Sonata Did Nothing Wrong - by readfag

>Tuesday: the worst day of the week. >It was probably the easiest day of the week, but their was so many steps to follow, it felt like the most difficult. >Getting up, you immediately head for the bathroom. >A quick shower and teeth brushing later, and you ready for breakfast. >Grabbing the scanner, you place your thumb on it and say the password: "I, Anon, love Sonata, for realzies." >Soon, the breakfast tacos would be sent down. >Tuesdays were the worst. >Hopping in your Toyota, you drive out of the Dusk 17 apartments. >Time for another Tuesday rush at Taco Bell, a day where work was rough and tips were bare minimum. >At least you were a driver and didn't have to make the tacos. You felt sorry for the in-stores. >Turning on the radio, you began to browse for station you could stand to listen to. "Ahhhh~ha-" "-his Tuesday, make sure to try th-" "-ta Dusk, you're one, true lead-" "-teady, watch me navigate! Hahahaha" >Finally, something you could listen too! >Unfortunately, as you were changing stations, your attention to the road started to waver. >You look up and slam on the breaks to avoid hitting two homeless looking people with nasty hoodies. >Before you could think of the repercussions, you yell, "Motherfucker! Watch where you going next time!" >Then it dawns on you; Anon, you idiot, you just cursed on Taco Tuesday, the most holy of days. >LiterallyHolyShit.jpg >And it looks like the jaywalkers heard you too since they're looking in your direction and headed to the car. >You consider driving away, but if they told a cop about you and got your license plate, their would be no way out of going to prison. >Looks like you are going to have to beg them to not turn you in. >"Look, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. We... er, you won't have to, uh, report me for this...will you?" "Aria, you heard what he said, right?" "Pretty sure he yelled motherfucker at us, Adagio." >This was going to hell, fast. >"What?! No! I, uh, yelled uhhhh... damn- I mean darn it. Look, what do you want to keep this whole situation quiet. I can't go to jail, I have my reasons, but I can not go no matter what." "Then it sounds like you owe Aria and I, a favor." >Angry as all hell was putting it mildly, you thought as you parked in front of Taco Bell. >And now you were worried as hell what those two might be up while you were working. >In exchange for their silence, you agreed to let them stay at your place for only this evening. And as insurance, they wrote down your plate number and your work schedule to know when you would be home by. >You tried protesting their ridiculous request, but it was their way or jail time, and your history wouldn't fly well with the cops. >Whatever, you would cross the Adagio and Aria problem later, but right now, work is crazy and needs you to be on top of it. "You're late, and on the most important day of the week. I hope you have a good reason why." >"Well a couple homeless gi-" "Nevermind that, I'll bother you about this tomorrow. What i need you to do now is grab orders 102, 103, and 106." >Tuesday's are the worst...but you wouldn't dare say that out loud. "Bless Sonata, it is about time you showed up!" >Hopefully the last order of your shift, and customer was giving you a hard time for being 10 minutes later than the promised time. Probably no tip either. >"Sorry, I got stuck taking another delivery on the other side of Canterlot High. All I can say is I apologize." And a phony smile and maybe she won't complain. "Well, don't let it happen again. Since it's Tuesday, I'll let you off with warning. You can thank Sonata for that. Have a great Taco Tuesday." >Slamming the door, she was probably going to say some prayers to Sonata. Ugh. >But getting to leave with $50 in tips still had its perks. >You drive by the crosswalk where you almost hit those girls, and your mood was now soured. What were you going to do? >Maybe you could make it seem like they broke in...but, you couldn't quite place how, they seemed familiar. >Not like extended family, but just people you knew of. >Who cares, Anon? Your thoughts did bring up a good point; why should you care who they are? They're just strangers taking advantage of you losing it. Fuck 'em. >Your whole conversation in your head lasted long enough to drive back to the store. Time to clock out. >Anxious was the perfect word to describe yourself as you drove into the parking garage. >What if they tried to kill you? What if they really did just want to break into your house? What if they had their way with you? >Ignoring that last thought, you considered the other two. >Sure, it would probably be within the realm of possibility for them to rob you blind or kill you for whatever reason, but that seemed incredibly unlikely since it was Tuesday. >Everyone, except for yourself and your parents, praised Sonata for the goddess she was. You only adhered to the laws for fear of the police finding out about your family history. >Pondering all these things as you climbed the staircase, as you reached your floor, you saw those hoodie-wearing girls standing in front of your door. "I thought you said you would be off by four," the mean purple one (Aria if you remember correctly) said. >"Yeah, well, TACO Tuesday is kinda busy at Taco Bell." >Smooth, make them angrier, that won't make things worse. "Wharever, just let us in." >You take the key out of your pocket and open the door. >The orange one, Adagio, was quiet, even though she had appeared to be the leader last time you met. >Alright, so this is couch where you two will be sleeping. Bathroom is back there, my room is next to it. So, don't make a mess and goodnight." "Not so fast, Anon." >Damn, now Adagio wanted to speak up. "I think we need to come clean about why we wanted to...come over." "You know how serious it is that you ruined this... ugh, 'Holy Day' ... by cursing, don't you?" >Shit. *gulp* "Y-yeah?" "Then you also understand it should be in our bes7 interest to turn you in. Yet, here we are," she said, gesturing at the whole apartment. >"So? W-what's your point?" >The purple grump got angry at this and jumped out of her seat. "Our point? What do you think our point is dumbass? You're immune to Sonata's dumb spell!" "Aria! Why were we being so mysterious if you were just going to blurt it out? How I got stuck with the idiot, I'll never know." >You could only look on in utter confusion. What spell? And what did she mean I was immune? >"Um, I'm still not sure what this has to do with not turning me in." >Adagio and Aria stopped their death stares and looked at you like you incredulously, followed by both of them facepalming. "Of all people to be somehow immune, we get a retarded monkey. I say we press our luck with someone else." "And how long till we find someone else, Aria? It took 50 years just to find this one. And being stuck here without our powers has been, as you would say, the worst." >Things were making even less sense. These girls, 'claiming' they were over 50 years old, didn't look older than a High school grad. >What if they were crazy or schizophrenic? They were homeless after all. >You try walking very slowly to your room as the two nutjobs argue over whose fault it was they lost their power. >You were inches from the doorknob. "Regardless of whose idea it was to go for the school, at least one of us has power. With Anon we-- where the hell is Anon?!" >Adagio immediately looked around and found you at your door. "Aria, stop him!" >Aria started running at you and tackled you before you get through the doorway, followed swiftly by a strong punch to the face. >It was official...Aria was now the worst. >You slowly started coming back to reality. >First, make sure your body wasn't damaged. Your body felt sore and your face hurt. A lot. >Next time you see her, you're going to give her a piece of your... aww, who are you kidding? You obviously couldn't take Aria on, so you were probably going to get wrapped in whatever this mission of theirs was. >Alright, then second, where were you? >It looked like...actually it looked like nothing. You were blindfolded. >Third, can you move? >A few struggles to move anything revealed that you were tied to a chair. >Greeaaat... >But at least you weren't gagged. >"Alright, what do you really want?" you ask, hoping they were around to hear you. "Well, things have changed, Anon. Before you were expected to be a willing participant. Now...well, now you're more of a hostage." >Adagio sounded a bit too pleased with this new scenario. >"Alright, I'm sorry. I-I thought you two were...crazy?" "Whatever. It doesn't matter now. We might not have the ability to control you, but if those right, then you will wind up doing anything we say." >Obviously that didn't sound good. But, fearing for your safety you decide keeping quiet might be the first good decision of the day. >"Alright, I'll-I'll do what you ask. Just let me go after this is all done." "There's that cooperative attitude we were looking for. Guess Aria was right about using force." >Speaking of Aria, where was the purple bitch? >From your short time with her, she seemed like the person who would love to be talking down to you. But Adagio continued, interrupting your thoughts. "Now, let's chat for a moment, because, despite how much of an idiot you are, I'm still curious as to why you are immune to Sonata." >This again. "I don't know what you mean. Immune to what?" "Don't tell me you're this dumb. Surely you noticed how everyone in the city adores Sonata like she is some sort of goddess, despite the fact you are all living in her dictatorship. I mean really, Taco Tuesday? A holy day?" >"Well, uh, the history class in high school said--" "Ugh! You can't listen to a history class in a dictatorship! You really are the worst, Anon. Just think for one moment: has she ever shown any example of being super powerful or has everyone just been told?" >It, unfortunately, was true. >Sonata was never seen, yet people treasured the ground they thought she walked on. You didn't understand why; you assumed everyone was dumber than you. It was dawning on you that you are kind of a douchebag. >Your face betrayed your thoughts to Adagio. "Now you're getting it. So let me explain why they all are obsessed. You might want to...sit down, for this." >RealFunny.png "So Aria, Sonata, and I used to be We would go around and stir up trouble using our powers to feed off the fighting. That is, until Canterlot High's Fall Formal. We discovered their were other girls with power there. Skip forward some time and we wind up at the school. We try and take their, a battle happens, and, long story short, we lose our powers." >She pauses, sounding just a bit upset. "Then we start fighting with each other. Sonata, the overly bubbly airhead, finally gets on Aria's last nerves and they have a massive argument. I...I try to stay out of it, but Sonata finally comes to me hoping I'll back her up." >Adagio sounded like she was...crying? You would have thought she'd still hate Sonata, but there was more to this story it seemed. "I-I had run out patience and hope so I sided with Aria. This broke Sonata's heart; I was supposed to be the leader and keep us together...but being so powerless, so-so was the worst. And then Sonata ran away a-and Aria, she... we fell apart, Anon! Hundreds of years together and we break apart from one fucking argument!" >You felt actually sad for your captor. You couldn't empathize, but you could hear the hurt. Is this what Stockholm Syndrome was? >You hear Adagio taking a few breaths before continuing. "We...we didn't know where Sonata went. We tried checking her typical places: Taco Bell, Del Taco, etc. But no sign. After 6 months, Aria and I had given up. Then we saw a similar display of power we saw before. We first thought it was the Rain-brats again...but we found out it was Sonata." >Adagio's sadness was now becoming anger. "We run up to the school and see her, floating in the air with her power crackling around her. 'Sonata? You got your powers back?' we ask. And then she replied, 'Yeah, I got MY powers back, no thanks to you two!' We haven't seen her in 6 months and this is the first thing we hear from her?!" >Adagio was practically fuming by now. If you could see, you bet you would have saw steam coming out her ears. "Aria and I try apologizing but she tells us it's too late for sorry's. And with that, she starts using her new powers to have everyone at the school to adore her like we tried before. Soon, all those kids start pouring out, chanting her name. Then those Rainbooms showed up." >Rainbooms? That sounded...familiar? "They came running out with all their instruments...except the purple one. She was nowhere to be found. So when they started playing their music to counter Sonata's spell, it didn't work. I don't know how their magic worked, but it looked like it hinged on their purple leader. Anyway, Sunset Shimmer and her friends were nothing to Sonata's new power. If I had that power..." >Now you understood why the rainbooms were familiar, but you were not going to let your face betray you this time. "Anyways, when Sonata blasted them with her power, everyone but Sunset gave in to her power. I still don't know why, but regardless, they were defeated. Aria and I praised Sonata on defeating them, but then her fury was directed at us. She told us that she was now going solo...that this was her town and we were no longer welcome." >"Then why were you still here?" Anon, you dummy. "Why? Why?! You wanna know why, Anon?! Because that was MY power! Because I should get to rule this pitiful world! Sonata was the weak one! Always! And yet she has all this power! I stayed because I'm going to get that power and teach Sonata that she is the WORST and that she is not allowed to beat me!" >As she spoke, you could feel her to closer to you, practically yelling in your ear. And when she said 'I stayed' she yanked your head back, probably so she could have power over you. >It was now double official...all these girls were the worst! >You thought she was going to continue, when the sound of a door opening and Aria's voice interrupted her. "Alright, Adagio, everything is...what are you doing to Anon?" "I-I was jussst...making sure Anon wouldn't betray us, right Anon?" >"Y-yeah. I w-won't betray you. For realzies." "Fine, whatever, just make sure he can still do his part." >"Uh...I-I still don't know whaat my part is." >Aria (or maybe adagio) audibly facepalm. "Sorry, Anon, I must have forgot in the middle of our...conversation. So let me run it by you." >She spoke with a little bit of an edge to her voice that made you just a little bit more nervous than you already were. "It's real simple, Anon. Aria is going to call Sonata using your Taco Confirmation Object; the police will show up and hopefully take her straight to Sonata's location. Meanwhile, you and I will be tailing them in car. Any questions?" >Other than the obvious ones like you, specifically, had nothing to gain from helping them. >Then again, you were now in a position to completely alter the government in the city. >No more Taco Tuesdays. >No more praising Sonata as a goddess. >No more having to hide your past. >You were pretty sure you would be overpowered by Aria, and outsmarted by Adagio, but if you could stop being so retarded, you could take advantage of this weird situation. >"No. I think I got it." "Hey Sonata, I know it has been a couple decades, but I just want to let you know that you are totally the worst. Like, I've known you were a complete airhead, but you really are just so dumb and useless. Taking only one city under your control? How la~ame. If I had that power, well...let's just say I wouldn't have just had you exiled. I think I'll just hang around here for a while. Chat with you later, dummy." >If Sonata was so desperate for adoration, then Aria's message was sure to royally piss her off. >With the message sent, you and Adagio ran out of the building to your car, hoping the police wouldn't be fast enough to compare your address with your license plate. "I'm so close, I almost feel the power again." >Adagio burst past you, wanting to make sure everything worked in her favor. >'Not if you could help it', you thought. >You didn't have a complete plan, not even a partial one, but you were pretty sure winging it would be more your strength anyway. >Running across the pavement, with Adagio already at the car, you pull out your keys and unlock the doors. >Ignoring seatbelts and generally all safety precautions, you head out of the lot just as some loud sirens become audible. >"Looks like we just made it. Whew." "Just keep your eyes peeled for Aria be taken in cuffs." >Parked just outside the lot you and Adagio watch as officers walk in to your complex and a few short minutes later, they reappear with the purple grump in tow. >You instinctively sink into your seat so the cops can't see you, but Adagio stays sitting up, probably to make sure you follow the right vehicle. >A thought strikes you as you start sitting up as well. >"Hey Adagio?" "What is it?" >"What makes you so sure that Sonata wouldn't send people to grab you along with Aria? Aren't you two sort of a team in Sonata's eyes?" >Adagio opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came our as her eyes widened at the realization. "Anon, how stealthy do you think you can be?" >"Uhhhhhhhh..." >Shit. It never truly occurred to any of you that you might have to be a great driver. >But, you were a delivery guy; surely you must have picked something. >At the very least you had a fairly accurate idea of the side and main roads. >And you knew how to get around quickly. >'Anon, give yourself some credit,' your thoughts said. 'Your job is driving and you don't think you'll be able to just tail one car? Quit being such a sad-sack, grow a pair, and beat these three girls.' >"You know what Adagio? I got this under control." >She merely shrugged and continued to watch the cop cars. "Alright Anon, you see the car, 3rd from the left?" >"SUV, lights and siren off, and no license plate?" "Follow that one." >No pressure. >Waiting till they were about half a block away, you start the car and follow. >The rest of the cop cars were travelling in various positions around the vehicle. >It felt like you stuck out like a sore thumb, but as the travelled into heavier traffic areas, you felt more at ease. >Until the other cops started going off onto other streets, leaving you and Aria's car as the only ones headed the same way. >"Adagio, I think the cops are up to something." "Oh really, Anon? I didn't realize. Just keep following them, but try changing lanes." >You did as you were told, but that did nothing to relieve your worry. >The cop was making a right turn, so you follow. >And you drove right into a closed alley, the cops at the end of it. >ItsATrap.exe >The cops got out of their car with their guns ready, as another cop car blocked the only way out of the alley. "Get out of the vehicle with your hands up!" >Cops are the worst. >You and Aria were now in the backseat of a cop car while Adagio was in another, hopefully travelling to the same destination. "You were so dumb, Anon. I thought you would be a better driver." >"Yeah, well it's not like I've been trained to tail cops." "Whatever." >You turned to look out the window, watching Taco Bells and the like zoom by. >Soon the boredom became too strong and something had been bugging you for a while now. >"So, Aria, I want to ask you something? Why are you helping Adagio? You don't strike me as a follower." >She sighed. "Because Adagio is great at making plans. I gave her tons of shit for having us lose our powers (rightfully so!) but that was more angry, helpless talk. We were a bunch of losers. However, Sonata was just so much worse. She still had hope and we couldn't stand how much she wanted to indulge in this world's...crap!" >She had her fist clenched as she continued. "So I went along with Adagio when we forced Sonsta to leave. And knowing, or at least thinking I knew Adagio, I followed her and her plans to get our back. Obviously she failed everytime; she just didn't understand this world's magic. But then Sonata came back, stronger than we ever were." >The same rage that appeared on Adagio's face was now crossing Aria's. >"But why are you still following Adagio?" Anon, you massive dumbass. "Because she is going to have a plan to get back at Sonata! But I am going to break this plan and take the power for myself! I will get back at them, I promise you that! And if you even think of spilling the beans, I'll take care of you personally, even without my powers." >You were too scared of Aria to strike up more conversation. >After another 10 minutes of driving around in basically circles, the cops were finally pulling up to what you guessed was your destination. >It was Canterlot High? >You never would hsve guessed you were close enough to the leader of the city when you wrre in high school. >Then the thought how close you were to being caught back in the day for that forged birth certificate brought a whole bunch of anxiety to you. >The car stopped in the parking lot and the cops pulled you and Aria out of the back. "Do not run away! Do not attempt to escape! Do I make myself clear?" >You and Aria simply nodded seeing as the previous plan involved getting to Sonata anyways. >You were escorted through the familiar hallways, the high schoolers looking at you with wonder, excitement, and fear. "Move along, nothing to see here." >Officer Robocop didn't seem to understand what being a high schooler was like. >Soon we came to the Principal's Office. >You had only come here once and never dealt with the Principal directly, only through the Vice Principal. >A moment later Adagio was pushed in by her escort. >Technically everything was going according to plan...minus being arrested. >After a few minutes of standing and waiting, you began to hear what sounded like heavy machinery. >It soon became a loud screeching noise coming from beneath the desk that was moving said furniture out of the way, creating an opening to a basement you would bet few knew about. >All three of you were pushed towards this area, dumbstruck looks on your faces. >You started heading down a narrow staircase, trying not to fall with your hands behind your back and unable to steady yourself with the rail. >At the bottom was another hallway, this colored a combination of cyans and dark blues. "These are Sona-- OW!" >Adagio winced in pain as the cop behind her struck the back of her head (how he made it hurt through her outrageous hair, you didn't know). >Near the end of the corridor, a familiar sining could be heard. >A song you heard on the radio all the time. >From the tv. >From everywhere. >This was Sonata's voice. "Ahhhh~ahh~ah, ahhh~ah." >She was sining into a single mic with wires that seemed to cover the floor of a room three times larger than the principal's. >The walls were adorned with cute pictures of her you had seen in public places and a lot of houses. >The whole thing felt pretty egotistical, which probably fit someone whose power came from adoration. >Sonata stopped singing as all of you came into the room. "You found them?! For realzies?! This is the best day ever!" >For someone who was supposed to be the evil leader of the city, she was pretty bubbly and excitable. "Quick, get us a bunch of tacos to celebrate! Hur~ry!" >At once, all the cops left to grab the Mexican delicacies. >As soon as the cops footsteps could be heard going up the stairs, Sonata turned to yo three and spoke in a much less cute voice. "Alright, I might have been an airhead at one time, but I know you wouldn't be stupid enough to get caught without a reason for it. And who is this guy? Your new puppet?" >'Hey, I'm not a puppet,' your thoughts said, but you were going to try to stop being stupid and saying things to these girls that would probably anger them. "Yeah, he is ours since we have gotten our pow--" "Shut up, Aria!" >Sonata smirked at this new info. "Oh, you got your powers back? Then you should have no problem having him kill himself." >WhatTheFuck.webm >As you thought, 'oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,' Sonata was undoing your cuffs. "So what's it going to be, Adagio? Aria? Show me your power...unless you don't have power?" >Fuck it! Sonata was now the worst! >You looked to Adagio, then Aria, then finally staring at Sonata with her big smirk like she already won. "Well? Are you going to do it?" >Sonata was getting impatient waiting, that was making things worse for you. >Sure, you could try fighting her, but she didn't seem as dumb (and obviously as powerless) the other dazzlings' accounts made her out to be. >Either they didn't know the real her, or something significant changed in those six months she was on her own. >Locking her eyes on Sonata, Adagio spoke up. "Why do you even want him dead? What is he to you?" >' a pretty good question,' your thoughts said. 'It could be she just wants to see their power; or maybe it is because you joined them to defeat her?, she couldn't know two did everything you could to hide.' "Adagio, you don't know Anon's past?" >Shit. >What about his past?" >She looked at you like you were suddenly a new person. >Fuck. >Their was no time to think, you had stop her before all three of them ganged up on you. >You ran towards Sonata who had now walked up close to Adagio and Aria. >Bracing yourself, you tackle her, interrupting her and shocking the other two. >You pull your right arm back, preparing to strike her but she gains her composure faster than you expected as she lands a blow of her own into the left side of your face. >Pain courses through your cheek as you are stunned. >Sonata, takes the opportunity to land another hit, weakening you enough for her to escape your grasp on her. >Despite the pain, however, you attempt another lunge at her. "ENOUGH!" >You are forced back by a large red wave emanating from Sonata's body. 'Just give up!' Your thoughts say. >Wait, that was your thought? 'Yes. You're outmatched. She is just too tough.' >Your thoughts were ready to give up, maybe it was time follow suit. 'That's the spirit. Now just pledge your adoration to Sonata.' >That sounded reasona-- hold on, really? 'For realzies! Do it!' >For realzies? >This was some sort-of mind control thing! >That bitch! 'As pathetic as you are, Anon, you resisted my spell better than I thought. You're more of a threat than you know. Time to finish this.' >You open your eyes and regain consciousness, unaware you had ever passed out to begin with. >It isn't the same room you were in before...but you can't be sure as the same colors and wires are everywhere. >No sign of Aria, Adagio, or Sonata; not sure if that was good or bad. >And no sign of an exit. >WhatDo.mp4 >Thankfully, a speaker crackles to life;unfortunately it's Sonata. "About time you came to. I thought of just going down and finishing you the old fashioned way...I might still do that if you don't agree to my deal." >You were already pretty sick of the deals these girls were offering you today. "It is real simple, Anon. Even you couldn't mess it up. Agree to adore me willingly and never worry about working, money, anything for the rest of your life." >That sounded good, really good. >This was never your fight anyways; you only felt the need to rise against the tyranny when those two showed up. >And they forced you to join them. >Look where that has gotten you. >But a single doubt crossed your mind; the reason you feared the police; the reason you had to make a deal with Adagio and Aria. >You were Sunset Shimmer's son and you couldn't let Sonata beat what your mom and her friends stood for. >Sure, you didn't have her powers, or her friends (any friends really), but you could look back and see how much you had missed growing up just to avoid being found out. >And the day your mom was caught and executed, you steeled yourself, becoming the nobody you were. >And that sucked! >Now the person responsible wanted you to give up two generations of rebellion? >Fuck that! >You were the idiot, Anon, who got a life he hated, but you were going one last stupid thing in your life. >"No! I'm done with you three fuckers. You can go ahead and say that I am the stupidest person ever, but I don't care. Just leave me alone for once in my life!" >You didn't think you get so caught up in the moment, but every word was true and had to be said. >A silence is left in the room after that. >Maybe she was stunned. >Maybe she was on her way down to kill you. >As much as you said you didn't care what happened after this, the fear of death was growing again. >It was possible you fucked up again. >Great, even playing to your strength of stupidity, it was still screwing you over. >Soon a loud grind of machinery could be heard from the center of the room. >A large cylindrical elevator was rising through the floor. >Unsurprisingly, Sonata was the one who walked out. >She looked furious. >At least you pissed her off, you thought. "Anon! You have been a threat for longer than you could know, but never did I think my nemesis was as retarded as you. I couldn't even out dumb you with two obvious traps. And now I have to kill you." >She reached into a pocket and produced a massive obsidian gem. "I wanted to let you live, figure out why you can withstand my powers. But you had to go and find those two somehow. Gah, this world is the worst sometimes!" >A black energy was now emanating from the gem, surrounding her. "I guess I'll make an example of you like I did Sunset. Too bad, so sad." >She began to sing a melody that filled you with dread. >The obsidian in her hand started to produce enough magic to surround her. >You looked around for something to fight with, but nothing stood out as a weapon. >But maybe you could escape while she was covered in magic. >You sprint to the elevator, making it inside just as Sonata's dirge reaches a higher volume. >Pressing the 1st floor button as much as you can, a deeper voice is heard. "Where are you Anon? All that talk about being done and now you're running away? You haven't even experienced my full power yet." >The doors were closing, but not fast enough. >The sound of tearing metal reaches your ears as the whole elevator starts to shake. "Come out, Anon! See just how outmatched you are!"' >The shaking was getting more violent, the elevator groaning as it was falling apart, and without a weapon, things were looking grim. >However, the doors started to finally close as the cylinder began to go down. "Not so fast, Anon! We're not done yet." >Sonata began to yank on the top elevator, attempting to pull it back up. >But, despite her new strength, the device was heavier and continued down. >You took a short breather, surprised you had survived what should have been a death sentence. >But now you were headed to a new floor in a building you were unfamiliar without a plan of any sort. >Adrenaline was pumping like a crazy as you got to your floor. >You hoped the first floor would be near the exit. >The doors slid open and revealed what looked like the same room. >Except for the purple grump and the orange poof in the room. "Anon!" >They responded in unison, giving looks of confusion. >But after what you had just said to Sonata, they weren't exactly a sight for sore eyes. >You didn't feel like helping them at all. "What are you waiting for? Let us free already!" >But Aria's word's were lost on you as you made your way to the hallway out. >The hallway was the same cyan you saw when you came in. >Looking at it now, it felt so egotistical, but that seemed par for the course now. >All you had to do was make it to the-- >Shit fuck damn ass cunt! >The stairs up had been retracted! >A quick look around doesn't reveal a clear button or switch to open it up either. >Sonata was probably on her way here, and facing her at all scared you, but much more so in a dead end. >You needed a plan, and only one person could come up with one. >Man, did you hate the Dazzlings. >Walking back into the main room, the girls were less surprised and more pissed. "What happened,Anon? Was the door locked?" >"Aria, we don't have time. I need your help to get out of here before Sonata gets back." >As soon as you untied her bonds, she nailed a nasty left hook. "Get you out of here?! What about us? What about the fucking mission? You are spineless piece of shit, so why should we continue to work with-" "Aria, enough already! Yes, he is useless, but he can still resist Sonata! We need him as badly as he needs us." >That...actually put Aria more at ease, begrudgingly agreeing with your value. "Fine, but as soon as we get our powers, I want to make an example out of him." >"Fuck you too." >Shit....that was out loud. "So you finally grew a pair, Anon? Maybe you aren't soo bad...but you're still the worst." >Gee thanks. >You head over to Adagio and free her as well. "Alright, Anon. We know she attacked you specifically, no clue why, but I have to know what kind of power she has. Precisely, what kind of gem does she have?" >" one? Obsidian I think." >Adagio put a finger to the side of her face as she thought. "Even I haven't tried that kind of power. Not a lot of Equestrian places to get that and gems here have no power." >Woosh. >All of this 'power'-talk was going right over your head. >Aria, at least, looked like she was having a hard time following as well. >But all of you were interrupted as the ground began to vibrate. >Like something was moving underneath. >Digging its way up. >Right under you! >You step/fall back just before the ground falls through and a cyan-colored girl climbs out. "Oh look, little Anon here wanted to come help you two. Maybe you do have some power over him...but I doubt it is going to matter much longer" >She had the most smug face I had seen ever. >Unfortunately, it seemed like she deserved to be that confident. "Oh yeah? Well you're still the worst dictator." >Aria, however, wasn't prepared to give Sonata the satisfaction of being scared. >...Which earned her a low-pitch wail and a maroon-colored blast to her body. "Ha! Now who is the worst?" >She even stuck her tongue out for good measure. >You looked toward where Aria had landed; the midsection of her shirt blown open but no visible damage. "Anon!" >You looked over at Adagio who was staring down Sonata. "Aw, what's the matter? Can't take me on yourself? What kind of leader does that make you?" "S-sonata, don't do this. We-I'm sorry we forced you to l-leave." "Well, isn't that sweet. Too bad YOU ditching me was the best thing to happen!" "But what happened to you? When did you get this power?" >While they spoke, Adagio tried to signal you with her eyes. >'She is distracting her, dumbass!' your thoughts informed you. >Problem was, you didn't have a plan to deal with Sonata. >Where was her weakness? "Since you will never be able to use this secret after I kill you, why not?" >Adagio had Sonata right she wanted her. >Maybe you could figure out a weakness from her. "After you two kicked me out, I got lost. Even if I wanted to come back, I couldn't figure out how. Soon, I found myself trying to find the diner, the one where we saw the equestrian magic, remember?" >Adagio simply nodded. "I tried to get a free meal like we used to, but without ou-my power, it was useless. So I went into the alley behind and just started crying. I knew then that what you and Aria told me everyday was true: I was the worst. I was the dumbest. I WAS THE WEAKEST!" >A deeper, more evil sound was coming from Sonata. >All you could do was listen and watch Adagio's face for her reactions. "Then it happened, a portal opened up next to me. I was afraid, but I wasn't going to let you two continue to haunt me. I thought I was going back to Equestria, but when I arrived, I realized I made another mistake." >Sonata was barely keeping focus on Adagio, almost looking through her at a memory. "My first sight was a massive three headed dog. I ran from it only to find a four-legged beast guy who wanted to take 'my power' unaware that I didn't have any. That place was the worst!" >A look of Adagio told me she knew this place that sounded like Hell. >The color rushing out of her face was also a bad sign. "I was too frightened to say anything, to do anything. But then I could hear a familiar voice. 'Crysssstalss.'" "Sonata, don't tell me you found Sombra!" >Sonata suddenly regained focus on Adagio, her body tensing, looking like she was getting ready to strike.