Sonata Cannibalism Story - by Anonymous

>“What are we gonna do Adagio? It hasn't been this bad in centuries, I don’t understand.” >You have been pondering the same thing over the last couple months, but finally you feel that you have acquired a grasp of the situation. “I’m almost certain now, it’s the only explanation. I’m sure that losing out gems must be what’s gotten her like this.” >“How do you know that’s what it is?” “You two might not realize it, but I know you better than you know yourselves.” >Aria scoffs at you and says “Alright, mom, telling me that doesn't answer my question.” You sigh at her “Think about it, she’s hurting, which is the only reason that would lead her to act like this. She wants a distraction.” >“But, how long until she stops?” >Aria was right, you knew you had to put a stop to this nonsense before it got out of hand. “Let’s go.” >You motioned Aria to follow you. >As the two of you made your way to Sonata’s room, you could smell the smoke emanating from down the hall. >For some reason Sonata began begging you for a personal oven and stove, and has spent the last week or so cooking away in her room. >As to why she couldn’t use the ones in the kitchen, that was beyond you. >In fact at the time you didn’t give it much thought, but now it worries you. >As of late Sonata barely leaves her room, let alone the house. >However, every now and then she would go out to get some things. >Everytime you asked her what she brought though, she would only ever answer with "some stuff." >But, what would always stand out to you upon her return was the large duffle bag she took along. >This, coupled along with the fact that Sonata never had a real interest in cooking wasn’t making a lot of sense to you. >But you tried not to dwell on it too much, whatever it was that Sonata was doing, it ended now. >Standing in front of her door you, you make up your resolve and knock. “Sonata? We’re coming in.” >“Ok!” You hear Sonata’s somewhat melodic voice answer you. >If you didn't know any better you could swear nothing was wrong with her, she sounded like her usual self. >As if she had no care in the world. >For a moment an image of her bubbly smile flashed through your mind. >But, upon opening the door, that image was quickly shattered by what you saw before you. >There in the middle of a darkened room, with her back towards you, sat the blue haired siren. >outlined only by the orange light coming from the oven. >You tried squinting, but you could barely see anything. >You then turned to Aria, who gave you a reassuring nod and began stepping closer. >“Stay there!” >Sonata cut you off before you could even get a chance to move, “I’m trying to focus.” >She said this without turning to face you. >You saw her arms moving and her head bobbing up and down, “Wow, this is coming out great.” >She said with her mouth full. >A strong combination of smells filled the room, some of which you knew, like the scent of pork and beef >- ugh why did she need to like meat? - while the others you’ve never smelled before. >Either way they all turned up your stomach. “Sonata... how are you holding up?” You asked. >“What do you mean, I’m doing fine.” She answered with her back still turned to you. >“Didn’t seem like you were fine yesterday.” Said Aria. >“I don’t know what your talking about.” >“Come on Sonata, that’s the first time I see you freak like that. I just wanted to know what was in the bag.” >“I said I’m fine.” Sonata hissed back. >“Whatever, don’t care about your stupid bag anyways.” “Look Sonata, Aria’s just,” you cleared your throat, “concerned about you, just as I am. That's the only reason we’re asking.” >Before she answered, you saw Sonata pull out, what you assumed was more meat from the bag that laid close next to her. >“Wow, I think that’s the first time I hear you say that.” >You were used to hearing Sonata being snarky at Aria. >But never at you, and as the leader of the group that got to you. “Listen hear, Sonata," that came out harsher than you men it, but you continued. "I understand you feel-” >“Do you understand, Dagi? Cus I don’t think you do.” This time she sounded even more snarky. >“Stuffing your mouth with meat isn’t gonna make you feel better, you loser!” Aria piped in. >“Excuse you, I was talking to Adagio last I checked.” >Aria rolled one of her sleeves but you stopped her before she did anything. “Calm down Sonata. We only want to help you.” >By the gods, that smell, it was only getting worse. >“Help me with what?" you could tell she was annoyed. >"Plus, what's the big deal anyways? You two said you didn’t care if I ate meat.” >“Not when you’re eating it like this! It’s been months! And It’s only getting worse! I mean, when’s the last time you ate a fucking salad?” “Again, Aria is right. You need to stop eating that. Sonata… It’s not natural.” >You pleaded, but it was all for naught. >Sonata started laughing, her laugh was loud and somewhat unhinged. >It was her usual cackle. >The one she would make when the three of you had just made someone suffer through something. >Only now, she was laughing at the two of you instead. >As she laughed you felt something crawl along your spine. >A terrible, cold feeling that made your entire body shudder without your command. >This feeling was unknown to you, but your instinct told you what it was. >Fear. >“What the hell is so funny?” Aria’s words sounded cocky, but you heard the fake confidence laced in between them. >Sonata took a bite of whatever it was she had in the oven, all the while still facing away from you. >You noticed that the smells changed to sulfuric and somewhat metallic. >You couldn’t bear it anymore, you covered your nose and tried to hold back tears. >The smoke in the room had grown thicker. >You felt like your lungs were burning up. >Sonata finally responded. >“Well, I’m laughing, because you two have gone loco over me eating meat... when I’m not even eating meat anymore.” >“What the hell are you talking about?” Aria asked. >“I got a replacement." She said. >"I mean, honestly I don't know why I didn't think about this in the first place. >There’s literally so much of it everywhere… and it’s free.” >Her words came out cynically, as if the tension between the three of you was not there. >Finally, Sonata turned to face you. >You looked away by instinct, you couldn’t believe it, you refused to believe it. >Looking at Aria, you saw her face contorting in horror. >“What the fuck?” You heard her whisper. >Dammit, how did it come to this? Maybe if you had been more attentive, tried making her talk to you. >But none of it mattered now. >You peeled your eyes away from Aria and looked at Sonata. >She sat there, smiling. Blood dripped down from her mouth all the way to her torso. >Her gaze was wild and she seemed the happiest she had ever been. >She gripped a hand… a human hand in hers, it lacked a couple of fingers and she used it to wave at you. >“Honestly, this is much better than a taco.”