Mommy Aria's motherly instincts (Short) - by HypeAholic

This little short story was made by me in a half-asleep, writing urge. Enjoy >Be kid Anon [spoiler]Again[/spoiler] >You are happily playing in your dream land >Tonight you are exploring Equestria, the land that your mommies have told you so much about! >There are small little ponies everywhere! >You were happily enjoying a nice cup of tea with your new pone friends when you hear something >Oh god >[spoiler] It has begun.[/spoiler] >In the distance you can hear the demonic slapping, the battle roar of the gelatinous warriors! >Sure enough, on the horizon you can see the battalion of rainbow jelly cubes >Like a river of skittles, you see the cubes descend down into the valley, and start to consume all the little ponies! "NO, STOP!!!" >You cry out desperately, but to no avail, this world isn't in your control >You try to make a run for it, but you are too late, the cubes have you surrounded >Putting on a brave face, you get ready for a final stand >You charge forward, your arm charging for a swing >You rush head first into the group of jellies before they consume you in a giant, gelatinous, mass >You wake up with a startle, your face red and sweaty >What a horrible nightmare! >You hate jello! >You try to lie back down to sleep, but you are too frightened to sleep alone... >Maybe one of your mommies are still awake? >You reluctantly crawl out of your soft bed and make your way out into the hallway > You don't know who to try first, but hopefully someone is still up >First you walk to Mommy Sonata's room and quietly poke your head inside, but you hear soft snoring >You don't want to bug Mommy Sonata... >You head back out to the hall, and you are about to turn the knob to Mommy Adagio's room, but you remember what happened the last time you bugged her while she was sleeping >You didn't know Auntie Shimmer could even make that many [spoiler] Pamphlets to Jesus[/spoiler] >So finally you are left with your last option >You walk over to Mommy Aria's room, and are surprised to see light coming out from underneath her door >You slowly open the door and peak your head in >Mommy Aria has the big box open next to her bed, and she is reading one of her magazines by her lamplight "M-mommy Aria?" >She turns to you shocked, her face was very red for some reason >Maybe she feels sick? >"A-anon! What the heck are you doing up?" >She throws her magazine back into the box and kicks it under her bed "I had a nightmare...I can't sleep." >She looks to you quizzically >"Well what do you want me to do?" >You hesitate a moment before answering "Can I sleep in here?" >She seems surprised >"Aren't you a little old for that?" "Oh..." >You look down to the floor, crestfallen >Mommy Aria looks at you for a couple of moments >"*sigh*, yes you can sleep in here" "Yay!" >You quickly rush to her bed and crawl in >Funny, there's a wet spot on it >Oh well >You've finally gotten comfortable in Mommy Aria's bed and drift off to sleep >Be "Mommy" Aria >Anon is lying next to you in your bed >He's finally gone to sleep >*Phew* >He almost caught you doing something bad >He looks very peaceful and cute in his sleep "...You little punk..." >After a couple of minutes Anon starts to get restless, moving about in his sleep >You panic, not really knowing what to do >You just hold onto him >This seems to have calmed him down >... >You let go, but soon after, he returns to his restlessness >Afraid for him, and not really sure of what to do, you wrap him in your arms folding the blankets around him and yourself >... >Funny, its kinda like having a big stuffed animal >His warmth soon makes you drowsy, and you fall asleep... >Cuddling your son