Aria and Sonata go to the Pier (Feels)[Complete] - by goofygoob123

>You are Aria Blaze. >Sitting here with Sonata was pretty irritating. >Usually she was always bubbly, and simple minded. >With her, it was a+b=c. >But now she is miserable. >Sonata sighed, and looked out the window of Derpy's. "Sonata, you gonna be alright?" >She sat and seemingly ignored you. >Normally you were the pissed off one. >Seems like nothing can go right this week. "Do you wanna talk about it?" >You had a concerned look on your face. >If Anon could see you now, he'd crack a subtle joke and take a picture. >Sonata barely touched her muffin, and the silence was killing you. >It donned on you. >You know exactly how to cheer her up. >Despite the fact you wanted to go home and play Guitar Hero Metallica, Anon instilled a sense of loyalty in you. >Loyalty to a friend. "You know what? Sonata, get your pitiful ass up. You're coming with me." >Picking up your muffins, and grabbing the saddened fool, you dragged her out of the restaurant and proceeded down to the Alicorn Beach Pier. >You hate carnivals, and all those whiny brats at the game booths were going to irritate the hell out of you. >Not to mention that once Sonata cheered up, she'd be annoying again. >But think about it. >Wouldn't you choose the lesser of 2 evils? >"Aria!! You're tearing my clothes!!" >You weren't going to stop, because you know she'd just try to walk away. >"Aria!!!!" "Oh fine. Get up, and if you try to run, I'll tackle the ever loving fuck out of you." >You let go of her, and watch her as she gets up. >She dusts herself off, and stares at you. >You give her your trademark scowl, and she slumps her shoulders down. >She was gonna run. >"Okay, you win...let's go." >She walked beside you, looking toward the ground. >It pissed you off a lot less when she was happy. >This was aggravating. >When you got to the Pier, Sonata's eyes lit up with excitement. >She was excited about something. >When you saw what she was looking at, your face went blank. >The Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, an Arcade. >A whole bunch of shit has been added since the last time you all came here. >"Aria...Oh my god there's a roller coaster!!!" >Without another word, she grabbed your hand, and you both shot off. >When did Sonata get so fast? "Sonata slow down!!" >"Come on!! I wanna get on the bumper cars!" >It was nice to see that she forgot about her troubles. >But goddammit she was hurting your arm. >When you got to the ticket stand, you almost died. >Adagio was working here. >"Hello, how may I-...Hello girls." >She couldn't have said that in a more irritated tone. >Sonata was happy. >You give her an evil grin. "Adagio, so nice to see you here." >"Shut up or I'm going to put you in place when you get home." >You shut up, still giving her that grin. >Sonata gave Adagio a puppy dog pout. >"Can we ride the ride, Ady? Please?" >Adagio rolled her eyes. >"Since you aren't moping around anymore, sure. It's coming out of my check, but I'll let you all get these wrist bands." >Your grin went away. "Mighty nice of you, Adagio. Since when did you become less evil and conniving? Oh, and deceptive." >"Shut up Aria. I can't just be nice to my friends?" >She considers you and Sonata friends? >What's going on here? >"I'll meet you at the cars Aria!!" >Sonata ran off, excited. >Her and her childish charm usually got to you. "So what's into you? I thought we were all using each other for personal gain." >Adagio shook her head. >"No. I've decided it's not a good thing to deceive people for my goals anymore." "Someone bribe you?" >"No." "Got a boyfriend?" >"No...Well..." "AHA!" >Adagio flipped you off. >"He's just someone I like. He comes here every day. And I figure I shouldn't treat you 2 as lackeys anymore if I want to get someone." >You gave her that grin again. >"What about you? Sonata's been depressed for a while since that thing happened." >You nodded, and looked over to the bumper cars. >Sonata was happily waiting in line, waving at you. "I just thought I something nice." >Adagio gave you that same grin. >"Are you being nice, Aria?" "Shut up..." >You turned and started heading to Sonata. >"Anon'd be proud of you, GrapeGrump." >That irritating nickname he gave you. "Anon was the worst..." >Adagio smiled, and you managed to slightly smile. >Since the winter ball, Anon had befriended you and Ady, and treated you both like his sisters. >Maybe his views were starting to rub off on you all. >"Have a good time, Aria." >When you got to Sonata, she was ecstatic. >"I CAN'T WAIT!!!" "Calm's a waiting line." >Sonata was squirming, eagerly awaiting the ride. >You rolled your eyes, and stood with your ecstatic friend. >Friendship. >A once foreign concept to you and these girls. >Well, except Sonata. >She's always seen you as friends. >"We can get on! Come on Aria!!!" >You get in a green car, and Sonata hops in a blue one. >As the ride starts, you see Sonata zoom off. >You speed away as well, eyeing for targets. >Nothing but some kids. >Then you saw a familiar face. >2 actually. >It was that girl Sunset. >You're ramming her. >It'd be the perfect startle. >You floored it, going full speed toward the bacon headed girl. >No mercy for the wicked. >Sunset noticed you though, and started heading the other way. "Oh no you don't, bring that bacon ass back here!!" >She wasn't listening, but your fucks were minimal. >You prey couldn't control her bumper car going at high speed. >A shame, and pretty embarrassing at that. >Your bumper car collided with hers, definitely razzling her dazzles. >Reverse, and leave. >That was for some odd reason, fun. >This was a good ride for letting off steam. >You should come here more often. >Out of nowhere, Sonata t-boned you, giggling uncontrollably. >"Got you!!!" >She sped away, her giggle stuck in your head. >That little bitch! "COME BACK HERE SONATA DUSK!!" >You sped after her, in a chase that would rival an action movie. >All day you've been getting on rides with Sonata. >She threw up on the roller coaster, even though you told her not to get on after eating tacos and corn dogs. >The tilt-a-whirl is where you puked. >It was a crazy day. >And now it was just you and Ponytail here on the last ride. >The Ferris Wheel. "Sigh. You know, going somewhere with you is like taking a kid out." >Sonata smiled, holding a teddy bear and entering the seat with you. >As the ride started, she leaned on your shoulder. >"Aria...thanks for cheering me up." >You looked at her, seeing the smile and contentment on her face. >She sighed, and you felt warm on the inside. >You smiled a little. "You're welcome Sonata." >"You know, I used to think you'd never stop being such a grumpy person. Always yelling at me, and even hitting me and beating me up." >She looked up at you. >"But after today, I can happily say I'm glad you are my friend." >Joy filled your heart as Sonata hugged you. >"Thank you so much." >You hugged the girl back. "I just don't want you being more miserable than me, ever. I have a rep to keep." >Sonata punched your shoulder. >"You are such a liar. And I love you." >She hugged you tighter this time. >The word love. >No one's ever said that to you before. >You started to tear up a little, looking out toward the night sky. "I love you too, Sonata." >She let go of you. "So...tomorrow is Saturday...and we can go visit prisoners. I called and got us passes." >Sonata perked up, tears coming to her eyes now. >"You mean...we get to visit..." >You nodded, smiling. >"YAAAAAAY!!!!!" >You let her express her excitement, as loud and proud as it was. >As you and her got off the ride, walking home, Sonata held her hand out, pinky extended. >"Best friends?" >A pinky promise? >This wasn't your thing, but today was a good day. >You've changed from the girl you once were. >You gave her your pinky, and smiled. "Best friends." >With that, you walked home, talking and laughing happily.