I won't be ignored part 2 - by Anonymous

>One week after that faithful day >That day where Sonata had... >At first I thought I might have enjoyed it >But it didn't take long before I realized that warmth and safety I felt in Sonata's arms was just the need for any sort of comfort >But every night I cried myself to sleep, usually in pain and with her holding me close >I just wanted it to stop >But could it stop? Was there anyway to stop it? >I sat on the base of the staircase, staring at Adagio >Working up the courage to tell her everything >But what could she do? >She was a tiny 4'9" girl, while Sonata was easily 6' tall >This was a stupid idea >Forget it, there was no reason to get her involved >I stood up to go back to my room >Guess I'd just wait until Sonata's late night visit again >"Anon..." >Shit "Y-yeah Adagio?" >"Was there something you wanted to tell me?" >Wait, did she already know? >Was she working with Sonata? >"You've been acting weird all week anon, need to talk about something?" >I wanted to say there was nothing wrong and just disappear up the stairs >What I ended up doing was bursting into tears >I charged over at Adagio and tackle hugged her, clinging to her as if I wanted to be absorbed into her body and disappear >A stream of unintelligible crying mixed in with a few comprehensive words pouring out "Sonata she! And then she! It was horrible! Why!" >Adagio wrapped her arms around me, try to calm me down as best she could >"Alright anon, shhhh, it's alright." >It must have been about ten minutes >It felt like hours >But eventually my full on breakdown calmed down into a quiet whimpering >"Alright anon, want to tell me what's wrong now?" >Adagio stared down at me with a raised brow, though a bit of concern showed in her face >She may have been a strict sister, but she was still a loving one "I-It's Sonata..." >"Did she embarrass you in front of your friends or something?" "N-no, she..." >"SONATA!" >Adagio slammed open the door to Sonata's room dragging me behind her >Sonata just lay on her bed, feet in the air and headphones blasting music >It actually took her a few seconds to even notice Adagio had entered her room >She eventually took off her headphones and sat up on her bed >"Hey Dagi, what's up?" >Adagio was beyond angry, I'd never seen her so red faced even when I called her the B-word that one time >"WHAT'S UP?! WHAT'S UP?!" >"Are you mad about something Dagi?" >"OH COURSE I'M MAD ABOUT SOMETHING! YOU RAPED ANON!" >Sonata's attention shifted from Adagio to me, sending shivers down my spine >"Nonny! You broke the rules, remember what I said, you can't tell anyone or you lose." >"SONATA, DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE M-" >Before Adagio could continue Sonata quickly stood up and punched her in the gut >Adagio went down like a sack of potato's >That was the only line of defense I had, and now that she was down Sonata approached me >I was too scared to run, I just stood there with my eyes closed until I felt her grip my shoulders >"You know what we do to losers, right nonny?" >I spread my legs for her and braced myself, not wanting to challenge her and face a worse punishment >I felt her hand grab my crotch, knowing full well that soon what she held may no longer exist >"Stooooooop" >I opened my eyes to see Adagio lifting herself off the ground, wheezing and clutching her stomach >"You can't do this..." >"Why not Dagi? Playing with anon is super fun!" >"I-it's wrong Sonata, you can't..." >"You don't know Dagi, you've never-" >Suddenly Sonata gasped in delight >I felt her hand leave my crotch as she went behind me and gripped me by the shoulders >"I can't stop playing with nonny, imagine how sad and lonely he'd get. Oh! I know, I can stop spending so much time with nonny if you spend more time with him!" >Adagio seemed a bit confused by the suggestion >But once she realized what was implied her eyes widened in shock >"I could never do that to anon!" >"Awww, poor nonny being ignored by his big sisters. Don't worry nonny, I won't ignore you." >Her hand slid down again underneath my belt >And took a vice grip of that oh so tender area >"Now, about your punishment for losing" >Her grip got tighter and tighter with every passing second >Fidgeting eventually turned to a little squeal >Squeals nearly turned into tears >"Stop!" >Sonata's grip didn't loosen, but it stopped getting tighter as she turned to Adagio >"You'll never touch anon again if I..." >"Oh nonono, I said I'll just have more time to myself if anon's getting more attention, but how could I ever stop loving my own little brother?" >Adagio looked over to me, her normally powerful and confidant face now filled with doubt >"Will you at least stop with the strap-on?" >Sonata began to pout a bit >"B-but, that's my favourite part..." >"Sonata please! You could seriously hurt him!" >"Okay, fine, but you gotta start playing with nonny a lot more." >Adagio's eyes dropped to the ground >Without looking up she began to strip herself down >First came her jacket >And then slid down her one piece, leaving her standing there wearing nothing but panties underneath her leggings >Her almost flat chest and smooth skin on perfect display >"Anon, come here..." >I didn't want to, but if my only options were between Adagio and Sonata... >I walked up to her as she took hold of my waist and pressed me up against her body >"I-I'm so sorry about this anon" >Without anymore more hesitation she brought her lips forward towards mine >It began subdued, more just pressing our faces together to please Sonata >But Adagio began to put a little more enthusiasm into the kiss, her tongue slowly and gently finding its way into my own mouth and her hands took a slightly firmer grip on my waist >It didn't take much longer before she'd lost herself, the grip on my waist pressing me against her hard enough to feel her heartbeat against my chest as her tongue viciously attempted to go down my throat >She may have been my sister, I may have been terrified, but I couldn't help it >I popped a boner that pressed hard against Adagio's crotch >And she obviously took notice of this too >"Don't worry anon, I'll make sure it's over quick..." >She began to lower herself, hands shifting from my waist to my belt buckle >The thing came undone in a second and with it my pants came sliding right off, exposing my boner mere inches from Adagio's face >"Alright, just try to relax..." >Without any further word Adagio got to work, kissing the tip and letting her tongue slowly run along the bottom >Once arriving at the balls taking one in her mouth for a few moments before pulling back and letting it pop right out >She traced over the bottom until she reached the tip again, kissing it once more >But this time she went a bit further, pulling the whole tip into her mouth and gently caressing every little nook and cranny with her tongue, occasionally bring her teeth down on it softly enough to avoid bring pain >I wanted to pretend it was just as horrible as what Sonata had done >The only thing that was different was that Adagio was just doing it to a lesser degree to attempt to save me >But I couldn't help but let out a few moans >I was enjoying it >Loving every moment of it >Adagio didn't want me just to endure it, she was doing everything she could to bring me pleasure >The moans and shakes seemed to be all the encouragement she needed, with one quick thrust she sent the rest of my dick down her throat >My knees almost buckled from the pleasure, grabbing her head to stabilize myself was the only thing keeping me from falling over "Dagiiiii" >Hearing her name only drove her further, she began to hum with my dick in the throat as her teeth gently nibbled on the base >Her right hand came off my waist and disappeared inside her panties >I wanted this feeling to last forever, everything about it was amazing >Which was why I was so disappointed when it did end >But before I could even complain Adagio took me by the waist and led me to the bed, laying me down on the soft fabric >She took off the last of her clothes and climbed up on all fours, going right back to my cock >Only now instead of seeing her face as she jammed my penis down her throat, I got a full view of her wide, wonderful hips and glistening orange folds >I knew exactly what she wanted, and at this point I was more than happy to comply >I took a handful of her large meaty butt and tasted a bit of that sticky sweat fluid oozing out of her >It was delicious, or maybe it was just the entire situation that made it seem so good >Either way I wanted more, a lot more >I licked everywhere, everywhere I could find her sap >"Anon..." >She gasped for air, taking a quick breather from her deep throat >"See that little nub? Please play with that more." >She went right back to it, and I decided since she was try so hard to please me I should do the same for her >I took the whole thing into my mouth and began to suck on it, following Adagio's example and gently nibbling on it with my teeth >"Hey anon." >Sonata had remained strangely quiet throughout this whole thing until now >"You know you still lost right?" >Oh shit! >Without even having time to brace myself I felt Sonata's fist strike me full force in the balls >It was painful sure, but the worst thing was it made me jump >And bite down on Adagio, hard >Adagio began to scream in pain as her own teeth chomped down on my base >The pain may have been excruciating for both of us, but it also sent us off the edge >As my face got covered in a splash of sweat gooey fluid my own hips bucked into Adagio's throat and sent shot after shot of cum directly into her stomach >Finally the orgasm ended, leaving nothing but pain behind as we both clung to each other, faces in each others crotches with tears streaming into the others privates >"Alright Dagi, you win, just keep it up and no more strap-on. Man, that thing was expensive" >Sonata left the room, leaving us to our pain >I snuggled into Adagio as close as she would allow me after she was done inspecting my penis to make sure she hadn't caused any serious damage >Considering she was still trying to clean all her fluids off my face that wasn't as close as I'd like >"I'm so sorry anon..." >It was the first thing she'd said for a while >"I should have protected you better, I should have..." >I didn't say anything, just snuggled even more into her, taking comfort in her presence >She began to stroke the back of my head, forgetting about my face and letting me get as close as I wanted >I guess it turns out telling her about it was the right choice after all >Sonata is the worst