Anon and Aria Go On a Date - by JustSomeAnon

>”Finally here, huh?” Aria grumbles, not looking up from her phone as she sits in your car. “I’m...only 5 minutes late. There was traffic.” >”Whatever. You’re gonna take me to this place.” She taps on her phone for a moment before shoving the screen in your face. >The place she listed on her map was a michelin star steakhouse. >The kind that didn’t show prices on their menu. >You feel your wallet hemorrhaging at the thought. “I kinda already made reservations though. It’s a nice place.” >”Don’t care. I made reservations too. We’re going here.” “I…” >”Do you want any action after this date?” “Heading there now!” >You quickly shift into drive and pull out onto the street at the direction of Aria >All along the way, she picks apart everything from your driving abilities to your taste in music >“You really listen to this stuff?” “Uh...yeah. That’s why I’m playing it.” >Aria rolls her eyes. “Whatever you say, bud. Get on the highway.” >You snap to focus to see the ramp to the highway rapidly approaching. You quickly jerk the wheel over, earning yourself several angry car horns from behind you as you cut across several lanes and the gore and make it onto the highway. “You could have given me more warning, y’know.” >”Eh.” She shrugs. “You found it in time. Exit 20B. ” “When’s that?” >”If you drove like you weren’t an 80 year old, we’d be there sooner.” “Wh-I’m driving over the speed limit already. >”Hardly. You still have people passing you.” “I’m not risking getting pulled over for a couple of minutes.” >Aria groans but says nothing. >... >>35534630 >”You’re lucky they still had our reservation.” >All you can manage is a defeated sigh in response as the two of you are led to a corner booth. You catch the eye of several diners at their tables, presumably judging you for >Not your fault you thought you were going to be dining on a glorious rack of ribs at Outback. >Instead here you are in an opulent and pristine banquet room with the upper echelons of society judging you for wearing jeans and a button down. >Aria didn’t seem to mind. She already knew where she wanted to go and still chose to wear her normal attire. >Shortly after you two are seated, two ornately decorated menus are carefully placed in front of you by >You were mistaken in thinking this was the kind of place that didn’t show prices. They were there on the menu. >You just wish they didn’t. It would make the rest of the night less stressful. >”Yea, Get me the Wagyu Filet. Medium Rare.” >Your eyes trace over the menu until the honein on the Wagyu listing, biting your lip at the price listed. >Of course it’s the most expensive thing in the damn place. And of course she wants it. >”Very good, Ma’am. Do you know what you would like, sir?” >A blooming onion. “Uh I’m gonna need another minute.” >”Of course, sir. I’ll be back shortly.” The man gives you a small bow before quietly walking off towards other tables. >Aria immediately takes out her phone and stares into it, ignoring you entirely. >An action that would have insulted you, had you not been used to it at this point. “So uh…How was your day?” >”God where do I fuckin start.” She exclaims, almost throwing her phone down onto the table. “First of all Sonata was a pain in my ass, more so than usual. This morning, you know what she did? >She pauses to rip chunks off of the bread plate in front of her, stuffing some into her mouth. “She ook ah the dahm hah wahah is oriee.” “Wh-what?” >Aria rolls her eyes before swallowing. “I said, she took all the damn hot water this morning. And on top of that, get this-” She tears off another chunk of bread and smothers it in oil, “- she had the absolute fucking nerve to eat my last damn protein bar. Had to buy more at the gym.” >”Oh, well did your day get better after that?” >An impatient scoff is her response. “I wish. Work wasn’t much better.” She sinks back on the plush bench and lets out a long groan. “I just want to finish my RN program and get the fuck out. I’m sick and tired of changing gross boomer diapers.” “Ah, is this really the time to talk about that?” >The din of the dining area had grown more silent ever since Aria started talking. Several groups of patrons were glaring angrily at the two of you. >Aria lazily scans the looks she was receiving, before dismissing them all with a wave of her hand. “They don’t matter, dork. They’re not your date.” >She gives you a smirk as she rests her head in her hands. “I am.” >You feel a soft pressure lay onto your crotch that sends shivers up your spine. >As you lift the tablecloth to see what she was doing, you feel her foot press down with an uncomfortable amount of force. >”No peeking, dork.” She says with a wink. “Don’t wanna give it away to everyone else do we? Since you care about them so much.” >Her foot flexes and shifts around your growing erection as you suppress a loud groan. >But as quickly as it came, so to it ends. Aria pulls her foot away as she chows down on another chunk of bread. >The bread plate in front of you sits empty, save for a few crumbs. >“You’re really easy, you know that?” “S-sorry…” >Aria sighs. “Don’t apologize. Grow a pair, dude.” >Just then, the waiter comes by and places in front of Aria a large wooden block with a juicy looking steak resting on top. >Aria licks her lips as the meal is set down, jabs the meat with a fork and brings it to her mouth for a large bite. >The waiter makes an effort to hide his disgust, but it’s pretty obvious as he turns to you. >“Have you made your decision, sir?” >... >”Fuck me, that was good!” Aria said, patting her stomach. “You should have got that instead of that lame ass chicken, dork.” >You say nothing as the two of you walked out of the restaurant. >It is true that you did regret ordering the chicken as soon as the waiter left, but that all washed away the second you saw the bill. >At least Aria got to have what she wanted. >”Well, I’d like to go to a bar and get fucking wasted, but I have more diapers to change tomorrow. I need you to take me home.” “Fine.” >As you’re fishing your keys out of your pocket, you feel something soft press up against your cheek and pull away. >Feeling the skin on your cheek, you turn to see Aria giving you a small smile. “Thanks for letting me vent...and for putting up with me.” she says warmly “I know I can be....well....”. “Difficult?” >”...yea.” >You stare at her for a moment before returning the smile. “You sure you don’t wanna call in ‘sick’ tomorrow?” >Aria’s smile turns into a wide grin.