Wrestling With Aria (Short Story) - by Fife-Niner-Seven

>Rolling around on the carpet, you did your best to keep a dominant position. >You were actually surprised at her tenacity, even if her strength was about what you expected. >”Just...GAH stop it! Ahahah STOP you fucking faggot!” >You began to tickle her, eliciting said response. >Oh how days off were nice. >Especially with the place to yourselves. >Wrestling with Aria was always an experience. >She wasn't a very big girl, but her ego was miles wide. >That didn't matter though. >Not here at her home, where you could show her just how wrong she was. “Pinned again.” you stated simply, having regained your position atop her. >She struggled and threw her hips around as best she could, but it wouldn't work. >You had almost a foot of height and another eighty pounds on her. >That didn't stop her from fighting you constantly. >Many days as of late ended up like this. >You would be doing your own thing, cleaning or general housework. >And anytime she was home, she wouldn't just stay in her room. >She was always moving around, be it in the kitchen or the living room. >Anywhere to harass you. >Constantly telling you that you were useless, and that she wanted you to do things a certain way. >Finally you decided enough was enough, and came up with a great plan. >Force her to the ground and pin her, before making her apologize. >Worked like a charm these last few times. >Today was especially ridiculous, but you would just shrug it off. >”Get. OFF!” she hollered, with a final attempt at putting you off balance. >... >To no avail. >Pushing her arms back down to the ground, you scowled down at her. >She frowned back up at you and furrowed her eyebrows. >”Fuck you looking at?” she said, more of a statement than a question. “You know what I want.” you replied coolly. >That apparently pissed her off more than anything about you. >Your ability to stay calm and collected. >”Fuck you.” she replied, gritting her teeth. >Tightening your grip on her wrists, you leaned down over her some more. “Just say it.” >You really just wanted her to say she was sorry again. >”Eat shit.” >That's it. “Don't say you weren't given ample opport-OOF!” >She cut you off with a quick bounce of her hips, followed by a leg shifting up into your groin. >Rolling off of her, you did your best to stay quiet and cradle your jewels. >Okay. >That wasn't expected. >A hand connected with your face, but you didn't react. >It didn't even really hurt, but that low blow still had you reeling. >Coming to grips with your pain though, you felt her straddle you and suddenly your arms weren't under your control. >Gritting your teeth, you realized she'd turned the tables on you. >”Now, you have to do what I fucking tell you.” she spat, the venom in her tone apparent, contrasting heavily with the cruel grin that crossed her features. >Oh, right. >This was sure to be good. “Bitch.” you murmured in response, which got you another nice hit on your stomach and she bounced up on you again. >”Now. YOU say you're sorry for being an insufferable piece of shit.” she ordered “I'm so fucking sick of you acting all smug and always just doing whatever you want around here like you own the place!” >Furrowing your brow up at her, you began to respond. “I pay ren-FUCK” >A sudden headbutt later and you felt blood pooling from your nose. >Adrenaline spiked through your system, and you threw your weight forward. >She was nearly tossed clear, but her grip on your wrists was quickly reversed. >Grabbing her, you rolled over onto her and raised a fist to strike her. >Holding back for just a moment, you kept your anger in check as you saw blood drip down onto her cheek. >”Fucking DO IT.” she growled. >You were sorely tempted, but you also noticed the tears that were welling up in her eyes. “I fuggin' want to.” you managed to mumble, before moving to stand up. >You didn't look at her as you regained your feet. >Clapping a hand over your nose, you did your best to keep any blood from getting on the carpet. >What the fuck was that? >She was never THAT bad. >Dragging your feet, you managed to reach the bathroom without making a mess. >Leaning over the sink, you quickly cleaned yourself up with some hot water. >The pink tinge went away within a minute. >Your nose still hurt, but at least the blood-flow had stopped relatively quickly. >No, what got you the most was her attitude. >Looking in the mirror for a little while, you just stared at your own reflection before finally shaking your head. >Whatever. If she hated you doing your thing, you could just stay in your own room for the day. >Walking through the open door, you took a right down the hallway towards your bedroom. >You didn't even glance behind you to see if she was still in the living room. >If she was going to be a complete bitch, that was her own problem. >Reaching your sanctuary with relative ease, you locked the door behind you. >Shaking your head, you threw yourself on your bed and looked up at the ceiling before grabbing a book. >Sonata was out with her boyfriend. >Adagio left soon after to go do...whatever it was she did most days. >Yet here you were. >Alone in your room on your day off. >Whatever. >Having nobody was better company than the other remaining inhabitant of your apartment. >Flipping through a few pages, you looked at your watch. >It wasn't even half past one. >Ugh. >Rolling through to your bookmark, you began to read. >... >Your thoughts just didn't want to keep up with the story though. >Going back to your original page, you placed the laminated piece of paper back to its spot. >Setting it aside, you closed your eyes. >Maybe you could just sleep until the others got home. >They were at least friendly with you. >A loud banging sound startled you out of your sleep. >Shaking your head, you sat up and glanced at your watch again. >Not even an hour had passed. >Maybe it wa- >More knocking. >Yup. >Purple grump. “Fuck do you want?” you called, not wanting to leave your bed. >”I need help asshole!” she replied, pounding the door one final time to make emphasize her statement. >Sighing, you stood up. >Was she on her period? >She was normally pretty indifferent in her insults, which made your wrestling matches bearable. >Fun even. >But today she seemed to just be in one of those moods. >A pang of fear shot through you as you made your way to the door, but you pulled it open regardless. >Face to...well, not really face to face, you found yourself looking down at Aria. “What?” you said, doing your best to sound annoyed. >She had changed into a tank top and some shorts, but what you noticed first and foremost was the bra in her hands. >”I tore the strap, and I need your help.” she mumbled, a frown on her lips. >Seriously? >She woke you up over THIS shit? “What do you want ME to do about it?” you retorted, moving to close the door. >”Fix it! I know you help Adagio and Sonata with their clothes when stuff like this happens.” she replied, looking up at you. “Yeah, but I actually like them.” you spat, pulling you arm from the door before crossing it over your chest. >”Well I don't fucking like you either, but who else am I gonna ask?” she stated, much to your chagrin. “That's not really my problem, is it?” you stated, more than inquiring. >Stepping back, you slammed the door on her. >Shaking your head as you locked it, you heard her call out from the other side. >”Look I'm fucking sorry!” >Yeah. >Right. >”Just help me out here, please! I don't HAVE anyone else!” >Gritting your teeth, you kept a retort from forming. >She never said please. >To anything. >Let it be said, you weren't a complete asshole. >Turning, you unlocked the door and yanked it open. >Snatching the offending article from her grasp, you turned again and moved over to your desk. >You didn't really have anything major like a sewing machine, but your mother had taught you how to sew simple enough things. >Not bothering to speak, you pulled your chair out and dug around in your drawers for some similarly colored threads. >...black. >How original. >Looking it over, you found the spot she was talking about. >The tear itself wasn't severe, but you'd do what you could. >You could see how it would cause problems though, considering how close it was to the clasp. >”Don't do anything weird to it you pervert.” she said from over your shoulder. “Don't flatter yourself.” you retorted absentmindedly, threading your needle. >She was just pushing all of the wrong buttons today. >An indignant sound came from behind you, but you ignored it. >Focusing, you set about fixing her little problem. >... >Seven minutes. >Not your best work, but you weren't about to put forth a whole lot of effort on this. >Swinging around in your chair, you saw her sitting on your bed, looking down. >Tossing it at her, you almost laughed as it landed on her head. “Done.” >She scowled at you, a slight...was that a blush? >Whatever. “You can go now.” you finished, wanting to resume your slumber. >Standing up though, you found that she wouldn't budge. >Instead, she frowned at you before turning around. >You moved closer to physically remove her if you had to, until she did something entirely unexpected. >She quickly yanked her top off and tossed it down on your bed. >You couldn't tear your eyes from her bare back, even if you wanted to. >That, and the curves of her breasts from behind. >She leaned forward and began to don the bra right then and there. “F-fuck are you doing?” you managed to stammer after a moment. >”Trying it on faggot. What, never seen tits before or something?” she replied, turning to face you. >You blinked a few times as she shook her chest a few times before giving you a predatory grin. >”You're welcome.” “Get out of my room.” you stated simply, after regaining your composure. >Even with something like this, she was still just trying to get your goat. >That just pissed you off even more. >She snorted, before pulling her top back on at any rate. >”Fucking faggot.” she mumbled, just loud enough for you to hear. “Fuck it you know what? Apologize. Right now.” you said, moving closer to her. >Yup. >She'd managed to take you from zero degrees to a hundred in the course of a couple hours. >”Pfft. Fuck you, you already did what I wanted you to do. That's what you get for getting pinned earlier you fucking sissy.” she replied, walking away. >Nope. >Grabbing her by the arm, you yanked her backwards. >She yelped, but you were done with mercy. >Taking her to the floor, you wrapped your legs around her waist and kept them under her backside as you pushed forward and held her wrists down. >Slamming them against the carpet, you growled down at her. “No cheap shots this time. Fucking apologize, before I make you regret it.” you snarled. >Her response was to spit at you. >No more. >Yanking her arms hard, you pulled them over her head and released one wrist for just an instant to grip them both in one hand. >She yelped again as you tightened your grasp, but you weren't about to let her do this anymore. “After all the fucking shit you do to me today, you STILL want to act like a brat?” you say down at her. >”You fucking asked for it.” she replied, her scowl returning again. >Doing what any young man probably shouldn't do, you grasped a mass of her hair in one hand and yanked on it, eliciting a gasp from her. “Just fucking say it.” >Gritting your teeth again, you couldn't help but feel the rage beginning to build up. >”Alright.” she said calmly, obviously doing what she could to get to you even more. “Eat. My. Pussy.” >Yanking her hair again, you let go before delivering a solid open-palmed smack to her face. “Wrong answer.” >She blinked a few times before looking back into your eyes. >”You hit like a fucking g-girl.” she stammered back. >You know what? >Releasing her wrists, you stood up again. “Alright bitch. Try me. Let's see what you've fucking got.” you growled, completely gone at this point. >She stood up, and fixed her shorts a little before delivering a sucker punch straight to your jaw. >Reeling back, you regained your feet just in time for another solid hit to the same spot. >Driving forward you tackled her and threw her against the wall. >She snarled in her own high pitched way, before scratching you across the face with her nails. >Gritting your teeth, you delivered a single blow to her stomach, dropping her to the floor once more. >As you held her and eased her to the floor, she lashed out and hit you right on the nose again. >Falling backwards, you landed on your rear and grasped at your face again. >Breathing deeply, you let the shock of the moment pass as you cradled your abused nose. >Looking over at her, she was breathing heavily and had a red mark where you smacked her. >Coming to your senses again, you began to run through your head what just occurred. >...yup. >You were fucked. >Crawling over to her, you stopped short as her gaze met yours again. “S-sor-” >”Shut up. Don't fucking start.” >Sitting there, you just looked at her. >Closing your eyes, you sat back again. >”I hate you.” she said simply after a time. “I hate you too.” you replied, not sure if you really meant it. >”You're a piece of shit and I can't stand being around you all the fucking time.” she said, her voice a little louder. “All you do is fucking badger me on stupid shit and complain at literally everything I do.” you murmured, breathing deeply. >”You're a stupid jerk that thinks he knows everything and acts like he's better than everyone because he has housekeeping skills.” “You're a cookie-cutter bitch that's upset at the world because she can't find the motivation to strive for anything she cares about.” >That last one may have been a bit much. >But you weren't going to apologize. >Opening your eyes, you almost reeled back in surprise when you saw how close she was to you. >”I really do hate you.” she said simply once more, before pouncing forwards. >Her fist connected with your stomach, and you felt some air expel itself from your lungs. >Grabbing at her, you felt your anger quickly rear its ugly head, but as you went to hit her back, something else overtook you. >As you both poised to strike from your respective positions, you suddenly found yourselves kissing. >Grappling her, you shifted your weight as you mashed your lips to hers. >Continuing like this for some time, you rolled around as you had just earlier, only in a much more intimate way. >Eventually breaking apart for air though, you still held her tight. >Taking in deep, slow breaths you stared at her. >It was around this time that you realized there were way too many layers of clothes between the two of you. “So what now?” you asked her, her naked body entwined with yours on the floor of your bedroom. >You didn't even manage to pull her up to the bed, you just did it right then and there. >”Why should anything change?” she replied, countering your question with one of her own. >That was...retarded. “I don't know, maybe because we've had all of this repressed tension fo-MMPH.” >She wasn't going to let you finish your sentence then. >”Just finish what you started.” she said after breaking away from your lips again. “You can't fuck me like that just once.” >Oh dear. >Attempting to shift out of her grasp wasn't going to work this time, as she grabbed your wrists and pushed them to the ground. >She straddled you again before leaning down over you, her predatory grin returning. >”You know what I want.”