Confinement and Release [clop] (a little scat) (Adagio~Anon) - by Uh-hmmm

> You peek out from your hiding place in the pantry > Adagio is about to bring the last bite of lasagna to her lips when a funny look crosses her face > The fork clatters on the table, and she dashes off > You slip out and follow at a more dignified pace > The bathroom door slams shut as you round the corner, and you hear the rustle of cloth > You creep forward, holding your breath > Adagio groans, and you hear some splashing > Sounds like your plan is a success > You open the bathroom door and your thieving roommate stares at you in shock > Your own eyes are drawn to her legs, tightly clenched together, her shorts and such piled around her ankles > "Anon? What the hell are you-" > Then her eyes narrow > "You did this, didn't you?" > You try to ignore your hardening member "Of course. Did you honestly think I wouldn't notice my food going missing?" > Adagio clenches her fists in her lap, a shudder running through her > You hear some staccato plopping, with the small squeaks of gas leaks > "Ugh, fine, well played. Now get out." > And yet all she does is glare at you from her throne "Hmmm, I have a better idea." > You crouch down and seize the clothes around her ankles > "Hey! What do you think you are doing?" > She kicks at you, but her legs are pretty tangled, so it doesn't do much > Well, except, > 'pfflaaaaaaabbtttt' > Adagio is mortified, her struggles ceasing immediately > You pull the clothes all the way off, discarding all but the red panties "Pretty impressive, Fromagio." > "Sh-shut up! And let go of my panties!" > You give the lacy undergarments a considering look "I don't think so. Why don't you take them back?" > Then you stuff them inside your boxers > Your boner politely informs you that women's underwear feels very comfortable > Adagio suddenly stands up, her face contorted in anger > Her foot comes rocketing towards your crotch, and you barely dodge in time > You fall back a few paces, and Dazzle's intestines growl > She promptly sits back on the toilet, just in time to make some splashes > She gazes at you with hatred in her eyes > "The moment my bowels recover, you're dead, Anon." > To be fair, she has expressed similar sentiments before > You suspect she likes a little antagonism in her home life "Promises, promises. But I think your behavior deserves special consideration." > Adagio leans back in apprehension > "What are you talking about, Anon?" > You unzip your pants "This." > You pull out your dick, and wrap her panties around it > "Don't you dare!" > You start stroking, luxuriating in the silken texture of her warm panties "Mmm, this feels good. I'm going to have to do this more often." > "Get your own panties, you pervert!" > You speed up your stroking "Oh yeah, get angry with me, call me names!" > Adagio looks horrified > You draw carefully closer, keeping out of the range of her legs and stroking all the while "Unf, girl, you scowl so good." > Adagio's expression flickers between incandescent anger and... > She's staring at your cock, with something like hunger > "S-stop, you idiot!" > You begin to emphasize your pelvic thrusts into the delicate fabric of her panties "Oh, give me more baby!" > She shifts her legs slightly, her thighs rubbing against each other > "You d-disgust me! How dare you profane my unmentionables with your..." > You're getting close, stroking furiously > "With your putrid, reeking, moldy banana of a penis!" > You thrust hard, cum soaking in and through the thin fabric, your dick twitching in your grip > Adagio's legs draw up involuntarily, and her cum splashes into the toilet bowl > She leans back against the water tank, breathing heavily > You pull the panties off your dick, and open them up a little > Looks like you got dead center, and a little on the back and front > "This changes nothing, Anon. J-just because I-" "You like fighting. Dominating and being dominated." > Color rises to her cheeks > You kneel before her, and you see the first hints of a smile > "You do understand. The sudden changes, the low brought high, and the high brought low." > You grin at that "Then you'll love this." > You slip her feet through the holes and draw up her cum-soaked panties up to her knees > She squawks in surprise, feebly trying to push you away > No use, Adagio has no real good leverage > You wrestle with her legs, and eventually bring them up a little > You tug the panties up, cum smearing between her clenched thighs > "Stop! I still have to poop!" > You look into her angry, worried eyes, and say, "Thus always with tyrants." > With that you yank the semen soaked panties all the way up, lifting her a little off the toilet > You can see the dampened fabric invading the gentle curves of her camel toe, and a particularly wet part get wedged up her sweet ass > She closes her eyes and whimpers, her intestines rumbling > It's quite the alluring sight, the formerly proud Adagio with her legs pressed against her chest, a clear view of her groin > Fuck, you're hard again > You press your cock between her thighs, somewhat lubed from your previous efforts > Her eyes snap open, that same mix of anger and desire as before > "Don't tell me you're going to fuck me like this." "Nah, just your legs." > As you are about to start thrusting, she widens the gap between her legs > It's like humping air "Well, I guess I could just fuck you normally." > You prod the silk over her lower lips with the head of you cock > She legs snap shut immediately, and she scowls > "Fine, fuck my legs." > That's more like it > You start to grunt as you thrust in between her thighs, who knew leg jobs could be so good? > Then Adagio grimaces, and a steady stream of dripping becomes audible > You check her crotch, only to find a brown stain spreading from the back > The distressed face of that siren is delicious > You resume thrusting, pressing against the underside of her legs > You bring your face close to hers, and her breathing becomes more shallow > Her mouth is partially open, and very inviting > Your tongue plunges into her mouth, languidly tracing every curve and crease of her mouth > Her moans are muffled by your assault > You keep violating her thighs, feverishly seeking release > You break the kiss and pause by her cheek > You find yourself getting close > Both of you are breathing very quickly, from the kiss, or from the expectation of what's to come > You lick her cheek, from mid-jawline to the crest of her cheekbone > She shudders, her hips gyrating in time with yours > Adagio throws her head back, tears welling in her eyes > She whispers, "Fuck. Oh yes, fuck!" > At that, your thrust one last time, burying your cock in the soft flesh of her legs, cum spurting out onto her shirt and into her cleavage > You keep twitching a little longer, her thighs sliding, shifting, and milking your manhood > Finally you take a few steps back, and admire your handy work > Adagio sits on the toilet, arms limp at her sides, legs splayed and panties wet with three different bodily fluids > Her semen-spattered chest heaves, and her mouth gapes open > Aria pauses in the hallway, taking in the scene > She gives your softening penis a congratulatory pat > "Nicely done, Anon."