Aria Likes to Have Her Butt Licked (NON MACRO) - by Vell1245

>How could school be so very boring? >Canterlot High, the most inclusive and friendly school around. >And also the most boring school around. >When there's no huge red demon girl brainwashing everyone, at least. >Now that was an interesting change of pace. >Was being the keyword. >Everything went back to normal pretty fast. >Back to the same old same old. >Well, mostly anyway. >But today was the first day of the "Battle of the Bands". >Or something like that, you were sorta distracted at the time of the announcement. >Totally not ogling Sunset Shimmer. Nope. >If a contest had weirdos like Snips and Snails competing, chances are it's probably not worth paying attention to. >At least that was what you believed until they came along. >Those three girls, hoo boy did they make an impact. >Came in singing and dancing, swaying their hips all around the lunch room. >They made the entire cafeteria erupt in arguing. >It was like that effect, where if somebody throws a chair near a crowd; the crowd instantly starts fighting each other for no reason. >Except it was with gyrating hips and heavenly singing. >If their act is going to be just like that, no doubt you'll be there to watch. >Two hours away from the competition, you decided to just chill in science class. >The clock couldn't tick any slower. >And the teacher was basically putting you to sleep. >"Anon, do you know the answer to this question?" The teacher looked at you with his brow raised. >Woah, he can actually say more than just blah blah blah. >"Anon?" >Great, the whole class was looking at you. "Uh, no I don't?" You answered, yawning tiredly. >"Well why don't you get out your textbook, follow along with the class, and maybe you will someday!" He smirked to himself, laughing at his own joke like smug incarnate. >Perfect, he asks for the one thing you left in your locker. >The locker in the darkest corner of the school. "Okay, may I please go get my textbook sir?" You asked in a sarcastic tone. >"Be quick, I don't want you to miss what I'm going to be talking about! It's a very important topic blah blah blah," he faded back into saying nothing of importance. >Maybe some of it was important, but who cares; you get time away from this cramped classroom. "Okay, be right back then." And then you were right out of there in a heartbeat, slipping through the spaces between the desks. >Your classmates looked at you like you were crazy, that rainbow haired girl even started to break out in laughter. >Really though, who's crazy? >You're not the one in the classroom right now. >The hallways were dead, nobody was outside of their classes. >It was real eerie, but peaceful. >Nothing but you and the sound of your feet hitting the floor. >After a while of walking, you made it to that dark part of the school. >They should fix the lights because it's pretty out of place. >And annoying when you're trying to enter your locker combo while you can't see two inches in front of your face. >Thankfully nobody was around to see you fumble about with your lock. "3-1-6..." Angrily you were whispered to yourself, screwing around with the locker. >Pulling on the lock did nothing. "Oh my god, I am going to burn the lock right off of this stupid thing." It was basically taunting you, you could picture it sticking its tongue out at you. >One more time. "Three!" Just then, someone put his or her hand right around your mouth, interrupting your efforts. >Whoever it was had a damn good grip, and silky soft hands. >Now they tightly wrapped their slim forearm around your waist. "Mphphph?" >"Shut up." A raspy, slightly gravelly voice furiously whispered from behind you, squeezing your waist even harder. >Hold on, this was a girl? >When you heard her voice, you immediately stopped struggling and screaming. >"Adagio said there'd be someone here, guess she isn't completely useless." She continued, holding you tight in her clutches. >"Oh we're going to have fun, you and me- well, mainly just me." The girl bounced her fingers against your lips playfully. "Mhm?" All you could do is nod and hope to everything that her idea of fun isn't going to take long. >"Yeah." Replied the girl to your muffled voice. >"Now I'm gonna take my hand off of your mouth, and you're gonna not scream like a little girl." Calmly commanded your captor, moving her other hand closer to your abdomen. >"Understand me?" She poked your private area. "Mhm." You nodded compliantly to her words. >"Good." Finally you were freed from her grip, now just to run as fast as possible so you don't miss those girls on stage. >Wait... >You turned around to reveal that the woman who stood before you was none other than one of the seductive singers. >Her purple pigtails striped with a bit of blue delicately danced behind her. >"Wow, you actually listened; that's a first." Confidently she crossed her arms and looked you right in the eye. "What?" >"Usually they just run away like losers back to their mommies." >Run away? From this fine girl? "Pfft, well not me." You puffed out your chest with pride. >Maybe you'll get some. >"Whatever, my name's Aria." She put her hand on her hip. "My name's Anon." >"I didn't ask, did I?" "No." Flustered, you shook your head. >"Perfect, the one that doesn't run is the worst." Aria brushed a strand of hair out of her face. "At least I'm not the one wearing a ripped vest." >"Terrible." >This girl gives off a real positive energy. Really. >"Anyway, you're going to come with me and you're going to do what I want you to do whether you like it or not." She beckoned you to follow her. "Sounds like I don't have a choice." >"You don't, now come on." >You only ever get this chance once. >So you're taking it gladly. "What are we going to do? Make out?" Aria stopped dead in her tracks at that remark. >"Keep your mouth shut until I say otherwise." She talked to you with a bit of fury in her voice. "Just tell me what we're going to do." >"Be quiet like a good boy and you'll see." The purple girl continued on her way, with you in tow. >A good boy? >You'd be really pissed off if it wasn't someone like her saying it. >Hopefully you might just get a private show. >Watching those thighs move was like poetry in motion. >It wasn't very difficult to follow her while eyeing the south of her equator. >Most of her weight is probably in those hips of hers, you could assume. >And those light purple pants are looking pretty tight on her. >Getting a bit of a semi just watching how she moves. >"I don't want this to be awkward or anything for me, but I am a bit curious, why didn't you run?" Aria looked back at you, while you hurriedly tried to cover up that you were staring at her rear. "Huh?" >"You didn't run away, you didn't hide in a garbage bin, you didn't even shout when I let you talk." "And?" >"I'm asking you a question, just answer it." She was getting impatient with your nonsense by the tone of her voice and the look on her face. "Why would I run from such a pretty girl?" Suddenly she stopped once more, and turned to face you. >"What did you just say?" She got up in your face, somehow meeting you eye level. "I said why would I run from such a good looking girl?" >Could swear a blush was forming in her cheeks. >Or maybe she was about to blow her top and beat the snot out of you. >"Nevermind, you cheesy l-loser, forget I asked." Aria backed up, turned around, and went back to walking. >Back to staring at her tightly clothed butt then. >"We're almost there, like a few more steps or something." "Cool." >Aria halted in front of a classroom door, knocked in an odd rhythm and the door creaked open... >Taking a quick look around the halls, so that nobody sees you enter the numberless classroom, you're violently pulled right into the room by Aria. >"Don't waste time, we've got a show to do later." Growled the purple girl, holding you by the shirt. >"Oooh, heya Aria who's this?" A blue, ponytail sporting girl hopped up off of a desk happily. >"Shut it, Sonata; that's none of your business and all of mine." Aria waved her hand to shoo away the ditsy lady. >"Ohhh, this guy is for your special business huh?" Sonata looked you over from head to toe. "Special business?" You looked to Aria, confused. >"Well yeah, you know; her special business where she lays you down, stands over you and drops her-" >"I said shut it, Sonata!" The purple, brooding Aria flicked her finger right on Sonata's forehead. >"No! Because you said you'd give me a turn last time, and you never did!" "A turn doing what?" >Maybe it was time to walk away. >Nah. >"Sitting on your fa-" Aria flicked Sonata's forehead once again, this time leaving a deep mark. >"Does your mouth ever close?" >"Yeah, when I'm not talking, silly Aria." >"Just be quiet, god you're the worst of the worst." She covered her face with her palm. >What a great couple of gals. >"Lay down on that desk, now." Aria pointed you toward a long desk. "Lay down on the desk? Is that all? And you told me not to waste your time." You thought you've been had, no sexy time, nothing. >"Just do it and stop whining, that's not all we're going to do." This time she pushed you to the desk and motioned for you to lay down. >Gotta listen to the lady, you guess. >As you started to lay down flat on your back, you noticed Aria was rubbing her crotch with a giddy look shining bright in her eyes. >She's got some aches in her grumpy loins. >There you were completely flat on your back and at the total mercy of the purple Aria so to speak. >She kept her calm and collected demeanor while walking along the side of your body. >"Good." Aria ran her hand up your leg seductively as she strut her way over to your head. >When she finally got to your head, a cold chill went down your spine. >Your head was about on level with her crotch. >And Aria was looking down at you with evil intentions on her mind. >"Now it's time for my brand of fun." She said, grinding her moist pelvis against the top of your head slowly with a devilish grin. >Oh man, her pants are almost completely soaked on the front. >She grabbed the waistband of her jeans, and scooted them down her legs. >All you could see is her hips escaping from those tight pants. >Of course you thought she couldn't have any more meat on her bones. >Then she spun right around to present you with the most shapely, full ass you've ever seen. >You looked on, as her pants fully dropped, and she kicked them off of her feet. >Aria started just backing that ass up towards you slowly. >Well, she was wearing a light green thong, which only served to constrict and further pronounce her grumpy rump. >"Get a decent look, loser; because you and this are about to become very close." She gently spanked her purple butt at you jokingly, dancing her hips from side to side. "Wait what?" >"You know that mouth of yours? Maybe it's about time you use it for something other than annoying me." Aria hovered her rear right above your face, a little bit of her fluid dripping onto your forehead. "Well, actually I-" She furiously planted her ass right on your face with a malicious smile, nearly taking your entire head off in the process. >"Get to licking." The purple girl twisted herself so that she was riding reverse cowgirl on your face. Aria coyly wiggled her butt, forcing you deep into her slightly humid crack. "What!?" Your muffled and panicked voice sounded from beneath Aria's butt. >"You heard me, start licking!" She answered back, putting an exclamation mark of sorts on her last few words by grinding her rump against your face. >This can't be right, really? >"Did I stutter?" Aria just sat there, forcing all of her rear's weight on your face with her feet on your legs and her knees up to her chest. >She was completely on top of you, not that the rest of her weighed much. >"Do it, don't be a little wimp about it. Just be thankful that I'm still wearing underwear." Aria crossed her arms and adjusted her hips to lock your face further into her purple ass. >Oh you're very thankful that those wet lime green panties are still on, because they conceal soo much. >Sonata was just watching from the nearest desk, laughing at the whole predicament. >"Hehe, his face is right up your butt Aria!" Smirked Sonata, nearly busting her gut in laughter. >"Stop laughing every time I do this, Sonata you've seen this like, a million times before." Aria shook her head, opting to just keep her rear's entire weight pressing down onto your head. >"It's just so weird! I mean faces don't go up butts!" >"Just be quiet, will you?" >"Okies!" >"If you don't start licking, we're only going to be here longer, Anon." Teased Aria, moderately bouncing on her meaty rump. >Well, there wasn't much of a choice. >At least she kept her butt clean, except for a bit of tangy sweat. >So you opened your mouth, snaked your tongue out and did what the purple grumpy ass wanted. >You slid it right up the center of her extremely spacious crevice, getting a decent taste of Aria's ass. >It was quite a flavor, quite unique. >Tangy, a little sweet and hard hitting. >"Come on, is that really all you can do? You'll have to do way better than that~" Her raspy voice seductively growled. >Fantastic, now she's got you under her spell and under her ass. >Aria really enjoyed this it seemed, the feeling of your tongue working its magic on her chaotic crack made her show signs of enthusiasm. >Too bad those enthusiastic groans were extremely few and far between. >There she sat upon your face like a queen, polishing the red crystal around her neck. >While you stroked the area of her bountiful behind with your tongue. >"Ugh, when is Adagio going to get h- ahhh~" The siren shivered at the sensation of you getting a decent mouthful of her oddly alluring, tightly covered hole. >"Well now you're getting the hang of it, Anon. Maybe I'll give you a treat. Or not, because you're lucky enough to have been chosen for thi-." Again the purple grump was interrupted by your constant licking and inhaling. >She had quite the intoxicating scent, it was a pretty musty mix of cheap flowery body wash and her natural aroma. >The second you got a nice whiff of that purple punk-looking girl's butt, you were hooked like a fish to a rod. >Drop by drop, the grumpy siren's sweat fell upon your taste buds flooding your mouth with an intense flavor. >One of dominance and superiority, possibly. >"Well well well, what DO we have here?" Aria ran the tip of her boot along your erection surprisingly gently. >"You're stiffer than the desk, Anon!" Sonata jumped in, observing Aria glide her boot across your member. >"Shut it, Sonata! Maybe he's not the worst after all..." She moved her hand behind herself, giving you a strong pat on the head. >"What do ya mean, Aria?" >"Nothing Sonata, go back to sniffing glue or something; you're sorta messing my mood up." Aria proceeded to dance her foot up and down your bulge. >"Hmph, well at least I don't make guys lick my butt!" Sonata pouted like a spoiled brat, looking away. >"Maybe it's time to take off the training wheels, Anon?" The grumpy girl rested her feet on your pelvis with a cocky smirk. >Training wheels? >"Now listen very carefully, Anon. Because what I want you to do is very important." Aria rested her heel on the tip of your bulge lazily. >Nothing but the top of your head was visible, everything else was stuck deep into the grumpy girl's rear. >"I want you to take my panties off." She proceeded to rub your erection in a smooth fashion. "Mmmf?" You tried to answer her, tried to get some sort of confirmation that your ears weren't lying to you. Too bad the only thing your words only tickled her backside and nothing else. >"You heard me, I didn't just now develop a stutter did I? No, now do what you're told." Aria applied force to the tip of your erection viciously with the bottom of her boot, a greedy grimace forming on her face. >The feeling in your pants wasn't the feeling of pain, but the feeling of a sexual thrill. >"I will crush this like a worm, do you understand me?" Aria stepped down hard, her boot pushing your bulge down. >If you didn't understand her before, you sure did now. >You tried to move your arms and hands over to her clothed purple rump, but to no avail; she held them in place aggressively. >"No, I'm not going to let you get off easy like that." She furiously bounced her butt on your face, strengthening the vice grip her ass had on you. >"Do I have to explain everything?" >You nod your head inside that plush purple rear. >"Your mouth, idiot; use that. Use. Your. Teeth!" Aria put emphasis on her point by clinching her cheeks around your face. >Opening your mouth wide, you dig yourself right up against Aria's hole to get a decent grip on those moist panties. >You clinched your teeth around that thin bit of soaking green spandex. >It was like she had been wearing the bottom of a bikini-set for her underwear for the past few days. >"Mhm, now you're getting it, dumbass!" Aria's taunting only lead to trouser snake getting even more excited. >The task at hand was to get that soaked underwear off of Aria's butt, however. >You tried pulling your head back, to sort of yank them loose. It didn't do much at first. >As you kept on yanking and pulling, however, something quite odd happened. >"Oooh g-gfuuuu..yes....!" Aria breathed sharply through her teeth. letting some of her boot's weight off of your pelvis. >Aria moved her hand down into her crotch, behind her underwear with a semi-giddy grin. >You could hear some sort of a muffled schlicking noise. >"Aaah~ don't stop, loser!" The angry siren called back to you, continuing to 'explore' her nethers. >The taste of sweat was soon replaced with a more bitter flavor which tickled your tastebuds. >You kept yanking, your mouth kept a surprisingly good grip on that slick surface. >As your efforts continued, Aria was having a more difficult time keeping to herself. >"Hahahah, that's right, keep p-pulling Anon~ get them off!" She fell into a more sensual tone of voice for about ten seconds before barking more orders and discouraging words. >"Can you even get them off? Come on!" >The noise got faster and faster, as the dominant Aria continued to toy with your shaft. >"You'll never get a girl off if you're THIS sloppy." >You gave one last tug, and they ripped. >Those panties, weakened by having to hold Aria's big booty in place and by being absolutely drowned in her fluids, ripped. >They snapped open, completely wrecked and tattered. >Aria rubbed her exposed rear against your face, biting her lip. >"You have no idea how great it feels to let it all breathe Anon..." Aria moaned while she slipped the frayed thong off of her backside. >Now there's nothing keeping you from your prize. >"If you do a good enough job, my fingers might just slide down south of your equator...and charm your tiny little snake~" Aria patted you on your head.