >you hated getting woken up from naps, or sleep in general >you were not a morning person >AT ALL >she stops sweeping and starts a new album on her phone >you were kinda surprised she like that stuff so much >you grab two handfuls of sweeping compound and start spreading is around your stall >you then got a broom and started sweeping the floor >making damn sure you got it all cleared out >an hour later, you finish >you leave your car outside the garage but lock it >no sense in putting it back the garage if your gonna leave soon after >you’re lounging again on the couch watching ESPN >thinking about the sleepover >you were nervous about one thing >Sonata >she’s been unbelievable frisky ever since that skype incident >you can’t stop wondering if she’s getting you to her house for something other than just hanging out >your imagination runs rampant >you rip yourself from your thoughts and storm over to your bathroom and lock yourself in >you open up your half of the vanity and get a full body shaver you got a few years ago for your birthday >you take off your clothes >before you start shaving you think to yourself >24 hours from now, you /might/ not be a virgin anymore >holy crap >you stand in the bathtub >you refocus and start shaving your body starting with your genitals >making damn sure it’s nice and cleanly shaven above, around, on the shaft, and the testes >you then move down your legs and then up to trim up your trunk >finally you finish and you’re almost as hairless as the day you were born >you turn the water on in the bottom in the tub and stuff the pubic hair down the drain >you then rinse yourself off quick getting all the excess loose hair off >you dry yourself off and check your phone for time >4:39 pm >you grab your PJ’s, a water bottle, and your car keys >you get in your car and drive first to the store >you buy your stuff >Ice cream >root beer >you’re about to leave but you pass the men’s health section >something catches your eye >you initially think you don’t need them >but then you remember >the text conversation >the skype bit >and the body shaving >be a waste of time if she doesn’t want it because you don’t have condoms >or if she doesn’t want it at all >ah well >you were a high risk high reward kind of person >you grab a box of Trojan Fire and Ice and head for the checkout lines >you find an empty line and set your stuff on there >the person behind the credit card machine scans your stuff >you recognize her >Lyra was her name? >she gives you a suggestive look >”Special night?” >she asks with a smirk >seriously? >you weren’t having that shit >not today >you give her a look that says: shut up “Just scan my items.” >she scoffs and tells you your charge >you pay and walk off >you then drive to the Dazzling’s house >you arrive and check your phone >6:35 pm >just a bit late >you park on the side of the street close to the driveway >you see three other cars in the driveway >everyone must be here >you’ve never been in there before despite dating her for as long as you’ve been >you walk up the front porch and ring the doorbell >you here a noise at a window across the porch >just as you turn to face the door it flies open >you are again body slammed by that same cerulean body >you return the hug >she leans back with her arms still around your neck and your hands caressing her back >you get a quick look of her outfit >it’s the same polyester t-shirt and basketball shorts she was wearing in the skype call >now you could /definitely/ tell >she ain’t wearing a bra >you’ve never had that much blood rush that fast to your cock >it was almost REALLY painful >”OMIGOSH! I’m so happy you came! This is gonna be so much fun! FOR REALZIES!!!!!!!!” “I can’t wait.” >she lets go of the hug and grabs your hand >she pulls you by your hand through their house >it was a small comfy 3 bedroom 1 bathroom single floor house >kinda strange how three teen girls shared one bathroom >you barely got along with your sister when it came to bathroom use >how the fuck does doing your HAIR take half a goddamn hour!?!?!?!? >you went through everything in the house >kitchen, closets, their rooms, everything >the last thing you guys came to was Sonata’s room >she actually gave you a full tour of her room as well >she just showed you Adagio and Aria’s room >but didn’t actually show you inside of their rooms >her room was painted blue >the same color as her skin >she was a huge a HUGE Creed fan >she had 2 large posters hang on her walls >one shows the band members in 2009 >the other is a panorama of the band performing live during they’re tour promoting their album Full Circle >she said she saw that tour promoting the album live >she also had a small pink egg chair, a queen sized bed with pink sheets and purple pillows, a pink dresser, and a small 24” TV with a PS2. >’very comfy’ you thought >you take everything in whilst she gives you the extended cliff notes version of her room >she then shows you her bed >she flops down ruffling the blankets and pillows >”So comfortable” >she says as she bounces gleefully on her bed “I’m sure” >she looks at you expectantly >daf fuck does she want you to do? >you go over instinctively and sit on the foot of her bed thinking that’s what she wanted >you hear her quickly get up >you then are thrown back on your back with her next to you laying on her side >you immediately are looking into her eyes >she looks at you with flirty eyes >is this going where you think it is? >your mind hasn’t figured out if it is >your cock hopes it is >she asks with a soft loving tone >”Like it?” >you give a weak half smile >”Uh Huh” >she giggles adorably >”Good! I hope you like it!” >she says this while getting on top of you >she stares deep into your eyes >she kisses you quickly and then moves to whisper something in your ear >”Because tonight… You’re here.” >with that she rolls off of you and the bed and struts towards her door >”I’m off with Dagi to go get the pizza.” >you stay there for a bit in shock before getting up and walking to the living room >Well >”Guess I won’t have to ask for spare blankets.” >you mutter to yourself >you enter and find Trixie, and Aria lounging in the couch >Aria and Trixie were playing Black-Ops 2 zombies >your favorite >Sunset was in the room across mixing drinks for them >”Hello” “Oh hey, you must be Sunset Shimmer.” >”The one and only.” >you smirk and sit on the table >”Want anything?” >you pull out the shot glass you brought and slide it across the table and tell her your request “Southern Comfort.” >she pours your shot set it in front of you “So how do know these three?” >”Adagio and I were lab partners a lot last year and we worked together over the summer doing concessions at softball tournaments on weekends.” >you remember those >you volunteered helping the city workers dragging fields and pick up trash >shit was hard >spent 28 hours collectively doing that one weekend >you got free food though >”Weren’t you one of the guys dragging fields.” >she asks you as she sits down at the table from you “Yeah” >you also see she poured herself some Serpent’s Bite(?) “What did you get?” >you ask her gesturing towards her drink >”Serpents Bite.” ”hm” >you then take your shot glass knock it back >you feel the burning whisky flow down your throat >you bring your head forward swallowing with an AHHH >you wait a second then go get another shot >you knock it back with the same ease as the first >”You’re really good at taking shots.” “Thank you.” >you recover from the shot and then realize you forgot to bring in your beverages >you run out to your car and grab your food >you check to see how melted your ice cream was >not very melted >THANK >GOD >you grab the stuff and strut back in the house >you enter to find Sunset was sitting where she was when you left >”What did you do?” “Oh I went to my car to get some stuff I bought to make root beer floats.” >her face lights up >”I LOVE root beer floats!!!!” >at least you know one of the new people will like them “I do to” >you put the root beer in the refrigerator and the ice cream in the deep freeze -- >you go to fill up your water bottle >your attention is drawn to the living room as profanity was shouted at the TV >you remember Aria and Trixie(?) were playing zombies >you walk over and sit on the couch next to purplegrouch “How’s it going Aria.” >”Decent.” >she says not paying you much notice >she’s really into this game >you didn’t know she was a gamer “I didn’t know you played zombies.” >”I do.” >she’s more into her game than chatting with you >understandable >you were the same way >especially with zombies >you watch them play for a while >they were playing origins >barring tranzit it was you’re least favorite map in black ops 2 zombies “Have you guys found Pack a Punch yet?” >Trixie speaks up >”Not quite. We’re trying to get Speed Cola right now.” “Sweet” >a brief moment passes and Trixie gets cornered in the generator room trying to turn it on >”GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!!!!!!” >she slams her hands down in her lap with her controller in hand >”Why can’t we get JUGG first instead of FUCKING Speed Cola!?!?!” >Aria who just opened the door to no man’s land outside of the workshop went back >”Maybe you should get better at this game.” >”Maybe we shouldn’t play shitty maps!” >”It’s not shitty if you bad at it.” >you laugh at Aria and Trixie’s verbal assaults >just as Aria gets back into the generator room, she’s swarmed by the horde Trixie gathered and is knocked down >Game over >ten rounds >”Dammit.” “Never much liked this one. Can I join?” >”Just don’t suck, ya nerd.” >Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks >she hands you the third controller and you turn it on and get signed in as a guest >Sunset plops down next to you and belches out >”Count me in as well.” >Aria stifles a giggle behind her hand >Trixie snorts loudly >“HA!! Have you ever played this game before?” >Sunset smirks >”I had Black Ops 1.” “How long have you been playing it?” >”Ever since it came out. At one point I was able to survive 7 and a half minutes in no man’s land.” >holy crap >you can barely last 6 minutes there “Have you played black ops 2 zombies before?” >she shifts slightly >”No.” >you smile and giggle “You’ll be fine.” >Aria picks the map >Buried >Awesome >your second favorite map >hopefully you get the paralyzer >you all spawn in >Trixie and Aria stay above >you take Sunset and head down to the town >”I got the LSAT.” >Trixie protests >”Trixie needs the LSAT more than you do.” >you spend the first 3 rounds showing her where everything is >all the while Aria and Trixie farm up points for the LSAT >they each get enough and sprint towards the stairs >you look up and see both of their characters bump into each other >they both fall down >”Don’t get in Trixie’s way when she’s getting her guns, douche bag!!!” >”It’s not like it would help you still will down after round 7.” >Trixie proceeds to shove a middle finger in Aria’s face >Aria shoves her into the arm rest of the couch >they both regain their bearings and continue the game >Aria inquires >”Have you two tuned on power?” “Yeah, we also have jug and the gunsmith open.” >”Has vulture aid been accessed? Trixie needs it for the Easter egg.” “Not yet, we still need to find booze.” >you all play around mowing down endless hordes of the undead >you make it to round 7 and the pizza comes >puff ball and your girlfriend come in and announce their selves >”Pizza’s arrived!” “Hey Adagio” >”Hi Anon.” >Sonata and Adagio get set the pizza down with the alcohol and get paper plates out >they finish and Sonata comes over to the couch you, Aria, Sunset, Trixie were are on >even though the couch was almost out of ass room with four people on it already, Sonata shimmies her plump, and well-endowed butt between you and Sunset >you and Sunset jostle around to make room for her >at one moment she practically sits on you >you’re surprised how plush her hips and ass are >you knew they were plump, but you’ve never had that kind of confirmation before >you revel at the feeling for a second while you move over adjusting for Sonata and then get comfortable on the couch >in that moment of concentration lapse, you down “Dammit.” >Sunset downs a couple seconds later >”Fuckin A!” >”Both of you faggots are down?” >you confirm purplecunt’s jeer ”Yeah I’m up by speed cola” >”I’m…. I have no idea where I am.” >Sunset buries her face in a hand >Aria and Trixie laugh >you look at her screen “You’re in the bar” >Aria revives you and you sprint over to revive Sunset >you reach her with barely any time left before bleeding out >”Thanks” >you head back to the outdoor area where Leeroy’s cell and jug is >at least you had enough to buy Jug again >now you have to start over saving up for speed cola >”Trixie has accessed vulture aid.” >and vulture aid >fuck dude it’ll take three or four rounds to get those >thankfully enough you got the HAMR from the box >hammer time motherfuckers >that, the LSAT and the RPD are your favorite machine guns in the game >you also had the M1216 >top tier zombie shredding combo >time passes and you all are now on round 19 >you’re all about to go through the haunted house to find the pack-a-punch machine >can’t wait >you had 10 thousand points right now >hopefully none of the ghosts will hit you too much >Sunset inquires >”What’s so special about this place?” “You have to go through this to get to the Pack-a-Punch machine.” >you all enter with one person (you) clearing the path through the maze >everyone else covers you while Aria goes to get double tap >you mow everything down in front of you with your HAMR until you get outside >you clean up with the M1216 >you check your score >7 thousand points >you’re mildly frustrated that you got hit >but your glad that you still have enough to get a gun pack a punched >now to get across the maze >you make sure Sunset stayed close to you >God help us all if she got lost by herself >”Ok. So, where’s the Pack a Punch machine?” “On the other side of this maze.” >after 10 minutes and 1 long ass round you reach the pack a punch machine >before killing the last zombie, you all take a turn at the pack a punch machine >you right away pack a punch the HAMR >SLDGE HAMR time >you wait on the M1216 >you all stay down there for a few more rounds “Did someone buy claymores?” >”We have four of us down here. We shouldn’t need them.” >true >you all spend one more round down there >you finally get the Mesmerizer >the round ends and you all head back to the maze >you make it back to the town and keep playing until round 28 >you all start to get hungry >everyone eventually downs and the game ends >”Trixie is getting hungry and wants pizza.” >you here your stomach growl “Same. Do we want to just end the game?” >”You two twats can go get pizza. I want to teleport back up again.” >you sneer mentally at purplecunt’s verbal jab but forget soon after you pile 2 slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza each on a paper plate >you sit down at the table across the room such that you can still see Aria and Sunset still playing >Sonata sits next to you >”How was your practice this morning?” “Long, hard, and unrelenting. We ran thousands. 6 of them.” >”Sounds hard.” “It is. It’s a lot harder than jumping over bars and flopping around in water.” >you put on a shit-eating grin >Sonata puts on an annoyed grin and playfully backhands your chest >she then grabs a slice of cheese pizza and sits back next to you “Have you three started training for swim season yet?” >”Dagi and I have.” >you figure Aria won’t start training for that until she gets done with softball >you look up and see Dagi pouring drinks for herself, Trixie, and Aria. >you’re surprised how much Aria and Trixie are drinking >you go back up for your float ingredients “Does anyone want a root beer float?” >you hear a muddled chorus of “I do”s from Sunset, Adagio, Sonata, and Trixie >you toil away making the drinks >you make one for yourself last >you grab one last slice of pizza and head back to the couch >Trixie and Aria were playing turned >you hated turned >you’d much rather just play survival and mow down hordes upon hordes of the undead. >Trixie was the zombie >Aria had the executioner >Trixie snuck around toward the diner where Aria was camping >before it was too late Aria turned around and blasted Trixie in the face >Sunset sits down next to you >”So you’re Anon, right?” “Damn straight.” >”I’m Sunset Shimmer.” >you take a sip of your root beer float “I know” >you take another sip and look at her >she’s looking at you with her eyebrows cocked up >”How do you know?” >you giggle “I faced you and your clique’s band in the Battle of the Bands back in spring.” >”Really?” >you figure she wouldn’t remember >the only round people remember is the final >just like in everything “Yeah. You guys beat us in the second round. Horribly.” >it clicks >”Oh I remember now! You guys played great!” “Wasn’t good enough to advance and win.” >she agrees >”Still, it wasn’t that bad you guys sound great.” “Is your group gonna do that again?” >”Plan to.” >you mutter curses >more competition for your group >y’all will have a fire under your asses now >failure isn’t an option >”What kind of songs are you guys planning on performing?” >you torn from your thoughts to answer “Uh, most of what we’re writing is a fusion of punk and hard rock” >she perks up >”OOO-” >you both get interrupted by Sonata slicing a spot between you too >she must have heard the whole conversation >”YEAH. They’ve wrote some good stuff!!!” >she looks at you with an aggravated look >you don’t want things anymore awkward or tense between you, sunset, or sonata “Do you and Adagio still have your amp and guitar?” >”Uh huh you wanna play some stuff?” “Yeah.” >she squees and drags you by the hand to her room >Adagio follows leaving Trixie and Aria in the room playing another round of grief >she goes to her closet and brings out a 6-string Ibanez guitar >her and Adagio get one small amp from the closet and set it out >they both leave for speakers and cables >you and sunset stay in the Sonata’s room and tune the guitar >they come back in >sonata sets the amp down >sunset asks >”So what were you planning on playing?” >”I actually wanted to play first.” >sonata chimed in >you concede and give her the guitar >sunset sits next to adagio on a small couch sonata has in her room >you sit between them on the floor >she opens her phone up and connects it to the speakers >the song plays >this was one of her favorite songs by Creed >she sang it to you on the first date you guys went on >you both went to Applebee’s on karaoke night after a track meet >she went there to sing with you but you were hungry and just wanted to eat >it was fun getting to sing with her >too bad you couldn’t smash >oh well >it’s not long before your get immersed in the music >the other two were getting into it as well >her and Scott Stapp’s voices mix surprisingly well >Thankfully the music from the speaker isn’t to overpowering >she keeps her eyes on you almost the whole time >the outro comes and it ends >”To a plaace where bliind men see…” >you lightly golf clap in approval >Adagio gets up >guess she’s going next >she tunes the guitar a bit >Aria and Trixie come in >greeted them and scooted over on the couch. >”Who won?” >Aria gave Trixie a shit-eating grin >”I won 3 of four.” >trixie slaps her shoulder >”Trixie is still better at high rounds than you!!” >Aria pats her on the head >"All that salt won't help you get better." >trixie slaps her hand away >the two tussle a bit before adagio starts to play >you should have expected that >she LOVES Halestorm >you didn’t care for them >this song was particularly irritating to you >fortunately enough Adagio’s voice is a lot more listenable than Lizzy Hale’s >she almost made the song bearable >all the while sonata is squeezing down in from of the couch next to you >she snuggles really close to you with a lusty look in her eyes >the chorus comes and she starts mouthing the words to you >you figured she bites >guess we’ll see how hard >the song finally ends >sunset gets up and goes next >fucking hell you really wanted to play your song >sunset tunes the guitar a bit and starts the song on her phone >you instantly recognize the song it >and start jamming >this song came out when you were a seventh grader >right when you and your three friends started jamming together >you had such a pleasant relationship with this song >you surprisingly found yourself mouthing the words >and taping your foot to the bass drum groove >her voice sounded mixed surprisingly well with Brian Fallon’s >she sees you jam >you shoot her an “Okay” hand gesture >she winks at you and flips her hair back >she hops up and shreds through the solo >this girl really loves her rock music >the song ends and you all applaud >you look over and see your girl next to you >arms crossed and pouting >before Aria or Trixie get up you reach for the guitar >you give it a quick tune >you look at your phone >you wanted to play Parallelism >you look at Sonata no looking at you >guess she hasn’t approved of your presumed fondness of Sunset >though she was an interesting individual, you had no intentions of ending any relationships tonight >you shuffle through your music for a bit and find the perfect song >you sang it to her when you asked out to prom and to be your girlfriend >she LOVED the song >she had told you numerous times it was in her top 3 favorite songs >maybe she’d at least give you a blowie now >she immediately perks up >its having the effect you expected on her >she was swaying lightly from side to side and tapping hand on her crossed legs to the beat >it helps that this dude’s voice is right in your comfort zone >you could even see Aria enjoying herself >tapping her foot and bobbing her head with a half-smile on her face >she usually didn’t get into your music >guess you found an exception >you make it to the final chorus ”You make me feel” “MAKE ME FEEEEEEEEEEL” >you thought you heard Sonata sing that last bit with you >you close out the song looking at her >she has the largest smile on her face >so goddamn adorable >she squees and rapidly claps >you and Aria simultaneously get up and you hand her the guitar >you sit down next to Sonata >she lays her head on your shoulder and you wrap your arm around her’s >well you’ll at least get a blowie if you don’t go all the way >maybe >Aria tunes the guitar and starts her song >it surprises you only for a second >the band surprises you >you had no idea Aria was a Drowning Pool fan > it doesn’t surprise you because the song does suit her attitude >the song closes out and trixie goes >Aria sits >trixie gets up and goes through the same routine >she picks her song >interesting choice >you haven’t heard a lot of 10 Years’ music >Aria scoots down next to you on the floor >”Would you want to try something in zombies later? Since you’re not as bad as I thought you were.” >thanks purplecunt “Thanks. You’re… not to bad yourself” >you’re intrigued “I guess. What did you have in mind?” >she smirks >”Wait and see.” >she says that as she shimmies herself back on the couch >you were really curious as to what she had planned >not curious enough to not finish listening to Trixie’s song >it finishes >”Great job, Trix” >”Of course, Aria. Trixie’s performance was superior.” >someone’s cocky >Aria continues >”Speaking of which Trixie, would you want to play strip zombies?” >… >wot >I see now “Da faq is that?” >”’Tis a zombies challenge Trixie plays with her guy friends wherein reviving comes at the cost of an article of clothing.” >you found yourself greatly interested in the challenge >”you can dodge the removal and let yourself bleed out but everyone playing gets to ask you ANYTHING they want.” >huh there goes that strategy of just making yourself die out to avoid stripping >”You in or not, loser.” >you accept slightly fueled by your rising frustration at Trixie’s speech pattern >and Aria’s snarkiness >Welp >can’t back out now “Let’s do it” >”Anyone else want to join in?” >sunset and adagio head back into the kitchen >presumable to get more drinks >you see your girlfriend step up >”I’m in.” >the three of you look at her >you’re flabbergasted >you’ve never seen her play this game before >before you could say anything Aria bursts into laughter >”Well I was hoping for a game with a tough field!!! Guess I won’t have to worry about getting naked first!” >”Trixie has been dying to see this ditzy lout try to play zombies for a while now >you see a her face get purple she lunges towards her sister >not wanting a scene you put your arm out to stop her “Have you played this game before?” >the last time you she mentioned this she couldn’t even remember the name >”Ever since you said you’d come, I’ve been practicing!!” >a wide smile covers her face >SO CUTE >a shout comes from puffball in the kitchen >”It’s pissed me off!!! I bought Overwatch last week and I haven’t been able to play it, AT ALL!!” “Which games have you been playing?” >”All three from the Black Ops series, though the third one is my favorite to play.” >that’s surprising >you thought Black Ops 3 was B grade at best >maybe playing with her will change your view >”Are you two retards gonna play or not?” >you both head over >a question comes to mind “What map will we play?” >”Trixie has this” >she pulls a deck of cards out from her cleavage >… >how the hell did you miss that >no matter >”We’re play the guessing game.” >”First round, we guess the suit. The winner picks the game. And you can choose Black Ops, World at War, Exo, Infinite Warfare, any Cod game with zombies is fair game.” >”The next round we guess the card value. Closest guess picks the map.” >”Adagio would you like to do the honors?” >you look over and find her knocking back shots of everclear >this girl can really take her alcohol gaddamn >she recovers from the shot >”*belch* Sure.” >she takes the deck of cards >she turns around and shuffles >she the kneels in front of you all and lays a card on the ottoman >”Sonata, what suit is that card?” >”Clubs.” >she looks at Trixie >”Hearts.” >then to you >you ponder a moment “Spades.” >Aria frowns >guess she doesn’t think it’s diamonds. >adagio flips the card over >10 of hearts >trixie lights up >she thinks hard >you were hoping and praying she doesn’t pick Exo or WaW >you weren’t good at WaW anymore and you HATED Exo Zombies >you see the wheels turning in her mind >you had no idea what she’s played and how good she was at what >”Black Ops 1” >an audible sigh came from Sonata >you turn around and see her face buried in her hands >you knew why >she spent most of that time practicing playing Black ops 3 >could be viewed as time wasted >you could tell she was considering dropping from the challenge >you wrap an arm around her and pull her head out of her hands for a hug >you tell her it’s alright and she’ll play fine and you’ll do your best to help her out >she accepts all this and returns your embrace >you look up and see sunset smiling warmly at you two >”Hey Anon, what’s you pick?” >your head twirls around and sees adagio waiting with a new card on the ottoman and a frustrated look on her face. >right >you let go of your lover and figure out your best bet “Seven.” >aria speaks up after >”Jack” >sonata frowns at her >she ponders a bit >”Four” >you all look at trixie awaiting her guess >”Nine” >adagio flips the card over >four of spades >Sonata squees and rapidly claps here hands >this girl will give you diabetes if she keeps doing shit like that >not that it’s a bad thing >she turns to you and asks you what are the maps on Black Ops 1 are >you take your phone out and bring up a list on the internet >though much discussion and explaining what the maps are like and how PhD flopper works she comes to a decision. ”What’s the map gonna be Sonata?” >”Call of the Dead” >decent choice >dealing with George was gonna be a bitch but she could handle it. >”Well there you have it. Strip Zombies on Call of the dead.” >let’s do this >you look around and see your competition >Trixie was wearing a baggy long-sleeved crewneck shirt and yoga pants >Sonata was wearing that same pair of basketball shorts and tight dri-fit t-shirt >Aria was wearing really baggy sweatpants and a long sleeve American eagle brand name shirt >they all were wearing socks now, too >you were still wearing your Guinness bro tank, shorts, socks and shoes. >you decide to put on your on your zombie shredding playlist on >first song comes on >not exactly round 1 appropriate soundtrack but once it cycles through we should be in the teens >you all putter along the first 5 rounds opening everything up, getting set up with perks and looking for training spots >you made sure you kept sonata close while exploring the map >you surprised how well she picked up learning the map >you had her training in front of the lighthouse >you were out by spawn training >by the time round 20 came everyone went down once during the round >you were revived by Aria and she for some reason wanted your green bro-tank off first >revealing the chiseled granite trunk you worked almost 6 years to earn and keep and treasure trail >you could see Sonata visibly surprised at your endowment >you thought you saw some drool trying to leak down as well >you revived Sonata and just had her take a sock off >your somewhat hardened and aroused cock wanted her shirt off >later bro, later >Sonata revived Trixie and had her take her crew neck sweatshirt off, revealing a deep purple spandex bra >Sonata then looked at you with a shit-eating grin >she was trying to distract you with that >well played >Trixie revived Aria and just requested a sock >one of the collateral challenges along with trying to stay alive was avoiding George Romero >most of the time you just tried to keep him away from Sonata >that’s how she had her first down >the round passes >hell fucking yeah, throwback time >the 1st half of the round goes smooth >all the sudden your screen shakes >you look to the other 3 screens and see Aria shot George >lmao >you look away and about five minutes later you hear Sonata start to shout at Aria >she’s leaving George with Sonata >Sonata downs literally femtoseconds later >Oh Jesus >you still had a cluster of 20ish zombies and you could already see some of the zombies in Sonata’s horde headed towards you “I don’t think I’ll be able to heal you, hon.” >that’s when you hear Trixie pull a dick move >”Send George to him!” >what a cunt >you bob and weave trying to get to water >You reach the water at spawn >in the nick of time as well >you were seeing tons of red on your screen >just as you relax a zombie comes around out of complete nowhere and sideswipes you >you’re downed >just as you down you see Sonata’s character bleed out and disappear >goddamn it >”Perfect” >that was purple bitch’s plan all along “Did you guys specifically devise this just so you could ask us anything you want?” >”You’re goddamn right.” >Aria said that low and raspy trying to imitate Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad >bitch >the round slows and trixie has last zombie >they move together and you assume they start figuring out what they will ask you two >after about ten minutes >you see adagio and sunset pass by with more root beer floats and sit in uterus chairs next to the coach >”Alright, Trixie has come to a consensus. We will ask Sonata our questions first and then Anon. >excellent >Aria asked her a question first >with a menacing grin she asked -- >”What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever used to masturbate?” >Trixie laughs raucously, you are absolutely stunned, Sonata is purple, and Sunset and Adagio’s hands and faces have merged into one >”Well, burrito bitch? We’re waiting.” >why does she still call her that? >she sheepishly answers in a soft voice no one can here. >”What was that?” >she speaks up >”A hair straightener.” >Everyone in the room laughs except you and Sonata >She has her face hidden in her shirt >Trixie asks her question >She just asked her what the dumbest thing she’s ever posted on social media was >to which she showed her a post on twitter wishing Scott Stapp a happy birthday >3 months after his birthday >kind of a dumb question >she doesn’t use social media very often >so after that unimpressive attempt at embarrassment they turn to you >woopedy fucking doo >Trixie asks first >”How many times a day do you fap?” >really >ANYTHING SHE WANTED she could ask you. >and she went with weak shit like that >you’ve heard tons of locker room talk was worse than that “Usually once or twice a day. Though starting on Sundays the weeks I have races I go on no faps until the race day. So I might go 4 or 5 days without fapping and only fap after I get back from my meets. Only to restart the process the next Sunday. >that explanation had everyone in shock >Sonata was purple again, Aria and Trixie had ‘WTF!?!?’ looks on their faces, Sunset’s jaw was on the floor and Adagio was dying of laughter >You guessed locker room talk in the female locker room talk isn’t quite as raunchy as male locker room talk >wussies “Something wrong, ladies?” >”Oh Uhhhhh I waaaas uhhhhhhh eh heh um… erm.” >Trixie continues to stammer and Aria is having Vietnam flashbacks >you absolutely loved seeing them squirm like this >you hear poofball shout from the kitchen completely draping over Sunset >”This is legendary dude!!” >she laughs a bit more >”I’ve seen the flying purple turnoff like this before!!” >she trails off into laughter >Aria shoots here and look of death with a face red from blushing and anger “Aria what’s your question.” >you were getting impatient >you wanted to keep playing zombies and not do this >that snaps both of them back to reality >”Right. Get ready lamo.” >the way this has gone you’re not worried >”I you weren’t dating Sonata, which girl at CHS would you want to date?” >well this got real really fast >that was something you didn’t want to even think about >the whole room went silent >Aria boxed you in big time >little bitch… >you look around and find your girlfriend >she’s looking at you with eyes wilder than Ted Knight at the end of Caddyshack >gonna take a lot to get out of this one. >you never even dated anyone until you met Sonata and prior to you two dating you had absolutely zero experience with females >you found yourself thinking about how to circumvent your answer >you figured you could go with Sour Sweet >she ran cross country against your team back in jr high and you did kinda have a crush on her >but she ended being a cunt >you took her to that dance at the friendship games and she wasn’t very nice to you and spent most of the time flirting and hanging out with other girls from Crystal Prep >not exactly the kind of person you wanted to date >that’d be the best option >”We’re still waiting for your answer, retard.” >you figured that was your best option. “Probably that chick from Crystal Prep named Sour Sweet.” >Sonata gives you an incredulous look >Adagio struggles to hold in laughter “I had a kinda had a crush on her back when we ran against each other in Jr. High Track and Cross Country. Long before you three and specially Sonata came around.” >Sunset perks up and asks >”So, did you two do anything?” >Now here’s something you really didn’t want to get into >you we either gonna get kicked out or get stuck sleeping on the floor. Either way you’re get cockblocked. >might as well finish the story >”So…. “We got to know each other just by taking to each other during meets. We’d stretch together after races and even went and got watermelon together once after the fall time trials our schools did together my eighth grade year.” >Sonata leans in with an instigative look >”So what happened?” “I took her to a dance at a YMCA when we were in eighth grade. And… >you paused to collect yourself She ditched me.” >Adagio, Trixie, and Aria laugh raucously at your embarrassing demise in the story >Sunset hide their giggles. >Sonata just sits there grinning smugly >you here the first lines of ‘Mad World’ run through your head >you just want to start playing zombies again >the laughter subsides into jeers from Trixie and Aria “I had to ride home with my older cousin listening to Creep by Radiohead the whole time.” >giggles arise again and you unwillingly reminisce the on painful Jr High memories >sonata moves forward towards you >”I have you now though.” >that she did >now that the laughter and jeers have subsided you all return to zombies >you all pay for another two and a half hours and make it to round 49 >you all had downed once since then >Trixie funny enough downed shortly after the questions >you revived her and had her take a sock off >Aria revived Sonata after she went down on round 35 >Aria had Sonata take her basketball shorts off revealing lacy cherry red thong >that turned you on >she even gave you a nice view while sitting down >Sonata revived you on round 40 and just had you take off a sock >You had also revived Aria on round 44 >you asked sonata what she wanted you to have aria take off >sticking to her competitive spirit she chose her long sleeve shirt >she somehow knew you were a tit guy >sneaky little sod… >thankfully enough your favorite pair were still safely concealed by a tight fitting dri-fit canterlot high track t-shirt >All the while Adagio was drunkenly telling you all to hurry up and die so her and sunset can watch stranger things >meanwhile you and sonata throughout the round were chatting >she wanted to get a little revenge for what happened before >you shoot George and leave your horde with Sonata >trixie notices your actions >”What the hell are you doing Anonymous?” >Aria notices as well and then gets side swiped through distraction >”Dammit you fucker!!” >you lead George to trixie and he downs her >”You fucknugget! That is a cheap way for downs!!” “A cheap way you guys have taken before as well. I’m simply returning the favor.” >”Dickhead…” >you return to your perch as you and sonata await the next massive influx of zombies >you hear trixie button mash the f bomb and try and twist and turn her way through a crowd of zombies >it doesn’t work and she downs >Sonata laughs >”EAT SHIT YOU UNICORN ANUSES” >… >what the actual fuck >You hear adagio drunkenly laugh >”THASSS THE BESSUN IVE HEARD THUS FAR!” >you glance over and see aria and trixie’s mouths agape >you hear sunset snort behind you as she tries to contain laughter >you do likewise >you both bob and weave until you each have one zombie left >you and sonata start to figure out what to ask the other two >sunset sits next to you >”Adagio and I want to watch a movie soon.” >duly noted >after much deliberation you and sonata figure out what you want to ask the other two >you both figured it out “Sunset just told me her and Adagio want to watch a movie. Do you want to just end the game after we ask the questions?” >she thinks for a moment >“Yeah, sure. I was getting kinda done with this.” “I’ll ask first. Starting with Aria.” >that makes aria jump in surprise “In lieu of your newly established crush on Norman…” >her eyes go wide and face goes pale with the realization of the subject of the question “How often, per week, do you… sexually fantasize about him?” >aria drones UHHH >sonata leans into you >”How do you know about that!?” >you smile and wink “I have my sources.” >you interrupt aria’s Uh “This does include schlicking.” >aria composes herself