Stolen Tacoes - by Anonymous

An 18+ greentext by Anon/Douzey Desustorage link: Main characters: Anon, Sonata Dusk pic: ----Begin--- >Anooon, I'm sorry that I ate those tacos you were saving, but your punishment is too harsh. I can't walk around town like this! >You got those tacos and specifically wrote "ANONS TACOS STAY OUT SONATA" >And yet she still ate them >Like a... >Like a taco stealing whore >She said she'll take any punishment you wanted to give, as long as you didn't get mad >And so, you got a single punk sweater for her "Wear this when you come to town with me today. And only this. That will be your punishment." >"Okay! I can do that!" >10 minutes later she came out of her room dressed in just the sweater >"O-on second thought I can't wear just this Anon. What if someone sees me?!" "Too late. You already agreed. And we're about to get going. Come on." >She lets go of the sweater for a second to grab onto your hand >When she lets go you see that she decided to wear panties underneath "Wait, why are you wearing panties?" >"I can't go out without underwear anon silly!" "I said JUST the sweater. No bra. No panties. Just the sweater." >"Y-you can't be serious Anon!" "I'm completely serious. Now lose them or you lose me as a friend." >She looked at you apprehensively for a second >No doubt she was thinking you wouldn't just cut your friendship off over this >You began to turn "Fine, if that's your choice. See you never again Sonata." >You reach for the door and grasp the handle and began to turn >"WAIT! Fine. I'll do it." >You look back and see her pull off her panties >Now she held the sweater tightly over her crotch "Thank you Sonata. Now let's get going." >It had been 3 months since you and the "dazzlings" started living together >They weren't the best roommates in the world, but you really didn't have a choice in the matter >It was either find some roommates >Or end up on the street >You learned very quickly that Sonata enjoyed her tacos >You might even say it was her favorite food >But dammit you enjoy tacos too and you gotta teach her somehow "Alright, let's get going Sonata." >She tried her very best to cover her crotch with the sweater she had on >"O-Okay. Where are we going?" "I gotta head to the mall for some stuff." >"The mall?! Nonny, I can't go around the mall like this!" "It's either that or I never speak to you again." >Her lip starts to quiver >"Okay..." >You unlock your car and the two of you get inside >She's silent the whole way there >Unlike her usual talkative self >Maybe you're going too far... >No Anon! You have to teach her a lesson somehow! >You pull into the mall parking lot >Luckily for her, it's still early so there's not a large amount of people here right now >But that won't last for long >"So what do you need from here?" "Gonna get some new casual shoes from footlocker and get a new suit tailored." >Oh. That's not so bad then!" >She seems to have perked up a little bit and put on a small smile >You get our of your car and walk towards the entrance with Sonata closely behind you >Once again she was trying her best to cover herself with the sweater the best she could >You didn't want to really waste time so you went straight to the shoe store >As you walked by you could see Sonata get a few looks from people who noticed her less than modest attire >You looked back at her and her face was completely crimson from the looks she was getting >Seems like your plan was working >At this rate, she'll never steal your tacos ever again >You feel a strong tug on your arm, clinging onto the cuff of your shirt out of pure desperation. >"Please, Anon. I won't do it again, I swear. I'm sorry." >You pretend not to hear her. >"Anooooon. I said 'anything', but this is going to faaar." >You sigh. "Sonata, I got those tacos specifically so that we could all enjoy them, together, and what do I see when I get home?" >The blue haired girl with you lowers her head in shame, not wanting to make eye contact. "They were all gone." >She nods. >"I'm sorry." >Ah, your heart. >No, now is not the time for weakness. "So, now I've got to go shopping for dinner. Again. And this time it won't be tacos." >Sonata refuses to look you in the eye, instead resorting to fiddling with the bottom of her pink sweater. >"But everyone's looking at me, Anon. Every time I take a step, it- the sweater only covers one side. Unless I pull down from both sides, it rides up and shows everything." >She looks up, blush and sweat across her face. >"Please, can we go back to the car? I won't do it aga-" >The deadpan look you give her tells her all she really needs to know. "Well, maybe you should be focusing on covering yourself rather than holding into me, then." >She lets go of you, pulling down the front and back of the fabric, skittering behind you around the store. >Every time someone appears she hides behind you, but the bright pink really makes her a beacon. >On the way over here, you were positively seething, so you thought this was a good idea, but now... >Even you have to admit that this is a bit harsh. >It's just... >This isn't even the first time she's done this. >You just wanted to teach her a lesson. >Although this might be the wrong way to do it. >You sigh, picking more things up off the shelf. >Well, it's not like you can go back on it now. >You have to show Sonata that you're in control, and that this is what she got herself into. >You'll apologize for it in a few days, maybe take her out to a restaurant or something. >But for now you have to make sure she learns her lesson. "Oh, hey, Sonata." >She reluctantly looks up at you, a deep crimson on her face. "I just remembered that Aria asked for more uh... Juice. That one, specifically. Apple and Mango, see it?" >Following the line you're making with your finger, she looks where you're pointing as her face turns to abject horror. >It just so happens that the juice Aria wants is on the top shelf, who would've guessed. >"Anon, no, I can't reach that high. There's no way I can-" "Well, Sonata, I'm extremely preoccupied with deciding which of these uh- jars of honey to get. Surely you want this shop to be finished as fast as possible, don't you? Just bring me the juice." >She pouts, shifting her weight from one leg to the other and doing that weird cry-whine children do. >"No, Anon, if I try do that, the sweater will just-" >You interrupt her. "You're nearly as tall as Aria, aren't you? If you stand on your tip toes and hop a little bit, shouldn't you be able to make it?" >Actual tears start forming in her eyes as she tries to explain just why she can't do that. >As if you don't know exactly why. >"Anon, if I jump, the sw-" "Oh, I think I should stop by and look for some new shoes, too. It's just a small walk away, seems like a waste not to go." >You see Sonata's fists shake as she balls them up with all her might, stepping backwards away from you and to the cold drinks aisle. >She gets under where she needs to be, looking up at the item as if trying to will it to fall off the rack for her. >It doesn't work. >You look around, left and right, making sure no other customers are coming around a corner. >Sure, this is a harsh punishment, and Sonata needs to believe that you're punishing her. >But it's not like you're going to actually make Sonata expose herself to strangers. >The thing you asked her for is a little high up, though. >Even you'd need to raise your arm fully to grasp it. >Sonata's gonna need to really jump for this one. >Breathing in and out fully, she quickly looks left and right before bending her knees. >Here it comes. >Shooting up, she grasps the carton and pulls it off the shelf. >Now for the worrying part. >As Sonata falls, the sweater rides right up her body, exposing everything below her midriff to the cold, refrigerated air. >Even for just a second, you catch a glimpse of her toned ass as she falls and catches herself, pulling the sweater down to cover her behind. >Shuffling quickly over to you like a penguin with a vengeance to pay, she shoves the carton into the basket. "Thank you, Sona- Oof." >She slaps you and shuffles off to the tills, waiting to get out of the store. >Yeah, you deserved that one. > >"That will be 27.50 for all of the- uh. Uuuh." "Yes?" >The cashier's brain seems to halt a second as she sees, on one hand, a scantily dressed and positively fuming woman, and next to her a man with a big red hand mark on his face. >"H- Have a nice day." "You too." >Picking up the bags, you make your way to the car, Sonata hiding behind you as you walk past each and every passer-by. >You chuck the food in the trunk, Sonata getting into the car and slamming the door hard. >As you start the car and leave the garage she doesn't say a word, instead content to leave the car in silence. >She doesn't even badger you for music or anything. >Just a wholly silent car ride. >You bite your cheek. >Crap. >Maybe you went a little too far on that one. >Considering that you and Sonata aren't even- >Your relationship isn't sexual, really. >You're just roommates. >Maybe this was an abuse of power on your part. >You toyed with her guilt and hurt her. >How did you not see this coming? >Your mind drifts from self- deprecation and guilt to those few flashes you got back in the supermarket. >Sonata and her, well, what you assume to be sisters, sure are drop dead gorgeous women. >But in that instant it was more mesmerizing than anything else. >You shuffle your legs to quell the reaction taking place between your legs. >So sorry, Sonata. >This wasn't the original plan. >Heading over a few speedbumps, you stop the car and undo your seatbelt. >Before you can say a single thing, Sonata bolts out the car and up the garage stairs into the building. >Ooh, you screwed up this time. >Stepping out the car, you grab the shopping bags and head on upstairs. >Opening the door you hear and see no one, so you place the bags in the kitchen and begin putting away all of the food stuffs. >Closing the fridge door once you finish, you jump back as Adagio appears right behind it. "Aah! Christ, you scared me there, Adag-" >"What. Did you do." >Oh snap. "I don'-" >"Sonata is crying in her room, Anon." >She steps forward as you step back, her anger growing. >"And you're going to tell me why, right now." >You hit your back against the counter, half of you saying to vault the damn thing and bolt, but the other half screaming that Adagio would hunt you down and skin you alive. "I- I dared her, well, forced her to go to the store with me without any underwear on." >Adagio raises a brow, crossing her arms. >"Is that al-" "And without pants." >SMACK. >Whew, that one burns. >Adagio stomps off to Sonata's room, probably to check how she's doing along with Aria. >You sigh. >Might as well try make amends and get to work on dinner. >You'll just listen to some music and the- >Ah, damn. >Left your phone in the car. >Finding the car keys, you trot down the stairs and unlock the car. >... >Not in the driver's seat, maybe you- >Oh, there it is. >Passenger side door. >You step into the car and lean over, reaching with your right hand. >Almost falling, you manage to catch yourself by placing your left hand on the passenger seat, grasping and pulling at your phone. >You put it into your pocket, wiping off your left hand and going to close the door. >Wait. >Wiping off your left- >What? >You look back over at the seat, a slight gleam shining off of it. >Just a small spot, trickling down into the seat. >Trailing a finger along it, you bring it up to your face, examining the liquid. >It slowly runs down your finger, a bead welling up on the tip of your index finger. >Going against what one should do when faced with an unidentified liquid, you put it in your mouth. >And you can't help but smile. >Son of a bitch. >You wipe your hand on your pants, sighing as you flick through your phone, lock your car, and head back upstairs. >Back at the house you half expect to see a barrel pointed right at your face, breathing a sigh of relief when there isn't one. >Looks like Aria and Adagio are still with Sonata. >Was it really that bad? >You think about how you would feel if you had to do what she did. >The most surprising thing is that she actually listened to you, really. >Still, you did kind of abuse her trust in you. >Though there does seem to be a part of it that she's not telling you. >With what you found on the car seat, Sonata just might be hiding something. >You scratch your head, getting the intrusive- and lewd- thoughts out. >Don't go there, Anon. >It's not like anything's certain. >Hell, women can get wet while they're being raped. >It's uncontrollable. >Just like how a guy can get a stiff with enough physical stimulation. >In the end, it doesn't matter how it turned out. >You've just got to apologize. >Using the food you just bought, you begin making dinner. >Which, in this family, is a fucking task and a half. >You used to live with one other person, so making food was easy enough. >Even when you didn't feel like it, you would just order something. >But ever since these three came into your life, time and money into food has sky-rocketed. >It doesn't really help that Sonata's the only one who shows any interest in learning how to cook, either. >And now, your only partner in the kitchen is sobbing in her room. >Christ, Anon. >You finish up with the food in about an hour, glancing out the window to see day slowly turn into dusk. >Damn, already that late, huh? >You look at all the food you've prepared. >Come to think of it, you haven't seen a single one of them this entire time. >You wash your hands, making your way through the house and into the hall. >So, which room are they in? >Probably Sonata's. >But you'll check that one last. >You start with Adagio's room, knocking lightly. >No response. >You knock again. >When you don't hear anything, you turn the knob and open it slightly, peeking your head in. >Not in here. >Going to Aria's room, you repeat the process. >Same thing. >So that just leaves the last room. >Going to Sonata's door, you find your hand unwilling to move. >Your heart is pounding a mile a minute. >Really fucked up this time, Anon. >Bringing your hand up to the wood of the door, you knock four times. >Light taps, really. >No response. >You knock again, four times. >Nothing. >That- that doesn't make any sense. >Where else could they be? >Maybe they- no. >None of them know how to drive. >You turn the knob, opening the door ever so slightly as to minimize the sound of the creaking. >With just enough room to put your head through, you look inside. >It's dark, but there's just enough light left in the day to give you a glimpse. >All three of them huddled together in a dogpile, sleeping. >Adagio and Aria sleep on either side of Sonata, the blankets strewn about the floor in a mess. >Oh, look at that. >They're all holding hands. >How lewd. >Better leave them be, at least for now. >You slowly close the door, walking silently away and back into the living room. >Looks like you'll just have to say sorry tomorrow. >Oh, crap. >The food. >After you take your share you put all of the pots and pans you used in the sink, wrapping up the plates of food leftover. >You get them all into the fridge with some moving and shifting around, but it works. >Taking your laptop out, you sit on the couch with your dinner and decide to get some work done. >Very rarely is it ever so quiet in this household. > >A loud plink sound forces your eyes open. >[Low battery (12%) Insert charger to continue] >Damn, looks like you fell asleep. >What time is it? >Sigh. >Ten. >Oh well, your sleep schedule's already fucked to hell and back. >Why not go for gold? >You stretch your arms, standing up and plugging in your laptop. >Picking up your empty plate, you waddle through the darkness to the kitchen. >Feeling around and finding the light switch, you cover your eyes as they adjust. >You place your plate next to the sink, rolling up your sleeves and getting to work on the pots left in there. >On a normal day, you would get angry that no one else did them. >Though for now it seems like you'd best lay low. >You wonder if they're all still sleeping in Sonata's room. >Continuing with the mundane task of doing the dishes, you stop when you hear bare footsteps against the marble floor. >"Anon?" >A cold shiver runs up and down your spine ten times over. "H- hey Sonata." >You turn to face her, wiping your hands off on your trousers. >She's changed out of the pink sweater into a tank top and booty shorts, ones you bought for her. >Well, pretty much everything these girls wear was bought by you. >You aren't too sure why, but they had like one pair of clothes when you met them. >The pink sweater was actually your ex's, though. >You try make conversation to cut some tension in the room. "What are you doing up so late?" >Sonata shifts her gaze to the fridge. >"I got hungry." >You chuckle. "Help yourself." >She does so, opening and unwrapping the food in silence. >All the while, you're rummaging around in your thoughts. >How should you... >What should you say? >Just sorry, right? >That you took it too far? >What if she doesn't want to talk about it? >Maybe you should just keep quiet. >You've never been very good at apologizing. >Maybe- > > >No. >You have to. >If you stay silent now, it'll only get worse. "Sonata?" >She stops, a fork in her mouth. "About today, I-" >God, why is it so hard to do? >You look to the floor, hand on your neck. "I'm sorry." >There's a pause where none of you say anything, your gaze just fixed on the tiles. "I overdid it. I shouldn't have ever forced you to do anything, especially after you said you wanted to leave. I just--" >You look back up at Sonata, shifting her weight from foot to foot anxiously, holding one of her arms. "It was stupid of me, and I'm sorry for-- I... I never meant to hurt you." >Again, a cold air of silence befalls you both, the room in a standstill. >You hear her start to say words, choking them back at the last second. "I'll just head to my room, so you can have some peace." >Picking yourself up off the counter, you start to walk off into the darkness of the living room before Sonata stops you. >"W -wait!" >You feel her hand tug on the cuff of your sleeve, rubbing her fingers and fidgeting with it. >She mumbles a few words, but nothing coherent enough to understand. >You ball up your fists, unsure of whether to pull away or stay. >To keep her from dropping any more spaghetti, you speak up. "Sonata, you don't have to say anything. I was in the wrong, and I'm sorry. I won't do it again." >She holds on tighter. >"B- But, I don't-" >She stops again. >"I was really mad at you, Anon." >You sigh. >More guilt. >"I got so angry at you, I couldn't even believe it really happened." >You bite your cheek, letting her vent. >"But- but I didn't hate it." >What. >You turn to her, one hand planted between her legs as she shifts her weight back and forth. >"I don't know when, but... It made me feel- down here, it-" "Sonata?" >The light behind her in the kitchen illuminates her just enough to let you see the deep red on her face, her anxious and heavy breathing loud enough to be quite audible. >Before you or her can say anything further, she closes the distance between your bodies and stands up right on her tip toes, bringing your head down to hers and kissing you. >Instinctively you pull back, but she uses her arm to force you back down to her and gives you another open mouth kiss. >You feel her lips softly on your own, pressing and releasing, keeping her face just centimetres from your own. >She stays there, silent, her heavy breaths washing over your face. >While your brain just comes to a dead halt in trying to comprehend what the hell is going on. >You open your mouth to say something, but before anything comes out Sonata lets go of you and dashes into the house and slams her door. >The dark silence your only companion, once again. >You rest against the wall, your legs feeling weak, and continue trying to wrap your head around what just transpired. >You're not too sure of why or how this came about, but you are pretty certain about one thing. >Life around here is about to change. > >"You did WHAT to her!?" "No, no, I didn't, I swear! Adagio, she came onto me, I d-" >"Yeah right, Anon! What the hell is wrong with you? You probably lured her into this didn't you? The vulnerable one, is that what you're into?!" "Just listen to me, why don't y-" >"Anon!" "WHAT?!" >"Anon!" "FUcki-" >"Anon." "Aah!" >You wake up kicking, an uncomfortable dampness covering your body. >"Anon." >The voice makes you jump, and you look down to see the source. "A- Aria?" >She's sitting at the foot of your bed, staring at you. >Like a cat. >"You were panting pretty hard there. You're sweating, too." >You wipe your forehead. >Ah, jeez, she's right. "I uh- was having a dream." >"One of //those// dreams, huh?" >You try think of what she means. >Right as it hits you, she grips the covers and lifts them up, looking under them. >At you. >Well, a certain part of you. >And she frowns. >Looks like she saw it. >Instinctively, you try quell any misunderstanding. "No, n- that's always there. It's a guy thing, it-" >"Gross." >You just sigh, realizing that you're not going to change her mind. "Aria, why are you here?" >She continues to stare at you for a moment, probably having forgotten herself, before lightly gasping. >"Oh, right. I'm hungry." >You sit up, rubbing your forehead, head swimming after being woken up so suddenly. "Then just- just make something." >"There's no more cereal." >Ugh. >That's what you forgot to get. >You knew you were missing something. "Can't you get Sonata to make something? Or just make it yourself?" >Aria rolls her eyes, frowning. >"No. She won't get out of bed. She's being weird." >You groan, nodding in compliance. "Fine. Just give me a minute to get ready." >"K." >She leaves without another word, closing your door. >These girls are going to be the death of you. >Taking your mind off of the sizzling pan by accident, a hot drop of oil jumps out onto your arm. >You flinch, rubbing it off. >It is way too hard to concentrate right now. >You barely got any sleep last night. >For one, you had already taken a nap at the most inopportune time, and then that whole... >Debacle with Sonata. >You look behind you in paranoia, only Aria looking back at you. >Really not looking forward to seeing her again. >Not like you can do much about it though. >You do live together. >It's just going to be so awkward talking after... that. >Turning off the stove, you gesture for Aria to bring her plate closer and flop a pancake down onto it. "When I'm done making these, you do the dishes." >She rolls her eyes and groans, probably sticking her tongue out at you as soon as you turn around. >As long as she does them. >Pouring the next one into the pan, you turn the pan to make it circular and then walk out of the kitchen towards the bedrooms. "Aria, watch the stove, I'm gonna wake Adagio up." >Considering that it was a Monday, there was no way you were going to let her sleep in. >Adagio's always been the most argumentative and stand-offish of all the girls, acting like a leader when she has the chance. >But on the flip-side, that also means that she's usually the most rational and responsible out of the three. >When you 'found' them and took them in during the summer, she had agreed to start doing a degree. >More like reluctantly accepted, but you took it. >Sonata and Aria are starting later this year, too, but you can't let Adagio miss her first few classes. >You knock on the door, creaking it open after you get no reply. "Adagio?" >"Mhh." "C'mon, get up. It's 9 already. Don't you have class at 11?" >She rolls over a few times, binding the covers to her body like a cocoon. "I'm making breakfast, anyways. If you don't want Aria to finish it all, you'd best come quick." >"Just wake me up at 10." >You click your tongue. "It takes you longer than an hour to get up and ready, don't try." >She groans, kicking her legs under her blankets. >"Uugh, fine." "Don't fall back to sleep. I'm coming back." >"Just go already." >You close the door, pacing back to the kitchen. >Oh, crap. "Aria, it's burned! Why didn't you do anything!" >You tear the pan from the flame, shaking your head. >Grabbing the spatula, you pry off the blackened husk of what used to be pancake. >"I called you, but you were too far away." "Then just say something louder!" >"I figured you'd be back by then." >You glare daggers at her, Aria glaring ones right back. >Giving up, as is pretty much routine with Aria at this point, you begin on the next one. "Do you hate me?" >She just laughs. "What?" >It takes her a few seconds to stop and properly answer you. >"Anon, if I hated you, you would know." >Finishing the next pancake, you drop it onto the plate next to you and start the next. >Aria goes to dig her fork in it, stopped by your hand. "That one's for Adagio." >She growls, and you bite your teeth back. >Fighting aggression with aggression is always wrong, kids. "Speaking of which, where is she." >A voice form behind you answers. >"I'm here, don't get your panties in a bunch." >You point at the plate. "Get to 'em before Aria does." >She takes the plate, groggily sitting next to Aria as she does so. >Before she starts she looks around the room, searching. >"Where's Sonata?" >Aria replies. >"In bed." >Adagio furrows her brows and looks back at the rooms. >"That's weird. She'd never miss breakfast." >Aria just shrugs. >"Yeah, she's being weird." >And now it's Adagio's turn to glare at you. >"I wonder why." >Oh, and the guilt's back. >You decide to ignore the comment and finish up at the stove. "Just get ready and I'll drive you to the campus." >The conversation ends there, with you placing everything in the sink. "One of you do the dishes." >Cracking your knuckles, you head back to your room and get ready. >Well, at least semi-ready. >You're only dropping Adagio off. >Not like you're going inside. >At least you live close to the campus, so the drive is pretty short. >Time to shower. >Showers are great. >They're quite literally just ten minutes of bliss. >You just get to stand there in silence, hot and soothing water constantly being washed down all over you. >And you get the satisfaction that literally no one is going to disturb you. >If someone comes in to get you, unless the house is burning to the ground, they'll just leave. >It's that simple. >Well, with them three, the house burning down isn't all that unlikely. >It's probably time to get out and check on them. >Stepping out of the steamy room, you run a hand through your hair and get dressed. >Once out your bedroom door, you shout across the house for Adagio. "Adagio, we gotta go! Get your shoes on, come on." >Her door creaks open and shuts, Adagio stepping out with a hair brush suspended in the orange eldritch horror that resides on her scalp. >"Little help?" >You cover your hand with your mouth, trying to hide the fact that you're laughing. >Looks like she notices and rolls her eyes. >"Ugh, never mind." >You stop her. "No, no. Come here, sit down." >Gesturing her over to the couch, she crosses her arms and sits down. >Compliant because she knows she can't do it herself, but still stubborn as always. >Walking around the couch and hopping over it, you sit directly behind her. >You pull her in closer to you, slowly untangling the brush from her mane. "If it's this hard for you to do, why don't you cut it?" >She scoffs, offended. >"No!" >You laugh again. "Alright, alright. I just always hear you complain about it to Sonata and Aria, so I thought..." >You start brushing, slowly at first as to not hurt her. >"It's just- they don't get it. Both of them have straight hair, so they don't have half of the problems I do." "Mhmm." >Knots come undone and the huge mass of hair slowly becomes more organized and manageable as you continue grooming her. >Or it. >At this point, it might as well be a separate entity. >Occasionally you'll run your fingers through it instead of the brush, just for the sensation. >It would probably look weird to be seen caressing her hair by strangers, but it's something else. >That's the other expense in this house. >Food and hair products. >You use about 3% of the toiletries you buy. >The rest are all for these three. >Gliding the brush through Adagio's hair a few more times, you shuffle your phone from out your pocket and check the time. >A bit late, but oh well. "There. We're done, mostly. You can continue in the car." >Arching your legs over her, you get off the couch and stretch, the position you were sitting in having made you all stiff. >Your legs had to be spread so far apart so as to not touch her, and you had to crane yourself right back into the couch cushions so she didn't think you were trying anything. >Don't wanna get on Adagio's bad side right now. "Let's go to the car, we're already late." >You open the door, a chilly breeze rushing in through the house. >"Wait, Aria's coming." >You sigh before closing the door again. "What? Why?" >"She said she wanted to see what it was like." >Hm. >So that's why Aria was up so early. >You were wondering why you didn't need to physically remove her from the sheets this morning. >And she even got up and ready before Adagio did. >"I'll go get her." >Running to the bedrooms and back, Aria and Adagio follow you out the door. >Meeting gazes with Aria from out the corner of your eye, you smirk. "Looking forward to this, huh?" >She punches you in the arm hard, storming off. >Adagio harasses you to tell her what you said to Aria, but you refuse and run to the car. >The ride over there is peaceful enough, even with the fight over radio controls they had. >Dropping them both off, you arrange what time to meet back up and go to drive off before Adagio knocks on the window. >You roll it down and she leans in. >This must look sketchy as hell from someone looking in. >"Anon, I sure as hell haven't forgotten about what happened yesterday." >Internal Screaming. >She sighs, looking dejected and a tad confused. >"I don't understand why, but Sonata asked me to not be angry at you for what you did. The only reason I'm letting this go is for her, understand? When I get back, you'd better have apologized." "I di-" >Shit. >Telling her about last night would not be a good idea. "Y- yeah. I will." >Aria calls Adagio over from the doors, waving. >Adagio looks back, waving lightly before looking back in. >"Well, see you later." >You nod and drive away back home. >Getting into the garage, you turn off the car and lean back into your seat, the silence comforting you somewhat. >Man, you are way too into alone places. >What are you, a fucking loner? >Your gaze shifts to the passenger seat next to you, memories from yesterday coming back. >Lewd thoughts out, Anon. >You get out the car, locking it and heading back home. >Unlocking the door, you let it's own weight close behind you and instantly sit on the couch. >This sleep cycle you have is seriously screwing with your work patterns. >God, you're so tired. >Maybe a nap? >Or would that just make everything worse? >Your eyes close regardless before you hear cabinets in the kitchen opening and closing. >And we're back. >Your heart starts pounding faster and harder as you anticipate what could be coming next. >Okay, two scenarios here. >One, you're being robbed. >That's preferable. >Two, Sonata's awake. >More likely than the former, sure, but you could do with some burglary right about now. >A very distinctive hum from the kitchen erases the chance of it being what you were hoping for. >You feel the spaghetti boiling in your pockets. >Maybe you should just head to your room and stay there until Aria and Adagio need to come home. >But you don't want to be outright rude either. >You doubt Sonata is going to make the first move and talk to you, either. >The two of you will probably just not speak for some time, slowly getting back into the groove of things. >So much happened yesterday, but it feels like it all went by in seconds. >The stolen food, the dare, that... what you saw under the sweater. >And then that kiss. >It just doesn't make an- >"Hey Anon." "Aah!" >Sonata falls onto the couch, bouncing before leaning back into the cushions,bowl and spoon in hand. >"Are you not gonna watch TV? Can I choose the channel then?" >You stare at her, wide-eyed. "S- sure." >Gleefully, she picks up the remote and turns the TV on, flicking through the channels to Cartoon Network. >She hums along to the theme song of one of her shows, watching and eating with a smile all the while. >After a few minutes she hands you her cereal bowl, raising her eyebrows as if to ask if you want any. >You decline, trying to go back to staring at the floor so hard you could dig a hole to the other end of the earth. >Another few minutes later, Sonata tried to start conversation again. >"Anon, you okay? You've been quiet for a pretty long time now." >W- what? >How does she not- >Not understand why you're like this? >Moreover, why isn't she acting with the least bit of- >Of- >Restraint? Regret? >No, you don't really //regret// what happened last night. >You didn't hate it. >But it was still so sudden. >Surely she must have it back there in her mind? >The memory? >Anything? >"Anon." >You flinch upon registering your name >"Eeeearth to Aaaanon. Caaan you hear meeeee?" >She leans on you, elongating her words directly into your ear. >"Ground control to Major 'Non." >She frowns, looking dejected. >"Awh come on, that one was funny, wasn't it?" >Sonata leans back into the seat, continuing to eat her cereal. >It's not like you can just leave now. >There's no doubt that Sonata would just follow you to your room. >Could you just- >Start a conversation? >Maybe relieve the tension? >At least the tension on your side, side it doesn't seem as if she feels any. >What to say? >What to do? "U- uh, where did you get that cereal? Aria said there wasn't any left." >She flares her nostrils, along with displaying a devilish smile. >"I hid it." "What?" >She crosses her arms, turning her head to the ceiling and 'hmph'-ing. >"Aria always has the biggest bowls of it, sometimes two! It's no fair! It's always finished before I can get any!" >You rub your forehead, shaking your head at her. "Sonata, you do the exact same thing. Look at the amount you're having right now." >You gesture to her bowl, after which concedes her point and pouts before having another epiphany. >"W- well, Aria started it!"" "Started what?" >"I saw her hiding the cereal three weeks ago, so she did it first! I'm just... Fighting fire with fire." >You sigh. "Come on Sonata, you know better than that. And so does Aria. You two just need to talk it out more - hopefully without one of you throwing punches." >Ah, damn. >You really didn't intend on giving a lecture to her your FIRST time talking with her after all of that. >Sonata goes quiet, as do you. >Are you gonna have to apologize again? >You sigh. >Should've just kept your mouth shut, Anon. >Gone into your room and sorted this out in a few days. >When you weren't so stressed... So anxious. >You're snapped out of it by half-full bowl of cereal being shoved in your face. >You look to Sonata, arm outstretched to you. >"Take it." >Shaking your head, you push it away and reject it. "I told you, I don't want any." >She pushes again. >"Well, now I lost my appetite and it's all your fault so I don't wanna eat it any more." >This goes back and forth between you two, pushing the bowl away and forcing the other to keep it. "Sonata, I already ate and I really don't have any more of an appetite." >"Well you were the one who ruined mine." "You made the cereal, you finish it." >"You bought the cereal, you finish it!" >Both of you glare at each other, pushing the bowl of very, very soggy cereal towards the other person. >After you show no signs of giving up, Sonata decides to forfeit. >She takes the bowl to her side, finally putting the conflict to rest. >Looking in, she frowns at the wet and frankly inedible contents within. >"Anon, I can't eat this." "Put it away somewhere, then." >You look back down, planning on making your escape come the next commercial break. >Then you'll just go to your room and do some work. >Once Aria and Adagio come back home maybe you can start talking like normal again. >While in your thoughts, you feel cold porcelain touch your skin. >Sonata's shoving the bowl towards you again. >For fuc- "Sonata, I told you I don't want th-" >"I'm trying to put it onto the side table!" >You groan. >She tries to reach, unable to do so from where she's sitting. >Rocking herself back and forth, she gets out her her spot and moves a little closer, but still not close enough. >Audibly groaning in annoyance of having to move, she crawls further across the couch and moves right across you. >Careful not to step or hit you, she moves her legs over your own, forcing you to look away when you catch a glimpse of what's under her - very - short shorts. >Finally reaching the side table, she starts to crawl back towards you backwards, back towards her original spot. >Time to brace again, you suppose. >She does so, getting one leg over and above you before stopping. >You wait a moment, looking at the ceiling for her to move her entire body past you. >But she doesn't. >Why isn't she moving? >You look back down, and as you do, Sonata sits up. >Sits up right on top of where - where you're sitting right now. >On top of //you//. "S- Sonata, what're you do-" >She closes the distance between the two of you before you can finish, cutting you off. >Sonata plants her head below yours, on your neck, breathing shallow into it. >And with every breath you feel the warm, humid air hid your neck. >Her lips make contact with your neck, sending shivers up your spine with each new peck dotted along the way to your jawline. "I'm serious, Sonata, what're yo-" >She cuts you off again by- >Biting your ear? >Why would she- >Oh, good God. >That feels weird. >It- woah there. >"I like it more when you're like that." >Like that? "L- like what?" >Sonata rests her forehead against yours, speaking in a quiet mumble like whisper. >But the two of you are close enough that you can hear her just fine. >"Like before, when you're- when you look at me with that expression." >Expression? >What? >She's really not making this easy for you. >You didn't expect to need to solve riddles while your room-mate rode you in the middle of the living room. >"I don't know when it started, but every time you got angry at me, when I did something bad-" >She breaths excessively hard, a little rasp of moan coming out with it. >"I couldn't help it. I wanted you to look at me more. Scold me. Tell me - tell me what to do." >She looks into your eyes, her deep pink irises staring back. >"I'm going to kiss you now." >You try say something, but choke on your words. >"And you can't stop me." >True to her word, she cranes her head a bit forward and makes contact with your lips, releasing you after a second. >And then goes for another one. >And another. >Again. >And again. >You find yourself reciprocating a few, whether it be intentional or not so. >Kissing her back. >The more she does it, the more you want to. >And the more you do so, the bolder she becomes. >Sonata's hands start moving across your body, midriff first before trailing up to your chest and neck. >And yet, even though your rational mind tells you that this is wrong, >That you shouldn't be doing this, >Screaming at you to tear yourself away from Sonata while you still have the chance, >You do the same to her. >Bringing your hands up from their resting positions on the sofa, you run your hand lightly up her thigh, just barely touching her. >The cold tips of your fingers causing her to tense her legs up on you. >You get to the fabric of her shorts, stroking up and playing with the elastic waistband, teasing her. >The deeper into the band you go, the harder her breathing gets. >Jutting your thumb under the fabric of her panties, she gasps, whether in shock or arousal you don't know. >But you end up going back and retracting out, resting both of your hands on her waist. >She pulls away and opens her eyes, looking down to see if something was wrong. >"Wh- why'd you stop?" >You grasp both her wrists in your left hand, the two of them being small enough to do so. >She tries to pull them apart to no avail, looking back at you for an explanation to what you're doing. >Placing your right hand softly under her chin, you bring her face towards your own and give her a light peck. "Because if we're going to do this, we're going to do it my way." >With your free hand, you pull Sonata closer to you, her legs wrapping around your waist. >Scooting to the end of the couch you spread your legs and stand up, carrying her along with you. >She locks her legs behind your back, laughing in surprise. >You let go of her hands and let her wrap them back and around your neck, keeping your eyes open as she kisses you. >Gotta look where you're going. >Careful not to bump into the coffee table, you make your way into the hall and right to your bedroom. >You kick the door open, probably a little too hard, but whatever. >Rummaging through the junk on your floor, you unhinge Sonatas legs from behind you and chuck her down onto the bed. >She hits it and bounces with a pomf. >Dropping to your knees, either leg outside on of hers, you crawl up from her belly to her face. >She clasps your face in her hands and kisses you again, breaking and pausing for air. >She holds you there, just looking into your eyes before pulling you back down. >In the middle of the kiss, you feel her lips upturn into a smile, feeling her teeth come through into the kiss. >You pull up and away, wondering why she's suddenly started laughing. "What's so funny?" >Sonata laughs again, covering her mouth with one of her hands and looking to the side, at your wall. >It takes her a moment to form her answer. >"I just - can't believe that this is actually happening." >You raise a brow. "Do you want it to?" >She looks back at you and nods. >You lean back down and kiss her, one hand traveling behind her head and pulling out her hair band. >You slide it through and off of her long hair, letting it all flow free. >Continuing with the kiss, your hands travel from her cheek to her neck, neck to collarbones, collarbones to waist. >Sliding your fingers under her shirt, you feel the heat radiating off of her stomach. >Both your hands grip her waist and slide upwards, revealing more and more of her skin as you do so. >You stop once you're below her breasts, breaking the kiss and opening your eyes to make sure she's okay with it. >Sonata twiddles your hair between her fingers, but gives you the all clear. >Flipping your thumbs up and moving the fabric you surmount her chest, her bra coming into full view. >Quite a simple red, with some frill-like lace design around the outside. >She doesn't look you in the eyes, her gaze rather haphazardly darting around your room, >Lifting her slightly off of your bed, you continue with your motion and pull her top off of her, leaning back to - well - take in the view. >She squirms under you, the sensation of being looked at like this by someone other than Aria and Adagio most likely jarring. >Wrapping her arms back around your neck, Sonata pulls your down and grasps at your shirt, clawing at it. >She pulls at it as it bunches up around your collar to no avail, as opposed to hers, yours has sleeves. >Lifting your arms from her sides, you pull your own shirt off and fling it across the room, not regarding where it's going to fall. >Now it's Sonata's turn to stare at your body. >Her cold hands touch you, sending chills around the area with each new sensation. >Feeling her body with your own, you grip her sides and lift yourself, sitting on your knees. >She comes up with you, her crotch resting right on top of yours. >Not like you can feel anything, though. >Jeans are in the way. >But not for long, but the looks of it. >Sonata uses one hand to grip your hair, pulling it with each increasingly violent and uncoordinated kiss. >Her other hand walks down your chest and stomach, tugging at your waistline. >It takes a while, but she manages to get the button undone relatively quickly. >Considering that she's not looking, on top of being otherwise preoccupied. >After the button comes off, she pulls down the zip and shoves her fingers into the jeans contents. >You feel her fingers caress you through your boxers, gasping at the sudden touch. >Moving her fingers around further, she slips them ever so swiftly into the elastic of your underwear, touching you with her bare hands. >Deciding that you're not going to let her take all of the control back, you move your hand from her side to her behind, pulling down. >Nothing budges in the beginning, but as you apply more pressure you feel a little give. >Wrapping your free hand around her entire waist, you lift her up and pull down with the other, taking off her shorts and panties in one motion. >You push Sonata back down onto the bed, sliding her clothes down her legs and chucking them wherever you chucked your shirt. >Realizing that you took off everything she had on, she closes her legs and covers herself with her hands. >Placing one of your hands on each of her knees you pull apart her legs and caress up to her hands, slipping your fingers below them and pulling them off as well. >You slide your fingers in between hers, holding her hand tightly. >With your left, you wrap under her leg and lift her up off the bed and closer to you. >You hear a gasp from above and a sudden squeeze on your hand as you breathe on her mound, drawing closer. >Starting with a broad stroke from bottom to top, you end on her clitoris and stay there, flicking and tensing your tongue over the area. >You gauge where to go based on her breathing as it becomes more shallow and increasingly audible. >Her stomach heaves up and down, her legs gyrating as she comes ever closer to the edge. >The hand she had previously gripping your sheets moves to your head, pulling on your hair. >It hurts, but there's just a little more to go. >Sonata's breathing eventually so loud that you could probably hear it through the walls, her legs tensing around your head. >You increase your grip on her, keeping her from moving too much and throwing you off your mark. >Come a few moments later, you feel Sonata intensify the force on your hair even harder than before, pulling you and your tongue closer into her. >Your hand is similarly crushed as she gasps and hums for louder and longer. >And you know it's all over once your tongue and mouth start being bathed in fluid, the excess dripping out the sides of your mouth, onto the sheets. >You continue moving your tongue on her slit, slowing your pace as her hips tense and relax, her belly moving up and down with every breath of air. >The waves stop, her legs fall flat back onto the bed, and her breathing becomes more uniform after some time, her deathlock on your head and hand dissipating. >Ending the same way you began, you broaden out your tongue and lick from bottom to top, pulling away. >Christ, that took some effort. >Your tongue is numb. >Got a workout right there. >Sonata pulls on your hand, moving you back up to eye level with her, caressing your face and neck. >Her face is flushed completely red, sweat beading up on her forehead. >Her mouth remains agape, hot and heavy breaths moving out and over your face as you do the same. >She lifts her head up and kisses you, flopping her head back down onto the mattress when she can't keep it up there. >Both her hands clasp back behind your head, pulling you down towards her. >She forces your head onto her chest, keeping you there as she breathes in and out. >You can feel her heartbeat through here. >But damn if it's hard to breathe. >Sonata's got the largest boobs out of them all, by far. >At least one or two cup sizes larger than Aria, and... >Well, a //lot// larger than Adagio. >Shaking your head and moving your chin up, you manage to get some fresh air out of the canyon that is Sonata's cleavage. >She's still panting, jeez. "You alright there?" >Her stomach tenses under you as she laughs. >"Yeah, yeah. Just - need a minute, you know?" >You bite your tongue. "I get what you mean. My tongue's numb as hell." >She slaps you lightly on the head, puffing her cheeks out. >"That's embarrassing." >You chuckle, feeling her heartbeat bounce through her chest. >Both of you lie there in silence, the rhythmic pounding actually quite relaxing. >Left here for too long, you might just fall asleep. >You think back to everything that's happened in the last - >Jesus. >Two days. >But you don't regret it. >You close your eyes and let out a long breath, Sonata doing the same. >A few seconds later, she pipes up. >"U- um." >She stammers. >Opening your eyes again, you wait for what she has to say. >"You're not - like - satisfied... right?" >Her fingers twiddle through your hair, curling it between her fingers. >You raise a brow, fighting a grin. >"Since you didn't, you know..." >With a breathy laugh, you rise up from your resting place on her cheat and army crawl up until you're at eye level. >Continuing just a bot further, you peck her on the forehead before speaking. "I'm satisfied if you are. It's the first time we've ever done something like this, and if you want to slowly get more comfortable rather than rushing anything, that's just fine." >She bites her lip, scanning around your face and roundabouts your room, stuttering and stammering all the while. >"I've - I want to." >Hands touch your chest, cold at the fingertips. >"I just - I've never done this before, so I don't know what it's - what it's like." >What it's like? "Do you - do you know what sex i- Oof." >You're cut off when she punches you in the chest angrily. >"Of course I know what it //is//! I haven't done it before, is all!" >You laugh it off, shaking your head. "Alright, sure, sorry." >Sonata's hands leave your chest and shoot downwards towards your now faded erection, continuing to speak. >"I heard that it hurts, the first time." >You can't help but gasp slightly at the touch of her slim fingers wrapping around you. >It's been a hell of a long time since you've last been with a girl. "No, that's not entirely true. If you take it slow enough, with time to adjust, it's usually pain - painless." >As her hands continue to fondle, you find it harder and harder to finish complete sentences. >"We'll just... take is slow then, right?" >Sonata lightly tugs you forward with her hands, her crotch lining up with yours. >The head of your penis makes contact with her mound, her hands moving you up and down the length of her slit to coat you in her fluids. >With one breathy sigh and a push, you feel the warm and wet opening stretch around you. >An unexpected moan comes from Sonata, her hands letting go of your shaft and gripping the sheets below her. >You keep pushing in, slowly, feeling her muscular entrance clasp down on you the deeper you go. >With about 3/4ths of the head inside, you feel resistance. >Sonata's breathing is once again erratic, her belly shifting up and down repeatedly. >But then again, you're doing the same. >Loud and humid breaths echo across the room as you gently, and slowly, apply just a little more pressure. >You move just half a centimeter, stopping again as the entirety of your head enters Sonata's body. >Her back arches off of the mattress as you enter, curtly vocalizing the sensation with a short whimper. >She stops grasping at the sheets and moves to your arms instead, gripping you nails and all. >Unsure of when to start moving again, you wait for Sonata to give you the okay, not expecting her to take the matter into her own hands. >Lifting her hips off the bed, she shimmies downwards, taking in another inch of you in one fell swoop. >She mewls again, louder and for longer this time, her entire back up to her shoulders rising off the mattress. >Her grip into your arms tightens, nails digging into your skin. >Not stopping there, she lifts her ass again, moving downwards even more this time, almost completely reaching down to the base of your cock before taking no more. >You almost lose the arm strength to keep yourself from falling onto the bed, controlling yourself just enough not to collapse on top of her. >Each gasp from Sonata is now vocal in nature, high pitched and uncontrolled. >Both of you rest there for a few moments, locked inside of each others bodies. >You're just trying to deal with the crushing musculature and tightness inside of Sonata, each loud moan clasping down on you further. >While you're coping with the sensation, Sonata speaks first. >"It's hot. I can feel it when - you move. I'm about to cu- Aah~! >You interrupt her and move your hips back, sliding slowly back out of her to about 1/3rd your entire length, waiting before just as slowly pushing in. >Breaths and moans meld into one as Sonata just releases a continuous vocalization of pleasure while you gyrate to and fro. >Her hands wrap around your neck as she picks herself up and hangs there, burying her face in your neck. >Heavy breaths condense on your neck, forming beads of water that drip down your chest, along with the building sweat on both your bodies. >With every full cycle of pulling out and sliding back in, you pick up the pace just by a little, and with a little time you're hilting fully into her with each thrust. >The slaps of skin on skin grow increasingly louder with time as you become more forceful in your movements. >Sonata gives orders and you obey, shifting your weight to certain areas to reach her more. >It takes her a few tries to form short sentences, but with time she even fumbles over a single word. >"Fa - Faah - Fss- hah! Harder!" >You follow, spreading your legs to balance yourself and lifting your arms from the sheets. >You place a hand on either side of Sonata's hips, gripping the wet skin and pulling her into you every time your thrust into her. >Moans escalate into grunts - louder, grittier, and more animalistic. >If anyone else was in this house, your room would surely sound like a zoo. >Teeth sink into your neck, drool dripping down onto your chest and her chin as she cries into you. >Through the noise, you're sometimes able to recognize your name, other times it being too slurred and chopped up to tell. >The biting continues, harder and harder until you're half sure there should be blood by now when Sonata starts shaking. >Her legs wrap around your back, shivering and clasping back behind you as her stomach tenses and relaxes erratically, out of sync. >The tightness you feel encase you crushes down with enough force to almost hurt as her waves of ecstasy continue. >You feel her grip behind your neck weaken, her arms sliding down further with every thrust, her jaw strength similarly having disagreeable. >Her arms unwind from behind you and Sonata falls to the bed, lower body still writhing around you. >For the next 20 seconds, she curves her back and raises from the mattress before flopping back down multiple times, some more violent than others. >With one intense and gyrating wave, the pressure transfers over to you as you similarly step over the edge. >Your thrusts slow down as you feel your own body tense, abs crunching and releasing as you flood Sonatas insides with your own fluid. >A lingering few last smacks into her body and you find yourself too weak to continue, having spent just about all you had in that one go. >Sonata doesn't move or say anything at all, probably in the same situation as you. >Sweat drips down from your cheek down to your chin, the droplet falling onto her heaving belly. >Your head droops down and your back arches, your forehead making contact with Sonatas wet body. >Once every few seconds you'll feel her tense and release, her heartbeat so potent that it echos even through her skin. >Moans turn back to loud breaths with time and you slide out for the last time, retracting your entire shaft from the now widened hole. >Legs unclasp from behind you and you fall to the side, crawling up the bed and laying with the tired girl. >Her hand finds yours and your fingers intertwine, caring little for the damp and sticky sweat coating both. >And as breathing slows and heartbeats quiet, you fall asleep. > > >... Oh, shit. >What's the time? >You shoot up from the mattress, the sheets traveling with you part way having stuck to your back. >Gross. >You also lift up your legs, the stickiness coating you everywhere. >Fingers slowly caress yours and you look down to your right hand, still wrapped around Sonatas. >And you can't help but smile. >Carefully, you release her hands from yours, tip toeing across the room and into your dresser before leaving. >Rushing to the bathroom you spray on some cologne an wash your face, dressing yourself while walking to the door. >Totally forgot that you had to pick up Aria and Adagio. >You slip both your shoes on and reach for the door before a voice stops you. >"Wait!" >You look to your right, Sonata appearing in the hall. >Dressed back into her underwear, she does her hair back up in a ponytail and asks. >"Can I come with you?" >You retract your hand from the door, shuffling your feet. "We leave in 5." >Smiling, Sonata disappears into her room to get dressed. >She sprints back out and jumps you, clinging to your shoulder as you both walk down to the car. >"Say, do we have to go shopping again?" ---THE END--- Quote from author: AND WE'RE DONE. Thanks for keep the thread alive for over THIRTY hours while I was being a wee shite, you guys deserve a round of applause for keeping this thread going. On that note, however, I think I'll bid farewell to this story and thank you to all of you for showing interest in the story. Tell me what you thought guys, including typos. Especially typos. Crafty bastards always manage to get away from me, like in >>26573325 post#26573325:: >You cover your hand with your mouth Deucies. Quote from paster: Fixed some typos